Rogers offers Handset Protection Guarantee

Once, I left my cellphone on a windowsill during a thunderstorm. Rain water destroyed it. I tried everything to bring it back to life: removed the battery; wiped off every button with Q-tip; and even put it in a bowl of rice (someone told me that would help soak up the water). Until I bought myself a new device, I was totally disconnected, anxious, stressed, and felt utterly lost.

Chances are you, or someone you know has a story exactly like this. We feel your pain.

We know that accidents happen and that’s why we created a new Handset Protection Guarantee, which will help cover the cost of repair or replacement in the event that your device is lost, stolen or broken. What’s more, we guarantee that there’s always at least one replacement device option at $0 with new or existing term commitment of at least 12 months.

While you wait for your device to be repaired or your new replacement device to be ordered, we’ll hook you up with a courtesy phone while you wait. This guarantee, a first to be offered at no additional cost in Canada, applies even if your device is out of warranty.

How does the program work?
Starting May 24, customers with an eligible lost, stolen or broken device can either call 1-888-ROGERS1 or visit a Rogers store to participate in the program. In the event of a lost or stolen device, Rogers will offer you a $0 or subsidized replacement device on your first out of warranty occurrence.  In the event of a broken device, you can choose to take advantage of a discount toward a replacement device or Rogers will assess the damage, provide a subsidized quote* and repair the device within 10 business days. Replacement options will include both refurbished and new devices including $0 options.

To keep you connected, Rogers will provide you with a courtesy loaner device until your replacement or repair is complete.

What devices are covered?
Customers need to have an eligible device to participate in the program.  In particular, all new devices in the following categories are eligible including:

  • All smartphones (including BlackBerry and iPhone devices)
  • Voice devices
  • Rocket Sticks

How many times can I use the program?
You’ll receive a discount on a repair or replacement on your first out of warranty issue. You can use the program as many times as you want, but you’ll only receive the subsidy once per term.

We’ll be providing more details on the program soon at

Ever had a lost, stolen or broken device? How did you handle it? We’d love to hear your story in the comments!

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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114 comments on “Rogers offers Handset Protection Guarantee

  1. Chris

    This sounds like a great program. I look forward to hearing the details.

  2. jonomacdono

    I have a lot of dust under the screen on my iPhone 3G[S]. Would this plan cover a replacment?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi. In this case, Rogers can assess the damage and offer a subsidy on the repair cost. If you decide you don’t want to repair the device, Rogers will offer a subsidy on a replacement iPhone but not a full replacement device.

      There is at least one no cost option, but it would not be an iPhone.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Chad


      I had the same problem. I took it into the Apple Store in Toronto, and they lifted the glass, blew out the dust, and replaced the glass with a brand new piece. All on the spot, in about 30 minutes. For free.

      Currently, all 3GS phones are less than a year old, so your phone is still under Apple’s warranty. If you are anywhere near Toronto or one of the other few Apple stores in Canada, make a genius bar appointment before your phone turns a year old, and they should be able to take care of you. I was very satisfied with the service I received.

      1. Brian

        Don’t forget that you can now purchase AppleCare fpr iPhones in Canada…it adds an extra year to the warranty although it won’t cover things like leaving your phone on a windowsill and getting it wet, to use the Rogers example.

      2. dave

        adding applecare will actually extend the warranty by two years.

    3. David

      jonomacdono, have you tried booking an appointment with a Genius at an Apple store? From what I’ve read, the odds are good that Apple would treat this as a warranty replacement and you’d walk out of the store with a new unit.

  3. Does this cover corporate or business plans?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Caspan. This does cover corporate and business plans, provided all the other requirements are met.

      Take care!

  4. tom

    Bestbuy and Future shop are gonna be very very upset.

    Lost sales from extended warranty/ product service plan

  5. Brian

    I have an iphone 3g with crack on the top of the unit, and it sometimes messes up the signal. Taking advantage of your program to buy another device of a discounted price, would I be able to buy a 3gs. If so how much would that be? Would it make any differences to my contract?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Brian. Yes, you would be eligible to get another 3GS device at a discounted price but we can’t disclose the actual subsidy amount.

      I’d recommend you call Customer Care or go into a store to discuss if subsidized repair or replacement is the best option for you.

  6. Erick G

    This new protection plan sounds pretty good! The first phone I had took a trip in the washing machine in my pants pocket. Needless to say, the phone would not work and would refuse to turn on, even after putting it in rice forever. Even though it was a free Nokia phone, at&t refused to replace it, so my contract had to be extended for another two years plus and I had to pay full price for the same “free” phone (around $100 US)! Now, several years later, I own a Blackberry, which is rock-solid reliable. I’ve dropped it several times and its never got a crack! I’ve used it in heavy rain and it never refused to turn on! Thanks Rogers for giving me a reliable phone and protection to go with it!

  7. Michael

    Does the Handset Protection Guarantee include devices purchased through Fido?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Michael. No, the Handset Protection Guarantee is a Rogers-only program.

  8. Brian

    Follow up question: Would the subsidy be off a regular 3gs which is 199 or of the no contract 3gs which is 699. Obviously if it is off the second it wouldn’t be the best option. Also would my contract be affected or extended if i got a new phone such as the 3gs when i have a 3g. Would I have to return the 3g or can I do w.e i please with it like take it apart?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Brian,

      The subsidized price is off a price that is closer to the off-contract price but not always exactly the same. Best to discuss options with Customer Care or in-store.

      The broken device does not need to be returned so you could, if you wanted, take it apart. However, if you accept a subsidy on a new device, your old, broken device will be blocked from future use on the Rogers network.

      1. Kyle

        “your old, broken device will be blocked from future use on the Rogers network”

        I assume this is to prevent fraud? This will, however, prevent the reuse of a mainboard on any phone I presume (as the IMEI is what would be used to block the phone and the IMEI, I believe, is tied to the mainboard). That’s unfortunate for those who may wish to sell or scrap their old phone’s for parts.

  9. David

    Excellent idea. As a blackberry business user, this will be an excellent competitive advantage for Rogers – and great for customer satisfaction.


  10. Shawn

    I am glad to hear this, I hope that it is as good as it sounds, And there are no loop holes like it being for new customers only. I have only been with Rogers 3 months and I have had a new LG Eve and just bought a new Sony Xperia X10, this will be an amazing service if anything happens to my phone, I am always worrying about dropping or damaging my phone especially at the price of it, So this will make the worrying a lot less. Thanks Rogers, Now all we need is to start getting in more handsets like the Motorola Droid, Nexus 1 and the Apple iPad LOL

  11. David

    I just called 1-888-ROGERS1 and was informed by client care that I would not be able to participate in this plan as iPhones and BlackBerrys were excluded in this program. Reading the comments here, it sounds as if they are covered. Can you please confirm? Do we know the ranges of the repair subsidies that we can take advantage of (e.g. the minimums and maximum amounts that we can put towards our iPhone repair)?

    Thanks! Sounds like a great program and hope I can add it to my plan.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi David,

      Yes, iPhones and BlackBerrys are included in the program.

      I’m going to reach out to you via email to get some more information.

  12. Britbloke

    I’m wondering why Fido users don’t have access to this excellent service. I was originally with Rogers for 5 years, but switched to Fido almost 2 years ago so I could get the 3G iPhone (Rogers didn’t allow upgrades to iPhone at the time).

    I realize that Fido is treated as Rogers discount brand, however I’m still paying a SAF each month, on a 3 year term, plus I have data, so my monthly bills always exceed $50, so I don’t consider myself a “discount” customer.

    And to make matters worse, the GPS has stopped working on my iPhone after I slipped and dropped my phone. I’d gladly pay a reasonable fee to get it working again. But currently my only option is to give Apple $200 for an out-of-warranty replacement.

    I know this is all a bit “woe is me”, but I’m a loyal Rogers customer at the end of the day, and I’m treated differently because I’m with Fido.

    1. RogersMiranda


      I understand your frustration but Rogers and Fido are different brands with the objective of providing customers with variety of choice and value for different services, but not the same choice of services.

      In the case of your iPhone, you may want to check out:

      You’ll be able to get an estimate on the cost to repair.

      1. Britbloke

        Thanks Miranda, I wasn’t aware of that Fido policy. I will talk to them this weekend.

  13. Shawn

    I hope they cover a majority of the phones, As most of them are iPhone, Blackberry and smartphones, I myself have 2 phones LG Eve / Xperia X10 . And again its nice to know they are protected.

  14. PhoenixStorm713

    The old phone gets blocked from the Rogers network if you take part in this program? Sounds ok for phones that are stolen. But what about a lost or stolen phone that later is recovered? It becomes useless then? So a person could have their iPhone stolen, get a lesser quality phone to replace it (Quick Messaging Device for example) and say months later their stolen iPhone OS found, but the iPhone won’t work anymore as Rogers has blocked it from the Network? If that’s true, it makes the whole deal not very attractive.

    1. Britbloke

      If Rogers can block a phone, I’m sure that they can unblock it too, when found. The block is probably based on the phones unique IMEI and therefore the phone is never permanently blocked.

    2. RogersMiranda


      We’re currently working on a process to unblock a phone should a customer recover it down the road.

      1. Chris

        So does Rogers block the SIM card or the IMEI of the phone that has been lost/stolen

        The reason I ask is that, if my phone is stolen, I want to know if someone can use it just by replacing the SIM card

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Chris,

        When a customer reports a phone lost or stolen, Rogers blocks the SIM.

        In the case of an out of warranty replacement Rogers may also opt to block the IMEI.

  15. Carlos Maldonado

    I got an iphone 3G with a cracked Digitizer (screen) will this be covered under this program? tried the apple store and did not honored any warranty. the handset was purchased this past september.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. Your phone would be covered. You could opt to have the damage repaired or receive a subsidy on a new device.

      1. Carlos Maldonado

        and what would be the price of the repair??

      2. RogersMiranda

        We can’t communicate the actual subsidy amounts. It’s best to bring your iPhone to a store and have them assess the damage and provide you with a quote and the subsidy amount.

        Note that a repair estimate costs $30. However, this amount is waived if you decide to proceed with the repairs or replace your device.

  16. Jim

    My wife and I have had Rogers PayGo with an automatice payment from our credit card.

    Its all we need; we’re retired.

    Yesterday my Rogers Bluetooth cell phone got dislodged from the belt clip while I was playing golf. (I’ll leave it in the car after this.) Luckily someone found it and returned it.

    Are my wife and I covered with our PayGo phones?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jim,

      Glad someone returned your phone!

      Unfortunatley, PayGo phones are not covered under the program.

  17. Appleman

    Great! My iPhone was stolen and luckily could upgrade another line to get a handset. Rogers was great throughout, but this is even better!

  18. Joe

    I’m a little confused. Today I just had my iPhone 3G stolen. I called Rogers support and they informed me that if I wanted a replacement, I would have to get a Blackberry as iPhones are not offered in the protection guarantee. I sake if I was eligible for an upgrade and was told that my two year upgrade was in September. Therefore, I couldn’t even go that route. I thought this was an added bonus service for loyal Rogers customers, but it looks like only the select few because now I not only was a victim of theft of my iPhone, I can’t even get sympathy from Rogers to help me replace it. I don’t want anything for free, I’d just like the option of being able to replace it…I’ll pay, just let me!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Joe,

      The program does not officially launch until May 24.

      If your iPhone was stolen and this is your first out of warranty issue, the program will allow you to get a subsidy on a replacement device, however, not until after May 24.

  19. neil

    Hi, for the replacement, would this extend my rogers contract? If my phone was liquid damaged, how could the repair depot fix it? would i have to pay the $30 estimate cost if they could not fix it? what if i had a iphone with a data package, and i opted to take a zero dollar replacement. would i still be bound to contract on the data even though i do not have a data device anymore?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Neil,

      No, your contract is not reset if you accept a subsidy on a repair or replacement. However, if your contract has less than 12 months remaining, then it will be reset to 12 months, not the full three year term.

      A technician will assess your phone’s damage and provide an estimate. That estimate is waived if you decide to proceed with the repairs. If the phone cannot be repaired, you will have the option to replace it and receive a subsidy on the replacement device. If you replace your device, the $30 repair estimate cost is also waived.

      It would be best to talk to a Rogers rep about changes to your plan. They have access to your account info and could help adjust your plan accordingly depending on what replacement device you choose.

      Hope this helps :)

  20. Kayleigh


    I just had my iphone stolen. Just wondering if this plan would help me now?

  21. Kayleigh

    Okay, so I called rogers about my stolen iphone and they told me only blackberries were included on the plan. Im a bit confused because I explained about this and they told me I was wrong. Not exactly the most helpful person. But regardless I need a new iphone and have had it less than a year ( purchases begining of january 2010) any way you can help me.?! Feel free to email me with any help!


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kayleigh,

      Unfortunatley, replacement options do not always include an iPhone. It is dependent on available inventory.

  22. Insideout87

    I have an iPhone 3g that’s had a shattared screen since 3 hours after I bought it. Getting my screen replaced won’t be an issue?

    1. RogersMiranda


      I would suggest you go into a Rogers store and have them assess the damage.

      They’ll be able to provide you with a quote and once the Handset Protection Program launches, you’ll be able to get a subsidy on the repair cost.

    2. me

      Take to an apple store for warranty. You might get it fixed for free.

  23. drew

    If a phone is stolen prior to the 24th are you saying that you should wait to tell Rogers until the 24th? Just wondering as if you have a theft today or up to the 23rd it would be tempting not to report it to Rogers until the 24th. but this would be dangerous as then you cant put a block on the phone line…

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Drew,

      If your phone is stolen now, definitely call Rogers at 1-888-ROGERS1 and immediately report your phone missing. Rogers will suspend the phone and block it from any further use.

      Otherwise, you will be liable for any usage incurred with the missing phone. Once you’ve called general inquiries, a representative will provide you with options to obtain another phone (if necessary).

  24. Cooper

    Sounds great. It’s a shame my friend just dropped his brand new Bold 9700 and cracked the LCD. He says he’s going to demand Rogers replaces it or else he’ll leave. He’s a bit of an idiot….

  25. Crash

    I hope they cover my new Sony X10, I hate to see it get busted for I can imagine he cost to fix..

  26. Greg

    I’ve had my iPhone for just over a year and I’m on my third one. Both of the previous ones stopped working for no apparant reason and were covered by the warantee but now, I’m no longer covered. I’m glad that this guarantee will give me a bit more protection but it really bothers me that I had to sign a three year contract for a phone that has lasted on both occasions, about six months. Not cool! This is called engineered obsolescence and it’s when companies purposly put things like cheap computer chips in their products with the intention that they will fail after a year or so. In face they’re designed to fail. The engineer decides what materials should be used so that the product will fail. The technology exists to allow iPhones and other smartphones to last for ten years let alone one year and, for very little price difference. I think that my phone should, at the very least, last the length of my contract. So, this is a small step in the right direction.

  27. Sun

    I upgraded to a blackberry Bold 9700 about 2 months ago so I am still in the warranty period. Unfortunately my phone has been water damaged and will not turn on. Will Rogers replace my phone?

    1. RogersMiranda

      The Handset Protection Program covers you for your first out of warranty issue so yes, you would have a couple options for your water-damaged 9700 under this program.

      1. You can take your phone to a Rogers store and have them assess the damage and provide a quote. If the device is fixable, Rogers can offer you a subsidy on the repair cost

      2. If the device is not fixable or you decide not to proceed with repairs, you will have some replacement options available to you. They may not be a BlackBerry 9700 but you would have a few device options, including at least one option at $0. Rogers will also offer you a subsidy on the replacement device.

      You’re best bet is to go into a Rogers store and discuss options with a rep. They’ll be able to help you decide on the best route.

  28. Lori

    Hi – My phone (samsung touch) was accidently dropped in water. It turns on after sometime but I cannot dial, etc by touching the screen. How should I handle this. Would this cover my phone ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Lori,

      Yes, your phone should be covered under this program. Bring it into the store and have the damage assessed. If it’s fixable, you can opt to receive a subsidy on the repair cost. If not, then you could check out some of your replacement options.

  29. Ryan Gard


    I know you mentioned that you cannot comment on what exactly the subsidy amount would be, but how is this amount determined as well? Is it predetermined based on the damage, or is it a set amount determined based on which device you’re trying to have replaced?

    Also, for higher end phones, are we looking at something below $200, or higher than $200? I’m curious because just to get subsidized a little bit for a commitment wouldn’t be worth the trade-off for me.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Ryan,

      Here’s a couple examples that might help.

      The inventory changes regularly and the models available to you are determined by the device you are replacing.

      Today for example, a classic phone customer can get a $0 refurbished Nokia 2660 or LG Neon. If they want a new device, they could get a Samsung Hype (A256) for $39.99

      Smartphone customers can get a refurbished BlackBerry Pearl 8220 for $0. If they want a higher end device a Blackberry Curve (8520) is available for $219.99.

      The subsidy is based on the device you are getting as a replacement and replacement options are based on available inventory.

  30. Steve

    I have an old SE W810i. Is this covered under the new warranty?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Steve,

      Your device must be 30 months old or less in order to qualify for the program.

      If your device is more than 30 months old, you will not be eligible for a subsidy on a repair or replacement device, however, you should be eligible for a Hardware Upgrade. Call Customer Care or go in-store to check out your options.

  31. Donna

    “The Handset Protection Program covers you for your first out of warranty issue”

    What if you have warranty for 3 years?
    Would this Handset Protection Program cover anything that happened while under warranty?
    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520(purchased in Feb/10) with the unlimited data, and calling etc(bill is $84 a month) warranted for 3 years and I want to know if it breaks…be it falling on the ground or a truck running over it(your newest commercial) will I get a free replacement? What would the terms be to get it? Would my contract be reset? Would I have to pay anything at all? Would I have to go without my phone for an extended amount of time? Please advise, thank you

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Donna,

      If your device breaks and the damage is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee will cover you.

      You would have a choice of replacement options including both refurbished and new devices and you’ll always have at least one $0 replacement option which could be either a refurbished device or a new one.

      Your contract would not be reset. However, if you accept a subsidy on a replacement device, you must have a minimum of 12 months remaining on your contract. If you have less than 12 months remaining and you accept a subsidy, your contract will be reset to 12 months, but not the full three year term.

      If you select the $0 option, there would be no additional cost to you. However, if you would like a different replacement option, Rogers will offer you a subsidy on the cost and you would pay the difference.

      Regardless of the issue, you’ll always have a working handset. We’ll ensure you’re always connected by offering you a courtesy phone to use while your device is being checked or repaired, or while you are waiting for your replacement handset to arrive.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Donna

        Thank you Miranda, it helped very much :)

  32. Elsa

    Wow – After all the hate I have accumulated over the past year with Rogers, this may make up for it!

    Great program – unless of course all the excitment is sucked out with fine print =(

    Will def look into it, hopefully it will be above expectations!

  33. Jason

    “You may receive only one $0 replacement phone during your tenure with Rogers*. ”

    By tenure, does this refer to contract term or entire tenure with Rogers as a subscriber?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jason,

      To clarify, you may receive only one subsidized repair or replacement for each handset purchased from Rogers at the time of activation or through a hardware upgrade.

      We’ll be clarifying this on the website as well.

  34. Alice

    I have a IPhone and the screen mysteriously broke internally, this meaning that I can use the phone anytime, but cannot see anything. I went to the store and they told me that I wasn’t covered for this. Would it be? And if yes, how much would it be for a repair/replacement?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Alice,

      If this is your first out of warranty issue, you should be eligible for a subsidized repair or replacement. I am going to follow up with you via email to confirm a few details.

  35. Shawn

    My wife’s IPhone was stolen from her car just the other day. We reported it to rogers and local police. When inquiring about replacement she was told the replacement would be $200 more than the listed refreshed IPhones listed on your site. Like we are being punished for being long time LOYAL Rogers customers. Also we have to upgrade to a new 3 year contract just like we are signing up as new customers (without their discount of course). Just wondering why this is called protection when it seems to just be a cash grab on loyal customers. She was offered a CHEAP non 3g phone for $0, however if that’s what she wanted 1.5 years ago that’s what she would have got.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hey Shawn,

      Sorry to hear about the theft. Definitely a frustrating situation. If this is your first out of warranty issue, you should be eligible for a subsidy on a replacement iPhone, however, it is dependent on available inventory.

      I’m going to follow up with you via email to get some additional details.

  36. Dave

    It just sounds like another way to get extra money out of customers. A subsidy doesnt do much at all to offset the cost, especially if you looking to stay in the data realm

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Dave,

      Previously, if a customer had an out of warranty issue (ie: device was lost, stolen or broken) their only choice would be to purchase a new device outright at the off-contract price. While that’s still an option, it can customers now also have a choice of replacement device options at a subsidized price. See my comment above to Ryan for an example of some of the subsidy options.

      Also, while you’re waiting for your device to be repaired or your replacement device to arrive, we’ll hook you up with a courtesy phone so you’ll always stay connected.

  37. Bugga

    i have 7 months remaing on my contract, and i lost my phone can i get a replacement device

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Bugga,

      If this is your first out of warranty, yes, Rogers will be able to offer you a selection of subsidized replacement devices, including at least one $0 option. The replacement options are dependent on available inventory so there may not be an identical replacement option to your lost phone.

      Also, if you do decide to accept a subsidy on a replacement device, just note that your contract will be reset to 12 months. You must have a minimum of 12 months remaining on your contract to participate in the program.

      And if you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you call 1-888-ROGERS1 and report your phone missing. Rogers will suspend the phone and block it from any further use. Otherwise, you will be liable for any usage incurred with the missing phone.

  38. nav

    i broke my iphones screen and it is out of warranty. will this protection plan help me?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes! Take your phone into a Rogers store and have them assess the damage. They’ll be able to tell you whether subsidized repair or replacement is your best option.

      Just note that a repair estimate costs $30. However, this amount is waived if you decide to proceed with the repairs or replace your device.

  39. Tiffany

    Is this covered for minor chips / scratches / cracks ?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Tiffany,

      Possibly. If the damage is significant, a subsidized repair may be your best bet. I’d suggest taking the device into a Rogers store and getting them to take a look at the damage. They’d be able to recommend the best course of action.

  40. Rika


    I have a Sony Ericsson W580i that stopped working due to SOFTWARE problems. It was in perfect condition, no damage. They told me I’d have to pay $80 to get it fixed (I didn’t because I thought it wasn’t worth it).

    I am on a 3 year plan, which now ends in November. Would I be able to get a new phone for free? Or is it best to wait for my plan to finish?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Rika,

      With the handset protection guarantee, there will be at least one $0 replacement option available to you. However, you may also be eligible for a hardware upgrade given that your contract is nearing its end.

      Unfortunatley, I do not have access to specific customer account information, but I’d suggest calling Customer Care or going in store to inquire about your best option.

  41. Brian

    Hi, I have seen a lot of people asking questions about what they will be given for there phones as a value towards another if there phones are lost or damaged. Rogers must have some type of system for calculating what phones are worth like Grade A, B, C, My question is say for instance, I just bought a new sony xperia X10 two months ago and I have been with Rogers for 6 Months and I am on a 3 year contract, say i lost my phone, what would they offer me to replace my phone? I see you say they have certain phones you can get at $0 and up, but say I wanted to get another newer smartphone again let’s say the Acer Liquid for example, what would Rogers ask me to pay to purchase it as a replacement phone? I also still have 2.5 years left on my contract.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Brian,

      The subsidy is based on the device you are getting as a replacement and replacement options are based on available inventory. As inventory for this program changes frequently, I cannot speculate about what device you might be offered if you lost your X10.

      I’ve posted these examples above but I think they are worth posting again. They’ll give you an idea of the subsidy and replacement options.

      Today for example, a classic phone customer can get a $0 refurbished Nokia 2660 or LG Neon. If they want a new device, they could get a Samsung Hype (A256) for $39.99

      Smartphone customers can get a refurbished BlackBerry Pearl 8220 for $0. If they want a higher end device a Blackberry Curve (8520) is available for $219.99.

      Hope this helps clarify the program a bit for you.

  42. Jeff

    Hi Miranda,

    I’ve unfortunatley lost my iPhone 3gs a few weeks back and have been in touch with rogers reps a few times in how I could get a replacement iPhone. I inquired about refreshed iPhones but no 3gs models were available. I’ve also asked if I could extend my contract for an additional 3 years and possibly get a replacement iPhone 16g 3gs for 199 which is what it would cost for new customers but also keep me with Rogers for the additional term. In my oppinion a win for me and for Rogers as they would have me for an additional 3 years and I wouldn’t consider going with any other carrier as im also a rogers home phone cable and internet customer. I was denied this option and offered a iPhone 3gs for 549.00. After unlocking an old fido phone I had lying around just use for basic calls as it wasn’t a data phone. I called Rogers again to see what other options I had. I was finally informed about the out of warranty replacement program and the rep offered me a few 0 dollar replacemet phones
    none of the other reps bothered to tell me about it and this program had already been in affect since may 24th. (not too happy about the other reps failing to mention this option). I took advantage of obtaining a htc dream as I’m paying over 100.00 a month in phone and data but not being able to acess data on olnd samsung flip phone. I placed the order and received my phone the next day but it’s just been one problem after the other with this phone . I’d like to return it and just take advantage of buying the iPhone for 549.00 through Rogers. As I’ve used the phone replacement option offered by Rogers and would now like to return the htc, would i still be eligible to use this option after I purchase another iPhone at the no term price?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jeff,

      Sorry to hear about your lost iPhone and sorry you were not informed about the Handset Protection Guarantee Program when called initially. I have passed this feedback onto the team.

      As soon as you return the HTC Magic you received as a replacement, your eligibility in the Handset Protection Guarantee Program is reset. So, if you purchase another iPhone at the no term price, that device will be covered under this program if something should happen to it in the future.

      Hope this helps.

  43. William

    Just yesterday my Krzr K1 got soaked in the rain. Now it isn’t working… So I want to know if that would be covered by the handset protection?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi William,

      Sorry to hear about your phone! Sounds like the exact same thing that happened to me! :(

      If this is your first out of warranty issue and the device is less than 30 months old, you should be eligible for a subsidized repair or replacement. I’d suggest calling Rogers customer care or going into your nearest store and have them recommend the best option for you.

  44. David Wong


    My virtually brand new (less than 2 mos old) iPhone 3GS was stolen last week while having lunch at the mall. I believe the phone was pick pocketed while I sat down with my jacket on my chair which was against the back of the thief’s chair. After getting up I immediately realized that my phone was stolen and frantically searched my seating area to no avail. I then reported it to mall security. I even tried calling my own phone short after but of course it was already “out of service” and probably being sold on Craigslist. I reported it stolen to Rogers the same day and inquired about a replacement iPhone. I was told replacement iPhones are not offered and the only smartphone available was a Blackberry Pearl 8220(?). My mind was too frazzled to make an informed decision but in the spur of the moment I said ok to the Pearl. When I got home I called back to cancel this replacement as the CSR suggested buying a used one off of Kijiji; otherwise, a replacement from Rogers would be about $600, which would be 3x what I paid. I was just starting to get comfortable with all the iPhone features and even took some memorable pictures and video of my kids which are forever lost. I have been a LOYAL customer with Rogers (Cantel) for more than 10 years and I couldn’t belive a more reasonable replacement price on the iPhone could not be offered. This was my first smartphone upgrade and now I’m back to using an old basic Nokia and to add insult to injury, paying for a data plan which is virtually useless as it will cost my $100 to cancel this part of my plan. Is there not some way Rogers can offer a replacement iPhone at a more reasonable price?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi David,

      I’m sorry to hear that your iPhone was stolen. Definitely a frustrating situation. Smart move to report it stolen right away though, otherwise, you would have been held responsible for any charges on the account.

      The program is designed to keep customers connected in the event of a lost, stolen or broken device. The subsidized replacement options are dependent on available inventory. While we will replace a lost/stolen smartphone with another smartphone at a subsidized price, it is not necessarily an identical device.

      I appreciate your feedback on the program though and I will be passing it along to the team.

      1. Alex

        Hello Miranda,

        I am receiving a phone for 0$ in few days because I lost my phone. I don’t think it is stolen, it is somewhere but I really don’t know where the last few days.

        I would like to know if I find my old phone, will I be able to use it still? Do I have to return the phone I received for 0$?

        Thank you very much.

  45. Alex

    I lost my phone and I am getting a new one for 0$. What happens if I find my phone? Do I have to return the one I received for 0$?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Alex,

      If you find your old phone within 15 days, you will need to return the replacement in order to use the old one again.

      Should you find it after 15 days, your old phone will likely be blocked and you will need to call Customer Care to unblock.

  46. sarah

    hey im sarah, i am just wondering if it wold extend the contract if you were to get the free replacemnt?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Sarah,

      No, your contract is not reset if you accept a free replacement phone under this program. You must have at least 12 months remaining on your contract to participate though. If you have less than 12 months remaining, your contract will be set to 12 months, but not the full three year term.

  47. Brian

    Rogers needs to offer there customers the chance to add the subsidized price to there monthly bill, for there is a lot of people that cannot afford to lose there phones for they cannot afford to buy it back again, so there only choice is to take a cheap $0 model or pay a few dollars more and get a older model Blackberry. This would benefit both parties, the customer can get the same phone back again without being broke and Rogers gets the subsidized amount back to.

  48. Yunie

    I was wondering if this program covers phones stolen prior to May 24th? I had a phone stolen from me in late February and would love to take advantage of this, but suspect I wouldn’t be allowed to.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Yunie,

      Yes, you should still be covered provided you meet all other eligibility requirements.

  49. Joel

    Hi, i just dropped my iPhone 3g and the screen cracked, I was wondering if I were to take advantage of this would I be able to get an iPhone 4 when it comes out or a sony xperia10 at a reasonable price? My phone still works oother than the screen but If I can get an upgrade I might as well

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Joel,

      Inventory in the replacement program changes daily so I couldn’t say for sure what devices may or may not be available.

      I’d suggest going into a Rogers store and asking them for advice. If the cost was reasonable, repair may be an option for you. If this is your first out of warranty issue, you would be eligible for a subsidized repair.

      Likewise, they would be able to tell you what replacement devices are available.

  50. Molly

    Hi Miranda,

    I bought my blackberry from best buy but its a rogers plan- I got it wet and now some things arent working with it. Would I take it back to the Best Buy where I bought it or to a different Rogers location?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Molly,

      Take it to a Rogers location. They’ll be able to advise you on the best option (either repair or replacement).

  51. Lee

    Called in today.. and all that you guys had for $0 was a Pink blackberry pearl??? I’m disappointed.

  52. Jacob

    Hey Rogers, I left my phone outdoors at a friends house, and it rained that day. My phone isn’t working anymore. Would i be able to receive a $0 phone, or would I only have the option to get a subsidized replacement?


    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jacob,

      If this is your first out of warranty issue, yes, there will be at least one $0 replacement option available to you. I cannot tell you what this will be as inventory in this program changes daily. It is best that you go into a Rogers store or call Customer Care to inquire.

      If you are not interested in the $0 replacement option or options, you will also have the opportunity to purchase a replacement device at a subsidized price. Hope this helps

  53. Aaron

    I have a Blackberry storm with a dead battery that won’t charge back up.. will this be able to get replaced?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Aaron,

      I recommend that you take the BlackBerry to a Rogers store and have them assess it. If this is your first out of warranty issue, they may be able to recommend a subsidized repair option that would be suitable for you.


  54. Mike

    hi, so I have the samsung gravity and it is my second one within a year, now this one is having issues too :( I was wondering what my options are regarding switching models free of charge.
    It’s still under warranty but I don’t want to bother with this model any longer

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      If your device is still under warranty, the handset protection program will not apply. This program only covers your first out of warranty issue.

      I would suggest you call Customer Care or go into a Rogers store to talk about your in-warranty options.

  55. Jackie Westington

    I have dropped my phone the window is cracked and it sometimes doesn’t work. I would like to return it under my insurance. Can you help me?

    1. RogersMike

      If you have Rogers Device Protection, please complete the form here: If you don’t have that, I’d recommend taking the phone to a Rogers Plus store for investigation.

  56. Alex Manthei

    That’s a great reaction to an interesting question