BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming to Rogers

BlackBerry Torch 9800 You may have seen Research in Motion’s announcement this morning unveiling the much-anticipated BlackBerry Torch 9800.  We’re excited to tell you we will carry this stylish smartphone as part of our BlackBerry and Social View lineup in the coming weeks.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 comes with BlackBerry 6, the latest operating system for BlackBerry smartphones, plus a 3.2” touchscreen and a full QWERTY slide-out keyboard.

The device also has:

  • A 5 megapixel camera
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi
  • A new web browser
  • Enhanced multimedia features for video, music, pictures and podcasts
  • The new Social Feeds app for managing multiple social networks
  • 4 GB built-in memory plus microSD slot for memory cards up to 32 GB
  • Tri-band HSDPA (3G) and quad-band EDGE support.

We’ll share more details closer to launch.

What do you think of RIM’s latest smartphone? Will you be picking one of these up from Rogers on launch day?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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350 comments on “BlackBerry Torch 9800 coming to Rogers

  1. Matt


    Can’t wait to get a bunch at work.

  2. out2late

    Hope your going to include the 4 GB microSD card too…

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes, the 4GB SD card will be in the box.

      1. Hi Miranda,

        Do you know if the 9800 will be supplied with a pouch or holster?

        I am trying to get all the accessories in advance.

        Will there be an elegibility tool as well like the iPhone

      2. Aaron

        No Accessories in the box.
        Only USB cable, USB to AC adapter, and headphones.

      3. Chris

        That’s a good one! lol

      4. kidcurry

        are u guys gnna release it anytime soon? like before the school year starts and will u carry any of its accessoriess

      5. Barry Adams

        Hi Miranda,

        Will the the new 9800 be hotspot (uma) friendly?

      6. When is Rogers coming out with the Torch?

      7. farooq

        exactly when will the blackberry 9800 be arriving at rogers?

      8. RogersMiranda


        In case you didn’t see, we just confirmed that the Torch will be available from Rogers on Sept. 24.

    2. Matt

      Yes it would be provided directly through RIM. Just like the 9700 came with a 2GB MicroSD card. :)

  3. Jeet

    This phone is sick!

    Its got best of both worlds: touchscreen(iphone) + qwerty & bbm (bb) = torch

    I think, I’ll actually wait in the lineup on launch day for this phone.

    1. RogersRob

      Glad you’re excited, Jeet!

  4. Leanne

    OMG, I am so excited that Rogers is going to carry this, I knew I was waiting to upgrade for some reason, now I know what it is!

  5. tito71

    can’t wait…. please sooner than later
    just want to use it, make themes for it etc.

  6. Adam

    Good that Rogers is starting to get some decent phones out. This phone looks cool, but blackberry isn’t for me. Still waiting on a date for the Samsung Galaxy S. Its coming, but Rogers refuses to acknowledge it. Or better yet, start carrying the HTC Evo. That would get some people looking for a serious Android device to turn to Rogers.

    I’m liking that a fair number of new phones are being released with Rogers, but hate being left in the dark.

    One legit question, there was speculation that this device would be Rogers-only. Any truth to that?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Adam,

      We just published a post confirming that we’ll launch the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in the coming weeks:

      We’ll have more details closer to launch.

      1. Adam

        Awesome. I’ve been searching religiously for some type of confirmation from Rogers, reports were saying September, but hopefully coming weeks means an amount that can be counted on one hand. I’ll be buying that one for sure. Any word on a price yet with a 3 year plan?

      2. will it have a front camera and camera on the back

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Lindly,

        No, the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate does not have a front facing camera.

    2. Monika

      @Adam The Samsung Galaxy S is already carried by rogers, in fact I have one sitting right in front of me, if you check out there website it is listed loud and proud under wireless and Samsung. :)

      1. Adam

        No it isn’t, you’re thinking of the Galaxy Spica, which is a mid-level, slightly older smartphone.

        I’m waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, Samsung’s newest, top-of-the-line phone which was just announced yesterday officially.

      2. Bandage

        The Captivate is good, but the top-of-the-line phone is Samsung’s Epic 4G. This phone has everything the Captivate has and more -the front facing camera, LED flash (major improvement), slide out text keyboard, no issues with the GPS, and doesn’t depend on WiFi for facetime calls. Just an awesome phone; being released by Sprint August 11th.
        I would hold out and wait for the Samsung Epic, but who knows how long it’ll take to enter into the Canadian market – seems we tend to lag behind for some time.
        The Epic is the iphone killer….

        Here’s a question for RogersMiranda – Would you be able to comment on the Samsung Epic 4G ?

        Maybe you could call to the big-wigs at Rogers and ask them to add the Samsung Epic to it’s portfolio ?? ;-) If Rogers had this phone, it could slow the growth of competitor’s mobile clientele

      3. Adam

        IF it enters Canada.

        Captivate > Iphone
        Epic >>>>>>iphone.
        iphone > lots > 9800

        Torch is outdated hardware which will be obselete in a couple years. Captivate has the specs to handle Android 3.0 and anything they can throw at it.

      4. RogersMiranda

        Hey there,

        Sorry. I can’t comment on or speculate about possible future device launches. However, thanks for the suggestion. It’s always good to know what devices people are excited about.

  7. Yes! I have been waiting for a while, and its either between this or the as yet unannounced samsung captivate.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Ryan,

      Just responded to Adam’s comment above. We just published a post confirming that we’ll launch the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in the coming weeks: -to-rogers/

  8. Pun

    yup i will, its about time, hope its worth the hype

  9. Bob Bob

    Any chance of Rogers doing a similar HUP for Bold purchasers as they are doing for iPhone upgraders.

    The iPhone promotion clearly shows that Rogers values its long standing custoemers and early adopters, the same treatment should be given for smartphones with a keyboard.

    1. RogersMiranda


      We’ll have pricing details available closer to launch. Stay tuned :)

      1. Ric

        when will the launch be?

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hey Ric,

        We just confirmed that the Torch will be available from Rogers on Sept. 24: vailable-from-rogers-september-24/

    2. Laura M

      I’m looking for HUP/early upgrade possibilities for Bold subscribers as well. Seems only fair! Very excited about this phone, btw. When?? :)

  10. Ben

    Did RIM buy a bunch of old Palm Pre’s and rebrand them?

    1. Stephen H

      It certainly looks like it. Exact same form factor, screen size is very similar, similar screen resolution (tiny) and the processor is clocked at a slightly higher speed.

      If this is RIM playing catch up then they certainly aren’t doing a great job of it. This is just another run of the mill Blackberry device. Nothing new or innovative. The specs are similar to the Android phones we saw released last year, but with a smaller screen and resolution. It is basically a Palm Pre, yes. I’m underwhelmed.

      It’s a shame. RIM used to lead the market in innovative hardware design and software and they have stagnated in the last few years. Judging by this most recent addition to their status quo lineup the real talent is at Apple, HTC and Motorola. It’s only a matter of time until RIM goes the way of Palm by the look of things.

      1. HJAY

        I’m thinking that the iPhone success is pushing RIM to launch more and better models sooner. But to say that this is a Palm Pre wannabe is a skeptical shot, and not entirely true, is it? Blackberry has its followers for a number of very good reasons – messaging, security, integration, speed. The combination of the touchscreen and the keyboard is the best of all worlds, all backed by RIM’s unbeatable messaging capabilities and security standards. I hope the browsing experience has been fixed on the new OS, and if so, this will be the iPhone killer RIM will need to puch back to the top of the market.

      2. Alan

        iPhone killer

        yes Rim will accomplish that with a screen that is from last year (low res) and an outdated 624mhz processor :rolleyes

        I would look to the samsung android phone for an iphone killer
        its been slated to compete worldwide with the iphone 4

        Rim is far to behind the curve to be relevant anymore

      3. Aaron

        RIM is far behind the curve? no pun intended?

  11. Jason

    Yay! Glad to see that the Torch (BB 9800) is slated for release on the Rogers network within the next few weeks. Looks promising.

  12. Andrew

    Are we going to get the 6GB for $30 data promo plan for BIS to go with it? It looks like an oversight as previously redboard announced the promo data plan would be for all smartphones, which I assume include BlackBerry.

    1. Chad

      I already have this on my BB Bold 9000 – just call customer service and have it added to whatever BB you currently have. And with BES Express – I don’t need a BES account my BIS account works fine.

    2. RogersRob

      Hey Andrew, the 6 GB / $30 plan is open to BlackBerry BIS customers. It’s available for a limited time so I recommend you add it soon.

      1. Andrew

        Hi Rob

        Thanks for the update, it looks like it took a few more days to show up on the provisioning system, I now have the plan on my phone and all is well.

  13. stacey

    I WANT IT!!!!

  14. Jay

    Hope you offer an early upgrade option!

  15. Woooohooooo!!! There’s my baby! :) Can’t wait for this to come out! No “Applegate” antenna issue for me! :)

  16. James

    well from what I see from this phone it looks great. Was thinking about getting an iphone 4 but not anymore

  17. Need it now…… Great job RIM

  18. DJay

    What is the launch date?!?! I will be doing HUG on launch day. I’ve had the 8320, 9000, 9700 and can’t wait to add 9800 to the lineup.

  19. Imran

    I really wish they would have given a date when it will be available.

    1. RogersRob

      @Imran @DJay Sorry but we don’t have any more details to share just yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we can.

  20. james

    I want one! But I have to wait 17 months until I can upgrade again. Boohoo!!!

  21. What I would really like to know and a real honest answer. Why is it that BES users pay $45 a month for a 1 GB Data plan. While iPhone users get 6 GB for almost the same price? I know the BlackBerry does huge content compression so 1GB is the same as a 6GB plan. But why because RIM made an efficient device that saves Rogers millions on data charges on their network and congestion, turn around and bottle us into a category and be like “Well you’ll never use it” and charge us overage fees while other sloppy data devices get pail loads of data. Why do we as BES users not get the same data plans what makes us 6x more expensive?

    1. Steve

      Actually you can now get the 6gig $30 data for a BB.


      1. Caspan

        I do not believe you can get that on BES, 50 people in our company are on it and we keep asking every so ofter for better data packs.

    2. Chad

      With BES Xpress do you really need a BES plan anymore? I only had BPS prior to BES Xpress (and a BES plan) and I dropped it the second I had my BESX server up in our office. And you can get th 6GB $30 plan right now if you call customer service.

      1. Caspan

        Some of us bigger companies can’t just switch to BESx we have time and money invested in the solution we have now. We can’t just throw that away then find out in 2 years we’re past the limit and need to buy it again :)

    3. RogersMiranda

      Hi Caspan,

      BES customers benefit from a premium service with deeper integration suited for enterprise (ie: being able to sync to corporate e-mail, contacts, calendars with your device) and is therefore priced accordingly.

      The 6G/$30 plan is available to BIS customers.

  22. Steven

    Awesome!! Cant wait for it to launch, debating on 9300 or 9800 based on pricing.

  23. I’m grabbing one for sure. I really wish Rogers would give us a date. My current BB is dead and I’m holding out on this. Even just an estimated date is cool. A month maybe?

    1. You see Gavin, I told you that it was coming soon, now lets hope that they offer us the great rates like on the iphone 4, when the 9000 and 9700 came out, Rogers offered them to me at $349 on a 3 yr contract, and now i think that will be unacceptable this time around, with all the competition.

      But I am also looking forward to the 9800.

      Soon / Currently I will have in our house hold on Rogers Network:

      BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Apple iPhone 4 32GB, Apple iPad 3G 64GB , Internet

      Now that is a loyal customer just like everyone else here on this blog. So please Rogers treat us right if you want to keep us

      1. RogersRob

        Thank you for your business, Ray! Stay tuned.

  24. Crimsonium

    I love the device and new OS6 even though its not revolutionary but I have issues with the old-style screen resolution of 480×360. If it was double that, web emails would’ve looked fantastic. Already blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo are complaining about the screen. Argh, it was almost perfect.

  25. joe jack

    Any word on what the price will be? Hopfeully around the $199 mark.

    1. Jerky223

      I hope it’s $199 to compete with the iPhone.
      What I don’t get is how AT&T can do $199 on a 2-year and we’ll probably get $249+ on a 3-year commitment. I understand the volume AT&T does over Rogers. Even with that in mind, the cost should be $249-$299 on a 2-year not $249+ on a 3-year commitment with a $500 ECF ($400 voice + $100 data).

    2. Hi Joe Jack,
      I sure hope so that they keep it around the $199 / 3yr contract, AT&T offers it on no contract for $499.00.

    3. RogersMiranda

      Correct! We just confirmed that the Torch will be available on Sept. 24 for as low as $199.99 on a three year term:

  26. shane fugere

    Hey when will it be out Aug 12th? Will it support UMA ( talk Spot) and how much?

  27. John Tucker

    Sucks for all the ppl that recently got the 9700!!

  28. H

    I was this close to getting the iPhone 4 last Friday, but decided to wait until today, to see what the announcement was.
    On paper, this has everything I want: Large screen, good camera, touch screen + BB’s push e-mail.
    Perfect. On paper at least. Will absolutely be getting one the day it comes out.

    1. GM

      Large screen? The resolution is 25% of the iPhone 4 and Androids.

      1. H

        True, but I’m realizing with the smartphone market that the chances are slim that there ever will be a one-for-all phone.
        iPhone 4 has a great screen, great apps, but terrible e-mail service
        Evo has everthing, but poor e-mail service and is a terrible battery drain

        Considering the pluses and minuses, all in all BB 9800 is the device for me and people who need access to information fast. I’m willing to unfortunately compromise on the lower resolution screen and slower processor

  29. Denis Briand

    I’ve been talking the Torch up to everyone I meet for the last month, since the rumors.

    I’ve put off my Hardware Upgrade in anticipation of it coming to Rogers. I will be calling Customer Service on a B i-weekly schedule. I’m so going to be one of the Many Crackberry users in line for the Torch!

    1. RogersRob

      Glad you’re stoked, Denis! We’ll update you via RedBoard as soon as we have more details to share.

  30. Lee

    Sooner than later… I don’t want this “…in the coming weeks” to turn into months…. I’d expect as ATT is owned by Rogers, that a Rogers launch will be within days of the ATT launch (12Aug)… Rogers, do not fail me now!!!

    1. H

      It’s kinda sad though that a Canadian device would be sooner on a US carrier than a Canadian one.

      1. Bill

        Don’t forget, the U.S. has 10 times the population of Canada…….it’s all about dollars & cents and making a big bang.

    2. Tom

      AT&T is NOT owned by Rogers. Cantel/Rogers Wireless were partially owned by AT&T for a number of years, and as such were able to use the AT&T name. Rogers Wireless also used to cooperate with AT&T to obtain infrastructure hardware / phones, but I don’t think they do that anymore.

  31. sj

    will it be on fido?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi SJ, Fido hasn’t announced that they’re carrying the 9800 at this time.

  32. Jennika

    I would love to have this. Im hoping that the monthly bill is low as $25 to $40.. I could not do the $50 monthly or more.. If the phone is more than $50 monthly. i will say good bye to this phone..

  33. Chris

    Will definitely pick one up on launch!

  34. Nick

    So excited! Just make sure it actually gets released August 12th with AT&T or verrrry shortly after otherwise I will by unlocked – this phone is awesome!

  35. Rob

    YES! Hope it comes out by September at the latest. My 9000 trackball is failing and I’m eligible for a HUP in early September.

    I just hope Rogers will have live demo units in stores. I want to use it before I commit. I hate dummy demo units. I want to see how responsive and fluid the UI is, that’s key to me.

  36. bels

    how does one get info to lineup for these devices on the first day? I never seem to know about them until the day of, on the news.

    I’m excited nonetheless for the Torch!! Finally an upgrade from my crappy Nokia phone.

  37. Bdoo

    1) It may be behind other devices, but if you’re a bberry user for work, and want some better features – – could be good updgrade

    2) Price point and plans – – I better see Rogers meet the $199 2 year contract deals I’m seeing in the US – -with fx rates so close

    I’d shop the market for this phone if roger’s is not giving good options for long term customers to upgrade. It’s back to school season, quickly becoming a very hot market for cell phones – – -don’t your customer base rogers!

  38. I certenatly hope that US Cellular pick this phone soon. Got to have it!

  39. I can not wait for this! I knew it was worth it to wait for the hardware upgrades.

    With the OS6’s newer webkit browser, BB is closing the gap that people like me want.. a workhorse phone with decent browsing for when im on the go (without dragging a laptop/netbook)

    I just .. cant .. wait! So Rogers, hurry it up!

  40. Ron

    This is awesome! I’ve been holding out for a new blackberry for quite a while… this is what I’ve been waiting for! Kudos to RIM for making it and to Rogers for carrying it.

    1. RogersRob

      Cheers Ron! We’re excited too!

  41. Dean

    When? When? When? By the way, when are you launching? :)

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Dean, no details yet but we’ll share them when we can via RedBoard and @RogersBuzz.

      1. Sean

        do you know if it will at least be here this Auagust?

    2. RogersMiranda

      Hey Dean,

      We just confirmed that the Torch will be available on Sept. 24 for as low as $199.99 on a three year term: vailable-from-rogers-september-24/

  42. Ray

    I can’t under stand why AT&T already has a firm date of August 12th, while Roger’s has no firm date. You’d think that Canadian companies would work together before providing to US.
    Having said that, I’d be crazy to get this toy on release, as ALL BBs have release bugs that usually takes months to be corrected. I work with my BB, no way I can risk being a beta tester.

  43. Yes, this is great news, especially as I get to upgrade this coming September!! However, it depends on what Rogers is offering in way of cost of phone and plan. The device does look great but I want an all round good deal.

  44. Brian

    Well when is RIM going to start inventing something new? SPECs on this Phone aren’t anything new and yes very similar to Palm. I think they are in panic mode right now at RIM. Especially after the anouncements the Emirates might ban the device because of the encoding (LOL). I like my BB that I have now but I am getting a iPhone in the next week or so. It has sooooo many more apps and that is what I like about it compared to the BB. RIM has got to get people working for them to make it more friendly and have some fun apps on it. I love how easy my Mac and my iPod tough work together, I am now purchasing the iPad so my daughter can do her homework while we are on vacation too.

  45. Adam

    I honestly think in about 5 years, Blackberry will almost be a non-player in the market, with HTC and Apple dueling it out for the top spot, and all the others falling in behind. Blackberry has decent-at-best hardware, with limited functionality. Its a very business-oriented phone, and casual users will likely find themselves switching over to a more consumer-oriented phone unless something at RIM changes quickly. The Blackberry Storm could have been a big player in the market, but they left Rogers out of the mix there.

    1. Ron

      the Apple and HTC are toys… serious business users will always opt for the blackberry… there are plenty of good apps (sure the iphone has a kazillion, but how many are actually worthwhile?). Blackberry security is unbeatable and the phones come with great features and now a complete array of social networking apps.

  46. Eric

    When this handset comes out, are the stores going to be limiting it to people with upgrades only like they did with the iphone? or are they going to allow people to buy it out full price?

  47. Why can’t Rogers just announce the prices and offer preorder online. When it is available then just ship it. No confusion and everyone that can’t go to a store is happy.

    1. Adam

      I agree. Seems everyone except cell companies do this. New games/cd’s come out? We can pre-order. but not phones? Knowing when the new phones come out, and already having an order in would make alot of customers happy.

      1. The thing that these carriers are not aware of is that even though they don’t give out a release date, they can give the customer the option to preorder online and LOCK IN on a 3 year contract effective product launch date. therefore having the commitment of the customer and not having to worry that they will jump ship and go to another carrier because of a better promotional plan that they might offer.

  48. Time to update the Bold.

  49. christa

    Absoulutley I cant wait to get my hands on one. I hope it releases around the time that AT&T does sice rogers said they would get it “in the coming weeks”

  50. Rim is really hurting themselves I think with this new phone… The thing most people who had a BB phone said about the iPhone is they do not like touchscreens.

    Yeah this has a sliding keyboard but we have seen all them in action already.

    1. Adam

      Then don’t buy it. RIM puts out a whole bunch of different types of phones, The Bold seems the best for pure business users, the Storm seems to try and compete with consumer-type smartphones like the Samsung, HTC, iPhone, etc. This one is sort of a combination between the two, for those who want a physical keyboard, but the touchscreen as well. If you don’t like it, wait for the new Bold to come out and buy that.

  51. RWK

    Will Rogers be supporting UMA? I have t mobile with UMA but sad to say they are not included with the 9800. Does Rogers’ signals work in the US?

    1. Matt

      UMA is supported.

      I can confirm this with a Bold 9700 ( – NOT released by Rogers)

      I turned my cell network off and made calls directly through Wi-Fi. This will still count towards your minutes, BUT it provides a great addition to connections that might be a little low in some places where Wi-Fi is accessable.

      To my knowledge the 9800 has it.

  52. keith

    Could not agree more, pre-order online, it clearly indicates demand which allows companies to plan for supply or am I missing something?

    1. Adam

      yep, it would require common sense, which seems to be lost in some cases.

      Only thing I can think of is if they only WANT to release a limited stock for whatever business/marketing reason.

  53. Jeff in NS

    The Torch 9800 is just what I’ve been hoping for from RIM. I’m curious to know how Rogers will price this in comparison to the current Bold 9700 offering and what upgrade options and pricing will be available for current customers? As a former Rogers Retention employee and current Rogers Business account user it has always irked me that customer loyalty programs fall behind enticing new activations… significantly. Hence the high customer turnover rate. Anyway, I’m hopeful that we won’t be paying an arm and a leg for hardware upgrades. TBD, I suppose.

  54. Mario

    If the 6GB / 30$ data plan is offered for BB BIS, why it was discontinued for the other smartphones ? Actually I have a N95 8GB with the 6GB data plan, but it looks like that the plan will removed from my acount around Aug 2011. So in order to keep the 6GB, I have to switch to the 9800 or any other BB ?

  55. Ant

    I was wondering, if I could do this. I have a contract with a Bold 9700, and I want the Torch 9800 really badly. Can I go to a rogers retail store, and renew my contract, keep the same plan I have, and buy the Torch 9800 for a 3 year term? Or no.

  56. Darrell in Toronto

    Bye bye Curve 8900 you were fantastic!! Eh Torch ……………”how you doing”. Soon you will be mine (evil laugh) ha ha ha ha ha

    I’m due for my upgrade in Oct pefect timing :) Hopefully Rogers will have in by then.

    I love life!

  57. Dave

    Well for me its like this. If i get any “jargon” about a fall release then im def going with an Iphone 4. Also if the pricing is not competitive same thing applies. I still think RIM could have done better but Im willing to try it out. If the Roger boys charge more than 199 then there is a serious problem.

  58. Sean

    will the BB torch vat least be available in August?

  59. Bryce

    Im looking at a new phone, but im not sure if i want to go to the bold 9700 or wait for this new one coming out. UGH! For a student, do you think i should wait or go for the 9700?
    Thanks ROG!

  60. christa

    Does Rogers know when about when they will know they will have it, i mean for example will they know in 2 days that they will have it for the August 30th?

  61. Why can’t Rogers on their website under WIRELESS have a “COMING SOON” section that can show Potential and Current Customers new devices such as the GarminFone, BlackBerry Torch 9800, Samsung Galaxy S Captivate, BlackBerry Curve 9300, Motorola Flipout, Samsung Corby Touch, LG GT540, LG Neon 2

    I believe you get the picture.

    If customers went on your website and saw a line up of your upcoming devices, maybe, just maybe they will hold off instead of “wow look what the other carriers just received”

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea. Definitely something I’ll share with the team.

    2. Ready To Rumble


  62. David

    I was about to leave RIM after being with them for over ten years, but this phone may get me to stay. As far as which provider I will go with… I also have been with Rogers for ten years, but now that all three providers across Canada are on GSM I would go with whomever gets the Torch first.

  63. Colin

    Is there any way you can give us an idea when the torch will be released?

    I just signed a contract for the 9700, and now they say the 9800 might be released soon.

    I am starting to have a bad case of buyers remorse… (im still within that period). So any general idea of when this will be released would be appreciated. if it is within the next couple of weeks i might just hold out for the 9800… If it wont happen for a cpl of months im stuck… Any ideas? Just a general projection? Please?

    1. David

      @Colin, from what I heard we are to get it in a couple of weeks (possibly). Unfortunately Rogers is not saying much, the info I got was from RIM staff.

      If I can provide any advice to RIM/Rogers is to hurry up and get product moving, I know many who have and are leaving blackberry devices and moving onto Android – having said that, I heard the same with IPhone users moving to Android as well.

      Most BlackBerry users are loyal, and true addicts (as I am) and would prefer sticking it out with their RIM devices. I have put some inquiries in at RIM hoping I can pay market price for a Torch so that I may begin developing apps and possibly having a few available as the Torch’s are distributed.

      1. Colin

        Thanks David;
        I heard it will be in the next couple of weeks as well, but nobody knows if a couple of weeks means 2 weeks or 10 weeks…
        From your contacts at RIM, what was the impression that you got?

  64. Claudio

    Can’t wait……Its about time!!!!

  65. Taylor

    hey I have been waiting and waiting for this phone to come out a couple questions when does it come out? Will it be out by septembre? will I be able have the 40 plan with it?

  66. Paul

    I was planning on getting an iPhone 4, but this looks like an attractive alternative. Too bad the screen isn’t a little better. Of course it will likely be a race as to who can supply a phone the fastest. Not looking so good with iPhone considering they only have 2-6 units released to some stores occasionally. Maybe Blackberry can supply some stock when they finally set a release date (What a concept!! To actually have the phone available…to buy!!). Then I might just get tired of waiting for an Apple and buy the BB 9800 instead. Sure am getting frustrated waiting for a new device.

  67. Victor

    just tell me when !!!

  68. The_Shawn

    who posts the links on here, one claims the release of the 9800 to be the 14th of August.

  69. Audrey

    This is the sweetest blackberry to date. Please keep us posted on the date Rogers will get it. I’m suprised the Rogers website doesn’t have a banner in advance to announce it, like they did for the iPhone 4….

  70. Molly

    wow yeah, this looks awesome; definetly picking one up asap

  71. I will be getting one of these badboys ! for sure its definitely an awesome device, I heard about another speed bumped version of the 9700 called 9780? we posted news on the site about it.
    check it out!

  72. Cory

    I also wish there was a more firm date (or at least range) for when it will be released on Rogers. “The coming weeks” could technically be stretched out very far. I am already on contract, so I have to pay full retail for a Torch. I have already pre-ordered one from AT&T which I will just unlock and use on Rogers, but I would obviously prefer to buy a Rogers version. It all comes down to when Rogers will release them. I have been on Rogers for a while and I don’t plan on leaving, but I am also a hardware junkie and I don’t like waiting……………hehehe.

  73. Now there are leaks that the release date will be September 16th, I sure hope not, that seems alot mor than “in the coming weeks”

    1. Joanna

      I heard the same rumours, but I heard that those dates are for a Telus release, not a Rogers one.

  74. keith

    grief! I am interested in the 9800 and I log into and I am presented with a you are eligible for an upgrade to an iphone 4. Now sorry but could you not check the phone I have first (bold 9000) and offer me an upgrade for the latest blackberry as well as the iphone? It would then show no biase on rogers behalf? BTW, please put the coming soon on the website as Ray mentioned? reach out to your customers :)

  75. Yolanda

    I have been needing to update my poor beat up BB but the only phone that I liked was an LG blue touch with qwerty, as I don’t like trying to type on a touchscreen, and I really wanted to keep my BB so glad that this one is coming out can’t wait, hope my current BB lasts that long lol

  76. Tanya

    It would be nice if the Torch was released before the start of the new school year.

  77. Otte

    Do you know whem its coming to Rogers?

  78. David

    For all those waiting every so patiently for the Torch, my sources are telling me that the week of August 23 or 30th is when Rogers will be releasing the device.

  79. Adam

    They’ve never said anything about this coming in the ‘coming weeks’ The Captivate was supposed to come in the ‘coming weeks’ This is just an announcement saying eventually. As long as its before Sept 30 when Rogers 6GB Data for $30 deal expires. That would be a huge kick in the teeth if they waited until after that.

  80. Warren

    Can you get the 6GB BIS for $30 do you know?

    1. John B.

      Yes you can, I upgraded last week.

  81. Owen

    You guys know when its supposed to come out???

  82. wilson

    Met one of the designers over the weekend, watched him use it and it was a very nice phone. He suspects a 3-6 month launch! I hope its sooner!

  83. David

    I have been a BB fan for years.. even when i didn’t have or need one. I’ve had a bold now for some time and love it. I told myself i’d never go to a touch UNLESS it provided a keyboard as well (i am old school and luv the keyboard).. and now it has happened. I can’t wait to get my hands on the torch.. but i do have a beef with RIM..i too am greatly disappointed that a CANADIAN company would choose to diss canadians and opt to go first to the american market. Yes, Yes, BIG market blah, blah, whatever…We’re always second fiddle to the US market but u’d think at the very least a home grown company would allow the phone released at the same time. As for the Rogers “in coming weeks” lingo. whatever.. it doesn’t really entice as much as irk.. weeks could be months for all we know. SPIT OUT A DATE! Finally I hope to see a “Are you eligible for a Torch upgrade” option for existing customers (once the phone is released) like a saw for the iPhone 4!!!

    1. Tanya

      Totally agree!

  84. Rafael

    I can wait, though not too long. This give me a chance to see if I really want to keep my 32GB iPhone 4. Can I live without the (amazing) Keyboard & Track Pad? LOL

    I dumped my 9700 (for the iPhone) but now with RIM’s OS6, new (and hopefully better) Browser and dedicated YouTube App, I can’t wait to try it.

  85. Adam

    BB simply doesn’t have the hype surrounding it like the iphone does. All the apple fanboys WILL get an iphone, even though it has issues. Don’t expect 7 hour lineups for the Torch like you do for the iphone.

    Why is RIM successful? Because they make a decent product, and market it well. They absolutely should hit the US market first, because there is three times the demand at least. Its simple business practice. With all the new phones coming out in the US and not Canada, if they sit on the Torch, they’re missing thousands of potential sales. Canada is an afterthought in the Cellular industry.

    1. Luke

      What is your basis for this argument. The Curve 3G came out on Rogers first. the Pearl 3G came out in Canada first. The Sony X10 is finally coming to the states (we’ve had it for a few months!), the Curve 8900 came to Canada first. I could list more devices… but I’m sure you get the idea.

      So I highly doubt Canada is an after thought. In my opinion it should launch the same day as on AT&T. But I’m fine waiting a bit.

      1. Kyle

        The phone is on AT&T first because it was an AT&T/RIM collaboration project.

        All those phones you stated plus the 9700 were all released in Canada first, so we’re definitely not an after thought.

        If AT&T wasn’t involved in the project, I’m sure there would be a much better chance of us all holding Torches right now.

        BTW Rogers step up your game, at least let us know when this phone’s coming out, we’re dying here. My 8900’s been out of commission for a few weeks now and I’d at least like to know how long I’m gonna be without a new BlackBerry.

  86. Jk

    Agreed…we are already into 2nd week after announcement and with the phone we also looking for upgraded plan to 6GB/$30. I have fear they come up with the phone near the offer expiry and sold out…Please get at least enough quantities and we should get the enough time to upgrade to new plan ….if something like this happen i hope roger will extend his offer.

  87. equipe0

    Alright Rogers, it’s been a week. Can we please have at least a hint of a release date. I’m here pulling my hair out with my 8310 on it’s last legs.

  88. keith

    Ok, so next time round surely there could be a joint collaboration with RIM and its partners to jointly release in the states and canada at the same time a much desired product that is widely anticipated to be a huge success. I am not Canadian (nor American) but C’mon RIM, your roots are Canadian

  89. Benjamin

    i’m wondering if i can just buy the phone straight up without contract on roger’s launch day and how much it will cost? i’m already a rogers customer, but my bold recently died on me and it’s not under warranty anymore. i still have like 1.5 years left of the contract.

    1. John B.

      Yes you can. I’ve done it with previous releases. Price not announced yet.

  90. Don

    Any word on when Rogers will release OS 6 for the 9700?

    Granted the screeen is smaller than the 9800 but it would be nice to have the updated browser.

  91. Ario

    It’s a shame BB is till releasing 3G phone. I can see the 4G version of this phone being released shortly.

    1. Ario

      Just to add also, also those folks that got the 9700 when it came out are still locked in the 2nd year of their 3 year contract so they can’t even upgrade if they want to. This is fantastic (sarcasm)

      1. Adam

        so its Rogers or Rims fault they release new phones every year? This isn’t a new concept.

      2. Ario

        It’s Roger’s fault for locking people in 3 year contracts, this has nothing to do with RIM releasing phones every year. It’s about customer satisfaction or lack there of.

      3. RogersMary

        Hi Ario. Actually, most smartphone customers are eligible for a HUP after 24 months. You can check your eligibility via your My Rogers account on

      4. Ario

        24 months is great, only problem is phones these days are designed to die after 2 years. What happens when your 1 year warranty is done, your phone is half broken and it’s not quite 24 months yet for upgrade?

  92. Jonathan

    As previously said, I hope Rogers will have an ” Are You eligible ” for the new BB Torch 9800, I currently have a Bold 9700, I’ve had great experience with. I was going to get the Iphone 4, but when I heard a rumour that the 9800 was going to be launched by Rogers, I’ve decided to wait until then.

    I do hope Rogers will give us the official launch date soon.

    1. you may want to read some of the reviews prior to purchasing the 9800. not as good as you may expect it to be.

      1. DigitalHomeBoy

        In agreement with Jamie, however OS6 might just win you over versus the actual device. Check out this review, pretty much spot on. (shorten)

      2. Bob Bob

        Actually every review says it is the greatest blackberry ever by a mile.

        The adverse comments, and rightfully so, are that RIM by using two year old technology on the precessor and screen is falling farther behind Apple and that this phone when compared objectively on its specs can’t compete with the iphone4 and the HD andriods.

        Show me one review which says that you should keep your 9700 over the Torch. One review.

        If you need a blackberry, then no matter how apps there for that or how great the retina screen is, you are sticking with a blackberry.

        Now Rogers, please give some info on pricing and release date, otherwise I am going to have to buy mine from AT&T because you are communicating so slowly. You have a twitter account and a redboard, use it.

      3. My thoughts exactly, not having a release date is a real pain as I have just signed in for a BB service at work and i need a device now; ROGERS is forcing me to buy from somewhere else.

  93. There is definitely a OS 6 update for the BlackBerry 9700. No worries if you have a 9700 Bold, the only thing is the newer devices will have more ram. other than that you should be good.

  94. norman

    My understanding is Rogers will not have the Tourch released until “the fourth quarter” of the year which puts it into October at the earliest. Therefore, I would suggest if anyone who doesn’t have the 6gb for $30 plan in place, do so before it expires. I have been on this plan since the iphone came out (on my blackberry plan) so I would think it will be offered again sometime. Because this phone has a 5 megapixel camera, it would be wise to have that package.
    As for a contract with your old Blackberry (which is funny as there aren’t many OLD blackberry’s out there) you can always sell your old one and buy this one. It will probably start at $299 on a 3 year contract or $699-999 for a straight buy with no contract. When the curve 8300 came out, I killed it in some water and had to pay $799 to replace it. If you wait 6-9 mths after release the prices drop more than half that with and without a contract. But beware……there will probably be a “better” or “nicer” blackberry coming soon when those prices drop on the tourch. Remember the Storm then Storm 2? Or the Curve 8900 then the Bold 9700? Trackball then Trackpad? So no matter what you buy, you will want to replace it when the novelty wears off. :)

  95. Elle

    Any word on when it’s Officially coming out on Rogers???

  96. Roy

    why is it so hard to get a release date?

    1. Cindy

      Agree completely – I plan on upgrading my phone before going back to school and this unnecessary wait, is incredibly frustrating.

      1. christa

        I know the feeling I want the torch before i go back to classes September 7th the wait is killing me man! My BB Flip 8220 is craping out on me latley.

    2. Alie

      I keep getting told “soon”. I guess this is the way they get the hype up and sell more phones.

      My Curve drowned last weekend so desperity is becoming a issue now. I almost drowned my old Razor (current replacement) in the sink this morning. I hope this isn’t going to be a habit.

      T9 texting was so hard to get back into. I miss my BB !!!! :( Hurry up and release the Torch already, why don’t you !!!

  97. Adam

    I’ve heard OS6 is crap on the 9700, you might want to do some research first before you make a change like that. Or, if you’re comfortable tinkering, go nuts, and if its too slow for you, you can always switch back.

  98. Is it out yet… how about now? how about now? Is it here?

    RIM is a Canadian company right? So, how come the Yanks get this first?

    Anyhow, patiently waiting for this. I was about to get a Bold when I heard about this phone. Held off the purchase so I can get this. So, come on! Really need this phone!

  99. Rogers, please light the Torch and pass it on to your customers.

    Please and thank you.

  100. fez

    just wondering about the BB 9800

    when will it be release? do we know?

    also does the BB phone have the option of typing (qwerty) board on the touch screen?

    just asking thanks

  101. At&t releases the Torch today. Rogers please hurry

    Thank you

  102. Steven

    According to the BB Facebook page the US launch date is today. After reading many reviews of the Torch and iPhone4 the later seems to be favoured from an innovation point of view but customers prefer the RIM infrastructure as being more sound. I am quite happy that the American market gets the product first, let them review it and go through the agonies first, if there are any. I used to get the Nokia Communicator whenever a new model came out but think I have wised up in my old age and let others experience the faults first.

  103. BranaS

    Hey, quick question! If i have BIS blackberry data for my 9000 bold(waiting for 9800 slider), AND i just got the iphone 4 as a gift!, can i use them both at the same time?

  104. Bernie

    Will the 9800 be using the regular SIM card or a micro sim card like the iphone4?

  105. CShantz

    To all you anxious people… i have a small lead for you. i was just chatting with a rogers rep about some technical issues and asked him when the 9800 will be release. He said it will probably be end of this month or sometime next month. No commitments as of yet…

  106. jonathon

    Heard from a Rogers insider that they heard it will be released end of Sept. Not cool!!!

  107. Well today is Friday 13th, maybe Rogers will announce that they are launching it on October 31st


  108. Adam

    Guys, they announced its coming soon on August 3rd. Do you really expect them to release it within a week? They didn’t even give a vague timeframe like they did the Captivate “the upcoming weeks”.

    to compare, Rogers announced the iphone 4 before June, and it didn’t come out until July 31. Why do you think the 9800 will be any different?

    And I agree with Jamie. Read up on the phone before you buy, or you might come away quite diappointed. It looks cool, but performance-wise, it doesn’t come close to the iphone, Captivate or other high-end phones.

    1. Chris

      What you are missing is that not all of us use our phones as “novelty” devices.

      For those living exclusively in the “consumer realm”, I can see the ease at which you can be swayed by mere paper hardware specs. “Oh this device has a faster CPU and a higher res screen, therefore it is better”.

      A faster CPU doesn’t make the phone “faster”. It means it has a faster CPU. OS plays a big role here. A higher resolution screen, while nice, if it causes a significant impact on battery life or if the OS simply isn’t setup to cater to the higher resolution, then it doesn’t really matter much. That’s why a software and hardware solution are a “package”.

      Phones like the iPhone and the ‘droid phones target people like yourself who want all the “cool” paper specs. They want the fastest CPU, they want the highest res screens. And hey, if the antenna shuts off when you hold the phone a certain way, or if you have to RMA your HTC phone THREE times because the thing keeps dying… It’s fine because you have the latest and greatest. I don’t fault you for that.

      But you don’t see the other side. I work for a company in the healthcare industry who has been using Blackberry devices since the 950. And while the devices have changed significantly since then, the core functionality: the ability to send and receive e-mail in almost real-time, reliably and consistently has remained the same.

      The consumers who buy Blackberry devices don’t necessarily buy them for the same reason we buy them. And we certainly don’t buy OUR phones for the same reasons you do. So with all your griping about the paper hardware specs, your “superior” devices simply are incapable of doing what our Blackberry devices do: Provide a secure, encrypted end-to-end e-mail solution that provides the ability to communicate in near real-time whilst keeping everything synchronized with the user’s Exchange profile. I manage multiple BES servers. An iPhone or Android phone is not even a consideration here. And we are FAR from alone in the corporate realm.

      Numerous comments pertaining to your disdain of this device and Blackberry in general permeate this blog. You don’t like Blackberry phones. We get it. But at least take the time to consider why many who DO use Blackberry devices DO like them. And it isn’t because they have all the latest “gadgets and gizmo’s”. Because they clearly don’t. They do a lot of things, and they do them all reasonably well. But their core function, as a mail and messaging communications device is where they are simply: superior.

      Anybody working in the corporate realm where the success of these devices began will tell you the same.

  109. David

    For those of you still anxious/curious about the Torch release date – I have received 100% conformation that the Torch will be available in Canada within three weeks. There are so many options to chose from today, its a tough choice and each of us have specific needs from our smartphones.

    1. christa

      When you say in Canada do you mean all carriesrs rogrers,bell and telus in three weeks or that rogers will have it in three weeks or that telus in three weeks etc?

    2. Tai

      do u kno when in 3 weeks?

  110. jonathon

    I am waiting for it just like everyone else, Just hope I won`t be disappointed.. Hope the slider aspect is good.

  111. vince

    i hope it supports UMA (talkspot), otherwise im not going to upgrade, and probbly jump ship to wind.. UMA is the only thing that keeps me on rogers.

  112. christa

    Someone at a Futureshop told me that their rep from rogers stated a October release date and rumors are stating that telus is getting it September 16th. Come on guys you are supposed to have everything first. Do you know when you will know the release date”eg i will know in 1 week that the realease date is …..”

  113. Bryan

    blackberry all the way!! can’t wait for the 9800 to come out. Hurry with the release!!

  114. Neil

    Picked up a Bold 9700 only 2 weeks before the announcement. Over my minutes etc and now stuck with the 9700. Very disappointed. Went from an iphone to Blackberry and really miss the touch screen. Sucks.

  115. Kyle

    It’s Monday the 16th.
    Please tell us the release date!!

    & i want it released before school.
    My contract is up soon and i’d like a 9800 before school!!

  116. lauren

    Your killing us here!!! Release date please!

  117. Sai

    Yo yee guys think this bb torch 9800 will be out b4 november???

    I hate how rogers dont have “coming soon/out” section

  118. Ryan

    Yeah, it would be nice to know when it’s to be released. I have 2 lines eligible for HUP and I’m itching to replace these phones!

  119. Neil

    Looks like no release date yet. Heading over to the US and picking up an unlocked one. My buddy has one. Gonna pay full price but the phone is sweet. Too bad Rogers still doesn’t have a release date or I would wait if it was soon.

    1. Alex

      I went down just last weekend, everywhere i went was sold out.

  120. lauren

    everyone is getting theirs from at+t and paying full price because they are tired waiting for rogers… rogers is losing money I know a lot of people who would buy from them! ugh

  121. Jk

    They could not sell all of them in USA. Can we have them in Canada now before we buy something else than BB torch

  122. dont tell us when because you never do, but can you at least tell us if we will be able to call in or order online?

  123. Tai

    Hey guys theres some going out today saying that the blackberry 9800 is gonna come to rogers in WHITE before the school year starts so that could be around the end of august

  124. lauren

    I have a feeling a lot of people are going to leave rogers behind if they dont hear a release date soon!

  125. Luke

    if it comes in white before October I’m getting one for sure. But if October comes and goes and no 9800 from Rogers… I’m going to get one outa the states and use my HUP on a iphone4 that I can sell off to recoupe the cost of my 9800 :)

    Thats all those things are good for afterall.

  126. books

    hurry up rogers! don’t make me take up iphone4s hardware upgrade special offer you have, i’ve read numerous reviews comparing iphone4 and the 9800 and must say for the same price i’d take the 9800 but that’s only if rogers can release this thing sometime soon i’m growing impatient. it makes no sense why AT&T has had it out since the 12th and we continue to sit blind and wait. PLZ release soon

  127. Iwantthisphone

    I want this phone before school starts…hope a date comes soon!

  128. lauren

    this is getting dumb… in the states the price is $99 bucks because sales for the 9800 aren’t doing good, so why not bring it to canada and have your sales go back up. What are you waiting for!!!!!!

  129. Neil

    I love the Torch. Great phone with the best of both worlds. Touch screen and physical keyboard. picked one up in the US yesterday. You guys will like it for sure.

  130. D

    Amazon dropped the price of the Torch to $99 to reflect the true value in respect to the competition’s hardware. Hopefully Rogers realizes the pricing structure shouldn’t be in line with phones like the Samsung Captivate.

  131. FML

    Omg please give us a release date soooooooooooooon! I’m dying with my crap SE phone -.-

  132. hurryuprogersyourelacking

    You need to hurry up with this rogers, many are resorting to channels in the south (driving down to buy one from att) since there’s no official word on the release date, and consumers are getting very antsy. In similar fashion, I’ll probably be making my way to the states to get one, as “coming weeks” is quite a lousy response, and lord knows if you’ll push back the date.

    1. lauren

      ??? thats not in the next couple of weeks lol

  133. FML

    IS that sept. 30 date confirmed? Like for sure for sure??

    1. lauren

      i think if it was there would be a new thread telling us the date, not in here..

  134. dj

    torch is failing in the states, should be in Canada soon. they’re going to have to bolster sales.

    1. Luke

      The Torch isn’t failing in the states. 150,000 units sold on ONE carrier is not a faliure. There are many stores that are sold out.

      If your comparing the Torch sales to iphone sales on opening weekend when it launched in 3 or 4 countries across the globe. And when your battling an image like Apple… its going to be really hard to meet those numbers.

  135. Niki

    I think the Blackberry Torch 9800 is going to be a big seller here in Canada. I have never had a Blackberry , but this one with the touchscreen and qwerty keyboard is a good feature to have. Rogers if the good old USA did not sell out of this Blackberry Torch , why not bring it up here and I bet you a lot of people will choose this over the new Iphone that is out of stock.. Interesting Blackberry goes to the USA to sell their porducts first being a Canadian company and all. Please Rogers carry this ASAP. I would thank you greatly.

  136. David

    Read the reviews on the Financial Post – the torch is not doing well at all, no lineups to purchase the device and the reviews in general are horrible. Despite all that I still want one as I have been a blackberry user since they came out. I too will join many who have ventured to the states and purchase one – this way I don’t need to recommit my plan with my provider. If they are such a flop as the reviews indicate, I will then sell it off and purchase an Android.

  137. Jim Jim

    I watch my Pearl 8100 fall to the floor as I get swept up in the wake of the iSomethings, and then I see a Torch in the distance….

    I’ve had great luck with this little Blackberry over the last 2.5 years. Now that it’s chipped and beat all to pieces and the software is startin to breakdown its time for a new one.

    It’s this simple, if I can’t get a BB Torch in MY next couple weeks, RIM WILL loose another customer to Apple!

  138. Brandon

    Any ideas on a release date yet?
    I cant stand my social butterfly x10

    I don’t use social networks and would love to have a real phone that is used for things that matter… like work

  139. The best way (in my opinion) to push a release date is to have as many people asking Rogers as possible, on their customer service line.

    However, that being said, there is supply & demand. It’s more than just bringing the hardware in, they have to load the rogers software (whatever stuff rogers wants in it) , The phones are LOCKED for the Rogers network, etc.

    Also – and most importantly they have to distribute to all of their selling locations, both corporate and franchised (“Rogers Wireless Stores”) as well as external retailers, ensuring the speculated and/or purchased quantity is available, and this all happens around the same time for everyone.

    Having worked for a manufacturer before, not RIM mind you, however I am aware of the process behind releasing a new product, and it isn’t always that easy to give a firm release date until all aforementioned concerns have been satisfied.

    If everyone wants to push Rogers to step up its game, assuming Rogers is the problem.. Call them, ask when its coming out, especially since the greater the demand, the more resources they will invests into trying to move the release date sooner.

    I personally can’t wait for it to come out, but .. unfortunately I have to unless I want to pay full price for an unlocked version across the border.

  140. ray nicolini

    Rogers BlackBerry Torch 9800 display arrives, minus the device

  141. GuillDem

    Is the Blackberry OS 6 will be launch at the same time ?

    1. RogersMiranda


      According to RIM’s press release issued on Aug. 3, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 will be the first smartphone to launch with BlackBerry OS 6:

  142. Christa

    Hey Just called rogers and the rep i spoke to said they were anticipating a release of the first week in September.And that Bell Rogers and Telus would probably release around the same time.

  143. Denis Briand

    I just got off the Phone with Rogers, and they tell me a November or December release :(

  144. Alex

    They have been really inconsistent with the “release date”
    My co-worker just called yesterday and they said September 30.

    1. Bobbert

      That doesn’t show anything. It’s a blackberry display with a device missing. Anything could have been there.

  145. jonathon

    This guessing is crazy. Rogers should be releasing a date for their customers. A lot of people will end up going states side to purchase one from at&t ( if they have any left). All we can do is wait and check this forum and others on a daily basis!!! ARGH. At the end of the day I can only hope its worth it,,

  146. Moe

    An employee at one of the Rogers stores told me they will launch it on August 26 …. however I read online that they mihgt launch it on September 16 …

    who knows ….

  147. tito71

    Suggestion Rogers: I want to HUP from 9700 to 9800 (am already ok to HUP to Iphone4 base on the website tool you provided). Why do I feel you will not let me HUP to 9800 because I got my 9700 last January. So what I will have to do it HUP to Iphone4 than sell it to be able to have my Torch, Please Rogers, for all of us BB lovers, please be flexible as the Iphone4 HUP so I can HUP directly to 9800 without the hassle

  148. lauren

    I don’t think november or december will be the release date, that is NOT in the coming weeks.

  149. tito71

    My dream situation about the Rogers 9800 release would be:

    Use the Iphone4 Eligibility Upgrade Tool = If you are eligibile for special pricing,
    You are also eligibile for 9800 special pricing

  150. Ameer

    when is the phone coming out?

  151. Marky

    All I can say is that from reading most of the comments here, I never thought so many highschool kids wanted or could afford the torch. So much whinning … The only other place I use to see so much complaining is on MMORPG forums … Jeez really people take a deep breath and enjoy the phone you have right now.

    I’m pretty sure that Rogers or RIM, for that matter, want the torch out and functional ASAP … no matter how you whine or try to blackmail them into giving it to you, it’s’not going to happen.

    Patience people

  152. JoshD

    Is there any word on whether or not OS6 will be available for other devices such as the bold 9700 at the same time the torch is released?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Josh,

      According to RIM’s press release, BlackBerry 6 will debut on the Torch. Once Rogers certifies the OS, we’ll release it for other BlackBerry smartphones already in market.

      There’s some additional details about BlackBerry 6 in the release here:

  153. Patrick

    Rogers, please catch a clue. Have you noticed how much the traffic has reduced on your message board since the announcement date? Just announce the friggin’ release date already. How hard can that possibly be.

    1. Will

      Traffic: Please don’t confuse a messageboard with a basic customer support website. The life of a messageboard is the measured by the buzz and traffic flowing in it: more traffic = alive and thriving, and that’s a good thing for a messageboard. If you dispute this, please visit more messageboards.

      Difficulty in announcing a release date: A previous poster nailed it right on the head. . If you dispute that, please get some experience in the business world.

      I understand the frustration of waiting, I understand being antsy. I’ve been wanting a reliable slider-smartphone since the INNOV8 was announced 2 years ago, but was never released to work on the 3G network in North America. I’ve been actively looking for one with both a touchscreen and physical keyboard since Rogers first released the 6GB plan with the iPhone 2 years ago. The Palm didn’t cut it for the touchscreen/keyboard combo. Then someone slaps me with a rumour that RIM, *the* business smartphone maker, is making one. I’ve even been tracking this phone since it was still a rumour. But do you see me trying to be smart about it?

      If you’d like, please tell the board how long you’ve been waiting for the sliderberry.


      P.S. Rogers, please do your best to get the phone out soon. Even your more patient customers can’t hold out forever. :) Thanks!

  154. Wristpect will be DJ’n the Torch launch parties. Looking at his list of dates Sept 20 and 21st in Toronto. –>

    1. Lasing

      Great resourcefulness Gavin! I’m trying to find a similar launch event for the Captivate.

      While I see how some people on the forums can find some of our impatience petty, for me (and possibly many others) it stems for annoyance at these marketing gimmick: disinformation. A company’s goal to withhold information hoping we make poor decisions.

      Here is my situation, my contract ended in July, and on a Father’s day fishing trip I dropped my Bold in the lake. Currently I am using a non-smart phone replacement. Any power user here can identify my urgency to get a replacement. However I do not want to lock myself for 2-3 years if it’s going to be the same phone I lost (Bold). If I’m going to be stuck with technology that long, I’d prefer something current like the Torch or Captivate.

      Here is where my poor decision came in. Hearing rumours of a Torch Release in early Aug (and the Capitave), I figured I can afford to wait, but now the reality of a release date is end of Sept? This is unacceptable. If I knew this back in July, I would have switched to Bell or Telus (Milestone?) sooner. Score Rogers!

      The true annoyance here is the disinformation and sadly this board is perpetuating it.

      1. Will

        I agree the lack of information is annoying (an understatement, after months and months of nothing but rumours since the screenshots initially leaked out).

        However, the lack of information provided by one company doesn’t necessarily mean they’re intentionally witholding information. That’s a big accusation to make since the other 2 big Canadian carriers didn’t provide information either. What about those Bell or Telus customers watiing to upgrade to the Torch and threatening to move to other providers? The majority of people seem to forget they’re in the same boat as we are.

        What’s even more curious is the source itself, RIM, isn’t releasing any information on this either, and they would know better than anyone else when the hardware is ready to go. For all the flak the carriers are getting, where’s the flak aimed at RIM?

        The point is, a lot of people bought into the hype and rumours, believed it as fact, and developed expectations for an early release date. And now those expectations are shot because they were based on rumours, and not facts. If you believed in the rumours, you only have yourself to blame, because a rumour is not necessarily factual. I started believing in those rumours and am now kicking myself for it.

        If Rogers (or any provider) specifically mentioned a release date outright and did not meet it, then that would be failing to meet expectations based on a statement of fact. But what did Rogers or the other providers say? In the fall… later in the year… in the coming weeks. Any exact dates? No. So it’s our own fault for believing rumours.

        Man, I really want that blackberry…

  155. Left_E

    Has the release date for the 9800 torch be confirmed yet ?

  156. Niki

    I called Rogers , too , since my current phone is on the fritz and I dont want to settle or another phone. The young man said when he gets word of when they will be selling he will call me. I am not going to hold my breathe. But I am patient and will wait.

    I think if we put our demands on here . Rogers will review. Seems like they did that for the Samsung Galaxy S, they listened to their readerboards on that one.

  157. Owen

    Why cant they just tell us when soo most of us i mean all of us can jus not talk about the release date anymore

  158. Jeff

    Rogers seems willing to lose cutomers to other carriers and other phones as evidenced by their cavalier attitude to “release dates” so if they don’t sweat it, neither should you. Get another phone somewhere else, or buy it in the States and use it here, but dont let yourselves become sheep for Rogers. If they cared, they’d tell you. As far as “Custoomer Service” goes, Rogers may be the worst company I have ever dealt with. They have a TV commercial now about business live agent, and really emphasize that if you’re a business customer you can get right through to a live person when you call. What they fail to mention ironically, is that wait times, and being transferred 3 times and having to confirm your information with everyone you talk to there, is ad bad as ever, or maybe worse. Face it, Rogers doesn’t give a damn about any of us.

  159. lauren

    until they tell us, we will keep talking about it lol.. I can’t see them waiting till oct though.

  160. dj

    I’m waiting for the torch so i can buyout my telus contract a release date would be nice but i guess rogers doesn’t mind waiting to take my money.

  161. Angie_B3

    I just spoke with a rep at Rogers and she advised that they are expecting to ‘have more information regarding the Torch’ by the end of the month…

  162. David

    Ok guys and girls, today I actually had a chance to see and play with a Torch. I was at Future Shop and a RIM employee was there .. I first was playing the Android phone then the Torch. The Torch is an ok phone but wow does it ever look dated next to the Android. I was hoping for the Torch now not sure. Rogers will be getting the Samsung Galaxy S which I may consider.

  163. John Takowski

    Well I’ll take a stab at it according to best buy it will be out Septmber 16th ish. Now if Rogers makes the price 299.99 let me tell you there may be some issues. You just might be better of buying from AT&T because yuo will spend 150.00 more and save some bucks. I personally will not pay 299.99 to upgrade to this. Iphone 4 16GB is only 159.99 and 32G 249.99 so Blackberry and Rogers need to come correct.

  164. Terrence

    Release date is whack if its that week of September, Iphone was “1” week later which to me BB should be the same. As for pricing lol! at those prices, big joke. Why buy than when you can get a captivate for probably 159.99.

  165. RIM boy

    A competitor is releasing it on Sep 16th, might go with them if Rogers doesn’t come with 9800 before that.

    1. Will

      And your source on this, as of your posting time, is… the *rumour* that Telus is releasing it on the 16th? Just like the rumours the torch was being released in June/July?

      Here, this might help dispel some rumours. Just released 15 minutes before this post.

      One thing I don’t get. If they plan on doing a launch party, logically speaking, it should be the same time as the launch day. Toronto/QEW/401 areas seem to be first on the list. There’s the blackberry and mobile syrup logo. Which carrier gets it? Needs more answers.

  166. bold9000

    Dear Rogers
    my thoughts on the bold 9000 was very dissapointing cause there was no fix for old outdated track ball concept of scrolling around web pages and other stuff after the fact that personal cpu’s have eliminated in there mouse production the ball effect and having to clean it every so often cause of lint.

    But Noooo RIM did not think the same and left there minds in the dust with the BALL effect and now there is ( No Fix for My dirty Ball ) but there is a fix for the bold 9700 not happy at all with that after paying 650.00 for a phone with no replacable parts.


  167. Adam


    The torch is not worth buying out a contract for.

  168. Mario

    For those who don’t know, the Torch’s price was cut in half and Amazon sells it for 89.99$. Just about 150 000 units of Torch were sold in the continental US and Apple sold much more uniths. Even Android sold even more units (300 000). Looks like it may be the same thing in Canada because I’m sure if RIM released the Torch at the same time in US and Canada, they would sell more units…

  169. BigandBold

    Like almost everyone else I’m awaiting announcement of a release date. 20 days from announcement and still no firm date is surprising to say the least when it’s already available south of the border.

    I’d have to assume that it isn’t primarily a Rogers issue since while every other major Canadian carrier has announced it, none have a firm date.

  170. Matt

    Here’s some information;

    At my place of work we get free devices from RIM for our staff. We recently asked our friend about getting half a dozen of the 9800’s and just got our reply today.

    Due to it not being sold in Canada yet, we will have to wait about 3-4 weeks. From this, it seems like we’re at a last week of Sept release for at least one carrier.

    As soon as one carrier in Canada starts selling it we are able to be graced with these phones.

  171. Stephanie

    Will this launch before the unlimited student plan promotion is over?

  172. Victor

    I’m not going to buy a torch. I’m waiting for new blackberry bold!!!

  173. SEPT16

    Can’t wait for the torch!!!!!!

    Bought a curve in April 2010 after my company pulled back all its corporate BB’s. I don’t mind being locked in for 3yrs makes no difference to me. Except that i will have to pay full price for the torch! If i want to renew my contract and lock myself in for another 3yrs i should be able to do that whenever i want and pay the standard 3yr price for a new phone. In any case mobile phone companies make their money from the contract and hardly any on the phone. What is the rational for making ppl wait 2yrs to upgrade at the standard rate?

  174. johentie

    “What do you think of RIM’s latest smartphone? Will you be picking one of these up from Rogers on launch day?”

    i would if knew what the launch day was! and it better not be like how the 9700 was launched!! NO ONE KNEW… i had to call 5 stores to find out and they didn’t have them till like 11am-12pm on launch day! i really hope Rogers has phones at their stores the morning of launch day! instead of half way through the day!

  175. Have had, 8310, 8320, 8900, 9000, 9700 (current).


    I’ve harassed our corporate rogers rep here in winnipeg for a couple weeks now for a release date.

    Like one person mentioned earlier in the comments, was going to get iPhone 4 and on my way to purchase at apple store, I received an email from a co worker about the new BB. Stopped walking and went back home. :)

    More so comments opposed to questions. Getting Anxious.

  176. SeeLien

    Have they released a date for the 9800??? I am ready for an upgrade and I can only wait so long!

  177. Steph

    Dear Rogers,

    Please make release day as huge as you make Apple’s release day. You’re canadian, RIM’s canadian. Help represent!!


  178. Danny Liu

    How much will it cost [Approx.] with a 3 year Contract?

  179. Just me

    I can’t wait, specially cus I just lost my bold :(
    When is that day going to be??? I’ll order it from the USA if more than 2 weeks.

  180. maj

    well looks like Rogers doesnt care if they lose a LOT of customers because of this…I’ve been to so many different stores and i’ve been given soooo many release dates and i dont know which is true anymore…I bet these people are just saying random release dates just for the heck of it and also for people to stop bothering them about the launch date

  181. Jeff

    Drove to Niagara Falls this morning (er, yesterday AM), and went to a Radio Shack. Bought my Torch for the no-contract price of $599.99. I have been kicking the tires all day, and I love it. It’s sleek, it’s functional, it’s solid in your hand, and the touch screen is terrific. I still have a lot to do to customize it, but it gets an A+ so far. For those of you looking for Apps, head on over to the iPhone (I have a 3Gs). If you want functionality, ease of use, a great calendar, and organization of your info (contacts, etc), you really will enjoy this phone. I am a believer already.

  182. Ravi

    What’s the approx. release date?

  183. Colleen


  184. Masala Puri

    I just returned from a 6 week trip to Asia and was REALLY wanting to upgrade my ancient Sony Walkman phone to a smartphone. Before leaving Rogers indicated that when I return I will have no problem getting an iPhone 4, but we all know how that situation looks like in Canada!

    In the US the BB 9800 has already been released, but RIM is a Canadian company – so Rogers/RIM please announce the launch date ASAP!

    Thank you!

  185. Mike

    Talked to a Rogers rep yesterday – was directed to this site for any updates, but no date given! Looks like anyone who wants the Torch has to sit in this room until it comes out!

  186. SEPT16

    Most people know the launch date is Sept 16th. This as been known for ages just not officially.

  187. mike

    still no date from rogers?

  188. Alex

    some dude at crackberry said to be Sept 24th.
    there’s way too many speculation on dates. the longer they wait, the more people would go cross the border to pick up one off contract.
    less sales for them here. smart move Rogers…
    I’m sure they don’t care

  189. GeoffStarr

    I’d like to echo the last 2 comments, Rogers are forcing me elsewhere due to no release information. Shame

  190. Drew

    I am excited for the Torch as well but there are several things I am worried about. I was told that the screen resolution on the Torch 9800 is crap, That the MHz on the phone is still only 624 and that it is a little sluggish as a result. Also, no 4G support, what did RIM do that for? I heard a Torch 2 is already being developed to fix these issues. Any thoughts?

    1. You were told? meaning you didn’t go look at blackberry’s website for the specs?

      4G support would be nice but there are extremely few people who would notice the difference from 3G.

      If you didn’t heat about a “Torch 2″ from a RIM employee i wouldn’t put it off as valid.

  191. Beev

    What is going on with this thing?
    no updates at all?

  192. Weenbeen

    I am currently waiting for the Iphone 4 from Rogers. My girlfriend is waiting for this new blackberry. Rogers will not update you on anything. I signed up for email updates on the iphone and I got nothing! Nothing else! I wouldn’t expect to hear anything about a release date until perhaps a week before its released.
    Oh and the customer services people dont know anything!
    Figure the states will get it first and the a couple of weeks later cananda will get it.
    Keep calling the Rogers stores, bug the sales people… hopefully they will bug the bosses and then maybe you will get an answer! :)

  193. David

    I lost hope in waiting, went to a competitor got an amazing android phone and am saving 20 bux on my plan as well with more features. Sorry Rogers you take too long, and you do not keep your customers in the loop on any activity – I know of a few customers who jumped ship in the last week alone.

  194. Really if you are willing to just drop rogers because they wont give you a release date of a new blackberry, honestly, is ridiculous. I’ve been loyal to rogers since 2005, they have been amazing to me, I’ll gladly wait for the torch’s release.

    1. David

      It was not only the release date but also a far better deal. I had been with Rogers for nine years, and always a blackberry user but was deciding between an Android phone or the Torch. Keep in mind that there are many frustrated customers on Rogers (as well with other providers). What Rogers should learn is listen to their customer base, look at this thread alone… I cannot be the only one here sensing the frustration.

  195. TJ

    I got a call from a Rogers call centre this past Wednesday to try and sell me a new phone and service package (contract expired last fall – I get these calls a lot now). I told them I was waiting to see when the Torch would be coming out. She insisted it would be out tomorrow (as in Thursday), and if I just signed up for the service package from her I could go to the store and pick one up on the weekend. I was skeptical to say the least.

    Needless to say – no release announcement yesterday.

    Moral of the story? Don’t believe what the sales reps tell you. Most of them know nothing but would never admit that.

  196. lauren

    a rogers store in winnipeg told a guy I work with the torch is coming out next tuesday…I want to believe it but yet i don’t. *sigh*

  197. John

    What is the date that this device will be out?

  198. Jon

    This is a huge failure in marketing opportunity by Rogers. Also, I always liked RIM products because they usually get released here just as fast as in the States, but now we’re being jerked around like this is an iPhone, and we have to wait for all the Americans to get their taste of this new phone before we can. They might have a bigger market, but come on, how can we support a Canadian company if they don’t return the favor to their fellow Canadians? I’m seriously thinking about jumping ship and putting RIM behind me…

  199. dj

    wtf they said weeks……. not months!

  200. carrie

    when will this phone be available to rogers ! i’ve been waiting forever .

  201. loni

    I would like to know when and how much without a contract.I dont need a phone but dammit i like the looks of that torch

  202. lauren

    Telus now has “coming soon” on their site for the torch, comeon rogers it’s your turn.

  203. BECS

    WOW…i cant believe that telus has it up ALREADY!!!! Rogers..ur lacking huge!!!! can anyone say EPIC FAIL? hurry up before we all explode. I have been waiting a LONG time to upgrade and i really need a cheer-me-upper.
    I want this phone but still have my doubts about its funtionality. Im hoping i can go into a store and play around the the physical unit before i make a decision. Especially if i have to spend the next 2 years with it. My curve 8520 has been great to me but i was only able to get it cuz my other curve totally crapped out on me and rogers was fed up wit sending me referb units. For once…just once i wish RIM would let Canada launch before anyone else!

  204. Rome

    Funny exact same comments on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Captivate S! And iPhone launch, Rogers batting 3 for 3 on their latest KEY Launches!!!!

  205. Aquila1900

    C’mon, we all know it’s either before or on the 15th now. Just admit it already.

  206. Rob

    Where’s my dang Torch??? This phone is dead and I can’t wait another month.

  207. James

    Looks like Sept 15th from future shop

  208. Max

    Future Shop inventory screen shot, shows Torch to be released September 15th. Too bad Rogers themselves are keeping quiet and arent making a big deal like they did with the Failphone 4

  209. Marwan

    It is coming out on Sept.15th as it was leaked by future shop by their system as seen on

  210. Michael

    I will definitely be picking one of these up on launch day. Hopefully the Sept 15 date that is rumored will actually be true because I really want this phone.

  211. Michael

    I do not see why Rogers doen’t have anything up on their website yet. Like the posts say, if Telus can put it up on their website with “coming soon” then why can’t Rogers do the same. It is very painful to wait for something new but not know when you can get it. I don’t agree with people jumping ship just because Rogers won’t update them but it does seem like poor customer service to say they are going to do something and not tell us when.

  212. GeoffStarr

    Futureshop system showing Sept 15th as the release date for the Rogers 9800.

    fingers crossed.

  213. I have one word “great”

    I could wait so last week I bought in the states at at&t for $499 to test out and it is truely the best bb out there, to bad that stock app ebay does not work, bot to many app out there compared to the 9700 bold, but give it time, I am typing this out on the torch. But as soon as rogers releases it, I will be selling the at&t version and purchasing the rogers brand.

  214. Luke

    The Setp 15 date also shows PRESALE

    I would love it to show on the 15th, but I doubt it. The release parties aren’t until end of September.

  215. lauren

    this is getting stupid… a few weeks has turned into a month

  216. christa

    I was at FanExpo in Toronto this weekend and the guy sitting next to me for the Q&A session with Micheal Dorn(Warf from Star Treck) had a blackberry 9800 ,he said he works for RIM . the luck Sob ! I cant wait till it gets here .

  217. itzko

    Im soo excited for this phone too come out. Iv called rogers 4 times already to find out when there getting it and if they know the exact date. They told me around the first week of September, and im SO excited, but i need to cell my bold 9000 first! i really want to know the release date with NO rumors so i can sell my phone, i have buyers but cant sell it yet because i dont want to be left without a phone for THAT long.!share the news with us already.

    thank you

  218. judgement call

    Well Rogers, I’ve become a complete cynic of Canadian cellphone carriers. You all Ranked a whopping F with the better business bureau of North America. Do I believe that new companies like Wind and Moblicity will change the way cell phone carriers interact with it’s clients? Nope, as they are entering a market completely disconnected from it’s consumer base. I love Roger’s customer service, it is a model that other companies have begun implementing – a prime focus of their marketing efforts. Recall the revamped Bell and how it is marketed, or the newly appointed ‘people’s champ’ Wind (though it is far from it). Here’s the problem, cell phone carriers have been milking it’s client base, never passing on any real discounts or savings until it’s too late. It took years of complaints about the $6.95 fee in order for it be removed and pricing plans to be far more competitive with US carriers (though each operate in a mutually exclusive zone). Much can be saved when comparing data plans, unlimited plans and especially family plans to the US market. My experience in all of this? I worked for a major US cell phone carrier six years ago and cringed every time I saw my Roger’s cell phone bill. All Canadian cell phone carriers have built a reputation of being profiteers before service providers. So how does this relate to the launch of the Torch? Quite simply, I do not believe a company who has struggled (BB) in entering the touch screen cell phone world to delay it’s launch in Canada. I can understand a delayed launch in Europe due to a possibility of short supply (although apple employs this strategy, but to each their own) or the potential of saturating the BB network with new users (although that does not seem possible, at&t price drop since launch is indicative of this). However, I do believe this is a marketing gimmick employed once again by Canadian cell phone carriers. I believe that once the whole Iphone craze dies down (a bit), as well as the student pricing plans, cell phone carriers will need another catch and hook to draw future clients. So think of it like this, by mid to end of September all students will be enrolled in their respective learning institutions, and by most accounts quite settled in while there will be ample supply of the iphone 4. These companies then roll out the Torch to try to entice the working class, as the two above mentioned target audiences have moved on and for the large part satisfied it’s need. A calculated move, with the client base paying the price – once again.

    1. Will

      As an essay expressing what you think, that was well written. In terms of actual business logic, it’s filled with holes:

      Pricing: the U.S. has a higher population count and density than Canada, so you’d have more customers to each cell phone tower. As a result, they generate more revenue per cell phone tower. Canadian companies don’t have that luxury, which would make sense for them to charge a higher price per person.

      Removal of the access fee: The access fee was removed for the newer plans, yes. But you omitted the part where they raised prices by $5 to offset it. By removing the access fee, it just forced companies to integrate it into their pricing.

      Unlimited plans: you clearly haven’t kept up with U.S. carriers lately. Unlimited plans are being phased out because it’s proving too costly due to network abuse. It’s good to have unlimited when the market is still expanding to draw in more customers, but when you reach market stagnation, it’s economic suicide. Revenue returns greatly diminish after people start overusing the network. You have less revenue to maintain/improve the network. They’ll also have nightmares having to explain why they don’t have it anymore. Rogers already learned that lesson with internet.

      Profiteer: These are businesses, not charities. When did people start thinking that businesses are charities? Of course the aim is the bottom line because that’s what businesses are after. At the end of the day, even those customer-oriented mom and pop shops set up shop to earn money to sustain themselves, and to grow. Service provision is a means to earn profit, and is a byproduct of competition. If services provided are detrimental to profit, then it’s basic business logic not to provide it. That’s basic captialist economics.

      Struggling Torch: the fact that all of RIM’s initial stock of the torch went to the U.S. should be more of a reason why the torch is taking a while to be released here. Considering the torch only started testing in the second quarter of the year, and planning for the U.S. (which is about 6-10 times the size of the market in Canada) took out RIM’s initial production stock, it makes perfect sense why the torch is taking some time to be released here. Even if you were to convert phones to another carrier, IMEI’s with customized firmware will take some time to send back to RIM and re-program. No sane carrier would willingly give out its unlock codes to a competitor, and no carrier would sell stock of hardware that has its competitor’s custom firmware on it.

      Planning for the next big thing: let’s think this through for a moment. Customer upgrades to an Iphone4 at a discount. ($700 regular price, sold for 200 – loss of 500). It will be 2 years before the customer can do another hardware upgrade, meaning all those iphone (or android) goers will not be able to upgrade to the torch with Rogers. Even if by some miraculous chance that they allow you to upgrade, iphone4 was released in July. 2 months since release, and, even without compensating for business overhead, 2 months of $90 a month for a voice and data plan does NOT make up for the initial loss of the iphone. It even goes against the profiteering comment previously mentioned.

  219. Felix

    If I had to guess, Rogers does not want to kill their sales for Back to School by announcing new device now and having those buyers delay their purchase…

  220. David

    I gave up waiting for the Torch and moved to Android. So far I love the device, it lacks some features of the Blackberry but has many more that overshadow it. RIM has to got to get caught up in technology quickly!

  221. Jk

    is it September 15th…?..come on confirm this pls…

  222. Taylor

    is the blackberry torch most likely to come after the launch party in canada will it hopefully come out before november 1

  223. Geo

    Just finished playing with the Torch 9800 and the Bold 9780 at my friend’s store. Both are great phones and very functional. Both run BB6, which is a big improvement over previous systems. I really thought the browser was nice and the OS user interface is much more intuitive and user friendly. I wasn’t sure about the Torch at first given my dislike of the original Storm but it’s light years ahead. After a few minutes you’re right at home using a mix of touch screen or pad, with out thinking which one you prefer — just which ever way feels natural. It’s nice to have a choice on how to do things and what works most efficiently/naturally to you. If you like BB, then you’ll love both of these.

  224. Beev

    Spoke to a friend at Rogers and the person said that the Torch will release on the 15th. So that is finally some good news.

  225. Leah – “Available September 24th for as low as $199.99″

  226. loni

    I want it now dammit. But I just got a x unless i pay full price im screwed.

  227. Riri

    Hello RogersMiranda, Will Fido be getting the Torch as well??? Since Rogers owns Fido, please tell me yes cuz i’m with Fido and I NEED the Torch!!!!

    1. RogersMiranda


      At this time, the BlackBerry Torch 9800 is available on the Rogers brand.

  228. RogersMiranda

    For those of you who may have not seen, we just announced that the BlackBerry Torch will be available on Sept. 24 on a three year term. More details, including a demo video with BlackBerry’s Director of Marketing, Michael McDowell, can be found in our latest post here: