iPhone 4 launches tomorrow on Rogers

We’re excited to share some news about how our customers can upgrade to iPhone 4 which launches tomorrow. As the Canadian carrier with the most iPhone customers and experience, we’re making a commitment to allocate the majority of inventory we receive from Apple to existing customers wanting to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

And while we can’t do this every year, we’re excited to announce a special upgrade offer that gives our iPhone customers the chance to get an iPhone 4 at a discounted price until September 30, 2010.

Rogers customers have the flexibility to upgrade to any new device at any time by paying full price for the device. However, as a benefit of being a Rogers customer, we’re investing in a special iPhone 4 hardware upgrade offer to reward our customers for doing business with us, as long as they activated a Rogers iPhone on a term contract on or prior to June 7, 2010 – the day Apple announced iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

Here are the general guidelines about the iPhone 4 special hardware upgrade:

Did you activate or upgrade your Rogers iPhone on a term contract between January 1, 2009 and June 7, 2010?
Then you’re eligible for at least $250 off the no-term device price. That’s an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $399/$499 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

Did you activate or upgrade your Rogers iPhone on a term contract on or before December 31, 2008?
Thank you for your business. You’re eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

Did you activate or upgrade the original Rogers iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again to the Rogers iPhone 3GS between June 19 and September 15, 2009?
You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

How do I check my eligibility for this special iPhone 4 hardware upgrade program?
The easiest way for you to check your hardware upgrade eligibility is through www.rogers.com/iPhone. (UPDATE July 29, 2010, 3:13 PM: We are experiencing technical difficulties with our HUP eligibility tool and it may be giving incorrect results. We’re aware of it and are working on it. While we do, the tool may be temporarily unavailable. Thanks for your patience. UPDATE August 16, 2010 11:20 AM: The technical difficulties are resolved and the tool is working correctly.) Aside from this special iPhone 4 offer, regular hardware upgrade program policies apply. If you take advantage of this early hardware upgrade offer, your new 3-year term will begin immediately. Savings under this special upgrade program are determined based upon the length of time remaining in your existing term and the specifics of your selected plans.

Any news for new iPhone 4 customers?
New customers can purchase a 16GB iPhone 4 for $159 or a 32GB iPhone 4 for $269, each with a new three-year voice and data plan on Canada’s proven and reliable network. With Rogers, you get unlimited access to Rogers WiFi hotspots for free as well as unlimited social networking to the top seven communities in all iPhone data plans and our Handset Protection Gurantee. The Handset Protection Guarantee is subject to terms and conditions. To read the full program terms, go to http://www.rogers.com/protection.

What about Fido customers?
Fido also has a special iPhone 4 promotion for its customers. For customers who entered into a Fido agreement on or before June 7, 2010 and want to upgrade early to iPhone 4, Fido will provide a special iPhone 4 discount by way of a bill credit of between $250 and $490. In addition, customers may contribute all accumulated FidoDollars towards their upgrade. Go to www.fido.ca/iphone for full details.

How to get your iPhone 4
Worldwide demand for the iPhone has been high and quantities are limited. At launch, the iPhone 4 will only be available at Rogers stores and authorized retailers, and not by Customer Care or Rogers.com. We recommend you contact your local Rogers retailer to confirm units are in stock. Our goal is to get an iPhone 4 into the hands of every customer who wants one, so visit www.rogers.com/iphone to find updates about stock levels.

Data on data

Here’s an overview of some great new and in-market plans that will get you up and running with your iPhone 4.

Return of special smartphone $30/6 GB plan
Effective July 30, and as a limited time promotional offer for smartphone customers who activate on a three-year contract, Rogers is offering 6GB of data for $30. This data plan can be added to any in-market voice plan before September 30, 2010.

Share with your family
Now that you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4, what do you do with your 3GS? Pass it on through our Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data. Starting August 4, add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on a three-year term for up to five people!

*New* smartphone and iPad sharing plans
You’ve told us you love our in-market iPad plans and the ease of activation on Rogers – but some of you have asked for device sharing and we’ve listened. Starting July 30, and for a limited time until Sept. 30, customers on a 6 GB plan will be able to share data between iPhones and iPads for an extra $20 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee). For details, visit a Rogers retail location.

We’ll also try to answer as many questions as we can in the comments below. We recommend that you do not call our Customer Care representatives as they have no additional information and will not be able to process your hardware upgrade at this time.

UPDATE (July 31, 10:18 PM) Rogers is committed to getting an iPhone 4 into the hands of every customer who wants one. We regret to say that for the time being, Rogers retail outlets are sold out of the device. We expect to receive regular shipments of iPhone 4 from Apple over the coming weeks and will update this site once we have more stock.

UPDATE (August 6, 2010, 8:58 AM 2:45 PM) Rogers is receiving a new shipment of iPhone 4, which will be available in limited supply in some retail locations starting on Monday, August 9 Saturday, August 7.  In the meantime, Apple retail stores may have inventory available for both new customers and existing Rogers customers  upgrading to iPhone 4.

UPDATE (August 9, 2010, 1:05 PM) Hi everyone. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused this past weekend as many of you expected iPhone 4 to be back in stock at our stores. In an effort to get devices available as soon as possible, we are expediting all shipments to stores outside our normal process. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication on Friday and stock was not available as expected on Saturday.

We are trying to be as transparent as possible and provide you with timely information. Obviously, this isn’t a perfect process and we appreciate your patience. Stock that was en route Friday will be arriving in some stores today. Additional inventory will be arriving throughout the week. Due to high demand and limited quantities, we strongly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that iPhones are in stock.

UPDATE (August 12, 2010, 12:25 PM) We have more news for you on iPhone 4 availability. We regret to say that Rogers retail outlets have sold out of iPhone 4s. The good news is that we expect more stock to start appearing in stores later this week, most being on shelves by Saturday.

As before, inventory remains limited so we recommend you contact your local store to confirm units are available. In the meantime, Apple retail stores may have iPhone 4s in stock.

Rogers remains committed to getting an iPhone 4 into the hands of every customer who wants one. We’re reading each and every of your comments on this post and will respond with whatever information we can.

Are these updates useful to you? Please let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE (August 14, 2010, 3:00 PM) The latest round of iPhone 4 stock at Rogers stores is once again sold out. We’re receiving regular shipments from Apple, so we’ll update this post again once more stock is available. Until then, you may want to check Apple retail stores to see if iPhone 4s are in stock.

UPDATE (August 19, 2010, 11:45 AM) A limited number of iPhone 4s have started to arrive at Rogers retail locations. Considering the limited inventory, we recommend you contact your local store to confirm units are available. In addition, Apple retail locations may have stock.

UPDATE (August 21, 2010, 1:30 PM) iPhone 4 stock at Rogers stores has sold out. Regular shipments are coming in from Apple, so we’ll update this post again once more stock is available. In the meantime, you may want to check Apple retail stores to see if iPhone 4s are in stock.

UPDATE (August 25, 2010, 4:15 PM) A limited number of iPhone 4s have again started to arrive at Rogers retail locations. Considering the limited inventory, we recommend you contact your local store to confirm units are available. In addition, Apple retail locations may have stock.

UPDATE (August 29, 2010, 7:31 PM) iPhone 4 stock at Rogers stores has sold out. Regular shipments are coming in from Apple, so we’ll update this post again once more stock is available. In the meantime, you may want to check Apple retail stores to see if iPhone 4s are in stock.

UPDATE (September 1, 2010, 3:11 PM) A limited number of iPhone 4s have again started to arrive at Rogers retail locations. Considering the limited inventory, we recommend you contact your local store to confirm units are available. In addition, Apple retail locations may have stock.

UPDATE (September 3, 2010, 4:39 PM): iPhone 4 stock at Rogers stores has sold out. Regular shipments are coming in from Apple, so we’ll update this post again once more stock is available. In the meantime, you may want to check Apple retail stores to see if iPhone 4s are in stock.

UPDATE (September 10, 2010, 2:33 PM): This week, inventory of iPhone 4s was more limited than previous shipments. As a result, it sold out immediately in most cases. An Apple retail location may have stock.

UPDATE (September 16, 2010, 5:15 PM): A limited number of iPhone 4s have again started to arrive at Rogers retail locations. As in past weeks, they will likely sell out quickly. We expect to get new shipments in store each week. As shipments will be consistent on a weekly basis, we will no longer be updating this post. If you’d like to check iPhone stock near you, please contact a Rogers or Apple retail location.

UPDATE (September 29, 2010, 1:43 PM): Good news for those of you who have been unable to secure an iPhone 4: another shipment is starting to arrive in stores today.

We encourage you to head down to a Rogers retailer to pick one up over the next 24 hours or so. As always, we recommend you contact your local store first to ensure stock is available.

Our goal is to get an iPhone 4 to every customer who wants one.

UPDATE (September 30, 2010, 2:35 PM): An update on Rogers/Fido iPhone 4 promotions.

When Rogers/Fido launched the iPhone 4 on July 30, we announced special offers for our new and existing customers. Since then, we have activated a significant number of devices with 80 per cent having gone to our existing customers.These special offers were scheduled to expire on Sept. 30, but we have some good news to share.

First, we are extending the 6GB/$30 promotion until Oct. 5. Second, we are extending one component of our early Hardware Upgrade offer through the end of the year. Any customer who activated or upgraded an earlier version of the iPhone with Rogers/Fido on a term contract on or before December 31, 2008 will continue to be eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price when they upgrade to an iPhone 4. They can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

While other components of our special iPhone 4 early HUP offer expire today, Rogers and Fido customers can continue to take advantage of our standard hardware upgrade savings. Fido customers can also add their Fido dollars to their Hardware Upgrade for additional savings.

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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  1. Question: Will it come with the free bumper that Apple has instituted?

    1. Oz

      From Rogers Iphone 4 FAQ …

      Apple has announced they will provide a free bumper case for all iPhone 4 owners until September 30, 2010. The bumper cases will be provided directly by Apple and more details can be found at http://www.apple.com/antenna.

      1. DG

        I think we’ll be lucky to actually GET an iPhone 4 in time to receive the free bumper.

        I hear they’re launching in China. With what??? They don’t have any phones!


    2. Federico

      Yep, I would like to know it too!!!!!

    3. Right now the bumpers will be at least Sept if not Oct… I would suggest buying a cheap one if you can locate it.

  2. Neil

    I got my iphone 3G September of 2008 and it saying i only qualify for the full price. ?

    1. Andrew

      Called Rogers and the rep said you won’t see your actual price until 8:00 am

    2. Same here. Glitch in the system. Has to be…

    3. RogersKeith

      Hey guys. Yes, we’re experiencing technical difficulties and are working to fix the eligibility tool.

  3. George Czajkowski

    I currently do not have a cell phone with Rogers. I plan to buy a new iPhone 4 at Apple Store in Ottawa and sign up for a 3-year contract with Rogers at the time of purchase. Will I get the phone at the same price of $269 (I want 32 GB unit) and will I be able to get $30/6GB data plan right in the Apple Store at the time of purchase?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi George,

      Yes, you should be able to add the plan when you purchase your device.

    2. la roja

      I would look into Bell or Telus if I were you.. Rogers does a bad job of taking care of their existing customers.

      1. MacCoder

        I used to think this too, mainly because it’s what everyone has always said. But honestly, I’ve been with Rogers on my iPhone 3G since launch and they’ve always has awesome coverage, download speeds, and even customer service. I did a misguided HUP to an Android phone without knowing it couldn’t tether, and Rogers was happy to help me undo it so I could wait for iPhone 4. So, I guess it’s like any company; your milage may vary. :P

      2. RogersKeith

        Glad to hear about your good experiences @MacCoder. The special hardware upgrade program we announced today is part of our effort to take care of our customers.

      3. Sammy

        The pricing is certainly impressive. Taking care of your customers is not believable though. I do suspect the pricing may have something to do with the fact there are some serious issues with the iPhone 4 and Rogers has already comitted to buying X number of units from Apple.

        I was about to take the plunge but I will wait until next year when the iPhone 5 comes out. It’s all but guaranteed the antenna issue will be resolved by next year with a mod inside the phone.

      4. ThommyQc

        And also thanks Rogers for a Christmas gift every year, your the first company I know that dos this. This year I won a 6 month subscription to one of your monthly publication the Actualité :-)

        Cheers to Rogers…I can’t wait for the morning to come and get the new iPhone 4 !!!!!!

      5. kiran

        I think you forgot to identify yourself that you are working for rogers. You intiate impartia POLL of rogers customers, I will bet you 99 out of 100 customers are unhappy. I WILL BE THE FIRST. ROGERS is looting existing customers by charging more $$ for poor service and plans. Why can’t rogers retroactive new better plan to existing customers? Rogers will offere lucrative plans when it comes to renewal of existing contract, well it will be too late for few customers.

      6. Michael

        I just called Bell no upgrade option has been announced for existing iPhone Customers and the phone comes out tomorrow !!

      7. Jon

        I beg to differ. I have never been more happy with a carrier than i am with Rogers. I have had Telus and Bell and Bell is the worst company I have ever done business with, period.

      8. onederdude

        I would fully dissagree. They take care of me fully. If I have had any problems, Rogers corrected it immediately for me. I wouldn’t sugest Telus or Bell to my worst enemy

      9. Curtis

        Obviously you have never called into the customer support line, because I was unsatisfied with my plan and such and Rogers bent over backwards to help me out. out of the big three i would stay with rogers for life

    3. Frank

      No you will pay full price.. but it will be unlocked… and to get the $30/6 deal you will need to sign new 3 year deal… so you may as well go buy it at rogers for discount… only reason to buy it from apple is for the freedom of a factory unlocked iPhone …

  4. Jon

    Hey, I checked the Upgrade Eligibility online, and it says that I am eligible for the 16GB for $649 even though I bought the 3G the day it came out, and the 3GS the day it came out.

    Is the online tool incorrect, or am I out of luck? (I called already and they said they didnt know anything about it at all, no info whatsoever!)

    1. Greg

      I agree, doesn’t seem like that tool is working properly.

    2. Nick

      I am having the same problem…

      1. Matt

        Just got off the phone with Rogers customer service and they refused to give me any straight answer about the online tool or the actual pricing. They said that it isn’t 100% guaranteed that the prices posted are the actual prices or that they will actually be carrying the iphone 4 tomorrow. I think this is really unprofessional that they would even post any information if that is the case.

        Question: Can I get a micro sim from the apple store and have my Rogers account transfered to that sim at the apple store?

      2. Sammy

        Sounds like typical level 1 customer service.

      3. M Chan

        Its broken… I put in a fake number and postal code and it says $649/$749. I even put a number where the account is no longer in contract and the same thing happened… I am just going with this board info and will complain if i don’t get what Keith said.

  5. Christopher Cennon

    According to what you’ve written, I’m eligible for a discount; according to the online software tool, I’m entitled to pay full price.

    I activated my iPhone 3G in July 2008; I changed my calling/data features in June or July 2009 (I was told by the man on the phone that this would increase my contract’s length by a year; according to myRogers, this seems to have happened.) Your software tool doesn’t seem to know what to tell me, so it’s telling me full price.

    This is a little aggravating.

  6. The iPad data sharing, is that $20 a one time admin fee? Or a monthly cost? Bell is reported to be offering the same option for $10/month. And what is the Government Regulatory Recovery Fee?

  7. Tony

    Starting July 30, and for a limited time until Sept. 30, customers on a 6 GB plan will be able to share data between iPhones and iPads for an extra $20 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee)

    I have a question.

    Is that an one-time fee of $20 or additional $20/month?

    Thanks for your help.

    PS – I’m hoping its a one-time fee otherwise I don’t think many people will take you up on this offer.

    1. Scott Brookes

      its a month….. basically you get to pay to you the data your already paying for

      1. b

        not only that, you get to pay the GRRF on the data-you’re-already-paying-for, which already has a GRRF fee applied to it.

        so GRRF x 2 !

    2. RogersRob

      Hi Tony, it’s $20 per month.

      1. Alph

        $20 PER MONTH? For the privilege of using data I have already paid for? Come on, does that $20 charge at least come with lube?

    3. Ed

      It is a rip off.
      $20/month + Rogers-Price-Gauge-Non-Gov-Fee is RECURRING. Meaning you PAY FOR IT EVERY MONTH.

      Bell is offering it for $10 FLAT on top of their $30/6GB data plan.

      This is not helping anyone at all. t

      1. Frank

        why would you pay $50.00 for sharing 6 gig when you can get 12 gig for $60.00? 30+30…

  8. Nick

    ok so i dont understand at all, i upgraded my 3G to 3GS the day 3GS came out last year, am i eligable for the iphone 4 at 159? im pretty sure i am eligble but just checkin and also my gf upgraded to black berry February 2009 what is the price she is look at?

  9. Patrick

    20$ to share data plan with my iPad ???
    Bell is offering the same 6go for 30$ and 10$ to share iPad data …
    Why should i stay with Rogers?

    1. BAT

      I agree – I am looking at adding a second iPhone (my wife has one) that will tie to my iPad. At this point not sure why I would do that on Rogers and pay $10+ more per month?

      Doesn’t make any sense. Been with Rogers since the early 90’s, and they are sending me to Bell to get a better deal.

      Keith —- thoughts?

      1. BAT

        Guess this is one of the many comments they “read” but don’t “respond to”… I feel better!

        RogersKeith says:
        July 30, 2010 at 1:26 am
        Hey Vince. We do care about that stuff. We take the time to read every comment even if we don’t respond to them all.

  10. Scott Brookes

    it doesnt appear that the upgrade eligibility part is accurate when i check….

    for both my iphones on a family plan its telling me 649/749

  11. Corey

    I think the eligibility tool is messed up. Every number I try it says the same thing – 649/749. But I’ve purchased the iPhone 3G, and then the 3GS the past 2 summers in a row. So according to the release, I should be able to get one for $159. I noticed in the source code for the tool that if everything is NULL, it shows the default message. I assume the systems are overloaded, or the tool is broken.

  12. Trevor Smiley

    I assume the eligibility checker on the website is broken since I’ve had my iPhone 3G since mid 2008 and it says that I would be required to pay full price.
    Also any word on free bumpers?

  13. Justin S.

    question: do you know what the minimum quantity of each size of the iPhone 4 each location is guaranteed to have at launch?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Justin, your best bet is to contact your local Rogers retailer to confirm units are in stock.

      1. BAT

        Hi Rob… called mine (in Kingston – Princess St near John Counter Blvd) and they told me they aren’t arriving until tomorrow morning so they have no idea how many they are getting. I seriously doubt that is the case (and if I am in line will be able to tell if I was told the truth).

        That said as I can get a better deal with Bell (including the iPad deal) will likely be moving there after 17 years as a Rogers customer.

        The truth is that I don’t think Rogers really care!

  14. PJ

    ‘Starting July 30, and for a limited time until Sept. 30, customers on a 6 GB plan will be able to share data between iPhones and iPads for an extra $20′ . . . . Would you please clarify this statement: Is this a one time fee of $20 or a fee of $20/month?

  15. Alexander

    Why don’t you offer the 16GB iPhone for $199 on a two-year contract? What’s the point of having three-year contracts when Apple has released a new phone every year?

    1. Ed

      So you are STUCK To Rogers. Duh?

  16. Rubenoso

    Hey RogersKeith,

    Can I do my Fido HUP at the Apple store and use my Fido dollars there?

  17. Chris

    “extra $20 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee)” ummm I’ll give ya $20 setup fee and $5/month…

    1. Andrew Procter

      Yea, that would be more fair. But the upgrade pricing is very good. Much better than the U.S. AT&T pricing even.

  18. steve

    need a lawyer to figure out the upgrades.. LOL
    but Bell is offering $10 a month for iPad sharing… LOL

  19. Chad

    So basically what you’re saying is that those of us who spend more than $100 a month on our plans get the same deal as everyone else? It seems as though Rogers changes their HUP more often than a windsock changes direction.

  20. Tiffany

    I think there’s something wrong with the eligibility checker, I’ve been on a Rogers contract since 2008 it’s giving me this : “You are eligible to purchase the 16GB iPhone 4 at $649 or the 32GB iPhone 4 at $749″

    1. Mugu

      It said the same to me but I called the Customer service and they said I am eligible for $159 upgrade

    2. Alessandro

      I agree with this. I also have a contract since May 2008 and it’s giving me this : “You are eligible to purchase the 16GB iPhone 4 at $649 or the 32GB iPhone 4 at $749″. According to the criteria, I should be elegible to the promo with the best discount

    3. Justin

      Tiffany, same here. I upgraded to the 3GS in September, and I still have to pay full price for a 4G. Feels like new customers are getting a better deal than a customer whose been with them for 2 years.

      I hope that I can clarify the matter tomorrow with Rogers.

      1. Justin

        Replying to my own comment here – the HUP tool was way off because of server issues (as Keith mentioned above).

        I got a new iPhone4 for $159. Thanks Rogers! :)

  21. Don

    $20 to use the SAME DATA on an iPhone and iPad? I’ve double-checked my calendar and it’s not April 1st… pure greed, Rogers.

  22. Adam

    iPad sharing $10/month more than Bell…

  23. Stan

    Good job, screwing over anyone who bought a 3GS.

    1. JC

      How are they screwing you over? You bought a phone subsidized over a 2 year contract, they allow upgrades every 2 years. Buy an unlocked on if you want it.

    2. John

      They are doing you a favor to allow you to upgrade early and still get a discount. How is that screwing you over????

    3. Michael

      how is this screwing 3GS customers? Bell and Telus are not even allowing their customers to upgrade to the iPhone 4 at all unless they start a new account I talked to a Bell rep yesterday at the Calgary Apple Store he said since they just launched the iPhone less than a year ago they dont have enough iPhone customers to warrant an upgrade system. thats BS the less customers they have with iPhones the less it costs them to let go of iPhone 4 under a subsidized price. I feel cheated that I left rogers and went to Bell now stuck in this rediculous 3 year contract and and not allowed to upgrade untill 6 months after the iPhone 5 comes out (around June/July 2011 !!!)

  24. PJ

    I just read that Bell is offering the 6GB iPhone/iPad share for an extra $10, if true will Rogers/Fido offer this add on rate to their customers as well.

  25. Surfdot

    What about people who have the Fido 6 gig plan? Can we share the data with an Roger’s ipad plan. Doesn’t seem fair that it would only be offered to Rogers customers and not Fido.

    1. Agreed. I’ve got a Fido iPhone 3Gs and an iPad on the Rogers network. It would be great to share my Fido plan, especially because technically, they are using the same network and the same company.

      Any word for us on this Rogers?

    2. Helvetica

      Absolutely. I am a loyal Fido customer who is still paying my SAF and pay $35 for my iPad service from Rogers. I am getting a little sick of Rogers treating Fido customers differently when I pay just as much.

      My contract ends next year. I was going to go to Rogers, but now I think Bell out of spite.

  26. $20 extra to share data between an iPhone and an iPad? No thanks. I’ll pass.

    For what it’s worth the eligibility gives me the wrong price. (Should be offered the $480 off as I’m now past two years with my 3G – but only offers the $250 off)

  27. Jesse David Hollington

    How does this upgrade pricing affect situations where multiple iPhones are registered on the same account/bill? In the past, I’ve only been able to receive the best upgrade pricing on ONE iPhone, as upgrading any one of the devices on my account resets my ENTIRE eligibility for ALL of the phones on the account.

    Has there been any change to this policy, or am I going to be stuck paying full price for my wife’s iPhone 4 simply because we happen to combine our bills?


    1. Ed

      I am in the same boat… And I have 3 accounts linked to my one bill.

      Previously customer service over the phone was able to offer me same price ($199) for 2 phones, but this time around we are kind of forced to deal at a retail level where I do not believe they have any authority to override prices.

      Maybe that’s the whole point am I right? Once I get locked in for another 3 years again I would not have much power to negotiate.

  28. Josh

    Rogers, why does it cost less money for me to buy out my contract and then sign a new one with you rather than simply upgrading?

    1. Steph

      I agree with this question and would like it answered… I have been with rogers for 10 years! and this is how you treat loyal customers? and it isn’t the first time this has happened to me either…

      only instead of resigning with you, i would sign up elsewhere (why stick around with a company that doesn’t value its customers?)

  29. Happy about the HUP pricing, but quite disappointed you’re not matching Bell’s offer of $ 10 for sharing iPhone data with iPad. That’s too much, no can’t do.

  30. Peter Olesiuk

    Is the $20 for iPad sharing a one-time fee, or is Rogers charging twice as much per month as Bell?
    Also, does Rogers include tethering, or do we need to go to Bell for that feature?

  31. Adrian

    Thanks for the info Keith. Rogers really came through with this upgrade policy.

  32. Mad Rogers Customer

    You guys should tell your call centre about the new iPhone deals. I just got off the phone with a Clueless Rogers Rep after wasting time on hold. Thank you Rogers, I hope you enjoy losing a $100/month cell client because you can’t get your facts straight!!!

    1. Sam

      Dude… Did you not read what they told you at the end of the article?
      “We recommend that you do not call our Customer Care representatives as they have no additional information and will not be able to process your hardware upgrade at this time.”

  33. James

    Just curious. I excited to pick up a iPhone 4 tomorrow and was wondering what the deal was if you want to go to an iPhone from another smart phone? My girlfriend got a Blackberry Bold on December 30th, 2008 and was wondering if she’ll be able to upgrade in the same fashion as others going from iPhone>iPhone. I would hope Rogers is extending that offer to other customers if they do in fact want everyone possible to get the new iPhone and seems like a no brainer as she would be signing on to another 3 year contract only 1.5 years into her current one.

  34. Don

    A 3-year contract means you guys aren’t getting a single penny from me.

  35. Maz

    no-term? What does that mean exactly?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Maz, that means that you can buy the device outright and use with your current plan for $649 (16 GB) and $749 (32 GB).

      1. Ed

        RogersRob, can you please us a good reason why we would choose to buy a device outright from Rogers – where it would be locked, versus picking up a device, at the same price, directly from Apple and be unlocked?

        Thank you in advance.

      2. Adam

        Actually, it’s $659/$779 at the apple store which is slightly more than from Rogers.

  36. Mad Rogers Customer

    Also, the online tool states that I have to pay full price, Thank you, as my termination fee is less than the price difference for the phone with Bell and Telus!

  37. bf4

    What would your suggested course of action be for someone on a corporate plan? I’ve been eligible for a hardware upgrade since June but was waiting for the new iPhone. Will I be able to call tomorrow and get an iPhone (or at least a spot on a waiting list)? Or, will I be able to go to a Rogers store and do the upgrade there? Thanks.

    1. RogersRob

      As a corporate customer looking to upgrade to a new iPhone, you can do so via your dedicated site or by calling your assigned Rogers representative.

      1. RobM

        Our corporate Rogers rep is telling us to go line up at the Apple store or Best Buy or Futureshop. Is that what you mean by contact them?

        We have been a corporate Rogers customer for years, and this is the only answer we are receiving. Sure you are not expecting corporate customers to send each employee to the Apple store?

      2. Patrick

        Happily, my rep just emailed me today saying they have a device for me. I’m very surprised that your rep is asking you to endure all the silliness of 3am lineups.

        I’m paying a premium over the offer in this Redboard post, but I’m thinking it is well worth it.

  38. Yeah, the eligibility checker does not include the discount.

    It gives me $749 for 32GB. I’m assuming I then subtract the discount listed (Mine being $250) to get the listed $499 price.

    But seriously, awesome prices! I love you Rogers :)

  39. Chris

    Is it not possible to have a smooth rollout with products? This was handled worse than last years 3GS rollout and you have a new website, Redboard and other media at your disposal.
    That rogers.com/iphone link is useless and totally contradicts what I was told when I called in. I mean, seriously it is a little sad and hopefully you implement changes that cause less confusion and frustration in the future or I’ll just pay out my contract and deal with someone else.

  40. Burke

    The eligibility checker doesn’t work. I’ve been on a contract since the first day the 3G was released, and it says I’m not eligible.

  41. Jonathan Salamati

    I’ve had my contract for almost two years, why can’t I get the iPhone 4 at the $159 price point? This is very, very disappointing.

  42. Ryan

    Why is it $50 to share 6gb between two devices when it is $30 to use the exact same amount of data on one device? This makes no sense. A hamburger doesn’t cost more because you cut it in half.

    1. Chad

      That’s the best analogy I’ve heard in a while :-)

    2. Ed

      But the restaurant wants to charge you minimum charge per seat you take up (per device)


      1. But a restaurant is smart enough not to charge you, because they understand that pissing off their customers is not good business.

        HINT HINT.

        too subtle?

  43. I gave you $300 a year ago to upgrade to the 3GS on the first day it was available. Now you’re telling me that if I want to upgrade to the 4, I need to give you $499? PLUS $20/mth if I want to share the data I already pay for with an iPad? Highway robbery!

    1. Sam

      300$ for a 700$ phone.


      I’m loving all the comments of people thinking they’re ripping them off. This policy is MUCH better than their regular hardware upgrade program. Chill people. Wow.

      1. Dan

        Really tell that to AT&T cause they’ve done upgrading the right way.

      2. Harry

        geez, smart guy… its the 100 + a month they’ll be making off our plans thats why we find the prices are too high and clearly the iphone 4 is not worth 700 dollars

  44. Chad

    It’s a well known fact that there are crazies (aka: early adopters like myself) who enjoy upgrading their Apple products yearly. Rogers MUST know this. It’s also very likely that people like us spend more than $100 a month on Rogers wireless services. Last year there was a discount given for people like us but this year there isn’t (or a much smaller one) – I feel like a complete sucker. Perhaps this is the impetus many of us need to finally leave this greedy company. Sorry, Rogers, I’m not impressed.

  45. MacD

    IPad sharing for $20+GRRF? More than twice the cost of Bell’s $10.

  46. Patrick

    649$ or 749$ to upgrade and add 1 year to my contract …
    I can buy an unlocked at the same price at the Apple Store … no raison to upgrade for me …

  47. Maggie

    I got a BlackBerry in December 2008, will I get the $159 pricing or do I have to pay full price?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Maggie,

      The programs listed above are current for iPhone customers. In this case, the standard hardware upgrade would apply towards your purchase.

  48. OK, iPhone is out of the way, where’s a new Android with front facing camera and hardware keyboard?

  49. Mark

    Why does everyone have a problem paying $20 to share 6GB on their iPad? Seems like a great deal to me considering you get 250MB for $15 or 5GB for $35. I for one will be one board with that asap!

    1. Because Bell charges $ 10 for the exact same thing. I pay double for the Rogers brand name??

    2. kiwi

      Its because the fee is not once off is it? its EVERY month

      1. CokeCan

        It’s also because it is $50/mth, not $20. You pay the $30/mth for the 6GB, then an additional $20/mth for the “priviledge” of using two devices to access it.

    3. Ed

      it’s not $20, it’s $20 + rogers fee, more like $23.

      And this is RECURRING where the $15 or $35 you can CANCEL on the months you don’t use it.

    4. I can pay $15 for 250MB of data that I may or may not burn through in a month on the iPad. Next month if I decide I don’t want to pay the fee I can drop it.

      If I pay Rogers for the “privilege” of using the data I’ve already paid for on my iPad, I presume I’m stuck paying them $20 per month for the next 3 years. That’s a forced $720 commitment, vs. $0, $15, or $35 per month depending on my needs. Even if I can cancel the $20 add-on at will, it’s still a change that’s tied to my primary contract so there’s the danger that doing that will somehow allow Rogers to decide that I’ve agreed to restart my 3 year contract, am cancelling my 6GB data plan, or something else retarded that will cause me to need to spend 3 hours on the phone sorting it out.

      If I’m already paying $30 for 6GB of data, how is it reasonable to ask me to pay 2/3 of that cost again, just to use the data I’m ALREADY PAYING FOR? Granted if I’m using it on another device I’ll probably use a bit more, but not THAT much more.

      That’s why we’re upset.

      – Andrew.

      P.S. On a positive note, even just allowing the sharing (at any price) is a step. Plus, I’m happy that I can upgrade my 3G for $269, happy enough that I’ll forego the non-contract phone.

  50. Paul

    What about upgrade pricing for customers who don’t currently have an iPhone? All the descriptions above talk about situations where you already have a previous iPhone:

    “Did you activate or upgrade your Rogers iPhone…”

    Are these prices the same for current blackberry or android users too?

    1. Sam

      I’m pretty sure they are.

    2. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Paul,

      We do have hardware upgrade programs for non-iPhone customers too.

      You can learn about your eligibility by visiting a Rogers retail outlet or through your My Rogers profile on rogers.com.


  51. Eva

    Rogers definitely need to fix their eligibility checker.

    My husband bought his iPhone as a new Rogers customer on a 3 year plan February 2009. According to their “Did you activate or upgrade your Rogers iPhone on a term contract between January 1, 2009 and June 7, 2010? Then you’re eligible for at least $250 off the no-term device price. That’s an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $399/$499 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.”

    But when I put his number in it tells him he’s eligible at full price…

    You shouldn’t call it a HUP when you charge full price. I always thought of the HUP as offerring some sort of discount. Not much of an “upgrade plan” when you have to pay full price.

  52. Andy Morris

    I have a few questions regarding this information. According to this, I am eligible for the $159/$269 pricing. I purchased my iPhone 3G on a Rogers term contract in July of 2008. You currently have a link on your MyRogers page that is supposed to let me check my eligibility. It’s a big button that says “Check if you are eligible for special iPhone 4 pricing”. However, when I submit my information, it says I am only eligible for $649/$749 pricing. It says that no matter what number I enter. I suspect your eligibility tool is not working… you may want to fix it, or perhaps clarify other situations in which I may not be eligible.

    Secondly, the family share plan for an extra $25 is very vague. Do I just sign up for any plan, (including my current voice + 6GB plan) and for $25 more I can just share whatever plan I have? What about text messages, visual voicemail, and caller ID? Is that shared too, or are there extra fees?

    1. Chetan

      No. Simple answer is that you sign up for any family plan (which includes 2 lines), and any additional lines (i.e., lines 3-5), will be $25 per line.

  53. Tracey

    Thanks for the posting – any chance you can confirm the HUG site is incorrect – as others have stated the site tool gives me full price, where the above says $159 for me. Which info will the stores be working with? I appreciate the family share and ipad share plans, would love more info on them!

  54. Graham J

    The eligibility tool isn’t working, don’t bother.

    For $650 you can buy it unlocked from Apple, no contract required.

  55. is the $20 add on for the iPad only applicable to the iPhone $30 6GB data plan or can we link it to our BlackBerry $30 6GB data plan.

    Also why are you charging $20 when Bell is only Charging $10 for the iPad tether addon?????

  56. Dan

    Don’t know why we have to pay 400.00 if were in a contract compared to 169.99 for a iphone 4. Someone should have just looked at what AT&T has done and do the samething.

  57. Ok, here’s my crazy little plan. I’m with Rogers and qualify for an upgrade, my wife is with Telus. I was going to just buy an unlocked phone as I’m not a huge fan of contracts.

    However, your new ‘Family Share’ plan intrigues me, but I don’t have a spare 3GS kicking around and I’m certainly not cruel enough to make my wife use my dated 3G.

    What I’d like to do is upgrade to the iPhone 4 at my subsidized price and sign for a new 3 year term. As well I will buy an unlocked iPhone 4 direct from Apple and have it added to my current plan for the $25/month. (I assume she could not get a subsidized phone through Rogers if she’s just being added to share plan).

    Does this sound right, am I interpreting things correctly? Will my wife need to sign a three year term as well or will I just need the three year term to qualify for adding the extra data/voice line for the $25?

    The end goal is I’d like us to both have iPhone 4s, and given the savings a family share plan would enable, I’d like to go that route.

    Will the share plan give her all the same features as I have in my iPhone plan, namely tethering, visual voicemail, etc?

    Will we get unlimited calling, text and picture messaging between each other?

    A lot of questions, I know. Just trying to take the best possible route.

    1. Cee Cee

      According to the info Rogers gave me if your wife is not a current rogers customer she can get the new iphone 4 at $159 as long as she agrees to the 3 year terms and you can take the family offer!

      This is exactly what I am going to do too.

    2. Chetan

      Let me try to answer your query in parts:

      1. “What I’d like to do is upgrade to the iPhone 4 at my subsidized price and sign for a new 3 year term. As well I will buy an unlocked iPhone 4 direct from Apple and have it added to my current plan for the $25/month.”

      You cannot add your unlocked phone to your current plan for $25. The $25 only applies to family plans of 3 lines or more, where lines 3-5 would be $25 per line in addition to the base rate of the family plan.

      The family share works like this: you sign up for it. If you are new customers, you must buy new phones. If you are existing customers, you use your curent phones, or HUP them. As the family plans include 2 lines, you will share between both phones the contents of the plan. If you decide to sign up for the 6GB data addition, it is and can only be added to one line and not shared. Thus if you have a plan that has 5mb of data and 100 minutes, and you add the 6GB data, one of you will have 6.25GB of data and the other will have 250Mb of data.

      2. “Will the share plan give her all the same features as I have in my iPhone plan, namely tethering, visual voicemail, etc?

      Will we get unlimited calling, text and picture messaging between each other?”

      The family share plan allows each person to choose their own features. If you and your wife go on a family share plan, then she will have her own features on her line, and you will have your own features on your line. You don’t share them. If you want unlimited texting and such, these are things you will pay extra for and won’t be shared (i.e., you will pay for them on each line).

      If you and your wife each want an iphone 4, the best best is for you to HUP, and your wife to sign up on a new contract, or buy an unlocked phone from apple, and choose your carrier and plan.

  58. Kevin

    20/month to share data with my iPad? MyWi it is then.

    1. kiwi

      I’m with you on this!!

    2. Graham J

      *thumbs up*

      Only problem is the 4 can’t be jailbroken yet (or at least it hasn’t been released)

      That’s why I’m holding off. Well, that and not wanting to stand in line for a phone.

  59. @RogersKeith will you be responding shortly to all of our questions?

  60. PimoWPG

    Can the $30/6GB be added to a family share plan, or does it only apply on a phone by phone basis?

    1. RogersRob

      Yes, the $30/6GB plan can be added to family share plans, but only the shared voice one. In other words, they can share voice/messaging but would require separate data plans for each phone. Make sense?

  61. Greg

    I didn’t know this blog even existed until today, please tell someone at Rogers to update the website. There’s absolutely no information there…

  62. MRW

    So the upgrade checker won’t work until after midnight tonight, what a lot of use that is. Perhaps I want to know how much Rogers will gouge me in the morning, should I dare to want an iPhone 4.

    Phones from Rogers will be locked, even paying full price, so get it from Apple instead.

    As for this “on or before June 7″ tosh. Well, I’d love to have got my iPhone on launch day from Rogers, but a lack of a) stock, and b) competence (their servers went down, meaning things could not be processed) prevented this, so I wait a few days and miss the window.

    Ah well, a gouging from Rogers, what a shock!

    I think I’ll have a chat with the retentions department and see if Rogers fancies keeping a customer to gouge, or wether they don’t care and thus I’ll take my long years of loyalty with them somewhere else where I might get better service. Of course I’ll get battered by the early termination fee, nothing new there though.

  63. And $20 extra to add a device to the same 6GB allotment? How can they sleep at night? If they added extra GB’s to support the extra device, I can understand it, but to nearly double the price for the same data bucket is disgusting.

  64. Steve

    It’s nice to see the 30$ for 6Gb back….
    But what i dont like…. i’m paying 35$ for my iPad with no contract…… and if i would love to share the 6Gb for 30$, i need to have a 3 yrs contract and also add a 20$ per month ?… so 50$ for the same 6 Gb and for 3 YRS…. is it right ?
    If so… Rogers wont have me as a customer… and will loose my iPad registration… since Bell is offering the 30$ for 6Gb and 10$ / month to share date… and NO CONTRACT.

  65. iPads for an extra $20 (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee).

    wow on a 6gb plan + tethering it is going to cost us $50.00 + 2 Government regilatory recovery fee. Thats $56.50 + aprox $5.20 fee = $61.70 to share data.

    if we dont share then we pay :

    iPhone 6GB $30 + tax = $33.90 (no govern. fee because u r already paying on your line)

    iPad 5GB $35 + tax = $39.55 (pay as you go, no Govern Fee)

    Total $73.45 for a total of 11GB Data

    so for an extra $11.75 it is not worth it to share data and be locked in for 3 years on the ipad

  66. R604

    So for an added $20 PER MONTH, on top of the $30 dollars i am paying for 6gb, you will allow me the privilege to use data I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR on my ipad? Are you kidding me?

    Is that no akin to the cable company asking someone to pay extra $ per month for watching TV on separate sets?! I have paid for this data…6gb… WHY do i have to pay you more to use it in another device?

    This is the precise reason your company is known as Robbers.

    1. kiwi

      Totally Agree.

      You know, the upgrade pricing seems to be fair and better than I expected, so thank you. but the data sharing and extra “fees” are not great.

  67. omer

    I have the original 3G which I purchased day 1 in 2008, why do I have to pay Full price for iPhone 4? Can i not just extend my contract and get the $159/$259 pricing?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Omer, you should be eligible to get the $159/$269 iPhone 4 pricing.

  68. Scott Brookes

    im on a family plan where we bought 2 iphones in 2008 then last year we upgraded 1 of them….. can you tell me what my eligibility is?

  69. Mark

    I think Rogers decided that if Apple can screw up it’s new iPhone design, they can screw up their national roll-out. I got an email from Rogers in June begging customers to stop harassing customer service with iPhone4 questions – they don’t know anything. (Apparently, they still don’t.) The letter said information would be available “well before” the roll out. I guess they meant 18 hours. They’ve also been collecting user info on the site for two months, with promises of emailed info. Promise unfulfilled. I wonder what Rogers will do with all that ill-gotten customer info?

    But really, offering a special app to determine your pricing, and then telling everyone they have to pay full price, that’s a classic. Would have been even more fun if they told everyone they got the full discount, and then had to renege! And they wonder why we hate our telcos so much. This note also promises to answer as many questions as possible in this chain. I guess that means zero – same as the customer service people can do.

    OK, one thing I have to say for Rogers – as far as I can tell, Bell and Telus STILL haven’t made any announcements.

    And another thing – that option to add additional family members for $25/month is interesting, although I want to see the fine print. For $25, I’m guessing you get no minutes and no data, but you can share. Interesting.

  70. Michael Mahoney

    I purchased my phone in December 2008, based on what you say in the article above I should be eligible for an upgrade. However when I use the upgrade checker at http://www.rogers.com/iphone it says I need to pay full price. Which is correct?

  71. Will Blackberry customers get the same discounts if they are upgrading to the iPhone 4?
    (Asking for a friend)

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Drake,

      The hardware upgrade is for current iPhone customers only. Regular hardware upgrade policy apply to BlackBerry customers.

      1. la roja

        Why the difference between iphone and other Rogers phone users???
        It works out that I’m being penalized because I bought a BB instead of an IPhone two years ago???? That’s not fair!

  72. Paul

    Bell is only charging $10 extra per month to share the 6GB data plan with iPad…

  73. “Share with your family
    Now that you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4, what do you do with your 3GS? Pass it on through our Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data. Starting August 4, add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on a three-year term for up to five people!”

    Share MINUTES, MESSAGING AND DATA… ! SERIOUSLY? Wow. Now that would be something.

  74. Scott Strickland

    For the record Bell is going to be offering the same 6GB data deal but for only 10 dollars a month extra to tether with Ipad. Will Rogers match Bell?

    Source: http://mobilesyrup.com/2010/07/27/bell-putting-6gb-30month-data-plan-on-the-table-for-the-iphone-4/

  75. Walter

    The family plans website does not seem to accurately list the plans. If I click on show details for a plan, it does not match the inital webpage (less minutes). Is there a page that lists family plans for the iphone correctly?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Walter, I think I know the problem. The family plans outlined in the blog post won’t be available until August 4.

    2. RogersRob

      Hi Walter, the new Unlimited Family Plans launch August 4. The site will be updated then.

  76. kiwi

    You guys are a total joke!! The webpage that shows eligibility for the upgrade does not work correctly. Do you actually TEST the page before going live?? You’ve had weeks to get this right and yet, again rogers is a joke.

  77. MIKEY_27

    I just called a Rogers rep and was told that the Upgrade Eligibility Tool will only give the full price value’s until tomorrow. Apperently although the site has been updated, the full update for the site isn’t in effect until 8am July 30th 2010.

    1. RogersRob

      We are experiencing technical difficulties with the tool (see update to post above), but once it’s resolved it should display your upgrade eligibility accurately. However, the actual upgrade can’t be made until the iPhone is available in store and on sale tomorrow.

  78. Blair

    Based on the comments here, and my own experience, it seems clear that the Eligibility Checker doesn’t really work. Which brings up a few questions:
    1. After the nth comment, why doesn’t a Rogers Redboard person post a comment/tweet admitting that yes, it is broken, sorry about that?
    2. Why don’t they take it off the website until its fixed? (Or update the press release if that is actually what is broken) – Maybe the eligibility checker belongs within My Rogers with the rest of our account information.
    3. Will anybody explain why Canadian carriers did not do pre-orders like the initial launch countries? I really would have appreciated that, instead of running around looking for iphone stock like a chicken with it’s head cutoff.

  79. RogersKeith

    Hey all. We are experiencing technical difficulties with our HUP eligibility tool and it may be giving incorrect results. We’re aware of it and are working on it. While we do, the tool may be temporarily unavailable. Thanks for your patience.

    1. amorak

      Thanks Keith, appreciate the update. Please make a new post when the tool is fixed!

    2. Corey

      Hey Keith, thanks for the information – now if only people would read it ;)
      Will you be posting a new article on RedBoard indicating when the tool is running again? Thanks.

  80. kiwi

    what a plus “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee” – A way of you guys saying you will charge us a fee, and blame the Govt??

  81. Jason

    Thank you Rogers for adding the shared data plan. $20 more is a bit more than I would have wanted, but more than willing to pay to share between my iPhone and my iPad.

  82. Ross

    I see there will be a smartphone and iPad sharing data plan. Can this data sharing package be used for a smartphone and Rocket Stick as well?

  83. Allan

    Is this promotion iPhone-specific?

    I upgraded to a Blackberry on Dec. 5, 2008. Am I still eligible for the price you are stating (159)?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      hi Allan.

      This is an iPhone-specific plan. We do have our standard HUP that you would be eligible for,


  84. Walter

    Now a bit confused regarding the family share option talked about above. Will this be part of new family share plans available next week? Or is it meant to share an existing, non family share plan?

    If the later, does the second line inherit all the options that the original has (visual voicemail, text plans, my5, etc)? or would I be paying $25 to use the minutes/data I am already paying for on another phone, and then paying more for all the options I need?

    1. Adam

      I second this question. Looks like a great option, for my hand-me-down iPhone but a little more info would be great.

    2. RogersRob

      Hey again Walter, my last comment covered this – all will be revealed Aug. 4. :)

  85. Dave

    What are the chances that being a Fido (Rogers owned) phone customer, being able to get in on the $20 data add on plan?

    1. Anthony

      FIdo does not offer an iPad data plan so this wouldn’t be possible.

  86. Eddie

    Hi All. Do anyone know if I can get the hardware upgrade and sign the extra 3 yrs contract thru Apple store or I need to go thru Rogers?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Eddie,

      You can upgrade and activate your account through either a Rogers or Apple retail store.


  87. Aaron Lawrence

    Quick question,
    I signed a 3 year contract for a iphone 3g on july 11 2008 (launch day) and renewed on june 8 or 9 2009 (launch day) for the 3gs. I spend 100 dollars a month on my plan? Can I renew and get an iphone 4 and what would be the price?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Aaron,
      Pretty sure you’d fit into this category (from the post above):

      Did you activate or upgrade the original iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again between June 19 and September 15, 2009?
      You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.


      1. Ryan

        Just wondering, I’m not sure if the ‘Eligibility Checker’ is fixed yet or not. Still my situation is almost the same, but I’m wondering if when I go for the upgrade tomorrow; and I’m still only eligible for the $499(looking to get the iPhone 4 32GB) price at the Rogers Plus.
        Can I just go through with the upgrade there, and have the bill adjusted to reflect what I was supposed to be charged? Was told to do this for the 3GS upgrade last year by the CSRs when I called about the mix-up.

        Also I’m just renewing my contract right? Just adding those three years, and not cancelling my current one to be eligible for the upgrade and price?

        Thanks for any help!

  88. frustrat"ED"

    Am I reading it wrong???

    I activated to 3G in early 2009, specifially the first week of Feb 2009.
    Based on the Special Hardware Upgrade originally posted above, this is what I read:

    (a) If you activated/upgraded your iPhone 3G before December 31, 2008, then you can get an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan. (same price as a new customer)

    (b) If you activated the iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgraded to iPhone 3Gs between June 19/09 & Sept 15/09, then you can get an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan (same price as a new customer)

    (c) If you activated your iPhone between January 1/09 and June 7/10, then you’re eligible for an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $399/$499 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.(only a dscount of $250 from the retail price)

    Here is my understanding:
    Since I only activated an iPhone 3G in Feb 2009, (based on above) I would fall under option (c) and be required to pay $399/$499.
    However, if I would have activated it 5 weeks earlier (Dec 2008), I could have fallen under option (a) at $159/$269… Infact, I would have had the option to upgrade to a 3Gs and according to option (b) still be eligible to upgrade at $159/$269.

    Not only did I miss out on the option to upgrade to a 3Gs, I am required to hand over $240 more than those who did upgrade to a 3Gs…

    Doesn’t seem fair….. time for a call…

    1. Kevin

      Hi there,

      I also activated my iphone 3G back in feb 2009. So I’m interested to know what they told you for the $159 promo.


  89. Eva

    Just spoke on the phone with a Rogers rep. They said the HUP tool is down for them as well and they said they honestly can’t give an accurate price until tomorrow.

    So no point in calling, they said the online HUP tool until tomorrow will just give you an estimate (even if it is working) and customer service reps are tied into the same online tool that we’ve been trying to access online.

  90. David

    ‘Did you activate or upgrade your Rogers iPhone on a term contract on or before December 31, 2008?
    Thank you for your business. You’re eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.’

    I have a question about – I apply to those conditions – but does this mean I have to cancel my current plan and pay cancellation fees in order to get that upgrade? I read the Legal Disclaimer.. can someone clarify this?

    1. Speed

      No. Your plan gets RESET. So if you buy the iPhone 4 tomorrow, your contract will END 2013.

      Better than Fido, since they STACK contracts. Example: Say you’re 1 year into your contract and you get the new iPhone 4, your contract will then end in 2015!

  91. Rob

    For $20 I will stick with my Telus iPad data plan. To bad Rogers wants to make you pay an additional $20.00 for “access” to the same 6gb plan that you are already paying $30.00 for.

    1. Peter

      The reason i didnt get a 3g ipad was because i didnt on principle want to pay the extra $20 for the data plan when i already have the 6gb that is not being fully used. The only good news i want to hear is that i can tether my iphone to my ipad, anything else i am will just continue to feel ripped off.

  92. Shoaib

    Thank you for a decent upgrade policy. Rogers has redeemed itself.

  93. Gary

    What is the pricing of these phones for people that just have voice plans and don’t want / need a data plan when you renew your existing plan to get iPhone 4?

    1. It seems crazy to me to not want a data plan yet to want an iPhone. SO much of the phone’s functionality relies on data!

      1. Johnson

        Actually only TEENAGERS need the data plan since they want to go ONLINE at 24*7.

        The only function replied on 3G data is GPS. However, would you use iphone as GPS when driving? If yes, you are crazy!

        Otherwise why not use WIFI? Starbuck, Blenz … are providing free WIFI. As a mobile salesman, I can tell you that the average 3G data flow for IPhone users is only about 200-250MB in Canada.

      2. Frank

        iphone has standalone GPS… used with TomTom where the maps are stored on phone no service is required… you can turn off 3G and Edge and Wifi and still get turn by turn directions…. using maps or google maps require Data because you download map from internet as you are driving… that is a good way to go over your data limit…

      3. bzerkster

        I travel across Canada twice a week, 3g is useful to avoid hunting for wifi and to do stuff on the train/cab/etc..

      4. 야야야

        every tech-savvy needs it, not only teenagers~
        open your eyes buddy

      5. Wow, what a myopic comment.

        I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now, using my 3G connection on my iPhone, tethered to my Macbook Pro. I’m doing this even though there’s free wifi here because Sympatico’s wifi connection doesn’t let me do some things I need to do for work, whereas my tethered iPhone does.

        Furthermore, your comment about using GPS while driving being crazy is, well, crazy. I use GPS on my iPhone and iPad very regularly. I have purchased Navigon MobileNavigator for both North America and Europe. Ironically of course, neither app requires internet access for maps, although they do use it for traffic info.

      6. Ted

        “The only function replied on 3G data is GPS. However, would you use iphone as GPS when driving? If yes, you are crazy!”

        Eh? The Tom Tom app is fantastic, and has saved me hours of time and tons of tension over the last year. Would u not use gps when driving? One device, amazing function –what is not to live?

      7. Gary

        Have wifi at work and at home. So don’t need data.

      8. But you have a phone at work and at home, too, presumably, right? So why even get a phone?

      9. Gary

        Coz I can use the phone while I am driving but I can’t use it to surf when I am driving.

      10. Raul

        I’m sure you have a phone at home and at the office, so through your reasoning, you don’t need a cellphone!

      11. Dan

        God forbid he has options right? Just cause you use data doesn’t mean everyone does.

      12. But again – the whole premise of the phone basically depends on having a data plan with it. Otherwise you’ve got an iPod touch that lets you make phone calls.

        Or, if you don’t want a data plan (which I presume is how Rogers is recouping their subsidizing costs), buy it without a contract. One *does* have options, after all.

      13. Michael

        then why get a smart phone at all?

        Or just get low data plan so can surf when not at work or home like on the bus/train or when a passenger in a car/truck/suv etc..

      14. Sammy

        Then buy an iTouch. Problem solved!

  94. Steph

    seriously! just answer the question that has been asked over and over! Is the pricing the same if you are currently NOT an iphone user?? What is “standard” hardware upgrade when you are discussing an iphone4? none of this is really “standard”. SO rogers! Answer. yes or no?

    1. sara

      means you have to wait till your 24 months are up before you can upgrade to Iphone 4 without paying $649/$749

    2. Maggie

      Hey Steph, there seems to be alot of confusion over who can and can’t upgrade. I’ve spoken to three different reps, a store owner and did the online upgrade eligibility checker (which is now working btw) and all said yes I could upgrade from my BB which is only 19 months into it’s contract. So I’m not sure why some reps are saying no and some yes. Something Rogers really needs to fix as although I’d be disappointed if every rep said no at least I’d know where I stood. I’m just going to line up and hopefully get one :)

    3. RogersKeith

      Hey Steph. Rogers subsidizes hardware upgrades for all customers based on length of contract and plan details. The iPhone plan we announced today goes above and beyond that offer. Any retail location can tell you the specifics of your eligibility.

      1. mike

        This isn’t true. The retail location have no idea and neither does the telephone customer service. I had called in at 8am this morning asking if I was eligible – they said yes. I even asked if I could go into a Rogers store and purchase it at a fully subsidised price – yes. I wait *5 hours*, have an iphone4 in front of me, and you guys wouldnt sell me the phone.
        I called customer service while at the retail location with the phone and they said I qualified for the 399$ 3GS promotion – but the retail location had nothing in their system saying such. I gave up and left.
        I called customer service again this afternoon – and they said I qualified for $159 deal. Problem is now there’s no more phones. I should have an iphone4 in my pocket right now.
        I also checked the eligilbility thing on the website and it says I’m qualified for a $159 16G iphone.

        Rogers – get your act together. I’m very dissappointed – should I pay out the rest of my contract and just switch to Bell.
        I really hope you’re not in the business of pissing off your loyal customers.
        What can you do to help me?

    4. Stef

      The price is different for every customer! No need to be so nasty! It goes by your account info so NOBODY can answer that for you!! CHILL!!

  95. 1234

    It’s nice that continually reward iPhone customers with lucrative discounts every year. What about everyone else?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      We do have our standard hardware upgrade program, which applies for non-iPhone customers. You can learn about your eligibility by popping into a Rogers retail location or through Rogers.com.

  96. Chris

    WOW! You had how many weeks/months to prepare for this and can’t even get the tool working properly. BRUTAL! And $20 to share data with ipad is rediculous! And you position it like you’re doing us a favour. Shame on you Rogers!

  97. Bamelin

    So how does the family plan work exactly?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Bamelin. With share plans, multiple devices can share in the voice, messaging and other features of the phone. If you decide to share the data, that’s included too. More details are at http://rogers.com/familyshare

  98. Tommy

    Is there any pricing for 1 year or 2 years contract (for iPhone 4), or there is only 3 years contract (159$/269$)?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Tommy,

      At this time, iPhone 4 is only available with a 3-year voice and data plan.


  99. Stephen Shaw

    I’m a bit confused. I tried the online HUP and it returned the full (649/749) price structure. [I now understand that some problems are being experienced with this tool ... no problem].

    I then phoned Rogers Customer Service, and was told that I was eligible at the 399/499 level.

    BUT, I am one of those customers who got the 3G immediately when it came out, and then upgraded to the 3GS immediately when that was available. According to what I have read above, shouldn’t I be eligible for the 159/269 price structure?

    I’m concerned that when I go to the store tomorrow morning, I’ll be asked to pay 499? or 749? when it should be 269?

    Is there any documentation I should bring with me? Or how should I handle a situation where the store rep quotes the wrong amount??

    1. Sachin

      I have the EXACT same issue lol…let’s hope its the 159/269 price…let me know if u find out

    2. ED

      LIke you, I spoke to the customer service reps after the online HUP failed for me.
      At first they were telling me my upgrade cost would be $399/$499.
      I quoted them the above details and found out that most of the CS reps in his office were unaware of the posting made by RogersKeith, and immediated attempted to shrug off the conversation by telling me that there is an internal miscommunication & that I should call back tomorrow…
      Problem is.. If I do that, then I potentially lose the chance of getting the 4 tomorrrow… or…. face the store reps who may be lost as well….

    3. Stephen Shaw

      Just tried the HUP tool again (after it came back online at about 6pm-ish EST … It’s now telling me 159/269!!


      Thanks for all the comments!

  100. Michael

    I’ve had the same account with Rogers since 1991, but every time a hardware upgrade cycle comes around, I always feel shafted. I got a 3G in early May 2009 (only after my old phone packed it in) but under the above terms, I have to pay $240 more than if I had gotten the 3G just 3 months earlier. $80/month penalty for NOT abusing my hardware upgrade elegibility. How long until customer relations can deal with the iPhone 4?

  101. Ed

    Is there also a 3 years contract on the iPad $20 add-on? Or can it be cancelled anytime and add back again anytime?

    Can existing customers with iPhone data add the $20 iPad add-on without extending contract?

  102. Tristan

    What happend to the deal below? I came from Bell to get the iPhone 3GS the day it was launched in Canada.

    Rogers Amended iPhone 3GS Upgrade Policy

    Existing iPhone 3G Rogers customers:

    Option #1

    Existing Rogers iPhone 3G customers with a minimum tenure of 6 months since the launch of the iPhone 3GS on June 19, 2009 will be able to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS with a $250 discount towards the no-term price. You will be required to add 1 year onto your existing contract and have an attached data plan.

    16GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $449 ($699 outright)
    32GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $549 ($799 outright)
    All administration fees will be waived for the customers who are taking advantage of this offer.
    Option #2

    Existing Rogers iPhone 3G customers who activated or upgraded from July 11, 2008 to September 30, 2008 and have consistently spent on average of $100 or more each month (before taxes) will be able to take advantage of the promotional pricing. You will be required to add 1 year onto your existing contract and have an attached data plan.

    16GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $199 ($699 outright)
    32GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $299 ($799 outright)
    All administration fees will be waived for the customers who are taking advantage of this offer.
    Existing non-iPhone 3G Rogers customers:

    Your pricing will vary from promotional pricing to near-outright pricing.

    16GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $199 to $499 (outright $699)
    32GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $299 to $599 (outright $799)
    For exact pricing, see your local Rogers dealer or contact 1-888-ROGERS1.

  103. kaybeenz

    I purchased and activated my iPhone 3G back in 2008, so I should be eligible for the $159/$269 price. If I go ahead and pick up an iPhone 4 on a NEW 3-year plan, I can choose to go on the $30/6gig plan, correct? (Since it’s a brand new 3-year contract, I shouldn’t have to stick to the one I’m currently on?)

    1. RogersRob

      Yes, you can change to a new plan at any time, even if you don’t upgrade your device.

  104. Paul

    Hello, I’m currently with Fido. Got my iPhone 3G in August 2008. My contract ends next year. Accoring to fido HUP eligibility tool I’m able to get the the 32GB iPhone 4 for $269. My question is: does fido also reset my contract to a fresh 3 years? Or is my contract going to be extended by 3 years for a total or 4 years (since I still have 1 year remaining)?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Paul,
      When Fido customers take advantage of early HUP offer, contracts are reset to three years.

  105. Dave

    So I pay Rogers $30 a month for a pre-paid 6GB bucket of data and you honestly think I’ll give you another $20 a month ($240 a year) so I can use it with my iPad 3G? Keep wishing.

    I think I’ll pull the sim out of my new iPhone 4 and stick it into my iPad, enter the Internet WAP information so I can access my data bucket FOR FREE!

  106. moicle

    I called Rogers and although I upgraded in 2008 and then again last year customer relations told me I’m eligible for the $399/16GB – What gives? Aren’t I eligible for the $199/16GB as posted here? What a mess… Wondering if CRTC is monitoring the situation

  107. Scott

    I have an existing Blackberry Curve with Rogers, and I have the $30/6GB data plan. I want to get a new iPhone 4 tomorrow, to replace by Blackberry. Can I transfer the $30/6GB plan from my Blackberry to my iPhone 4?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Scott, you can upgrade your device without changing plans. But recommend you contact your local store tomorrow first to confirm iPhone 4s are in stock.

  108. Matt

    will I be able to get a micro sim from the apple store and have my rogers account switched to it if I buy an iphone 4 from them?

    1. My understanding is that Apple can sell iPhones to Rogers subscribers at Rogers-subsidized prices.

  109. vignesh

    Hey RogersKeith, I upgraded iPhone 3g to 3gs on june 2009 so will I be getting the iPhone 4 32GB for $269?
    I’m little confused and can you please reply so that I can line up convicing my other friends too?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      HI Vignesh.

      I can help with that one.

      Correct. If you upgraded to iPhone 3GS between June 19 and September 15, 2009, you are eligible for an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.


      1. mike

        I was in the Rogers store today with an iphone4 in front of me, in the same situation, but they wouldnt sell me the phone (under any pricing structure).

  110. Tristan

    Why can’t you offer the same deal for iPhone 3GS customers as you did last year for iPhone 3G customers?

    Rogers Amended iPhone 3GS Upgrade Policy

    Existing iPhone 3G Rogers customers:

    Option #1

    Existing Rogers iPhone 3G customers with a minimum tenure of 6 months since the launch of the iPhone 3GS on June 19, 2009 will be able to upgrade to an iPhone 3GS with a $250 discount towards the no-term price. You will be required to add 1 year onto your existing contract and have an attached data plan.

    16GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $449 ($699 outright)
    32GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $549 ($799 outright)
    All administration fees will be waived for the customers who are taking advantage of this offer.
    Option #2

    Existing Rogers iPhone 3G customers who activated or upgraded from July 11, 2008 to September 30, 2008 and have consistently spent on average of $100 or more each month (before taxes) will be able to take advantage of the promotional pricing. You will be required to add 1 year onto your existing contract and have an attached data plan.

    16GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $199 ($699 outright)
    32GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $299 ($799 outright)
    All administration fees will be waived for the customers who are taking advantage of this offer.
    Existing non-iPhone 3G Rogers customers:

    Your pricing will vary from promotional pricing to near-outright pricing.

    16GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $199 to $499 (outright $699)
    32GB iPhone 3GS in Black or White – $299 to $599 (outright $799)
    For exact pricing, see your local Rogers dealer or contact 1-888-ROGERS1.

  111. Wow, worth the wait. Cheaper than expected for subsidized phones? Rogers, you impress me. Fingers crossed my local Rogers store still has some tomorrow.

  112. Dominic

    Im confused about the new contract. Do I have to go with a new voice and data plan? I want to keep the same one I’m using now. Its a good plan. No way I would change it.

  113. john

    Does Fido stack contracts? I have 1 year remaining in a 3 year contract, so if I renew now, will my contract be 3 years from today or 4 years?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi John,
      Fido contracts are reset to three years when you take advantage of this HUP offer.

      1. RogersKeith

        To clarify, for Fido customers upgrading under the special iPhone 4 early uprade program, a new three year contract starts immediately. For Fido customers upgrading to iPhone 4 under normal hardware upgrade eligibility rules, contracts start when the current term expires. To understand how this policy applies to you, best to check with the dealer where you upgrade your Fido device.

  114. Steve Lore

    RogersRob says:
    July 29, 2010 at 3:36 pm
    Hi Drake,

    The hardware upgrade is for current iPhone customers only. Regular hardware upgrade policy apply to BlackBerry customers.

    ** I just spoke with a rogers rep over the phone, and was told that ANY smartphone purchased before June.07 would get the discounted price. I have a bold 9700, and was told it would be fine.

    1. Maggie

      I got told that too by two different reps and when I used the eligibility tool it told me I was eligible for upgrade. So I don’t know who is misinformed here but if it gets me my iPhone I don’t really care :P.

  115. Richard

    Does this apply to business customers as well? I’ve typically had to go through the business call centre in the past to do a hardware upgrade.

  116. Sachin

    Quick question:

    I have two wireless phones on my bill, both iPhones.

    First iPhone– A 3g, purchased before dec 31, 2008 and hasn’t been upgraded.
    Second iPhone- A 3gs, purchased in August of 2009, as an upgrade to a 3g, which was purchased before Dec 31, 2008.
    The wireless cost for both phones combined (on the same account) is close to $200.

    How much would it cost to upgrade both phones to the iPhone 4? From what I read, it should cost $159 each.

    Let me know!



  117. steve

    Why won’t rogers match Bell pricing.. on the sharing plan? they seem to match them on the ipad plans for everything else?

    pitiful…. I would of considered $10 per month but not $20 per month to use what I have already paid for… so I will just pay as I need it then… not going to pay $240 a year for something I am already paying for…

  118. Matthew

    Are there any store doing a midnight release sale to get one tonight at 12am?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Mathew,

      Rogers stores will opening tomorrow at their normal time.


  119. Frank

    Hi Keith,

    Does the $30/month 6 Gb data plan also include voice? If so, how much airtime do we get?

    1. No, the $30/month is ONLY for data.

    2. RogersRob

      Hi Frank, Ryan’s correct – that plan is just for data.

  120. Trevor

    “If you take advantage of this early hardware upgrade offer, your new 3-year term will begin immediately.”

    Is this true for Fido customers as well?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Trevor.
      Yes, this applies to Fido customers as well as contracts are reset to three years.

  121. nickers

    Hey Rogers!

    Question for you, I activated an iPhone 3G on July 11, 2008 (launch day) and then upgraded to an iPhone 3GS on June 23, 2009. Does that mean I fall into the category I pasted below, or am I reading something wrong?

    Did you activate or upgrade the original iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again between June 19 and September 15, 2009?
    You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

    1. You should qualify but the tool will probably tell you that you don’t. I’m in the same boat.

  122. Math B

    Question for RogersRob:

    I’m 20 months in my 3 years contract which gives me access to the 480$ discount. I am not interested in the iPhone4 but however I am looking forward to another phone (Samsung Galaxy S). Assuming it comes out before the end of this promotion, is there any ways this discount could be applied ?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Math,
      I can help with that one.
      The plans we discuss above are exclusive to iPhone 4. However, we have our standard HUP that you may be eligible for. One of our reps at a Rogers store should be able to help. Or, you can check out your eligibility via Rogers.com.

      1. Soon to be Ex Rogers Cust.

        Why don’t you come right out and be honest. The regular HUP is BUYING THE BLODDY PHONT OUTRIGHT! I’m sick and tired of the garbage that Rogers is pulling on me here!

  123. Casey

    Hey Keith, I have a question for you.. I bought a iPhone 3g prior to December 2008 on my 3 year plan, That phone however broke in late May 2009, I then re-purchased a refurbished 3G phone in October 2009 and now have had that one since. Will I be eligible for the upgrade?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Casey,
      Check out the HUP tool on rogers.com/iphone for your eligibility.
      However, based on the information you provided, If you activated your Rogers iPhone on a term contract on or before December 31, 2008, you can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

  124. Jeff

    The iphone 4 early upgrade offer is for all existing customers in the date timeframes laid out. Not Just for current iphone users.

    1. Maggie

      Just talked to a Rogers Rep, it’s just for iPhone users. Other smartphones users have to have their phones 24 months or longer to get the upgrade.

  125. Andrew

    When will Customer Care be able to process iPhone 4 HUP?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Andrew,
      At this time, we don’t have any information as to when that will be available. Your best bet is to pop into a Rogers store.

  126. Jeff

    Sry. I think I was wrong…

  127. Tom

    Last year I had to pay a $50 fee to upgrade in store, making my price $449, is that the case this year as well or is it $399 flat for early upgraders?

  128. Russ

    Allowing multiple devices to share a subscriber’s monthly limited data allowance should not involve an extra charge, it should be FREE!

    I purchased 6GB/month and which devices I use to consume my allocation is none of their business.

    Alternatively, if they want to provide an UNLIMITED data plan for $30, then an extra fee for additional devices would be completely understandable and well justified.

    An extra $20 on top of a $30 6GB plan is NOT cool. It’s highway robbery.

    1. Steve

      Switch to Bell then, they only charge $10 to share your 6GB plan…

  129. RC

    Hi RogersBob,
    I have a Refurbished iPhone 3G with 3 year contract (started Nov. 2009) and no data plan. Am I elligible for subsidized pricing for iPhone 4 upgrade? Thanks!

  130. Tracey

    First, I REALLY appreciate Rogers using social media to communicate with customers but truly can’t understand why the details customers then ask for aren’t provided on the site.

    I think the offers and pricing you’ve announced sound great, I’m very pleased with some of the options. The trouble is, I can’t make a decision about whether to purchase either the family share plan or the ipad share without more information, which leads to customer frustration, turning the positive into a negative.

    I realize lots of customers want information well in advance, but this situation is different, it’s less than 18 hours until customers will have to make decisions based on these offers, and without enough details it’s hard to choose Rogers based on the new offers. I trust there is more information on all of these plans, so truly don’t understand why it’s not being shared.

    Here are my specific questions:

    Can I use the family share plan with my existing iphone plan, which I love?
    Will the options be extended to the shared phone (voicemail, text etc.)?
    Is there a commitment required for the shared phone?
    With the ipad data, can it be cancelled at any time?

    Thanks again,

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Tracey,

      Lots of questions here, so hopefully I’ve answer as many as I can. First, you’ll need to move from your current plan to a different Family Share plan.

      Plan features (voicemail, text, etc.) are shared among those subscribing. As for commitment, you can get them monthly, and on 1, 2, or 3-year terms. Voice and data family plans are 3-year only.

      As for iPad, the shared add-on does not come with a term so it can be cancelled at any time.

      Take care!

      1. Tracey

        Thanks – I appreciate it.

  131. Nick

    Do i have to get DATA to get the iPhone 4? When i got the 3G the day it came out 2 years a go i didn’t have to. Is it impossible without a data plan? or do i just pay more?

    1. jody

      im curious if u ever got an answer to this question….i have had my 3g for 2 years with no data and have been just fine….i dont really want a data plan

    2. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Nick,
      Yes. In order to take advantage of the pricing offer above, you need to activate with a voice and data plan.

  132. Haps

    Question about he new sharing plans. Can we get a few more details. $25/mnth to add a phone and share existing data and voice minutes. Any details on unlimited talk/text between share phones.

    My wife would be pretty happy if I passed down my old iphone and I’d be happy to stomp her POS Samsung Instinct into the ground with my boot. Just need a few more details.

  133. Steve

    Is this promotion iPhone-specific? Can I get those pricing if I haven’t HUP since August 2008 (Currently using a non-smartphone)?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Steve,
      Yes, the pricing above is only for iPhone 4.

      1. Steve

        Ok you were wrong. I just did a HUP today using a non-smartphone and it worked. Got the $269 (32GB) by just walking into the apple store and coming back out in 15 min!

  134. Chad

    Kitchener-Waterloo availability

    I called one store, was told they weren’t getting any. Was told to call the Conestoga Mall store, as they would get the most. I called Conestoga Mall store, and was told that they weren’t allowed to divulge how many they would have??!!! That’s not too helpful. Especially since your post above says:

    “We recommend you contact your local Rogers retailer to confirm units are in stock”


  135. Kolin

    Can someone tell me why Rogers wants $20 + Government Fees to share the 6GB data plan with the iPad, while Bell is only charging $10 for exactly the same thing?

    I’m getting tired of the nickel and diming.

  136. Mike

    Er did you just change your upgrade policy? I bought a 3G and a 3GS when they came out and price is listed as 399/499 on the site, and when I go into the faqs, there is no mention of lower prices for the iPhone owners

    when I first read this post I was eligible but now I’m not? Uh

  137. Mike H

    “Did you activate or upgrade the original iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again between June 19 and September 15, 2009?
    You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.”

    yeah well i did activate in 2008 (first day!), upgraded in june 2009 (first week of availability) and apparently i’m not eligible. grrr

    1. Haps

      Oh poor you. You can’t keep upgrading to $700 phones every year for $250.


      Anyone who upgraded to a 3gs a year after the 3g shouldn’t be complaining.

      In fact it’s kind of annoying that many of those people are getting the same deal that the people that skipped a generation are.

    2. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Mike,
      We’ve been having some technical issues with the HUP tool so that may explain the difference. However, the text of the post above is correct.
      So, it sounds like you are eligible to pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

  138. The Upgrade tool is back online but still wrong. I bought 3G at launch and 3GS at launch but it says my upgrade price is $399 not $159

    1. Tracey

      Bought 3g Aug 2008 and tool is still showing full price to upgrade.

      1. Tracey

        Mine is now at the $159 yay!

    2. Craik

      Same for me. I think it’s still borked with regards to that clause/condition

    3. Amber

      I think it is also based on how much you pay per month. That was a big part of the 3GS upgrade.

    4. Steve

      You bought your 3GS at launch that is why it’s $399. The upgrade tool is correct.

  139. James Kwan

    I have a Blackberry with a two year contract remaining. Can I upgrade to the iphone 4 promotional pkg or am I eligible to upgrade????

    1. amorak

      Learn to read – no you’re not.

  140. rednic32768

    I cannot beleive how disorganized this is … Rogers has had months to get this stuff right… and still nothing … Can you please explain why you have chosen to delay the release of this info until 4 hours before the launch ? The prices also seem VErY high compared to the upgrade in the states for ATT members , and the currency difference ( and price differerene of an iphone ) is almost nil ….

  141. Duane

    I am curious as to the volume of Iphone’s each store is getting. I called several dealers in Calgary, and only one knew how many they were getting. Disappointingly they said the store was only getting 5.

  142. Alessandro

    The eligibility tool showed the proper discount now!

  143. Moleng1

    I really can’t believe how many people here are asking the same question with regards to their upgrade entitlement!!………… Geez guys, read the top of this page, it’s all explained there very clearly, it also says that the eligibility tool is experiencing troubles, so if it says you don’t qualify, but according to the rules above, you do qualify, ignore the eligibility tool for god sakes!!

    Now, my concern is why Bell can offer a shared plan for iPad owners for $10 and Rogers wants twice as much, especially since their current iPad data packages are identical??
    What gives Rogers, inquiring minds want to know?????

  144. a1jatt

    i asked multiple dealers , they say i am available for hardware upgrade with three year price. Online tool says i have to pay full price. Dealers say i can sony x10 for $99.

  145. Justin

    Well well… I’m not happy at this deal one bit. I am one of those people who updated their plan and then purchased the iphone 3G at almost full price back in March 2009. And of course, I wasn’t allowed to “upgrade” to the 3GS when it came out for $200 and sadly they took away that deal by the time I was eligible for it. And now this… why couldn’t it be June 2009 – June 2010 to give people who got stuck with the iphone 3G a chance to upgrade to something? $250 off the iphone 4 is rediculous for anyone who purchsed it after 2008 since they weren’t allowed to upgrade to the 3GS at the time. Way to go Rogers, maybe it’s for the best such that I can just finish off my remaining 2 years and switch companies.

  146. MarrowMan

    The HUP tool is working.

  147. Garry

    The Aug 4 option to add a line for $25 and share. What will that include for sharing? Will that include the text messages, voicemail, caller id, etc?

  148. LM

    Ok, there is a lot to be annoyed about here, $20 to use data you’ve already paid for is really absurd… but how has no one commented on how offensive it is that customers will have to pay the ridiculous “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee” TWICE? Seriously? We’re already paying it with our phone subscription, and you’re going to charge it AGAIN in order to use the data for the ipad? Does sharing the data somehow double the “regulatory” costs involved for Rogers?

    I mean really, at this point everyone expects to be messed with at least a bit when Rogers announces a new plan, but this is pushing it even for you guys.

  149. rice

    ..what’s up with the 3 year contracts???

  150. Mike

    $20/ month for iPad sharing… no thanks.

    Even Bell’s $10 option is too expensive in my mind.

    Keep in mind, Rogers lets you tether for free with the iPhone. Meaning the iPad is the ONLY device you need to pay extra for. How ironic is it that I can tether my Dell laptop for free, but not my Apple iPad. I know this is equally Apples fault, for not allowing the iPad to tether.

  151. James Wong

    I purchased my iPhone 3G in 2008, and upgraded to the iPhone 3GS in October. How much would I pay for the new iPhone 4 then?

  152. Steve

    Can you tell me why everywhere I have looked it says “No pre-orders” but when I contacted my Rogers Wireless Store as per your website they told me that unless I was on the “pre-order list” I would have to wait until the second or may be third shipment of devices, I thought there wasn’t a pre-order on this device?


    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Steve,
      There were no pre-orders of this device. I will reach out to you directly via email to learn more about this situation.

  153. Mark

    How many phones will each location have tomorrow?

  154. James

    Will hardware upgrades be performed at FIDO stores on launch day? I am hearing that both Rogers and FIDO will not be doing this.

    Can you confirm the truth? Would be great to know.

    Also, as a FIDO customer with one year left on my contract, will I be signing a new 3 year contract or will I have to go 4 years because I have a year left?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey James,
      Fido customers will see their contracts reset to three years when they sign up for this offer.

  155. AllanW

    How come customers who bought the 3G and 3Gs and therefore received the full discounted HUP last year now get the iPhone4 for only $159/$269. Another full discounted HUP.

    But those those bought it last year right when it came out have to pay $399/$499 this year?

    1. Jim

      Why are customers that got 3G+3GS getting a greater discount?

    2. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Allan,
      As RogersKeith mentioned above, Rogers subsidizes hardware upgrades for all customers based on length of contract and plan details. The iPhone plan we announced yesterday goes above and beyond that offer.

  156. Leon J.

    I hope the eligibility tool is still not working right. I have 3 phones on my account. Mines the only one with an iPhone. I did the 3G to 3Gs upgrade in early July last year. The tool shows a discount but not the $268 option. The third line is 2.5 years into a 3 year contract and shows full discount. The part that worries me is that I see no mention of the 3G -> 3Gs -> 4 option. Rogers has always fixed my bill within a month or two honouring what’s written on their site. I just don’t see it there.

  157. Mike

    I’m quite disappointed to hear you say that you will only do in-store purchase. I don’t have the time to go in-store therefore I will most likely have to wait several more weeks just to get the phone. The launch last year was much better.

  158. Rob

    I’ve had a Rogers plan since 2005. I upgraded after my 3 year term was over from an old Samsung to the 3G on launch day in 2008, but had some problems because i had split my cellphone plan from a cable, tv, and internet package which i left with my old housemates.

    I managed to explain the situation and get the iphone 3G at $299. I also talked my way out of an activation fee of $35 that a CSR told me would be waived. I hope the iphone 4 isn’t $269 because they’re planning to charge an activation fee again. Anyone know?

  159. Nick

    I Have a Blackberry Bold for a year and a half i have searched all over Rogers.com and called, kno one has a answer to how much will i pay for upgrading to iphone 4? like i said i have a blackberry for 1 and a half years and want to upgrade to iphone 4, how much am i going ot pay for this upgrade, no one has this answer can u please help?

  160. L

    What happens with the $30 6GB plan that I currently have on the iPhone ? Does it get extended as well ?

    1. RogersRob

      Yes, you can keep your current plan, L.

  161. Peter Levey

    Just used the Eligibility Tool after logging into Rogers site. Worked perfectly. Gave me the correct $159/269 split. I think it is a very generous plan, and am satisfied with everything about these offers, EXCEPT, I think that we should be able to split our 6Gb data plan between iPhone and iPad WITHOUT extra monthly charges. After all, it is a lot like tethering, which is allowed at no additional charge on a 6Gb plan. It should be taken into consideration that those who jailbreak their phones are already able to turn them into a WIFI hotspot through the use of a $4.99 App. So, in my humble view, this very high additional charge simply pushes people towards jailbreaking, especially given the ruling the other day that said that jailbreaking is not an illegal activity. I would suggest that $5 extra per month would be very fair; $10 (grudgingly) would be acceptable on a monthly basis.

    1. MrMiGu

      You do realize that ruling by the US government do not affect other sovereign countries such as ours

  162. David

    Can you get the 6GB plan with a family shared plan? Can it be added to one of these plans?

  163. Reni

    If Rogers matched the Bell price of $10 for iPad sharing on the 6GB data plan, I’d sign up, but at $20 – sorry…

  164. travis

    anyone else camping out in the halifax area. i heard each store has 5-20 units

  165. pRibby28

    Just called Rogers. They said that all upgrades are done at the stores. No more upgrades over the phone or online as of July 6.

  166. pRibby28

    Is there the famous $35 hardware upgrade admin fee?

  167. I hated rogers, when I first signed with them years ago, I ended up switching to bell, but as soon as the iPhone came to Canada, I went back, and they have been nothing but amazing.

    I’ll never switch, their 24/7 customer service is amazing, and friendly (didn’t used to be in my opinion).

    Definitely get the iPhone 4 from rogers…after I buy it :) I don’t want them to sell out before I get it.

    1. Soon to be Ex Rogers Cust.

      Which Rogers are you with? My experence has been nothing but horrific with Rogers!

  168. Ash

    So, I’ve taken specific notice to the statement:

    Did you activate or upgrade the original iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again between June 19 and September 15, 2009?
    You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

    I’m in this exact scenario, and upgrade to a 3GS in July 2009, but the upgrade tool shows the $399/$499 price point. Now, due to the obvious stock issues that will occur with the iphone as they always do with a product in demand like this, would my best course be to upgrade tomorrow and call billing to have it corrected?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      HI Ash,
      We have been experiencing difficulties with the HUP tool, which may explain the different results.
      The text of the post details the correct upgrade terms.

  169. Rob

    It is really a shame that we cannot order the phone via customer care. I’ve have found that most rogers stores near me give very lousy service. I’ve been with Rogers for over 10 years and have never bought a phone in store…reps are often rude or only interested in new accounts. The customer care folks have always been great for upgrades, new phones etc.
    I actually called 5 rogers stores today about iphone availability tomorrow and was basically told that if I was not activating a new account with a data plan, that I should not even bother to show up…nice huh?

  170. Louise

    When I take my new iPhone 4 home, and plug it into the iTunes which I have used to back up my iPhone 3G, what all will get moved to the new phone? Contacts? Notes? Paid-for apps? Photos? Two years worth of text messages? Email accounts set up?

  171. Chris

    I just checked if I can get an iPhone 4 via the tool on rogers website. I got my blackberry Dec 11th 2008. The tool is showing me that I can upgrade to iPhone 4 16gig for the 159 price. God I hope the tool is not broken. I was so pissed when rogers changed the upgrade policy 4 months before I was going to upgrade in dec 2009 so that id have to wait 12 more months instead. I really do hope the tool is right :)

  172. Glad to hear that Rogers is releasing the iPhone 4 finally and bringing back the 6GB data plan. But, I’ve had my experiences with owning an iPhone after leaving my beloved BlackBerry, and I went back to BlackBerry. I’m staying loyal to RIM and waiting for the BlackBerry 9800 to be released. :)

  173. Ben

    I bought a 32 GB iPhone 3GS last year on launch date (June 19), and it says on the eligibility tool that I only have a choice to buy the no term pricing. Whats up with that?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Ben,
      You should take the text of the post as correct as we’ve been experiencing difficulties with the tool.

  174. Chris

    I upgraded to a Blackberry curve back in Dec. 11th 2008. I was pissed when I found out in Aug. 2009 that all of a sudden I won;t be able to get a new phone in Dec. 2009 because rogers changed their upgrade policy, well if that happened before I had upgraded I wold have waited.. god was i pissed. anyways so I checked the Rogers iphone 4 HUP tool as of 1045pm EST and it says that I can get the 16 gig iphone 4 for $159!! God I hope it’s not still broken beacuse I want to pick this phone up this weekend if possible for the 160 price!

  175. Matthew

    “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee”??? What the heck is that?? I thought Rogers got rid of the fee?

    And there is no such fee authorized by the CRTC. More misinformation from Rogers, deceiving their customers again. Can’t wait to switch carriers.

    1. RogersKeith

      As we stipulate clearly GRRF isn’t a tax or a fee that the government mandates Rogers to charge, but it represents fees and costs from various levels of government. Details here: http://www.rogers.com/web/content/grrf

      1. Oz

        I think the problem (and it IS misleading) are the words ” Government Regulatory” at the start. I know it’s “explained away” in the FAQ, but it doesn’t make it any less misleading. The fee’s etc that are listed in the FAQ are a cost of doing business … instead of listing it as a seperate fee they should be included into the plan price.

      2. Tony


        The thing that gets me is that Rogers does some things right but a lot of things wrong, in the consumer’s eyes. You have a very good network but you blow it by doing silly things this like this. How can a customer trust you and have loyalty to Rogers when you play games.

        I hope one day Rogers wakes up!

  176. Matthew

    Why charge extra for sharing the data with an iPad? Tethering is free and is the right of the customer to decide how to use their data.

    I pay for 6 gigs now, and I never use them all. How I use my data is up to me, not rogers. Besides, Rogers would make more money from overage charges than they would from a “sharing” data plan.

    Nickel and diming your customers does not inspire customer loyalty.

  177. Vince Offer

    Does anybody notice how the Rogers Reps are only really answering HUP questions? So many people commenting on their lack of service and sticky fingers, guess they don’t care about that stuff. Have fun having a user base of people who like to waste money.

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Vince. We do care about that stuff. We take the time to read every comment even if we don’t respond to them all.

  178. Neen

    Why do you call it a “Government Regulatory Fee” when it has nothing to do with the government. Just call it what it is, a cash grab!

    1. RogersKeith

      We’re transparent about what GRRF is and isn’t. Details here: http://www.rogers.com/web/content/grrf

      1. BAT

        The problem is why do we have to pay the GRFF if we want the $20 iPad data sharing plan and not if you go with one of the standalone plans (at least we are never told we are – could there be a surprise when I see my CC charge?).

        I also see no mention of the GRFF on the Bell site for their regular plans or for the “Half the Price of Rogers” iPad sharing plan.

        Thats what makes this look like a cash grab on Rogers part!

      2. Alph

        In other words, it’s the cost of doing business but Rogers chooses to use the words ‘Government’ to confuse customers. I really wish Rogers just had the balls to advertise the total cost of a phone and line instead of hitting us with these obscure addons.

  179. Jim

    Why is the 6GB data plan only available on a new 3 year contract?

    1. RogersKeith

      As explained in the post, the 6GB plan can be added to any existing offer.

  180. Dean

    Well, I got the 3G in August 08, then the 3GS on September 9th, 2009, but the HUP tool says 399 for me. They better not give me any trouble tomorrow!

    1. Geoff

      I am in the same boat as you, did you have trouble today? This is total BS, Customer Service is shooting me the same line as the HUP tool…why does the post above say different (ie: $159/$269)?

      Did you have trouble today??? How can they release information the night before the launch and then change the by the morning??? RIDICULOUS!

  181. Jody

    Will Rogers be offering the free bumpers or cases like apple did in the States??

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey Jody,
      Apple will be communicating all details about their Canadian iPhone 4 case program.
      If you wish to get a bumper sooner, Rogers & FIDO stores will have them available for sale that have been tested to ensure antenna performance is not affected.

  182. Tony

    As a Rogers customer that has had each new iPhone on each successive launch day, I’m happy with Rogers pricing decision by providing a fairly large subsidy on the iPhone 4.

    I’m sure Rogers will match Bell’s offer regarding the iPad sharing of data. If this were a truly fair world, the Big 3 would be like Telefonica (a Spanish operator) and just provide you a free MicroSIM for your iPad, and just allow you to use your existing smartphone data bucket, at no extra cost.

  183. RogersKeith

    Hey all,
    The eligibility tool is back live but there are still reports of customers getting incorrect information. We’re looking into it, but note that retail locations will have the correct eligibility information. Good luck to everyone who’s lining up early for an iPhone this morning!

    1. Dayyan

      Dear Keith,

      I have an appointment to get an iPhone 4 tomorrow on a new contract. Can i do it with a 3 year voice contract only, no data?

  184. undacova

    This hup sucks for people like myself who got started on the iphone with the 3gs :(

    i got mine in june 30/09 yet i am being treated the same as someone who got it less then 2 months ago.

    So i have to extend my contract by 1 year to get the iphone 4 for 399.99
    but someone who got the 3gs less then 2 months ago only has to extend a few more months and they get the same price … how is this fair to the early supporters :(

    looks like i will be getting my iphone 4 in june 2011

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey undacova,
      As my colleague RogersKeith mentioned above, Rogers subsidizes hardware upgrades for all customers based on length of contract and plan details. The iPhone plan we announced yesterday goes above and beyond that offer.

      1. undacova

        Ok so lets look at the wording it says that i should get atleast $250 off…

        now i am assuming that the to get more off i would have to be in the contract for longer …

        well i updated my non-smart phone to 3gs when it came out (couldnt get 3g cause i was not eligible to upgrade at that time)

        So this means that i should be getting more then $250 cause of that “AT LEAST” word in there, since i got my 3gs within days of launch

        but yet i do not get anything cheaper, hence my annoyance that customers that just signed up get the same discount as the early 3gs supporters :(

        so i think you should take that word “at least” out of the sentence as no one is getting more then $250 off in my category .

  185. Hey Keith.

    I just checked the eligibility checker for my phone and it says I have to pay the 649 or 749 pricing. Is that because I have a BlackBerry 6gb data plan? I know I’m eligible as I’ve even called customer relations to make sure….

  186. realist

    The GRFF fee is a bit silly. Essentially your saying hey looks it costs money to set up cell towers in your province. Which is obvious and that is a cost of you doing buisness so it should be incorporated into price of the plan. Not added after the fact. If i want to compare prices of plans between companies its alot easier when all fees are included allready. Sure it would save you alot of phone calls later. Just my two bits. I will pay going rates i just like to see that rate upfront all on one line.

  187. realist

    In response to other comments above. I too find it frustrating stores are so quiet about stock levels. I mean some hinted they had very few 32gb like a handful at most and other stores implied only the silly would line up first thing. Be nice to have more definites so if you pull up to a store first thing in morning and 25 people are lined up and you know there is only 25 phones you could move on to a new store.

  188. Eric

    So am i correct to say that if i did a day one activation on iPhone 3G back in 2008, and took advantage of the early upgrade price last yr to 3GS on the first day, this year i am eligible to get an iPhone 4 for $159/$269?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Eric.
      That is correct

      1. Nick

        I also upgraded to the 3G on release day in 2008, and 3GS on release day in 2009. Lined up this morning at 6, then went to upgrade and was told A) that it would be $499 for the 3GS for me, and B) that even if I wanted to upgrade at that price right now, they couldn’t do it because of the problems with the system.

        So will I get the iPhone 4 (32gb) at $269? What do I have to do to show that I am eligible for this in store?

  189. terry

    1) If I buy an unlocked iPhone 4 fom the Apple store and bring it into a Rogers store, can I get the $30 6GB plan, without any contract (i.e. month to month only)?

    2) If month to month 6GB is available at $30, am I guarantted to be able to keep it after Sep 30, 2010, or is it possible that Rogers could cancel this plan if you are not a 3yr contract subscriber?

    3) Can I also get the $20 Ipad sharing plan on a month to month basis.

  190. Terry

    Oh my….an additional $20 + GRF to grant me the privilege of using my existing 6gb data bucket with my iPad. After the loud revolt echoed by many of Rogers customers on this Redboard just a few weeks ago, urging this company to actually treat their paying customers properly and provide a sensible data sharing plan….they come up with this. I had foolishly hoped that Rogers was actually listening. Well, I suppose they were…..but to their shareholders, not to their customers. Simple answer to all of this….vote with your wallet and take your business to Bell, where the better deals are (and greater network coverage too).

    I’m done.

  191. jordan

    hey there rogers reps heres a tricky question for you, i recently upgraded to an iphone 3g in june 11th 2009, as in last summer, it is now july 31st 2010 and my bills have been around 100$ a month with data and what not, what is the eligibility of me getting the new iphone 4? is it going to be the 159 or the 399 thanks guys.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey Jordan,
      Sounds like you’re eligible for at least $250 off the no-term device price — an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $399/$499 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.
      However, you should pop in to a Rogers store for precise upgrade eligibility.

  192. axiom

    Apple’s return policy on iPhones: If you are not fully satisfied with your iPhone purchase, you can return your undamaged iPhone to the Apple Online Store within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Please visit online Order Status or call 1-800-676-2775 to request a return. If you return your iPhone within 30 calendar days from shipment, you will not be charged a restocking fee. The iPhone must be returned in the original packaging, including any accessories, manuals, and documentation.

    Rogers Return policy on the iPhone 4: If you are not completely satisfied with your new iPhone 4 you may return or exchange the device within 15 days of purchase; providing that there are no more than 30 minutes of voice usage, and the device and all the packaging and contents are returned in like new condition.

    The 15 day return policy is shortsighted and arbitrary cap on the number of voice minutes used is just not fair play. Why would you place this kind of restriction on your users who just want to be sure they are happy with their product? Besides, if the bumper program means customers will have to get their bumpers shipped from Apple, many customers won’t have a chance to test whether their bumper helps any reception issues within the 15 days. Isn’t it just common sense that you’d want your customer to be happy with it and test it, with a case, with opportunity to talk in a variety of situations? Otherwise aren’t you just opening yourself up to potentially more returns?

  193. Patrick

    For the second year in a row, I am frustrated that my corporate plan makes me ineligible for an iPhone upgrade program. I am in the category of 3G owner / 3GS upgrade within the stated dates so I would have otherwise been eligible for $480 off the no-term price.

    In addition, I am a long time Rogers customer and am only saving marginally on the current plan relative to my previous retentions plan.

    My question is: Can I do anything about this at this point. If I called retentions and got back on a regular consumer plan, would I become eligible for your current promotions?

    My question is:

    1. Rogers_Richard

      HI Patrick,
      Get in contact with your assigned Rogers representative to discuss corporate-plan upgrades. They should be able to help.

  194. To reply to Sammy – the Antenna issues with the iPhone 4 are WAY overblown… Remember that AT&T’s network BLOWS. Less than 1% more dropped calls between the iPhone 4 and the 3GS? And how many dropped calls have people had with the 3GS? I know with my 3G, I can count on one hand the number of dropped calls I’ve had in the last *2 years*. So I am not at all concerned about the iPhone 4’s antenna.

  195. MrMiGu

    Is the 6gb/$30 data plan good for the entire length of the contract, or am I going to be suckered into paying high prices after a year of becoming accustomed to this service?

    1. I don’t know if this is the case now – but when I got my 3G back in 2008, the 6gb/$30 plan was good for the entire length of the contract.

  196. Elmer


    Existing iphone 3gs got it Jan this year. HUP says I can pay 499 (32GB) to upgrade and extend contract for 3 years. 200 minutes voice and 500MB data plan. questions:

    a) do you still pay an early cancellation fee on top of 499?
    b) when I get upgrade can I now have the 6GB instead of 500MB data? Or the upgrade means I stay with my current plan?
    c) If I buy an unlocked iphone from apple, since it will just be ~250 dollars more. Can I go to Rogers and get the same $30 6GB with no contract? If not. what data plans are available for unlocked iphone 4’s?

    Hope you can reply. Thanks.

  197. Soon to be Ex Rogers Cust.

    I’m posting in regards to the Upgrade Eligibility that Rogers has posted. I’ve been with Rogers for over 5 years and have last upgraded in November 2008. So how does Rogers reward a loyal customer???!?! By offering an iPhone 4 at the outright INSULTING price of $650 !!!! After a long conversation with the jokers at Rogers Customer Service, there is nothing they can do, even though other Rogers clients who signed up after can get the phone at a Discount. WARNING TO ALL CONSIDERING ROGERS!! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!
    This whole experience has been such a joke I’m in the process of setting up wireless, cable TV and Internet services with the competition and will be cancelling all of my Rogers services..

  198. Trevor

    Just went to 2 different stores and hour before opening only to be told they only 4 units to sell.
    This is pathetic. A truly bungled launch. Rogers doesn’t aswer questions until the last minute, the website doesn’t work and to top it all off they don’t have anything to sell.

  199. John

    Is Rogers going to offer the same upgrade deal to the iPhone 4 as they did last year for iPhone 3G customers? You know the one, if you bought an iPhone 3G in June of 2008 and you spent over $100 per month on your contract you’d be eligible for an iPhone 3GS at the reduced price of $199/$299.

    I bought an iPhone 3GS in June 2009 and have spent over $100 per month.

    1. Corey

      Did you read the release? The price is better than 199/299 – just read the release again…

  200. Corey

    Well, my home town didn’t even receive any iPhones for Rogers, Bell, or Telus. And all the stores here in Halifax received a handful. So, almost all the Rogers stores are now telling people they are sold out (and it’s only 10AM). Gotta love how Apple prepares for a first day launch!

  201. Matt

    Rob, what was the point of the mailing list? And collecting our email addresses if we were just going to hear about this on the radio with the rest of the country? Poorly handled and lazy. Your communications team needs to spend less time at the cottage and more time preparing.

    Also, more clarity on what this means for Fido customers, please…

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey Matt,

      Check out http://www.fido.ca/iphone for details on upgrades and pricing for Fido customers. A FAQ for Fido customers can be found here; http://www.fido.ca/web/content/faq/faq_iphone_4


  202. Michael

    Can you clarify the Fido contracting situation – here on redboard someone says that with a hardware upgrade that Fido stacks contracts meaning that if you have a year left you end up with a four year contract… but on twitter, @fidomobile says that Fido does not stack and that upgrade results in a new 3 year contract.

    Also is it possible to share data for fido and ipad data?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Michael,
      When Fido customers take advantage of early HUP offer, contracts are reset to three years.
      Sorry for any confusion.

      1. RogersKeith

        To avoid confusion, wanted to clarify further. For Fido customers upgrading under the special iPhone 4 early uprade program, a new three year contract starts immediately. For Fido customers upgrading to iPhone 4 under normal hardware upgrade eligibility rules, contracts start when the current term expires. To understand how this policy applies to you, best to check with the dealer where you upgrade your Fido device.

  203. Burke Grant

    The upgrade tool conveniently not functioning on the day of release (As I predicted Yesterday). Roger’s obviously cares more about using the limited number of available iPhone 4’s to hook new 3 year contracts (who cares about our old customers? we already have them on contract.), than keep their current long term customers happy. Thanks to this brilliant marketing strategy, I will be buying out of the remainder of my contract, and going with another carrier.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Burke,
      We have been experiencing technical issues with the HUP tool. If you experience different results, you should take the text of the post above as correct.

  204. BAT

    Anyone else notice that Rogers have twice now asked us to “Sign-Up” to get more information when its available (iPad and iPhone 4) and then you never hear a thing.

    Either they are making promises they know the can’t (don’t plan to) keep or they are collecting this information for other reasons (marketing maybe).

    Thats pretty low either way.

    Marketing 101 – don’t set an expectation if you have no plan/ability to meet it!

    1. GordieT

      What I find funny is the only update email I got from signing up, was an email to tell me there was “no new information at this time”.

  205. Steve

    I figure the reason they are not allowing HUP online or on the phone is they hardly have any to sell, hence what people are finding at the stores 5 or 10 units per store. I am not interested in going to a store to get my phone, I want the ease of online or over the phone, so will be switching to someone who lets me do that, even considering buying unlocked from Apple.

    Rogers in this day and age people want the option of using the web or phone as an option to going to the store…

  206. AGR

    Have to admit, frustrated by the entire process. Was not willing to wait in line from 6am (or sooner) for one of the few handsets shipped to my town, especially without confirmation that I was eligible.

  207. odan

    Sad to say that i have had a cell phone with rogers for 10 years now , and that even after changing my plan and upgrading to the worst phone ever , rogers refuses to give me some sort of discount on a new phone , not just including the iphone 4. This after the last year of having the borrower phone for the local rogers store for longer then the phone i purchased for the first 6 months.
    Its cheaper for me to cancel my contract with rogers for 400 bucks , and go to another service provider and get the 16g for 160 bucks and save myself 100 bucks in the end.

  208. Husain

    Hi Richard (Hope you get back to me)..

    I’m one of the people who got a 3G in 2008 and a 3GS (June 24th 2009), so I should qualify for the $159 price right?

    The tool is telling me I have to pay $649 and the Rogers Agents are telling me I have to pay $399 according to the iPhone FAQs. Help.


    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Husain,

      Correct. According to the post above if you upgraded to iPhone 3GS between June 19 and September 15, 2009, then you’re eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

      1. Nick

        Hi Richard – the online system nor the reps (that the stores call to upgrade) seem to realize/see this. Will it be reflected on the online upgrade system soon?

      2. Ryan(Unit450)

        Heyo Richard (hope you can clear some confusion for me and a friend),

        We both have gotten the 3G and 3GS like Husain, getting the 3G @ July 17 2008; and upgrading to 3GS @ June 21 2009 although me and her got it for the $299 promo meant for early adopters of the 3G that paid $100+ on their monthly bills.

        So we both tried to check out our options, and were quoted the $499 iPhone 4 32GB upgrade offer as being available. There was only one left and I let her take it, but I rembered this:

        -Did you activate or upgrade the original Rogers iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again to the Rogers iPhone 3GS between June 19 and September 15, 2009?-
        You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

        If this is refering to people like me and her, can she get her bill adjusted when it arrives to reflect what she was supposed to be charged? Missed my chance at one today, but if I can I’ll try again in Sept maybe and get this later if we’re indeed eligible for it.

        Sorry its long, but I hope you can help!

  209. So, once again this seems to be a highly sought after item. No Rogers stores in my area have any more in stock, Future Shop got a whopping *4* of them… Ridiculous. I mean, come on Apple – you sold how many millions of these phones already? Could you maybe start thinking about ramping up your production numbers a little bit more quickly?

  210. Jon_Kitchener

    I was at the rogers store at 6:30am this morning (4th in line), got in the store and got my 32GB iphone, then they went to set it up, and in store they are unable to upgrade because i am not eligible. According to this website, and this post i am eligible, i upgraded to the 3G on launch day in 2008 and then to the 3GS on launch day in 2009. I should be eligible for the $269 price. I got through to a CSR on my phone and was told that the store system was incorrect but that i was only eligible to upgrade at $499, which is incorrect. How will this get resolved? I’ve been a long term rogers wireless customer and have recently switched my cable and internet to rogers. This does not look good on Rogers.

    1. Nick

      I’m in the exact same boat as you (funny, I was 4th in line also, looking to get the 32gb).

      Hopefully this gets resolved very soon. I called Rogers upgrades and they said I’m eligible at $269.

  211. Etienne

    Rogers stores at Galeries d’Anjou (montreal) and Place Versailles (Montreal) each had a pre-order “list” for iPhone 4 and would sell to people in line waiting for 1-2 hours only if they had any iPhone4 left, but all their iPhone 4 were reserved for people “on the list”.

    Waiting in line for nothing, considering they reserved the stock already, is not how I was expected to be treated as a new customer.

    I hope to be able to become a Rogers customer and have a good experience, but won’t be easy to forget.

    Thanks a lot for followup.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Etienne,

      I’m going to follow up with you directly via email to learn more about this.


      1. Garry

        I had the same experience at a local dealer here too. Can’t believe I waiting in line till they opened to find out they were selling to waiting list only.

      2. bf4

        Same thing happened at an Airsource store in Winnipeg. In fact, while we were waiting in line for the store to open, several people drove up, walked in, and walked out minutes later with an iPhone. In the end, I think about 2-3 people from the line were able to purchase.

  212. John

    Rogers_Richard and/or Rogers_Keith

    Can you answer this question: Is Rogers going to offer the same upgrade deal to the iPhone 4 as they did last year for iPhone 3G customers? You know the one, if you bought an iPhone 3G in June of 2008 and you spent over $100 per month on your contract you’d be eligible for an iPhone 3GS at the reduced price of $199/$299.

    I bought an iPhone 3GS in June 2009 and have spent over $100 per month. Can I get the iPhone 4 for $159/$269?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      HI John,

      At this time, the above plans are the only ones available for iPhone 4. We can’t comment on what may or may not be in the works.


  213. Jamie

    Thank you for wasting my time today. I waiting in line for 2 hours only to find out the store didn’t get ANY…thats ZERO 32GB units. For a company thats supposed to care about your customers, seems to me you don’t care at all. If you aren’t going to take orders over the phone or online, the least you could do is actually carry the product in store. This may very well be the end of my relationship with Rogers.

  214. LostAndroid


    I’ve been a customer with Rogers for 1 year and I have a 500mb data plan. Can I upgrade to the $30/6gb plan without renewing my contract or is this offer applicable on new activations only?

    1. RogersRob

      Hi, all customers can upgrade to the $30/6GB while it’s available.

  215. fred

    Hi Rogers,

    Can I get a voice and data plan with rogers before purchasing/activating an iphone?
    or does it have to be done with the iphone activation?


    1. RogersRob

      Hi Fred, if you are a customer you can sign up for eligible plans anytime.

      But if you aren’t a customer yet, you of course need to activate an iPhone (or other device) first in order to get a plan. Make sense?

  216. Justin

    I waited in line this morning for nearly 3 hours only to be told that I was ineligible despite the website tool saying I was as well I fall under the eligible status under the terms in this post. I was 6th in line and only 1 person in front of me was “eligible” and only because they were a new customer. We were told that the HUP system was not working. So we all left empty handed even though we were waiting and eligible. Is there anyway to fix this and get a phone as i’m sure most are sold out by now.

    1. mike

      the exact same thing happened to me this morning. I even talked to customer service on the phone (said I was elegible) while at the retail location (who said I wasnt).
      I think it’s sad that Rogers doesnt have control over it’s own systems to fix this. I had an iphone4 in front of me – but rogers didnt want to sell it to me.

      1. KEN

        Same here, just waisted 8 hrs of my life time, and a lot of energy and got tremendous stress.

  217. Shawn

    I just found out, from a Rogers Rep, that if you have a family plan you can’t use the iPhone/iPad data linking. As a customer with 3 iPhones on the family plan and data plans totaling almost $100, it sucks to not be able to use the combined data option and still be forced to use the $15 for only 250mb plan. Which I might add is times 2 as we have two iPads.

  218. Why is your activation Server STILL!!!! Down!!!! With no word yet as to why or what you are doing.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi James,

      Currently, some customers are unable to check their hardware upgrade eligibility and process transactions. We’re working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  219. Steve Lore

    Same thing here. I live in coquitlam, a small city outside of vancouver. We have 19 rogers plus locations, that all sell iphones. 2 out of 19 got the iphone 4 today, and only 5 units per store.

  220. Luke

    I went to a Futureshop to upgrade to the iPhone 4 this morning because it was the only place that I could find one after trying two other Rogers stores. After waiting in line for an hour and a half I was told that the Rogers system was malfunctioning and not showing my eligibility for the 159(16gb) upgrade, even though I bought my 3G in Oct 08. The clerk called Rogers and waited for an hour to get support. He did not receive a solution to the problem. Now the clerk can neither get through to the Rogers support number, nor can he log into the Rogers system. Luckily, the clerk was kind enough to put aside the iPhone for me until the system comes back online and I can purchase the phone.

    When is the system coming back online? When will I be able to buy the phone?

  221. Charles R

    Seems like all locations are sold out…from what I hear many were not stocked adequately…<20 per location. When can we expect stores to be restocked?

  222. Tracey

    Well, the good news is I was able to get a phone from my local Rogers store without waiting in line (YAY!!!), the bad news is I had to walk out without it because they couldn’t activate through Rogers. They could see my profile in the system, but filled out all the paperwork etc. and wouldn’t let me leave with the phone. I have to head out on 10 days of holidays so really need to do all the itunes syncing before I leave, even if my number etc. isn’t active.

    Are the microsims not active? What is it about the process that needs to be done?

    I should mention that the Rogers staff were doing everything in their power to try to get through to Rogers corporate (computers, phones etc.).

    Any advice would be really appreciated!

  223. J

    Thank you for the prompt response to our minor concerns.

    By prompt I mean slower than molasses, by response I mean nothing at all and by minor I mean major.

    Do you sit around all day coming up with the best excuses for your sad and pathetic customer service?

  224. RogersKeith:

    I managed to get my 32GB iPhone 4 today, after 2 hours of “activating”. Not an hour in line and an hour at the counter, but a full 2 hours trying to connect to Rogers severs to get me a mobile number and set up an account. Ultimately, they gave me a “dummy plan”, which I have to change later, because the 6GB-for-$30 plan you mention in the post is not showing up in the Rogers Sales Centre. Your phone reps are completely in the dark, and the in-store personnel are crippled by systems not prepared for the job. Great launch.
    Who can I call to fix my rate plan?


  225. Daria M


    So i tried to get one today with no luck. When is the next shipment of 32g’s coming?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Daria,

      Our goal is to get an iPhone 4 into the hands of all customers who want one. As soon as we get more inventory from Apple, we’ll let our customers know via http://www.rogers.com/iphone or http://www.fido.ca/iphone and get the devices to our stores.


      1. Will you ACTUALLY be doing that? Because we were supposed to get the launch information via email by signing up at http://www.rogers.com/iphone, but instead I had to find out about it from a third party blog, which brought me here. The only thing I got from signing up on the iPhone page was the “Please stop calling us to ask about the iPhone, we don’t have anything to tell you” email that went out at the beginning of the month.

      2. Addy

        So far, there has not been one posting on the rogers.com/iphone about inventory, but there has been on the redboard. Why?

  226. Francois

    Oh rogers, your activation system is overwhelmed again. This is the 4th iphone launch, you’ve had a lot of time to prepare, and we, your customers, expect more.

  227. David Lim


    The HUP tool is telling me the iPhone 4 would cost me $399 for a 16GB model but I fall in the category where I purchased the 3G in July 2008 and then the 3GS in July 2009. Please confirm what pricing I qualify for and if I can get an official Rogers reference number.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi David,

      We continue to experience some technical issues with our HUP tool. As such, the text above in the post should be considered correct.


  228. Wow. Rogers servers are down EVERYWHERE and people are waiting in line forever… just like two years ago, but this year it’s even worse because stock is so low. I would have thought they would be more prepared than that, because it happend before!

  229. Michael

    So it looks like the phone is sold out everywhere. Something interesting happened to me. I called Planet mobile in vaudreuil to know if they had iPhone in stocks. The guy told me they had 3 in stock but Rogers had told them they were only allowed to sell them to new customer or rogers client who do not already have a data plan. So I could not buy my phone because Rogers wants to make more money instead of serving actual client.

    Way to go rogers!

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for passing this information along. I will reach out to you directly via email to learn more.


  230. Hey Richard.

    You never got back to me….I checked eligibility and it shows full pricing of 650/750 right now. Is that because I still have the blackberry data plan so the system is not recognizing my discount properly?????

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Javatyger, did you do a hardware upgrade to the BlackBerry you have now from the original iPhone? Depending on when that was done, that could be what’s giving you those results.

      1. No, this was a new activation back in Feb. 2009, never done any upgrades. The BlackBerry was always on there, got the 1st BlackBerry 8900 sold in that Rogers location, and been using it since (was replaced once because of some keyboard issues.). I checked my eligibility for upgrading, and the system says I get a Bold, 8900, 9700, etc., all for full subsidy, but iPhone is not listed.

        I used to be a rep for Rogers dealer, so when I encountered this on a client’s account, I’d have to remove the code for the BlackBerry plan then add on the iPhone data plan to see it.

  231. Brian

    I noticed the sharing option for the ipad. One why is your cost double of that of bell? And two can this be applied to all iphones. I have a 3gs with the 6gb plan, so can I add the sharing option to my existing plan?

  232. Ken

    Hi Richard,

    Help! I’ve been waiting inside a bestbuy store for four hours trying to get the iPhone added to my account. Apparently there is a glitch on Sales Central for those who have HUP’ed the 3G in 2008 and the 3GS in 2009. The iPhone doesn’t show up at all under my account in SC. Could you please escalate this issue so that I could get the iPhone added? I don’t want to be turned away like some of the people here after waiting many hours for one:


    I have an iPhone held until store closes today. Thanks R!

    1. Ken

      Hi Richard,

      Do you have an update on this? I just went back to the store and Sales Central still doesn’t show me as eligible. I am afraid that they won’t hold it any longer for me. Any help would definitely be appreciated.


  233. With over 400 comments in under 2 days and over 95% of them are either issues with Rogers Website that it does not work, lack of stock in dealers stores or Best Buy / Future Shop (Most locations i called only received 1 iPhone 4), or the issue of charging twice that of Bell for iPad tethering.

    Rogers I hop that you are actually reading all these complaints and try to fix the issue, this is not last year when you where the only HSPA Player in town.

    Most people are willing to pay their ECF just not having to deal with this issue every year

  234. Mike

    How about addressing some pressing issues? What else is this forum for if you aren’t going to respond to legitimate concerns?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      HI Mike,

      As I said above, currently, some customers are unable to check their hardware upgrade eligibility and process transactions. We’re working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.


      1. Yes, and while you work to fix those problems, all these people who faithfully waited in line are being turned away with no iPhone, and will now have to try the “iPhone lottery” to try to find one. I can assure you, a LOT of people (myself included) who were excited to grab an iPhone 4 from Rogers are now considering a) switching to Bell or Telus and b) giving up on the iPhone 4 in general. I’ve been defending the AntennaGate issues to all my friends (and random online folks) for a month now, but I’m not going to call my local Rogers store EVERY DAY to see if they have any stock in.

  235. Patrick

    Rogers should definitely take a mea culpa on the (now routine) contradictory eligibility info, but I don’t get you folks railing on Rogers for the limited supply. It is well documented that Apple is having supply problems. I think we’re lucky that the launch went ahead despite that and at least some people were able to get phones today.

    1. Umm, no, we SHOULD be annoyed that they decided to go ahead with the launch today, despite the PITIFULLY low supplies. If they had pushed it back a month, they probably could have provided every person with the phone that wanted it. And I blame Apple as much as I blame Rogers for this. It’s a classic scam to make the phone look much more popular than it is (see also: Wii demand, for the first couple Christmases it was out). If people see that it’s selling out like crazy, then MORE people are going to want it – I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a deliberate move on Apple’s part (not deliberately limiting supply, but deliberately pushing the launch despite lack of supply).

  236. iPhail

    I’m an existing Rogers customer with a voice and data plan. The data plan runs for another year. I purchased an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple (shipping in 3 weeks). I did not select a plan at time of purchase, because I already have a plan with Rogers. How do I associate my existing voice & data plan with my new iPhone 4 when it arrives?

    1. You need to get a micro sim card from Rogers. Then you call customer service and tell them to associate the serial number of that card with your account. That’s easy. :)

  237. Devon

    Went to two stores this morning at 7 am. I was unable to get the new iphone because Roger’s upgrade networks were down, bell clients were getting their phones no problem. I then proceeded to call in to ask what the deal was only to be told I was eligible for a $399 upgrade, I questioned her and she said this was coming from head office so it had to be right, this was from a manager by the way. Knowing that this was innacurate I contacted another rep who confirmed I was eligible at the $159 price. Rogers was extremely ill prepared for today.

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Devon. Sorry about your experience today. We’re working hard to fix these issues.

  238. realist

    Frustrating exeperience in victoria bc, specially if you are on rogers, telus are easy to get. Rogers plus stores got nothing, two biggest malls got about 18-20 each and only 2 or 3 were 32gb models. Futureshop and best buy have like 3 rogers ones and only 2 are 32gb. But again they had telus galore. How rogers got less then telus is beyond me. Met maybe one telus customer at all the places i went. So i spent over 6 hours in lines and came up empty handed. The futureshop and Bestbuy didnt even have the ones we lined up for they said they expected them by courier later in day. Wish there was policies in place for all rogers sellers to ensure fairness and equality to customers at any location. People in lines should know if there loyalty will amount to something or not. Sucks to go through so many lines and hours of your time to come home with nothing. And had employees had more info or come out with info customers could have left immediately. And now when do we line up again? no body seems to know. shipping logistics shouldnt be that complex, they should know how many left factory how many left regional hub and how many are coming to store and how close they are.

  239. Been waiting for 4 hours. Now I’ve been told that I can’t upgrade because my data plan is too low. So, I guess add me to the customers who are going to be leaving Rogers. I’m going Bell. Bye, Rogers.

  240. sonia

    Am I able to get the 6gb data plan on a month to month bases if I were to buy an unlocked iphone directly from apple?

    I have read over the posts and have seen this question asked by many people without a response from you end. Would really appreciate an answer regarding this.

  241. Jeremie

    I bought the iphone 3g in feb 2009, i upgraded in sept of 2009 to the 3gs and now i want to upgrade to the iphone 4 except that i am not eligible for the $159 upgrade because i am 2 months off. I do not believe this is fair seeing how for the 2 months difference should not impact the price to be 240 dollars more, could someone please explain the logic behind this?

  242. anji

    Is the $30/6GB data plan only available on a 3 year contract?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Anji,

      Yes. To take advantage of the promotions above, you will need to sign up for a 3-year term.


      1. Terry

        if 6gb plans are only avl in 3 yr contracts, you are going to lose a lot of existing customers to Bell. I bought an unlocked iPhone 4 and the Bell rep at the Apple store confirmed that I could sign up to any voice plan +6gb plan +$10 iPad sharing plan on a MONTH TO MONTH BASIS, compared to Rogers forcing you into. 3 yr contract for 6gb + $23 iPad sharing plan. Unless Rogers can match Bell here, count me as another lost customer. Why the heck would I want to lock into a 3 yr contract when I’m not getting a subsidized phone from Rogers? You have been completely outmaneuvered by Bell here, so my 10 years with Rogers is over.

  243. Corey

    Does anyone know when the next shipment will be in? Im fairly certain every store in my area (Halifax) was sold out by 9:30AM. I even heard reports of numeroues stores not even receiving iPhones. I know for a fact that some Bell & Telus stores also did not receive inventory. I think Apple dropped the bomb on this one…

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Corey,

      Unfortunately we don’t have specific dates regarding new shipments, but check back to rogers.com/iphone for updates.


  244. Sylvain Chalifoux

    I activated the original iPhone 3G in 2008 with Rogers and then upgrade again to iPhone 3GS on July 17th, 2009. Today (July 30th) I picked up an iPhone 4 this morning but I didn’t receiv a 480$ off, just 250$ off. I paid my iPhone 4 32GB 499$. Whats’wrong with this ????
    Answer for me ???

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Sylvain,

      That seems unusual. I’ll follow up to see what the discrepancy might be.

      1. Luckkyyyy

        Lololol I bought the 3GS last October and I was expecting to pay 399 but when I got to the counter the computer told the sales rep to only charge me 159. Goo Rogers! yes I’m so happy writing this from my iPhone 4 right now

  245. RogersKeith

    UPDATE: Demand for iPhone 4 has been phenomenally high today and many locations are already sold out. Currently, some customers are unable to check their hardware upgrade eligibility and process transactions. We’re working to fix the issue as quickly as possible and thank all of our loyal iPhone customers for their patience. It’s our goal to get an iPhone 4 into the hands of every Canadian who wants one and we apologize for any inconvenience.

    1. Yes Demand is High, but it is sold out because on average stores only received 1 – 5 units, and in some cases none.

    2. Yeah, I don’t really consider “more than 5 people” to be phenomenally high, unexpected amounts of demand. Come on, Keith, at least admit the fact that you guys had ridiculously low supply. Any idea when stores are going to be restocking? Because I am not nearly patient enough to be calling all my local stores every day to see if they have any 32gb models in stock.

      1. Radioleg

        Ryan, take a pill! You don’t have to keep reposting the same complaint over and over. I think once is enough.

        At this point we all know you’re an Apple fanboy and will explode if you don’t get your iPhone 4 soon. Guess what? You’re going to have to wait like everyone else; your friends will have to wait to see your greatness in owning an iPhone 4.


    3. James Wilkinson

      Keith it is now Saturday and stores opend at 9AM yesterday and this issue is still not fixed.

      I was in line at 2AM to get my iPhone 4 to be told that YOUR system is down because YOUR IT Dept. failed to code in the HUP the promo for early upgraders.

      They reserved me an iPhone but I want to know what ROGERS is going to do for all of the early upgraders who have been stuck out with no new iPhone because ROGERS FAILED once again!

      BTW This has nothing to do with the high load thats the systems being slow, the physical system wasnt even PROGRAMED! For early upgraders.

      What are you going to do? and When will it be fixed?

  246. Steve Lore

    Can rogers even give us a slight idea as to when stock will be replenished? I was awake at 5:00 am this morning to call in and get it ordered, because a rogers rep had told me the day before that this was the best way to ensure that I would get one today. I called in @ 5:01 and already had sold out across canada.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Steve,

      As I noted above, our goal is to get an iPhone 4 into the hands of all customers who want one. As soon as we get more inventory from Apple, we’ll let our customers know via http://www.rogers.com/iphone or http://www.fido.ca/iphone and get the devices to our stores.


      1. jdmcivic

        y sign up for update if u guy never e-mail us, same as price and release day. We have to find out in newpaper or radio. Atless apple send me a e-mail notify me that iphone ready to pre-order online.

  247. Bill

    For Rogers Keith……

    In you opening, in the area identified as ” data on data”, you mention that the family share plans allow for “Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data”. This tells me I can get the $30 6 gb data plan and share 2 iphones. I seen some comments here that reflect otherwise. can you clear this up ?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Bill,
      The short is answer is no: you can not share the new 6 GB plan between two phones.
      However, if you have a shared voice plan, you can add this as the data-portion on a per-phone basis. Which we think is still a great value.
      Check out http://www.rogers.com/familyplan for more info.

      1. BAT

        Richard – I am very confused as you keep saying you cannot share data and talk about a shared voice plan however the text at the start of this post has a section titled “Data on Data” and that contains the following text:

        “Here’s an overview of some great new and in-market plans that will get you up and running with your iPhone 4.

        Return of special smartphone $30/6 GB plan
        Effective July 30, and as a limited time promotional offer for smartphone customers who activate on a three-year contract, Rogers is offering 6GB of data for $30. This data plan can be added to any in-market voice plan before September 30, 2010.

        Share with your family
        Now that you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4, what do you do with your 3GS? Pass it on through our Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data. Starting August 4, add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on a three-year term for up to five people!”

        The section on “Share with your family” specifically mentions DATA – “add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month…”

        So is it that data is included, just not the $30 6GB plan? You also keep pointing us to the current website while the text says this doesn’t start until August 4 so I can’t see it being on the website (given that the $30 6GB plan is nowhere to be found on the Rogers.com and you are selling that already). Are there new plans coming out on the 4th or are you just saying you can’t add the iPhone to sharing plans until the 4th?

        I am very confused by this. Is there a way to find out exactly what is happening/going to be available.

        I am really amazed by the confusion and bad sentiment you guys have “created’ today. You may want to rethink Customer Service a little bit!

  248. I don’t recall any mention of stock levels in the sign up page, just a “more information about the iPhone 4 launch” promise. Of course, there was no delivery on that, either, but I digress.

    And yes, this sale was handled RIDICULOUSLY poorly. I’m highly tempted to buy out my contract, take the penalty, and sign up with Bell when they launch the Galaxy S next week.

  249. Trevo

    Currently, some customers are unable to check their hardware upgrade eligibility and process transactions. We’re working to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.


    ^^ This cost me my 32gb at a best buy. Horrible customer support you need to do the upgrade at a Rogers Wireless store who were all sold out from the guy at *611. Pretty lame, would have been nice to know before killing 3 hrs to find it out

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Trevo,

      Sorry about your experience today. We’re trying our best to communicate things as soon as we can.


      1. Geoff

        The problem with your response is that Customer Support is still NOT honouring the information you have posted in the blog above about the people who bought a 3G in 2008 and upgraded to a 3Gs in 2009. You say we get 159/269 pricing, they still say 399/499 and you are both claiming to be correct…. PLEASE FIGURE IT OUT AND LET US KNOW!

  250. I got up early, and went to MANY Rogers stores today, in 4 different cities, I was waiting outside in line before most of the stores opened, and either they had no Rogers phones, no 32 gig phones, or they were already all accounted for.

    I drove for over 6 hours, and made 50+ phone calls to all best buys, futureshops, wireless waves, and rogers, most were long distance, and they all either say they were sold out instantly or i had to come in and see if i was still able to get a phone that a person may not be able to upgrade. I also had to drive to the store to be put on the list!!!!!

    So lost a whole tank of gas, a ton of sleep, and im going to have a giant cellphone bill, because of all the calling around. what a way to start my long weekend!

  251. Does anyone know, or why do none of the stores know when the next shipment will be coming in?!

  252. Darren

    Thanks for wasting 3hrs of my life today Rogers..I checked your online eligibility checker, it said I was eligible for the discounted price of $159/16G, $269/32G.I even checked 3 more times to make sure..then I called Rogers to ask them, they told me I was also able to receive the phone at the discounted price..so I’m in line at Rogers retail, have the 32G phone in front of me and now you wanna tell me that I only qualify for $399/$499…Get your act together, you’re not the only act in town anymore..and on a side note..what this stupid site for anyway..you don’t answer questions and you made people sign up for updates and I know I didn’t get one..Big fail on this launch, even worse then the 3GS launch..I guess that’s what happens when you tell your customers a night before launch if they qualify..

  253. realist

    Loyalty doesnt mean much with current setup, i had a phone in 1996 or 97 with cantel rogers, and have had one with them ever since. And there i was lined up as stated above to get nothing. And with no system to waitlist those in lineups, joe blow new customer or random person who walks into store as courier with new iphones arrives will get an iphone 4 before i do. It seems like its allways kinda like this special deals and promotions and freebies for the new customers. But if you call up and say hey ive been with you 14 years what do you have for me? you cant even get on a waitlist or priority queue

  254. Dave

    So this is the third iPhone launch for Rogers in Canada and they still managed to drop the ball.

    I honestly would love to know why no information regarding the little to no stock was provided through Rogers RedBoard and why once again all the iPhone information was released at the last minute causing many customers to not be eligible for an upgrade because of computer issues. As I also found out most of the staff at these locations didn’t really have a clue what plans, upgrades and deals were being offered cause most were only informed last night. What a complete waste of my time, of course I would love to just order the phone online but I can’t from Rogers……what a shock.

    Beyond disappointed with Rogers and the RedBoard team but honestly what’s new. Thanks for offering me a deal on a phone that you have no stock of across the country, I think I’ll buy unlocked from Apple this time.

  255. Just wanted to say Thanks for the fair upgrade terms Rogers. You’ve got me for another year! Loving the iPhone 4 already. Very very sweet!

    The $20 iPad sharing plan is insane though. $5/month and I’d definitely sign on, $10/month I might, but at $20 there’s no way.

  256. Bill

    RogersRichard or Keith,

    Can you answer my question above ( at 4:05 ) in regards to sharing a data plan ( 6gb $30 ) with Iphone on the Family share plans ? Your opening comments suggest you can but some earlier comments here reflect otherwise.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Bill.
      I replied above to your question.

  257. Jeffrey

    I can get the $30 6 gb data plan and share 2 iphones. I seen some comments here that reflect otherwise. can you clear this up ? We have 3 iPhones in our house and two are on shared account with 1GB data sharing and the third phone is on a student plan without any data. What is available if we upgrade two of those phones to iPhone4’s and have all three on the same share account? I was on hold for a terribly long time with the CSM line. ANy insight into this? I can wait a while to get this done but definitely would like to. Thank you.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your question. As I mentioned above to Bill:you can not share the new 6 GB plan between two phones.
      However, if you have a shared voice plan, you can add this as the data-portion on a per-phone basis. Which we think is still a great value.
      Check out http://www.rogers.com/familyplan for more info.

  258. ZanCas

    Rogers Plus at Market Mall in Calgary has a sign up saying that they are not doing hardware upgrades because of limited supply… So only new customers to Rogers can get an iPhone 4 from that Rogers store?

    I now that what I am saying has already been mentioned in the above thread but I just wanted to bring to light that locations are not honoring the upgrade eligibility even when there is stock on hand.


    1. Bill

      Perhaps, since the stores make more money with new customers vs upgrades, they have decided to use their limited stock for newbies. All the mess people were going through with upgrades today was probably the stores way of keeping upgrades away for now.

    2. David Smit

      I agree and it’s annoying. Sounds like Rogers forgot that its easier to retain a customer that get a new one!

      Also, when you do a search using the store locator for the iPhone and then go to some of the stores, they don’t have it. Its firkin annoying.

  259. Jeremie

    to Rogers_Richard or RogersKeith

    I bought the iphone 3g in feb 2009, i upgraded in sept of 2009 to the 3gs and now i want to upgrade to the iphone 4 except that i am not eligible for the $159 upgrade because i am 2 months off. I do not believe this is fair seeing how for the 2 months difference should not impact the price to be 240 dollars more, could you please explain the logic behind this? thanks.

    1. La Roja

      You’re lucky it’s only $240 difference, I’m 3 months off and it’s a $500 DIFFERENCE!!!!
      The funny thing is that my cancel fee is only $350.
      Rogers in addition to not caring about their existing customers, also doesn’t know simple math (also evident by the messed up billing system)

    2. fordomatic

      Don’t want very much do you?

  260. Brad

    The upgrade price is great….problem is the half a day I wasted taking off from work without being able to get a 32GB iPhone 4 anywhere.

    I waited in line at the first store for almost an hour before opening(3rd in line) only to get inside and hear them announce they only have 1 Rogers iPhone for sale which was taken by the 1st customer in line. Obviously upset at that point and with a morning booked off from work I figured I would try other dealers in the area.

    All together I drove to literally 7 other dealers around me including Best Buy, 2 Future Shops, a Rogers plus, and 3 Digital communications stores and every one was either sold out completely or said they didn’t get any/many 32GB models and they were gone instantly. This was all within less than an hour or 2 of each store’s opening.

    I understand quantities may be limited but that is ridiculous…especially when someone actually goes and pays his dues by getting there early and waiting ahead of time. Stores getting between zero and three 32GB units is not a launch, it’s a lottery.

    What made it even more frustrating is that it just seemed to be Rogers…Bell/Telus Customers had no problems obtaining their phones at the locations that served multiple providers.

    Promotions intended to show customer appreciation don’t mean much if you aren’t actually able to obtain the phone.

  261. David Crompton

    Rogers as well screwed me over on my upgrade. Having bought the 3G on the launch date, and then upgrading to the 3GS on the launch date, I was eligible for the iPhone 4 upgrade. Alas, I stood in line this morning at 4AM, second inline and my local Rogers store, only to be told I couldn’t be sold the iPhone at all. Why? Because the system was telling the clerk that I was not eligible for any hardware upgrade. Turns out this glitch had ruined my joyfull iPhone 4 experience. The iPhone, like many other on this posting, was sitting in front of me for an hour and half as we waited for Rogers to fix the issue. The store clerk even phoned Rogers Sales and they said they have “nothing to do with iPhone 4 upgrades today, everything is done at a store on the computer system”. Amazing, I’m being told by rogers website and here on redboard that I can upgrade, the store manager even agreed, but no…there is a glitch in the system and there is nothing they can do. Now I sit here iPhone 4-less all because Rogers can’t have their systems ready for a launch they had known about for over 2 weeks.

  262. Andriy Warchola

    Month ago I came to Rogers with question – I want to have family plan but I also want to have new Iphone 4 – what should I do – wait till Iphone available on Canadian market? Both, sales rep and phone agent told me that I should sign contract and than I will add Iphone to it once it available at discounted price and signing 3 year term.

    Now Rogers say I should pay full price and cannot have discount – is it client oriented attitude?
    Sorry i have paid them so much money for month service – together with activation fee.

    I will switch to Bell to get the phone i want.

  263. Danny

    If I purchase an iPhone from Apple store, how do I get my discount from Rogers? ( I am eligible for “up to $480).

  264. Louise

    A big shout out to the staff of Rogers Plus at Bonnie Doon Edmonton, who were courteous and good natured throughout a very long difficult day.

  265. Beth

    Can you please tell me when I will be able to order iPhone 4 by calling Rogers call centre? I work all day while our licensed retailers are open and due to the rush they do not like answering their phones. I got my 3G by calling the night of the release day, will I be able to do this? I want to be able to take advantage of the bumper apple is offering but if I am put on a waiting list or told to keep checking I might miss out. Plus I like renewing as early as possible so I don’t have to wait too long when they release the newer iPhones in the years to come. Hope my question doesn’t get lost in a sea of repeated comments. Thanks :)

  266. Edward

    I upgraded to iPhone 4 and it’s great!!! But the issue I have now is that it is stuck at “Waitingfor Activation”!!!


  267. Doug

    I just went into a Roger’s store today to inquire about the $20 iPad data sharing plan talked about here. They had no idea what I was talking about (Vancouver Yaletown store).

    Is this plan available now? If not, when should we expect it to be available?

  268. SatisfiedTom

    Hi, I was one of the very lucky ones here in saskatchewan (no apple stores and very limited stocks). I did get a 16GB iPhone 4. My problem is as follows: I got the 3G in Sept. 08, the 3GS on launch last year and according to this forum (and what a rep confirmed last night after I had to tell him where to look) I was eligible for the 159 price (My account consists of my iPhone, wife’s iPhone and oldest son’s feature phone for a combined bill of approx $225.00/month). While I did get my iP4 it took 2 hours for the shop I was in to connect to activate it, and the rep said I had to pay 399.00. I could hear her on the other end and could tell she was frazzled and having a tough/busy morning so what I decided to do was go ahead at the 399.00 figuring I would be able to straighten it out once the dust has settled.

    Is this going to bite me in the a**?

    I’d also like to point out to all the complainers that it is Apple who is responsible for the limited number of phones available, NOT Rogers. I would also like to point out that I can only imagine how hard the call centre staff, IT staff, and retailers worked today. Nothing on a scale like this with the numerous options etc. could go 100% smoothly.

    Thank you all for the hard work.

  269. Stephen C. Holtzman

    I knew that there would be problems so I’m waiting. Why get frustrated. But on the positive side, being loyal customer for over 20+ years nearly 25 I was able to get without any problems the same data plan pricing for my iPhone with iPad! Just as Bell offered! I called, they transferred me to another department. They looked at my account and said Wow loyal customer! I laughed. She then said no problem will charge you the new price and give you a $10 data discount to bring it to the same monthly price as Bell!

    Now I am back being happy with Rogers … And Keith. Lol

  270. Appleman

    Rogers refused to offer me the full subsidy, even though I’m eligible according to these rules (3G in ’08, 3GS in ’09). Walked out with the phone, but the bill was charged double that it should have been for the phone. Can you guys help me? Or should I call retentions/techsupport to get this resolved immediately, I’m very disappointed as a customer…

  271. jdmcivic

    rogers didnt learned from the last year mistake, by now most customer ever being told out of stock or come back later at rogers retail store. And on top of that the activation server it down most all the day. They should have a look how the Hong Kong carrier launch the iphone 4.

  272. Justin

    Hey Keith, why is rogers completely leaving out all the customers who purchased the 3G between January 2009 – June 2009. Our group wasn’t able to upgrade to a 3GS like the people who bought in 2008, and people that bought after June 2009 at least have a 3GS.

    Will Rogers let this group at least upgrade to a 3GS with a deal?

  273. Thipan

    Can someone tell me when the next shipment arrives for 32gb iPhone 4 in the GTA. They are all sold out already.

  274. Stan

    Congrats Rogers!!! 3 years now you’ve been unable to keep your system up and running on release day. Are you really that incompetent that you can’t fix your system to handle these numbers of enrollments? This is a company we’re supposed to TRUST to do right by the customers? You must employ the worst IT specialists in the business.

  275. Calvin

    this is bull crap i understand how theres lots of demand but its stupid 5,6 phones a store apple had plenty of time to make enough phones.when is rogers gonna get more

  276. Mike H

    i don’t even have a place to upgrade online to an iphone 4? err… all it says is upgrade to iphone and upgrade my phone…. i think it believes my phone isn’t an iphone – possibly because i use smartphone plans instead of iphone plans? just because it’s showing the $499 as my eligibility – should be $269

    i want to upgrade – i am going to call a CSR and get an HUP over the phone even if they will try to tell me i can’t. Sorry, but your site isn’t working. I am not going to wait to order something for a tool that hasn’t worked since the day it was announced.

  277. Bradley

    What a dreadful exp. I have had trying to get through and then dealing with Rogers to see if they would improve the price on my voice plan and a new data plan with an iPhone that I could purchase unlocked outright or get from Rogers. I am not on contract. Frankly they could care less. Tonight I also called Bell and what a great experience and plan they offered. Now I am awaiting Rogers to get back to me tomorrow to see if they can “improve” my plan…but after 15 years with Rogers…I am ready to go.

  278. Geoff

    I think we have a problem, I just called Rogers Customer Service and I fall into this category:
    Did you activate or upgrade the original Rogers iPhone 3G in 2008 and then upgrade again to the Rogers iPhone 3GS between June 19 and September 15, 2009?
    You’re also eligible for at least $480 off the no-term device price. You can pick up an iPhone 4 16GB/32GB for $159/$269 on a new 3-year voice and data plan.

    But Customer Service is telling me this is wrong and the only option available to me is:
    iPhone customers who entered a term on or before June 7, 2010 ( the day Apple announced iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers conference) and who do not qualify for the above offer
    iPhone customers who entered a term on or before June 7, 2010, and who do not qualify for the above offer are eligible to upgrade to an iPhone 4 at $399 for the 16GB or $499 for 32GB, each with a 3 year term voice and data plan

    Can someone who is knows what the heck is going please get back to me and clarify who I can speak with to get the appropriate deal for me????


  279. Brandon

    Bought a launch day 3G, but I went back to a blackberry 9700 last year, would I eligible for the same rights based on launch day purchase?

    1. RogersKeith

      Sorry Brandon. This special early upgrade offer is only for iPhone customers.

      1. Nowen

        hey… i want to upgrade my iphone 3g to the iphone 4.. i first upgraded to iphone 3g on january 5 2009.. can i still get the iphone 4 for the subsidized price at 159 ??

  280. Michelle

    I called in twice this week about upgrading from my 3GS. It is experiencing horrible battery drainage and heats up quite hot while charging. The customer Retentions rep told me I was able to upgrade at the lowest price because of the upgrade agreement signed with apple. When pricing came out yesterday, I called in to confirm the price and the rep confirmed I would bre receiving the $159 price. Had an iPhone saved for me then behold the system showed no upgrade. When I called in, the first rep said $649 and I was not eligible at all and basically said the previous 2 reps lied to me. Called again and got $399 and saying previous reps gave me misleading information. The store could not continue to hold the phone for me and now I am out of and iPhone 4 am are stuck with a burning hot battery draining 3GS. Any help here?

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Michelle. I sent you an e-mail to see if we can help.

  281. David Smit

    I am very disappointed with Rogers.

    Went to 3 stores today and couldn’t get the iphone 4. Both Futureshop and Best buy had 10 Bell phones and 10 Telus phones, but no Rogers phones. Then I went to the Rogers store and they had a phone for me, but the system was down, so it took hours to activate people’s phones.

    Tonight I called Rogers customer care to try and buy a phone and I was told that if I was a new customer, I could orderna phone, but hardware upgrades has be done in store. Why? This makes no sense to me and I can’t believe that I can’t just order a phone online or over the phone. Also, I love it how new customers get precedence over existing customers! Thanks Rogers!

    You have no excuses for this mess. You make more than $150 off me every month, but you can’t allow me to buy the new iPhone 4? I am pissed off.

    1. RogersKeith

      I’m very sorry about the technical issues David.
      As for inventory, we have limited quantities coming this week from

  282. Jason

    So if I buy an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple, but want to use it on Rogers, are the plans the same rate as those who are subsidizing their phone? If Rogers isn’t having to cover the cost of the phone, surely the monthly charges should be less?

  283. Fred

    Anybody know if all rogers’ stores are out of stock?

    1. RogersKeith

      Yes they are Fred. Limited inventory is arriving this week.

      1. Anthony

        this is B.S because ive called all locations within a 100 km radius and all stores now say there is a 3 week delay

  284. boatbldr

    Like ryan, I don’t have time to call the
    rogers store nearest me every day in vain hope of acquiring an Iphone 4. So…. will struggle with my temperamental Blackberry trackball, and place the onus on Rogers to let me know when I may get my Iphone 4. Beware….my contract will end in January.

    seems like a lot of people are unhappy huh?

  285. alicia

    If you log onto your rogers account, it will show your eligibility for upgrade.
    i just tried mine…and it works!

  286. RobTheGob

    When is Rogers going to offer a real data plan for Pay-As-You-Go customers? I paid full price for my iPhone (no subsidies!) and would LOVE to give more money to Rogers for data.

    At the very least, I should be able to purchase a data plan similar to the subsidiezed monthly customers (or the iPad owners).

    Come on, Rogers!

  287. Brett Vincent

    Hi there, I had owned an iPhone 3G in 2008, upgraded to the iPhone 3GS in July of 2009, and I just talked to your customer care, and they said I wasn’t eligible for the $159/$269 price, even though it says clearly earlier in your post that I should be. What should I do?

    1. Chris MacAloney

      Keep fighting with them and make sure they read this blog, I’m in the same situation, took me three calls before they finally understood what I was talking about. Got my 32GB iPhone 4 for $269. The employees at the call centre have no idea what is going on.

  288. jdmcivic

    Just want to know where i can pickup one, since i been all the rogers retail store close by my house, they all running out of stock :( . It’s that hard to do the hardware upgrade?

  289. L

    I been with Rogers since the launch of the 3G. Your HUP program have rewarded customers like me who want to upgrade iPhones and I have extended every time my contract with no hesitation. You have deliver !!

    Yesterday the system was down, extremely slow, and overall a chaotic day. But that is part of the charm of getting an iPhone. It would not be the same if it was not like this …. my only suggestion, take pre-orders.

    Please pass to whomever is responsible for the HUP plans a kudos. He has found an excellent way of making sure that the turnover rate is low. As an early adopter I could not be happier and as a result your getting free good publicity.

    There will be always complains and problems. I have none,

    Keep up the HUP for iPhones and in return a customer (or two) for life.

    1. jdmcivic

      i guess u didnt read rogers web site, they dont do “pro-order” online. first come first serve. But without any how can u!!! And apple only serve ppl with most $$$ which like the first day of launch.

  290. fordomatic

    Only a few units per store? ROGERS HAS YET ANOTHER EPIC FAILURE ON THEIR HANDS!!! The store I went to was sold out in an hour and the closest Apple store is over an hour from my house or work… not to mention that I actually WORK for a living and just can’t cut out for 5 hours and wait in line. What a joke… I switched to Rogers 2 years ago when I got my very first iPhone and my relationship with Rogers started out good, there has been one problem after another in the past year. From continuing to charge me for six months for a rocket stick that I returned 3 days after I got it, to dinging me $105 cancellation fee for a service I that specifically asked to be cancelled on my renewal date and not a day before (that took 4 phone calls to resolve). I think maybe I will pay the ECF and go back to Bell. At least you can order the phone from them online!!!

  291. Jason

    I’m very unhappy over the way Rogers has handeled the iPhone 4 launch. Two issues:

    1) The Rogers rep I first spoke to on launch day incorrectly noted my account. When I called customer care back, a certain discount was no longer offered to me as there was no record of it. In fact, the rep I spoke to later that day said that the previous rep noted *something totally unrelated to what was discussed*.

    2) iPad data pooling. I have spent over 8 hours and talked with 6 reps in store and in the phone via customer care and tech support. Some insisted there was no such thing as iPad/iPhone data pooling, even though I have the feature on my account. My iPad will only connect to Rogers sites on 3G – no where else. Customer care insists my account is noted correctly, and tech support sees no issues. My case has even been escalated but is still not resolved.

    Overall, this whole situation has really frustrated me. Why should I continue to be with Rogers if this is how I will be treated? I’m reaching out here in a last attempt to find a resolution to these issues.

  292. Shawn

    Hi there,

    I got an iphone 3 in July 2008 and an iphone 3 GS in July 2009. I’m getting quited 399/499 for the iphone 4. Based on this post I should be paying 159/269. I called Rogers at 611 and the rep told me that they got an email rescinding any offer for 159/269 and that my upgrade price is 399/499.

    Can you please clarify which price applies to me. When I go pick one up, will they have any trouble honoring this price?


  293. Glenn


    I currently have a iPhone 3GS and Rocket stick shared data plan. Each contributes 500MB to the 1GB of quota per month. I pay $55 for for the voice data/plan + $20 for the valuepack/voicemail. I pay an additional $20 for the rocketstick account. plus system access fees for both (6.95 * 2) and taxes of course).

    My question is that if I opt for the $30 per month for Data how does that affect what I currently pay? I cannot tell what the current 1GB is worth as on my bill it shows only $0 for data on both accounts. Would I receive some reduction before the $30 is added back on?

    Also I have an iPad .. if I opt for the extra $20 will all three devices be able to share the 6GB?


    1. Glenn


      would someone from the rogers team be able to answer my question above re: iPhone and Rocket Stick sharign plan? I want to be prepared before I go into a rogers location to pick up an IPhone4 when there are more available.


  294. Total epic fail experience this weekend!

    I wait 5 hour in line friday to got my upgrade. Near 19h45, apple store ppl tell me Rogers close server for who want to upgrade to the new iPhone. It left like 4 persons in front of me!!! I came back saturday, I did again the line and finally got it 4 hour after! Total 9 hour of waiting! + parking charge + gas used to go to apple Store + food while I am waiting…. I did not save a lot finally!

    I dont think I will renew this experience! (in anyway not with Rogers!)

  295. Bob

    I am a long time Rogers customer, and signed up for the email alerts for iPhone 4 (both Apple and Rogers), and there were no alerts, or any opportunity for pre-orders. They really screwed this one up, despite the fact that they have two previous iPhone launch experiences. I guess they figure that the iPhone is so hot that they don’t even have to try. What’s even more amazing is that for this launch they have some competition, so they should have tried harder. As a Rogers shareholder I am very disappointed in their performance.
    Now I understand that the iPhone 4 is in short supply… Apple is selling all they can make, but this is what pre-orders are for… Rogers and Apple can gauge the market demand ahead of time and adjust inventories between countries and carriers. Maybe the demand is so great that even this does not help… if so, they should at least send an email giving the projected availability date. This launch make them look like amateurs.

  296. Skeptical

    Can you comment on recent reports that the servers that are used for hardware upgrades and new activations crashed coast to coast?


    1. RogersKeith

      Yes – Saw those reports. Demand for iPhone 4 has been phenomenally high. Some customers were unable to check their hardware upgrade eligibility and process transactions. We’re working to fix the issue as quickly as possible and thank all of our loyal iPhone customers for their patience. It’s our goal to get an iPhone 4 into the hands of every Canadian who wants one and we apologize for any inconvenience.

      1. Jason

        So why is Rogers having all these problems, and the other carriers not? It’s not like you didn’t see this coming, or if you didn’t, you should have.


  297. Beth

    So I’ve called around 4 cities and all say they are sold out, some say across Canada. One store even had ppl camp out just to find out they never got a single phone. I signed up for notifications from Rogers and got none. Harassing the stores around me is just pissing off Rogers employees. I can’t talk to the call centre cuz they are sick of answering questions. What does one do when NO ONE can give any info?? You should not place a time limit on your promos when you can’t supply the demand in time. And if any of us do not make it in time for the free bumper, we should be refunded for it by Rogers. As well as given an acception for a few months off the next upgrade. When I got my 3G, I called the night of july 11, 2008 and had no problem.. How do you go from a flawless system to this? I can’t even be put on a wait list? Are you trying to make this as difficult as buying the Wii after it’s release?? Worst marketing tactic ever, especially with all the options we have now. You could have at least been kind to your customers who have been loyal for a decade plus, and given us first crack at it.. Not impressed, seriously.

    1. RogersKeith

      Sorry for inconvenience Beth. If inventory is still tight at September 30, we will look at extending our promotional dates as we did last year.

  298. Doug

    I’d like to know if Rogers will unlock the phone once the contract is over?

    In Hong Kong when you purchase an iphone under contract you still get the phone unlocked (even during the contract period). This not only allows the customer to buy out the contract when ever they wish and switch providers (the penalty of course covers the cost of the phone) but also use the phone with other providers while still under contract.

    For people doing a lot of traveling using the a locked phone abroad is a problem. This of course would not be a problem if Rogers had roaming packages that worked. Last year I enabled digital roaming on my phone while in Hong Kong for 5 minutes and was dinged an extra ~$300 in digital roaming charges… yes thats $300.

    Excluding the digital roaming issues using the phone services while traveling for extensive periods will have the same costly effect. The only practical solution right now for travelers who stay abroad for long periods of time is to use local providers… which can’t be done on locked phones.

    I would gladly pay a small extra fee to have my phone unlocked while still under contract as may be the case with many others.

    1. RogersKeith

      Our current policy is not to unlock devices.

      1. Doug

        sigh… I expected as much… Its time the government stepped in here and forced companies to stop selling locked phones. The wireless companies already have you “locked” into a multi-year contract, why is locking the phone necessary? its not!

  299. Recon

    Does your Pay-by-the-Minute Anytime Plan include data? I am looking for a light calling and heavy data combo plan. If I bought an unlocked phone from Apple, could I enrol the iphone in rogers Pay-by-the-Minute plan thus bypass rogers too-expensive contract plans? Where are your middle of the road priced plans? All rogers offers is either an expensive phone with too-little data plan or an expensive phone with a far-too-much data plan. Can you meet us in the middle?

  300. Recon

    Why would I pay rogers an additional $20 to share data with an ipad when I am already paying (MONTHLY) for a 6G plan that I hardly scratch the surface of? It feels like a pure money grab. No thanks. I’ll just pick up a cheap laptop and tether to it. I will not give rogers the extra $20 nor will I buy apple’s untetherable iToy.

  301. Stephany

    I signed a 3 years contrat with you Rogers in july 2008 with a blackberry pearl, so now it’s been 2 years, if I sign for another 3 years right now with an iphone 4, do I get the iphone for 159$ (16gb)? Thank you.

  302. Tommy

    I have the same question as Jason, which is still unanswered.

    Here it is :

    — So if I buy an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple, but want to use it on Rogers, are the plans the same rate as those who are subsidizing their phone? If Rogers isn’t having to cover the cost of the phone, surely the monthly charges should be less? –

  303. rab

    says on this board that these offers are for iphone only customers, so when i checked online if i was eligible it said at the discounted rate of $159 for the 16gb and $269 for the 32gb. Right now i have a nokia n95 8gb and have less then 11 months left of my three year contract. so am i able to get that pricing?

  304. Weebsurfer

    I’m as ticked as the next guy, but I’m actually surprisingly impressed with Rogers attempt at pleasing the masses this time around. I have a feeling however that Apple wants to hog as much glory as possible and get the lineups at their store for free advertising (as if they need it). Rogers gets so many iPhones and distributes them evenly (well, except for a few forgotten stores) that basically amounted to about 5 per store. CRAZY, but c’est la vie. Meh, I guess PR Fiascoes are the norm with Apple products now. Anyhoo, is there any chance that we’ll get some info on when the phones might go on sale on-line? I don’t think it would be that difficult for a company like Rogers to start taking orders on-line and in turn maybe get a good idea on what they actually need from Apple. And please tell me that we’ll see more 32 Gig models in future stock. I’m not a big fan of “The Cloud”… sorry Mr. Jobs.

  305. Daniel

    Is there any way to get on some wait list for the next shipment of iPhone 4? Or do we have to play the game now of calling every Rogers store daily to find one with the iPhone 4 in stock.

    1. weebsurfer

      Individual stores may give you some waiting list lovin’, but likely only in the form of a call list. first come first serve will still have priority over this list.

  306. Monty

    What kind of scam is this that I have to pay $20 EXTRA to use my already existing data between my iPhone and iPad? Can’t they just be shared, end of conversation??

    In what way does me paying $30 for the 6GB plan and then wanting to share that with my iPad create an operation cost of an EXTRA $20 PER MONTH to you??

    Please answer this Rogers, because as I see, you’re making me (AND OTHERS) pay twice for the SAME DATA.

  307. Chris MacAloney

    The third upgrade option listed here applies to me. I activated the iPhone 3G on launch day in 2008 and upgraded to the iPhone 3GS on June 22nd. I called Rogers customer service on July 29th to make sure that I did qualify for the $159/$269 pricing and they said that I would qualify for only the $399/$499 discount. I lined up launch day anyway, and managed to get the last 32GB iPhone, there were only 15 in stock at my local Rogers store. After hours of waiting on the phone for activation I was told I would only qualify for the $399/$499 discount, which even after showing a PDF printout I made of this blog, neither the employees in the store nor the agent on the phone would budge. I took the phone for this price anyway. The next day I saw that the post was edited to specifically say the 3GS whereas on Thursday it merely said “upgraded”. I decided to call back to Rogers customer service and explain my case and ask for answers. I simply wanted to know why what was written on an official Rogers blog, and which seemed to perfectly fit early adopters like myself, was not being honoured in stores or on the phone. After calling back 3 times, I finally got an agent to open up a web browser and look at this blog post and read what was written here. I was put on hold, and 3 minutes later she came back on the line to tell me that I was correct, and that I did qualify for the $269 pricing on the 32GB iPhone 4. The fact that it was this difficult to get Rogers to honour its policies, and that no Rogers employees in the call centre knew that this blog exists or were aware of the offer is ridiculous. One would assume that after experiencing 2 iPhone launches previous to this, Rogers would have learned.

  308. Fred

    Any updates on when the HUP tool will be giving the right prices online ? Need to update my wife but cant figure the pricing for her.

  309. Freddie

    Any updates on when the HUP tool will be working again ?
    Let me know please!

  310. Paul

    This is unbelieveably confusing. Different answers from different people and different stores.

    Here is my situation: I have a family voice plan that I signed up for 3 and a half years ago. It costs me $50 for my wife and myself to use just voice phones. Our 3 year plan expired in January, and we continue with the same plan on a month by month basis. We are happy with the plan and want to keep it.

    However, I am now considering getting an iPhone 4, and need a data plan. I would prefer not locking into a term contract, but rather having my data plan added to my existing plan. I was told at the store, that I can do this, and they recommended I go with the $40/month Value Pack as detailed in their wireless data and voice plan brochure. (This plan includes 500MB data, Unlimited Social Networking (whatever that is), unlimited extreme text/picture/video/messages sent and received, call display, name display, enhanced voicemail, voicemail to text, and mobile backup). Apparently, I can get this plan as an add-on to my existing plan, and continue with month by month billing – no term contract.

    This brochure does not mention the 6GB for $30 plan, nor can I find anything on the website regarding this plan – and although I have not asked Rogers, I suspect they will not be up to speed on it either. All I could find is a 1GB for $30 data plan. So, I will try my questions here:

    If I buy an unlocked phone from Apple, can I get this $40 value pack as an add-on to my family plan and be billed on a month to month basis, with no fixed term contract?

    If I buy an unlocked phone from Apple, can I get the 6GB for $30 plan as an add-on to my family plan and be billed on a month to month basis, with no fixed term contract?

    And since there is virtually no information available on the 6GB for $30 plan, can you tell me exactly what is included in this plan? Are any of the features listed in the $40 Value Pack included in this plan?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Paul – As a limited time promotion, the 6GB/$30 plan requires a three-year term. It is just a straight data add-on, there are no other features.

      However, you can add any of our other plans on a month by month basis if you are currently off contract or purchase an unlocked device.

      I hope that helps clarify. Enjoy the new device :-)

      1. Patrick

        I think it is rediculous that rogers wont offer customers, that they arent subsidizing a device for, a better deal, or the same deal as other customers without a term.

  311. Is it true that Rogers won’t do a HUP for an iPhone 4 at the discounted price until September if you don’t have an older iPhone activated with them?

    My 3 years contract is up now and I tried to get an iPhone 4, call customer service and they said you only get the promo price now ($159) if, 1) You’re a brand new cutomer, 2) upgrading from an iPhone)

    I have to wait till September

    If that’s true, that’s a horrible way to treat customer !

  312. Patrick S

    I started a new account in april 2010 with my own hardware. Apparently with it being a new account even though I have no contract I’m not eligible for a discounted handset. I called in tonight and was told essentially to get a new account and port my number to it. Lovely.

  313. Diego

    I think I will open a complain tomorrow with consumer board of Canada, because Rogers is providing false advertisement.

    I got a BB8900 on January xx, 2009 (can’t remember the date). I called and the rep told me that an iPhone 4 will cost me 16GB/32GB for $399/$49 respectively HOWEVERm when I go online the tool indicates I qualify for an iPhone at 16GB/32GB for $399/$499.

    If the tool is incorrect it should have never been launch in the first place.

    This is my 2 cents and as many people say in this board is because of this kind of crap that makes me an unhappy customer.

    1. Diego

      I apology for the punctuation seems my copy and paste didn’t work.

      I got a BB8900 on January xx, 2009 (can’t remember the date). I called and the rep told me that an iPhone 4 will cost me 16GB/32GB for $399/$499 respectively HOWEVER when I go online the tool indicates I qualify for an iPhone for 16GB/32GB for $159/$269.

      1. Kyle

        I have the same sort of issue. I purchased BB Bold 9700 in march of this ear, and the online tool says that I am cleared for an upgrade to $159/16gb and $269/32gb. I haven’t called a rep yet to clear this up.

        I am getting quite frustrated with the lack of information from Rogers. This whole waiting game and low stock everywhere is getting quite frustrating.

        Almost to the point where I am going to cancel the contract, pay it out, and start a fresh contract with Telus or Bell.

      2. Emily

        I had upgraded to a BB Bold December 2008 – when the iphone4 launched I checked the rogers tool and it said I was eligible for the $269/32 gb iphone. I went into the apple store yesterday to get my new phone, because I was under the impression that I was eligible. After waiting 4 hours in line, I get inside the store to find out that Rogers made a mistake and I am not in fact eligible. I called Retentions but they refused to budge despite the fact that it was ROGERS mistake not mine.

  314. Diego

    Something else to add to this.. In the last year I went through 3 blackberries. One locked up and never boot up again.

    The second one the ball broke

    This 3rd one I still have it and the hearing piece sometimes is working sometimes is not…

  315. Mike

    Any idea when Rogers plus stores will be re stocked ? My local folks have no info

    1. Mike

      The Mantra is stock depends on when apple sends it.. The folks in Victoria are starting to mention per haps a month

  316. Skeptical

    There’s no doubt Rogers could have handled this launch a great deal better. As a long time subscriber I was very pleased with the level of customer service when upgrading to the Iphone 3g, but the apparent lack of communication and planning has so far been a real disappointment for those anticipating this launch.

    How well trained can agents in Iphone sales be, when they are advising customers to call back in a few hours to process a hardware upgrade for the Iphone 4, an option that one learns later is not available? Where is the continuity when sales agents transfer to the support team for the Rogers site, both of whom are unaware that hardware upgrades (for the Iphone 4g at least) cannot be performed? This was not hypothetical, it was my experience.

    And finally, there is the virtual blackout over inventory levels with no recourse for loyal customers except to harass Rogers Retail Store agents daily. From a customer standpoint, even the most general updates about shipments and availability would have helped alleviate this frustration.

    Certainly in the short run Rogers can’t lose with something as popular as the Iphone 4. But the complacency and lack of coordination will nonetheless leave a bad taste in the mouths of many.

    1. nazaar

      Well Said!!!!

      Our experiences are very similar

  317. Elroy

    So it appears I qualify for the lower price under case 3, I upgraded to 3g in 2008 then upgraded to 3gs last june. The online tool also says I qualify at the lower price. Customer service and the local Rogers resellers say I qualify at the $399/499 pricepoint. They know nothing of this blog or the special upgrade eligibility pricing. How do I go about getting the lower pricing? Please advise. Thanks.

  318. Noname

    Any word on stock reloads for Rogers outlets?

  319. themdimi

    Will Rogers give me a monthly discount on my plan if I purchase an iPhone directly from Apple, unlocked? I don’t care about re-signing but I don’t want to pay as much as someone who gets a subsidy.

    1. Jason

      I already asked this, and the only response has been crickets chirping sadly :(


  320. Matt

    You have repeated the mantra “It’s our goal to get an iPhone 4 into the hands of every Canadian who wants one” on many occasions. What is not clear is how – other than having less stock than was in place for past iPhone launches, having a defective HUP eligibility tool, woefully inadequate server capacity across retails outlets, giving out contradictory and misleading information – how exactly Rogers plans to get any more stock into the the hands of ‘every Canadian’ than any other retailer?

    Demand for iPhone 4 is lower than for 3G and 3Gs launches across North America but Rogers has demonstrated no evidence that it has learned anything from previous launches.

    All Rogers had to do was to limit the first allocation of inventory to existing customers who were on the oldest plans – thereby rewarding your most loyal customer base. But no, the stock was punted out to the retail network and taken away from Rogers Customer Care. How on earth can you expect us to believe that you care about customers when you actions demonstrate precisely the opposite?

    Your stock levels are effectively fixed by Apple and Rogers has pushed this stock into retail outlets and is not making stock available by direct channels – (web and call centre). This conflicts with your other stated policy of ensuring stock is directed to upgrading existing customers. If you wanted to keep them happy, you would simply allocate stock to existing customers *first*. But that’s not what you did is it.

    And while I’m on the subject of stock allocation, how is it that you allow your retail outlets to continue to post notices saying stock is only available for new activations? If Rogers cared about it’s existing customers, it would cease this practice immediately.

    I’m sure you’re a team of nice people running the Red Board but let’s face it, this ‘blog’ exists to repeat meaningless marketing statements and disseminate misinformation about Rogers’ policies.

    And one more thing, the lookup tool has indicated for several days now that I am eligible for a $159 iPhone 4 but I was told by customer care that this is not the case. Can you imagine how irritating and disappointing this is? Particularly as I had to call after actually finding a phone in a Rogers store but was told that I was not eligible by a rude and dismissive sales person.

    I have reached the point where I would gladly pay an early termination fee and go to another provider than deal with any more of Roger’s arrogance and incompetence.

    1. Eric

      Well put !!!!

    2. Hype

      + 1 for Matt.

      I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and spend quite a bit on my cell phone every month

      As a long standing loyal customer, I would expect slightly better treatment than someone who jumps between companies all the time but apparently that is not the case.

      Also, why is it so hard to take pre-orders and give people a date on when to expect their phone instead of creating the inefficient and extremely frustrating experience of having everyone call/walk into a rogers store? Do you think that I am going to buy something else when I’m told that there could be phones in the next 2-3 weeks? I will tell you that I feel quite the opposite when I walk out of there.

      Kudos to your employees who have had to put up with some very bad upper management decisions related to this latest iPhone launch.

      Wish there was a GSM version of the Evo but again, the lack of good Android phones in this country is disheartening.

  321. Manny Boston

    Where are you allocating the new stock. At the call center or stores. If stores which ones in Kitchener, Ontario?

  322. Dave

    Any word if the store will be getting more iPhone 4? Tried this whole weekend, None of the Edmonton stores answered their phones, so I had to drive to 4 of them. 3 had signs saying “SOLD OUT” and one didn’t have any sign (Londonderry) and a small line – so after waiting for about an hour another customer came in and said “you know, if you weren’t here this morning and put one on hold, you can’t get any” at which point the staff said “oh yeah, that’s true…” So those of us who were in line up for an hour or so left. I’d love to get one though.

  323. Em

    I want to buy the Iphone 4 and am eligible for the upgrade but they are sold out in all the stores in Ottawa and you can not reach anyone by phone at rogers concerning the iphone 4. When will it be available again?

  324. Devon

    Well folks,

    I just talked to rogers customer care who said that they were restricting the new iphones to new customers and not those upgrading. Makes sense now that I was unable to process my phone order after reaching the front of the line. As underhanded as this policy is I sure wish that this was conveyed before waiting in line all morning on friday.

  325. Paul


    Kindly answer my questions in the post dated: August 2, 2010 at 9:36 pm

  326. stock

    when would the 2nd batch of iphones be coming in toronto and richmondhill area?

    i’ve been hearing today’s date but can you answer please.

  327. NARoadster

    I would have to say this is probably the worst product launch to date I have ever seen. I work in a consumer related industry so I know the in’s and out’s of successfully marketing a new product and the iPhone4 was handled horribly here in Canada.

    First off why is it that Canada got dropped from the initial group of countries for original iPhone4 release? Was it to keep more stock in the United States so that there wasn’t an iPhone4 shortage there. People will try to claim that it was the lack of proper networking in Canada that we got skipped over; however the iPhone4 is still a 3G phone meaning it will run on the exsisting 3G networks that the original iPhone ran on.

    Secondly, seriously what is with the stock on these things? The product has already been out in the US for a little over a month, the demand for them south of the boarder should have subsided somewhat. Either they needed to really push the product due to stigma from “antennagate” and other issues spreading across the web like wildfire. Or was the person in charge of forecasting sales so bloody inept that they thought only 2 people per province wanted to upgrade.

    I know this really isnt Rogers’ fault; however they had a hand in launching a product they probably should have waited another month to launch, you guy knew you had a monopoly on the iPhone customers in Canada, you should have demanded a larger supply of the phones, being the first and largest provider this should have been a given, if other providers consumers thought otherwise then they should have gotten the phone earlier through rogers.

  328. nazaar


    I’ve called Rogers 4 different times (including today august 3rd) and I’ve been given 3 different answers to my upgrade question.
    Really… nothing annoys me more than customer service reps that don’t have the right information. I was so annoyed on the 3rd call that I asked to be transferred to customer relations rep with whom i then canceled all 4 of my Rogers services… however she was able to talk me into staying with the offer of substantial discounts (FYI, i’ve been with Rogers for 4 years)

    PLEASE… have your CSR read the info on your Rogers website…. that was the only way I got what I’m guessing is the correct information regarding upgrading.

  329. Casey

    When is the next shipment going to arrive in stores?

  330. Chris

    Keith can you please contact me? I tried calling in and adding the sharing of my 6GB data plan with my other phone and they said that it is not available and only the ipad sharing exists. Could you please help me out?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Chris, that information was correct. The sharing plan is available only between the iPhone and iPad.

      1. Chris

        Not according to the blog post above….. “Share with your family
        Now that you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4, what do you do with your 3GS? Pass it on through our Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data. Starting August 4, add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on a three-year term for up to five people!”

  331. Andrew

    Get it together Rogers and Apple….

  332. weebsurfer

    WHAT? what is this I hear about stock only available for new activations????? this goes completely against what Rogers has been saying they’re committed to getting the new iPhone 4 in the hands of every existing customer that wants one. If this is the case, then I retract my previous comment about being impressed. very Par for the course for Rogers to turn face on this one. if this gets on too much longer I will be in touch with customer service to enquirer about early termination fees. The competition is stepping up to bat and offering similar packages.

    All we want is a better answer than “some time this week… maybe”

    Just start taking orders on-line already. unless you’re not confident enough in your partnership with Apple to commit to eventually fulfilling orders.

    Jus’ sayin’ is all.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi there. As Keith wrote in the post, “As the Canadian carrier with the most iPhone customers and experience, we’re making a commitment to allocate the majority of inventory we receive from Apple to existing customers wanting to upgrade to the iPhone 4.”

      In terms of inventory, we expect limited inventory to arrive at some stores Friday/Saturday. Actual timing will vary by location.

      1. stock

        Hi MARY,

        i just saw your post. does this mean this upcoming friday and saturday there will be more iphone 4’s releasing at stores? Does it mean we have to stand in line again?? Will we be informed that there are certain quantities available at each store?

        It would be nice if you clarified.. thanks

      2. Anything in Barrie Ontario? I work all day Today and Tomorrow but more then willing to go at lunch if their is a chance but I don’t want to risk it.

  333. Jimbo 1973

    So the magic upgrade 8 ball has told me I qualify for a 399 upgrade, woo hoo! Then I notice this statment:

    Limited time offer- Offer expires September 30th , 2010

    Really? Will there be stock in my Rogers store before then? I’m starting to doubt it.

  334. NP

    Why are there special data plan rates for iPhone – $65/month and $80/month?
    Why can’t we just use the $40/month voice and data plan for iPhone?

  335. Bob

    Hello Rogers…

    I have a family share plan that Rogers actually solicited to me about two years ago. It is a pretty decent plan, but no data. I would like to keep my existing plan and add the $30/6GB data when I upgrade my 3G. I have no problem signing for another 3 years, but since this plan is not “in-market”, can I do that?
    As someone pointed out earlier, Rogers has done well with the upgrade options, but if I can’t keep my existing plan, I would end up having to pay more and get less based on current plans and this would change a “very positive” into a :very negative”.
    Also, I think this is great that Rogers does this board, however, can’t a large company like Rogers afford to pay someone to answer EVERY question? You can answer a lot of questions in 8 hours/day.

    Hopefully this will be a question that they decide to answer.


    1. Paul

      Bob, I am in the same situation. I was told I could keep my current family plan and add on the 6GB/$30 per month data plan for one of the phones in the family plan.

      However, there are two roadblocks:
      1. no one has any iPhone4s in stock
      2. The 6GB/$30 plan is not programmed in Roger’s systems

      So, might as well wait until they resolve these two issues – and, hopefully, this will be before Sept 30th, when the offer runs out.

  336. So, with Bell launching the Galaxy S this week, and Rogers not having any iPhone 4 stock NOR seeming to be planning on their own Galaxy S launch any time soon, looks like this Rogers customer is going to suck up that ETF and port his number over to Bell. Sorry, Rogers, but you guys have really dropped the ball on this launch.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      We just published a post confirming that we’ll launch the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate in the coming weeks: http://redboard.rogers.com/2010/samsung-galaxy-s-captivate-coming-soon -to-rogers/

      We’ll have more details closer to launch.

  337. Neen

    Where can I find more information on your new sharing plan? On your website the cheapest is still $100….

    Share with your family
    Now that you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4, what do you do with your 3GS? Pass it on through our Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data. Starting August 4, add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on a three-year term for up to five people!

    1. BAT

      I was waiting for this release as well and after looking at it, It appears that you have to have the $100 plan on the first phone, then you can add additional phones for $25 each. So it would cost an additional $30 to add the 6GB plan to the first phone.

      So 2 phones will cost you $125, 3 phones will cost $150 (1gb of shared data and 400 minutes). That’s $62.50 per phone or $50 per phone if you have 3. This does not aooear to be a substantial savings over getting each phone it’s own plan considering you are getting less overall data and minutes. For $65 at Telus you get 6GB of data and 300 minutes – may be worth the $2.50 per phone.

      Maybe I am reading this wrong (Keith… Someone… Can you confirm?).

      I have to admit I had been hoping for something better given the announcement above.

      1. Chetan

        The problem with your assessment is that the $100 family share plan includes 2 lines, so the extra $25 is for lines 3-5 (@$25/line). At least this is what I infer from the website as the customer service reps I talked to have been giving me mixed info.

      2. BAT

        I like your logic (and it does make sense that the $100 would be for 2 phones… I hope you are right!!).

        I checked the website and it doesn’t (that I can see) say that the $100 is for 2 phones (although it does make sense that it would be).

        Too bad this isn’t a Rogers website or someone from Rogers could clarify it for us!!!

        Ohhh…. Right….

      3. RogersMary

        Hi BAT – Chetan is correct, the $100 is for two lines. However, one thing to clarify is that the 6GB/$30 is only applicable to one line within that family and cannot be shared. The rest of the family would share the data as per the plan details.

  338. Vincent

    About the 25$ Family share plan:

    1) i don’t see it on the plans page, and customer service rep didnt know about it?
    2) since you said “share minutes, messaging and data”, I’m assuming I can share the 6gb plan too?

    1. Bill

      I already asked this question and the response was no, you can’t share the data.

      1. Chetan

        so what exactly does sharing “minutes, messaging and data” mean? and what exactly is shared for $25?

        And please don’t say the $100 share plan, because that already includes two lines, and is no different outside of the $25 offer.

    2. RogersMary

      Hi Vincent. The plans are now available on Rogers.com and you can check them out here: http://www.rogers.com/family

      The 6GB/$30 plan can be used by an individual but it cannot be shared with the rest of the family. They can share the data that comes with the plan.

      1. BCBred

        this sentence is not making any sense. “The 6GB/$30 plan can be used by an individual but it cannot be shared with the rest of the family. They can share the data that comes with the plan.” They can share the plan or not share the plan? Why can they not share the plan but can share the plan?

  339. Ryan

    I just wanted to take a moment to make a few observations after visiting this forum over the past few weeks. I have to say I am shocked, for lack of a better word, at the insane comments that have been posted in regards to Rogers’ launch of the iPhone 4. The majority of the negative posts fall into one of two categories: either you are upset because it was an inconvenience to get your hands on the phone and activate it or you are outraged at the associated costs.

    People, I beg you to get a grip on reality. If you thought that being in the first group of people to get an iPhone was going to be smooth sailing, then you are delusional. Expect system crashes, expect long lines and expect pricing errors from Rogers. This is a major product launch and if you have at least a grade two education you would probably have waited a while…but I often forget that we live in a society where you want something yesterday.

    Remember that Rogers is a business and businesses are created to make a profit. If you are one who complains about any costs associated with the iPhone, have you considered the possibility that you may not be able to afford it? Is it ridiculous for Rogers to charge and extra $20 a month (plus a government fee) to share data that you already pay an arm and a leg for? Of course! They do it because they want money and they know many people will go hungry before they give up the idea of not having an iPhone. Shame on Rogers for charging these prices, but more shame on you for paying.

    Finally, I have been more than happy with Rogers over the years. Any company you deal with will provide you with a headache from time to time, but overall I think we can all say we are pleased with our day to day service.

    Life will go on if you don’t have an iPhone.

    1. Actually – most people are upset with the fact that Rogers announced this phone, and stated “We’re going to do our best to get one into the hands of everybody that wants one”, full well knowing that every store was going to get a pitiful amount of units, if any. Rogers is indeed a business, and any properly run business would not have proceeded with this product launch without the following:

      1) Enough stock to satisfy demand
      2) A system in place to ensure that the high demand for this item wouldn’t cause their whole system to die.

      Employees at Rogers stores knew full well how much stock they had, and knew full well that there were more people in line than the number of units they had in stock. Yet, they didn’t go ahead and tell those people in line (after the first 5 or 10) that there wouldn’t be any phones for them. They announced a pricing plan on this very post, that wasn’t communicated to ANYBODY, seemingly, nor was it put into the system.

      It’s a classic case of marketing driving your business, without communicating with the rest of the company. The iPhone 4 launch is probably the biggest mobile phone product launch in Canadian history, yet Rogers was WOEFULLY unprepared. If they wanted to maximize their profit, they should have ensured they would have a smooth product launch – I can tell you right now that there are PLENTY of disgruntled customers out there who are planning on making the switch over to a competitor based on Rogers’ poor handling of this launch.

    2. Yves


      Expect crashes… expect long lines…. expect pricing errors… Man your set the bar very low for this multi-billion company.

      The iPhone 4 has been out for over a month elsewhere… What did Rogers do to prepare ?? Nada. Ok they might not be in full control of inventory has Apple may not consider them enough to supply them with more than 15 minutes of stock on launch day…

      Imagine if this was another line of business. Hyundai heavily promoting the new Sonata with agressive pricing and launch activities… and only provide 2 cars to be sold and then setting the next deliveries in 3-4 weeks. Man only our wrecked communication industry can afford such disastrous operational mess and get away with it without making the news…

      As for pricing. We pay more for our communications needs than some African countries. Canada is recognized as one of the most expensive countries in the world for cellular (voice and data) usage.

      Ryan what do you do with you monthly invoice ? Round up to the nearest 100$ to tip the clerk that will cahs your check ??

      I do not care much for the iPhone 4…. but when I see people excusing poor customer service, poor operational procedures, headless strategy, inventory management procedures dating to the mid-70s and outrageous pricing schemes its either you have given up on expecting more from society or your are from the Rogers family

      1. Ryan

        I understand everyone’s frustrations with the launch but I’m just trying to see it from the other side. I do NOT work for Rogers but I highly doubt the decision makers are sitting behind a desk asking eachother “how can we screw everyone over?” I’m sure if Rogers could have had more stock for launch they would have because that would spell more revenue. It’s easy to criticize the big companies (and believe me, many deserve it) but Rogers has consistently provided me with excellent customer service and has always gone above and beyond when any disputes did arrive. I read a post recently in which a customer attempted to calculate exactly how much profit Rogers would pocket from the launch of the iPhone 4 all without any knowledge of the company and their overhead…absurd!

        The bottom line is that people for some reason feel entitled and complain like pre-schoolers when they don’t get their way. I just upgraded to the 3GS three months ago and Rogers is still allowing me to upgrade to the iPhone 4, and for a reduced price. When is the last time you heard of a Hyundai dealership giving you almost 40% off a new car? (and your comparison to the auto industry is completely in left field anyway).

        As for my invoice, I pay for the services I use at the price Rogers has set because I AGREED to pay at least that when I signed a contract. If people are so unhappy with Rogers, and feel they have a history of disasterous product launches, don’t sign a contract with them or continue to participate in said product launches. Next time save your money and buy an unlocked phone from Apple and if you can’t afford it then go get credit and buy it (which is why we are in this economic landslide, people buying things they simply can’t afford to purchase…but that’s for another forum!)

      2. I’m sure they weren’t sitting around a desk talking about screwing customers over, but they ALSO weren’t sitting around a desk saying “How can we make this launch go as smoothly as possible” and seriously considering the answers, because the proper answer would have been “Wait another month until we have enough stock on hand, and our systems have the proper upgrade policies in place”. It is not at all unreasonable for people to expect that Rogers *at the very least* has their systems set up to allow upgrades at the advertised prices, and that their staff (both phone support and in-store) is aware of the upgrade policies in place (ie, maybe by sending them a link to this very post).

      3. First, do you HONESTLY think that delaying the iPhone release by a month would have been a good idea? It would have been an ABSOLUTE PUBLIC RELATIONS NIGHTMARE. Should I repeat that again, maybe with some stars around it?

        What do you think would have happened if TELUS, Bell and Virgin all launched the iPhone 4 and Rogers/Fido didn’t?. I’ll give you a moment to ponder it …

        The answer is, all of you without iPhones would have been complaining that everybody else launched and Rogers didn’t. Those of you who are maybe contemplating switching carriers would have possibly done so. Rogers wouldn’t be sitting on stock; Apple would be diverting that stock to Rogers’ competitors. They would be selling MORE phones, and Rogers wouldn’t be selling any. Those few folks who DID get Rogers or Fido iPhones would, of course, have not received them.

        This, to be honest, is a colossally stupid idea. Hearing dumb complaints like this all day is is what makes customer service representatives unhappy with their jobs and less quick to help you out when you have a legitimate concern.

        Suggesting that Apple could have delayed the launch by a month is another question, but that’s not Rogers’ decision, is it?

        Next rant…

        Have those of you who are complaining about Rogers’ performance ever worked at a large company? The bigger a company gets, the dumber it gets. Rogers is a large company.

        To compare Bell & Rogers, Bell is an evil company. They hate their customers and I really do honestly think that the executives sit around discussing how they can increase revenue without customers, and what lies they can tell customers to avoid dealing with underlying issues. Rogers may end up that evil, but really they’re too stupid to get there yet.

        I mean no offence to any individual Rogers employee. It’s just that when you get an organisation of that size, corporate incompetence happens. I’m not excusing it, but I also am not surprised by it.

        – Andrew.

      4. weebsurfer

        In regard to your Hyundai reference, I think the word for that is Lease. ;) that’s essentially what you’re doing with a subsidized phone.

        I think what’s causing the worst in frustration is Roger’s two faced approach in stating they’ll be prioritizing getting the phone in the hands of existing customers and then giving preference to new activations. To make money, of course this is to be expected, but they REALLY have to get their suits together in one room and talk to their employees. all this is just fueling speculation, especially with rumours of iPhone 5 or even iPhone 4.5…. or is Blackberry sending in snipers with their new product(s).

      5. To be fair, Blackberry’s only selling point is BBM – even the new Torch doesn’t really compete with the latest and greatest smartphones (iPhone 4, Galaxy S).

  340. Bob

    Feature request: Why not implement an online stock check feature like FutureShop and Best Buy? This would make it easy for iPhone 4 customers to find stores with stock… it’s not rocket science.

    1. Brian

      Best Buy does have that but not for iPhone 4s. They say the stock moves to quckley to have an accurate count.

  341. isolanum

    yeah, I’d really like to know when the next shipments will be in….

    I was told “approx. a week” in store….so ive been waiting to get one through the phone, but they have an automated ivr saying they are completely out of stock. I some how dont believe it. Im sure they have some stock for serious situations…..

    Btw im from Barrie, Ontario….population: 135,000. I was the first one in line and the first one to be told that there was a glitch and i could not purchase one outright for $800+. I walked away super embarrassed as i had waited in line for 9 hours, only to be told “no”.

    Needless to say im still a rogers customer waiting for my phone. I dont know how much longer i can take!

  342. Chetan

    @Rogers_Richard, @RogersRob, @ RogersKeith,

    Just got off the phone with Rogers Customer Support, and they don’t seem to have any information about the $25 share plan mentioned above:

    “Share with your family
    Now that you’ve upgraded to iPhone 4, what do you do with your 3GS? Pass it on through our Family Share Plans and share minutes, messaging and data. Starting August 4, add additional voice and data lines for just $25 per month (plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on a three-year term for up to five people!”

    It’s August 4, do you think you could take time out of your busy schedules to fill us in on the deal with this?

  343. Kyle

    Hi RogersKeith,

    First of all, thank you for creating the community forums. I am sure they will answer everyones “tech”questions regarding IP4. At the end of one of the topics from the forum, you said that stock would be coming in on a weekly basis to the rogers retail stores and to check in on a regular basis.

    My question to you is, do you expect this to be the same with ordering through the rogers call centre?

    I usually work 6-7 days a week, and is difficult for me to leave even for 30 minutes to check out a local store.

    thank you in advance!

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Kyle. thanks for your question.

      That option is not currently available but as we have more details, we will update this post.

  344. nikhi

    when will the iphone 4g be available in a store which supports rogers in brampton toronto? and if it is available which store is it available in?

  345. paul

    What if Rogers cannot get enough iPhone 4’s to fulfill the upgrade orders before your cut off of September 30th?
    Why are you not taking orders for the iPhone 4 so you can track the qty and order of which the orders are received?
    Why would you go ahead with a release date if you knew there would not be enough inventory to handle your order flow?

  346. WyseOne

    All the people in front of me in line at the Rogers Plus store I went to got their iPhone 4’s as NEW activations including the only 3 32gb iPhones they had. I got stuck with a 16gb that I am going to return now and wait for a 32gb. I have been with Rogers for over 15 years.

    Their statement about previous iPhone users getting first crack is total rubish. The store didn’t even ask who is upgrading and who is not.

  347. Aaron

    Hi, I checked on the rogers site and it says i am able to upgrade to the 16GB for 399 with a 3 year term voice and data plan, does that mean that buy upgrading i am agreeing to 3 more years with my current plan?

    1. NARoadster

      Yes you will be signing a new contract for both your voice and data packages. This is how the company keeps you stuck on there treadmill by making contracts three years and releasing new phones every 1-2 years but for us that want subsidized phones its a price were willing to pay.

    2. Brian

      You will be signing a new 3 year contract from the date you upgrade. It will not add 3 years to your current contract. Or at least this is how I understand it.

    3. RogersMary

      Hi. Brian is correct, your contract resets to three years on the date you upgrade. Hope that helps clarify.

  348. Terry


    I have been checking stores in my area for the past few days, and I get the run around as to when they will have the shipment in. I first heard Tuesday August 3.2010. I called and they said by the end of the week. So what is it?

    I just want to know so I can get the phone and be done with the anticipation.

    If someone could please tell me. I am just dying!

    1. NARoadster

      Actually they meant you would get one by late spring 2011

  349. Rommel

    i just wanna ask, coz im using a samsung phone right now…i already use the hup eligibilty tool for iphone 4 and it says im eligible to upgrade for a 16gb-159$ and 32gb-269$..so that means even if im not using a iphone 3g/3gs right now, i can still upgrade my celfone to iphone4??? hope you can answer my question…thanks!

    1. RogersMary

      Hey Rommel. To be sure, it’s probably best to check in store.
      Take care.

  350. Galiano

    I don’t understand why you just don’t allow pre-orders. It’s obvious that a lot of Rogers customers want the iPhone4 and wouldn’t it be better for everyone, including Rogers, to allow us to order in advance. People are frustrated at the lack of stock and lack of information. Allowing us to pre-order would make things much easier on your customers as we wouldn’t have to keep calling stores trying to find one. Second, it would help Rogers because most of the other carriers have stock and customers would be less likely to to join up with one of them.

    It just seems to me that it would have made or would make, a lot more sense to open up a pre-ordering system rather then leave us hanging like this.

  351. WyseOne

    Aaron, you will start a new 3 year contract on the plan that you choose.

  352. Scott


    My question is different than the others. I got my upgrade from customer relations and was told that my iPhone4 was shipping that day (Friday, 30th of July). It has yet to ship from Rogers and everytime I call to get an update I get a different story. Does anyone have any idea when Rogers itself will be reciving more iPhone 4’s I just want an honest answer as when I should be expecting it…



    1. How did you manage to score an upgrade from customer relations? Considering Rogers flat out said that they were not accepting ANY online or phone orders.

  353. Brian

    Rogers Plus in Oakville got a shipment of 2 iPhones today around 12:15. They are both gone now, but i’m just letting everyone know they are probably going to trickle in to random stores over the next little while.

    1. Wow… 2 whole phones? Awesome! And gone in an hour. So basically, just keep calling your local Rogers store every hour, of every day, on the off chance that you catch them during that magical 20 minute span between getting a new shipment of phones in and selling out again. Hrmph.

      1. Brian

        more like gone in 30 seconds. Myself and another guy snatched them up immediately. Calling probably wont help. It will just annoy the sales staff and even if they did have them when you called they wouldn’t by the time you get there.

        I was just letting you know that at least some iPhone’s are still coming in this week.

      2. So, basically, you have to camp out at a Rogers store every day. Awesome.

        Incidentally, I’m in Oakville, so that was MY iPhone you got, jerk. :P

      3. stock

        well i just called my local store and its funny the representative picks up the phone saying.

        “rogers plus store. no iphones in stock. can i help you.”


      4. That’s not to bad I was asked to stop calling and to tell my friends to stop calling for 3 weeks or so as that is usually when they get stock again from the past 2 iPhone launches…

        I guess everyone is a person but you know if I was paid I would be polite no matter what I mean they are paid…

      5. Were they polite when they asked you to stop calling? It sounds like a reasonable request to me.

      6. stock

        ya i think it is total bs. I keep calling different stores and they give different dates. but today i have read on the post that tomorow but doesnt say which stores!!

  354. Josh M

    Went into a Rogers here in London ont. today and the guy told me that none of the Rogers stores in the city have any iPhones and that their stock won’t be refreshed for at least 3 weeks. Could be an estimation or maybe just to get people to stop calling or coming in I don’t know. But I called the apple store in square one in Mississauga yesterday and she said they had gotten a shipment that day so maybe the wireless carrier stores are getting the shaft and apple stores get first dibs.

    1. Kyle

      Its beginning to sound more and more like apple wants all the customer base, and carriers are placed secondly.

      I don’t even really put the blame on rogers anymore, as its pretty clear that they won’t be getting a solid quantity of stock any time soon. I feel bad for them as they have to deal with all the phone calls. I’m sure it gets frustrating.

  355. Kiet

    I found a flaw with the promotional HUP eligiblity. One of the conditions (that is not mentioned) in order to qualify to promotional HUP price for an iPhone if you upgraded to the 3G and 3GS previously is that your sim card must not have been put into any other phone since your last upgrade, if your sim card touches another phone even for a minute it automatically becomes disqualified from the promotional HUP price.

    That’s rule is fine and dandy, I can see why Apple has that in place. What I don’t think they realized is that this also automatically makes people who have had their iPhone serviced at the Apple Store ineligible as well. The Apple Store does not do actual fixes but instead provides you with a new/refurbished iPhone. So because I had my iPhone serviced at the Apple Store while still under warranty, it has made me ineligible to do the promotional HUP (even though it says I am eligible using the online upgrade eligibility checker).

    1. Whaa? Why does it matter if your sim has been in another phone? That doesn’t make any sense at all. I can’t see why Apple would have that rule in place.

      1. Kiet

        This rule was read to me verbatim from a manual by a manager on the customer service line. She even noted the IMEI and date that my SIM was put into another phone.

    2. Jer

      That’s insane! Why would that even be a rule?

      1. stock

        can we get someone from rogers to answer this question because I believe none of us want to go to buy the iphone on upgrades and find out we can’t get it for the right price!!

        I called rogers and they said it was ok.

    3. Dmenava

      Not me…I have used the my iPhone 3G and Blackberry Tour haha! Last time the 3GS came around. I got the upgrade too! Im eligible for the iphone 4 $159 Upgrade! YEAH!

    4. RogersMary

      Hey Kiet. This should not be the case. Eligibility depends on the device being activated or upgraded to a Rogers device in 2008 and 2009.

      If in one of the years the SIM was swapped, that wouldn’t qualify.

  356. Rob


    A lot of people are very frustrated with Rogers right now, and would like to get a straight answer to this question:

    When will Rogers have non-limited stock of iPhone 4s in stores, or at LEAST be able to order them?

    1. Kyle

      I agree. Its impossible for some of us to camp out front of a rogers retail store 24/7 waiting for an iphone. we need to be able to order online or through customer care on the phone. I understand that according to the new update at the bottom of the first page, that some stores will be recieving limited stock on monday, but if it’s going to be the same “limited stock” as there was on launch day, there isn’t even a point in seeing if we can get our hands on one.

  357. PauL

    Yesterday, I stopped in at the Rogers store in the Bamburgh Circle mall in Scarborough. Asked about the 6GB/$30 plan – the rep (who admitted she was new) had never heard of it, but to her credit, took me to her supervisor/manager, who agreed that the plan did exist but it was not in the system so they could not offer it. I asked about stock, and they had no idea when they would be getting any. I asked if they were taking a waiting list, and they said yes, and took my name and number. Looked like there were about 20 others on the hand-written list ( which, when I saw the scribbling on it, doubted I would ever get a call)

    Today, I stopped in at the wireless kiosk in Costco in Markham, and again asked about the 6GB/$30 plan and he said it was in the system, and even showed it to me on the computer screen. However, like all other places, he had no stock and no idea when he would get any. I asked about a wait list, and he took my name and number – again on a hand-written scrap of paper, which I suspect was tossed into the trash after I left.

    I went to the Rogers store at Pacific Mall, and they too had no stock, nor any idea when they would get any. When I asked about a wait list, they said they had over 300 on their list, so I didn’t bother to add my name to it.

    So, the good news is that the 6GB/$30 plan is now in the system – the bad news is no one has any idea when they will get stock.

    1. Roger Cx for 8 years

      I have my name on 3 waiting lists, then I went back into one of these locations and found out they will not be calling and will be selling the iPhones on a first come first server bases. I wish I had a friend at one of these stores as I am sure their friends were the first ones with the new iPhone 4

      1. stock

        Trust me.. i have a friend who bailed on me.. they don’t really help unless they are managers then they can hold phones for you

      2. James

        This is exactly why they shouldn’t have a list, if they honoured that list, you’re getting one phone and have two others being held that others could be getting.

  358. Andrew

    Hello Rogers team,

    Are you able to comment on whether or not the iPhone 4 will be available to order over the phone (i.e. through customer services) before the special offer period is over? I can appreciate that with a device this popular it’s a huge challenge to keep the retail stores stocked with inventory, but it’s awfully inconvenient to travel from store to store in hopes of finding one that has the iPhone in stock. I would certainly be willing to wait for two or three weeks to have it shipped to me, if it meant that I didn’t have to run around my area trying to find a store that had inventory.

    Thanks in advance for any information you can offer.

    1. Roger Cx for 8 years

      I agree, PLEASE let me order it!!!!

    2. RogersMary

      Hi Andrew – Since launch, stock has only been available through retail locations. As stock continues to come in, we will re-evaluate. I do appreciate your input and will share that with our team so they have it when making future business decisions.

      1. Andrew

        Okay, I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed then. In any case, thanks very much for taking the time to reply, Mary.

  359. SM

    Regarding the (August 6, 2010, 8:58 AM) Update

    For those who have replacement units being sent from customer service (on backorder), does that mean that this department will also have iPhone 4 stock available on Monday for distribution?

    1. SM

      Regarding the August 6, 2010, 2:45 PM Update.

      Some stores may now see units on Saturday, August 7, does that mean back orders will be filled or will some locations be receiving a second shipment?

  360. Steve J.

    I’m tired of the run-around.

    The iPhone launch has magnified how mistreated the average wireless customer truly is. Rather than the re-seller fighting for our hard earned dollar, we are given the run-around and treated like cattle. Have we forgotten that WE are the consumer ?

    What happened to the days when a retailer would do ‘whatever it takes’ to get my business ?

    1. Jeff Ford

      They are doing “whatever it takes”… they know that the iphone 4 is the hot ticket and only need to endure our whining about it but we will still want it and we will still strive to get it. So why would they bother?

      1. Tim

        Exactly, plus they want the hype, the more people wait the more they want it, then it gets more people wanting it. Very similar to the way Nintendo has been playing the game for years… create the hype…get people talking about it.

  361. MikeP

    Is anyone else losing interest in the iPhone 4 and calling or going to Rogers everyday or is it just me? I know it’s not only Rogers fault but come on they have to have some idea when they will be getting shipments.

    1. Yup, I’ve decided I’m going to switch over to the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. Rogers is very lucky that they announced this phone, I was half a step away from paying out my Rogers contract and switching over to Bell.

  362. Enrico Guy

    I just called Rogers retention and asked to be upgraded to the $30/6GB data plan and a very nice gal told me that this plan doesn’t exist. I didn’t even bother trying to argue with her, I’ll just call back at another time…but really, c’mon…

    1. NARoadster

      Its a simple addon package its probably not easily noticed by the less intelligent workers, but if you tell them its the promotional data package then you should be fine, pretty sure you can add it to your account online via MyRogers aswell. And for what its worth you dont need to have an iphone to get that package, I am waiting to upgrade to the iPhone4 and I added the data package so I wouldnt miss out on that promotion and I am currently using my backup phone (BB Curve) it currently works as a data plan for my BB so I have to call CSR and tell them to swap it to an iPhone data pack when I get it. Adding this package on will not effect your eligibility for a HUP you just resign your data contract.

    2. Chris

      Really? I got it added to mine.

  363. iP4 rocks

    All the iPhones are going to Apple stores.
    Rogers got screwed.

    1. stock

      NO APPLE STORE HAS ANY IPHONES EITHER at least in toronto area.

  364. Gilles

    That’s it I can’t take it anymore, as soon as the galaxy s comes out I’m switching to android. No way apple is going to win the smart phone war now with these shinanigans for 3 years in a row

  365. Rob

    So I have a question for the Rogers moderators. What if I was lucky enough to get my hands on an iPhone 4 but I want to take advantage of the 15 day return policy to change to the 32gig model. I feel bad for asking as I know there are folks here that haven’t had the chance to get an iPhone 4 yet. But honestly, the rate we are going I am going to blow the 15 return policy and then be stuck with my 16gig model. Is there any change that Rogers will make exceptions to the 15 day rule so that I can upgrade my upgrade?

    1. NARoadster

      Dont put over 30mins of voice on the phone in that time or its non returnable.

      1. Rob

        I haven’t. It sounds funny but I haven’t made a call on my phone since I got it mostly because I have been toying with upgrading. Of course, I can’t get one anywhere. I was told that if I wanted to upgrade I would have to return the phone I have, go back to my 3G for now and when stock is available, upgrade again. Sounds like a waste of time but if I am going to try and keep this phone for 2 – 3 years I want to have as much space as possible.

  366. Daniel

    How will we know what locations are carrying the new shipment of the iphone 4?

    1. We won’t, that’s the best part! You just have to keep trying, every single day.

      1. Hype

        Welcome to distributions system of 1982

    2. Jer

      how sharp is your ESP?
      seriously though… if you were psychic, you’d be better off :)

  367. Dave

    I would love to actually have one – I thought I’d avoid lineups, and let the “launch” go ahead last Friday. Thought I would walk into a store in a couple days and just pick one up. Seems the small selection they received sold that morning, and there haven’t been any since!

    A week later, and no phones. Rogers said when I emailed “no idea when – just keep calling stores…” Sadly, the stores haven’t been actually answering their phones. You have to actually go there, and when you get there, they tell you “sorry, no iPhone 4 – maybe in 2 or 3 weeks? Not sure.

  368. Roger Cx for 8 years

    I have been a loyal Roger Cx for over 8 years and I must say the release of the iPhone 4 is the most ridiculous release ever. I can’t order the phone online, I can’t order the phone by calling 1-888-ROGERS 1 and at this point I can’t even go into