Samsung Galaxy S Captivate coming soon to Rogers

lineup in the coming weeks.

Rogers was the first to bring Android to Canada and we’re excited to add the Galaxy S Captivate to Canada’s most comprehensive list of Android devices.

More details will be available in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone in Canada, Samsung Mobile and Metric, Canada’s hottest indie band, will rock the downtown core tonight at 7:00 pm with a free street-level concert at Toronto’s Union Station.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate? Will you be grabbing one from Rogers on launch day?

UPDATE (August 19, 2010, 12:07 PM): Reading all your comments, it’s clear that you want to know more information about the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. We’ve just set up a page at where you can sign up to get the latest information via e-mail.

In terms of the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, we don’t have that information just yet. But as those details become available over the coming weeks, we’ll share it with all of you. Stay tuned!

UPDATE (September 8, 2010, 11:29 AM): We’ve launched a microsite for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. You can find it at Also, preorders for this device will be available in the coming days. We’re not ready to announce a release date just yet but in the meantime, you can sign up to get the latest information through the microsite.

UPDATE (September 21, 2010, 4:30 PM): We have news for those who have been asking about the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. We anticipated launching earlier, but there has been a manufacturing delay.

As a result, we expect the device will be on sale by mid-October. Pre-orders have also been pushed back, and we hope to make them available later this week. We’ll update you with more news here when it’s available.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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520 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S Captivate coming soon to Rogers

  1. Saeed

    Wow, that’s kind of cool. Kudos to Rogers for bringing that phone to market. Even though I’m moving to a Blackberry (9800 hopefully) I’ve heard good things about this phone.

    1. Pinky

      the gps fix was posted a few days ago….google is your friend.

      1. Derek

        There is no fix yet. There are some attempted fixes by changing some settings in the phone’s LBS menu but they really dont work. Placebo effect, some people think they work then half hour later they are complaining again. So there is NO official fix.

      2. Bandage

        Samsung: GPS fix for Galaxy S series coming in September

  2. Rich

    I’ve been waiting for the official word on Rogers getting it, I’ll defiantly sale my x10 for this phone.

    1. jordan

      X10 is a HORRIBLE phone, good move to get rid of it, I traded mine for a Desire, but I think this phone will be even better. As long as a Stock android rom gets released which it will.

  3. Does it have the front-facing camera?

    1. Math B

      No, it doesn’t

      1. So, in that case, is it a “deal breaker” vs the Bell Samsung Vibrant which _does_ have the front facing camera?

      2. That depends on the individual. No deal breaker for me, since I don’t know anybody else who has a front facing camera on their phone, and I never use skype, so I wouldn’t be doing any video calls.

      3. PK

        The Bell Vibrant does not have front facing camera

      4. Umm, actually it very much does have a front facing camera. They didn’t get the Vibrant from the states, they got the one from Europe, which has a front facing camera.

      5. oilfan

        Based on what? I know the US version doesn’t have it but that’s not necessarily true for the version Rogers will carry esp. because Bell offers it.

    2. Dan

      Front-facing camera? It doesn’t even have a flash for the rear camera! FAIL

      1. RZ

        No front facing camera is a big disappointment but probably not a deal breaker for most people at this stage since A) virtually no one else has them yet and B) Canadian wireless data plans are still obscenely expensive.

      2. Donovan

        Reviewers have been surprised to note the low light mode works extremely well, hence the lack of a flash isn’t that important. It’s still the top phone for Android in Canada; I’m getting it for sure.

      3. Donovan

        Here’s how amazingly well the night mode works on the Samsung, even better than a phone with a flash.

      4. That is impressive, but we can’t look at one picture and say it’s going to be great for all conditions. A high ISO mode like this will still be vastly inferior to a handset with flash or better resolution under many conditions. For example, if the subject is not still the image is likely to be very fuzzy, and pixels will show up in these high ISO modes unless the image is blurred, looking pretty awful compared to a good quality shot. Unfortunately most of these shots are quite small and appear to be processed for a web page, the puppydog shot is bright but is not at all sharp.

        Sensor size and type and lens quality are the most important factors along with flash and flash type for close ups. I’m glad Samsung offers this mode but flash would still be a nice option. Along with a keyboard. :)

      5. Agreed – high ISO modes don’t really do much for me. But then, if I’m going somewhere that I want a good camera, in low light conditions? *NO* cell phone is going to do the trick for me, LED flash or not.

      6. fil

        not really….a single LED flash is virtuall useless, since any picture that NEEDS a flash will look bad unless a proper xenon flash was on board, so really its not a huge loss….and if you really wanted quality pictures and film at night, a phone wouldnt be your first choice.

      7. davidm

        Once again, it depends what you’re shooting. If you’re trying to shoot a near object or someone sitting directly across from you, a LED flash will help (though in the latter case they’ll look a bit ghoulish). I use my handset cam to capture things like signs I want to remember. Galaxy S’s low ISO mode would be much less useful than a LED flash.

        I was reminded today how awful it is entering numbers using a 4 row keyboard. I would really like to see Rogers release a version of the Galaxy S Pro. It can’t be that difficult to include a GSM chipset instead of CDMA, which would be useful around the world.

      8. Phil

        LED Flash on phone cameras are virtually useless. The fact that you think it’s a fail because it lacks one shows you don’t know much about phone cameras.

      9. GUILLAUME

        Dan, you have to know the camera is not a priority for everyone. The camera do good shots, check the reviews it’s certainly better than iPhone 3GS, for me it’s the Super AMOLED screen !!!!

  4. Math B

    AWESOME !!!! Thank you guys ! A few weeks is kind of a scary ETA but at least we have an official word, that’s great. Now lets hope it rather soon AND that it won’t be crippled like the ATT version with tons of bloatware

  5. NARoadster

    Very nice phone, this thing is direct competition against the iPhone4 and it probably has tons of stock to boot. I look forward to hearing more info on when this phone will be hitting rogers shelfs if its any time in the next couple weeks maybe I wont have to wait for an iPhone!

  6. This is a huge step in the right direction for Rogers. Will you consider the Galaxy S Pro? I love the slideout keyboard of other models. If I dont get the 9800 then this is surely my next phone.

  7. Will Fraser

    most comprehensive list of android devices in Canada?

    Rogers may have been the first, but the only comprehensive list of androids rogers has is of dumbed down phones with crippled specs (aside from the X10, even though it lacks multitouch and a confirmed update to future versions of android). Don’t get me wrong, the Captivate is a step in the right direction but where are the high end motorola’s (like the milestone, droid2 and droid X etc…) and the htc’s (the desire, legend, hero, incredible etc…) that provide the rich, current, android experience?

    1. BitBurn

      There ya go. Well said.

    2. Indeed! Why must it be dumbed down?!! The lack of front-facing camera may be a deal-breaker for me.

      I don’t understand why Rogers can’t at least provide the same phones as other countries’ carriers, especially since we’re paying more than any other global customers!

      It’s a shame that 15 years ago Canada was a leader in consumer electronics, now we’re way behind; and our direction wrt net neutrality makes me sick.

  8. Matt

    About time! Looking forward to its release. Hope the AGPS issues are fixed before rogers releases the device. Definitely will be getting one.

  9. I am very impatiently waiting for Rogers to come out with a true, up to date replacement for the G1/Dream. Many people can get by without a real keyboard, but those who use technical vocabularies and multiple languages do not find predictive keyboards useful, and soft keyboards get in the way of applications like terminals. In addition, it would be nice if a version with front facing camera were included for those of us who would like to use this mode of communications, like the iPhone 4. Either the Galaxy Pro or the upcoming Motorola Droid 2 would be fantastic devices, the Galaxy Captivate is just a small change over the Experia X10, in fact it’s camera is not as good and has no flash. So I’m sorry to say I am quite disappointed with this announcement.

    1. I assure you, as someone who has the Bell model, that the Galaxy S is not a small step over the X10 !!

      It has a 10x better AMOLED screen, faster CPU (it is Samsungs own Hummingbird 1GHz processor) HD video recording, more internal memory, and most importantly has Android 2.1 that is fully open for customizing and rooting, unlike the locked down slow 1.6 OS with the Sony UI on the X10

      The Galaxy S Pro, now called the Epic 4G in the US is the same phone with a slide-out QWERTY

      1. Alex Davies , I am glad these changes are important to you, but they are still incremental changes. A hardware keyboard is important to users like myself where a virtual predictive keyboard is not optimal, and I would prefer a smaller than 4″ screen. You’re right that the S Pro offers a hardware keyboard, so hopefully Rogers will announce it or the Droid 2, which also offers a next-generation 45nm SoC processor, and would probably launch with Android 2.2 (which is actually much faster than 1.6, unlike 2.1).

        There are always incremental changes, but when a particular feature is missing from the lineup — like a full featured model with a hardware keyboard — it’s a big problem for Android users dependent on the carrier. Telus is likely to carry the Droid 2 (Milestone 2) so I may be forced to switch.

      2. Yes I can agree on the need for the keyboard for some, but the screen size I don’t get. I own a Milestone, and had a Nexus 1, and the Galaxy S screen is the prefect size. The phone itself is no bigger than my Milestone, but because the bezel is so slim the screen fills up most of the front of the phone…I have had a Bell Galaxy S for a week and it’s so hard to go back to my Milestone

        What was rumoured to be the Galaxy S Pro is now the Epic 4G (a european HSPA version has not been announced). It too has the 4″ screen.

        The Droid 2 is going to be a very nice phone, but sadly I doubt that the Milestone 2 will show up until early next year on Telus :( (I am a Telus subscriber myself)

      3. You’re probably right about screen size, if the handset doesn’t have a large bezel (though to be paranoid I worry about a large bright screen on random streets). I haven’t tried one of the larger handsets in person aside from the X10, but many reviews do state 4″ may be too large.

      4. Actually, most reviews I’ve read have said the 4″ screen size is *just* right. Bigger than the iPhone, but smaller than the Evo 4G… Fitting nicely right in the middle.

      5. Ryan, ok I’m wiling to believe that.. though I still need a real keyboard. :)

      6. I hear ya re: QWERTY. But I’ve learned to live without it, and since I don’t have to worry about a technical jargon in my typing, Swype will do very nicely for me. :)

      7. I was hooked on the idea of a full hardware QWERTY keyboard as well until I started using SWYPE (Included with the Galaxy S), it is absolutely the best way to type on a touch screen phone and I don’t ever use the hardware keyboard on my Milestone anymore, the SWYPE keyboard is much faster and easier.

      8. yes, I’ve heard this before. In fact I had a rather adamant person telling me how stupid I was sticking to a hardware keyboard when Swype is so great. It turned out their main use for a handset was playing games. Predictive virtual keyboards do not work well with varying vocabularies, and I use a terminal often, which works best in full screen. Maybe it will change and I keep my ears open but for now a hardware keyboard would be best for people with needs like mine.

      9. Alan

        Yes David – Thats what is great about swype – if its not included then type it in as normal and press space and in the future just swype it like any other word :)

        I never will look back and rarely (rarely like as in playing emulators for psx and snes) miss my hardware keyboard – its more useful as a gamepad than for typing ;)

      10. davidm

        @Alan, so how would it work for this sequence:

        ps ax | grep blast
        kill -HUP 23933
        cd /etc/apache2/sites-available
        vi blast
        service apache2 restart

        Oh, and this is over a terminal window being blocked by the keyboard.

        Thanks for your insight.

    2. I disagree – I think this is a GREAT step in the right direction for Rogers… If nothing else, the fact that they’re coming out with this phone roughly a month after it comes out in the States, rather than 6+ months (or even a year) the way that they have with past Android devices.

      But that aside, the Galaxy S is HARDLY “just a small change over the [Xperia] X10.” Let’s just list some of the features that the Captivate has that the X10 doesn’t:

      – Super AMOLED screen
      – Divx support.
      – Multitouch.
      – 720p video.
      – Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP.
      – 802.11n support
      – 16m colours (vs 65k on the x10)
      – up to 32gb microSD vs 16gb max on X10 (not sure if the 16gb cap on the X10 is true or not)
      – 16gb internal memory vs 1gb internal memory
      – 512mb ram vs 256mb ram
      – 10mm thick (23% thinner than the x10)
      – weighs 128g (5% lighter than the x10)
      – STARTS with Android 2.1, with a 2.2 upgrade coming soon (vs X10’s who-knows-when 2.1 upgrade)
      – meets the minimum specs for Android 3.0 (512mb ram)
      – FM Radio

      And while the Captivate may not have an LED flash and might have lower megapixels than the Sony camera, megapixels does not equal quality, especially when you’re talking about light sensors of the sizes found in these phones (look up the “megapixel myth”).

      1. Ryan, I’m well aware of the megapixel myth, but it’s still quite likely that the Xperia X10 has a much better camera than the Galaxy S. Among other things, the X10 appears to have outstanding low light performance, where the Galaxy S would be useless. As this is a very typical usage scenario for cameras (eg at social gatherings, and generally being able to quickly compose and take pictures under varying conditions), it’s a major difference. Unfortunately that means a consumer would be forced to choose between the X10’s superior camera and the Galaxy S’s other superior features.

        Your list of differences is interesting, but the point remains to me that both the X10 and Galaxy S lack a hardware keyboard, and the Galaxy S’s screen is too large for me. They are both essentially in the same category of “not what I want” (a G1/Dream upgrade), regardless of how you feel about the Galaxy S’s feature list.

      2. Fair enough – but I wasn’t saying that the Galaxy is necessarily a phone that you want – I was just taking issue with your statement that it was only a small change over the X10 – which it clearly is not.

        Now, would it be great if Rogers released a Qwerty slider Android device, like the Droid 2 or Galaxy Pro? Oh hell yes it would. But I’m not going to knock them releasing one of the hottest new phones of the year just because it’s not one of the OTHER hottest new phones of the year (note that neither the Galaxy Pro nor the Droid 2 have been released yet).

      3. Alan

        also note the droid 2 and galaxy pro from sprint are both cdma

      4. That’s a very interesting viewpoint. It doesn’t matter what individuals want/need, it matters that Rogers is (conceptually?) releasing the “hottest” new phone of the year (which the other national carriers had already announced). Myself, I am obliged to keep complaining until the product that I want/need is available.

        My feeling is Rogers is letting Android down by focusing on “hot” consumer phones with trendy kick-offs (hey, I love Metric, though I prefer BSS), and in fact harming the consumer by offering a mixed lineup with not one “perfect” set (the X10’s camera superiority), whereas Android has an additional use for professional devices that is not being satisfied (in fact what I want is a device that “does it all,” which the Droid 2 or less optimally Galaxy Pro would satisfy neatly).

      5. Actually the Galaxy S has only also been announced by Bell. But the Droid 2 would be a better all around device *(for me anyway), with next gen 45nm SoC processor, tremendous battery life, photo LED, hardware keyboard, so it would more than make up for it.

      6. Alan

        If your on a dream then you should be happy to note that this comes with swype preinstalled

        I ditched my dream after I found swype and I could care less about hardware keyboard at this point

        stop being stuck to it and give swype a chance on your current phone

      7. Chris

        What’s wrong with you guys?? You guys are arguing on a TOTALLY pointless subject! A phone is used for calling, the other additional functions like camera, etc etc are a added bonus. If you want to take good pictures, then get a Digital Camers. They take way better pictures than any of the cameras on cell phones.

      8. You’re right. And get a separate address book, computer, etc to carry around.

        Seriously, if one handset — let’s not call it a “phone” anymore — can take care of all these features well enough, including some images (whiteboard, contacts, memory jogs) on the road then it’s a worthwhile “computing companion” to carry. Otherwise, get yourself a basic mobile phone.

        Nokia has this right with their tagline for the n9x series – “it’s what computers have become.” In fact, connect it to a big screen with wireless keyboard and mouse and it can be all most people need for their day to day computing.

        The Galaxy series is certainly in this class of capabilities.

        This is why we have to make sure the carriers (Rogers, etc) are not artificially limiting our choices in a limited selection on long contracts by keeping a critical, non apologist attitude, and keeping in mind if you wait there will always be a better option.

      9. Actually, with phones of this caliber, the phone is often used much less than all the other features (camera included). However, I agree with you – see my comment above about cameras on phones in general:

        Having said that, the other features of the phone *are* very important. I know that my current phone (an iPhone 3G) is used far more for web surfing, texting, Twitter, games, and various other apps than it’s used for a phone. I’ve had my phone for over 2 years, and I’ve used a total of 110 hours of call time. That works out to roughly 9 minutes a day. I can tell you right now, I am using the other features on my phone for FAR more than 9 minutes a day.

      10. Pat

        Just a minor correction, the Captivate does NOT have FM radio…according to the specs on gsmarena.

        But then again, you can take away the camera on the Captivate and it will still be better than the X10…

      11. Ahh true – the comparison review I read must have been wrong.

    3. RZA

      You’re kidding right. For someone who claims they use a lot of technical’re pretty far behind. “The Galaxy is a small change over the X10″. You couldn’t be further from the truth. Since when does “technical” person judge a camera solely based on MP alone? Not only is the AMOLED screen in the Galaxy far superior but so is the SoC inside. With nearly 4x the GPU power inside and constant snapdragon spanking in nearly all CPU benchmarks..the Galaxy is currently THE MOST powerful Android device on the market. Where do you get small change over? Superior in storage space, graphics/cpu architecture, divx playback OUT OF the box, HD video..super amoled, multitouch, TV out functionalities..etc. etc. Excellent job Rogers on getting such a top notch device. I’m looking fwd to upgrading from my Magic.

      1. RZA, I’m sure the moderation process is hampering our discussion regarding camera megapixels.

        In the grand scheme on a day to day basis, the Galaxy S is a small change over the X10, and again, I was speaking relative to a distinctly different G1/Dream type device. Most of the features you mentioned don’t mean a lot to me. I want a keyboard, a smaller than 4″ screen, good low light (typical setting) performance camera, front facing cam would be nice-to-have. All the other features, nice-to-have, but not critical. So I’m glad you’re able to work up such extreme excitement for today’s Galaxy S, but it doesn’t do much for me, though I’d be thrilled it Rogers would come out with a similar class device that wasn’t simply geared toward entertainment. And that is quite simply my response to “What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate?”

  10. Matt

    The Hummingbird processor is amazing. Can’t wait to test out this phone!

  11. Darth Android

    PLEASE keep us posted as to whether or not you guys will have the ability to get Samsung to include a FRONT FACING CAMERA, the way BELL managed to with the Vibrant!

    Congrats on getting a highly coveted device! You guys will do well with this one, and even better with the FRONT FACING CAMERA!!!!! :D

    1. Note: the Vibrant is a completely different model of Galaxy S (it’s the one that T-Mobile has in the States). Bell didn’t “manage to” do anything with Samsung, they already had a front facing camera model, and Bell got it. It’s doubtful that Samsung will add a front facing camera to the Captivate just for Rogers, when AT&T already has a non-front-facing-camera version of the Captivate down south.

      1. Alan

        I might suggest to review the vibrant – neither the US Vibrant or Captivate have a front facing camera…

      2. Huh. How about that – I stand corrected, I could have sworn the US Vibrant had a front facing camera. I must have been mistaking it with the Epic 4G.

      3. Nader M

        The Vibrant that Bell is bringing is first of its kind in north american. However it is the exact same version as the one that is released in
        Europe. The European version of galaxy s looks the same as this and it has the same big button in the middle and front facing camera. There are 5 different variants of galaxy s.

      4. Yup – turns out that the “Vibrant” that Bell is launching is actually the European version of the Galaxy S.

  12. Kaj

    This is good to news to hear. I’m still waiting for a top of the line HTC Android device.

  13. Matt

    The Galaxy S is a little late to the party… I think I’ll be going with the iPhone 4.

    1. Late to the party? This phone is VERY competitive with the iPhone 4. And by the time this gets launched (I heard a rumour of August 20th… Any comment, Rogers folks?), Rogers will STILL be struggling to get the iPhone 4 into stores.

      1. NARoadster

        Couldnt agree more! I pretty much call all the Rogers dealers within a 25km radius of my office at work and for 6 days now its the same story, oh we should be seeing stock tomorrow, rinse and repeat. I have heard of people finding stock today in stores but a stock of 2 phones, all one of these smartphone guys needs to do is drop a product there is ample stock on and laugh all the way to the bank. The iPhone4 is late to the party and I might go droid if its available first.

      2. Yup… I’m not going to bother playing the lottery game with the iPhone 4… I would have gotten one if it was available on launch day, but now that I see that the Galaxy is coming to Rogers too, the only thing that was keeping me in the iPhone (already invested in the App store) is seeming like not that big of a deal anymore. Rogers, if you have these in ample stock on launch day, and launch day is before the end of August, Android officially has a new convert.

  14. Adam

    Awesome! I was hoping Rogers would carry the HTC Evo, but i’m not certain its compatable with Rogers network. However, this is a beast of a phone, ranks right up there with iphone 4 Droid X and HTC Evo. I will be buying this, if only there was a firm date :(

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Adam,

      Glad you’re excited about the Samsung Galaxy S! Sorry we can’t provide an exact launch date at the moment but we’ll update our Twitter account (@RogersBuzz) and RedBoard when we have more details to share.

  15. UrbanErosion

    This is great news. Hopefully we will continue to see these high end Android devices in a timely manor.

  16. Phoenixstorm713

    Thank you Rogers for finally getting a great Android. The Pro version would have been better, as Rogers really could use a high end Android with a qwerty. I’m really impressed. Can’t wait to get one!

  17. RaL

    How can anybody go for a 9800. Nice hardware but the screen resolution is so 2006. Captivate kicks ass over what RIM put out.

  18. John

    Very nice! Now to decide between the Iphone and this!

    1. lol I think it’s funny that my name and thoughts are exactly the same as yours

  19. Oooh yay! Won’t be getting it launch day – Rogers doesn’t have a good track record lately with hot phones on launch day – but I’ll wait for some reviews to make sure it’s not crippled.

  20. mongoose

    Will this be available for Fido as well?

    1. RogersMiranda


      No, this device will only be available from Rogers.

  21. Steve F

    Hopefully it will be released in August as Bell Vibrant is comming Friday August 6th.

  22. Adam

    I’ve heard, now this is unreliable at best, but the anticipated release date is August 20. Anybody else heard similar? I’m heading on a trip on the 29th, and I’d love to have it before then.

    This will be my new phone, can’t wait.

  23. M@

    Any news if it will ship with android 2.2? If not do you have a *FIRM* ETA on release.. Still waiting for my Rogers official Galaxy Spica 2.1 upgrade and Blackberry OS 5 for my BB Bold, both have been scheduled for release “any day now” for months :(

    1. RogersMiranda


      We’ll have more info on upgrade path for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate closer to launch.

      As for the Spica, we expect t have to 2.1 update available by the end of August.

      1. Pat

        You mean 2.2 Froyo update right? :D

  24. Op

    Not another ‘coming soon’….give us a release date already. I was going to go for the HTC Desire, but this Galaxy S is looking pretty sweet! Have they fixed the GPS problems on it?

  25. Nader M

    I’ve been waiting for this announcement since Galaxy S was revealed. I am sooo happy. Thanks Rogers.

    1. RogersMiranda

      You’re welcome! Glad you’re excited. We’ll share more details closer to launch.

      1. Many people who are Galaxy-S-watchers will only have two questions before deciding whether to go Rogers or Bell if they want this phone (or maybe even Virgin).

        Will the Rogers version have a front-facing video camera? Will it have a flash?

      2. and the answer is no and no !

      3. It DEFINITELY will not have a flash (none of the Galaxy S models do… except maybe the Pro), and unless something bizarro happens, I doubt it will have a front facing camera. But really, how often do you want to do video chat with people from your phone? Video chatting on mobile phones has been available in Europe for YEARS (since the early 2000’s) and NOBODY uses it. It’s a fun gimmick, but not really all that useful unless everybody you know has a video phone and is willing to make video calls.

      4. Rooster

        “We’ll share more details closer to launch”……no details…so we are not close to launch I am assume?

      5. Note that “closer to launch” for the iPhone 4 was the DAY BEFORE launch. So if there’s no news on Thursday, THEN we can presume that it’s not launching on the 20th.

      6. Robot

        Well for what its worth, I just came back from a Rogers store and the 3 CSR’s there have no info on the Samsung Captivate, and have not been trained or given any info on it. So I would say that any chance of a release in the next couple of weeks are slim to none. Unless they can get trained on very short notice or do not need any training at all to sell the phone, which from my experience is a good possibility as well.

  26. Math


    Will it come with a Front Facing Camera or will it be identical to AT&T`s version ? Software wise, are there any restrictions imposed on the phone like ATT&T did or will it be set like the regular Galaxy S ? (ie app restrictions, no tethering, bloatware etc..)


    1. what app restrictions do you refer too? Sideloading apps on AT&T?

      There will be NO front-facing camera on the Captivate!

      I am sure that the Rogers software build will be the same as the Bell one, minus the Bell apps (remote PVR etc), but with some pre-installed Rogers apps (my account, RODOM)

      The Galaxy S has a wi-fi hotspot tethering app pre-installed

    2. RogersMiranda


      The Captivate does not have a front-facing camera.

      Also, Rogers will not be preloading any apps on the device. Instead, we are providing three shortcuts on the device that lead to the Android Market where you can choose to download our most popular apps including urMusic, Rogers on Demand (RODM) or My Account.

      1. Jean

        Good news Miranda!!!

        I know a lot of people (including myself) who are considering the Captivate but are concerned with the possibility of having apps which are difficult (if not impossible) to remove. Thanks again for the update.

  27. Before we get all hyped about this device, is Samsung or Rogers going to ensure that the device does get updated to Froyo (Android 2.2) sooner then later? Or is there a known roadmap from the device manufacturer on when and how often is the device going to see the underlying platform updated to stay relevant?

    1. Alan

      Samsung has announced 2.2 froyo for the galaxy s over the next 2-3 months

      This will probaly be updated to 2.2 before the X10 even graces 2.1

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Puleen,

      We work closely with our manufacturer’s and we’ll have more details to share closer to launch.

  28. Also – you mention that it will be added to the lineup in the next couple weeks, and that more info will be coming in the next couple weeks… Does that mean that we’re going to see something similar to the iPhone 4 launch, where we only get info on it the day before it launches?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      I’ll be as forthcoming with details as possible. We’ll post updates to our Twitter account (@RogersBuzz) as well as here on RedBoard.

  29. Redth

    Would be nice to get an exact release date… With no iPhone4 stock, I’m tempted at this, but I need some more facts about release dates and actual specs.

  30. I can’t wait until this phone comes out! Hey Rogers, will there be any sort of notification about when it will be available? I want to pick it up right away.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lyndsay,

      Yes, we’ll let people know when it’s available through RedBoard and our Twitter account @RogersBuzz.

      1. Steve

        Will this be just like Rogers letting everybody “know” about the iPhone 4. I registered my interest but am still waiting for an email. Has it launched already? My guess is that Rogers will just keep us all in the dark till the last second to avoid competition. Good for Rogers, not for us.

      2. Darth Android

        +1. I’m sure it’s in Rogers’ best interest to keep everyone speculating, as opposed to releasing all details and specs, have everyone see them, and decide that they don’t like them and buy elsewhere sooner. But two weeks isn’t that long!

      3. Rlecocq

        Miranda, I also would like an answer to this, Rogers solicited inquires regarding the iPhone, had people submit there email address and were told they would be given info as to the release date… And thus far …nothing. On many forums people are indicating this.
        The whole iPhone release and subsequent supply shortages and horrible communication stopped me from getting one.
        I hope the galaxy is not going to be going down the same road.

  31. the Captivate on Rogers will be the same phone as the AT&T one, and therefore will NOT have a front facing camera

    why would Rogers remove 850, when they need the other bands on the phone so it can be used in areas that Rogers doesn’t have HSPA coverage !

    1. Adam

      Where’d you hear of them removing 850?

    2. Sanjay Gupta

      No, what I am afraid of is that they might remove the 2100(!), as they don’t really need it for their Canadian network–though we, those ones who travel to Europe, certainly need the 2100. Removing/disabling the 2100 would certainly be an awful thing to do.

      1. kman

        Will this phone work in Europe/MENA region? If not, it won’t work for me.

      2. DaniB

        I had a phone from rogers a while a ago, which wasn’t a smartphone, and when I went on vacation in Europe, the phone worked fine. I can only assume that a smartphone like the captivate will work overseas as well.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Kman,

        Any of our devices will work overseas. However if you want to use it in Europe/MENA, you may want to consider adding one of our International Travel Packs to help keep costs down.

      4. miranda I’m just wondering instead of asking when this phone is coming out, can you say at least if the rumors are true that it will be out sometime in sept before we lose out on the deals such as the 6 gigs for thirty, and the student plans.

  32. Sanjay Gupta

    [I see they didn't post my previous post, not sure why, but here I give it another try]
    I am curious whether they will cripple it into a dual-band HSDPA phone (850/1900), just like Bell did it with their “Vibrant,” or they will leave it intact just like the AT&T one (850/1900/2100). Big question mark. Can anyone confirm?

  33. Math B

    As with anything, more rumors are surfacing and I’ve seen August 20th being suggested as a release date. While I understand Rogers have their own strategy, it might be wise to give their customer a bit more details. With Bell launching the Vibrant tomorrow at an extremely aggressive price (see BB deal), it would help to have a better time frame and confirmed technical details about this version of the Captivate. Many like me might be tempted to jump ship..

    In any case, I am extremely pleased to see Rogers carrying this phone. Again, kudos on that.

  34. Muhammad Almas

    official words from Rogers at last……………
    I hope this phone will be available in this month. (I would have preferred Galaxy Pro)

    I was thinking to switch carrier due to lack of high end android phones, but looks like Rogers got me back………

  35. Jay

    Miranda can you at least say whether the Pro is in your plans?

    1. I would also be very encouraged by the Pro version (or better still an uncompromised version of the Motorola Droid 2). While the current version of these devices are meant for the CDMA network, cross-network versions appear all the time (see iPhone).

      If I can’t, as a consumer, get exactly what I want, I’d like a monthly plan that doesn’t include “subsidies” so I can get my own device on the free market.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jay,

      Sorry, we can’t talk about possible future device launches.

  36. Nick

    YES!!! Thank you ROGERS! Right until this morning I was 100% percent sure I was going to upgrade my iPhone 3G to an (broken!!!) iPhone 4 I can’t make calls with. Mainly because I’m sick watching my 3G load any kinda of app for 5 minutes and there’s no competition to the iPhone 4 on Rogers. AND NOW THIS! Bye bye iPhone 4, hellooooo Captivate! Cooler name, cooler OS, oh and you can make phone calls :-D!

    1. To be fair – the iPhone 4’s antenna issues have been WILDLY overblown (my sister got one, and hasn’t been able to reproduce the problem)… And all the reviews I’ve read put the Captivate’s call quality at well below the iPhone 4’s.

  37. Oh – and another question, which hopefully you CAN answer… Will the 6gb/$30 data plan be available for this phone?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      Yes. You can have the 6GB/$30 on any smartphone.

      1. peterVG

        I’d like to get the 6GB/$30 plan with the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S Captiva but I’m worried that the data plan promotion will expire before you make the phone available. Will the phone launch overlap with the data plan promotion? Should I sign up for the plan now and then wait to get the Samsung phone later? Will you be offering a phone discount for those renewing existing contracts (my Rogers contract expires in April 2011)?

      2. @ PeterVG Why dont you add the $30 6GB right now? It wont effect your upgrade. The $30 6GB will most likley expire Sept 30th. I bet you the Captivate is out first week of September :)

        Just a hunch.


  38. Sean

    I was hoping to get some more information on the Samsung Captivate and pick up an iPhone 4 for an employee of mine but Rogers can’t seem to help me out with either. I would like to get the Captivate for myself once it comes out but after stopping into 3 Rogers stores none of the employee’s even know what the Captivate is. I explained that it is the new Android device that Rogers anounced the other day and they all were stumped. How is it that the public finds out officialy before the staff? Also, a waiting list for the iPhone 4? 1 month or more?? I know it’s a hot device but can’t Rogers get more or work out a better deal with Apple when releasing these? All 3 stores only received between 20-30 iPhone 4’s each on release date and that’s it! My business has been with Rogers for 11 years now with multiple lines, but stuff like this scares me.

    1. 20-30 iPhone 4’s per store on launch day? What kind of magical wonderland are you living in that had so many phones? The most I’ve heard of any store receiving on launch day was 15, with numbers as low as *2*.

    2. Alan

      you think that iphone shortages are rogers problem??


      the iphone always sells out for months because every apple fanboy lines up to get one and that leaves a waiting list that lasts for a month or more :P

      Guarantee I will pick this up on launch and so will alot of people I know

      1. It has nothing to do with fanboys… The iPhone is a *good product* that is suffering from ridiculously low supply levels. The Galaxy and the iPhone 4 are pretty much on par, with pros and cons to either device, but the biggest con for the iPhone is the fact that YOU CAN’T BUY ONE. Lol…

  39. RogersMiranda

    Hi all,

    The Samsung Galaxy S Captivate does not have a front-facing camera or a camera flash.

  40. Takobo

    Any price for this phone?

  41. Takobo

    Any price idea?

  42. Ivan

    How soon is soon? Today, I was ready to jump from Rogers to Telus for the HTC Desire. But Telus messed up their 6GB “plan” is just 5GB **BONUS** data. Not a 6GB plan. So Telus is out. The race is on for Plan B… will Rogers release this phone early enough to take advantage of the 6GB promo or should I just jump over to Bell now?

  43. Donovan

    Samsung has a hit on their hands with the Galaxy S line and I actually prefer the version Rogers will be carrying, known as the Captivate, over Bell’s Vibrant (available now). The Vibrant looks too much like the iPhone 3g and the back is cheap feeling plastic. The Captivate has a metal textured back with an an embossed Galaxy S logo. It also has nicer button layout. The front facing camera that Bell’s has sounds really cool, but while video calling has been available overseas for almost 10 years, how often do you think you would really use it? If you have friends and family you’d like to video conference with, you’re going to use a stationary webcam, not hold a phone with a shaky picture. Hopefully this phone will land on Rogers on August 20th as rumored; if so, I’m sold.

  44. Flavio Flow

    OK!!! Enough with all the yapping… When is it coming out I need to know… I want it bad!!!!

  45. B-roni

    “A source from Samsung Canada tipped that Samsung is planning to launch the device in September with Rogers Wireless”

    Boooo, give us a fricken date so we know when we can go from store to store being told it’s sold out just like the iPhone :-)

  46. MJ

    Nice to finally see a high-end android phone offered at Rogers. It’d be nice if the camera had the front facing camera (just for future compatibility) but it’s not a deal breaker for me yet… i just don’t see myself using it very often.. yet.

    Anyways, good work Rogers so far. Now if only you can get some higher quality HTC Android phones to match up with Telus’ HTC Desire…

  47. Omar Sukhera

    Come on Miranda!! Release date please and pricing please!!! :)

  48. Charles R

    I am anxious to pick one of these up in addition to the iPhone 4. Funny thing is, I expect to be able to get a Samsung before the iPhone as it seems impossible to find. :-(

  49. J.C

    Any ETA on the captivate? I’m currently with Bell and their retention policy sucks, basicly they treat their new customer than their old…

  50. Gary

    Rogers, hurry and get this phone I’m due for a hardware upgrade and on a waiting list for Iphone4. Soon as I hear about my local store carrying this phone I’ll be there in a snap. This phone although it’s all plastic like most phones has features that kicks the iphone4’s but. The screen may not have the same pixel density but has the newer more vibrant Active Oled screen. Voice dial is a priority for me, I returned the Xperia x10 for that same reason and waiting for the iphone4 which has voice comand. The GalaxyS has voice dial and this part is important in Ontario where the law is you can’t even hold your phone and dial while driving even if you have a bluetooth. If the main reason is for a camera then why not just bring a camera, a smartphone is a communication device with some perks such as a camera but why would i choose a phone simply because it took great pictures. The Android OS is a selling point for me, since Sony can’t figure out when they’ll release OS 2.2 Froyo which most Android devices already has sony lost me as a customer. Hopefully this phone arrives soon before I get the IPhone4 becaues I don’t want to regret getting another Iphone, and face antennagate, but that’s a different story.

    1. Pat

      The back over is actually metal with carbon fibre patterns (or is it actually carbon fibre?)

      check youtube captivate reviews and u’ll see

      1. It’s not carbon fibre. It’s definitely metal, with a carbon fibre pattern.

    2. Note – the Captivate isn’t *all* plastic… It has a metal back plate.

  51. perry

    still no word on the launch dat yet!”?
    I’m going nuts.

  52. Math B

    The Bell Vibrant is currently available for next to nothing on a 3 years term (see best buy 99$ and 75$ GC). Even with an hefty ECF, it might become very tempting to move to the competition to get the phone. Please Rogers release an actual date/pricing/feature announcement, having some facts makes a huge difference. As it stands the phone could be coming out in October for all we know.

    1. Adam

      A date please!! Or a ballpark. “Upcoming weeks” could mean two, or it could mean 20

  53. Steph

    Bell’s had the Galaxy S since Friday and it’s been out in the states for a while. So when’s Rogers going to launch? Hurry!

    I would love for someone to explain to me why it’s taking so long to get high end Android phones in Canada?

  54. Flavio Flow

    Date date date date……………………….

  55. Adam


    Obviously this phone won’t have the hype the iphone 4 has, but are you able to tell us if it will be available over the phone on launch day, or will we have to go to a Rogers dealer and hope they have them in stock?

  56. Annit

    ALL upgrades are done at the store level now. Customer care is not allowed to upgrade over the phone anymore.

  57. Crake

    omg. date. seriously. rogers.

  58. Gary

    I was on the phone with Rogers to confirm that my Sony X10 arrived at the warehouse safely. I had to return this phone because it was just not doing it for me. I asked the person I spoke with if they had information on the Samsung Captivate and what date will it be released. All I got was we are going to carry the phone but we don’t have a release date as of yet. The reason maybe because they are awaiting samsung shipments and preparing for launch of the product. One other reason I can think of is the Iphone4 not having competition for a months time. Regardless what the reasons are all we can do is wait, and hopefully it arrives in a week or two. If the iphone didn’t have the antenna issue then this would of been a hard decision for me. The main draw of this phone is it’s huge screen and the new display tech that went into it. Although the iphone4 has a nice hires screen it uses a passive LCD screen unlike the Amoled in the Captivate which is much thinner making for a light weight phone. I guess I’m obsessed with the phone, hurry Rogers get this phone !!!!

    1. Note – the iPhone antenna issue is blown WAY out of proportion. I’m getting a Captivate, myself, but my sister picked up an iPhone 4 on launch day and I was playing with it… I was completely unable to get it to drop signal at all, no matter how I held it. Now, this is just one phone in one high-signal spot, but take that how you will. She hasn’t had a single dropped call on it yet.

      My BIG reason for upgrading from the iPhone 3G to the Captivate instead of the iPhone 4 is that the Captivate just has more features that I want. Also, bigger screen, which when you’ve got big hands is much nicer for typing on a software keyboard.

    2. Also, the iPhone 4 is impossible to get, so I’m hoping that this one is a bit easier to get my hands on. :)

  59. Dave

    I’m about to get my first smartphone. And move to Rogers if the deal is right. Considering the iphone4(have a ipod touch and it’s great especially with Skype), the BB 9800 and finally an Android- the new galaxy/captivate. I really know very little about the Android…..Is there somewhere I can go to quickly educate myself on them? Many thanks.

    1. Hrmm… There’s a LOT of places out there with info on each specifically… But basically, here’s what it comes down to:

      – Unless you have a ton of friends with Blackberries who use Blackberry Messenger (a free chat app on the Blackberry), the 9800 is still FAR behind the the other competitors in terms of hardware. That might not matter to you – it definitely does to me. The new OS (6.0) is very impressive though, a step in the right direction for sure.

      – Android is the up and coming Google operating system… Less people are making apps for it right now, but there’s still something like 70k+ apps in the Android app store. It’s an open system though, so you have much more flexibility in who can make apps, and what kinds of apps they can make (as opposed to Apple’s system, where apps have to pass VERY strict guidelines). Unfortunately, this also means that there’s more chance for shitty apps to make it out into the wild, and also the chance of NEFARIOUS apps making it out into the wild. This doesn’t concern me too much, and I’m switching from the iPhone platform to the Captivate. My biggest thing is that you can do a lot more in terms of customization on the Android platform, including changing your keyboard. That’s a big selling point for me (as is using your phone as a mobile wifi hotspot – but I’m not sure if Rogers is going to be enabling that or not).

      – iPhone is amazing. It just works. If you’re comfortable using the iPod touch, you’ll have no problem with the iPhone, as it’s really just an iPod touch with phone/texting features. However, you are locked in to Apple’s walled garden in terms of apps and functionality, but for the most part they just do things right.

      Here’s a nice comparison of the latest version of Android (2.2, which has yet to be put out for the Captivate, but in theory is coming soon) vs the latest version of the iPhone OS (iOS4):

      1. Dave

        Thanks very much for your reply. I thought I had read somewhere of an android app that would permit use of one’s Itunes. My initial thought of android is that is will evolve into something pretty good. I’ll read the link. many thanks, Dave

      2. I don’t recall anything about synching with iTunes… And if you’re very invested in using iTunes as a music manager, that could definitely be a sticking point. Although I’m SURE there’s a workaround out there somewhere. Personally, I’ll be happy to swap to something else, but that’s just me :)

    2. youtube, there are even videos of samsung galaxy captivate vs iphone 4

  60. meCAPTIVATEd

    No new info yet. Can’t wait for something. Ditching my iPhone 3G for the Captivate.

  61. Rome

    Any Updates? Patiently waiting :)

  62. Rlecocq

    Went into a major Rogers outlet yesterday, all 4 of the csr’s not only did not know the release date, but did not even know Samsung made cell phones! Why do I bother?

    1. I would never expect a grunt at the store to have any idea of when the phone is coming out, until the first shipment of phones actually arrives. However, they SHOULD know that Samsung makes phones, since they are currently selling the Samsung Wave. Oy.

  63. out2late

    Was a Blackberry user for the past 10+ years (along with having a 3GS too). Its so long to both and stepping up to the Galaxy S Captivate. The UK version has both RF & FF cameras. Lets hope the Rogers version does too.

    1. The UK version is the equivalent to Bell’s Vibrant – it’s the I9000. The Captivate will not have a FF camera, as RogersMiranda has already stated.

  64. Rlecocq

    Im getting very concerned regarding the gps issues on this phone. Google it and wow!…I hope there’s a real fix that works. Not being able to use it for in car navigation? That’s not acceptible.There is nothing “offical” from samsung that I’m aware of just rumors so far of potential fixes. I don’t use gps a ton but when I do it has to work.

  65. Felix

    Will this phone be availiable for the student plans?

  66. Yorgo

    On launch date I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to wait in line for an iphone4, I walked into one of many locations early in the morning and they had total of 5 phones available…. I guess people forgot to line up at this store lol. I held the device in my hands and when they asked me to sign my life away for 3 years something stopped me and said “changed my mind ty though”. I guess it was samsung somehow transmitting that I need to wait lol…

    Had to write something other than “WHEN WHEN WHEN”…

    So when is the release date, my 3g iPhone has had it’s best days lol

  67. It would be very helpful if Rogers would let people know when the actual release date was planned. Hype is great, however, self propelled hype is evil. ROGERS – when are you releasing this model…. Arrrgghhhhh! lol..

  68. smars123

    I’ve been checking this website daily without any official updates at all. I would love to know when the release date is. Barring that, I’d like to know what the pricing will be like. If it’s not competitive with Bell, I would at least like to know to switch while good plans are available. After seeing the Vibrant daily (coworker), I’m pretty much sold on that Galaxy variant.

    1. davidm

      Good thing for you your coworker doesn’t have a Centrai Open Andex.

  69. BitBurn

    Yep. I am getting this phone on launch. Hopefully, Ottawa retailers will have enough in stock.

  70. kdawg

    Further to Rlecocq’s post….
    Totally agree. Just went to my rogers outlet. 2 csrs were both clueless. One didn’t know what I was talking about and called it a captive. The other said we’re not even sure if we’re getting it. I was like well you are as per this site. I also asked to try out the android OS as I’ve never had the opportunity to see what it’s like other than videos. However even after listing off 4 different android models they displayed behind the glass I was told no we don’t have any…….????!!!???!!!! Wow. Wooooow. Hope to see this device sooner than later so I can make an informed decision between it and the iPhone 4. Anybody have anything to say that may help with my decision between captivate and iPhone 4? I’ve heard both have antenna issues however blown out of proportion they may be. Also gps on the samsung I’ve heard has issues?

  71. James

    Was ready to get iphone 4 on opening day and I must say am a total FAN BOY but after the dust clears I will wait and get the captivate. After all even if gps leaves you stranded atleast you will still be able to ” call ” someone for directions . Just wish I could get one NOW

  72. Mark

    The Captivate is my back-up phone. Don’t get me wrong, my friend had one imported and loves it on Rogers but the device I’m looking for is the Dell Streak. It has the 1 ghz processor and front facing camera and should be 2.1 by the end of the month.

    Any word on the Dell Streak being launched with Rogers? The device won’t even work on the Bell network so Rogers doesn’t even have to bargain an Exclusivity deal!

  73. Brent

    Here is my wishlist for the Rogers Captivate:
    -pre-installed with Froyo (Android 2.2) out of the box
    -pre-installed with the GPS fix
    -front-facing camera installed and enabled
    -LED flash for main camera
    -LED on front for notifications

    I also hope that Rogers will release a Galaxy S Pro (similar to Epic 4G) soon, with the qwerty keyboard.

    1. Well, keep dreaming.

      – Froyo update isn’t anticipated until October.
      – GPS fix is a MAYBE, but I’d rather the phone came out before the “September sometime” timeframe of the GPS fix
      – Front-facing camera does not come with the Captivate model
      – LED flash does not come on ANY Galaxy S

      I haven’t heard anything about a GSM version of the Galaxy S Pro yet, so don’t hold your breath on that one either. :)

    2. Robot

      Nice wish list…….if thats all you want we should see the handset by 2012

      commonly known that it will not have a front facing cam and there is no LED. I just want the phone as is and will wait for updates as they come. Beggars cant be choosers, after all we are in Canada.

      1. davidm

        There is more than one carrier in Canada… you can also choose to wait a bit. Labelling yourself as a “beggar” is not exactly the smartest consumer strategy. ;)

      2. There’s only one carrier that currently has me on contract for another year :P

      3. And in Canada, mobile phone users really *are* beggars, compared to much of the rest of the world.

      4. Robot

        Its obvious you are not from Manitoba where we have no choice but to buy from Rogers, they are the only ones that can support the new generation of phones.
        I was also trying to be sarcastic at the same time..

  74. AndY

    hey roger so want the phone so gonna buy it is it gonna come soon this month XD o can u give at-least a tip HEHHEHE PLZZZZZZZZZZZ

  75. Here’s a question: will the phone come with a microSD card?

  76. L

    Tired of this self hype rogers has put up. If you cannot let people know of a release date. THEN DONT SAY ANYTHING. The anticipation is worse and you keep waiting and getting more antcy. Then again I am also fedup with rogers and their customer service skills.

    Not to mention the other carriers are getting better phones, and rogers is STILL lacking incompaired to some. Bell is offering the world for new clients and I think its about time that rogers stepped up, or the customers will step out.

    1. Chris

      Hear Hear!! About time Rogers get their act together…..

  77. Hey Rogers,
    You know what would be really appreciated by your loyal customers … a release date … there are rumours that it will be on the 20th but since we are yet to hear an official update I’m trying not to get to excited. Please give us an update.


    1. Pav

      This is the whole point to keep people buying the old crap, not getting them to always wait for a better phone.

      Rogers will not tell you. Money is more important than anything.

  78. kman

    RogersMiranda asked…. “What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate? Will you be grabbing one from Rogers on launch day?”

    Answer: How about you let us know when launch day is actually going to be????


  79. Android_Awesome

    So its been 2 weeks…does that qualify as the “coming weeks” :)….still waiting….on word…ooo its killing us anxious people waiting for an actually good android phone

    1. vercro

      Rogers is going to start losing a lot of customers to Bell if they don’t release details about this phone soon. There are a lot of power-users, so to speak; especially for Android phones that are looking forward to the Captivate. Bell has had their version of the Galaxy S out for a while now and we still don’t even have a release date.
      It’s looking more and more attractive to cancel my contact with Rogers and then sign up at Bell. In fact it would likely work out to being roughly the same cost to do so.
      It’s not like they need to modify the phone very much to work with Rogers and there is no shortage of supply in the US. So what is the excuse?
      You can only make people wait so long before they give up and take their business elsewhere.

      1. Garth Elliott

        I have spent too much time on the phone with Rogers after my Dream went swimming. I have been a loyal Rogers customer for 11 years, and I don’t want to change. I have been trying to find ANY reason to stay.

        Today I simply asked the Customer Relations (AKA: Retention) rep to give me ANY information on this phone, or find someone else at Rogers who could provide it. No response.

        I am not going to wait around for this phone to surface when I can conveniently change to Bell (Vibrant) or Telus (HTC Desire), and get better rural service.

  80. Omar Sukhera

    Rogers Redboard – About:

    “We’ll keep jargon to a minimum and context to a maximum by providing useful information, interviewing decision makers and answering your questions.”

    Why are our questions not being answered? We haven’t even heard or gotten form of response from Rogers in over a week – how is this keeping us, the customer, informed or giving us a sense of loyalty and commitment from Rogers?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Omar,

      Just want you to know that we’re reading every comment but at this time, we do not have any more details to share.

      We’ll update you as soon as we can via RedBoard and our Twitter account (@RogersBuzz).

      1. Math B

        Would it at least be possible to get a clearer estimate for the release date ? As it stands, a lot of people were told by Retention that the phone would be coming out this Friday, Aug 20th. Obviously, you can see how this creates anticipation. On the other end, this could have been a cheap tactic to keep your customer from running away to a competitor, in which case, it would be pretty low to have used such an argument.

        Rumors had been floating around for a “September” release date before Rogers even came forth with an “official” statement. Since then there as now been the August 20th suggested by Rogers staff while the official word is “anytime soon… a few weeks”.

        Please clear up the confusion, leaving doubt behind isn’t the way to do this.

      2. Charlie

        Why do release dates have to be such a big secret anyway?

      3. thieving magpie

        holding back on launch dates builds on anticipation and creates a lot of free publicity.

      4. so does playing with the competitors twin phone,

        but you know what the best publicity is, is having the thing in my hands and using it for myself

      5. Jay

        Miranda I hope you realize the truism that every comment represent several hundreds of people who have the same view but don’t post and/or are not aware of this board. The natives are getting restless

      6. Graeme

        “Natives are getting restless”
        Agreed, I have been waiting for almost 2 month now since my smartphone upgrade eligibility for a decent android, but every month gets closer to a time where buying out the contract becomes more viable…. I want my galaxy S.

        While i appreciate the new post, its still the same information just posted with a cool graphic “in the coming weeks”.

        How come bell can put out a release date, and rogers never can? All this back to school stuff, 6gb plans, etc. and I don’t even know if this phone will come out in time to make use of these offers!!!

    2. Hype

      Well, the whole iPhone 4 launch debacle has completely turned me off a upgrading from my 3G and I have since looked at Android phones and though there aren’t that many good ones in Canada, the Galaxy does indeed look decent.

      Rogers does need to get their act together or close this board down. Firs they announce that in the coming weeks but it has been 2 weeks now and yet no update. I’m seriously looking to move to Bell now – my only worry is the coverage as I’m used to Rogers good coverage.

      This board has been is not being used by Roger properly as people are wanting information and are met with silence or “we’ll update soon”. Nothing against your Miranda but if someone tells me in the coming weeks, I assume that means 3-4 weeks. So after 2 weeks, I would assume that you would be able to say “in 2 weeks we will announce” something.

  81. davidm

    An update on the GPS issue:

    One problem is minor; cell tower triangulation is not enabled by default (though there appear to be deeper issues on the Vibrant version).

    The other could be very serious, the dedicated GPS chip doesn’t seem to work well.

    If it can’t be resolved via firmware, all the devices will have to be recalled. (Although I can hear a few people saying “If you want a GPS device, get a dedicated one!” Blah blah blah).

  82. Zubair

    what is estimated release date of this phone? i used X10 very slow, not satisfied

  83. ARogersCustomer

    Waiting… waiting….. and waiting……

    1. AnotherRogersCustomer

      Yea, no doubt. Finally a well spec’d phone, and an good alternative to the silly iPhone hype, but they don’t seem to be in a hurry to release it. Look like Bell may finally get my money afterall. Never thought I’d say that considering they were CDMA until recently.

      1. [ND]

        Well, I’ve cancelled my bell service, and waiting, waiting… and waiting Galaxy S from Rogers… Bell service is the worst I’ve ever got…

        Life without cellphone is not bad… but c’mon… bring it to me!!!

  84. billy thomas

    Maybe they are waiting for the GPS issuse to be fixed first before they relase the phone.

  85. Zubair

    on some website it says Galaxy wont be coming to Rogers untill the EXCLUSIVITY for bell expires in November or december , !!!!!

    1. Wow, “some website”? That’s a pretty reliable source. And I wonder if Bell really has an exclusivity contract for all possible Galaxy S models – Samsung specifically created tons of different Galaxy S models so it could launch them with all the major carriers, and I can’t imagine them agreeing to an exclusivity contract with Bell which would essentially defeat the purpose of all those different phone models.

      And on top of that – November or December would put this phone at a distinct disadvantage, as there are likely to be new, better spec’d phones coming out by that point (on top of Windows Phone 7 devices that are apparently coming out near that time too).

      1. Rooster

        Agreed, If this phone isn’t *available* by the 30th I will commit to apple. Perhaps android for next year.

        One bad launch fiasco after another…..

      2. Zubair

        I have same time line, if not by end of august i will go with iPhone 4

      3. billy thomas

        Well said. i dont think the end of the year is a likely release date. They should get it out before the Windows Phone 7 hits the market.

        Driod, Iphone OS, BB OS 6, Symbian and Windows Phone 7. lots of OS;’s to choose from this year.

      4. Ready To Rumble

        Agreed, I was completely enthralled about the speculated August 20th(Rogers site was down as of 1am 20th, I refreshed and refreshed but no Samsung :(

        I sold my Rogers Contract on Kijiji, so I am actually free to go where I please, I was hoping Rogers but.. You know, first come first serve, Lol.

        My deadline may commence before the 30th.

      5. lichen

        hahahaha you wrote that at 3 in the morning???
        thats dedication.

        But I agree they DEFINITELY need to be way more specific and helpful than “in the coming weeks” because a few weeks later guess what? info is STILL “in the coming weeks”. And this is the first decent android phone they’ve come out with (ahem ahem motorola flipout) so I was hoping they’d actually handle the release of it well…. Guess they need those iphones sold before this iphone killer is out….

  86. aaron

    Awesome to see this phone coming to rogers! I was getting ready to jump ship because of rogers horrible android offerings… Hurry up! I want my new phone!

  87. ChrisZak

    I’ve been a paygo customer for many years. Love Rogers. Looking forward to Rogers releasing a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate phone. However, I won’t wait for what seems forever. Bell has already had the Vibrant out for 2 weeks. I really want the 6GB data plan with a Samsung. So here is goes, I’ll wait past the Aug 20th date till the end of the month and if Rogers still has not released it yet, I’ll switch over to Bell and get the Vibrant. Many of my friends who are with Bell said that their reception has improved after the cell towers were updated. Thanks Rogers for delaying another great device!!

  88. Zubair

    It was on XDA developer portal, i guess exclusivity is for Vibrant if i read it right :)

  89. Jean-Philippe

    Well, i have alot of issues with my xperia X10. I really wish id knew when the new phones are rolling out so I can either swap or upgrade another of my iine for the Galaxy S. Seriously, either i got a lemon, or we are going to be faced with another C333 issue. Phone can’t stay charged for more then 10 hours ( that’s 1 movie, bout 10 minutes of total browsing and 3 phone calls…). Some say, get a program to kill the apps that are running in the background…..I feel like i went to buy a computer and had to buy a blender to have it run properly…

  90. What I find interesting about this whole thing is that when the announcement was made, there was a lot of positive excitement and comment being made. As time went the comments have become very negative and quite the opposite of what I think you, rogers, would be hoping for if your intention is to build positive hype.

    There can be no doubt that you could have an update for us by now, even if it is a small one or one that you would prefer not to share. I think I speak for a lot of people in saying is that any update is better than no update at all at this point …

  91. well miranda, I will say this much, I don’t currently have a cel contract. I’d like to be with rogers, but absolutely no loyalties to either company. I do however want the galaxy s, an for some reason would prefer the captivate. But if its not out by the third week of sept, I will be going with bell, and getting their vibrant.

    I’m hoping to hear of a release date by early sept, if not as I stated, i will be a bell client for the next three years.

  92. dch37

    this is getting ridiculous, we all know that there are plenty of info that can be shared, it is just that Rogers chooses not to share them with us…. I am seriously considering switching over to Bell… my internet service may follow this soon as well…. at least they don’t “bait” the market in such a “mystic” way… there was a release date from the very beginning and they kept it… no undefined period of weeks was ever mentioned….. sad to think that once Bell was considered to have the poorer customer service…

    any estimate within the boundaries of months would be sufficient… let’s face it in today’s world we are all control freaks… and this lack of information is simply inexcusable… especially when there are other options on the market…..

  93. oilfan

    I’ve been checking this board everyday (sometimes multiple times a day) for update and really nothing since August 4th when we were told the phone will be out in the coming weeks. Bell has had it since August 5th and if Rogers gives us no release date by August 20th I’m taking my 4 lines over to Bell, this is beyond ridiculous.

  94. 7amar

    If the Galaxy S is not out for Rogers this Friday I am switching to Bell. Does Rogers think there going to keep all of there customers happy with an Iphone 4? No! some of us out there prefer a high end android device.

  95. Robert

    It would be a bad market strategy if Rogers gets the Samsung Galaxy-s Captivate which does not have a front facing camera.
    Due to the popularity of the Iphone 4 with FaceTime, frontfacing cameras or video conferencing with Fringe, Qik, Skype, many Canadians will opt for this feature.
    I hope Rogers reconsiders and gets the European version of the Galaxy Vibrate.
    Regards Robert

  96. meCAPTIVATEd

    “In the coming WEEKS” for iP4 was 53 days (7 1/2 weeks), so by that math we should have more info around September 27 and a release on the 28th.

    1. Robot

      I see a certain amount of logic in your comment. To all of us that were on the fence and holding our breath for this device on Rogers to be released in the near future I believe its time to move on.

  97. psommerfeld

    Would love to know …

    – can the Galaxy S be rooted?
    – when will a 2.2 upgrade be available for it?

    How good is text input (Swype or native) compared to my trusty Blackberry keyboard? I write lots of emails from my BB, which I’m looking to replace with Android.

    1. Zubair

      yes there is an update available for galaxy to 2.2

  98. RogersMiranda

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to assure you that we’re reading all comments on RedBoard but at this time, I have no new information to share about the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate.

    As soon as I have details about the launch date, pricing, etc. I’ll post an update.

    Thanks for your patience and glad to see many of you excited about this device!

    1. L

      Another one of those “we have no information, but heres nothing to keep you happy” type of responses.

      I cant believe rogers has NOTHING to post about a date. I mean we know you’ll update us as you have that info, your SUPPOSED TO.

      1. vercro

        Another update with no information. Rogers, if you keep screwing up device launches like this and the iPhone you’re going to start losing a lot of business. A bad reputation is not easily forgotten.

        To you people asking questions about front facing cameras and the like – why don’t you go read the hundreds of reviews online for the Captivate? We’re getting the same version as the AT&T model. There’s not point wishing for different features; Rogers will not be adding things to the AT&T version.

      2. Feh

        Guys, they will not release dates until a few days before launch, because they want to ensure that the average customer doesn’t hold out for a phone. They hope that people will go into the Rogers store and buy ancient X10s, instead of waiting for a better phone. Ask any Rogers Plus employee, they will tell you the same thing; they aren’t told a darn thing either, so that they in turn cannot tell YOU anything to avoid losing a potential sale. Apple does the same thing; they tried to prevent leaks on the iPhone 4 so that people would keep buying 3GS phones right up until the last minute. It’s business.

        So, rest assured, they know exactly the status of the phone, they just aren’t telling us it. There are always well-informed people like us redboard commenters that may simply switch to Bell, but we don’t have the numbers to cause them to change their policy; the majority of the ignorant masses will still keep buying X10s. Or possibly iPhone 4s; Rogers may have some sort of deal with Apple to release the iPhone 4 before any strong Android phone (but I don’t know, and that’s pure speculation, but I could imagine a deal like that. Business again.)

        While I sure hope for Aug 20th, don’t trust anyone on retention either; they’ll tell you anything to keep you hanging on. After all, if they can get you to wait until Aug 20th, then why not a few weeks more until early-mid Sept?

        Business is business, folks. Don’t kid yourself about how the machine works.

    2. Math B

      Well, poor marketing strategy there…. very poor. On August 4th Rogers shares that they will carry the phone “soon” and even highlight the launch party with the clear intent to keep customers from moving to Bell. It worked for me (but not for 2 of my friends).

      2 weeks later and no update whatsoever. I sure hope Rogers has a good reason for not releasing any info although I sincerely can’t think of any. Like many have already said, if this isn’t out by Friday or at the very least if we don’t have a definitive release date, I am cancelling my Rogers contract and moving to Bell. In 11 years Rogers has been rather good as a provider but they are failing this time.

      Sadly, the few hundred people who might cancel their contract because of this represent nothing to such a huge corporation. After all, it comes down to profit first, customer satisfaction second. Let’s face it, we can complain as much as we want, that won’t keep anyone from sleeping at night !

  99. Zubair

    why rogers thiks all of us on this board are excited about device and not frustrated for Rogers being so secretive about the release date of the phone !

  100. Ty

    I want to get this phone now. If it is not here by September 1st Rogers will loose a good customer.

  101. dear miranda,

    I have a simple question for you or your supervisors at Rogers.
    Why should i sit and wait for the captivate, when I could simply go over to Bell and grab up a vibrant?
    I would sincerely like an answer to this, as I’m not trying to be rude. I’m am simply wondering at this point why I should wait for a product with your company when there isn’t any idea of a release date, yet your competitor has the “same” product for sale now, at what I’m guessing will be the same rate as well. Please help me with this.

    1. Gin_mtl

      Simple answer: No reason.

      Chances are paying your ECF will most likely be cheaper than wasting your time waiting for a potential price/deal…

    2. L

      Honestly, dont expect any real answer other then:

      1- Its coming, its coming
      2- Because were Rogers
      3- No Reason

      But in all honesty, I wouldnt expect an answer that will really satisfy you, other then getting the actual release date (which we wont get till much later).

      Hate to break it to ya, but someone had to do it…

    3. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for comments and feedback on this post. I can understand your frustration, so here’s a few reasons why Rogers:

      We offer competitive plans and promos, and if you have other Rogers services, you can bundle them with your wireless account to help save some money.

      Also, devices from Rogers are protected under the Handset Protection Guarantee so you’ll always stay connected in the event of an out-of-warranty issue.

      1. smars123

        The handset protection guarantee….

        It says the following:
        “Your warranty does not cover damage due to exposure to moisture, physical damage, or unauthorized software modifications. Proof of purchase is required.”

        What exactly is the use if it covers none of these things?

        I’m sorry, but I don’t see that as a valid point to stick with Rogers.

        I would think that the plans are competitive…but only though Retentions. And even then, I’ve had many problems actually getting what I was promised…something is always missed out, so I always have to check my bill.

        Bell is relatively worse. Ah well, lesser of 2 evils and all.

        RogersMiranda: Can you please explain the reason for the lack of any news regarding release dates? I realize everyone’s working to get it out, but are there any technical difficulties? I’ve noticed that none of the other Rogers phones are yet offering Android 2.1. Is the network being upgraded to handle the usage that’ll entail?

        Hope to have some answers soon!

  102. Jay

    The question is will it also have the AT&T preloaded Apps which have been roundly criticized has useless hogs. Miranda can you at least tell us that?

    1. Why would Rogers carry some other company’s apps?

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jay,

      Rogers will not be preloading any apps on the device. Instead, we are providing three shortcuts on the device that lead to the Android Market where you can choose to download our most popular apps including urMusic, Rogers on Demand (RODM) or My Account.

      1. Jay

        Thanks Miranda. That is useful substantive information. AT&T has been criticized for the ‘bloatware” so it’s nice to know that Rogers wil not be making that mistake.

  103. Ben

    All this pettiness seems pretty silly. Do you not think they would announce a release date if there was one?

    Those of you who can’t imagine why there would be a delay, here are a couple possibilities.

    – There is trouble shipping the phone to Canada. No release date until they know when they can actually get it.
    – Rogers’ apps and restrictions are not jiving with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0.
    – Rogers jumped the gun and the final contract wasn’t actually in hand.
    – Samsung is holding it back for some reason.

    There are a lot of silly yet realistic reasons why there wouldn’t be a release date yet.

    Perhaps instead of post after post of complaining, maybe we could talk about the things that we’re excited about for this phone. I, for example, typed “captivate samsung ringtones youtube” in to google and found a video of the stock ringtones. it’s a small thing and silly but still I think it’s exciting to hear them!

    1. Feh

      Ben, while I respect your positive spin, I would be surprised (very, very, VERY surprised) if they did not know exactly when this phone will be released. There are very strong reasons as to why one would not release the launch information too soon in advance (see my previous post). I am in marketing myself, and this sort of thing happens *all* the time, with any company. You don’t announce a new product too early, or else you lose existing sales and the chance to move out old inventory. What people are complaining about here is the fact that Bell already HAS a Galaxy S released, and people want to know if they should wait or jump ship. It’s something that Rogers will take into consideration; how soon to divulge the released date before too many people leave Rogers for Bell due to those back-to-school promotions expiring, or the 6Gb/$30 deal expiring. Their marketing group has this well thought out, and they know how much to tease, how much to push out release dates (to maximize iphone 4 sales, for instance) and how much to get away with before knowledgeable customers get fed up.

      Trust me, they know what they are doing. Big companies have their release schedules planned WELL in advance. Certainly within 1-2 months they know to-the-day when the phone will be out, so they can plan/create their marketing strategy.

      I’m only complaining because I hate Bell, and I want the darned Rogers version of the phone now, marketing reasons be damned! :)

    2. Garth Elliott

      All good points, Ben. However, with the unrest and frustration brewing with potential or “on the fence” customers, perhaps it would be prudent (and simple) to inform us of these issues.

      Since Rogers hasn’t, my feeling is that these are NOT the main issues behind the lack of information/release date, and this is just a marketing strategy. They know exactly how far people can be pushed (and how much ‘loss of customers’ they can expect) — we are all part of a big social science experiment called marketing.

      I will not be played like this: after 11 years with Rogers, I moved to Bell today.

  104. sjcundy

    Can’t wait for the captivate release. Been on the iPhone for a long time but work has agreed to let me switch to android. I have been waiting for a good android alternative to show up on Rogers, and this is it. Now I just have to ride out the “coming soon” uncertainty.

  105. davidm

    Rogers, you better get onto launching this thing, before people realize they should be asking for Android 3.0. ;)

  106. Guys, I was able to find out from a credible source working at Rogers HQ that the Samsung Galaxy Captivate will be launching next week (27th August) with a launch similar to Bells Vibrant launch (i.e. a live band playing at a certain location and stuff).

    I do not have further information but lets see when Miranda will fess up regarding this information.

  107. Hawking

    The Captivate has the worst battery ever. If you get this phone, be ready to charge your battery once or twice a day. Look at the reviews.
    Rogers seems to always like to say the sell phones but never have them when they say they are getting them.

  108. Zubair

    OK i got something from one of the Rogers store CSRs , its coming in ” a month or two” lol

  109. RogersMiranda

    Hello everyone,

    I know many of you are anxious for more information about the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. In terms of the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, we don’t have that information just yet but we just updated the original post to say we’ve just set up a page at where you can sign up to get the latest information via e-mail.

    1. Robot

      OMG thats too funny , exactly like the Iphone 4 release, a web page that wants you to fill in all your info for the latest news. Guess what ….no one has recieved an update from that Iphone 4 page to date!

      We are all laughing at our office over this one.

    2. Miranda – no offense, but you did the same thing with the iPhone 4 and the iPad, and NEVER SENT OUT ANY EMAILS. Oh wait, no, I stand corrected… With the iPhone 4, you sent out an email to tell us to stop calling and asking about when it would be released. Lol…

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Ryan,

        We understand where you’re coming from, but with similar launches like the X10 in April, the pre-information page provided timely updates to customers

      2. Fair enough – but 1 for 3 isn’t exactly a stellar record, particularly when the 2 failures are the most recent. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be thrilled if you actually do send out some information with the Captivate… But it’s one of those “burn me once, shame on me” situations, ya know? If I’m still a Rogers customer whenever you guys get around to launching the Captivate, that is.

      3. PA Cotnoir

        I’m a customer of Rogers for some years and my BB Bold is right now kaput. I need a new phone and I’m looking at the Captivate. But I can not wait until October. So, is-it true that it will be available in early September as I’ve heard?

    3. Gin_mtl

      This is depressing.. honestly, haven’t you learned anything ? Customers are not that dumb please! This same technique was used for the iPhone4 and iPad and turned out to be a joke… No need to have us register, I promise not to call ! …

  110. Charlie

    One of my concerns is that the Captivate will be released after the 6gb data plan expires. Since this will be my first smartphone I do not currently have a data plan to upgrade now & could not use one with the phone I have. Could we at least be assured that loyal Rogers customers who wait patiently for the Captivate release will be able to get the $30 6gb plan, even if the release is after Sept 30 &/or the stock is not sufficient to meet demand in the first couple of days? (We all of course fervently hope the release cannot possibly be that far away!)

    1. JamesBrown

      the only way to insure you get the $30/6gb plan is to get it right now. I got it today (apparently it is on a 3 year data contract – not voice, only data). So you can get it now just and wait till samsung phone comes out and then you can renew your voice plan (not data) for another 3 years. Simple

  111. “But as those details become available over the coming weeks, we’ll share it with all of you. Stay tuned!”

    Are we to understand that the release of this phone is still slotted to be in the coming weeks, as in not this month? I for one want to take advantage of some of the back to school plan available that my be expiring “in the coming weeks”. Bell has the Galaxy S already and the plan savings for me would be substantial enough to warrant a switch if the Captivate will not be released in time to take advantage of these plans.

    I would assume there are quite a few people in the same position as myself and would strongly recommend that Rogers should get it’s act together and release this phone while you have plans worth renewing/signing up for a contract for.


  112. Hype

    As one person said, I think they are waiting so that people buy the older phones up but I also believe that they are waiting for the Samsung Patch to fix the GPS issues with the Galaxy phones.

    The patch is supposed to be released in September so I’m guessing it will be the end of September. I wish that the EVO or Droid 2 would work in Canada as I would buy it full price in a second but since there are incompatibilities (diff technologies), we have to wait for specific versions to be introduced and that is usually several months after the latest and greatest has come out. And to that I say a big BOOOOOOOO!

    As for the update that Miranda gave on the page, I think it could have been worded a bit better.

    August 4th: More details will be available in the coming weeks.
    August 19th: But as those details become available over the coming weeks…

    That doesn’t really mean antyhing to me because I fully expect that in 2-3 weeks, you will say the same thing.

    Also as for the info page on the rogers site, I think we all learned that signing up is a waste of time. Your company had not admitted that they failed with the iPhone launch and that the signup page was useless. Why should this one be any different? If you guys said “Yes, we made a mistake but we have learned from it, you will get regular updates via the signup page” then yes I would beleive that you are genuinely interested in feeding info to your customers.

    Rogers may think that there are only a few hundred people on here who are unhappy but rest assured, I have spoken to dozens of people about this and what has happened. Nothing spreads as quickly as bad news.

    1. If they’re waiting for the GPS fix, I can say right now that I will be going to Bell or Telus. I’m heading off to a Bell store today to see what they can do for me with a Vibrant, because I don’t want to wait till the end of September to get my new phone (I was originally going to upgrade to the iPhone 4, but I’m not happy to wait till the end of September to get one of those, either).

    2. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for your feedback, particularly around the Captivate info page. As I mentioned to Ryan above, I understand where you’re coming from, but with similar launches like the X10 in April, the pre-information page provided timely updates to customers.

      1. Hype

        Fair enough Miranda – my only experience with the pre-information page was with the iPhone 4 so I’m willing to give it another shot then.

        Thanks for the reply!

  113. shawn

    So now we can expect “details in coming weeks” rather than the phone. GReeeeat.

    Time to get Bell on the phone…

    1. Garth Elliott

      Do it. I did and I feel complete relief.

  114. aaron

    I was going to jump ship to bell until i saw this. But im getting sick of waiting! If I don’t see this thing in the next few days, Vibrant here I come!

  115. gabby

    still no update on this?
    quit teasing rogers…

    1. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re not going to hear anything until late next week, at the earliest (if it’s going to be launching next Friday).

  116. Hightower

    Given the amount of reviewers of AT&T customers, this phone has excellent ratings. Main thing at odds is the battery life. Well the fact of the matter is, its a smartphone with a 4″ screen. Dont expect any more than a days worth of battery life. Its the way it is. Iphone not much better. Not like the old days with a simple screen. Hope Rogers we can have a reasonable full purchase price. Im not eligible for an upgrade any time soon. Heres the AT&T Reviews

    1. davidm

      I’m no “Apple fanboy,” but the iPhone 4, with its larger battery and limited multitasking, will certainly have much longer battery life than the Galaxy S under typical usage. In fact the Motorola Droid series (just announced with international bands) also appears to have much better battery life according to the extensive Andand review.

  117. Bogdan

    We’ve been waiting for 2 weeks on more information and it seems all you’ve done is hired a web designer to make a captivate page.
    If it’s going to be September 10th, just tell us and get it over with

  118. Jay

    Miranda — if you are indeed a single person — what many are telling you is that your attempt to appear responsive (with your hands severely tied behind your back) or suggesting that customers sign up for notifications that never come may be backfiring. You should escalate that information.

    Granted release dates are confidential and there should not even be communication from Rogers including “in the coming weeks.” On the other hand there may be things you can answer:

    Will the Rogers version have a flash? No
    Will the Rogers version carry the AT&T preloaded apps (as opposed to the Samsung/Android ones ?????

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jay,

      Yes, I can assure you I’m one single person :)

      I can also assure you that I’m reading every comment on this post and have been providing feedback to the appropriate teams here at Rogers.

      I’ve been able to confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate does not have a flash.

      I am unsure about preloaded apps off-hand but I’ll see if I can get an answer for you.

  119. Jon

    Went to a Rogers Plus store the other day and asked a rep about Captivate. She had absolutely no idea what Captivate was but she told me they are receiving a batch of new devices in September. Maybe Captivate is included in that batch, so September.

  120. davidm

    In a few months the Galaxy S line is going to be old hat. Granted, it has a good contemporary feature set, including the newest generation 1ghz 45nm SoC processor, but soon we’ll have dual core 1.5ghz processors. Anyway, for most people the CPU speed doesn’t make that much difference after a point, things like the on-screen slider stuttering are more about upgrading the OS (Android 3.0 will move the entire UI to the graphics processor, a lot more meaningful to most people than game rendering speed. Will Galaxy support Android 3?).

    People are so funny. You won’t complain about Rogers contract requirements, your inability to buy your own phone and pay unsubsidized rates ($60 a month instead of $80), inability to upgrade your phone’s OS as desired, and countless other aspects, but you turn blue with rage when Rogers won’t tell you the release date of the newest gadget (which Rogers probably doesn’t know since it comes down to international supply issues).

    And going to Bell instead of Rogers? Your phone won’t be nearly as useful if you travel. (supporting world frequencies and unlocked phones are critical here).

    So it’s amusing people disdain all these *actually* important aspects in favour of getting the latest shiny a week or so sooner.

    In my case, because of issues with my Dream (which has a fantastic form factor but runs out of date OS, isn’t upgradeable, and has connectivity issues) I was given a three month window to do an early upgrade, but I’m probably not going to bother and am going to instead let my contract expire since Rogers doesn’t offer an updated Dream type Android device (with good keyboard). Either the Galaxy S Pro or the Motorola Droid Pro (which has world bands) would be perfect, but unfortunately it seems Rogers is only focusing on the entertainment and casual social media users with their Android lineup.

    Thanks Rogers for letting us speak openly in Redboard and I hope this relationship can become more sensible for everyone’s wireless computers.

    1. Marcus

      Well Put. I am also using G1 at the moment and my upgrade options are extremely limited for something comparable.

      1. The G2 has just been announced. Maybe Rogers will pick it up. But it’s keyboard isn’t as good, since it’s only 4 row (no dedicated number keys == pain entering mixed numbers and letters).

        The Galaxy S Pro would probably be better than the G2, since it has a 5 row keyboard.

        I should have mentioned, to make it more clear. $60 a month vs $80 = $480 every two years. With the up-front, enough for anyone to buy their own unlocked handset (and not have to complain to Rogers about it). Some countries require providers to offer unsubsidized plans. Of course with this more open competition prices would drop, choices increase, and an aftermarket would develop for good used devices (at least in the iPhone world, Rogers has figured out that’s a good way to get more people to buy plans).

  121. G-man

    I am in a position where my contract ran out a year ago, and am now month to month. So I am very tempted to get the Bell version and do a contract with them. Let’s face it, Rogers is not known for having the best customer service reputation.

    The thing I like about the one at Bell, is it has the front facing camera, the Captivate does not. And the Captivate does have the death grip problem (worse than the iPhone), where as in tests the version that Bell has does too, but not as bad as the Captivate….

    I don’t know Rogers, I think your time has come and it is time for me to make a change. Although I said this about 6 months ago about something and customer service did not care about losing a customer then either…..

    1. kman

      I’m in the exact same boat. Why are we all here bitching when we can walk down the street and buy the same phone from Bell? We don’t necessarily want to dump rogers but they aren’t really giving us a reason not to. 16 days waiting for even an update on a cool phone we can get today from Bell is not cool.

      The really frustrating part is that we all know they have the info we’re asking for (release date), they just won’t tell us. Yes its a standard marketing practice, but so is leaving a supplier due to lousy service.

      Anyhow, I’m heading to the Bell store at lunch to see what they can do. I’ve wasted too much time whining on this forum. Rather than helping me, its only made me angrier at Rogers.

      1. MrMiGu

        Call rogers, talk to customer retentions. They will give you a reason to stay, especially if you are aware of what Bells corporate plans are.

  122. dch37

    the lack of info is just not acceptable.. why even bait the public with the “weeks” statement… as of 3 hours ago I am a proud owner of a Bell-sourced Galaxy S… ending over 10 years with Rogers… oh well, such is life…..

  123. Nader M

    Hello Miranda ,

    It must be clear by now that the Captivate is a very popular phone and many Rogers customers including myself are very excited about it. Some of the posts indicate a large number of frustrated customers. I am very confident that you had no intention in providing any sort of information that would result in angry comments from Rogers customers; however, I would like to clarify the reason of such behavior from the public.

    1)The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (from Bell) was a very hot topic before its release. Many Rogers customers hoped of a Galaxy S variant to appear on their network while others thought about switching providers for this high end Android phone. There is no doubt many were excited when you announced the launch of Captivate ” in the coming weeks” on Rogers only two days before Bell’s launch date. This held off many potential Bell customers. Since the past three weeks, no useful updates has been released from you regarding the launch of Captivate and people are starting to feel betrayed and realize that the earlier announcement was a stunt to prevent people from bridging to a different wireless provider.

    2) With the great offers from Rogers such as the 6GB/30$ data and student plans, many people would like to take advantage of such deals; however, Rogers is not able to grantee a launch date before these offers are expired.

    Miranda, I believe it would have been better for both Rogers and its customers if you announced Captivate news much closer to the actual launch date. This way, customers would not hold back on purchasing any of the available phones from Rogers, and they could take advantage of the promising voice/data plans.

    Please keep in mind that many of Rogers customers are here to stay with you including myself, regardless of this issue.

    Thank you


    1. Bandage

      You may not need to wait for the phone to come out before taking advantage of the deals at Rogers. I re-signed for another 3 year contract on the 6GB/30$ Data plan without purchasing a new phone. I was told to simply pick up the new phone as an equipment upgrade. This way, I still get the new phone at the 3 yr contract discount and the 6BG plan.

      As an aside, I would really like to get my hands on the Captivate. I’m on a waiting list for the iphone 4 – it won’t be easy to turn it down when I’m called. The sooner we learn a release date the better.

      Anyone think that buying a Captivate will be anything like trying to buy an iphone? i.e. really long lines, people camping out over night, not actually being able to get a phone for months after the release date due to product shortages..?

      And Miranda, if your out there – could you ask uncle Roger to send us more than 4 or 5 Samsung Captivate phones to each Rogers outlet?

      Tell him that going to a Rogers center hoping to get a shiny new smart phone only to discover they were only given 5 to distribute on opening day, is like finding a chunk of coal in your stocking on Christmas Day.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hi Nadar,

      Thanks for the feedback. Your suggestions are definitley something we will take into consideration for next time.

  124. Neophile

    Everyone bitching about how Rogers has such poor service, how it would be so much better with Bell, should really keep in mind that according to the Better Business Bureau, Bell has a D grade, compared to Rogers B-. Telus doesn’t fair any better they, they come in at a D- themselves.
    I’m not saying Rogers is perfect, but the grass really isn’t any greener people.
    Yeah, we’re all waiting around for the next shiny little toy, and we are all impatient for it, but that is no reason to made a rash decision to jump ship. Get your panties out of the knot, and relax; when you figure it’ll be 2 years till you can upgrade again anyway, what’s a couple of weeks either way??
    Just my $0.02 anyway.

    1. Surely you realize un-contextualized BBB ratings are pretty meaningless to an individual’s needs. While I know where you’re coming from, your perspective is very unproductive. People should be asking for more, they should expect to get exactly as close as possible to what they want, shiny toy or not, for their money. There is a huge market of different handsets out there, including Galaxy S Pro or other models that have different features like keyboards, front facing cameras, different sizes, etc. We’re stuck with the small selection carriers offer under the distorted “subsidy” scheme, so absolutely must demand more. And I agree a couple of weeks isn’t much time, but if the “Captivate” (let’s think about that name for a moment) isn’t available in “weeks” rather than “a month” or more) without further explanation, then Rogers is being deceitful.

      I really want to upgrade (per the page’s topic), but I don’t think the Captivate is best for me. It would be nice if Rogers could say “we plan (subject to availability) to bring the Captivate out on September 14, and around November 15, we will be bringing out the (Galaxy Pro, HTC G2 or some other keyboard phone).

      If we’re stuck with the subsidy scheme, Roger has to give us reasonable variety for typical uses, not just cater to those captivated by today’s big vibrant screen.

  125. Rooster


    I have not seen this question asked previously, and I hope I can get a real world answer to it.

    Do you expect to have adequate inventories to meet demand on launch.

    Also can any one comment on the bell vibrant launch and there experiences with initial launch and the supply of phones there.

    Thanks… and Miranda, and feel free to pm me the launch date, I’ll take you out for dinner ! ;)

    1. as for the amounts allocated here in kingston ontario, the bell store guy told me that tehy had two come into the store for sale, and one for them to learn on.

      At costco however they are selling them there, 150 for the phone with a 75$ gift card, and all I know is that if I wanted one it was there.

    2. RogersMiranda


      Yes. We are doing everything possible to ensure inventory will meet demand.

  126. Ready To Rumble

    I think we all understand that Rogers is baiting the customers, and that this momentum they’ve created has become unstable and created a roll over effect, causing its customers to leap out of their direction and into Bells.

    But you know, thats life, thats marketing. I for one, obviously am not particularity happy with the events, and if I cannot acquire the 30/6GB only because they delay a release? I think that’s quite a mistake.

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting a decent Android Device ever since my 3 day stint with the HTC Magic, a while back – and I am not a connoisseur, but a phone enthusiast and have been watching countless hours, reading countless reviews and sizing countless phones from the US. Now that Canada finally has a chance to dip into the pool of Android-Refreshment, I don’t understand why Rogers is leaving us high-and dry with “Coming soon” antics.

    Anyhow, barring all that.. We know the Rogers RedBoard Moderators are only one person, and can only diverge as much information as possible, we have no personal vendettas towards any of you(Hey, its your job!) and we appreciate any effort you make in answering our repetitive persistent questions. (and I mean persistent,.. Lol)

    But for future(this directed to any higher ups in Rogers’)reference.. Please any more specific date? ..Eh, just a thought. Lol.


    1. RogersMiranda


      Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. As soon a we have more details, we’ll share it here and we’ll be as forthcoming with information as we can be.

  127. samy

    Guys today i was at telebooth and the manager told me the captivate will be launched only in q1 of 2011. They already had the information for the 2010 q4 which will be the launch of bb tourch!

    1. Q1 2011 is a ridiculous launch date. Not only will the phone be hopelessly out of date at that point, it also definitely does not fall within the “in the coming weeks” mentioned above. 20+ weeks does not really qualify as “in the coming weeks. It’s pretty clear that NOBODY outside of Rogers marketing actually knows when this phone is launching… But if the rumours of Samsung reps going out to do training are true, then there’s the possibility that it’ll be coming out sooner rather than later.

  128. ka mate ka mate

    estimated release date is end of september (got the information from a Rogers sales rep)

  129. Miranda, if we wait, will the student rates still apply if the captivate comes out mid to late sept??
    fifty dollars for .5 gig, ten nationwide fav’s, 200 day time, and 15cents a txt???

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi there,

      You can sign up for a Student Plan until November 1.

  130. Charlie

    Rogers store clerk (not a Rogers owned store I don’t think) told me today that the computer stocking list had Captivate coming Sept 14 – he was looking at the computer at the time, and corrected himself from 16 to 14, so I almost believe him! He also said these dates are not very precise – could be earlier, could be late. So take it for what it is worth!

  131. Markus

    I am seriously hoping that Rogers will be releasing this phone by the time school starts. Or Bell will be getting my money! It doesn’t make sense that there is such a big time gap between the other providers and Rogers on releasing phones that people want.

  132. Dtrieu

    This is becoming a joke. Sasktel has announced they’re releasing it on the 25th. Come on Rogers. Let’s get this going already.

    1. L

      Rogers is a joke. They have provided no real updates other then “wait it coming” which we knew and a website that wont reply to you like the iphone4 signup did.

      I personally think, if it is going to come out its going to be in Sept. By that time I fear it will be too late for rogers, and quite of few would have swapped by then.

  133. Aaron

    I recently renewed my contract then returned (15 days/30mins) my XPERIA X10 in anticipation of a better Rogers Android device. I think this may be it! Sounds like its release will coincide with the upcoming September Froyo (2.2) and GPS updates.

  134. ARogersCustomer

    Now sasktel is getting vibrant on august 25. Shame on rogers…

  135. kym

    Hi all,

    Samsung reps have visited some Rogers outlets for training and awareness. There is a training session for Rogers reps happening on August 25th in a downtown Vancouver hotel. They are giving away 25 Captivates at this training session. The rep I was talking to was given a Captivate to use for a few days for training purposes.

    He said that the Captivate should be out in early September (Probably the first week). He said it is also possible that it may be out late August. (27th?)

    The wait is almost over!

    1. vercro

      I don’t suppose you could back this info up with sources, could you?

      Late August/first week of September is still a ridiculously late release date but it’s better than some of the other rumors posted on here.

      1. kym

        I can’t say I can back this info up, however I can be more specific with the hotel –> Westin Grand, Vancouver. Try calling the hotel up and see if they will release some info on the “Samsung/Rogers” event.

        As for the rep? He’s a brother of a long time friend. Anyway, he showed me the email regarding the event on his phone. He did say that the Captivate is a REALLY nice phone.

        Unfortunately, he does not have a firm release date but I mean, it would be idiotic to have training and then release the phone 1,2 or even 3 months later.

        Sadly, he said a lot of reps don’t even know what Android is let alone the Captivate.

        Anyway, I anticipate that some of these Captivate winners will try selling theirs.

    2. choco

      any update on this? Kym did it really happen and any word on possible release date?

  136. Hightower

    What about this reported “death grip” on the captivate that is similar to the IP4. Some are reporting holding the phone normally in your palm will almost wipe out the signal. There you tube proof. Perhaps they are fixing this problem before release?

    1. lillejord

      Odd, first I’ve heard of this problem. I haven’t had any issues like this with my Captivate and I haven’t seen it pop up on the AndroidCentral or xda forums.

      …. Ok, I quickly did a search and found a post on AndroidForums where an article was linked, but mostly people were chalking it up to being an iPhone fanboy who was just looking for a way to make the iPhone4 look better. No one could legitimately reproduce the results. I found a Youtube video. Did the exact same thing but no dice. In order to get the bars to drop completely I had to literally give the phone a “death grip” as in squeezing it in a way that I would never do. Not anything like the issue with the iPhone4.

      1. K-dog

        lillejord, you been sleeping under a rock? It does loose signal (actually fast). MANY different videos about it, from phone review sites -not Apple sites.
        Yes it does drop signal, both the Captivate and the Vibrant. The Vibrant to a lesser extent.

      2. vercro

        Every phone will drop signal significantly if you block its antenna.

      3. Alan

        drop signal strength? thats fine – all phones can do that

        the iphone 4 drops calls though, which this phone does not


        Rogers – disappointed yet again – coming weeks <= 3 weeks because after that it is coming months

  137. Markus

    Im really hoping that they dont drop the ball and release it AFTER the $30 for 6gb data deal expires. the lack of a release date for such a long time is agonizing and annoying, especially when there are other carriers that have this phone.

  138. Java123

    I really hope rogers can give us an estimated time frame. Saying something like ‘coming first week of September’ would be nice. Miranda, is there any way you can at least confim if within the next two weeks is a good estimated time frame? ‘coming soon’ doesnt really mean much.

  139. Java123

    i want a high end android phone really badly. My personal deadline is friday aug 27th. If theres no word or update by then, I’m 100% moving to Bell and getting the vibrant! :)

    1. Ready To Rumble

      I will be quite peeved if I cannot get the 6GB Plan, like peeved enough to go to Telus Maybe? Not sure, but I sold my Rogers Line and am free of contract, with another line on Kijiji and 4 replies waiting on my OK. Lol.

      1. vercro

        I doubt they’ll give us any information at all until the day or two before launch. Same as they did for the iPhone.

        Hopefully it’s soon though, my BB 8300 is barely functioning these days and it won’t last much longer. That HTC Desire at Telus is looking pretty tempting now.

      2. Sansaman

        Why don’t you get the 6GB plan on the condition that it is released by a certain date?

        Also, Telus does not have 6Gb data add-ons. They are only giving 5GB in addition to their voice and data bundled plans.

  140. Java123

    I called Rogers yesterday and they said the 6gb plan for $30 expires on Sept 29th. So we’ve got a while to decide if we need it or not. Although at this rate by september 29th the captivate will still be “coming soon”…

  141. Dave

    Miranda… the 6 gig plan ending on the 29th? This is the phone I am interested in but only with the 6 gig plan. I am currently with a regional cell provider and would like to change to Rogers but I need more info. Dave

    1. Dave

      Talked with a Rogers rep over the phone today and was told the 6 gig plan is on to Sept 30th. She made a record of the call and gave me reference # for the call.

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Dave,

        Yes, sorry for the delay responding. You’re correct. The 6GB/$30 ends on Sept. 30.

  142. bob

    I really do not understand why there is close to absolutely zero new information. “Within a few weeks” is definitely less than a month in my book. This whole thing was posted on August 4th, so unless I get a release date before September 4th, I’m probably going to go with another phone.

  143. Daveyboy

    I agree with all that’s said about this not being out yet is ridiculous. If it’s not announced by Sept 1st it’s either Bell or Telus for me they both have a bunch of great Android phones and Rogers is taking forever getting 1 in stock lol.

  144. Trev

    I too am patiently waiting for this and from all the comments I’ve read here, I’m surprised that no one has mentioned doing this: if you can’t wait, why not just buy an unlocked one from an on-line company, pop in your Rogers sim card, get the voice/data plans that you want, and you’re good to go. Of course if you do it that way, you’re going to pay full price for the phone, but at least you can have it in a few days.

  145. Graeme

    The only thing I can think of that would justify taking so long to release this phone is if they plan to launch it with the GPS fix and/or Froyo. You can’t criticize Rogers if they just don’t want to release a phone with broken GPS. However, if it turns out that we are actually waiting for them to develop some terrible built-in Rogers apps or market filters like AT&T then I will be pretty pissed off.

  146. thieving magpie

    The sad reality of these pushed-out (failed) product launches is that it pushes customers away. Both of the cellphones on my plan were due for upgrades. (contracts were up) I planned on getting 2 new iPhone 4’s and maxing out the plans to unlimited everything. But I cant get a phone! So I thought I would look at an android device…wait a sec…theres nothing worth getting! So i see the captivate is on its way. But I have to wait another month! No way. Cant do it. My iPhone 3G is absolutely unusable. I need something now. I’m moving carriers. Bell or Telus will lovingly accept my $400 plus monthly bill. And as previously mentioned before…each person that is here voicing their opinion is actually speaking for hundreds (if not thousands of customers that dont know this board exists) —
    Just something to keep in mind. More info please.

    1. L

      Rogers…do something?

      AH HA! Hell will freeze over before that happens.

    2. kman

      If the reseller launch/training even is actually happening in Vancouver today, then I’m sure we’ll find out here quickly whether or not they passed along a date (or not).

      This botched vaporphone launch communication process for the Galaxy/Torch/iPhone is sure generating a lot of negative talk (in my circles anyways). Rogers sure has shot themselves in the foot lately and is providing a huge foothold opportunity for the other carriers who are either just ramping up their offerings and/or GSM-HPSA networks. Kind of sad as only recently I would have considered them the undisputed leader. Hopefully competition makes them more customer-focused going forward.

  147. Jimboree

    Here’s how to get a Galaxy S the easiest way possible:

    1. Sit back and look at these comments.
    2. realize how pathetic it is that so many people’s lives revolve around a device.
    3. Think of 5 (even 10) years ago when you had this much mental pressure and restlessness for something
    4. Now look out the window. See that big bright light shining down on earth, its called a sun. The fact that you can see the sun means its actually a really nice and warm day outside. Step outside of your igloo and take a deep breath.
    5. Look at all the funny, weird, smart, gorgeous looking things walking around. They are called people. Yes, you can actually talk to them and interact without facebook/ myspace/ twitter. Try it, its really fun.
    6. Since the sun is out and you feel good from real interaction with real people, pick up box of ribs, a case of beer, fire up that bbq and invite some friends over. You will be more popular with a handful of your friends/ neighbors than all of your facebook friends, collectively.
    7. See that small child crawling around in your house, that’s your child. That means you may have a husband/wife aswell. They both comprise as your family. Spend some t ime with them.

    You follow these 7 steps (in no particular order), and i guarantee you will get a galaxy S phone when it comes out. and you wont feel bad about waiting for it.

    Really, get a life. A REAL life.

    1. Graeme

      Hahaha, well said.

    2. Do you work for Rogers? :) Seriously, I think it’s great people are being critical of corporate practices that don’t work in their favour. However, I agree that the expectations should be a little more focused; if instead of complaining about getting this device a week earlier people asked to get their own devices on unsubsidized plans (eg $50 a month with data), everyone would be a lot happier.

    3. Garth Elliott

      *sigh* … and WHY are you on this discussion board? Isn’t that what it is about, to DISCUSS the Captivate and Rogers release of it? Are you criticizing the people who post (of which you are one of them), or the fact that there is a discussion board topic on this….?

    4. L

      This is a reply to Jimboree’s wonderful post:

      1. Looking at the comments, its pretty obvious that Rogers has dropped the ball on updates. They have promised alot, yet delivered none as of yet.
      2. Our lives dont revolved around it, we want it. Its human nature to want something, its also human nature to hold people accountable for what they say. Going by what your saying you think we sit around all day waiting for this device? Nice way to skew the view.
      3. That pressure and restlessness happens EVERYDAY, you try having a 6 month child. You try having a self business. Guess what that stress is there and let me tell you this isnt nearly as stressful as those other things. BUT nonetheless my hardcash that I earned should be treated fairly, especially if its promised that it would be.
      4. Interaction happens dude. You clearly like to skew viewpoints out of perspective. You need to open your own horizon first before critizing others. Seems like you live a bubble yourself
      5. LOL note to above, read it again.
      6. Note to number 4, yet again. However I’ll enlighten you a bit more. We DO, do other things. Note the names of the people replying here theres a few that are repeats, and note the times they reply. Hrm its constant I wonder if thats the time they have free, maybe a break and are allowed to do as they please. Interesting enough its not like they sit around replying, if they did the times would show as thus. Please get your head out of the sand.
      7. Sorry but again your skewing things out of proportion. You need to realize that we all have other things we do, and enjoy. We take care of our kids, our jobs, our bills and our enjoyments. To me this phone is going to be an enjoyment. You need relax yourself, its funny what your wrote ALSO applies to yourself. A little INTROSPECTION may do you some good.

      Note: Most of us are paying Rogers customers, were holding Rogers accountable for what they do, and what they advertise. We earn/work and make cash and we want to make sure that the company that says they have best class service provide that. All we want is more information, I mean christ theres only a handful that want the phone TODAY, most just want a release date to make decisions. Its sad that other companies have been getting on the ball for this and Rogers is not.

      Get your facts straight and your comprehension of the board straight. Your missing the point of what people want, and thats INFORMATION. Remember without OUR MONEY, ROGERS WILL NOT SURVIVE. Its our money that makes the corporation money, remember that. Power is to the people, not to the corporations. We as people usually loose sight of that.

      Also I got a life, a REAL life. Thing is, you seem to be lost in yours.

      1. Good writeup, ok, a bit long and swearing unnecessarily, but you said all the right stuff.

        People should take an interest in what is going to probably be one of their top ten expenses and distractions/interests, it would be quite sad if out of all the people out there no one did. And people need to realize they are not victims of companies, just say what you want in clear, fair terms (unsubsidized devices and plans, please!) and everyone wins..

      2. Donovan

        He said the word christ once and he’s swearing unnecessarily?

        You’re right, we should be more proactive in this situation. I purchased a brand new AT&T Captivate for $390 and I’ll have to think long and hard about re-committing for a few years with Rogers (customer relations will provide an unsubsidized rate) or changing to Bell or Telus. As much as I’ve always been with Rogers from the Cantel Amigo days (20 years), pretending that they didn’t know Bell has an exclusive deal on the Galaxy S for over a month to keep us from jumping ship is disappointing and unfortunate behavior from a carrier I had grown to love.

      3. Yes, swearing is a distraction in terms of conversation.

        You say “customer relations will provide an unsubsidized rate,” is that confirmed or just your belief? Can anyone easily get an unsubsidized plan (which I assume means a plan that is about $20/month less than subsidized plans).

        I realize many people are content to sneak away with deals for themselves, but don’t you think it would be better if the availability of unsubsidized plans (with an open market of unlocked phones) would be better?

    5. Donovan

      I trust having a real life also entails reading through the detailed comments on a phone launch forum and passing judgement on everyone as well? Nice.

  148. Anon Non

    Just wanted to post after been fed multiple “mistruths” about the iPhone, “mistruths” about Roger’s services in general and not having any other high end devices I got fed up how I was treated with Rogers. I called in yesterday to see if they could do anything or I told them I would be moving to Bell. They said they couldn’t do anything or give me discounts on my plan so I am officially gone. With Bell and with the Vibrant on a better plan thats cheaper than my retention Rogers plan. Rogers just lost over 300 a month in revenue from my account.

  149. choco


    Will you be able to confirm if the Samsung Captivate has an FM radio or not?

    1. vercro

      It doesn’t. Look up the reviews online such as at AndroidCentral and many others. Or check out the numerous threads on the topic at XDA Developers forums.

    2. RogersMiranda


      I see Vercro already answered and I can confirm that the Captivate does not have an FM radio.

      1. Jon

        Thanks for answering the post that matters!

  150. Trevor

    According to this site Rogers is awarding a Galaxy S phone as a prize to an attendee, so I would imagine that the phone should be released by the, or shortly after. The date of this event is Sept 8.

    1. NOPE

      this is a good indication, let’s see what happens.

  151. Ben

    Can you all really not wait? What is it that’s making waiting an impossibility?

    There’ll be a better phone out by the time this is released? Then get the other phone.

    You WANT it now? Well get over it.

  152. Mark Zinkowski

    Jimboree has nailed it spot on. You could copy paste that statement about ANY of the phones on this board. Life is too short to complain about the availability (or lack thereof) of a handheld.
    If not having a newer phone is the biggest stressor in your life, you are doing just fine!

  153. Pat

    This is brutal! 22 days without an update!

    1. Mark

      Coming, but not soon enough… companies offering no contract, cheaper, unsubsidized rates and you buy the phone.
      Rogers wishes they could have t.v’s, home phones, ect. pushed on us using the 3yr. contract format to get the service/divice. (almost forgot the pvr )
      Undecided as to Rogers biggest joke, iphone4 or this launch.

  154. Muney

    When is this going to be released!! I Just want an update so I know when to expect. Im ready to jump ship to Bell soon. Bring on the updates.

    1. PatClass

      Official Release : Last week of september
      Source : Samsung Rep.
      Rogers employee had a training on the Captivate this week.

  155. out2late

    All is quiet… only 2 posts today… well now 3.

  156. Tony

    Definitely interested in the S. I might look into my iPhone4 for one of these beasts.

  157. So… Guess it’s not launching tomorrow then :/

  158. NOPE

    When it comes to its customers , Rogers simply does not care.

    At this point they should have told us a release date. This is pathetic.

  159. fred

    If the release of the captivate is last week of september is really not good, for me better stick waiting availability of the iphone4 (fido)

  160. Rogers is Sad

    This is just sad. I thought Rogers was getting ahead and actually starting to put out good android phone. But no , rogers with its sad line up on phones and slow slow slow release of this phone is just sad.

    I was actually excited for this phone but now as soon as our contract (3 phones) expires I am moving to someone else.

    Cant elive how long its taking them to release this phone.

  161. Vince

    I’ve been a long time Rogers customer; both personally and corporately. The current selection of devices is quite possibly the worst line up I can remember. Seriously, Android 1.6?! Would you buy a PC running Windows 98 today?
    Rogers, you really need to follow up with real updates. I signed up for your email updates, twice. All I’ve received is the confirmation email.
    Is it really that hard to say this device will be released on a specific update?
    This comes across as a bait and switch just to avoid losing customers to Bell when they announced the Vibrant. From reading the comments, that hasn’t really worked.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Vince,

      Just wanted to clarify that the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate will launch with Android 2.1, not 1.6

      Thanks for signing up for email updates. We’ll be sending more info soon.

      1. Graeme

        I think he was referring to the fact that most of Rogers’ existing Android phones are still on 1.6.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for clarifying. I just wanted to ensure that he knew that the Captivate will launch with 2.1.

      3. Robert


        The problem is that you have been saying “more info soon” for over 3 weeks now! All we want is a SPECIFIC release date!

      4. future bell/telus customer

        You said that last time, you know, at the top of the page. And all the information you have given us, for the most part, is of what we already know. I spoke to a rogers representative at one of your local stores today, informed him of this redboard forum, asked him of the captivate and questioned the release date with a side note of your statement for it to be seen on shelves “in the coming weeks”. He told me “more like in the coming months” and you know what, i’m starting to believe him…

  162. ken

    Will the Captivate launch on FIDO on the same day as the Rogers launch?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ken.

      No. Fido will not be offering this device in their lineup.

      1. Miranda, can you comfirm at least that rogers stores are sent phones to be trained with,.. and would this phone be out at some point in Sept?

      2. RogersMiranda

        Yes. We’ll be training our reps before launch.

        And sorry, I do not have any new information to share on the Captivate launch date at the moment.

  163. Scottwin

    “Just wanted to clarify that the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate will launch with Android 2.1, not 1.6″

    Guess that answers the question wrt to having the 2.2 froyo update. Don’t hold your breath that we’ll be getting the gps fix either.

    I haven’t seen it mentioned here yet but some of these delays (which goes for a lot of products going to US first) Rogers is experiencing is likely due to the French language requirements in Canada vs. US. Programing and documentation all have to be created before launch and this will cause delays.

    1. I don’t think there will be significant delays because of the French language requirement. I don’t know any any international company that doesn’t ship for multiple languages by default. internationalization (i18n) is old hat, and there are companies that provide this service in very efficient ways. Even though this product was “announced” (hah, hah) by Rogers three weeks ago, it was probably in planning two months ago, so there’s been plenty of time. Let’s stop making excuses when the companies don’t need them.

      As for the 2.2 update.. you all do realize products are coming out with 3.0 in October? We’re expected to keep these devices for two – three years (unless other companies follow Apple’s lead of reduced cost early upgrades), as one who was badly burned by Dream’s inability to upgrade and can’t even run mundane programs like the updated Google Maps, I don’t want to get stuck again. And at least one thing that 3.0 does that’s very significant is move the whole UI onto the graphics processor. That makes the whole experience faster and more battery efficient.

      1. Exactly – they released the Galaxy S (i9000 version) in Europe months ago, and Europe has more than 2 languages to deal with. That’s not going to be a big problem for Samsung.

        And, of course there are devices coming with 3.0 soon… But it will be several, SEVERAL months before Canada sees one, since we are the mobile technology ghetto.

        Having said that, I don’t think we have to worry about Samsung upgrading the Galaxy S to 3.0… This phone has been HUGE for them, they aren’t going to abandon it after selling so many worldwide.

    2. skg

      still, rogers couldve let us known that the reason for the delay was french language problems, etc. i mean if there was a reason its late, like ie: samsung cannot get enough models shipped in time, or french language requirements and manuals etc, or some other reason, and rogers let us know, it would help us out alot….i mean its been a month since there last “real” update…

    3. shannon

      Guess that answers the question wrt to having the 2.2 froyo update. Don’t hold your breath that we’ll be getting the gps fix either.

      I was hoping that the delay was due to the fact they wanted to release with the GPS fix and 2.2. Guess I just have to hope for the GPS fix at the least (doubtful).

  164. Jay

    I believe SasKtel has had to delay their release of the Vibrant due to lack of inventory. Hope that doesn’t happen here when the Captivate is finally released.

  165. Slyguy77

    Why is it taking so long to announce the release date? It’s almost been a month since this anouncement was first posted. I really hope it’ll be released soon cause my iPhone 3G is really starting to aggravate me. Waaay too slow. Man, I can’t wait to defect from the Apple dictatorship!! I’m never buying another apple product ever again. I need something with less boarders and restrictions. The samsung captivate will be a very refreshing change. Vive la revolution!!! :P

    1. haha, well said… though, the more I learn about how this Captivate will be crippled, the more I’m leaning towards escaping Rogers as well.

      1. How is it going to be “crippled”?

      2. Slyguy77

        why will it be crippled?.. I actually think Rogers has been pretty good in that sense, as much as I hate the iPhone, Rogers was pretty good at leaving all the features alone. When tethering became available on the iPhone, Rogers allowed it right away and I can’t think of any feature on the iPhone that was disabled by Rogers. AT&T on the other hand had a few features locked down for quite sometime. Tethering being one of them, I think I recall them disabling MMS for a while too, though I could be wrong on that one.. Do you have any information concerning the Captivate? Anyhow, the advantage Android users have over the iPhone is that they are easily rooted and unlocked. Captivate apparently stores the unlock code on the device itself making it even easier for the user to sever the ties (not that it really matters if you’re just sticking around in Canada). So if Rogers does cripple this device, I’m sure majority of the power users will be fine with it.. as will I :-D

  166. LAHAL

    Hi Miranda,

    Does Rogers plan on upgrading the OS on the Captivate to 2.2 by the end of the year?


    1. LAHAL

      No love for my question Miranda?

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi there,

        Sorry. No details to share at the moment about the OS on the Captivate. We’ll have the answer to that question when the device launches.

  167. Krudag

    Hi Miranda,

    One question. Does the Captivate have an FM radio feature? Please let me know.



    1. RogersMiranda

      No. It does not have an FM radio.

      1. PA Cotnoir

        I need a new phone, my BB Bold being death during the last days. Could you assure me that the Captivate will be available soon (I mean up to the 6th of September)?

  168. smars123

    1 week later after establishing said ‘update’ website and no updates. Anyone really doubting this is going to end up like iPhone fiasco?

    To all who are telling everyone to sit back and wait…I’m with you on that. Though in my opinion its pretty unprofessional to be waiting on something without any hint of explanation. Yes, there could be hundreds of valid reasons why Rogers has delayed the phone, but we consumers have not got an inkling of why.

    In any business situation, give me an example (outside of building hype) when it’d be acceptable to ‘delay’ a product release (when competitors have essentially the same product ) WITHOUT an explanation of why it is not being released.

    RogersMiranda: I fully realize you are working hard to keep us informed. I am commenting only on the company as a whole, which is keeping even you in the dark about release dates.

    RogersMiranada: Another question would be to Rogers staff about how committed they are to firmware updates on this phone. Have they been made aware of the GPS issues surrounding the phone?

    Some of my friends have started migrating to Bell/Telus (Vibrant/HTC Desire) and now the ‘Rogers to Rogers’ bit in my phone contract is not as great a pull as it once was. Unfortunately, even though I prefer Rogers, I might move away myself to go with my friends.

    In any case, I hope that I do get some email notifications with updates soon, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Are any of you?

    1. vercro

      I’m hoping for info at some point this week via this website/email with a release this Friday or next Friday. I’m probably just dreaming though :(
      My BB 8300 rarely lets me send out texts and call quality is pretty much just static now so hopefully this phone comes out soon, I can’t keep using this one for much longer.

  169. Chad

    Wow the comments are really falling off lately. I think it goes to show how NOT to use momentum to launch a product. I think it’s great that Miranda has been replying at least to some of the comments. Even if no new information is available I’ve learned a ton by the various commenters. Personally I’ve made my mind up that I am getting this phone instead of moving to Bell for the Vibrant, which would entail dealing with their less than stellar customer service. You can say what you want about Rogers’ limited coverage but I’ve always found them to be willing to deal and fix mistakes if they’ve made them.

  170. Chad

    Also a quick question if anybody knows – can you side-load apps on Rogers’ Android phones or is it limited to the Android Market such as AT&T?

  171. Kevin S

    I am ready for a hardware upgrade, my iPhone isn’t very good and Rogers doesn’t have any decent high end Android phones available for me to replace my iPhone with. We’ve been told for almost a month “We don’t know anything”… it is getting frustrating. I”ve been with Rogers for 12 years and I want to continue to be with Rogers. Hopefully next time you won’t make an announcement right before you competitors get the same phone and then say “I don’t know” whenever we ask when it will come out. It’s rude and comes across as not really caring about your customers.

    So I guess i have no choice but to continue to wait at the mercy of Rogers for any scrap of information that might be provided in the coming weeks…

  172. Rooster

    I found this on another website, possible?……

    Most likely, the phone will be released when the 30-day grace period for the iPhone 4 ends so Rogers doesn’t have the hassle of handling an influx of returns and such.

    Assuming i4 was released on the July 30th, early September should suffice for the release of this phone. I’m sure there’s nothing preventing them from releasing this phone right now besides this reason.

  173. hank

    24 days later, and close to 400 comments – when is the release day ! dang it.

    maybe bell will have the galaxy s with slide out keyboard when rogers delivers the captivate.

  174. Rob

    Just picked up my Galaxie S yesterday, Apparently the stores received them on the 27th.

      1. Robot

        BS obviously, funny but i read a similar comment on another board last nite indicating that a CSR manager said its actually released but there is no stock.!?
        I wonder if this guy has the phone …then why is he looking/posting on this board?

      2. vercro

        I very much doubt this is true. Stores aren’t going to sell a device when it hasn’t been officially launched. Rogers corp would shut them down quickly.

      3. Especially since the hardware upgrade phone center has no idea about a release date either.

      4. Feh

        I *think* this must have been in reference to a SaskTel Vibrant comment earlier where they were concerned about inventory delays, but some customers actually could get them in-store on the 27th.

        Either that, or it’s a troll…

    1. Kevin S

      i called around here in the Edmonton area, nobody has a clue what kind of phone I am talking about or when it will be released.

    2. out2late

      dont think so…

    3. ChrisZak

      Going to have to set the drag on my fishing reel a little tighter after reading this post.

  175. Rashar

    Rogers, why not have the Samsung Vibrant on your network? Why let Bell come out with this device first?

  176. Miranda, here’s a question for you: Will Rogers allow sideloading of apps? I know that AT&T tries to stop people from doing that in the States, and you guys take a lot of cues from them, and I’m really hoping that you guys don’t disable sideloading.

  177. Robert

    Will Rogers get the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant edition? This model looks so much better then the Captivate.

    1. They are exactly the same, except for the case (better on the Captivate) and the front facing camera. And Samsung is making these phones carrier specific, so there is very little chance that Rogers will be getting the Vibrant.

    2. out2late

      No it will not

  178. Kevin

    So 26 days later, and absolutely nothing on a release date as of yet? My 8330 is driving me nuts and I really would like to upgrade and want to go android. This is the ONLY good Android device Rogers is offering; and it’s not even available yet. “The next few weeks” to me means less than a month. I was expecting 3 weeks, announce the launch date to be the following week and be done, but apparently that’s not happening. It’s really frustrating to see the American networks getting these devices months ahead of us in Canada, and Canada having such a limited choice of Android phones. Personally, I would love to see Rogers pick up the Droid 2, as a large tough screen, 1 GHz processor, and slide out keyboard are more attractive to me than a pure touch screen.

    Nevertheless, I have been waiting patiently, scanning this site and others hoping to find out something, and still nothing. This is getting a little ridiculous with the lack of information nearly a month after the initial announcement.

    Now if you could answer a couple of questions to hold me over until you hopefully release the phone:
    Any word on how soon the 2.2 release will be? I really would liek to be able to use Flash 10.1 on the phone.

    Also, doing some research, it sounds like phones with a 1GHz processor and 4″ screen will be compatible with the 3.0 upgrade. Will Rogers (and Samsung) be making this upgrade available without a ridiculous lag behind the US market?

    1. Feh

      Now this is just speculation, but I would imagine that a lot of this has to do with the iPhone 4. Rogers may very well have special agreements/relationships with Apple, and may not release the Captivate until:

      a) the iPhone 4 stock is reasonably available (to give more people time to buy iPhones), or

      b) the 30-day grace period on the iPhone 4 has expired, which would lessen the amount of phone returns once the Galaxy S comes out. And since the iPhone 4 has only sporadically been arriving in Canada, you wouldn’t merely wait 30 days past July 30th (iPhone 4 release) but likely 3-4 weeks past that date.

      To me, either way you cut it, it puts the release near the end of September. But again, that’s speculation. They may not know themselves when they want to release it yet (i.e. no firm date locked down), based on not having decided when it is that they feel the bulk of iPhone 4 purchases will have be made. The only hope I have for something early September is that the press release stating the Captivate giveaways for Sept 8th (or whatever it was) being an indicator that it is sooner rather than later.

      I’ll be honest though, it’s leaving a sour taste in my mouth (not great, Rogers), but that’s how big corporations do business. If Bell wasn’t worse customer-service wise (and European network-wise too), I’d be there right now for sure.

      1. K-dog

        No, it’s just Rogers. This is how they do things.

    2. ChrisZak

      Let’s see if the Dell Streak becomes available for the Canadian market before Rogers offers the Captivate.

  179. BitBurn

    Ok, soooo, coming weeks…September 1 is here and the “coming weeks” timeframe has come to past. Where’s the Captivate? Or was this just BS?

  180. Kdawg

    Well I couldn’t wait any longer and picked up an iPhone 4 on aug 24th. Wouldve liked to have tried the galaxy before making my decision but again I had little choice and no information. So. I gave up.

  181. Martin

    I think that everybody that posted comments on this blogpost should be allow an additional rebate and first to get their hands on the Galaxy S when it’s comes out. We are the ones that care the most about this stuff, that much to be following what’s going on here pretty much few times a day.

    Ted, times up, what’s holding yall?

    1. Ben

      That’s funny ’cause if you were to make a list of the people who would be most likely to pay more for the phone, the people from this forum would be right at the top.

  182. Vince

    I exchanged tweets with @RogersElise over the lack of updates:

    Hi Vince, we’ll share info soon, sit tight, and in the meantime, have a good weekend :)

    When I asked for clarification on “soon”:

    I don’t have this info at the moment.

    Is it that hard to just give us a ballpark idea of a release date?!?!?

    1. Exactly… “Soon” isn’t over a month, that’s for damn sure.

  183. out2late on July 22nd announced this release… 2 weeks before Miranda and RedBoard did..

    Exclusive: Rogers Canada to Launch Samsung Galaxy S Android … –

    Trust me… “other” sources will announce a release date before RedBoard does…

  184. Yorgo

    Would.appreciate some closure, give us a proper release date regardless if you need to push back due to it not being ready.

    Waiting in the dark is scary enough but showing us the room and then shutting the lights is just wrong considering your suppose to be the superior company.

  185. Hightower

    Ok folks its quite clear we’ve learned a lesson here. New defintions. In the Rogers world, “COMING SOON” “AS INFO COMES AVAILABLE” and “IN A FEW WEEKS” actually means you the customer are not entitled to know and the time frame is between 2 months-12 months give or take a few years . I think we’ve seen enough launches to know better by now. Live with it. Its the corporate world. You are a number. Nothing more. Going to Bell doesnt solve much however as Rogers customer service is the lesser of the evils of Canadian Cell Com world. Youll get the phone, just not when you want or when its convenient for you. Thats not how things work.

    1. Qaz

      They said a couple weeks ago that they would have details on when it would be available in the coming weeks. They probably will.

      Everyone seemed to get it in their head that they could have the phone in their hands by now. They won’t say it here, but you’re all mental.

      A few weeks means…a few weeks. That’s when they will let us know, not when we’ll get the phone! I’d be willing to bet an announcement next week saying we’ll get the phone in a couple weeks. And you’ll all complain about that.

      1. Well, considering with the iPhone, they announced the DAY BEFORE when the phone would be released… And let’s re-read that post above, shall we? It says “adding the highly-anticipated Galaxy S Captivate to our Android and Social View lineup in the coming weeks.”

        It’s now been a month. I think “in the coming weeks” is a bit misleading, if it actually meant “next month” :/

      2. vercro

        They just released the launch date of the BB Torch. Hopefully that also means they’ll give us the release date of the Captivate today or tomorrow. I just hope the date isn’t around Sept 24th like for the BB. I think that earlier report of the Captivate being a prize for some event on the 8th is a good indication that we’ll get it sooner though. I hope.

  186. Can anyone describe how internet tethering will work on the Galaxy S (and other Android 2.1 sets presumably)? Does it work over Bluetooth, WiFi, USB?


    1. I believe you can set the phone up as a wifi hotspot… But that may or may not be enabled by Rogers.

      1. mmmGadgets

        WiFi Hotspot and Tethering are available with 2.2, it’ll most likely be disabled tho. OR you’ll pay an extra $10/month for it.

      2. Well that’s the nice thing about the Android community… There’s always a good chance that somebody out there is working on getting that enabled :)

      3. Minh

        Yeah it’s called MyFi or something like that ;)

      4. It’s not nice to constantly have to fight against the OS and carrier doing sneaky tricks to get things done. This kind of attitude is counterproductive. The idea of Open Source is for things to be in the open and shared, not constant insurgency.

        I’m only asking for simple tethering, which is offered with all smart phone plans and works smoothly with the iPhone 4.

  187. out2late

    Hope this doesn’t turn out like your previous sign up’s that FAILED to notify your customers…

    UPDATE (August 19, 2010, 12:07 PM): Reading all your comments, it’s clear that you want to know more information about the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. We’ve just set up a page at where you can sign up to get the latest information via e-mail.

  188. Leo

    Hurray! Yet again, not only do we get the cool phones months after US, plans here cost more, we also have to wait months for the actual phone to arrive. Why can Bell launch their Vibrant (and Telus introducing the Desire with similar features) weeks before Rogers gets the Captivate? Do we ever get a set deadline?

    My guess is simply to sell more iPhones before something beter comes out… sigh…

    and Technically, it’s not all too “exclusive” seeing as the Vibrant is the same phone just packaged slightly differently, and this phone will prob. be the same as the at&t one, eh? as in no front-facing camera? :(

    1. To be fair – the Desire was launched elsewhere in the world in like… February. So it’s not like Telus was right on the ball with that launch either. Lol! But that aside, yes, it’s a bit ridiculous that we still haven’t gotten this phone yet. I’m *really* hoping that it’s this week, but not holding my breath.

  189. lmfao

    Funny they say “More details will be available in the coming weeks.”
    Nearly a month later, nothing’s out. I always thought when they say ‘in the coming weeks’ it wouldn’t reach a month for the next update.

  190. Daveyboy

    Lol seriously it’s almost been a month and still nothing. Miranda was the announcement kist a joke or serious? Look out Bell or Telus here I come.

  191. Aaron

    Called in to Rogers about any details about the Captivate’s release date (originally called for another reason, but I thought I’d try this anyway) and two of the CSRs I talked to had no idea what I was talking about. I had to repeat “Saaam-suuung cap-tiv-ateee” multiple times too :P I returned my Xperia for this and I don’t want an iPhone. So I guess we’ll have to see what September brings.

  192. there are 52 weeks in a year, i hope at least in one of those “in a couple weeks”.

  193. Felix

    Haha I’m this close to switching to bell when my contract is up. Must admit Rogers has been nothing but disappointments lately. It’s not that hard to update individuals who really want to know more about upcoming products.

  194. ARogersCustomer

    Hi Miranda,
    Just curious, if you are willing to change “coming weeks” to “coming months”. =P

    1. wantcaptivate

      In coming weeks mean in coming “5-40″ weeks.

  195. Brent

    Hate to say it Rogers, but for me, Rogers missed the boat with Captivate. I am no longer interested in this device. I have decided to wait for a hard keyboard option, since I have had a hard keyboard for the last 6 years, and decided I do not want a soft keyboard. So I will be holding out for the Milestone 2 (released by motorola today), which is like the Droid 2, or the HTC Desire Z, which is similar to the G2. My personal preference is for the Desire Z at this time, providing it supports all the required networks Rogers uses.

  196. aSync

    rightt….so it’s september 1st and no new info on the S?

  197. ChrisZak

    Well, it’s Sept.1 today. I give Rogers permission to announce the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. LOL!!!

  198. josh

    I’ve been a Roger’s customer for 3 years and I am truly unimpressed by what they have to offer, hardware wise. Rogers and company peddle mostly dated hardware (and software), charge incredibly high rates, and have contracts that are, in this extremely fast moving industry, tantamount to a life sentence. The Captivate and the iPhone (and maybe the Bold 9700) are the only acceptable products I’ve seen all year (I include the iPhone solely based on specs. IMO, it’s proprietary garbage).

    This wait is becoming absurd. Hurry up and release this before I buy an unlocked phone and switch to Wind.

  199. Chad

    You know, a previous poster makes a good point about the hard-keyboard devices. It’s probably pretty unlikely Rogers will be supporting the Milestone 2 since they never went anywhere near the Milestone. And as far as I remember they never touched the HTC Touch Pro either. So now we have an assumably late September launch for the Captivate (Rogers only real high-end smart phone… you can’t get an Iphone 4 so it doesn’t count) which will be pretty close to October when Windows Phone 7 along with another generation of Android phones will be launching (on Telus, Bell and Virgin anyways). Grrr.. frustrating!

    1. Chad

      Even Sasktel has the Galaxy S now ahead of Rogers. Unbelievable..

  200. Robert

    I don’t know. I think if Rogers had told us the phone was to be launched this past Monday and they ended up not launching it on that day or 5 to 10 weeks down the road, we probably wouldn’t take that too nicely.

    The words, “more details in the coming weeks” were the wrong choice of words considering it has been 1 month since that post was made. I would have used the word imminent!

    “More details will be available imminently.” Doesn’t that sound better?

    1. Terry

      No, should of been more details within the next year. I gotta say I am pretty much over this phone. I was all geared up for it, but now that WP7 is going to be out by the middle of October, I may wait for that…Or in Roger’s case the WP7 phone’s are going to be out in the coming weeks. They hyped the announcement to offset Bell, but in the end they look more foolish than if they would of said nothing till it was launched..

      1. What is there to get over really. It has a nice screen and up to date specs. It has a slightly out of date OS that is promised (…….) to be updated in a few weeks! (though no word on what will be the up to date OS in a mere month, Android 3.0).

        No word on crucial features like how tethering will work. And it only satisfies entertainment and casual communications users (no hard keyboard).

        People need to raise their standards, ask for more, is Android just another OS or is it in any way “open?” If it’s just another OS, seriously, get an iPhone, cause at least they can get their hardware together and Apple, for all their totalitarianism (which I couldn’t tolerate), acts on behalf of their users for what the carrier provides (visual voice mail, tethering, early upgrades, etc).

        Reasonable ways for people to run their own handset on Roger’s system would also be reasonable (eg unsubsidized plans).


  201. neophile

    Well, I see a notification of for the BB Torch coming Sept 24, but still no announcement for the Captivate. This leaves me to think that the Captivate is still a month + away…………..

  202. Richard

    Seeing as how the torch was announced 1 day before this phone was announced, and the torch release date was posted on the redboard earlier today, maybe they’ll give us the release date tomorrow? just being optimistic here.

  203. tl;dr

    I’m too lazy to read all of the comments, is this thing coming out any time soon?

  204. Ajay Masala Puri

    I tried out the Samsung Vibrant (equivalent model to Captivate but offered by Bell) and it was pretty sweet. I can’t wait to upgrade my 3-yr old Sony Ericsson Walkman phone for this Smartphone! Hopefully it’ll be in the month of September (28th is my bday – what a great gift that would be)…

  205. Peter

    On this board you mentioned the pending release of the Samsung Captivate on August 4th. Now almost a month later your suggestion of “coming weeks” is no longer valid. As a business it is extremely poor practice to openly provide inaccurate information in what seems like an attempt to prevent customers from leaving to the competition who actually have a similar phone in question. It is simple, release the actual date, or continue to lose customer loyalty and eventually customers themselves. You must remember, consumer intelligence and awareness are on the incline with all the information available nowadays. Don’t insult it with weak marketing tricks.

  206. skg

    its funny how RogersMiranda replies to all the simple comments a simple google search would answer, but just ignores the comments on what we really want: MORE INFO.

    with this thread nearing 500 posts, which means theres been wayy more than 500 people visiting this thread (since only a minority of those who view, comment), its obvious that this will be a hot product. And with more people jumping ship to bell everyday, i feel that rogers has made a big blunder.

    we should atleast be entitled to a REASON why there has been no info yet…. unless ofcourse the reason is that bell came out with the phone back in july/august, and rogers ddnt want ppl to leave so they said “coming soon” when really, bell has an exclusivity contract with samsung for x number of days. well if thats the case, theyve certainly backfired.

    1. I think if Bell had an exclusivity contract with Samsung, SaskTel wouldn’t have gotten the Vibrant already… And also, Bell would be shouting it to the rafters. :)

    2. Patrick

      I also get a kick out the “selective” answers that are provided. The blog should be now entitled, “Softball Questions only Please” – it certainly has become useless as Galaxy-S coming soon board!

  207. Miranda,

    Can you at least tell us whether the Captivate will be released before the end of September?

  208. Markus

    Its been over a month and still no hint of a release date. I don’t think I can hold out much longer if Rogers doesn’t have any sort of release date released in the next week or so.

  209. OA

    why is it so hard for Rogers to announce the actual date that we can expect this phone???

  210. Yawer

    Hi Miranda,

    Still haven’t gotten a single mail from Rogers regarding the release date for the Captivate.

    Any Ideas ?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. Its because we’re not ready to share additional details just yet. We’ll be as forthcoming with updates as we can be. Thanks for being patient.

      1. Jimmy

        Rogers is aware it has been just under a month since the original announcement and exactly 2 weeks since the update page went live right?

        This is some of the worst promoting I have seen, Bell sent out several emails regarding the Vibrant leading up to their release.

      2. vercro


        I can’t imagine it’s that hard to just tell us a release date. As I’m sure you can tell, quite a few people are becoming restless and very unhappy with how Rogers is handling new device launches lately.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Typically, we do not release details until a device is available. We know that the Captivate is a highly anticipated device so this time, we wanted to let our customers know that it is coming to Rogers.

        I’m reading every comment on this post and bringing your feedback back to the team. However, at this time, I have no additional info to share.

      4. vercro

        I agree that is an extremely anticipated device and we’re all grateful that it is coming to Rogers, but to tell us details would be available soon was a bit of a lie. Other than being locked into a contract, Rogers isn’t giving anyone a reason to stay put. The competitors have comparable phones out already.

        What you/the internal team needs to do is give the people a reason to stay, a reason to remain interested in this particular phone and a reason why it’s been a month with no news.

        More than enough hype has been generated. The phone is selling extremely well in every market it’s in. What reason could there be as to why you haven’t released it yet?

      5. Attila

        I agree with vercro, why bother even announcing the device in the first place if you arent going to follow up with updates? The first comments of excitement have degenerated to dissapointement. Rogers used to be first in class for getting the latest and greatest devices… now we are fighting for breadcrumbs of information for devices that other providers already have in great volumes.

  211. victorl

    The rep at the Rogers store down the street from me said they just got an official release date of September 21st for the Captivate.

    1. Justin

      where you located? i sure hope its the 21st, but they just released the date for the torch and its not till the 24th, so it makes me think first couple of weeks of october is when we will see the captivate,

  212. tl;dr

    I’m genuinely irritated with Rogers regarding this phone. The fact that we still have nothing official so long after when we were supposed to is VERY unprofessional. They obviously know all of the answers we’re looking for.

  213. Gameboi

    (ignore my grammar, too old to learn and change at this point)
    I have been visiting this site every day since you made this post Miranda. I have been very patient with this, but i am getting very frustrated. Rogers is a multi-million dollar company who have responsibility to what is being share to public. This is not a random page with random trolls posting whatever they want. This is”RedBoard is the official blog of Rogers Communications”, you can’t put false information in here (at least you shouldn’t). The fact that you wrote “More details will be available in the coming weeks.” is what got me writing in here. You are basically lying to us at this point. It is so irresponsible for Corporation like this. I understand Miranda is just a person posting this, but to a degree, you have to take some heat on this too. You are the person who opened this post and moderating this, and you should escalate this to who ever you report to on how people are very unhappy about this. Just because this is a large corporation doesn’t give you the right to lying to the public. We are not fishes for you to bait around, take that concept away. This is Very Very disappointing.

    1. Bgrant

      I agree. I have no desire to keep revisiting this website, and have been forced to revisit it daily hoping for an update.

      It’s better to tell me “In the coming months”, then “In the coming weeks” and not get an update in a month. Even now, I don’t mind if this date is weeks away. I’d simply like a target date when I can check back to see the status.

      Please stop wasting our time.


    Hi Miranda

    Just wondering if it would be cool if i paid my rogers bill in the comming weeks? nah ill pay it now and swtich to Bell hopefully by the time my 3 year contract is done with them I can switch back and get the captivate which would probably have just came out by then


    So you ve made a site to answer all our questions and specifically for the captivate but when I go to it, it just says the same thing as comming soon no info and no detail of when just comming soon

  216. Doug

    Could the reason they cannot give a release date yet is because Samsung has not yet resolved the GPS issue with the current Galaxy S series of phones? If Samsung is convinced it can all be corrected with a firmware/software update then not an issue, but if it is a hardware problem I certainly wouldn’t be building anymore phones before I had it resolved.

    1. That’s a great theory, Doug, except that if that was the case, they wouldn’t have just launched the Vibrant on Sasktel – since it’s the same phone, with the same GPS problem. And there’s a software fix already being tested, due to be released in September, to fix the GPS problem.

      If this was the reason for the delay, I would *happily* accept that… But unfortunately, all we get is “Sorry, we can’t give you any new information at this time” :/

  217. StayClassy

    Was told yesterday by a Rogers store manager that “unofficially” the Captivate was due before the end of September and that he had received that information from their head office. He had no idea on the exact date, but assured me that he had been given this information in a phone call with his manager.

    Goodness knows if this is correct info or not, but he seemed very certain about it and it seems a silly thing to lie about. I’ve desperately been trying to get an iPhone 4, but I guess I’ll go with whatever I can get my hands on first as now I’m torn between the two phones and every review I read have them so evenly matched. Anyway, I hope the info he gave me was correct!

  218. travis

    I have something very important to say to RogersMiranda

    If your going to release this phone in late September, it should come with andriod 2.2 and the new gps software.

    I dont mind waiting for this phone as long as it doesnt come with the same problems as the ATT version.

    Please relay this to your team thank you.

  219. Alex

    Any details yet????????????? its been a MONTH since rogers confirmed this phone, and yet, nothing !!!!
    I’m doubting September 10, heck, I doubt October at this point. This is Ridiculous !!!

  220. Chris

    Rogers … we need more communication from you at this point.

    When is the device going to be released? Has there been a delay? A shortage (most likely AMOLED shortage)? We need information from you on when to expect the phones. It leaves a sour taste in our mouths, being hung like this with no information.

    You are not doing yourselves a favour by building up “hype”, just distrust without giving us dates or more details. We need more posts and for those that signed up, more emails.

  221. Hi Miranda (or other Rogers rep),

    Can you let us know exactly how the Captivate will support tethering? Is it going to be through a standard Android mode (or standard like wifi hotspot) or some other method?


  222. Android_Awesome

    Hello, I would like a Samsung Captivate from Rogers. Where can I pick one up

  223. bob

    The issue is that currently roger’s offers no feasible alternative for an android device. So with many of us nearing our contract end, why wouldn’t we jump ship? Give us a date and we’ll hold on. This device has been out for a few months, and the morons at bell scored this more then a month ago. Really shocked at rogers on this one.

  224. Michael P

    I have been going month to month for a while now. Without any information on release date or pricing for this phone, I have really no choice but to go over to the competition and get the phone I want. Rogers’ bad historical track records support Android only reinforces that fact that if I wanted an Android phone, my business will be best served elsewhere.

    Rogers, you’ve failed to give your customers both involvement and choice here. Sorry.

  225. Skunkworks


    Somethings I’ve learned being in the business of delivering products, services and such to clients is that if you present them with something (i.e. in this case, the fact that the Captivate is coming to the Rogers service) you should set achievable milestones for the client (us, your customers) to be aware of. I can understand that if you stated a date and it slipped, we all would get angry and frustrated (human nature) but in not giving any information you have achieved the same end result.

    If I was handling this, I would plainly state the facts (i.e. Current delivery date cannot be set because of X, where X could be price, supply, software compatibility.)

    So, in closing I ask for you to toss us a “bone”. Tell us something. Even if you say 3rd quarter this year, tell us what the price plans might be, just the facts. Trust me it helps.

    1. Qaz

      well I agree it would be nice for them to say why there is a delay in giving us a release date, telling us 3rd quarter or a possible price plan (which they would never do, and we would never want to hear due to the fact that they could raise the price and we would just be even angrier).

      I think we all have to sit back and realize this is a ROGERS board which means we’re going to get little information and get jerked around a lot. That’s just how they roll, we should be used to this by now, this is how they work.

    2. PleaseCaptivateMeNow

      Is that “bone” or “phone”? LOL.

      In all seriousness, please give us a date. I just want a glimmer of hope to get me through the long weekend ;)

  226. KevDA

    It’s pretty obvious what is happening here:

    * Rogers came to terms with Samsung much later than Bell, SaskTel, etc. did
    * They still need time to nerf the features they want to make people pay extra for. This takes time because you have to test that it doesn’t break anything else unintentionally
    * Bell etc. were going to release the phone in August, which would give people who don’t care about the carrier they just want this particular phone a good reason to switch
    * Soooo, to minimize the number of people switching, Rogers announced that the phone was “coming soon” to keep people sticking around

    What’s sad is that the bunch of us (including me) fell for it.

  227. Sean

    it’s now September 3rd and still no word on this device? What is going on with Rogers these day’s? Makes me very tempted to take my company lines(8) that I have had with Rogers for 11 years now and sign up with Bell. At least they can get the devices quicker these days.

  228. Jeff

    When is the Samsung Galaxy Captivate coming? This is crazy how long its taken for Rogers to get a descent Android phone. I’m very close to switching to telus. Don’t announce something as “Coming Soon” when really its not.

  229. Jeff

    Does anyone else notice that they are controlling our true feedback on this blog. You have to click twice to really see how we feel about the lack of customer service we are getting, and how terrible they are handling this issue.

    Time to switch, its the only way they will learn.

  230. lichen


    Do you have any ideas or info at all regarding when we will most likely receive ANY kind of official update at all?