Rogers iPhone 4 Update

Rogers intends to launch iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world with the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, in Canada in the coming weeks.

As this is a brand new device – just announced today – we’re not ready to talk about release date or pricing just yet. We’ll announce the details here at the same time as our dealers and Care reps get them, so check back on RedBoard to learn more.

You can also sign up at for e-mail alerts about iPhone 4. For more information on iPhone 4 please visit

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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439 comments on “Rogers iPhone 4 Update

  1. Blair

    Please release this soon (in June) I can’t wait till July for iPhone 4.

    1. Michael

      they cant as per the keynote Canada wont get this until July !

  2. I’m more curious to see if the Big 3 are going to shake up their plan offerings and get more competitive.

    It would also be incredible if they offered this as a 2 year contract only, instead of a 3 year. That’s just a dream though.

    1. Alph

      “I’m more curious to see if the Big 3 are going to shake up their plan offerings and get more competitive.”

      ahhahahahahahahaha ….. good one.

    2. teunis

      As Apple seems to be releasing new hardware design every two years a contract to reflect that you be optimal. Than iPhone customers can always have the latest hardware design. Makes sense, no?
      Sadly I have only had my 3GS for one year and am not approved for a hardware upgrade (2 years). Let’s see if they follow in AT&T’s footsteps and offer something to loyal Rogers Wireless customers.

      1. Khris

        Apple has been releasing a new hardware design every year, not every two years.

        Also, last year Rogers allowed me to upgrade from the 3G to the 3GS and pay new contract pricing, while renewing a 3 year contract (as long as you were spending minimum $100/month, less than that per month meant a higher purchase price for the phone).

        Hopefully Rogers does the same this year!

      2. moiz

        hi teunis amy be u r not part of the group that got early upgrade from 3G to 3GS adn did not had to wait until they were eligible for upgrade.
        cross u r fingers and hope that this time wil be the same/

  3. Spooky Lurker

    Available in white by any chance?

    1. RogersKeith has images of the iPhone 4 models in both black and white.

      1. Matt

        Yea but some carriers dont sell certain colors, so your positive Rogers in Canada will offer white?

        Ive been using black colors for my devices for all my life, a White iPhone4 is the most attractive thing I have seen in a while, and I want it lol

      2. TL

        100% black & white

    2. Royal

      Yes available in white. Have you even looked at specs on the apple site?

      1. James

        Just because Apple says it will be offered in white does not necessarily mean that Rogers will offer it. However since Rogers did offer the 3G/S in white, I believe that they will indeed offer white for the 4G.

  4. Hopefully, Rogers will offer an upgrade plan like their American counterpart. Want, I do!

  5. MrMiGu

    For those of us that don’t want to have to hack a phone to make it usable, when are you going to pre-announce any new android phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S, that recently launched worldwide?

  6. Moo Latte

    Will Rogers be an exclusive carrier of the IPhone 4?

    1. RogersKeith

      I can’t speak for other carriers, but as the carrier that introduced iPhone to the Canadian market in 2008, we’re excited to launch a third version of iPhone on Rogers.

      1. ali

        I think the iphone4 launch was delayed on purpose for canada so as not to over shandow the recently released ipad in canada…or maybe it was a collective decision by the big carriers so they could settle on internal pricings ? who knows..

      2. OttawaGeoff

        I would have to say that Canada release is delayed due to the fact that apple has to organize a release date with 4 companies on 2 totally different network architectures. It takes time guys and gals!

      3. moiz

        there is no different network architectures now is canada anymore all the companies are on the HSPA + network or the 3G+.

  7. Brendan

    Awesome, can’t wait! Looking forward to further information as it becomes available. Still a little surprised that Canada got second round shipment when we share a border… but I guess I can wait until July. :)

  8. Stinson

    Please Rogers, do not wait to the day before the phone comes out to announce upgrade rules. Announce them at least a week in advance to give people you know.. some time.

    1. amorak

      I second this comment. Rogers *please* provide the upgrade info ASAP!

  9. Stan

    How about Fido? Will we be getting the same treatment?

    1. RogersKeith

      Yes – Fido also intends to carry iPhone 4.

  10. Mike

    Seriously, why the delay? It’s launching in 4 countries on the 25th. I’m quite disappointed given the last launch was on the same day

    1. RogersKeith

      We are a long-time partner of Apple, and look forward to carrying the iPhone 4 when it’s available. But questions about their global distribution strategy are best directed at Apple.

      1. Brendan

        Agreed. RogersKeith, can you provide the appropriate email contact information to Apple that we can communicate questions about the delay?

        I have many friends in the US that are always surprised that we have to wait for releases here (iPad).

        I also have few friends in the UK that are now enjoying giving me a hard time that they are getting the iPhone 4G on the US launch date. :)

      2. Adgeman is your only option.

    2. Kiwi

      because the market here is small..

      I mean really, most people are tied into 3yr contracts.. how many are willing to break them to get a slight upgrade..

      lol! Didnt surprise me that Canada is in the 2nd round.

      1. Helvetica

        A lot of people who bought the 3G two years ago took Rogers’ offer to upgrade to a 3GS last year for only $199 and extend the contract another year. Rogers’ will likely have a similar deal.

        Also, people who bought phones 2 years ago should have a hardware upgrade credit.

  11. Abyd

    Okay rogers, you need to do what ATT is doing, and what you guys allowed us iphone 3g owners to do once the iphone3gs came out!!! and bring back the 6gb data plan for some users :-P

    1. MrMiGu

      ATT is actually reducing their plans, with the largest being 2gigs

      1. phoomp

        Yep, you don’t want Rogers taking AT&T’s lead here.

  12. Danny

    Any idea when 4.0 OS will be relased?

    1. Kalson

      iOS 4.0 releases on June 21.

  13. Jordan

    As Rogers doesn’t allow 2-year contracts on iPhone purchases nobody that bought a iPhone 3GS last June will be eligible for an upgrade. This is the time Rogers needs to step up to the plate and allow users who bought the 3GS to upgrade to the iPhone 4. Instead of just saying customers come first, its time to act on it.

    1. Kyle

      I normally take them to task on this too, but i have to say – after getting a 3GS a year ago at a promotional price, it would be pretty expensive for them to turn around and do it again for the same customers on this one. Even ATT is only bumping their customers up by a maximum of 6 months on their upgrades. Keep in mind that these are $700-$800 phones we’re talking about…

      What DOES need to happen is for Rogers to allow iPhone 4s to be bought by existing (in-contract) customers (even at full price). When the 3GS launched, it looked like if you didn’t qualify for the ‘promotional’ price, you couldn’t get it. I’ll pay for it, just let me have it…

      1. Kalson

        AT&T only forces their customers to go onto contracts for 24-months, not 36-months like Rogers. Also, since Rogers forces customers to pay for a dataplan to get the “good prices”, they are making great money off the customer in the span of a year. I’m sure everyone’s bill including data is around the $70/month + tax mark when all is said and done. $70 x 12 = $840 revenue – $600 cost to Rogers for the iPhone + $199 charged for the iPhone = $439/year in net revenue. I’m sure most people pay more than $70/month for their iPhone plan so that would probably be a worst case scenario for Rogers.

        For them to allow people who upgraded last year to upgrade again this year, still allows Rogers to make pretty good money from us!

        Also, competition now is more fierce as Bell and Telus also offer the iPhone now. When the 3GS first came to Canada, it was EXCLUSIVE to Rogers; not anymore!

      2. RogersKeith

        Hey Kalson. Thanks for your thoughts. Your math isn’t right – we have considerable costs above and beyond the cost of the device – including hundreds of millions of dollars investment in our networks.

      3. Kevin

        Yes Keith,

        How much does the infrastructure $ per smartphone per year avg out to? Considering your 21mbps equipment is in high population density areas at the moment.

        Since you have access to the data, please help our math.

        In the second year the $840 minimum revenue is all gravy.

        Where did Kalson get the $600 cost to Rogers? I think it is less, unless you educate us more Keith.



      4. John

        will rogers lift the 2 year upgrade rule on the Iphone 4 , seems silly to have these rules when it really stop sales growth . Maybe it should be a premium (not full price) if upgrading anytime . Just a thought .

      5. barry

        And our phones are locked forever to your network even after the subsidy has been paid off by us. This ensures your network infrastructure is paid for. Go to a 2 year contract and you will earn people’s respect but not before.

      6. Peter


        I am usually very sceptical about the $700-$800 price quoted for these devices. You bet that the manufacturers are able to produce these babies at around $100. Add some money for the world class support Apple delivers and you have a $200 device.

        The carriers are making the money on selling plans, roaming charges etc, Apple is making the money on delivering content (either in the form of software or media).

        Even if a Rogers has to invest 100 millions of dollars to support these devices alone, they will be able recoup their investments in months (instead of years) once they put these devices in our hands.

        Make no mistake, Steve Jobs has master minded a brilliant strategy. He does the design, engineering and marketing, the carriers the necessary infrastructure, the developers the apps and the publishers/studios the media. And we users get the experience of a lifetime. Everybody happy!

        My iPhone 3G left me yesterday with a white screen of death after 20 months of duty (did it knew about the announcement?), I am stoked to get the new iPhone 4. But I do hope the new “competition” does help us existing customers to obtain a sweet upgrade deal.

      7. Kalson

        Out of the $700/$800 Rogers charges for the iPhone 16GB/32GB, Rogers probably makes about $200 off each one. The rest goes to Apple.

        I quoted a $600 cost in my message (vs the $500 I believe to be true) to estimate on the “high” end for Rogers so that no one at Rogers could say “It costs us more than $500 for the 16GB model”.

        I know it costs them less, and I know the average bill is more than the $70/month I stated. I was making a worst case scenario for Rogers and showing that Rogers could still make lots of money even in their “Worst Case Scenario” for an iPhone owner who’s allowed to upgrade every year.

        But anyway, I agree with you. Rogers is making a tonne of money off iPhone owners and allowing them to upgrade every year won’t stop the billions of dollars in net-profit that Rogers enjoys every year!

      8. TheBoss

        Haha, cause Rogers can just run their huge network at 0$ right?! Actually, this just proves the point that you should just stick to buying these phones every two years, stick with that and you’ll end up within the renewal window everytime. It’s for this reason that I didn’t get a or want a 3GS, knew that in one years time a totally new phone would be coming out. So just hang onto the 3GS until next July and you’ll be able to buy the upgraded iPhone 4 when the rest of us who buy the iPhone 4 now, can’t.

      9. nazaar

        I agree… the customers that got the upgrade to 3GS SHOULDN’T be expecting the stars this years…. I think it would be too expensive for Rogers.
        @kALSON below… your math is all wrong.

      10. Kalson

        Strong words Nazaar. Why don’t you show me the right math???

      11. Nate

        According to iSupply, total cost to manufacture the iPhone 3GS is $174.33 for the 3GS (see ld-price-is-17433).

        You would have to factor in costs for marketing, distribution, wages, Apple’s 60% markup, etc, but still lower than many consumers would think.

      12. teunis

        I’m still looking for the right math myself. Do you have it Nazaar? Kalson’s math my not be accurate, but it’s a good place to start.

    2. Mary

      I bought my 3GS on May 18th 2010- right before the iphone 4 announcement. I think Rogers (like AT&T has) should allow a grace period to trade up. I was a Blackberry user and didn’t know the iphone 4 was coming. I would have waited! What a drag. I like the 3gs, but now I’ll have to wait for 2+ years to upgrade! The sales person should have told me.

  14. Sean

    Apple said there will be 5 countries that will get the phone on June 24th and Canada isn’t one of them. Another 18 (or 13, making 18 in total?) will get it in July and I think it’s pretty safe to bet that Canada is among those 18 (13?) countries. Hopefully “July” means “July 1″, which would be exactly 1 week after June 24th.

    1. TheBoss

      Pretty sure July means very late July… they’re always running by the skin of their teeth with production on products like this… I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was delayed to August.

      And yes if you watch the keynote, they show a slide which lists all 18 countries and Canada is one of them.

  15. Kyle

    I appreciate that you guys have launched this RedBoard site to keep us in the loop. I’m normally going after Rogers for their lack of updates, so it’s refreshing to see the company say something on announcement day, even if it’s just “we’re working on it”. Thanks!

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks Kyle!

  16. The sooner we can get this, the better. As an iPhone developer, it’s vital that I can have access to the latest hardware, otherwise our US competitors always get an advantage over us.

    Early upgrades would be nice of course. Since I have to get the new phone every year!

    1. Unlike some of the poster’s here, I think Rogers has actually made a lot of improvements over the last couple of years. Before the iPhone came out in Canada (when I was using an unlocked original iPhone on Rogers), I was paying $60/month for 25 megs of data (not including my voice/texting etc). Sure I pay over $100 a month now, but I’m getting a lot more, 6GB (even though I rarely cross 500 meg). Plus we get free tethering, again, something I rarely use, but rely on the ability to use the 3-4 times a year I actually need it.

      And, Rogers, through Keith and his team, are actually talking to us, via this RedBoard, and Twitter. Yes, things have definitely improved over the years, and I’ll acknowledge that even if others won’t.

      Now, just keep me happy and let me upgrade my two phones (3G & 3GS) to iPhone 4, and oh yeah, let me share my data plan with my iPads too, for a reasonable charge (not $20/month).


      1. @davewood Cosign. I was in the same boat wrt to data plans and I’ve seen my bills shrinking in half since the advent of the iPhone data plans. We’ve got it pretty good compared to some.

        Community involvement is the key and Rogers is doing that part right.

      2. jay

        shrink iphone bill? please outline what you paid at startup of iphone plan and what you pay now, with the details

  17. LUKASZ

    What I wanna know is upgrading… I upgraded from 3g to 3gs and now it’s 4gs turn. I’m a huge phone guy and I’m wondering if Rogers is gonna let me upgrade again. I’m a prefered customer from what I understand over $100 monthly. I hope it doesnt come down to me selling my 3gs to buy out my contract and switch providers. I’m crossing my fingers Rogers doesn’t make me do tha

  18. Joshua B.

    Too bad the iPhone will still have poor coverage in Saskatchewan. Oh wait, by the end of the year, only -Rogers- customers will have poor coverage. @self: [Makes plans to upgrade wireless service provider too.]

  19. Adam Halinaty

    Awesome, thanks Keith!

    Please let us know as soon as you have details, and please let us upgrade like before :)

    Looking forward to this. Pricing we already know as its always the same, I just want a date :)

  20. dash8311

    Being a 10+ year Rogers customer, I am ready for change. The poor support & pricing models Rogers provides, while locked into the world’s longest term contract, has me thinking enough is enough.

    I have a novel idea: Have Rogers become an industry leader. Provide us, your loyal customers, with low-cost, industry leading plans. This means $50 max, and includes everything. I would like excellent value from my plan. The $103.90 per month I pay is not what I call ‘value’. The aforementioned $50 ‘Everything Plan’ provides unlimited everything the iPhone does, including data, text, and North America calling.

    You would have a massive increase in customers, and as such, make more money than you would now, guaranteed. And I know, from being your customer, you just want more money. Everybody wins.

    If this doesn’t work for Rogers, I’ll take my $3740.40 somewhere else.



    1. dogmai79

      I totally agree. We pay so much for our plans and don’t get much in return. My plan is $95 before taxes. I think if they were to have an everything plan, they’d immediately put themselves miles ahead of the competition. Even if the plan was $70, I’d go for it. I’m used to paying as much as $130/month.

    2. Derek

      Here is an idea… if you don’t want to pay the $103 per month, sell your iPhone. It was your decision to sign-up for the plan in the first place and you chose to go with an iPhone. You get what you pay for and if you want ‘value’, may I suggest a Matorola DynaTAC.

  21. T-Bone

    I was pleased to be able to jump from the 3g to the 3gs and the the 3gs was downright iterative compared to the iPhone 4…..I can only assume Rogers knows what it’s doing here and knows how to cater to enthusiasts. My gut tells me they will watch out fo us. Early adopters are important for any business and early adopters tend to be existing customers not new ones. The more of us walking around with a iPhone 4 the better for them. At least this is my sincerest hope.

    1. Mike Gabriel

      Spot on. Leaving people that have bought a 3GS out of an upgrade option to another iPhone is a spit in the face.

  22. Shiloh

    Do you typically have to wait until the end of a 3-year contract to be eligible for promotional pricing?

    1. Ian

      According to the Rogers website, iPhones are eligible for upgrade after 24 months.

      The exact wording:

      “If you are a Rogers Wireless customer currently using a Smartphone on 1) a Data plan or 2) Voice & Data bundled plan and you wish to upgrade to a new Smartphone, you are eligible to upgrade after 24 months. For customers with only Voice service (no Data plan) wishing to upgrade to a Smartphone or customers upgrading from a non-Smartphone to a Smartphone or Data device, you are eligible to upgrade after 24 months. Your account must also be in good credit standing at the time of the upgrade.

      Note: A Smartphone is a handheld Data device such as a Blackberry or iPhone.”

  23. Randy

    Why is Canada the only country in the world that has 36 month terms as standard practice?

    Rogers always talks about being an innovator and boasts of being the first to bring things to Canadians. How about really walking the walk and not just talking the talk? Offer the new iPhone 4 on a max 2 year contract! You want a way to increase market share? I guarantee this would get thousands of new customers for Rogers.

    1. Chad

      so they can keep the discount phone prices competitive with US prices.

  24. Steve

    I hoping that Rogers will allow existing 3g and 3gs clients the to upgrade like AT&T is ..
    Please do not make us wait the whole 3 years…
    You have me at $340 a month for home, wireless, internet – please be kind, allow us to continue the 3 years with a new mobile device.

  25. I plan on upgrading from a 3G (I decided I’ll skip a generation each go)… I hope Rogers steps up to the plate and makes upgrading possible for us.

    As someone said above – as a software developer I am at a competitive disadvantage every day I have to wait…

  26. Mat

    Any Rogers authority care to answer inquiries about what you will offer for upgrades? Thanks!

    Yeah, Canada is below third world standards in cellular, in terms of quality of service, price, and technology (when will we get a true 2100mhz 3g network?)

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Matt – we’ll share hardware upgrade details as soon as we can.

      I appreciate your feedback but your comments on Canadian wireless don’t line up with the facts. Just one example – Rogers was the first carrier in North America – and one of the first in the world to introduce HSPA+ with speeds up up to 21mbps.

      1. Peptoman

        Ok, so it may be the first carrier, but Matt was not referring to just Rogers, but Canada’ overall cellular price is far higher than most countries, including third world ones.

      2. minicooper

        RogersKeith: As a seasoned IT guys, I can say that sometimes is pays to be the worse network, with the better prices and contracts. So HSPA+ may be great, but a shorter contract and letting me have new gadgets would be better. Offer more choice for example, early upgrade for 100$ extra is better than saying 800 or nothing.

    2. tom

      It is impossible for North America to get a true 2100mhz 3g network because

      1. 2100 mhz upstream frequency is used by 1900mhz PCS as downstream
      2. 2100mhz downstream frequency is used by 1700mhz AWS as downstream

    3. TheBoss

      Then I guess the USA is fourth world?? Because ask anyone in the US with an iPhone on AT&T (only provider) and they’ll tell you about clogged networks, constant dropped calls, no service in places like Times Square, etc, etc, etc… be happy you’re on Rogers in Canada, trust me.

  27. Seamus D Dog

    It’s very straightforward, and I say this with no malice towards Rogers: if Rogers does not allow me to upgrade from my 3GS, my $350 a month bill (phone, cable and internet) and I will be walking straight out the door. I’ll be happy to bite the cancellation fee to move to another carrier with a new iPhone 4.

    1. Lukasz

      I agree with you if I can’t upgrade I’m more then happy to sell my 3GS and pay my cancelation fee. I think I should break even. My cell bills only is over 100/monthly and people that got the 3G in June 2008 then 3GS June 2009, and Now I’m hoping to get the 4G. Should get a special deal. Not may customer like that. I’m will to be a long term customer if your willing to be a good cell provider.

  28. Appleman

    I really hope that Rogers does the best they can to bring the iPhone 4 to Canada in a timely manner(June please?), I was really bummed to hear that we weren’t in the first wave, and I cannot figure out why, considering the 3GS had a simultaneous launch in Canada.

    Thanks, Rogers! iPhone 4 ASAP!

  29. dm1336

    I just called customer care and was told that I would be eligible for an early upgrade so I would for sure be able to get an iPhone 4.

    I have a 3G which I got on July 11th 2008, skipped the 3GS (but did lock into the $30/6gb plan when it came out for 3GS!)… So I am very glad that I am available for an early upgrade =)

    Also confirmed that I will get to keep that 6gb/$30 plan and just have to recommit for another 3yrs to get the promotional pricing.

    Sad that we have to wait an additional few weeks…. But at least we are getting it not too long after.

    Can’t wait! I’ll be one of the crazy’s lining up hours before the store opens as I did back in 2008!

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey dm1336 – nothing’s been communicated to Customer Care agents about whether or not Rogers will introduce an early upgrade program but if you haven’t upgraded since July 2008 you likely qualify under standard upgrade program on your 2-year aniversary date.

      For other customers – best way to find out other details first is through Redboard, @rogersbuzz on Twitter or to sign up for e-mail alerts on

      1. dm1336

        Awesome thanks for the clarification!

      2. adgeman

        Will this be the best place to find out about the Fido upgrade process too since they don’t have the same communication system?

        I’m in the same position as many here as I signed my 3G contract on launch and am keen to find out the deals.

      3. RogersKeith

        For Fido updates, follow @fidomobile on Twitter or sign up for e-mail alerts at

      4. Matt

        I think dm1336 may be referring to the early upgrade promotion currently in place. Normally a customer can’t upgrade until after two years, but after one year right now, depending on several factors (which no one at Rogers has been able to clearly explain to me), they *could* be eligible for an early upgrade to certain devices.

        I think that dm1336 lucked out by being eligible for an iPhone 3GS (and assumes, as I do, that will mean the upcoming iPhone 4), although I doubt it’s typical for everyone.

  30. Gary

    RogersKeith – it says to sign up above for more info… I am sceptical as I signed up to hear more about the iPad, and am still waiting…

    Will we actually hear something this time?

    Cheers… Gary

    1. Steve

      I have to agree, I signerd up to hear about IPad am still waiting, did anything ever go out?

  31. Rui Melo

    I want to see Rogers getting competitive in terms of its plans and eligibility for upgrading iPHONES because its starting to become very easy to move over to another carrier.

  32. Derick Valadao

    I also skipped the 3GS contract extension rebate in the hopes that 2010 would offer a considerable upgrade. Today’s announcement did not disappoint.. That said, I hope Rogers will allow us who have gone two years on the 3G to pay a fair price for iPhone 4.

    Also, can anybody comment on the status of the 6GB special offer data plan that was initially released with the iPhone 3G? I noticed that it is set to expire in 2011. Here’s hoping that by then a strong value proposition will be given to consumers who want to save some money by lowering their data limit.

  33. RogersUser

    Does anyone know how much iPhone 4 will cost with a 3 year contract? and will this make iPhone 3Gs any cheaper?

  34. Dan Hackel

    Will the iPhone be carrier locked to Rogers/Fido?
    Will I be able to purchase the iPhone 4 outright?
    This is truely a world phone now.

  35. Ross1111

    it doesnt matter that my current iphone is say not in the best condition when it comes to a standard upgrade right. they just want to see you’ve been an iphone customer for x amount of time?

  36. LennyT


    Last year Rogers introduced a special program for 3G owners who bought the phone the first month it was out, to upgrade early to the 3GS, but adding another year onto their contract. Why wouldn’t you guys do the same for the iphone 4?

    1. RogersKeith

      We’re not ready to talk about upgrades yet Lenny. If we have something to announce we’ll share details here first.

      1. Denn

        Hi RogersKeith,

        Thanks for reading the posts and keeping us updated I know you will pass along the info when you can! I hope you can pass along these thoughts to help “Rogers” make some decisions for the iPhone 4 launch

        Current bill $235 for 2 iPhone 3g s’s
        Left Telus for Rogers in anticipation of the iPhone. We started with two Razor’s($99ea.) then two iPhone 3g 16g($299ea.) then two iPhone 3g s 16g(199ea.) signing a new 3yr. contract each time on launch dates. I’m not asking for special treatment just because I’m an Apple fan, long time customer or pay so much per month. I’m getting two iPhone 4’s on launch day one way or another.

        Option 1:
        Sign a new 3yr. contract and pay the $199ea. if that is the price for iPhone 4 16g’s on launch day like the last two years and I sell the old ones.
        Rogers is very likely to keep me as a happy customer and pass on good recommendations. I’ve had at least 10 friends get iPhones on Rogers (absolutely not a threat just facts)

        Option 2:
        I buy the iPhone 4’s at full pop and keep our current contracts and I’ll sell the old ones.
        Rogers only has me for another 2 years, not as happy, not as likely to recommend Rogers. More likely to switch in the end. More likely to try another network with the iPad

        Option 3:
        Cancel all together pay my $500 plus tax on each contract to get out, sell the 3g s’s and get the iPhone 4 through another provider.
        Rogers loses my $2800+ a year which I think is worth a lot more than what they may loose on the hardware subsidy. Very unlikely to recommend Rogers.

        I hope Rogers considers all these options when deciding what to announce. In no way am I threatening, I’m just that determined to get the new iPhone 4 and passing along my thoughts. I have actually be very happy with Rogers service and would obviously prefer Option 1. and think “Rogers” would too.

        Thank you,

  37. phoomp

    Will I be able to purchase this phone unsubsidized and use an iPad data plan on it? I have zero interest in voice plans.

    1. +1, voice minutes are so 2007!

      I will gladly pay the $600-$700 to purchase the iPhone unsubsidized if I can lock into the $35-for-5GB plan. If Rogers won’t allow this, I bet Bell will…

  38. Ario

    Rogers is very smart, before you could upgrade after 1 year, now you have to wait 2 years. This forces their customers to buy the phones from other means such as ebay or over seas and put in their SIM card and away they go. No contract renewal nothing.

    Franky if a company as big as Rogers can’t even get monthly bills with out a mistake the CRTC shouldn’t ALLOW them to operate.

    I know hundreds of people who are counting the days before the mobile Rogers market goes right out of business.

  39. Jeff

    hmm had I known the 4G was coming so soon I would have waited, But I was given an option of a 3GS during my call and dealing with retentions on an issue, and was told I had to make that decision immediately during that call and I couldn’t call back to get the 3GS……this was about a month ago or so ago, will I have any option to get a 4G?

    1. Yep, no way you could have known there was a new iPhone coming…

    2. TheBoss

      This is from April 20th… you didn’t hear about this? Do you live under a rock?

      + Apple has a strict update schedule for the iPhone, every single June since 2007 there has been a new or updated iPhone.

  40. Chad

    RogersKeith – thanks for the posting, keeping us up to speed.

    I’m an early adopter – first day for 3G, one of the first days for 3GS. I’d really like to upgrade to the iPhone 4 – hopefully Rogers offers something similar to last year – it seemed more than fair. I forget the exact details, but you offered a fairly substantial discount on the non-contract phone. Between the discount and money earned from selling my 3G, the upgrade price was reasonable.

    I’d be very happy to stay with Rogers for as long as you offer iPhone plans if you keep this upgrade path and offer the $30/6gig plan.

    *******One big request, please: the 3GS came out on June 29th. For any of us who bought it at launch, our warranty runs out at the end of June. If Rogers won’t be offering an affordable upgrade plan, I will be keeping my 3GS, but, if that’s the case, I will want to pick up AppleCare for year 2 (but I have to sign on before year 1 ends). If I can get the iPhone 4, I won’t bother with AppleCare.

    Can Rogers please announce their plans before our 3GS warranties run out on/about June 29th, so we can plan accordingly? Thanks!

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks for the comment Chad. Can’t make any promises but we’ll keep that timing in mind.

      1. teunis

        Great question from Chad. I’m in the same boat. Please advise if you can, Keith.

  41. NetWise

    So Rogers is the leading partner in Canada, and has no news to give on release day? I work for a company that only employs about 400 people, and we have news releases on release day.

    I’m hoping I can upgrade my 3GS to the 4 – I’m sure there’ll be some crap about being in a 3 year contract though. I’ve been with Rogers since 1994, clearly I’m not about to go anywhere. Why can’t there be some sort of trade in program where we get credit for the old working phone and they can be sold discounted as refurbs to those who want the last gen and don’t want to pay full price? Wouldn’t everyone win then?

  42. Peter


    Are the iPhone 4 handsets locked to your carrier when we purchase it? I am with Rogers however i would like to purchase it at the apple store.

    Second will we be able to keep our 6Gb 3G plan.?

    1. RogersKeith

      Handsets are typically locked to ensure optimal performance on our network. We’re not able to discuss pricing yet, but I can say last year, customers did not lose their 6GB when they upgraded.

      1. Peter


        Sorry but I am not buying that locking is needed to ensure optimal performance on your network. Locking is only necessary to prevent the consumer from going to the competition.

      2. phoomp

        I have a friend who is using the Nexus One on the Rogers network. The Nexus One can *only* be purchased unlocked. He says it works perfectly on the Rogers network.

        Unlocked is the way to go. The only reason to purchase a locked phone is if you can’t afford the full price and are willing to sign a 3 year contract (2 years in the US).

      3. Brian Barnes

        Um what?
        How does carrier locking do anything to help performance?

    2. Michael


      Yes the phones will be locked to Rogers (or Telus/Bell/Fido/Virgin etc)
      as the phones are subsidized and they dont want you leaving them a month or two after you get the upgraded phone to go somewhere else

      the usual thing is Rogers or a 3rd party can provide a legit unlocked code after your phone subsidization is paid back by paying your monthly plan fees this would allow the phone to work on any network using the SIM card and same Frequencies without jailbreaking it

      if you buy from the Apple store they will actually ask you which carrier you are with so they sell you a locked one to that carrier.

  43. Alex

    Any ideea when a firmer date for the iPhone 4 launch on Rogers will be communicated? Maybe closer to the end of the month?

    1. RogersKeith

      Sorry Alex. I don’t even have a date for announcing a date yet.

  44. Jim1200

    I hope we get the iphone 4 soon. I really want it. I am a iphone developer like a few others here and the sooner I can get it the sooner I can make more Apps which means more money for me as well as more money I can spend on my phone which equals more money for Roger! If you don’t get the hint its to bad and I will move to some where else. I have been waiting to get the iphone for some time so I am really excited.

    P.S. I would love if rogers could offer a build your own plan from scratch option which would be cool cause often many plans have things I don’t need and I rather get more say data and no texting as I am one of those people that don’t text. Another example. I would love to have both voice mail and call display but because both are really expensive and a significant added cost it doesn’t help. I only hope rogers starts to make plans flexible to customers life styles as all of use have different needs and I would love if rogers was just more flexible.

  45. Alex

    Hi I have a weird question.. Im with rogers since 3-4 years with iphone package but never bought the iphone at rogers nor with a plan.. Will i be eligible for a rebate or somthing if i go buy it at rogers?

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Alex, it’s hard to comment without knowing the specifics of your account, but if you’re not on a term contract, you’d typically be eligible for full subsidies and no-term pricing

  46. JD

    Any idea WHEN pricing and upgrade details will be available?

    if for no other reason than to stop having to ask everyday?

    Any information on WHY the iphone wont be launching in Canada on lanuch day?

    1. RogersKeith

      Sorry that I can’t be more helpful, but I don’t yet know when we’ll announce those details.

      I also don’t know why Canada is a later launch. That’s best directed to Apple.

  47. SDC

    For an incredibly displeased Android owner, I have looked forward to the iPhone 4g for a long time now. Because of all the false promises for Android OS upgrades and fixes (the GUI update fixed some problems but the phone is still problematic), I certainly hope Rogers will allow me to upgrade to the new iPhone, despite being a few months shy of 24 months into my Android contract.

    I want to be done with Android once and for all… this phone was the worst phone experience ever!

    Thank you Apple! Rogers please redeem yourselves and make me happy too!

    Long-term 10 years plus and over $100 per month customer!

  48. I can appreciate the technolust those holding 3G and 3GS phones are feeling, and if I were one of them I’m sure I’d be pleading for an early upgrade too…

    …but I can’t help but think the whole model is broken. NOBODY likes the long contracts and locked phones. Let’s address that by paying a realistic (unsubsidized) price for unlocked iPhones, and choosing the wireless carrier that suits us, pay-as-you-go. This is not a revolutionary idea, it is a well established practice in the UK and Europe (also, it is the Canadian iPad model).

    If a wireless carrier in Canada allows you to tie a data-only plan to the iPhone 4 at a reasonable price ($35-for-5GB), they better prepare to be stampeded by happy new customers.

  49. Matt

    Perhaps Rogers (and Bell and Telus) could explain why they weren’t able to negotiate a launch with the US, instead of us being lumped into “the unimportant country” launch in July and so on?

    Canada is not an insignificant wireless market – Canada has 4 independent carriers capable (yes I said 4; it has the AWS bands, and I don’t count FIDO as distinct from Rogers) who could sell the iphone. Each network is of excellent quality and capable of showcasing the iphone in a way that ATT would kill to do. We also have one of the largest HSPA+ footprints in the world. Not only that, you don’t have to move the merchandise much farther than the continental US.

    Its no secret that Data prices in Canada are the problem. You can’t sell 30 million iPhones in Canada if data prices are prohibitive to smartphone adoption. STOP GOUGING CUSTOMERS, and stop making us look like a technological developing nation.

    1. Ken

      You can’t sell 30 million iPhones in Canada if the entire population of Canada is only 35 million.

      1. Matt

        Why not? Apparently you don’t have a firm grasp of mathematics…. if there are 100 people in a store, then there are 100 potential customers. IF, and please remember what the word “IF” means, every person in Canada purchased one it would be 35 million. I merely took 5 off the top because I think it would be ridiculous for each Canadian to own one. That said, I also think it would be ridiculous to think they could sell 30 million. I was merely pointing out the potential number of customers in Canada.

      2. According to this page:

        There were only 21 million cell phones in all of Canada as of 2008. I think 30 million potential customers is a pretty high estimate for potential number of customers in Canada, that presumes every Canadian aged 15+ would have a cell phone (roughly). And that every cell phone customer is in a position to upgrade their cell phone (which, based on the number of comments in this thread, is definitely not the case).

  50. MIKEY_27

    I was just on my account on the rogers wireless website and it looks like I’m eligible for an upgrade from my Iphone 3g to the 3gs. I bought my 3g in april of 2009. I know it isn’t 24 months but is this a good indicator that I may be able to get my hands on an IPhone 4 when it’s released?

    Unfortunately Apple seems to release a new Iphone every June. The average Apple Fan (like myself) is going to want the next best device so wouldn’t it be a good idea to have some sort of plan set in place to accomidate us?

    I am very happy with Rogers and have no complaints with them however I hate being told “no, you can’t have it because you havn’t waited long enough” especially when I am willing to pay more than the $299.99 3yr term contract price

    1. Peter


      If you are willing to pay more then $299.99 for your iPhone, but you can’t, doesn’t this ring a bell?
      I believe Apple sets the prices of the iPhones and the carriers don’t have to pay ANYTHING to Apple when a consumer buys through them. The artificial high price for an unlocked device is…. artificial. Just to make us believe that the carrier is subsidizing the device and we have to enter a 3yr contract to recoup the subsidy. And we can’t get a new device faster then every 2 years.

      Hi RogersKeith,

      Do us a favour and ask your executives to be more transparent. Be honest and let us realize that a carrier will soon not be able to sell any minutes for more then local calling rates. Show the competition in Canada that you lead being a 21st century telecom operator.

      I am more then happy to pay a subscription fee for a longer period to use your network with “unlimited” bandwidth usage and “fair use” transmission usage. Off course that applies to all the services: voice, sms, data, and whatever the future will bring us. And no limitations on which device I want to use. OK, you may lock my device to your service, but there is no real need for that.

    2. RogersKeith

      Mikey_27 – Customers are eligible for hardware upgrade discounts at Rogers based on various factors including time into the contract and average monthly spend. The MyRogers section of is the best indicator of eligibility at this point.

  51. Adrian

    This information has been communicated on a cellular forum:

    Hay Fido/Rogers Customers

    The reason why the iphone 4 is not launching in Canada on June 24th is due to Quebec Bill 60 that becomes law on June 30th. Because of Bill 60, every carrier operating in Quebec will have to create new Terms and Conditions for their Quebec subscribers. This Bill will set rules on how carriers must deal with their Quebec customers.

    Some of the new rules that Quebec customers will see
    1)Starting June 30th, In a Quebec advertisement, carriers must display the full cost of the plan including SAF/911.GRRF fees in the price of their advertisement. Example $40 cityfido plan will be displayed as $40.40 plan.
    2)Starting June 30th, Any Quebec customer who activates service with agreement or renewals their agreement must be provided a written copy that contains the cost for every service a carrier can charge this customer. The cost of these services can’t change for the duration of the contract.
    3)Starting June 30th, no more 30 days notice. Quebec customers who wants to cancel their service will have their service cancelled immediately once the call ends with the CSR or if the customer ports out.
    4)Starting June 30th, Quebec customers will not pay any administrative fees for non payment or rejected payment.
    5)Starting June 30th, Quebec customers who want to cancel their service before the end of the term will be charged…. the hardware subsidy received x the number of month remaining divided by how many month is the agreement length. Example: say a Quebec customer got 16GB iphone 3GS for $199 on 3Y term on June 19, 2009. The retail price of 16GB iphone 3GS is $699. So this customer received $500 hardware subsidy from their carrier. Now this customer wants to cancel their line. This customer has 24 month remaining on their contract. (500 x 24 month) divided by 36 month = The ECF in this example will be $336.67 +tax.

    These 5 rules are some of the new rules that will come into play on June 30th for Quebec customers.

    To have a smooth Canadian iphone 4 launch, Apple and Rogers/Telus/Bell agreed to delay the the launch of the new iphone 4 because they didn’t want to create rules for 6 days that they would have to change on June 30th. So all parties agreed that it was in their best interest for all carriers to be ready for the new Quebec law without having a major iphone launch to deal with. Every CSR who handles Quebec customers, Store Rep in Quebec must be retrained on the new rules. I don’t think any carrier wants a CSR in a training class when thousand of customers are on hold waiting to speak with a CSR to see if they can qualify to get iphone 4.

    If it wasn’t for this new Quebec Law, the Canadian iphone 4 launch would have been on June 24 like the Americans. I can guarantee you this.

    Accurate or not? Who know…..seems plausible though.

    1. Matt

      That’s not accurate, and has already been debunked on HoFo. Even if this was the case, they should just remove Quebec from the eligible list of provinces for iPhone 4 rollout until the training has been completed.

  52. Blair

    Anyone else notice that the new iPhone did not up the storage capacity?

    1. Grim Reaper

      Don’t get the iPhone4 now because there will be lots of complaints about the lack of memory due to the storage requirements of 720P video. Apple will be forced by consumers to increase the internal memory. Apple should have included a flash memory slot.

    2. Stan

      Ya, might have something to do with it being almost half the size of the iphone. I’ll gladly take a smaller and lighter iphone then a increase in GB’s. Besides lots of apps can stream music from your home anyways.

    3. TheBoss

      ya that’s weird, def thought it would go up

    4. The reason for this is because solid state memory hasn’t dropped enough in price to make it cost-effective to upgrade the memory in the iPhone. They added in a much bigger battery, so they didn’t have room for more memory.

  53. Justin

    I took Rogers to task hard last year and they pleasantly surprised me by allowing early upgrades. This year i’ll save my stone slinging until the official announcement is made. I trust Rogers is smart enough to take care of their loyal customers.

    The anticipation is a killer though. Rogers could save themselves so much headache if they just made the announcements right away.

    1. TheBoss

      Ya, it always amazes me that such a large corporation who has know for months that the iPhone 4 is going to be announced on a certain wouldn’t have at least a small page outlining what’s happening with their intended plans (like they havne’t had time to think about it) once the phone arrives and maybe just a small FAQ.

      I think they wait so long because they want to see what happens in the US and other countries after launch so they know just how much gouging they can get away with without driving too many customers away. I understand their business model but they’ll never build true loyalty and trust with it.

  54. Scott

    While I’m super excited about the iPhone 4 release, I still feel national carriers such as Rogers aren’t living up to their end to help this technology advance… they are still greatly restricting it.

    New features such as Face Talk are great, but stop and think about the technology behind it… if video is being sent over data channels, why not also send the audio (which is easier and uses way lower bandwidth). The real answer is because this wouldn’t conform to Rogers’ and other carriers’ legacy billing structures which require “voice plan” packages to be sold, and I’m guessing this is the only way they currently know how to make money.

    Carriers need to embrace new technology and not always lag behind the curve with out-of-date pricing structures such as absurd long distance rates (seriously, explain the long distance overhead to a network in this day and age that justifies 35 cents per minute), add-ons such as caller display, ridiculous data plan costs and limitations, and criminal roaming charges. With new advances such as Skype over 3G and VOIP multitasking support in iOS4 (which were already delayed by carrier contractual agreements until AT&T buckled)… carriers must learn to adapt the wave of the future now and come up with fair pricing models that embrace these technological changes while making a fair profit. We need real competition in the wireless marketplace to improve this… and it would be nice if Rogers would step up to the plate and be a leader since the days of VOIP, TV and other mainstream media served solely over the internet are quickly approaching and these old-school revenue models that gouge current customers won’t be sustainable forever.

    1. Groogrux

      Whats worse than Canada not being apart of the June rollout(wether thats was Apple’s or the carrier’s decision), the fact of the matter is, everyone and their uncle knew this iphone was on it’s way, including Rogers. Now that it has been announced for a July release in Canada, Rogers is sitting back and withholding information and keeping it’s customers in the dark. Even if the hardware is destined for the end of July, they could still post details on plans, hardware eligibilty upgrades and pricing etc. Instead, they will leave it for the last minute.

      Meanwhile, as I’ve read on these boards – they seem to justify these practices, by claiming to be the first in Canada to have HSPA+ network, yada, yada, yada. At the end of the day, this is not tangible to the user. What is – great plans, reasonable contract lengths, upfront communication. I’m not expecting much from Rogers, but atleast listen to what people have to say.

    2. TheBoss

      Blah, blah, blah… you have no idea what you’re talking about… go ahead and give the carriers the billions they need to upgrade their networks to handle two way video calls from millions of iPhones users and you’ll get your wireless utopia.

      Just look at the US AT&T can’t handle the load as it is… do you realize it’s virtually impossible to make a call in Times Square with trying at least 4 to 5 times because their network is so overloaded, we’re on the verge of that in Canada… patience is a virtue my son

      1. Matt

        Canadian carriers also charge 200% what ATT charges for Data. Our wireless carriers should, and had better be prepared for the data load considering how much more money they have to upgrade their networks.

    3. RogersKeith

      Actually, Scott – Rogers has offered wireless video calling services for years.

  55. mikewar

    Called ROGERS today and they said since I have the 3gs there was no way I could upgrade due to APPLE’s policy. I have been with Rogers for almost 9 years and I have to cancel now because of this. Oh well its only 290 to cancel my plan.

  56. AboutToLeaveDan

    Guys, there is a HUGE alternative here that some of us aren’t looking at.

    Some of us have been with Rogers for a while, with a number of services, and paying LARGE sums annually (I personally dolled out over $4k last year for Cell/Cable/Internet).

    And yet Rogers does nothing actively to retain us. It’s only when we’re fed up with something that they’ll try to get back in bed for a quick buck.

    Let’s consider the costs of just quitting and going to a new carrier (something I’m pretty convinced to do since I’m moving to Toronto and a number of my friends now live state-side).

    For me to re-sign a 3 year contract with Rogers, pay for a new iPhone 4 (assumingly $199), and then close out my contract with the $400 fee, I’ve just paid $599 for a brand new iPhone 4, which we all know will be unlocked shortly.

    The new carriers in Toronto (whom I do NOT work for in any capacity), are offering totally unlimited plans, including state-side calling and international text (super handy for my family in China). The equivalent best-match for Rogers is well over $140/month…and that’s with only 500mb of data.

    Now get this.

    Even if you sign a 3-year with Rogers, cancel it the next day, and pay the $599, and switch to a new carrier in Toronto, you’ll STILL SAVE OVER $500!!

    The one and only caveat is that you need to unlock your iPhone 4…oh and the upfront cost to switch, but you’ll save that back!

    Rogers, what’s your plan to circumvent this?

    1. Jamesdamon

      WOW “AboutToLeaveDan” I never thought of the situation like this.

      I upgraded to the 3GS last year and if Rogers doesn’t allow me to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 this year, I might just consider doing this….paying the ETF and going to another company to get the $199 – $299 price!

      Good thinking Dan

    2. RogersKeith

      Hey Dan – I’m don’t think your math is right with the early cancellation fees you cite, but in any case, the iPhone 3GS was available last year at a no-term commitment price so there are alternatives with Rogers if you don’t want the commitment subsidy. Also, you should note that not all carriers have the wireless spectrum needed to carry the iPhone at this time.

      1. Graham

        Keith is right. those new carriers (wind and mobilicty) that are in toronto are on the new AWS network (1700/2100 Mhz band) and the iphone only supports the 2100 Mhz band of those two which is the uplink only band. so no downlink really makes it incompatible with the new iphone.

  57. I don’t understand why everyone has this expectation that Rogers should offer them an upgrade to the new phone at the same price as everyone else, when they are only a year into their contract.

    I’m not trying to defend Rogers, but some people have this sense of entitlement. If you do, then do yourself a favour and buy the phone outright. Problem solved, and you don’t have to worry about contracts and knowing whether or not you can upgrade or not.

    To those people that said they were developers and need the new phone. I completely understand, I’m a developer too. Part of being a developer is investing in the latest development tools, which to you obviously is the phone. If you’re on contract and want the new one, then obviously you need to invest in buying the new phone outright if Rogers doesn’t offer upgrade deals for those who recently got the 3GS.

    You all knew when you got into the contract what the rules are when it comes to upgrades. Everyone wants the latest and greatest thing, but at some point it costs something. I think it would be better if the carriers met halfway, or offered better device pricing on 1 or 2 year contracts.

    In the end though, don’t fault Rogers for not offering you an upgrade <= 1 year into your contract and thinking you should be entitled to one. You signed the contract, you knew the rules. If you want the latest and greatest, then pay for it.

    1. Rogers user

      Re: “Sense of Entitlement”
      Two reasons why I feel that Rogers owes me an early upgrade.
      1. I pay them more than enough every month. In addition, have to put up with innacurate billing which has resulted in countless hours wasted with the call centre and waiting on hold to fix it.

      2. They sold me a phone and LOCKED me to a contract of 3 years. The problem is that the phone is garbage, (it isn’t even sold by Rogers anymore), the reception is horrible, calls drop, data doesn’t connect, YET Rogers has the Sense of Entitlement, that I should still PAY ROGERS full price every month for service, while the service is subpar. And if I want to cancel due to not receiving proper cellular service, they want me to pay. Yes, I’m in a contract, but shouldn’t the other party (Rogers) have an obligation to provide SERVICE as their part of the contract?

      I feel that Rogers owes me and many other existing customers a good price on the new iPhone 4 and should reward the loyal customers with a price on the iPhone4 that’s even lower than what anyone on the street would pay for it.

    2. Stan

      A little thing call the whole world is doing. Maybe thats why we expect it. :rolleyes:

  58. JeffR

    I would be amazed if Rogers didn’t allow an upgrade plan for 3GS owners. That would be a very silly mistake that would cost them many customers.

    1. MrMiGu

      ….except for the fact that they’re still under contract for 2 more years.

    2. Blah

      No it wouldn’t. 3GS owners are locked in via contract. Yay for hostage loyalty (insider term fyi)

    3. TheBoss

      Where you going to go? If you can’t upgrade, that means you definitely can’t get out of your contract. Plus it would be exactly the same at Bell or Telus. If they let you upgrade too early they lose money, now that’s just not smart is it. Just wait until next summer and you’ll be able to upgrade to the iPhone 4S or whatever the newer version will be while those who upgraded this year won’t be able to.

    4. It would only cost them customers in 2 years, once the 3GS contracts expire. I’m sure many of those customers will have forgotten by then due to some other new fancy shiny gadget.

  59. Thweed

    Current contract dies in Nov. (spouse is cheering loudly)!!! Looking forward to see how much dust is still in the air and what has settled. Will be going with the Iphone 4 . . . just not sure who will be the provider. Appreciate your comments, Keith and I will follow the Redboard for updates.

  60. Rj

    Another Rogers customer who will be switching to another provider when the next iphone comes out. I’m tired of paying $100+ a month for a phone with no 3g network available in my home town. My friends who picked up iphones from aliant / bell all have 3g service where I don’t. I also hate traveling with my phone because there are huuuuge pockets where I have no service at all while my other friends do. It’ll take big changes from Rogers with the launch of this phone to keep me as a customer.

  61. Raymond

    Would love to see Rogers, take the lead in Canada (and follow the rest of the western world) and reduce contract commitment to 18-24 months. In this era of increasingly freq handset upgrades a 3 yr cycle is just too long.
    Additionally, would one be able to take the micro sim from the new iphone and use it in the ipad???

  62. Jarndt08

    I upgraded about a months and a half ago to the 3GS and now I wish I hadn’t! I really think that Rogers should look after their customers and give 3GS owners a bit of a break on price, and if not, I agree, sell my 3GS and pay the cancellation fee. Then I can get the 4 at 3 year pricing elsewhere!

    1. Ger

      There is absolutely no reason why Rogers should give 3GS users a special break. I upgraded to a BB Bold 9700 with a 2 year contract in November 2009 for $325, but I don’t expect a free lunch from Rogers to get $299 pricing on an iPhone 4 in July – suck it up and either keep your 3GS or sell it and pay the full price for the new iPhone when it comes out. iPhone users shouldn’t be given preferential treatment over any other customers.

      I don’t like Rogers any more than the next person, but some of the posts here are completely unbelievable. Rogers is a FOR PROFIT company. 3 year contracts are disgusting, but a yearly subsidy on a smartphone is asking for too much.

      1. Matt

        I agree… I hate Rogers (all 3 actually), but I don’t want to see them out of business. You can’t get something for nothing – although I would like to meet somewhere in the middle on data pricing, and term commitments.

  63. Garry

    like will there be any device update for the iphone 3g owners?

  64. Taj


    Thank you for updating Rogers customers on this site. I find it truly informative and a great value-added service that other providers just can’t beat – it is these types of initiatives that makes me very proud to be a Rogers customer and confirm I made the right choice in carrier.

    I signed a 3-year deal and bought a 3G in January 2009. I really hope I’ll be eligible for some form of upgrade, and I greatly anticipate hearing some news from Rogers in the future.

    My issue is data requirements. In advertising upgrades for the 3GS, early upgrades were only available for customers with bills of over $100 and those who had data plans. As someone who has a wireless network at home, and who works in a downtown metropolis (Calgary) with a substantial availability of free wifi, the need for a data plan, especially at the cost, is just not there. I understand the need to charge more for those without data to offset the wholesale costs of the handset, but I hope this option at least exists and it is reasonable.

    Cells Phones have always been designed as a collaboration and communication tool – I hope Rogers does not lose focus and abandon those of us who have chosen Rogers for their superior Voice network and left other carriers for the past exclusivity of the iPhone (particularly in my case, who paid a fee to leave another carrier), and be shut out of an upgrade because we do not need or want a data plan and are quite satisfied with a device that comes bundled with the ability to use wifi.

  65. Bilbo Bloggins

    Crap, just upgraded my brother inlaw to a 16GB 3GS two weeks ago.
    Any plans to credit accounts like last them when 3G purchases got $100 back after the GS was launched?

    1. Kiwi

      You didnt think Apple was realeasing a new phone? You somehow missed all the hype in the media??

      1. Kalson

        Hahaha, it blows my mind sometimes how people don’t know there’s a new iPhone EVERY YEAR IN JUNE!!!

    2. RogersKeith

      Sorry – we haven’t announced anything about pricing yet.

  66. Chad Bartsch

    Rogers Keith – I appreciate you keeping us up to date on the latest info surrounding the iPhone release. However, I would like to correct one of your assertions regarding phone locking. Locking of the phone to a network has nothing to do with ensuring maximum performance – It has everything to do with a “double dipping” practice by North American cell phone companies.

    North American cell providers already sign customers up for some of the longest contracts in the world to help compensate for the phone subsidy they provide. The practice of locking it to their network is to try to ensure loyalty-by-default (hoping that most customers are too lazy or cheap to pay for unlocking).

    To claim that locking the phone to the network improves or ensures performance of the handset is to say that almost all wireless customers in Europe and Asia aren’t getting the maximum performance out of their phones. I’ve travelled to Asia and Europe on numerous occasions and I can say that *most* countries on those two continents are light-years ahead of our technology.

  67. Lukasz

    Rogers Keith are you gonna give us a direct answer about the upgrade option for 3gs users that got it last June ? Or should we just assume if we don’t hear anything about it that it’s not a option ?

    1. RogersKeith

      All I can say Lukasz is that we have nothing to communicate at this time.

  68. Adam

    At least be like every other country and allow pre-orders…

  69. nazaar


    iPhone 4 and iPad users – Summer 2010 Promotion Only:

    Shared Data Plan $50 6GB capped.

  70. Aaron

    Thanks for answering everyone’s questions, Keith. It’s quite refreshing to hear a voice directly from Rogers.

    I picked up the iPhone 3GS shortly after launch – I hope there is a reasonable upgrade offer. Looking forward to hearing new details and hopefully it is good news!

  71. Ryan

    The Rogers network in Saskatchewan is pretty weak; 3G coverage is only really available in Saskatoon and Regina and I often miss text messages even though I live just a few kilometres outside of Saskatoon–well within the area illustrated on the Rogers coverage map. Does Rogers have any plans to enter a network sharing agreement with Sasktel’s new HSPA network? If coverage isn’t going to be any better by the time the iPhone 4 is out, I’ll have to cancel my contract and switch to a network that can actually provide me reliable service at home.

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks for this feedback Ryan. We’re constantly working to improve our network.

  72. While I’m excited about the new iPhone, and plan on getting one, I’d love to see Rogers bringing more Android phones to the market. Canada’s phone availability is woefully sub-par compared to the US.

  73. Jason

    Hey ive been wondering like many others, i purchased an Iphone 3G about Oct or November 2008, and was wanting to upgrade it to an iphone 4 when it is released, and do not want to pay like 400 dollars… will it be possible to preorder an iphone 4 with rogers for an upgrade, and will i be able to upgrade my contract for an iphone 4 at around 100-200 dollars (16GB) because i pay over 100 dollars monthly, and purchased my iphone 3G over 1 year ago, on a 3 year contract…. i have no problem with signing a longer contract either for a reduced price on the upgrade…

    Thank you for your time.

  74. stefan

    quick question how do i check to see when i am able to get a hardware upgrade?

    1. RogersKeith

      You can check current eligibility on the MyRogers section of But you would need to wait to find out if we come out with any additional early upgrade offers.

  75. Peter


    In YOUR opinion, not Rogers, do you believe Rogers will offer a no contract price on launch day?

    1. RogersKeith

      We currently offer no-term pricing for all phones in our lineup.

      1. Maggie

        All phones except the iPhone. Unless this is something that was recently changed on your site there is no possibility to buy the iPhone 3GS outright you have to get a 3 year plan. I will have 5 months left before I am eligible for a hardware upgrade when the new iPhone comes out (I got a BlackBerry Pearl in December 2008.) I don’t want to wait until December and as it’s my own impatience and not your Rogers problem it would be more than happy to pay full price. I really hope Rogers will offer this :)

      2. james

        you could buy the 3gs outright form rogers, so theoreticly, all rogers devices can be purchased outright:P

  76. Calvin

    I agree with stinson like last year i had the 3g for a year and was able to upgrade to just the 3GS..My question is will i be able to the upgrade to the Iphone4 even though i upgraded last july 4?

  77. Calvin

    Firmware 4.0 will be released june 21

  78. Don

    Why is Rogers continuing to lock in customers for 3-year contracts? Will Rogers match AT&T’s $199 and $299 2-year contracts? If 3-year contracts continue, iPhone prices should be subsidized further ($99 for 16GB iPhone 4).

  79. justmurdoch

    RogersKeith, can you please clarify whether one will be to able to purchase iphone 4 without a contract. Thank you.

    1. RogersKeith

      I can’t comment specifically on iPhone4 at this time but we offered 3GS at a no-term price last year and currently do so for all phones in our lineup.

      1. No Term Pricing?


        Can you be so kind to post the Rogers URL where the no term pricing for a 3G/3GS is given?

  80. Archie

    ill will do the same if rogers wont cut me any slacks to upgrade my phone to iphone 4….they’re not the only cellphone company here in canada and plus other provider offers better plan than them. but till now all we can do is wait and see what they are about to do.

  81. Matty

    they updated after 1 year for all the people with the 3g, I think with all the upgrades of the new iphone4, thousands of rogers clients would transfer to telus bell or even fido ( being the same ) I know I’ve owned a iphone since day 1 of the US release of iphone 2g and will be inline at a telus store if rogers does not let me upgrade again, But i’m pretty sure they will, why would they change from last year… my cell bills are around $250 a month, i’m sure in this market, Rogers will want to keep all the tech junkies like myself and let upgrade again. instead of losing us.. becuz iphone lovers are crazy crazy apple fans

  82. rogers_prisoner

    Does anybody know how much it will cost to purchase the phone outright without any kind of contract or extension? And can I pre order the iphone on the apple website even though I’m not getting any kind of subsidised price?

    Thanks 4 the help :)

    1. Maggie

      I would love to know the answer to this too. I know people in the US can order if from the Apple Store. Did anyone on here order there 3GS from Apple last year or did everyone on here just get it from Rogers?

      1. james

        you can order (well, will be able to when released) through, im guessing preorders, but no word on it. pricing will MOST LIKELY be the same as 3gs outright price. NOTHIGN IS CONFIRMED

  83. Grant McIsaac

    And that’s just the thing for those of us that have had our iPhone for say 1 1/2 years when you have a 3 year contract it will be cheaper for me to cxl and pay out my contract and go with someone like Bell or Telus for the new iPhone and that sucks just so much work.

  84. I’m going to try to be objective yet fair. I’ve followed Apple long enough to see what happens at a huge launch like this. I can’t guarantee that my info is correct, but what I can say is that it’s an educated guess.

    iPhones are always a hot item. They always have been. And of course Apple knows this. . Now Rogers/Fido was the first Canadian carrier to carry iPhone. To have that honour, a great relationship has to be built between Rogers and Apple. I work for Best Buy, and believe me, this relationship is highly valued (it is a bit one-sided since Apple controls most of it, but still). Apple is a very secretive company. Only the people that need to know, know what is happening. It wouldn’t surprise me if RogersKeith didn’t even know when iPhone is coming. So for all you complaining that you want information, be patient. It will come… when Apple wants it to. Until then, all we can do is what the rest of the world does. Speculate.

    So that brings me to my second point. Apple luckily is also a company of habit. They do things very clockwork. So look at the past and see. AT&T Pricing for the phone is the same for iPhone 4 as it was the 3GS. Hence, you can safely assume that Rogers’ pricing will stay the same. $99 for the 8GB 3GS, $199 for iPhone 4 16GB and $299 for iPhone 4 32GB. As for plan pricing, in the last two years, Rogers offered 6GB/$30. Wouldn’t surprise me if they do that again (as a side note, there are a lot of talk about 3GS upgrades to 4. Doesn’t that mean you already have a 6GB/$30 plan? Unless of course you got your 3GS after summer 2009. Side note to my side note: the AVERAGE user, not all, doesn’t use more than 1 GB/month anyways).

    For all of us who have a 3GS and are looking to upgrade to iPhone 4, It will probably happen in everyone’s favour. What does that mean? That means that we will have to pay a semi-discounted price (say $100 more than a new customer) for iPhone 4. It works in our favour, because we get a new phone. It works in Roger’s favour because they lock you in for another 3 years of guaranteed revenue, and it works in Apple’s favour because they can sell more devices.

    So to my last point. When is iPhone 4 coming out? well iPhone 3GS came out on a Tuesday. Roughly 2.5 weeks after announcement. iPhone 3G came out on a Friday, roughly 2.5 weeks after announcement in US, and a month after in Canada. Since Apple is a company of habit, (and you can even look at iPad launch if you want), my safest guess is going to be a Tuesday or Thrusday, in the middle of July. So lets peg it at the 13-15th.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please be realistic. If you are enthusiastic to post on here, you obviously have done your research. We all know information will come when Apple decides to let us have it. Even if it is at 9 PM the day before launch. Its just reality. Use information of the past to see the future. With Apple, you usually are pretty close.


    1. Hi Lawrence,

      Thanks for this very insightful post. You have many valid points and I think you are spot on! People should calm down and just think rather than burst out with rage. I agree with your remark that we’ll probably some sort of early HUP for 3GS users from Rogers.


    2. Charlotte

      Everything you said is very true and very insightful. thanks for that! Apple is very predictable when it comes to stuff like this and in a way so is rogers.

      When upgrade information are released, Rogers (as well as Fido, telus, AT&T) will try to make it sound like they are not suppose to be offering you an upgrade but they’re being nice so thats why they’re doing it

      Truth is, these companies really hope u’ll upgrade. Like you said Lawrence, when customers upgrade, Apple benefits, Rogers benefits and so does the customer. its really a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

    3. Maggie

      Awesome post :) I agree that everyone just needs to relax and wait. We all want information and it’s in RogersKeiths interest to give it to us when he has it. So give the guy a break he’s doing his best.

  85. wiley

    Personally I’d like to know which of the new features will work on the 3GS, once 3GS owners upgrade to the OS4

    1. I don’t think there are *any* features of iOS 4 that will be disabled in the 3GS… It’s just the multitasking in the 3G that is being disabled, if memory serves.

      1. Michael

        Multitasking and Wallpaper are not going to work on the 3G at this point in the Beta (I am running Beta 5 (the GM Seed Release Candidate) on my 3GS with Bell and have customers with 3G running it too no wallpaper or multitasking but do have spell check and folders and unified inbox but a lot of the others but no wallpaper has made a few buddies running it on their 3G quite upset its not hard to implement wallpaper on the 3G they dont see why its not there

    2. I think Ryan’s right — just multitasking on the 3G isn’t allowed. On the 3GS, anything goes.

      Of course, the 3GS won’t be able to use any of the software built for iOS 4 that requires a gyroscope or a front-facing camera though…

  86. E2EK1EL

    I hope Rogers will be fair about this and understand the HUP policy should be put aside for this case. I understand Apple and AT&T made an agreement to allow 6 month early HUP, due to exclusive contract ending. It’s their way to make people happy and lock them down at the same time.

    IMO this format is very fair to everyone.

    A) Everyone who did a HUP between July – October 2008, should be honored to subsidize pricing of the IP4 (iPhone4) @ $199.99 & $299.99, regardless what their account revenue totals up. Of course signed with new contract of 3 yrs of DP and VP will be needed.
    *Everyone who got a 3G back in 2008, some of us had trouble tracking down a unit. Due to inventory shortage world wide, most of us couldn’t get a hold of one within July. Like myself and many others, we were still hunting down a unit and with some luck, I found one in September.*

    B) Everyone who did a HUP for the 3GS between the months of July – October 2009, should be allowed to subsidize pricing of the iP4 @ $199.99 – $299.99 + $250.00. If their account revenue total up under $100.00 before SAF + Tax. Of course signed with new contract of 3 yrs of DP and VP will be needed.
    *This is what Roger’s CSR in CC & CR departments quoted me before the 2 year HUP Policy kicked in*

    C) Everyone who did a HUP for the 3GS in the month of July 2009, should be allowed to subsidize pricing of the iP4 @ $199.99 – $299.99. If their account revenue total up to $100.00 before SAF + Tax. Of course signed with new contract of 3 yrs of DP and VP will be needed.

  87. Jason

    I bought the iPhone 3G 2 years ago as well, and when I called in and spoke with a CSR about other issues, I asked if I was indeed eligible for an upgrade (regular) and I am. I asked specific about the iPhone 4 as an upgrade and was told I would qualify. But, when I asked about the 6gb/$30 plan because it is expiring on me August 2011, I wanted to know if it could be renewed and was told no. It does not surprise me actually if that was the case. I am guessing that for those who are eligible for handset upgrades via the regular 2 year policy, will be able to.

    For those asking over and over again if they have only been on contract for 1 year, I wouldn’t think so. I also wouldn’t think you could do an upgrade if you just had one a year ago. Let’s be serious please. The line sort’ve needs to be drawn some place. Exactly how fair is it to someone like me and others who have been sitting for the past 2 years with their 3G and now all those who upgraded last year to 3GS are now whining and griping to upgrade to 4!

    1. Even though your 6GB/$30 plan expires August 2011, that doesn’t mean it goes away. You can still use it, paying committment-free, on a month-to-month basis. Just because the commitment contract is over, doesn’t mean that your service stops.

      Unfortunately, people in Canada are too customed to thinking that everything requires a contract. It doesn’t.

  88. Michael

    Hey Wiley the 3Gs supports all the features in os 4 I have been running os 4 since beta 1 now running the GM release candidate aka beta 5 and it’s awesome faster camera, tap to focus video, 5x zoom for camera, homescreen wallpaper, folders, unified mail box, multiple exchange accounts, game centre, orientation lock, multitasking, and spell check so many new things. the 3G however gets folders and that’s about it

  89. Mark

    I am just hoping to learn if the micro-SIM will work on both iPhone and iPad so they can share a data plan. I suppose they won’t. Otherwise, they would have just allowed tethering from the iPhone to the WiFi version of the iPad. Hopefully, tethering will still be enabled on iPhone 4 as it did on my iPhone 3G since Rogers already announced that it was a continued service.

  90. JamesDamon

    Please RogersKeith give us some sort of idea if Rogers will allow someone like me who upgraded to the 3GS on launch day last year and spends more than a $100 a month on my bill.

    Will they allow me to upgrade to it again this year if I resign a 3 year contract?? Will Rogers sell it to people in my situation for $199-$299 range??

    Come on Rogers get with it already, follow suit like AT&T and stop making your customers furious by making us WAIT all the time for important info….

    It’s not like you guys didn’t know this was coming out for a year already! GEEEZ!

    KEITH, please respond at least something for me and everyone else!!

  91. Incidentally, why do people think that the guy posting to the blog has ANY say on what information he is allowed to release to the public? Do you think he’s the head of marketing? Unlikely. A mega-corporation like Rogers is going to be VERY strict how it releases information to the masses, so just be patient, the info will get out eventually.

    1. phoomp

      I’m certain he has absolutely no say in the matter. However, I would be very disappointed if the people who *do* have say in such matters aren’t paying attention to the things said here by their customers and potential customers.

      1. james

        rogers does pay attention, the promo 6gb package (if memory serves me) that all of a sudden poped up after complaints is a good example

      2. Yes, but that’s because the press picked up on the complaints – so far there hasn’t been much hullabaloo about Rogers’ lack of info on the iPhone 4 in Canada.

  92. Jacoby

    Thanks for the info Keith. I have seen lots of talk about the HUP as it applies to owners of 3G and 3GS phones. However, I’m hoping that you folks take into consideration those us that weren’t fortunate, possibly smart, enough to purchase an iPhone earlier. I’m just over halfway into my 3-year contract and am hoping that any exceptions you make to the HUP for iPhone 4 will apply to all customers.

  93. Randy

    I’m really pleased to see how many people are bringing up the insanity of 36 month terms!

    Not too long ago, people just accepted it as part of life, but now everyone is coming to realize that there’s absolutely no reason Canada is only country in the world that has 3 YEARS as its standard term offer.

    I have personally committed to never signing a 3 year contract ever again. I hope others will as well. It’s the only way we will ever come into line with every other nation on earth and max out at 2 years.

    I have friends in quite a few countries over the world, from the US to Australia to Israel and beyond. They all look at me in disbelief when I tell them in order to get promotional pricing on an iPhone in Canada, you have to commit to 36 months! They’ve never even heard of such a thing.

  94. nazaar

    Come on people!!!

    I’m getting really tired of reading complaints from those that upgraded last year to 3GS… wanting to upgrade again this year to the new iPhone… Get Real!

    NO carrier would upgrade you every year… either bite the bullet and pay full or wait again till next year.

    By no means am I a fan of Rogers and I switch at the drop of a hat if needed… but I don’t feel Rogers has to cater to those that upgraded last year.

    1. barry

      actually , you are wrong. A lot of carriers allow you to upgrade after a year. AT&T is.

      1. AT&T is letting people who are eligible for an upgrade *within the next 6 months* do their upgrade now… That’s entirely different.

    2. Unfortunately, Rogers set a precedent by letting people upgrade from the 3G to the 3GS last year. So people expect it again, unsurprisingly.

      I would personally *love* if I could pre-order this… Rather than having to go and fight my way through the throngs at various Rogers stores in a desperate attempt to get my hands on one. Rogers, if you ARE listening? Please let us pre-order!

    3. Rahul

      I do not write on this board often – just read. What Rogers needs to realize is that there is a strong customer base that is early adopters of the phone which is what drives their premium plan pricing (over the $60 / month) mark. If anyone @ Rogers is listening – I would thoroughly try to understand the market segment that were early adopters and what % of them contribute to your margin dollars.

      Based on that – it should be an easy decision to allow for an upgrade again. I can pretty much guarantee one thing, I have a 3gs – that if I am not given an option to upgrade, I will find a way to drop your monthly plans and move to a different carrier. It is not hard for me to take my $100/month plan to Bell and move you to a $20/month plan and pawn it off.

      Knowing Rogers – they have always catered to customers that are willing to push for things – so I urge all customers – ask and you shall receive.


    4. Michael


      Rogers had an upgrade plan last year from those who bought the 3G to upgrade to the 3GS and ATT&T so please get your facts straight thanks

      no offense meant

    5. Calvin

      ur wrongt they did for me

  95. Iphoneman

    Inside source tells me that iPhone 4 will be released June 24 in CANADA!!!!
    (hope its true!)

    1. Maggie

      No that’s only the US. Canada can’t get the iPhone till after the June 30th and Quebec’s Bill 60 has passed. Once passed every carrier operating in Quebec will have to create new Terms and Conditions for their subscribers. So rather then give pricing from June 24-30 and then a new plan after it was decided by the Carriers and Apple to wait until after June 30th.

      Read about it here:

    2. Michael

      nope July 24th maybe but not June 24 if you watched the Keynote Canada was in the July list of countries not the June one

      June 24th is the US (as far as North America is concerned) launch date

  96. prok

    @ RogersKeith

    do you know if we will be able to pre-order the new iPhone before release date, since some of us have jobs and can’t afford to miss work to wait in line. Thanks

  97. jj

    Is Rogers going to offer a fair plan for user or they waiting to have the public complain before they act on it this time round I wondered?

    Personally I think Rogers does provide good coverage, only if they can be more fair about charging than what the market can bear, we will learn how to love this company more.

    1. MrMiGu

      By fair plan, you mean only offering it to iphone customers, like rogers has done in the past?

  98. Calvin

    @lawrence thanks for the positive comment u boosted my sprit i just hope they let us 3gs users upgrade early

  99. manjit

    I was wondering since fido is owned by rogers so why don’t rogers also give something back to the customer like fido does in form of fido dollars so that every time a customer wants to upgrade the hardware they can save some money. Why give different treatment to rogers customers ?

    May be rogers need to lower the cost of the data plan or at least give incoming calls and call display for free, I don’t think rogers have any high cost associated with these features

  100. Dustin

    Keith – can you comment on this report that’s going around the internet. It’s getting a lot of attention and seems to say the opposite of what you’ve been saying that it was Apple’s decision to release the iPhone 4 in July in Canada.

    ….. The reason why the iphone 4 is not launching in Canada on June 24th is due to Quebec Bill 60 that becomes law on June 30th. Because of Bill 60, every carrier operating in Quebec will have to create new Terms and Conditions for their Quebec subscribers. This Bill will set rules on how carriers must deal with their Quebec customers.

    Some of the new rules that Quebec customers will see
    1)Starting June 30th, In a Quebec advertisement, carriers must display the full cost of the plan including SAF/911.GRRF fees in the price of their advertisement. Example $40 cityfido plan will be displayed as $40.40 plan.
    2)Starting June 30th, Any Quebec customer who activates service with agreement or renewals their agreement must be provided a written copy that contains the cost for every service a carrier can charge this customer. The cost of these services can’t change for the duration of the contract.
    3)Starting June 30th, no more 30 days notice. Quebec customers who wants to cancel their service will have their service cancelled immediately once the call ends with the CSR or if the customer ports out.
    4)Starting June 30th, Quebec customers will not pay any administrative fees for non payment or rejected payment.
    5)Starting June 30th, Quebec customers who want to cancel their service before the end of the term will be charged…. the hardware subsidy received x the number of month remaining divided by how many month is the agreement length. Example: say a Quebec customer got 16GB iphone 3GS for $199 on 3Y term on June 19, 2009. The retail price of 16GB iphone 3GS is $699. So this customer received $500 hardware subsidy from their carrier. Now this customer wants to cancel their line. This customer has 24 month remaining on their contract. (500 x 24 month) divided by 36 month = The ECF in this example will be $336.67 +tax.

    These 5 rules are some of the new rules that will come into play on June 30th for Quebec customers.

    To have a smooth Canadian iphone 4 launch, Apple and Rogers/Telus/Bell agreed to delay the the launch of the new iphone 4 because they didn’t want to create rules for 6 days that they would have to change on June 30th. So all parties agreed that it was in their best interest for all carriers to be ready for the new Quebec law without having a major iphone launch to deal with. Every CSR who handles Quebec customers, Store Rep in Quebec must be retrained on the new rules. I don’t think any carrier wants a CSR in a training class when thousand of customers are on hold waiting to speak with a CSR to see if they can qualify to get iphone 4.

    If it wasn’t for this new Quebec Law, the Canadian iphone 4 launch would have been on June 24 like the Americans.

  101. Cary Glazier

    I would like to say that I have found Rogers to be responding well to the other carriers pricing plans and Rogers has been very fair with me and my plans. I am a big iphone fan and have been onboard since iphone 3g and was eligible for the 3gs upgrade last year. I don’t expect the same treatment as last year but $100 discount would be nice. I trust Rogers will be competitive and will reward it’s loyal customers. I have been with Rogers for well over 5 years and have been quite happy with their service. Thanks for the forum Rogers! I look forward to more iphone updates! This will be my first year waiting in line for a phone!!! Hahahaha.

  102. Tony

    will rogers release a no contract unlocked iphone 4 in July? and yeah i want a white iphone 4 too XD its have less finger prints!!

  103. Peter Cabral

    I got the iPhone 3G w/ a 3 year contract on September 3rd, 2008 and I’m really hoping that I can upgrade on launch without having to wait until September for my 24 month period to pass. My iPhone 3G is really messed up and I need a new phone as soon as possible.

    It’d be really nice to hear some news and upgrade information weeks in advance of the iPhone in Canada.

  104. Mark

    Most of the posts here do nothing to compel Rogers to become more customer focused.

    Seriously what are people thinking? Do you honestly expect to get “Promotional Pricing” every year?

    If you follow Apple at all, you know that every year they are going to release a new version of most of their line of products. This includes: Macbooks, iMacs, iPods and iPhones — Anyone who bought an iPad better understand there will be a new version next year as well.

    If the “reward” for signing up for a 3 year term contract is to have a reduced fee for the phone, then that’s for Rogers to set — If you don’t like the 3 year contract — Don’t sign one – Pay full price for the phone.

    Rogers isn’t making you do anything – You are choosing and you need to take responsibility for those choices.

    Go to Bestbuy/Futureshop next year and tell them you will buy all your technology from them but they have to sell you a larger item at 1/3 the cost — will they do it? Even if you promise you’ll buy all your tech stuff from them?? I don’t think so — Would they do it each and every year??? Why is Rogers/Bell whoever held to a different standard?

    If you don’t like the monthly cost of your services, stop using them. It is that simple. Get a pay as you go phone and use WiFi for other devices.

    The complaining only perpetuates more complaining and really it may allow a few people to save some money but it doesn’t affect the masses — all it does is ensure the rest of us keep paying higher rates to subsidize the people that complain.

    Call me a fanboy or whatever because I don’t have a personal beef with Rogers or Bell – I pay for a service – for the most part I get what I pay for – Is it perfect? Absolutely not — Neither will that new iPhone be – that’s why next year there will be another version of it released :)

    I’m excited to hear when the launch of the new phone will be and I’m sure that those details will leak prior to an official announcement just like all the other details have – kicking and screaming about it isn’t going to make it faster — go watch paint dry – you’ll get the same results :)


    1. Peter


      You wrote “If you don’t like the 3 year contract — Don’t sign one – Pay full price for the phone.”

      Can you please tell us where you can buy in Canada an iPhone without a contract? And also unlocked?

      And where does Rogers Wireless provide me shorter term plan without a high early cancelation fee?

      1. Apple has announced that they will, in Canada and some other countries, sell unlocked iPhone 4 devices, and unlocked iPhone 3GS devices. (Currently, I *think* you can buy an iPhone 3GS from a carrier with no term, but it’s still locked to that carrier.) Take a look at (in the “Buy your iPhone from Apple commitment-free” section a little ways down that page).

  105. Jason

    @nazaar I totally agree with you. I don’t understand why people think that because they upgraded to a 3GS last year entitles them to this years iPhone model 4?! No wireless carrier company is going to offer you an upgrade every single year. It’s not Rogers issue (or any other company’s for that matter) that a new model has come out. Why do people think they deserve special treatment?! So what if you spend over $100+ a month. Guess what, so do I! I’m not looking for some special treatment. As for all the griping and complaining over 36 month contracts, wow, it sucks, but you agreed to it just like me. It’s Time to take a little responsibility here folks. No one held a gun to your head and said you HAD to sign. You agreed to it at your own accord and for whatever the reasons were. You wanted the shiny new toy, so you had to agree. Otherwise, buy it outright and quit complaining. Sure 36 month contracts need to change, but using it as a stepping stone to try and obtain the new shiny toy. That is certainly not the way to go.

    1. Appleman

      I’m not sure you understand the concept behind “Upgrades” and “Subsidies”. a Cell Company is able to provide a hardware subsidy based on the fact that they can be sure that they’ll make it back; thus the 3-yr contract. However, this subsidy will be given (almost) regardless of how much your bill is, whether I buy 500MB data, or 5GB data, I get the same subsidy, same term length, even though I am paying more money each month. This is why Rogers *can* offer early upgrade for those with bills over $100/mth, because we pay off the subsidy earlier than our 3-yr term would indicate. That’s why the $$$ on your bill makes a difference, and that’s why I think/hope that Rogers has a similar upgrade to last year. I don’t feel that I am entitled to an early upgrade, and I understand that Rogers is well within their right to tell me that I can’t upgrade (at full subsidy) until my contract is over, but as a “valued customer” I hope that they do the right thing, and I’ll gladly sign to an extra year with Rogers.

      1. Drew

        Amen, Appleman!

        Even not a FULL subsidy, would ensure that valued customers would STAY after their 3yr term is up. Absolutely NO respect for the people paying over $100/mo would be short-sighted…

  106. Good times.. Good times.

  107. Matt

    Will I be able to switch the the iphone 4g from my old Bold? I have the 6gig plan… will it carry over to the iphone?

  108. Chris

    I concur. I will refuse to ever agree to a 3 year term. After I experienced my last term contract, it seemed like a lifetime. I will happily pay more for my phone to avoid a 3 year term.

  109. Rod

    This redboard is awesome, thanks for keeping us int he loop with this, RogersKeith. It is refreshing to have someone from your company actually engaging with us (the customer) even if you don’t have all the information just yet…

  110. AlexR

    Jason We share the same opinion.. I am the owner of a 3g from 2 years ago also.. Ppl whining trying to change things to be able to upgrade to the iph 4.. look Everybody knows that apple is releasing a new phone each year. So Your bad if You took a contract last year. And stop begging for upgrades before good costumers gets punished.

  111. Ethel

    I am due for an upgrade for my iPhone 3g in August. Can I upgrade to the iPhone 4 as soon as it is available?


  112. Edward

    How much will the iPhone 4 be with no contract at say Rogers? $599??

    1. phoomp

      Rogers used to have a no contract price for the 16gb iPhone at $599. But, they seem to have removed that option from their website. Rogers may have decided not to sell the iPhone out of contract …

  113. James

    Just had my 6 mth old 3GS stolen and am going to get a replacement handset from rogers until the Iphone 4 is launched. Hopefully there will a special early-upgrade price…certainly not the $200 a new user would pay, but something like the 400 AT&T will be offering in the U.S. Fingers crossed…………..

  114. Moo

    What is Rogers’ policy on Data blocking? I want to get an iPhone for my kid but I want to limit the ability to rack up a large bill and use the internet everywhere he goes. I prefer to monitor what content my kids are watching so I can nip certain things in the bud.

    Will Rogers’ put in a data block?

    1. For monitoring what content your kids are watching, the iPhone doesn’t have any functionality like this unfortunately (no cell phones do, as far as I’m aware) – if you don’t want your kid browsing the net everywhere he goes, unfortunately the only solution is to not give him an iPhone.

  115. LennyT

    I’m sure everyone understands that wireless carriers have rules in place when it comes to upgrades. However, Rogers did make an exception last year when the 3GS came out, allowing people who bought a 3G early to purchase the 3GS at the discounted price. This was offset by tacking on another year to the current contract. There were also other criteria that needed to be met such as having a data plan of 1GB or higher, and a monthly bill of at least $100 a month. If it wasn’t for this deal, I would not have upgraded to the 3GS but because it was there decided to take advantage of it which I’m sure alot of other customers did too. Rogers also offered other discounts on upgrades to the 3GS for other criteria also. What I’m sure everyone who has a 3GS (myself included) wants to know is simply if Rogers will offer this again for the iphone 4. I was truly impressed with this deal last year and am hoping that they do offer it again. Its a win-win situation for Rogers because they sell more phones and keep customers longer, and of course a win for the customers who get to have the new phone.

  116. Bullite

    I have a pay as you go phone, Will I be able to buy a iphone 4 at Subsidized price, and keep my phone number?

    1. Maggie

      You can take your number with you, that law came in 2-3 years ago. As for subsidized price, if you pick a 3 year contract you’ll get the same price as any customer be they a smartphone user before or just a regular cellphone user.

  117. Yan

    I have one question for u,
    if i am going to buy a iphone 4 from Rogers with device only, are they unlocked?

    1. Maggie

      No they are locked to Rogers.

    2. Appleman

      Actually, if you buy it device-only from Apple, you will get an unlocked phone.

  118. T-Bone

    I will have contracts until the day I die, after that doesn’t really matter since I am dead, if you consider the reality if you plan on having a phone the rest of your life who cares about the contract…..take the subsidy, enjoy the phone…’s not like having car payments every month or children, or a gambling problem. ;o)

  119. Eric deMont

    as seen the rest of these comments being with rogers for a long time rogers has nothing but always over charged me paying $100+ for a cellphone that only works in 94% of the population only on its old networks, i sure hope the intend to keep there exclusive they say they have and build up there hspa+ network as i have noticed alot of signal drop outs and dropped calls.

  120. Ben J

    I’ve called Rogers for my availalbe upgrade (last upgrade was made 1995 – purchased my iphone 3g on the secondary market) and they said it’s $50!!!

    So my new iphone 4 cost is going to be $749 (799 – 50 upgrade) – which I’ll never pay!

    I don’t understand this – it doesn’t make sense to stay with the same carrier after the contact expires!

    So if I want to get the new iphone – my only option is to drive to the States buy it from AT&T for US699 (32GB), unlock it, cut-my-sim card and cancel my data plan in 2.5yrs and moved to Fido or Bell.

    Is that what they really want us to do?

  121. Mguy

    Lots of posts and nothing answered or explained. No answers from Rogers on any level. And everyone speculating on every aspect of getting an iPhone 4.

    All will be laid out, probably at the last minute so that all staff at any Rogers will have no idea and every purchase/upgrade will take hours not minutes as it has been the last two years.

    All early adopters (myself included) will get a subsidized price as in the past. All of those who are posting that people are whining that those who got a 3GS last should not expect to get a subsidized price and don’t deserve to are way off. To ignore that group would hurt sales overall.

    Besides, that was Rogers who allowed that 36 hours before and staff had to wait 90 minutes each time for that to work due to the last minute change.

    Let’s hope that is not the case this time around…

    Either way, I will get one either full price or renew contracts for 3 more years….
    Which ever way it’s allowed.

    Keeping everyone in the dark is not a great way to go about this though. But that’s what we are accustomed to from Rogers …….

  122. For what it’s worth, both my wife and I are looking at getting this new iPhone, and according to the Rogers account page, we are both eligible for smartphone upgrades at the very least (even though she is only 14-15 months into her 24 month smartphone upgrade period, and I am still 2 months away from the end of my smartphone upgrade period). So clearly the 2 year thing isn’t set in stone.

  123. Nick

    I really would like to know what the criteria is for upgrading to the new iPhone 4. Is there a way for finding out if I would qualify for the upgrade? I have the original 3G, and did not upgrade last year to the 3GS. I figure that I should qualify for the upgrade, but is there a way of finding out for sure if I qualify?

  124. Don

    Can we please get some sort of word on the contract length options? It’s not fair that other parts of the world get a $199 iPhone on a 2-year contract while we have to stomach 3-year contracts FOR THE SAME PRICE. If we have to bend over and take a 3-year contract, iPhone price should be LOWER than the $199 others are getting on a 2-year.

  125. Ant

    You guys are hilarious…

    Rogers cut you a break last year to upgrade from your 3G to a slightly better 3GS and you jumped on it. Now a waaaay better Iphone comes out and you demand the same breaks. A cell phone isn’t a right, it’s a privalege. Some of you are demanding info from Rogers Keith, demanding it…it’s been a week…CHILL OUT…the phone is likely 5 weeks away, why MUST you have that info today…

    The rules Rogers have set in place, suck, I agree…I don’t like contracts either…BUT I SIGNED ONE and so did most of you…don’t like the terms to which YOU agreed to, don’t sign one…spend your $600 a year to keep getting the new phones and don’t sign a contract…

    You’ll complain to get a reduced price for this phone, but you’ll still get your contract extended by doing this and then next year when Steve Jobs announces the 4GS or whatever you’ll demand it all again…

    To get the latest toys, you have to pay the latest prices…deal with it…

  126. 2010 will be the first year that an iPhone model launches in Canada with multiple wireless companies. If ever there was a chance to move to 2-year contracts, this will be it.

    I hope the reason Canada is in Round 2 is because Apple wants time to strong-arm the Canadian telcos into offering suitable plans. Like what happened with the iPad…?

  127. Be_Real

    I think it is a safe bet that Rogers will be reducing the eligible updgrade date from 24 months to 18 months and that’s pretty much it. That will cover the majority of individuals that have 3G and early adopters of the 3Gs. For those that have 3Gs < 18 months unless you are willing to pay the ECF no dice.
    The notion that Rogers in anyway subsidizes the price of the phone is utter nonsense, it is simply a distribution scheme by Apple and as you can see the price for an iphone is identical in the US as it is in Canada. So for those of you quoting $600-800 give your head a shake. The 16GB iPad purchased outright from the apple store doesn't even cost that much

    1. Like Be_Real

      Finally someone who thinks like me. The fact that the iPhone is sold for $600-$800 in countries where it is illegal to lock a phone to a carrier or illegal to only sell a phone in combination with a contract is part of the agreement between Apple and the carriers supporting the biggest piece of Apple’s market share. Make no mistake: Apple sets the price for their products, not the carrier. The carriers sets only the price for their contracts.
      In some countries the carriers pay huge commissions to phone retailers for signing up new contracts, enough money for the retailer to pay for the $200-$300 iPhone and have the consumer walk home without paying anything for the phone!

      PS My 3G went bad on the day of the iPhone 4 announcement. Apple Store will sell me a new 3G for $229. What tells you that? They sell stuff making a loss?

      1. Steve Lore

        For all of you complaining about Rogers, you should know that they are the easiest company in the world to get what you want. I signed a 3 year contract with a new blackberry curve, in February. Then a couple months later, I noticed the Bold 9700. All I did was call rogers and ask for the cancellations dep., told them I was going to cancel my contract and go with someone else if they wouldn’t give me a new bold 9700 for less than $150, and they did. I got the phone for $125.00 on a new 3-year contract, with no activation fees and no cancellation fees.

        Fact is, Rogers will in most cases do anything to keep their customers.

      2. Matt

        At this point, most likely. Apple announced that the 3G was going to be discontinued when the iPhone 4 comes out, so they’re probably just burning up stock.

  128. Derek Lai

    I bought 2 3gs last Christmas. If there is no upgrade to iphone4 available at a discount price. I would not hestitate to cancel all my service, pay penalty and go somewhere else.

  129. Calvin

    This is an email i recieved from rogers regarding early upgrades.

    Thanks for asking about the Hardware Upgrade Program. Rogers
    subsidizes handsets to enable customers to take advantage of the latest
    new devices, now up to two years before their terms is up. If you are a
    currently Rogers customer and have been in a contract for at least 12
    months, you may be eligible for an upgraded device under the terms and
    conditions of HUP

  130. phoomp

    Will the iPhone 4 be available for out-of-contract purchase?

  131. Calvin

    @rogerskeith when will rogers find out the promotioms and deals for the iphone4 etc etc like a week 2 weeks a month can u give us some sort of time frame

  132. “As this is a brand new device – just announced today – we’re not ready to talk about release date or pricing just yet” For Some Reason I just don’t buy that line ! As if Rogers Just Found Out About This ! Come On ! What’s the Real Reason you’re not Launching it yet ! Many Other Countries that usually came in late are getting it this time !

  133. I hope they will do just like AT&T did. I want the 6 month early upgrade!!! My contract finishes in December so i would be able to have the upgrade!! I really do not want to pay 700$ for another iphone!!! I bought a 3Gs last year without contract and a 3G with a contract 2 years ago!!

    1. I mean i can have an upgrade in december! My contact finished in december 2011 :(

  134. Lisa

    cant wait for the iphone 4!!!!!
    btw i also heard you can jailbreak os 4!

  135. Mark F.

    Given that there is no official word yet on iPhone 4, could you perhaps clarify what happened last year when the 3GS came out – did Rogers offer some discount to existing 3G users that had signed a 3-year contract a year ago?

    Also what was the actual subsidy vs no-contract-price and finally, if I buy the phone flat-out – is it still locked to Rogers, or open?


    ps. different tread but please *please* allow tethering on 500MB data plans. Thx.

  136. Vossie

    So i got the iPhone 3GS last june right after it came out, but it was stolen in february and i have been stuck with an old phone since then. i am really hoping that Rogers will allow me to upgrade to the iPhone 4 at the $199-299. I totally understand if they don’t want to but it would be very nice if they could.

    Also i read somewhere that they have this lost, stolen, broken policy. i wonder if anyone knows anything about this. i talked to them at the rogers store but they didn’t really explain it that well.

    1. RogersMiranda

      You can check out the details of the Handset Protection Guarantee Program in our post here:

  137. Eric M

    AT&T announce their upgrade policy for the iPhone 4 Launch Date, as well as new affordable data plans!
    Check it out:

    Hopefully Rogers will follow suit!

  138. Calvin

    @eric m rogers will probaby do the same last year and make it 1 in atleast in ur contract to upgrade to rhe newest iphone

  139. Hey so I bought a BB bold last April/May. I then got my gf on my plan and Rogers told me that becuase i had two phones on my account, my upgrade status would go from 12 months to every 6 months.

    From reading everything hear, everyone says 24 months, but Rogers definatly said that my 12 month upgrade period now drops to 6. Im really confused now lol

    Also on ‘MyRogers’ on the website, it says i can upgrade to another smarthphone. Does this mean i will be eligible for the upgrade from y BB bold to the iPhone4?

    Many thanks.

  140. Rj

    AT&T know what they’re doing this time around it seems.

  141. MIKEY_27


    My only concern is that the Iphone 4 will be handled by rogers the same way that the 3gs was when it came out. I have no problems paying full price for a phone but when I tried to upgrade my 3g to a 3gs last year I was told that I wasn’t eligable for a renewal and therefore couldn’t get a 3gs period. It wasn’t like I was being given a choice to purchase the phone outright, I was told by a Rogers customer service agent that it just wasn’t possible for me to get a 3gs with rogers short of signing up for a second contract. All I ask is that if I am still not eligable for an upgrade this year, can you please have an option to buy the phone outright instead of just telling your loyal customers that what we want is impossible.
    If not all I can think of to do this year is take a trip across the border and buy one from the states. I suppose I could do that anyway and save myself from yet another contract renewal.

    Thanks for your time.

  142. Niick L

    If Rogers doesnt do a 6 month early upgrade, im going with telus or bell!!

  143. Stevo

    I actually just lost (or possibly it was stolen) my Iphone 3GS this past Saturday :-( Rogers told me that my 2 year upgrade was this Oct 2010 and would ‘need’ to charge me $550 for a new Iphone 3GS … I’m holding out for the new Iphone4 but hope it will be released in Canada sooner then later! And I’m realllllly hoping they will give us loyal existing customers the same rate as new customers for the Iphone4 release … Wouldn’t mind getting some help from Rogers on this one as I’ve been a long standing customer with them! Would hate to sell my plan and move to another carrier :-S

  144. Marc

    Guys- if you’re willing to pay full price for the phone then get a friend in the US to add a new line to their plan, get the phone at 299, then pay the 325 penalty to terminate the new line and you’ll still pay less than the full price phone here-

    1. Peter


      That won’t work unless you plan on jailbraking the phone. In the US all iphones are locked to AT&T once activated (read sold).

  145. Dave

    Any chance the iphone4 will be compatible with talkspot?

  146. Rob

    Apples Canadian and US online stores are currently unavailable with the following message:

    “We’ll be back soon. We are busy updating the store for you and will be back shortly”

    iPhone 4 goes on presale in US as of midnight June 15th. Canadian presale still unannounced. Coincidence that both stores are being updated at the same time. Probably not.

    Sneaky Apple .. and maybe sneaky Rogers too.

    1. Ryan

      No coincidence, but apple does have other product lines as well. New Mac Minis introduced.

  147. highfry

    I really hope it will be July 1st but what’s the luck in that if people only have been with an iphone for a year, I have the last iPhone before 3GS and I know that I won’t be able to get the iPhone4 when it comes out but they should let you buy off the 2 years and get it, any thoughts to if Rogers will get an deal like ATT for iPhone4????


  148. Trevor Page

    I currently have a 3GS that I bought in June 2009. It replaced the iPhone 3G that I gave to my wife. It recently died and she went back to her Moto Razor which she hates.
    I’d like to upgrade to the iPhone 4 simply because I want to give her the 3GS so she can chuck that Moto garbage and have a real phone. I’m on a 3 year term and a 3-year 6BG data plan ;) but she’s on a corporate monthly plan through work and she’s not interested in any terms etc. I don’t care if I have to sign a new contract since I use my phone for business and we have no land line. I just don’t want to be hosed on the price. I don’t care if I get a hardware upgrade discount, I just don’t want to pay more than the subsidized retail price that any Joe can get if he walks into the store.
    Anyone think this is doable?

  149. Mark

    I got my iPhone 3G 2 years ago on the release date. I very deliberately did NOT upgrade to 3GS because I knew that I had a 2 year upgrade policy and figured that a more major release would come down the pipe since 3G to 3GS did not seem like a big enough leap to justify it. Did people not understand the contract they signed. OR, if they did, why they think it was fine to sign the contract but now expect it to be changed to their desires. If you were of sound mind and body at the time of signing, why not just honour what you agreed to. Is it so hard to upgrade technology every two years? If so, why sign a contract that obligated you as such and now want it to change or you will bail? As sure as the sun will rise, Apple will upgrade the iPhone every year. If you get an iPhone 4 now, do not be surprised that you will want whatever comes out next summer.

    Allowing people out of their contract is slightly offensive to those of us that are honouring our contracts and did without the upgrade last year to patiently wait.

    1. Peter


      I can’t recall or seen anything in my wireless service agreement (for a 3G, signed in oct ’08) that I had to wait 2 years before upgrades were possible. Neither did the sales rep pointed this out. When the 3GS came out I didn’t find the difference with the 3G compelling enough (at the time) to upgrade, so I didn’t.

      But to say that we are now honouring our contracts and are entitled to an upgrade is really nonsense. A contract party is always allowed to deliver a better “service or product” then agreed. If you don’t take advantage of that it is your own decision.

    2. justin

      Mark… we are gadget people and can’t wait, simple as that…

  150. Appleman

    Hey guys, just an update! The iPhone 4 as well as the 8GB iPhone 3GS will be available commitment-free and FACTORY UNLOCKED from Apple in Canada when the devices are launched.

    1. Peter

      Good news! Let us wait and see what Apple is going to charge for the iPhone 4.

      PS To me It now all starts to make sense why the Canadian launch is later. Apple wants to leverage all Canadian carriers and hasn’t agreed yet with them on the pricing for the iPhone. Because carriers still wants us to believe they are subsidizing iPhones…..

    2. Rahul

      How much proof do we have of this? Can someone confirm this?


      1. Appleman

        It’s on the Apple website:

        “Buy your iPhone from the Apple Online Store and choose your own GSM carrier. You can change carriers at any time.”

  151. looks like the iphone 4 will be unlocked by apple when it comes out in canada, who cares now if rogers can step up to the plate and allow us to do an early upgrade or not, just purchase it outright from apple :-)

  152. Niick L

    The only reason I see why the iPhone isn’t launching in Canada in June is because we have more than 1 cell phone company who has the iPhone. So more companies, more devices. More devices, more time to make the phones. I think it’s logic.

    1. James

      The problem with the logic is the fact that even when you combine the number of people upgrading or getting the iphone 4 from rogers, telus and bell it doesn’t even come close to how many will be getting it in the states alone.

      We aren’t getting it for that exact reason, we are not a big enough market to include in the initial launch.

    2. Dustin

      Um – not really. It’s launching in the UK on June 24th. Look how many carriers there offer the iPhone.
      I think the real reason may have to do with the phone being offered unlocked. They don’t want Americans flocking to Canada to get the unlocked phone on launch. This way you get the Americans who have to have the phone right away to lock into another 2 year commitment.
      Granted AT&T has the only usable iPhone compatible GSM network in the US.

      1. >>Granted AT&T has the only usable iPhone compatible GSM network in the US

        What’d you mean USABLE? Seriously, AT&T does not have the only iPhone compatible GSM network in the US.

  153. Calvin

    Last year they let the 1 year users of the 3g upgrade early..i phoned rogers yesterday and the guy said he wouldnt be surprised if they did it again

  154. Richard Daley

    So Mister Rogers…

    On the Canadian Apple website it states “When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it commitment-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time.”

    So if I’m paying for a full non-subsidized price for an iPhone4 on the Apple website and pop in my Fido micro-sim card to use while in Canada, I hope to god I’ll still be to pop in a global carrier sim when i travel internationally.

    Since I paid for the iPhone outright.

    1. Apple is selling carrier-unlocked iPhone 4s – that is entirely different from buying a contract-free phone from Rogers. Of course, Rogers had better be reducing the price on a contract-free phone if they’re planning on selling any.

  155. Calgary Rabbit

    Just found out today that AT&T in the US is offering the upgrade prices indeed ($100 to upgrade to 16mb iPhone 4 and $199 to upgrade to 32mb iPhone 4)…HOWEVER…not publicly announced is that they are upping the price of the contract for iPhone 4 service…greater monthly cost for service. I suspect since Canada follows the US like a puppy after it’s mother…the same will apply here.

  156. Chris

    So if i still have the iPhone 3G. Am i able to upgrade to the iPhone 4?

  157. Darrin

    If I buy an iPhone4 in the USA, can I use it on your network with my current 3GS plan?

    1. No, you can’t – the iPhone 4 in the States is locked to the AT&T network.

  158. Peter reports that US contract-free pricing for the iPhone 4 is $599 (16GB) and $699 (32GB). Still locked to AT&T though….

  159. Nelson

    Keith, you’ve previously stated “Handsets are typically locked to ensure optimal performance on our network.”

    Apple’s Canadian website states that they will be selling their iPhone 4’s unlocked, giving the freedom to customers to choose their carrier.

    Will Rogers handsets be unlocked allowing customers to use their handsets on another carrier after their contract obligations are met?

    Also, will a hand set bought from the Apple store work as well on the Rogers network and will it offer the same functionality as a Rogers bought handset?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Peter


      I will allow Keith to answer on behalf of Rogers, but he is bit quiet lately.

      My take: if no law in Canada in demands that devices need to be unlocked after contractual obligation are met, then it is up to the ethics of Rogers to unlock you. As you can find on the internet this is a simple request from the carrier to Apple and the next time you sync up with iTunes you are free to go. This is common practice at some carriers in some countries.

      Off course the handset bought at Apple store is going to work on the Rogers network. There is nothing unique in the iPhone hardware to make it specific for Rogers. All network specific services are set in software. The iPhone has specific configuration files for each network provider. Unlocked iPhones can change these settings at will: see here

      Hope this helps. I am probably going to fork out the full retail price for an unlocked iPhone 4. This gives me the opportunity to use my phone abroad with different providers without being ripped off on roaming charges.

    2. +1

      How degraded will the experience be using an unlocked iPhone 4 on the Rogers network, as opposed to the locked iPhone 4 “ensuring optimal performance” sold by Rogers?

      1. Peter


        Be confident that when you pay for provisioned carrier services that an unlocked iPhone can be set to use them.

        This whole thing about “ensuring optimal services” on a locked phone has everything to do that the end user can’t change software settings that would effect the service. But if you don’t modify setting proven to be correct, you will be fine. The emphasis is on “ensuring”, not “optimal.”

        The carrier settings are all stored in .ipcc file on the iPhone. Google “.ipcc” and learn more about the wonderful world of people who have broken the lock on their phone. You bet that shortly after the unlocked iPhone 4 goes on sale in Canada there will be some folks providing us with clear instructions how to switch carriers. I predict that eventually the carriers catch up and make the “user experience” happen as we expect from Apple products.

  160. EK

    i predict in the week or so coming up to the Canadian launch Rogers/Fido will release early HUP options similar to last year…maybe with some variations though since there’s other carriers in the mix now.

    Only thing is how Telus and the rest of the carriers decide to handle it….whether they decide they are going to copy Rogers/Fido from last year or come up with some new scheme….maybe even some sort of incentive to switch carriers to them if you don’t like Rogers/Fido’s early HUP options and are bound to them by contract…and vice versa ?

    Since there’s no mention of an official release date in July, when the early HUP info is available, I’m guessing that means the iphone4 release date is pretty damn close (i think it makes sense for the carriers to wait until the last possible moment to announce their specific early HUP policies so that other carriers don’t have a slight advantage and can adjust their policy before going public with it).

    1. Helvetica

      Except that this is Canada and our carriers never attempt compete with each other. They seem content offering the exact same pricing as everyone else. See iPad plans for proof.

    2. Peter

      I bet that the HUP price of Rogers/Fido is EQUAL to the price for a iPhone from the others with signing up a (at least 2 year) contract. You heard it here first…. ;-)

      1. dm1336

        But with the extra $35 HUP fee :(

  161. Micheal J.

    Have there been any improvements put into place to help avoid the fiasco encountered on the launch day of the iPhone 3G and 3GS? (Just referring to Rogers’ servers, and not any possible issues with Apple’s servers to activate the phone in iTunes)

    Especially given how much of an issue the iPhone 4 pre-order has been in the US.

  162. Adnan

    Hey, just wondering if I would be able to pick this up without a contract on launch date

  163. dm1336

    Remember Apple Canada is selling an 8gb 3GS model. Whereas the carriers in Canada are selling the 16gb and 32gb 3GS model, but locked to the network of purchase

    So I would expect that if you were to get one from Rogers commitment free but still locked to the network you will have to pay a little bit more than what Apple Canada is selling it unlocked for. But considering that even if you were to get it commitment free from Rogers then they should sell it at the same price as the 8gb model Apple sells or say $10 more at $559.

    1. Umm no, you would expect to pay LESS if you’re buying it contract-free from Rogers but still locked to their network. The phone is worth more it is not locked to a network.

  164. Jackson

    Seeing how Apple will be selling the iPhone 4 handsets “contract free/unlocked” at full retail price, I’d assume that Rogers will definitely encourage upgrades for all of their customers so as to deter customers away from Apple store and towards the Rogers.

  165. Gabriel Bélair

    we will have to be fast folks cause on AT&T in usa pre order has been suspended ….so if you wanna pre order it …sleep with ur msn on to hear the email incoming

  166. laurie

    Now that Apple is selling unlocked iPhones in Canada, will Rogers be offering to unlock phones for existing customers ?

  167. Calvin

    dont mean to be rude buti wish rogerskeith would respond more often..he hasnt in while

  168. adrian

    iPhone 4 coming early july not end of month

  169. Shabbir

    Can any of you people from Rogers verify if buying the phone from apple directly (unlocked) will affect the service in any way? I bought an unlocked Blackberry Storm from US but 3G doesnt work on it. It’s supposed to, and the few times I asked Rogers tech support about it they basically said… you didnt buy the phone from us so it wont work on our network. Then gave me some BS about how it cant support Rogers 3G or something… we better not get the same BS about this. The storm was probably unlocked by “other means” but this is apple selling it directly unlocked so I’m hoping there wont be an issue as large as 3G not working.

    1. It’s entirely possible that the Storm you bought is broken, as well. And obviously Rogers has no obligation to help you troubleshoot a phone that you didn’t buy from them.

      That aside, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that buying the phone directly from Apple will work perfectly on the Rogers network – Apple is somewhat of a stickler, as company policy, for making sure that everything WORKS (hence why you cannot officially run OSX on any computer other than an Apple computer).

    2. nate

      Thats not a rogers problem. You should of done your research beforehand. You bought a storm, which is a CDMA phone, and any unlocked CDMA blackberry will NOT have 3G capabilities. In the same way if you bought an unlocked blackberry tour, it will not have 3G on the rogers network. But if you bought an unlocked 9000 and ran it on the rogers network it WOULD have 3G capabilities because it is not a CDMA phone.

  170. Nick

    Shabbir, I’m no Rogers employee, but I am 99% sure the Blackberry you bought is under a different frequency and thus even though the actual phone may support 3G, it won’t support 3G under Rogers/Fido.
    Example: If you buy a Blackberry Bold 9700 from Wind Mobile, you can get it unlocked and it will work on Rogers. However, you will notice that while the phone is a 3G phone (and 3G works on Wind’s network), its not 3G on Rogers. It’s because the frequency of the phones are DIFFERENT. AT&T/Rogers/Fido share the same frequency. Google it for more information.

    Hope I helped…

  171. Why dont you wait Shabbir?

  172. Michael

    Hey Shabbir what likely happened withyour storm is it’s a unlocked CDMA/GSM hybrid

    If that’s the case the 3G is on a different frequency that GSM carriers like Rogers and the new bell/tells network run on if this is the storm one that is the case and you should study frequencies of cell phones you want to buy then call your carrier a head of time to see what they run on. Unlocked or not the storm 1 will not work on 3G through Rogers or bell/tells using a sim card but through the older Telus/Bell network it will

    The iPhone being made for GSM only will work unlocked at full 3G only speeds for the new Telus/Bell network and on 3G/Edge through Rogers there is no worries or any questions that should be asked about that

  173. Madmatt

    So I’ve been checking the redboard daily for what feels like forever….an no updates….Rogers Keith has disappeared….redboard is a good idea but it’s seems like there is just a whole bunch of misinformed people…with so many ridiculous comments(Now including this one)I just want some sort of an answer my 2 year old 3g just can’t take anymore!!!!!!please real info please!!!!!!soon!!!!! Please!!!!!!:)

  174. Shabbir

    Thats what I thought too Ryan … that maybe something is defective. It had a verizon PIN as well so I had to disable that and get a new one from Rogers, I’m thinking thats what it was. And I would think even if you buy a phone from wherever, but are paying a certain company for service (in this case paying Rogers for 3G access) and them refusing to provide … just seems like BS to me. lol not a big deal though, I dont surf as much since the storm’s browse sucks anyway.

    And Jason, what do you mean wait? For what?

  175. Randy

    One of the reasons Rogers indicated, on this very forum, it offered such relatively reasonable data packages for the iPad was the fact it was sold direct from apple unlocked, meaning no service calls or commitments from Rogers for the hardware.

    Since Apple has confirmed that it will be selling the iPhone 4 in the same manner, can we expect equally “reasonable” data rates on this device as well?

    1. phoomp


      I would hope to see some consistency from Rogers in this regard as well.

      The only thing troubling to me about the Rogers statement on this board about their iPad data packages is that they keep calling it an “experiment”, suggesting that they may turn around and change the rate, just as AT&T did.

  176. Highfry

    But why would Rogers have to unlock the person who has an iPhone4 if it is already going to work on Rogers network !!!???

    So on release date for iPhone4 it’s going to be retail price or is it going to be more then US pricing,

  177. Lwi Htoo Paw

    Just to clarify:

    (1) Unlocked iPhones thru Apple – will work on any GSM provider (e.g. Telus, Rogers, Bell), it won’t “simply” be locked to the carrier you have choosen to do business with. Hence, inserting the micro-SIM based card, will not lock the device to that carrier. So, you can have a month-to-month service without commitment.

    However, purchase thru Apple will be in the high amounts of $699 (16GB) $799 (32GB) plus retail tax in the province of purchase.

    (2) December 2010 / New Years – considering this is the iPhone 4, not 4GS or any other subtitle given to a model, e.g. 4th Generation S, hence 4GS, not for the 4G network. It is very confidient that there will be another model that will be release to upgrade/update bugs/errors/new features with a 4GS models.

    (3) If and when the next version of iPhone is released, Apple is moving away from commitment terms with GSM Providers, thus, considering options of AWS, CDMA, etc. – so, if they expand the handsets to those networks, where as, for example, WIND Mobile, which charges the full price of the handset to the accompanying customer, profits is directed toward Apple. Which is the only #1 reason why apple is considering selling it’s own unlocked version of iPhone…
    More options for customers = more $$$ for apple = customer’s happy = service providers happy = all win/win situation , all without commitement

    1. MynameisMJ

      re: Point 2:

      Apple only releases new phones in June.

      1. Well… *so far* they only release new phones in June. But that aside, it’s *highly* doubtful that they’ll release an updated iPhone in less than a year – Apple’s release schedules are generally at LEAST 1 year between product updates (sometimes longer – but in the phone market so far they’ve stuck to a yearly update cycle).

  178. L

    No news … we need some info ! At least tell us when do you expect to get the info out? End of June, mid July, August … ?????

    I am hoping for a similar plan to the one that was offer last year for the upgrade from 3G to 3GS. Customers willing to extend their contract and who a monthly rate of 100 dolars or more should be able to get it !!!!

    I think customer retention is important …..

  179. E2EK1EL

    Reason why your BB Storm 3G doesn’t work …

    The BB Storm doesn’t have the radio band to support our HSDPA, it needs one band for up stream and another band for down stream and the 2100 band … Rogers hasn’t even touched it yet , from what I know.

    BB Storm – Single-band: 2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA networks
    Rogers 3G uses – 850/1900Mhz (2100 not activated yet)

    Back to the topic, yes buying the IP4 directly from Apple will be unlocked, 100% confirmed.

  180. nazaar

    seriously… we all knew Apple was coming out with a new iPhone and the announcement two weeks ago didn’t really take many consumers by surprise… well at least not the early adopters.
    I’m just curious why Rogers or for that matter any of the other big carriers in Canada seem to wait until the last minute to give details about plans, upgrades, etc…

    It’s been 2 weeks now and not a word other than the flash screen on that says sign up for more info.

    Why does it take so long to come up with details… I find it hard to believe that you (Rogers) haven’t been thinking about what you may or may not offer in regards to the iP4 before Apple announced the phone 2 weeks ago.

    Can you at least answer that question?

    1. The answer that other folks have come up with (non-Rogers folks) seems the most likely: Nobody wants to release pricing/plan info until the very last minute, so as to make sure their competitors don’t undercut them and steal away customers. And if they announce “we’re coming out with the iPhone 4 on July 13th!” (or whatever date) and don’t announce any pricing/plan info, then you’ll have people complaining like crazy that there’s no pricing/plan info. So really, it’s a no-win situation. :)

      Of course, they’ll probably all have almost identical plans and prices any way, but this still seems like the most likely answer to your question.

  181. Dylan

    First, thanks to Keith, must be a toug part of your job, dealing with the group of complainers above.

    Second, to those negative nellies, what would make you think you can dictate pricing and information release strategies to the companies you buy things from. Grow up. They sell, if you like, you buy. If not, go away. They won’t say it but i will.

    Finally, this is cutting edge tech, if you need to have the latest iPhone, you are going to have to get the odd one at full price. If you can’t afford it, don’t get it. But don’t whine and complain because you don’t get what you want. It will lead to Rogers and Apple not taking the time to answer their customers cause it is the same old/same old.

    1. phoomp

      I, for one, welcome Apple’s offer to sell us unlocked iPhones, at an unsubsidized price, via their online store. I hope the practice of trading phone subsidies for 3 year contracts disappears.

      I also hope that Rogers will extend their iPad data plans to include unsubsidized iPhones for those of us that have no need of a voice plan but don’t want to lug an iPad around.

      As for the “complainers”, why do you think Rogers set up this social networking program? To hear only positive feedback? Unlikely.

  182. Chris

    Now that we know that Apple is planning on offering an unlocked version of the iPhone 4 (and 3GS)… I have a question for Rogers.

    Will you be offering a subsidized version of the unlocked iPhone? I travel a fair amount, and there is no way that I’ll pay Rogers’ international roaming charges when it’s so much cheaper to pop in a local SIM at my destination.

    But all in all, I’m still fairly happy with Rogers (as much as one can be with one of the Big 3), and I could stomach signing another contract if I get something out of it… a cheaper phone. But a locked phone and a long-term contract seems like a bit of a double whammy…

    1. James

      Actually I really like this idea.

      I’ll sign another 3 year contract with you guys no problem, IF it could be possible to get a subsidized unlocked phone for when I go traveling.

  183. Neil

    Apple is like haute couture of the technology world :-)

    Can’t wait to see this piece of kit.

  184. Adgeman

    Is anyone from Rogers still reading this thread? Would be good to hear something even if it’s just to let us know that they’re currently still working on Plans and Upgrade policies. With no info we can only guess and estimate and that’s no good for anyone; customers or staff.

  185. Jake

    I spoke to an apple tech support guy while trying to fix my 3G which crashed from iOS4, he said on the pre order day in the US, 600,000 orders got thru before they shut it down out of 16,000,000 attempted orders and at one point during the day they had 2800 attempts at a pre order per SECOND.

  186. iPhone 4 teardown for those interested in that kind of thing:

    Interesting news: 512MB ram, compared to the 256MB ram in the 3GS and iPad. :)

  187. Chris

    I’ve got a year left on my 3G contract, will there be any options to buy the phone at a higher price and not have to renew for another 3yrs? Or should I just buy one from Apple and ride out the last year of my current contract?

  188. Jake

    It would be really cool if they could at least confirm a July release… a lot of speculation about push backs in Canada. Wouldn’t be the first time..

  189. Yan

    i think iphone 4 will coming on july 17th.

  190. Ian

    I live in an area that rogers service map says gets service (best, not even variable), but I have to find sweet spots just to get one bar, for my razr2 and rocketstick (which I pay full price for despite crappy service). Anyone know how well the iphone 4 would compare to my razr2 for signal strength?
    My tip for rogers: Instead of paying all your attention to upgrading urban, why not a little attention to rural? I live about 5 minutes from a casino, not exactly the middle of nowhere. I’m in Manitoba, where everyone except one city (Winnipeg) is still on Edge! Can you even tell me when you plan on upgrading service to the rest of the province? If not, then how can you reasonably expect me to not switch providers?

  191. BossX

    Wow, I thought that I would find some useful information here about the iPhone 4G but instead I have wasted 10 minutes of my life I will never get back. To hear all these whiners I forgot that I was reading adults writing. Everyone one wants free this, greatest that and newest this as soon as it hits the store shelves.

    I have personally restrained myself from not getting the iPhone 3GS as I knew a new one was in the works. Trust me as it was not easy to give into the temptations but as all of you that have whined and feel that you have “earned” the right to a new phone each year, I actually take the time to read the contract and fully understand my obligations. Quit acting like kids and whining babies. If you want a new phone each year you are more than welcome to it, simply pay the full price and problem solved. If you don’t like Rogers policies then feel free to switch once your contract is over or simply cancel the contract. You will have the exact same deal with any other network. They are a business and in turn are in it to make money.

    By the way, no I am not a Rogers employee or do I work for any other network. RogersKeith – i praise your patience with all these useless and duplicate questions. You must be screaming on your end of the screen. As for those that have contributed useful information, thank you very much as I did manage to find some great information among all the garbage.

  192. Rich

    So still no word about pricing, now I’m getting the feeling that were going to get a stupid higher price then USA but i think this is just a stupid move, like why can’t they just bring the same price out, 199 for iPhone 16GB 299 for iPhone 32GB and have Rogers pick up on it and take the price on, makes since to me, anyways were almost near to July but i want mine now,, But what is better to do, i got an iPhone 3G now, got it last year that means i got 2 years left,

  193. Jacob

    I commend Rogers representatives for answering the same questions over and over. I too am waiting with bated breath to find out when both my wife and I can upgrade from our 3G’s.

  194. Adgeman

    Very interesting to see most of the comments now are praising the work of the Rogers team but critical ones don’t seem to be getting through the censors. It’s good know the real use for the board; I can stop visiting and look elsewhere for answers.

    1. Umm, the comment *2* before yours is critical. As is yours. They don’t really seem to be doing much in the way of censoring anything, as far as I can tell (having followed this thread from day 1). Nor are they really answering any more questions, but I suppose if you don’t have any answers, that IS an answer.

  195. Adgeman

    But how do you know what they’re censoring? The only posts that appear are previously-moderated and therefore approved. I’ve had a comment which wasn’t overly critical however it spoke about the value in a community site like this. Last I saw of this it was set for moderation but it hasn’t appeared 24 hours later while my last post appeared within minutes.

    Each to their own; i’m not overly critical of Rogers social team as they probably don’t have the answers as their partners in other areas of the business will want to release the details as part of a structured plan rather than a simple answer on a discussion board. They’re stuck in a position where they may know the answer to all these questions but can’t answer them.

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Adgeman – we’re not trying to censor criticism. In fact, we’re quite transparent about what comments we do and don’t publish. Everything goes up unless it violates our published comments policy:

      1. phoomp

        Hafta say, I’ve been quite impressed. I’ve seen (and written) comments posted to this board that many companies would have deleted.

  196. Brandon

    Don’t you love when you get all excited cause you see your email has an iPhone 4 Update, than open it up and realize that it tells you absolutely nothing. Thanks Rogers.

  197. John

    I myself am glad we didn’t get the iphone 4 first. Look at the problems it’s having!

    1. SDC

      Huh? None of the problems reported are serious and many are exceedingly rare (buy a lottery ticket if you get one of them).

      Let’s see… antenna problem (easy to solve), swapped volume buttons (rare but only cosmetic), pixel artifacts (simple fix or easy replacement – but again, rare!), yellow discolouration (again very rare).

      1. Seriously. The only serious “problem” I’m seeing with the iPhone 4 in the States is that it’s impossible to get one. I hope that Rogers manages to do a better job of estimating demand for the iPhone 4 in Canada, so there aren’t ridiculous supply problems.

  198. Rich

    Alright then, yesterday around 5:30 canada time. i got an email from Rogers but telling me that they have nothing to announce and I am sadly gonna to have to say it might not be until mid July but can’t even say when is a real date, but no one knows when it is really coming out because it’s up to Apple when they want to release it or even put it in this format, it was ready for USA and 4 other Countries but not Canada, Maybe they are making sure all the networks are working fine and fine tuning each network in Canada before they ship them out, like I wouldn’t want an iPhone if it isn’t ready to use on Rogers or on a other network, this is a perfect example to make us wait this long and so that’s why Rogers has nothing to go on because of that, but I am only thinking out loud but it is a perfect fix of why it is not ready yet, But hope they might bring out an Pre-Order for it and the price too, Hope that might be in a week and a haft but look I don’t work for Apple so I am only going on what i think and what i have been reading on other websites journalist and etc, but tell me if i am wrong i won’t be worry about that cuz I am only speculating on this..

    But that’s all for now.

  199. VeNoM

    i spend over a $100.00 a month IF i want the new iPhone … regaurdless of how long ive had it ( over 16 months) i expect to get it period…. or ill take my $100.00 + a month to Telus/Bell when my contract expires ;)

    1. creativet

      I spend $5.00 + every second day buying a carton of milk at the same store. If you don’t give me a carton for free or discounted then I’ll go to another store. See how ridiculous this statement and yours are?!

  200. Jordan

    Hey I’m thinking of upgrading to the new iphone 4 when it becomes available but as of right now I have 16 months left on my iphone 3g contract with rogers. Just wondering what my options are with upgrading? I want to try and maybe sell it on kijiji but also keep my number

  201. Mart

    Duh.. as one of the largest cell phone provider I would have been very disappointed if you wouldnt have selled it… what people want to know is WHEN!

  202. Joe

    I don’t think this is true but i heard someone else say it. Is it true?

    1. Frank

      Is what true?

  203. John

    Hi RogersKeith,

    Can you comment on the rumor that the iPhone will be released on July 23rd?

    Thank you.

  204. Jeff

    I think July 23rd is the date folks. Rogers Keith, when will the official announcement be?

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey John, Jeff and others… Thanks for your continued interest! Unfortunately, we still don’t have any details on timing or pricing to share at this time.

  205. Mahmood

    I seriously hope ROGERS come out with iPhone4 as soon as they can and give a reasonable offer to current customer for hardware upgrade.

  206. Jai

    So, what’s the ETA on the phone? It’s Jun 29 already… My current 9630 BB just went belly-up and looking to replace with the iPhone 4G. Also, looking to jump ship from Bell and want to leverage this opportunity to do so.

  207. alextkr

    the best reason to like rogers was there 6gb/30$ promo, everything else they have offer is not very interesting.

  208. Calvin

    @rogerskeith will rogers allow 3gs users that have had it for a year have the same 2 offers they did last year for 3g users for early upgrades?

    1. RogersKeith

      Sorry Calvin – we’ve not announced these details yet.

  209. Rob

    Can anyone tell me if the version of the iPhone4 that Rogers will be selling supports 4G?
    To my knowledge, the iPhone4 has no 4G support at the moment.

    1. No, there is no 4G version of the iPhone. As far as I’m aware, Rogers doesn’t even have a 4G network yet.

      1. Rob

        How incredibly clever of Apple. If you google iPhone 4G, there are numerous sties that will show you the iPhone 4. And it is certainly not obvious to see that the iPhone has no 4G support whatsoever.
        There are numerous references to 4G in the comments posted on this article and I’m sure most people don’t even know the difference.

  210. Nelson


    Your example that you jokingly made is actually the way major retailers do business with suppliers. It’s why they are so successful. We as loyal customers deserve a bit of recognition for our continued patronage. Asking never hurts. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, we’ll continue to just be lemmings lining the big corporations pockets. As ridiculous as it may be in terms of milk, it’s not so ridiculous when dealing with phones and contracts that always have variable pricing.

    1. Jason

      Yes I was joking … somewhat. However, I don’t think they were asking as you implied. reread the post …”IF i want the new iPhone … regaurdless of how long ive had it ( over 16 months) i expect to get it period….” does that sound like “asking”? seems like demanding. Bottom line is, if people want it bad enough, they’ll get it, regardless of contract lengths, questionable rate plans, etc.

  211. Emily

    It would be great it it were released just in time for Canada Day! I can’t wait!!! It’ll be my first phone!

  212. LennyT

    Waiting for June to end felt like forever. So heartbreaking to see people posting videos and pictures of their new iphone4’s while we’re forced to wait. So here’s to waiting patiently, its now July 1st. Any news? Oh and happy Canada Day everyone.

  213. E2EK1EL

    08.02.10 (wink wink)

  214. Gere

    The iPhone was called “4G” by the PUBLIC before Apple named it. 4G stands for fourth generation (of the iPhone), not 4G network. Apple has never referred to it as the iPhone 4G, only iPhone 4 in reference to its generation.

  215. Paul

    Well its July 3 now… and still no news about the iphone4 =[ I hope it comes this week!

    1. Frank

      I think you’re dreaming (release this week). They will give us a minimum of 10 days prior to releasing. I think it will be released July 23rd, but who knows?

  216. Rich

    Well i have stopped waiting, it’s up to Apple when they want us to have it, so like always we wait,, anyways when it comes out I won’t be the first trying to buy it without thinking about how much money and the plains, see were not going to get that stuff until it gets closer to the release date!! if people thought to hear the news on here first or on another website it’s just not real because that’s how Apple keeps us rolling over when they bring a new device out,,, So when everyone will just skip over mine and won’t read this I will be right.. this is a whole new different iPhone it’s not like any of the ones before it…

  217. E2EK1EL

    TD : 07.15.10 (wink wink)

  218. Steven

    yes its true check the rogers offical website you will see the adds. And you can keep recent data on it if you sign up(just click the add to sign up).

  219. Sean

    Hello?, lol honestly a week into july and no word. wtf.

    1. RogersKeith

      Sorry for the wait Sean. We’ll share details as soon as we can.

      1. WE

        @Keith – does this apparent delay have anything to do with the reported reception issues?

  220. NiickL

    The 3Gs 8GB just appeared on the Rogers website.. I guess it means the iphone 4 is commming soon!!! (y)

  221. Y L

    Rogers should update iPhone 4 informations soon,
    if you go to rogers website, on phone page, click on iphone 3gs 32g black, you will see: the phone you are looking for is not available for purchase on

  222. Hi Rogers we hope the iPhone 4 Is comming we need it as chep as $600 and for up grade it to iPhone3gs holy$40 for 3G $65 for 2g $90 if you it this ways my dear caree you’ll be the greatness carre in the world.

    1. Thanks Reghaen, I’d been looking for a reason to unsubscribe to this comment thread.

  223. NP

    Are we expected to pre-order iPhone 4 if we still want to buy it with a 3 year contract?
    Pardon me if this question seems lame.

  224. Svetoslav

    it’s true – sometimes

  225. Nick

    Wow, this wait is ridiculous. No updates even?
    Keith, when can we expect an update? I haven’t checked in for about a week or two and I was expecting some more information than I just read…

    July 7th and no word. Gosh. I hope this isn’t being released in August especially since everyone in the States was able to pre-order mid June.

    1. There *is* an update: “Rogers has no news for us”. Lol… Really, I don’t think we can expect any updates unless it is VERY close to the phone’s release date, and so far that seems to be end of July if rumours are to be believed.

    2. RogersKeith

      Sorry Nick. I’m afraid we have no more details to share yet. Stay tuned!

  226. The original post is exactly one month old today, time for another “update”, Rogers.

    I hope you are listening to the comments regarding iPhone4 plans: 2 year contracts, better pay-as-you-go plans for those who buy unsubsidized phones, decouple voice minutes and data to let us build a package that fits, fair prices for data use (5GB-for-$35), and so on…

  227. Rubenoso

    Frankly the lack of info on such a hyped device launch has me going nuts. I can’t believe that I am so ready to give you more money but you wont tell me when. Is it Apple, is it Rogers? Just tell us whats up already or I’m just going to…wait, there is nothing I can do.

  228. Sparky

    Keith… you guys are losing the battle for the hearts and minds… better give the mob something, anything, to placate. This isn’t your first launch – a little better planning of the strip tease would go a long way.

    Just saying

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Sparky. I know people are eager for updates. And we’re eager to share as soon as we can. Please stay tuned!

    2. I don’t think Rogers is losing anything – it’s not like Bell or Telus are giving us any details either. And you KNOW Rogers won’t be giving us anything before they do, it’ll all be one big announcement from all of them at once.