Search, post, solve: Rogers opens new Community Forums

We have some exciting news today for customers and tech enthusiasts of all stripes as we open up Rogers Community Forums – a place to find solutions to technical issues, ask and reply to questions as well as discuss Rogers products and services.

The bilingual community – found at – is the latest addition to our social-media efforts aimed at helping you do business with us as well as manage your accounts when and where you want.

Discussion categories follow our current product lines and there are numerous forums under each category where you can talk about things like accessories, the Android OS, Rogers apps, PVRs and more. We also have a forum where you can provide us with feedback and discuss with other members what you’d like to see in the community.

Thanks to the rise of social media, you’re likely already used to getting advice from your peers. These forums allow you to do just that by casting a wide net for technical help from a broad group of users just like you. If members of the community don’t have the answer to your question, our technical-supports reps are on standby to assist.

And with each solution provided, you get access to an ever-growing, searchable, database of knowledge. Call it an FAQ on steroids.

Let’s get started
You will need a My Rogers profile to participate but you don’t need one to search, read and share content on the site. You can sign up for a My Rogers profile here or by clicking “Register” underneath the search bar on the forums. (You can get a My Rogers profile even if you’re not a Rogers customer).

While the best way to understand how the forums work is to actually jump in with both feet and participate, we made the video below to help you get started with the community. Hosted by my colleague Miranda MacDonald, the RedBoard video is a primer on how to register and participate.

So what do you think? Have you ever used this type of channel to troubleshoot an issue? Let us know your thoughts by leaving your thoughts below or in the Community.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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24 comments on “Search, post, solve: Rogers opens new Community Forums

  1. Glenn MacRae

    about time we saw something that treats your subscribers as a family of people, rather than just an income source.
    You really dropped the ball on your iphone 4 registration. Two months of waiting for updates and the only email recieved was one telling us not to call customer care for info on the iphone 4.
    This will definitely help create a Rogers follogog.

  2. Graham

    These forums are going to be awesome… I have seen these work for other companies and you get very prompt and helpful responses to your questions. I am glad Rogers is doing it… good work with the video too!!!

  3. Forums tend to be horrible ways to find solutions. You can scroll through hundreds of pages of maybe-related postings (which often go on tangents), forced to skip all the irrelevant chatter, and find yourself trying to solve a problem using an out of date solution. As well, a culture evolves on forums where people take it upon themselves to be corporate apologists for no good reason, hierarchies quickly form where newbies are criticized, etc. Wikis, with a definitive view to documents and access, are a better way to build knowledge bases.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi davidm,

      One of the things we like about our community is the ability to deem a post as a solution. Solutions are then clearly marked with icons and in-topic links, as well as highlighted on the homepage.

      We hope that, combined with the search component, will make it easy for customers to find answers quickly.


      1. Thanks Richard. You’re right that moderated tagging can be beneficial, and forums are good for generating search terms, but I wouldn’t say “easy,” I’d say “easier” since people will still be forced to wade through page after page of potential solutions to less clear problems and wiki style definitive pages are better. Some day. ;)

  4. Note that these forums are apparently ONLY for technical support issues – at least, that’s according to the moderators and the community guidelines:

    So it’s not *really* a place to “discuss Rogers products and services,” now is it?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey Ryan,

      We think the new community will be able to achieve both — allowing customers to ask and reply to questions as well as engage in technical discussions regarding Rogers products and services.

      I hope you’ll join us!


      1. Well, Richard – I saw at least one instance of somebody asking a question (specifically, about when the next iPhone 4 shipment would be) and that poster was told that the forums were specifically not for that type of question, but rather ONLY for technical questions.

      2. Mike

        Hey Richard, right off the bat I notice that people are being warned about off topic conversations including the iPhone supply issues… Mods are saying that it goes against the Guidelines, so which is it? Either it’s going to be where customers are allowed to ask technical and non technical questions or it’s not :S

      3. Rogers_Richard

        Hey Mike,

        The new community is only for technical issues.

        That may not mean a direct question or answer, but instead be a conversation of a technical nature related to our products and services. Anything that does not fit into those categories would be considered off topic for this community.

        To chat about news or policies, you can talk to us through RedBoard or our Twitter accounts (@RogersBuzz & @RogersHelps)


      4. Mike

        Ok well that backtracks a bit from what you said here

        “We think the new community will be able to achieve both — allowing customers to ask and reply to questions as well as engage in technical discussions regarding Rogers products and services…”

        Unless I totally misunderstand the English language that comment would lead people to think they could talk about both not just technical issues.. Since there are limits on what is allowed to be covered I guess I take back what I said about it being a great idea I prefer the open exchange of ideas that occur at other websites

      5. Rogers_Richard

        Hi Mike,
        Sorry for any misunderstanding. Discussions about products and services are welcome in the new community, but they must be of a technical nature.

  5. Max

    I love to see Rogers offering more and more ways of getting supoprt.
    I already like RogersHelp and other folks on Twitter. This is a nice addition.
    I dont think Bellus offer that..
    Way to go!!

  6. Mike

    Well I don’t always support everything rogers does I have been with the company for a number of years.. It’s about time a forums section was opened up.. Well done

  7. MrMiGu

    From the forum guidelines:

    * This forum is meant for technical support; discussion outside of this scope is considered off-topic and will be removed

    This makes it not so much a community forum but a community created FAQ; Basically a place for users to come to get answers to technical questions that rogers are unable/unwilling to answer.

    Rogers does not care to get your feedback, as the ‘community forum’ moniker would suggest, they just want to offload a service that they should be responsible for.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi MrMiGu,

      We still have our existing technical-support channels, which you can find here:

      We opened up this community as another method by which customers can find support and help others.

      I see that you’ve already begun posting. Thanks for your feedback!


  8. Well, I have to say – it *sounded* like it was a good idea, but there are MANY other places I’d rather go first if I have technical issues. Rogers, in general, has been a poor resource for me in the past when trying to figure out technical problems.

  9. Sigmund_Droid

    Forums sites can be very helpful. Effective Moderation is key. I just posted a technical question there. Hopefully I can get a solution. Thanks.

  10. Happy to hear about the new technical forums Richard. Nice addition to helping Rogers clients

  11. Glenn MacRae

    I would have to agree with Mr. MiGu’s view. I’m definitely disappointed at how it is, as opposed to the concept described.
    But, it’ll probably be easier to find an answer, than trying to phone for an answer.
    I had my internet completely disappear on my Nokia N95 and was told by tech support that my phone shouldn’t have internet capabilities.

  12. I love the support forums Rogers, but what would really make them better is a mobile friendly version, like the RedBoard. ;)

  13. Hello TO all members,
    I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you and say that I am extremely happy to be a new member here. I have been enjoying the conversations here for some time and look forward to participating now..

    Glad to be a part of the community..