Rogers Announces Data Plans for iPad in Canada

Apple fans are passionate about Apple products. We know because we’re among them.

Rogers introduced the iPhone to Canada in 2008 and we were the first Canadian carrier to announce that we’ll carry the iPad. Now we’re thrilled to say it’s available for pre-order today at and is set to launch on May 28.

We have a long-standing, strong working relationship with Apple and we think our years of experience will benefit Canadian iPad customers.

All iPad data plans will be available without a term contract, providing the freedom to activate or cancel a plan at any time. Rogers customers purchasing the iPad will be able to take advantage of the new iPad data plans to enjoy the device’s full suite of capabilities, backed by the reliability of Rogers’ proven network.

Here are the pricing options we’re making available to future iPad customers:

  • 250 MB for $15 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots)
  • 5 GB for $35 + WiFi (Includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots)

Customer experience shows that our 250mb/5GB plans will be more than enough for virtually all our customers. 99.8 per cent of our iPhone customers use less than 5GB of data. As the tablet is a new category, it’s too early to say if customers will use more or less data than they do for iPhone. But even for our rocket stick/embedded laptop customers, 95.6 per cent use less than 5GB per month.

Visit for full details on these plans.  As always, we’ll keep you posted right here.

Note the iPad will not be available on the Fido brand at launch.

Much has been said about the tablet being an important new product category. More importantly, you now have more options than ever before to communicate, to be informed and to be entertained wherever, whenever you desire.

Excited yet? We are. And we’d like you to activate your iPad with Rogers.

Will you be buying an iPad? Why or why not?

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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758 comments on “Rogers Announces Data Plans for iPad in Canada

  1. neen

    The Rogers website still has no details. The Apple website mentions a $20 add on to use the iPhone data plan. It also mentions that “most” are contract free. What are the contract requirements?


    1. KAan

      rogers posted the details on their web site

    2. David Chartier from MacWorld posted a story about using the AT&T 250 MB plan, and how long it lasted for him… 3 days!

      “Toss in a couple of short YouTube videos and small app updates, and I hit the 250MB ceiling in just three days after activating my month-to-month plan”

      “Remember, though, that I never turned on Wi-Fi during this 3G data experiment, so if you’re switching back and forth, your mileage will definitely vary. And that underscores the central point of the 250MB 3G plan: It’s not really aimed at day-to-day use but rather intended for short bursts of very specific data consumption when you’re traveling, out and about, or otherwise nowhere near an available Wi-Fi connection.”

      You can read the whole thing here:,0&source=IFWNLE_nlt_daily_2010-05-11

  2. David

    Will it be possible to start/cancel a plan from the iPad’s Settings app, as can be done by American users?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi David. Our plans are currently set up per month. Questions about the applications are best directed to Apple.

    2. David, it seems like they can. When Apple gives you the option to add a Rogers micro-SIM to your iPad order, it says “Select your 3G data plan and start your service on your iPad.” In some other countries, it says you have to visit a retail store or call the carrier to start service.

  3. Robert

    250MB? That seems a tad low. I clear that on my smartphone without even using YouTube.

    1. barholder

      I agree. They claim that 95+% use less than 5GB (could mean 4.99G) but how many use less than 250MB?? I would guess that it is surprisingly low %age.

      1. nazaar

        I agree!
        How about something between 250MB and 5GB… hmmm how about 2GB for $20. That seems reasonable to me.

      2. RogersKeith

        One of the customer friendly aspects about these plans is that there aren’t overage fees. If a customer goes through 250MB in 25 days, she can start a new data bucket right away – and choose every month between the 250MB and 5 GB plans.

      3. rk

        Not sure about customer friendly. If I go over my 250mb and add another 250 it costs me $30/month. Not sure if I want to spend $35/month if I am not using that much. The plans look to be geared to Rogers bottom line. There either needs to be sharing or some middle ground plan. Having next to not enough data and way too much is not customer friendly.

  4. @digitaterry

    What about existing iPhone customers? Are there any options for those of us who already have a data plan with Rogers?

  5. Hi,
    I am a Fido customer. Is it possible to tranfert the balance of my Fido contract to Rogers so I can deal with only one bill/contract?

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Pierre-Armand. That’s something you’d want to discuss with customer care.

  6. No mention of the $20 ‘add to existing data plan’ option? I’m curious as to whether that one would be $20 per month, as most have assumed, or a one-off $20 fee to attach the iPad to an existing subscription account? The former would seem somewhat over zealous ($20 to use what you’re already paying for in a different place?), while the latter would doubtless be a winner for all iPhone users in Canada, and would leave the USians feeling green…

  7. Tom

    Thanks for this, Keith. Though the big question from all of us will be what about the $20 link up for our current data plans, as listed on Apple’s site? Any info you had on that would be much appreciated.

    Also, any idea as to who we can contact at Fido about this?

    1. RogersKeith

      As @RogersMary has mentioned elsewhere, there is no sharing plan at this time. This was listed on Apple website yesterday in error.

  8. On the Apple website, it states for an additional $20 per month you can share your existing data plan with the iPad. True?

  9. Scott

    How can AT&T offer Unlimited data for iPad for $29.99 (USD) and the best plan here is $35.00 for 5GB?

    1. Panamajack

      Scott, if you read the fine print of AT&T, “unlimited data” actually has a cap of around 6 GB.

      1. Mark

        The AT&T unlimited isn’t a true cap. It’s a “soft cap” of 6 GB/mo, meaning you can go over it without incurring extra charges (as occurs with a hard cap), but you aren’t allowed to go over the soft cap for 2 consecutive months. Much better way of doing things, recognizing that each month is not the same.

      2. Scott

        Where is this 6GB cap? I am reading it is actually unlimited.

  10. Scott

    And, what happens if you go over the 5GB?

    1. RogersMary

      We have structured our plans so you never have to pay overage charges.

      Once you use up your data, you will have the option to buy another bucket and your month starts right then.

      1. Is there an expiry period on the data?

      2. Adam Halinaty

        30 days. This was confirmed by Apple.

      3. You can’t try to take a cat and sell it as a dog. A cat was, is and will always be a cat.

        Saying that there are no overage charges make it sound you like Rogers came up with something innovative and mind blowing. Then you say that if you go over your bucket, you just have to buy another bucket of data. And if the user does not use up all the bandwidth in their bucket, they loose that. How is that any freaking different from buying a month to month data plan?

  11. You didn’t mention the $20 to share data plans with iPhone and iPad that Apple advertises on their site.

    I just pre-ordered an iPad assuming that is a one time fee, is it monthly?

  12. Carl

    On the Apple site there was a third option to have the iPad added to your existing Rogers data plan for $20. You didn’t mention it here. Is this an option that’s not publicly announced and is it a flat one-time charge of $20 or is it $20 a month?

  13. Chris

    We all really want to know about the $20 data sharing plan Apple’s site mentions. Is it per month (terrible) or a one-time fee (amazing)?

  14. Adam H

    Great! Thanks Rogers!

    Finally a step in the right direction for Canadian data plans – $35 for 5GB is a step closer to the $30 unlimited in the USA.

    Great work, Rogers!

    I pre-ordered my 64GB iPad WiFi + 3G and added a Rogers microsim for $0.20! Can’t wait!

    And to those asking – read the post, it says they are CONTRACT FREE, PREPAID! Start/stop at anytime! Thanks Rogers!

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks for the feedback Adam. We’re happy to see that our data plan prices for iPad stack up pretty favourably with carriers around the world.

      1. Steve

        He’s being sarcastic genius. These plans are a disgrace. Congrats Rogers. iPad pre-order CANCELED, Cable and Internet CANCELLED, the cell phone goes this week. You just sent the whole shootin’ mach over to Bell.

      2. Craig

        … why… so you can get the exact same plans?

  15. RogersMary

    It’s great to see everyone so excited!

    Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website. This reference was an error and is being removed.

    1. Ben

      I’m now glad that I forgot to order the micro SIM. Without that $20 to combine with my iPhone data plan, this is totally unacceptable pricing.

    2. chris

      Well, that is truly a disappointment. I don’t see any reason to get the 3G ipad now. Just use your iphone as a wi-fi router with the appropriate jailbreak and software. I’m already paying for 6 gigs of download a month and I don’t see how sharing my data with an ipad is any different than tethering my laptop (which is allowed and officially supported by rogers for no additional cost).

      You’re not getting any more of my money now; i might have even considered $20 / month, but certainly not $35. Phhfff… What a huge let-down.

    3. Are you kidding me? How do I cancel my pre-order then…

      1. DaveMTL

        Apple is very flexible with returns and cancellations. If you feel you were misled, I am certain (based on personal experience and that of friends) that Apple will accommodate.

    4. Chris

      That’s a shame since an inexpensive data sharing plan would really have made Rogers a leader instead of just one of the pack.

    5. Derek

      That’s unfortunate. A shared data plan would be a wonderful addition.

    6. Ryan

      Is there a plan to have this added in the future. Your comments aren’t giving us much detail on what the plan is.

      We are already paying for data, why can’t it be shared between devices.

      And this needs to be added to Fido customers, why do we always get the short end of the stick.

    7. How Rogers of you.
      a $20 fee to just use data I am already paying for is insane anyway… just another opportunity for Rogers to milk us all for more cash… god forbid they recognize customer loyalty. Honestly a $5 add on for share usage of a current 6GB plan is fair… anything else is straight up robbery.

      1. NoRobbin

        mimc03, I couldn’t agree with you more. We’re already paying large for iPhone data plans WHY WOULDN’T we be able to share that with the iPAD. Just more corporate gouging. Hopefully competition with Telus or Bell push more reasonable plans for customers.

    8. robcj

      I pre-ordered the iPad based on $20.00 shared plan posted on the Apple website. I can not believe that both Rogers and Apple let that happen. We all know that Rogers was surveying customers about shared plans and obviously both companies at one point were heavily considering or discussing the option. Seeing as the plans weren’t revealed until today, I can only assume that they were finalized at the last minute.

      Honestly, I still would have bought one eventually, but the shared plan seemed like a fair deal and really motivated me to pre-order.

    9. appDevious

      Corporate greed creates jailbreakers. I think everyone is willing to pay for what is fair, but when what is fair doesn’t exist there is no reason to pay.
      Offer a one time fee to attach ipads to current iphone plans or max $5/month. At least you would be getting some of our money rather than $0.

      1. NoRobbin

        +1 to that. I would gladly pay $5 to share my iPhone data plan with my iPad.

    10. Steve Groves

      What a farce. That was a major snafu on your part or Apple’s. I guess I will be returning my Rocket Stick at the end of the contract this month after all. Now to cancel the iPad pre-order.

    11. “Error” !!?? Apple doenst make those types of errors, maybe a silent protest for current Rogers customers getting the shaft with our iPhone data plans.

      I don’t believe this was an error but Apple starting a Rogers up-roar like the one we had with pricing of the original iPhone.

      I say we start another uproar for a ONE TIME add an iPad to our exiting plan fee.

    12. EcoHeliguy

      “It’s great to see everyone so excited!”

      Thats a very Poor PR move on Rogers part and they should retract this false claim.

    13. that is unfortunate. that was the trigger for me to pre-order. since rogers doesn’t have 3g available where i live, but telus does (go figure!), i will have to toss the rogers microsim and wait for your competition to step up to the plate. i’ glad to hear it’s contract free, i’m sure telus will match whatever you offer and provide 3g where you still don’t two years later.


    14. I sure hope that people are excited about the iPad itself and not the Rogers data plans.

      As always Rogers fails to meet or exceed expectations. Offering a 250MB data plan which 1) is too little for average iPad users’ needs and 2) for failing to listen to customers who wanted to share their existing data plans on their existing iPhone / BlackBerry / Android / Data Capable devices.

      Essentially, the attempt to excite customers with an announcement about the iPad plans may have worked. However, the plans themselves are in no way exciting or even worthy.

      In the near future I’ll try to contain my excitement more to the gadgets knowing that my wireless carrier of choice has no intentions in wanting to offer an exciting, affordable and innovative service offering.

      Thanks but no thanks!

      1. the only good thing about the announcement is that rogers’ plans don’t require a contract. as soon as telus follows, you can switch. bonus!

        the rest of the info is certainly less than exciting.

    15. rk

      Very disappointing Mary. Having rogers internet, you do not charge me for each computer I connect. It should be that way for this type of data as well. I should be able to use what I pay for. Data is data. Not sure if I will buy ipad. Will wait and see what your competitors do.

  16. Ian

    If the shared data plan is a mistake, is there any way to share an existing data plan at all?

    1. RogersMary

      At this time, there are no shared data plans available.

      1. Can you explain why? Is it a business decision or a technical limitation? It really doesn’t make much sense to not allow that unless Rogers has a pretty good one that will make people go ‘ah ha, makes sense’.

      2. In my opinion this is a decision by the shareholders and the executive teams to ensure that the shareholders get the profits on their investment in the Rogers shares by way of dividends being offered each fiscal year.

      3. EcoHeliguy

        Can Rogers get someone to reply will real information helpful to the customer, or at least someone high enough up the totem pole to be able to speak openly?

      4. pmcd

        There was a $20 admin charge for sharing my iPhone data plan. It was clearly there when I ordered the 3G+64G model. If this has been retracted I will simply cancel the order. This is not the way to keep customers.


      5. nazaar

        Then there is no reason I should buy the 3G iPad. I refuse to pay $15/month for a piddly 250MB and to me $35 for 5GB is excessive. Give me another option and then maybe I’ll give you my hard earned $.

      6. Dave

        Then please tell me why I should have to pay for the same data twice..


        As soon as my contract is done I am out of here.

  17. Ed

    Any plan for exisiting iPhone users to share the existing data plan?

  18. JPT

    @ RogersMary

    Many of you have asked about the shared data plan listed on the Apple website.
    This reference was an error and is being removed.

    Still there… very poor communication…
    And by the way, offering data service on a phone is not exclusive at all in 2010…
    Why not offer service to your customer on Fido. They are your customer too, paying their bill to uncle Ted.

  19. tom

    $0.20 for a Rogers SIM card. Great deal. Thanks Apple!

    1. Robin Smith

      Should be free for the privilege of paying to much. I have actually decided against a 3G ipad because of the crazy no share policy. I won’t pay twice for data it simply doesn’t make business sense !

  20. David

    RogersMary, my excitement over getting 3G on an iPad has completely disappeared with your statement that the shared data plan was a mistake.

    Can you please explain to me why I am allowed to connect a netbook to my iPhone at no extra charge, but having a second 3G device consuming the exact same data plan is not allowed? It’s the *same* data.

    I can understand that having a second device on the account might legitimately pose administrative costs that would need to be recovered, but that can be handled via modest charge.

    1. DaveMTL

      Remember that the iPad is unlocked. Therefore it is up to Rogers to “adjust” their offerings based on customer feedback… after all with the iPad 3G, we get to vote with our wallets EVERY 30 DAYS! Cool, eh!
      Also, please remember that even if the others can technically offer support for the iPad, none has the guts to show their cards yet… I know, I visit Telus and Bell regularly asking that very question. As for Videotron, they appear totally lost when it comes to wireless.

  21. I have to say that if I am already paying $30/month for my iPhone 6GB plan, there should be an add on option for iPad. I hear rumours of a $20 fee to add on to your existing plan, but even that is massively gouging customers. Honestly, it wouldn’t break Rogers to be nice and offer a $5 add on per month… silly that they don’t really. figures.

  22. theninjasquad

    Can you combine the data with an existing plan similar to a shared family plan?

  23. James

    From the post: “…we think our years of experience will benefit Canadian iPad customers.”

    Are you referring to the years of experience announcing shockingly bad wireless data plan pricing? Or maybe the years of experience disappointing your customers?

    The actual service Rogers offers is fine, in the sense that it works. My iPhone doesn’t drop calls and the 3G is fast and available. But you guys have got to stop pretending that the pricing and terms you offer your customers are even remotely fair.

  24. Ted Avery

    When will the iPad be available for Fido customers?

    To everyone else, you can only show your dissatisfaction on the lack of data plan sharing with your wallet. The original Rogers iPhone plans had a drastic change in the days leading up to launch because of the amount of consumer backlash. If you don’t pay for the additional data plan, things may change, but obviously if everyone is still willing to (begrudgingly) give Rogers their money, nothing will.

  25. Ok. I’ll bite. I already have a WiFi only one, but the monthly add-on without a contract will do for me. I would have liked to share, but NOT FOR $ 20 MONTHLY. I’d rather just spend money when I need the device away from home. But the free access to WiFi Hotspots under Rogers is a joke really. How many hotspots does Rogers have in British Columbia? Three.

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Karina – You can see all our WiFi Hotspot locations and learn more here:

      1. Thank you Mary. My bad. I referred to your “business hotspot list” (on your website). However, would Rogers customers be able to use Bell Hotspots also (they’re on the list you provided…) Thanks!

      2. @kraina Yes, I’m pretty sure Rogers and Bell share the hotspots. Quite a surprisingly consumer-friendly decision on their part, I have to say.

  26. PhoenixStorm713

    The people are speaking Rogers! Do you hear them? They want to be able to share their existing Data Plans, for a reasonable price. Some even though $20 was ok. Make your customers happy. Let us share Data for $10-20 extra ;)

  27. Yay!
    Glad Rogers is finally clarifying the situation. It was a tough run, waiting for this info.
    Since I don’t have an iPhone (I don’t do contracts), I’m quite happy with the announced contract-free plans. Exactly what I wanted. It might actually convince me to move to Rogers for voice, though that’s a tough sell.
    Preordered my iPad WiFi+3G (and 20¢ Rogers SIM) before learning about the plans. Glad I did.

    So, if the 20$ “shared plan” was a mistake, does this mean that the iPhone plan can be used as-is? Not that I care but this issue seems to be getting more reactions than the actual plans (which are surprisingly decent).

    1. WOW you have to pay $0.20 for a SIM card. They really want to extract each and every penny possible from your pocket. Shocking!

  28. Gabriel

    98.whatever percent of people use 5gigs or less on their IPHONES…neglecting to mention, of course, that with the much bigger screen, people might feel more inclined to watch (movies, tv…) on their iPads, versus their iPhones.

  29. Chris Lee

    Yeah, notice a trend rogers? Add a shared data plan. I currently pay for 2 X $30 – 6GB plans, and combined use less then 5% of the total data per month. Let people share their data, hell, for even $10 a month, that would be reasonable. You are losing apple business by being so negligent to what your customers want, and are going to force people to search out more reasonable options.

    1. Joshua B.


      Why would Rogers change their plans when customers like you continue to pay ridiculous fees for a service that doesn’t fit your needs?

      Your money is your vote. See my post below.

      1. Agree with Chris. It is customers like us to are at fault for 1) continuing to sign up for contracts to get subsidized phones and 2) for subscribing to services in-contract as a result.

  30. jonomacdono

    Up until @rogersmary announced that the $20 share option was an error I planned on staying with Rogers. I would rather pay Bell Mobility’s $65 charge for 5GB of data and get better coverage and an actual 3G signal. This is a big fail Rogers.

  31. Rob


    Sharing data should be free..we’re already paying for the data. Why double charge us?

  32. Matt

    SInce I do not have an iPhone or smartphone, these plans are quite good IMO.

  33. Trevor

    Perhaps this does mean that the $30 non-specific data plan I pay for every month could be used with an ipad or iPhone without additional costs of any kind.

    That’s surely what makes sense – and what I would expect Rogers to offer. Hope to have this confirmed

  34. Adam H

    And to all of the complainers:

    The plans are better than anything in the Canadian market to date. With the exception of Rogers’ 6Gb previous plan, nothing compares in todays Canadian wirless market.

    These are a step in the right direction! Thanks big Red!

    1. gunnysir

      Gosh you must be a Rogers employee because all this is aweful and not hearing what Rogers client have to say. The Telecom industry in Canada is so anti-competitive that if Bell and Telus come out with the same plans, I am going to file a complaint with the competitions bureau, enough is enough people stop giving them your money or nothing will improve.
      Remember the US is “UNLIMITED” for #30 not 5Gb.

      1. Adam Halinaty

        That’s actually not true, because if you read AT&T’s “Fair Use Policy”, the “Unlimited” plan is actually capped at 6GB.

    2. Craig

      Well, maybe better than what available today, but not “to date”. My Telus smartphone has unlimited data, for $30/mo… but I can’t tether unfortunately, else it would be perfect, and they stopped offering it a few months in.

  35. Trevor

    You know, there’s also NOTHING in this release that suggests these plans must be renewed on a monthly term… If you read it as openly as it’s written, you could infer that a $35 5 GB data purchase could be made to last for two or three months, so long as there was data remaining.

    1. Panamajack

      Which is how they’re working for people who go over their limit, by starting the “month” at a different time. A flat rate of $35 for 5GB, renewed every time you use that up would be a great step forward; get away from monthly services and simply charge fair prices for bandwidth. Companies are afraid of appearing to be “dumb pipes”, but it’s really want customers want.

    2. bregalad

      I’m pretty sure the data allotment expires after 30 days. If not why would anyone buy the $15/250MB option?

      Rogers and their so-called competitors love to get money for nothing. In other words, getting people to pay for more minutes/MB than they actually use.

      A while back a certain American company introduced “roll over minutes” so users could save minutes one month and use more the next without incurring overage charges.

      My pre-paid cell phone plan works the same way. As long as I top up before the end of the billing period all my unused minutes stay in the bucket.

      Rogers could do the same thing for data. It wouldn’t be as good as letting us simply buy GB that never expire, but it would represent a compromise.

  36. I’m a bit disappointed that there’s no $20 sharing plan.. :(

    1. Flabergasted

      I’m floored that you think paying an extra $20/month just to use the data you’ve already paid for was acceptable !? $20 is a ridiculous price. Trust me there are means to their madness.
      1) there are whispers of a $20 fee to share data (which is ridiculous pricing to start with)
      2) remove said option
      3) everyone screams and cries they want to share data
      4) wait a little while…then offer the deal to customers (trust me they will)
      5) everyone rejoices and pays the $20 even though it should only cost $5 at most.
      So once again Rogers will have fooled customers into thinking overpaying is good.

      LOL you gotta love Canadian telecom. So corrupt.

  37. Stuart


    You boast that you are “Canada’s Most Reliable Network” yet your information & pricing is hardly ever reliable nor just.

  38. Dan

    Are you kidding me? How much do you want to squeeze out from our pocket?

  39. David

    Trevor, the Apple site specifically says that these are *per month*.

    1. i’m not sure that clarifies it completely. does that mean i can start with a full bucket in the middle of the month and have to use it up in 30 days, or does it mean that i can fill the bucket once and use it until i run out of it, as long as i don’t go over 5gigs per month?

  40. PhoenixStorm713

    Seems some people were ok with the idea of paying $20 to share data.
    Obviously it should be free in a perfect world. Rogers shouldn’t charge people to use data they are already paying for. But Rogers could charge people extra. At least a person could share the data for a fee. Better than not at all.

  41. Joshua B.

    To everyone,

    Our money is our vote. Don’t accept Rogers data plans if you are unhappy with them. If you want a different option, let your voice be heard. If we all go along with set pricing, the company will not do a thing to change it.

    Rogers *should* be offering a single data plan for users. A single plan that allows multiple devices with tethering abilities, all draining from the same data bucket.

    If you’ve paid for 5gb, why can’t you use it how you like?

  42. Ian

    This is just a suggestion, but my feeling is that these plans will be more popular with people that do not already have a phone with a data plan. I think it might make sense (of course, I have no idea) to try to also get money from people who already have a data plan. What if you charge a one time fee of $100 or $150 to be able to tap into an existing data plan for the life of that contract. I suspect a reasonable percentage of those who already have plans will bite at that, but they won’t bite on additional monthly plans. That way, Rogers will get some money from people who already have plans.

  43. Mike

    Wow…Rogers I understand the need to make money, but seriously. $15 and $35 for contract free data not bad, but not fantastic. What would have been fantastic would be a data share between existing data plans and the ipad…oh wait that was listed, but then removed. You almost…ALMOST do the right thing for existing customers.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be able to tether for free (kept me a Rogers customer instead of bouncing to WIND), but had high hopes that was a sign that Rogers listens to their customers and realizes the need for a shared data plan for multiple devices. However it’s clear that Rogers is only looking out for shareholders.

    Oh one more thing you never mentioned the changes (increased fees) for call display and name display. Sneaky sneaky Rogers, but then again nickel and diming is the corporate moto out there isn’t it! Look at the reduced calling areas, Grrf, 911 fee increase, etc….etc! It all adds up. But I guess an executive their needs a new gulf stream jet or mega mansion… So it’s understanding, but still not acceptable.

  44. Oli

    Too bad Rogers, I was planning to get an iPad 3G with the $20 shared plan, I’ll just keep my Wi-Fi model…

  45. Josh

    What a disaster. When will you offer reasonable data plans, Rogers?

  46. Johannes Lindenbaum

    The shared data option is a mistake? Why?

    Was that supposed to be a $20/m add-on? If so, that’s a bit crazy, considering I’m already paying $30/m for the 6GB data plan. I’d be willing to pay an additional $5/m to share my data per device.

    Please comment on why the shared option is not happening anymore.

  47. theninjasquad

    There really isn’t any point on buying the 3G version unless you actually plan on going places with your iPad where you don’t have access to wifi. But if that is the case, when why bother bringing your iPad with you, just bring your smartphone that already has data and use that instead.

    I think people are freaking out too much about the data issue. For the most part, people are going to use this at home, or at a coffee shop where you have access to much faster wifi. Why waste an extra $100 on the device, plus more money per month to pay Rogers for data?

    1. gunnysir

      SOme of us use it for busines, I already have the wifi version and in some offices, they don’t have wireless available for when I want to demo from my website. So 3G is important and these rates and lousy….

  48. Wow Keith,

    Looks like the comments are all over the map. It does not seem to be clear what this $20 to share charge is. Does it mean if you have two iPhones and a rocket stick already, like I have, and you want to add an iPad to share the data…for a flat $20 fee you can share the 12Gb of data you already have on the two iPhones with your rocket stick and iPad. In other words, will my data total cost be $30×2 for the two 6Gb plans I have, and I can share all that data on all four devices? Or, is that $20 per device added per month or on each device. Very confused as one interpretation means $60 / mo total plus $20 set up to share and other interpretation means $60 for 12Gb then $20×4 per month for each device to share those 12Gb for unreasonable monthly rate of $140.

  49. al

    sad to see no love for fido; your rates for rogers ipad users is high as well, ohh well, thankfully BELL and TELUS are there…:)

    1. Johannes Lindenbaum

      Yeah, right. Too bad there’s an exclusivity deal. So unless you jailbreak your iPad there’s no Telus or Bell love for you.

      1. Chris

        @Johannes Lindenbaum <- I'm not sure your correct on this.. Bell has said they will carry the iPad plus the iPad comes unlocked already in the states. I don't see them making a different version for Canada..

      2. Rogers doesn’t say it’s got the ipad exclusively. Neither does Apple.

        As a matter of fact, it only lists Rogers as one of “various carriers” right now.

      3. Adam H

        You’re wrong. The iPad comes UNLOCKED. You can use any microsim card… which more and more carriers are switching to.

      4. nazaar

        the iPad is NOT exclusive to Rogers

  50. James

    This is absolutely unacceptable. I already pay a fortune for my 6GB data bucket on my iPhone. There is no way I am willing to pay extra $$$ for data on the iPad. Rogers is basically double dipping – changing customers who already have a plan just to use data on another device.

    If we can share our data with our laptops why can’t we share the data with the iPad.

    Rogers needs to change their strategy. All they are doing is making customers unhappy. The market will open up eventually and when it does people will be so unhappy with Rogers they won’t think twice before switching providers.

    It’s not enough to just provide service that works anymore.

    Canada should be a leader is telecom. -

    1. NoRobbin

      Hear hear!!!

  51. NotMyRealName

    I ordered the 64gb 3g iPad this morning with plans to cancel if the 3g was tied up by contract. So I’m very happy it isn’t and look forward to using the 3g on occasion.

  52. I was really disappointed to learn Rogers was the exclusive 3G provider for the iPad until I read about the add on plan. For me that would have meant buying the 4th gen iPhone from them as well to take advantage. Of course any good news from Rogers is too good to be true. Glad I didn’t buy yet. I’ll be looking into WiFi + MiFi from another source.

    1. Chris Thomson

      No where does it say Rogers is the exclusive carrier. The iPad is an unlocked device. It just appears like Bell & Telus haven’t discussed iPad plans yet (or aren’t ready to support it), or maybe they were waiting to see how much Rogers was going to charge for the service. No where does it say that in a couple of months Bell can’t come out with microSIMs and iPad price plans.

  53. PhoenixStorm713

    Rogers still needs to offer an Unlimited Plan. People like the word ‘Unlimited’. Have it soft capped at a reasonable amount of GBs. And don’t charge overages. Just throttle the speed if the person goes over the soft cap. An reasonably priced Unlimited Plan with fair usages policy would make many people happy. I know an Unlimited Plan here in Canada would be pricier than in the US, but Rogers should be able to do it. (Other Canadian carriers do).

    1. Aren’t soft-caps on unlimited plans usually 5 or 6 GB anyway? I agree it would be nice though… a 15GB soft-cap seems like a fair option.

    2. Jesse David Hollington

      I remember years ago when Rogers had soft caps, and it ended up being a huge problem with threats of class action lawsuits over false advertising when Rogers tried to cut people off or charge them for going over the “hidden” caps (since it seems nobody ever bothers to actually read their terms of service).

      I suspect the new model is just a matter of Rogers trying to be upfront. People don’t realize how much data 6GB actually is when talking about a cellular connection — it’s not like you’re going to be using the iPad for downloading torrents over the 3G network, and even the iTunes Store app doesn’t let you download anything larger than 20MB unless you’re on Wi-Fi.

      For comparison: I used around 6GB of data for the entire year of 2009 (that’s 12 months, during which I could have used 72GB of data according to my plan). That also includes tethering, which is something the iPad doesn’t do.

      6GB is more than enough for 99% of the iPhone and iPad users out there, even with tethering thrown in. About the only reason it wouldn’t be is if you plan to replace your home Internet service with a tethered iPhone connection, and that’s kind of what these caps are trying to prevent, if you think about it. :)

  54. I want to move to Austria. They pay 4 Euros per Gigabyte, no contract, but they have 12 months time to use up the data they purchased. Wow. That would be heaven.

  55. Mike

    I was planning on buying an iPad 3G the moment it came out, but since Rogers isn’t going to allow me to share my data plan from my iPhone, there’s absolutely no point. Between my wife’s and my iPhone we already pay in excess of $200 per month for our cell coverage. I absolutely refuse to pay yet another ridiculously overpriced fee for coverage just to browse on an iPad.

    We already own a Wifi iPad, and it’s going to stay that way. Thank you, Rogers, for meeting up with my expectations of being a price-gouging service provider that is great at submitting bills, but terrible at providing relevant customer service.

    1. Flabergasted

      I just dont understand why anyone who already owns an iPhone with data plan AND a Wi-Fi iPad would even consider buying a 3G iPad? How much of an Apple fanboy can you be?

      I would head slap anyone who even thought about needing a “3rd” i-device. Get a grip people sheesh.

  56. Dave

    I’d love to know why it cost roughly $60 for 5GB of data on a smartphone and $35 on the iPad? It’s the same product so why the price difference, I’d really love to hear from a Rogers representative on this.

    Not being able to share your data plan between your smartphone and iPad is stupid. So you want me to pay $30 for 6GB (on Promo) on my smartphone then another $35 for another 5GB on my iPad? So I’m paying for 11GB and might use 3GB between the two devices if I’m lucky. I can’t imagine paying Shaw $30 for my home Internet connection for my computer and another $35 so I can hook up my PS3.

    Seriously, Rogers needs to stop treating there customers like garbage. You guys are so lucky that the CRTC has your back.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. $30 for 500MB for a standard smartphone plan, yet the godly iPad get’s 5GB for $35? It all uses the same data! It makes no sense that different devices get treated differently when it comes to data plans.

    2. It’s not about cost, it’s about value.

      iPad users won’t pay $60 bucks per month and there could potentially be tonnes of them!

      Smartphone users will pay that, but in smaller numbers.

      Aaaaaah capitalism.

  57. Chantal Charest

    Is there any way we can get that type of plan for smartphones ? I use a maximum of 125 MB on my 500 MB data plan and I’d like to change it for a cheaper one.

  58. b

    ROGERS – please clarify the $20 data sharing – it STILL appears on Apple website

    like many others, I’m debating over 3G vs WiFi only iPad, and the decision hinges on your data plans.

    it’s reasonable to offer customers the option to share their existing data plan between devices, please add the option! and how about a CHEAP daily or weekly data bucket for light/occasional use?

    1. The $20 data sharing plan isn’t listed on Apple’s website anymore.

  59. Tommy

    ROGERS, LET THE 20$ SHARED PLAN!!! I pre-ordered my iPad 3G this morning because of that plan. I will make a complain at Apple. You change the rules AFTER people have paid, based on what they saw when ordering. I’m a Rogers’s customer since more than 15 years, and I have an iPhone with 6 gigs/30$. If I cannot share my data plan, I can assure you that I will quit Rogers and you will lose a customer (for all my wireless services). I encourage people to do the same. I never seen a company able to take such a lot of bad marketing and business decisions!!! It’s awesome! I was considering to upgrade my iPhone 3G for the next model in a couple of weeks, and renew for a three years contract, but if you don’t offer a decent iPad data plan, for someone who already pay a lot of money for an iPhone data plan, forget me as a Rogers’s customer!

  60. Mike

    Sorry but totally lame. Why would I pay $35 over my existing $30 6 GB data plan? Makes me glad I’m not currently interested in getting an iPad.

  61. Mike H

    pps going to cancel my 2 wireless accounts, internet and TV. pricing is absolutely ridiculous and I can’t support a company that treats their existing customers so poorly. $35 more a month? go away. $20 sharing i would have accepted

  62. Ideaex

    Not being able to use this device on an existing plan is just plain wrong – and Rogers blunder in publicizing this and then withdrawing it just adds insult to injury.

    However I did read in a UK paper that it was Jobs who insisted on separate plans for the iPad. Makes no sense to me. How is the iPad different to a netbook in this regard?

  63. It’s reasonable to believe that there could be some form of technical or billing limitation that is actually preventing Rogers from doing the data sharing right now. Just speculation.

    But it would be nice for Rogers to explain why they are not offering this as an option. It is obvious that they had considered this and were planning it since it was posted on Apple’s website. Official word from Rogers on this would be nice.

    1. Mike

      No there isn’t a technical limitation. I know for a fact. You can already do data sharing between individual Corporate accounts and additional lines on family plans.

  64. Dean Hill

    Now that Rogers has clarified the shared data plan listed on the Apple website is a mistake (????) I will be cancelling my pre-order and going with the WiFi model.

    One would hope that Rogers would have learned after the public back lash for Rogers’ original iPhone data pricing and the lame “Quick Start Menu”.. but I guess not.

  65. Aaron Lawrence

    Hey Apple, just canceled my 64Gb 3g Ipad. You can thank Rogers for that.

    Please everyone if you have canceled your order because of the 11th hour plan changes please leave a reply.

  66. agence

    If the $20 add-on (or better) does not return, I am cancelling my order.

  67. JiPi

    The shared data plan was a mistake or the price was a mistake ? A one-time fee of 20$ might be ok…

    What’s up with that ?

  68. Paul

    Even a $20 add-on is waaaaaay too much! If you have an existing data plan, it should work with any device..period. The wireless industry in this country is ridiculous. I wouldn’t settle for anything more than a $5 add-on with an existing data plan.

  69. Chris

    I was ready to order once rogers confirmed that the $20 was a one time fee. I wish I could say I didn’t see it coming that it was removed all together but sadly as much as Rogers claims to be listening they are not. It’s been said on every post about mobile data. We pay for the data let us use it as we see fit. I bet if you did we would pay more for more data.. It is a shame you are not listening…

  70. RogersMary

    I’ve seen a few comments come in from Fido customers. To clarify, Rogers and Fido typically have different product lineups and not all products, such as the iPad, are supported on both brands.

    However, current Fido customer can use an iPad with a Rogers microsim.

    1. why cant you give us a reason why the 20$ addon plan is a mistake?

    2. Tommy

      @RogersMary – Thanks for replying for Fido customers. But I’m pretty sure you also see all the complains about the removal of shared data plan. Why do you ignore these messages?

      In you post, you say “it’s great to see everyone so excited!”. The reality should be “it’s sad to see everyone so upset because we took a bad decision.” and give feedback to your upper management so they could change decision (again) and respect what was announced originally by Apple, BEFORE we make our purchases.

    3. Hi Mary,
      Would that mean just one combined bill statement with Fido or do I need to open a seperate account with Rogers?

  71. Chris W. Rea

    I seldom use more than 500MB of my existing 6GB 3G data plan. Now I have to buy another data plan for the iPad? I can’t share that excess?

    FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. Rogers isn’t really _listening_ to its customers. Far from it.

    Prove me wrong.

  72. Chris M

    The $35/mnth plan is fine if all you have is an iPad. But at this point I’m unwilling to pay more for data when I also have a 6Gb iPhone plan. It makes no sense that I can tether a laptop to my iPhone, but not my iPad.

    Since I don’t use the voice part of my iPhone plan, I’m just going to get an iPad data plan and move the sim back and forth between it an my iPhone. Guess what Rogers, not only are you not getting extra money from me for my iPad, you’re also about to lose the voice money I spend.

    And of course this is just based on what Rogers is currently selling. If Bell comes out with a better iPad data plan, I’ll just move over to them for everything.

    1. Brian

      I believe the SIM cards are different sizes, so it’s not as easy as swapping between the iPhone and iPad.

    2. Limech

      I believe that won’t work. I think the iPad uses a mini SIM card that won’t fit in the iPhone.

      1. vince

        it will work, as the new iphone will use micro sim.

  73. Spencer C

    Data is data, whether it is voice, email, photos, apps, games or video, it doesn’t matter.

    Whether it is on a phone, netbook, tablet, rocket stick or laptop it doesn’t matter.

    Why can’t a customer just buy a bucket of data from Rogers and use it however they like?

    This smokescreen by service providers to try to keep everything separate needs to end, the divisions are all arbitrary and are set up simply to drive more revenue.

    I understand the desire to manage the traffic on their network to ensure things run smoothly but that can be done with tiered plans, data caps, etc.

    Canadian mobile providers had better pray that Google never decides to come up here, set up their own wireless networks and eat their lunch.

  74. Luigi

    I agree, with those terms Im going wifi.. Im already paying for 6gb of data and I almost never use more then 1Gb why cant I share? and btw 20$/month to share plan is just a joke. Its a good thing it was a mistake ur already paying 30$ for that 6gb its almost doubling ur fee. I really dont see it as a deal.. U waited 1 more month to come up with this…

  75. Gareth

    Why is it that you can’t use your existing Rogers iphone data plan on your ipad for no additional cost? You’re already paying for it, it shouldn’t matter which device you use it on. Data is data, whether it’s used on your smartphone, laptop, or ipad.

    I’m paying for the data, I should be able to use it as I see fit.


  76. Pascal

    I already have an iPad 3G I bought in the US last week. Will it be possible to just buy the Rogers SIM card? If so, how much would that cost? Thank you. Looking forward to your answer.

    1. Andrea

      The ipad uses a microsim where as Rogers phone devices have a normal Simcard, so no it wouldn’t work.

  77. Poopy

    Dear Keith,

    First I’d like to congratulate Rogers on hosting this ongoing diatribe against the iPad data plans that your company has on offer. It seems crazy that you’d post all these angry rants, effectively whipping up a hate-on. I cannot imagine how you convinced your bosses this is a good idea, though I suppose one could argue that it is better to host the ‘debate’ and possibly get it under corporate control than watch it go viral on Facebook or something. But unfortunately for Rogers I do not see your “transparency” in hosting customer complaints on Red Board as an adequate exchange for a simple and reasonable plan offer to existing data customers. The a-la-carte iPad plans ($15/$35) may be appealing to persons who don’t otherwise contract with Rogers for data services, but for myself and many many other iPhone users Rogers decision to force us to pay twice will harpoon retention. Bell is now in a great position to start picking customers up disgruntled Rogers. I’m sure they are watching. With the iPhone re-fresh coming up I can only hope that Bell will see their opportunity to snatch away that huge and sustaining market segment Rogers has got tied down with iPhone customers. You can prevent that by offering the shared bucket option. A nominal monthly fee (we’re talking $5 or less here), or a one-time admin charge for th iPad add-on set up is acceptable. But doubling the cost for use of my existing data plan will kill it for me, and many others who are $85.00+/mo high-value contracted customers. If you want to keep us, get it right. Be more than ‘transparent ‘ with this silly Red Board. Instead give existing customers a sense of value for service. Give us an opportunity to feel proud for our choice in being a Rogers customer.

    1. Noel

      Well said.

      I’m at my limit now with my iPhone costs; a 3G iPad at these rates means an automatic carrier change; it’s not even a discussion of if, but to where.

  78. Howard

    Rogers! it would be prudent to listen to your customers especially with early adopters such as everyone that’s posting here. I would defn like to see a sharing plan in place. and also, what’s up with the free hotspots. According to your own website (, there are only THREE hotspots in the entire city of Vancouver? I failed to see how the free wifi at hotspots could even be a “benefit” to people who live in Vancouver! would appreciate if you could also clarify on this matter with the $20 dollars sharing plan (that was the main reason that I bought the 3g iPad! the 1st place).

  79. Mike

    @RogersMary and until that point, my funds will not be available for Rogers, simple as that

  80. You tout “free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots” as an added benefit to your wireless iPad plans. Guess how many of those there are in all of New Brunswick?


    That’s right: one. Uno. Un. 1.

    “Underwhelmed” would be an understatement.

    I guess I should give up on expecting 3G coverage in Sackville, then, should I?

    Oh, wait — BellAliant has 3G coverage here! Hmm.

  81. Patrick

    It just makes no sense that we cannot share the dataplan between as many devices as we want. This is simply abusive, and a total lack of respect for the customers (especially with the mistake(!) announcement). We should be be able to share the data for free; I was ready to pay a one-time $20 fee, although again I think it should be free, but asking us to pay another $35/month is insulting.

    The iPad without 3G is useless to me, so Apple is losing a sale, and trust me Rogers, if someone else is coming with a fair offer, you will lose a client.

    Both Apple and Rogers need to get their act together.

  82. ShevCharko

    I understand that Apple may have posted the $20 add-on in error… If that in fact is the case, why hasn’t it been taken down yet? Seriously, it can’t be much more than a text file that needs updating so it’s not showing anymore. The longer it’s up there, the more people see it and feel robbed when they eventually learn Roger’s isn’t actually offering it.

    Roger’s doesn’t seem to be doing too much to stop rumour of this non-existent plan from spreading. Why not?

  83. “Visit for full details on these plans.”

    Ahem. A little update, maybe? It still only shows the sign-up for email info, which, btw, I still haven’t got. Oh boy. Talk about FAIL. ;)

  84. Mandeep

    I am very disappointed with Rogers not honouring the $20 add-on plan for iPad users to share with their existing data plan. WIll not be activating with Rogers for 3G connectivity – will either connect with another provider (eg. Bell, Telus) if they start offering, or find out another way of sharing my data ;)

    1. Jim

      Totally agree.

  85. Dustin

    Well that seals it. No shared data means WiFi only. I’ll hold off a little to see what yout competition offers. I’m sure they seeing this outcry, and may be willing to offer better.

  86. EcoHeliguy

    Is tethering from the Iphone to the Ipad supported?

    1. According to Steve Jobs, it is not. There might be a way through jailbreaking your devices, though.

    2. Dagmar

      I could tell you, but such advice doesn’t get past the moderators.

  87. Zak

    And here I thought Rogers was going to do something really customer centric this time with the add-on plan for the iPad. Oh well. WiFi for me I think.

    I’ve got a 6 gb plan for my iPhone and true, I never come close to hitting the ceiling unless I’m doing some serious tethering (there’s one Rogers got right. Thanks.)

    My feeling is that Rogers should charge $10 for an add-on plan. That would make people happy and probably attract more business. Most people will probably be WiFi not 3G anyway.

  88. Zak

    One more…. Apple and Rogers have likely been discussing this for quite a while. Not quite sure how Apple could have made such a mistake by publishing the “add-on” plan. Something happened that aren’t privy to.

  89. Jeff Halmos

    As always, Rogers would rather have 200 people paying $35 a month, than $20,000 paying $10.

  90. Edgar

    WOW! So no sharing with my Phone data plan? I was very close to order it! Im glad I didn’t! Not surprised coming from Rogers though.

  91. Bob

    250MB seems way too low as a base. Fine for a small handheld where content will be heavily compressed, but too low for a larger device like the iPad whose users will naturally crave content with 4x more pixels.

    Not really fair having only two options to choose from: one where data is really expensive ($1 = 17MB) or one where data is so dirt cheap you’re practically giving it away ($1 = 143MB). Explain that to me. It’s the same 1’s and 0’s!

    I’d like to buy $5 worth of the cheaper data, thanks!

  92. Jeff

    From a previous redboard post.

    “We’ve heard that you want the freedom to choose how you use your data buckets – directly on your device or tethered to a computer.”

    So I can tether with my iphone with some workarounds or you can re-offer some sort of sharing plan and make some money off it.

    Rogers, masters of the step backwards.

    1. Richard G.

      Agreed..either free wifi workarounds that tech folks will perform or revenue in Rogers pockets with a sharing plan?

  93. netrokid

    Could you please kindly tell us what happened with the Shared Data Plan? I believe your loyal customers deserve an explanation as to how the shared data plan information made it all the way to the Apple site and even influenced some of your customers decisions to purchase the iPad. It’s a real shame as although paying $20, as advertised on the Apple site, to share an iPhone plan is relatively expensive (seems it would be more reasonable to charge the same as an extra TV outlet for your Cable service, rather than almost paying twice for the same service).

    In any case, we must assume you were headed in the “Shared Data Plan” direction for the information to have appeared on the Apple site. It was a step in the right direction for your consumers, and it’s rather unprofessional on your part (or Apple’s if the mistake came from them) to post such a revolutionary package for your customers to get excited about, and then to simply say “It was a mistake”…

    Hoping to hear back, and that you reverse the reversal of your decision…

    1. Evan

      Well said. Completely agree.

      1. Jim

        Agree completely.

    2. al

      have to agree; lets see if rogers responds to this reasonable query; or do they prefer to ignore us and these questions hoping it will go away..?

      OR; will they bring it back and this will be the new and improved original coke formula; take what was theirs; charge more for the same data and increase your ARPU without increasing costs proportionally…!!

    3. TJW

      I don’t mind paying $20 ‘attachment’ fee to attach an iPad to my existing iPhone data plan, but hell if I’d pay $20 per MONTH! A one time hook-up fee makes some sense, but not paying twice for the same data.

      1. Jesse David Hollington

        Actually, considering that Rogers has to assign and provision a whole new phone number and SIM card for the iPad, a monthly fee is not unreasonable.

        Rogers normal fee for a device that is not on any kind of plan is $10 per month. This seems to be the standard price just for keeping a phone number assigned and active. Then on top of that there’s the $6.95 system access fee (which they’ve “dropped” on some plans, but let’s face it, it’s really just been built in).

        $20 might be a bit high, but it’s unrealistic to expect that the iPad be provisioned for network access without some kind of monthly fee.

      2. Matt

        God.. how much does Rogers pay you?

        What does it take to assign and provision a sim? Four keystrokes on a keyboard, or some variation of that..

        No one is asking for a SIM attached to their current data plan for nothing. They are asking for less than $20… on some carriers (ATT) $20 is 2/3 of the cost of an unlimited data plan. The cost of the SIM and the system access fee would be reasonable..

      3. Jesse David Hollington

        Actually, the comment i replied to above is very specifically suggesting that it should be a one-time hookup fee, and then completely free thereafter. That’s like suggesting that your cable/DSL provider should only charge you an installation fee for a second cable/DSL line at your cottage and then simply give you the service at no additional charge… After all, you’re already paying for data on your home service.

        I’m simply pointing out that Rogers already charges $10/month just to have a SIM card provisioned and assigned with no plan (voice or data). Whether you think that’s fair or not is another discussion, but based on their current pricing model, $20/month for a shared plan that includes data access is not unreasonable, particularly considering that you’re provisioning a separate device which consumes additional bandwidth and network resources regardless of whether or not you’re sharing data.

    4. KLO

      2nd that. Please reward me for my loyalty with Rogers. (Seems like my previous, much longer, post was censored.)

    5. nazaar

      Agreed 300%

    6. Nick

      I for one am also very disappointed. In fact, even $20 is too much to use something we’re already paying for, if you ask me (aside from a $20 setup fee, fine, I can swallow THAT).

      Don’t forget people, in today’s modern networks, SMS and voice are ultimately data as well. You’re paying for the same thing split three different ways already, this is just a further insult if you ask me.

      I hope you’re all waking up to what’s going on here, just as I’ve begun to. I sincerely hope Rogers will reverse course on this, or a competitor will step up to the plate, although I’m not optimistic.


  94. I will not purchase a Rogers data plan if I cannot share the same data with my Rogers iPhone. I will not.

    On principle until this changes I will look at data prices for Bell and Telus.

    Also curious about the vast pricing difference between 5GB for iPad and 6GB for iPhone. Makes no sense.

    Rogers – you again ahd a real opportunity to be a leader in the Canadian wireless industry and give people something to cheer about. Another opportunity lost. And my money with it.

    1. Adam Halinaty

      Yeah, go and take a look at what Bell and Telus offer for data only plans.

      $80 for 5GB. I guess you’d rather take that then, right?

    2. Jesse David Hollington

      the 6GB-$30 for iPhone was a promotional price plan, and required a three-year contract. You can’t get that plan any more — $30 buys you something like 1GB on a “normal” plan. 5GB on a “normal” plan will cost you $70.

      5GB for $35 is the standard iPad plan (not a promotion), and is completely contract-free.

      1. Jamie

        Are you a Rogers employee? Please be upfront if you are. You have done nothing but DEFEND Rogers with all your posts. You are either a shill or have your head buried in the sand. Just like Rogers posts, you are completely ignoring what everyone is upset about, double / triple billing for data. Get with the program.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        Hardly. I’ve just been a Rogers customer for long enough to know that things are in fact far better than they once were.

        It was only two years ago that I was paying $100 per month for 200MB of data (yes, MB as in megabytes, not gigabytes). That was on top of my existing voice plan.

        The availability of a shared data plan is also my deciding factor on whether to upgrade my Wi-Fi iPad to a 3G model, but I’m not going to sit here and complain about Rogers not offering something that they’ve never offered for any other device. My wife and I each have iPhones, and we don’t share data there either — we each pay $30/6GB and she doesn’t even use a hundredth of that, but of course there are no data plans cheaper than $30, and the 6GB was a promotional plan. It would be nice to share our data there, but the plans are what they are, and Rogers clearly chooses to treat each device separately.

      3. Jamie

        Your sharing comment is a load of crap. If you tether to your iPhone, you’re sharing data…if you buy a Mifi, you’re sharing data. So tell me, how is it again that Rogers has never offered shared data and treats each device separately???

      4. Jesse David Hollington

        I’m not making excuses for it, but it is what it is.

        Each device that connects to the Rogers network gets its own data bucket. That’s just how Rogers does things. Sure, you can share data through that one device in any number of ways, but it’s still a single 3G device, which means you’re sharing the same amount of bandwidth and can only be using it from one physical location.

        The idea that you’re “paying for the same data twice” is a completely fallacious argument. You’re not owed 6GB of data to use anywhere you want — What you’re paying for is up to 6GB of data to use on your iPhone (or through your iPhone in the case of tethering). When you signed up for your iPhone data plan, there was no indication that you would ever be able to use that data outside of that one specific device. Rogers has never had shared data plans before, so I don’t know why people are suddenly expecting this to show up now.

        I wonder if people would be complaining if Rogers truly offered an unlimited plan? Is the sense of entitlement here so bad that people would expect that they should be able to connect an unlimited number of devices to use unlimited data? Let’s face it, the 5GB/6GB plans are “unlimited” for 99% of the users out there — Rogers just chooses to use hard caps instead of soft caps.

        Like it or not, Rogers sells the 6GB plan based on the assumption that most people aren’t going to consume all 6GB of data. This is the same principle that most other companies use when offering everything from long distance plans to insurance to “all-you-can-eat” buffets.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am very much in favour of seeing Rogers offering a shared plan — the difference here is that I’m not going to act like they owe me a shared plan. The $20 listing on Apple’s site is odd, but I don’t ascribe to any conspiracy theories about this being anything more than an honest mistake — Apple is in the process of setting up pre-orders and rate plans for several dozen carriers worldwide, and frankly Rogers wasn’t the only one they made a blunder with the pricing on.

  95. Bryson

    Just to inject a little perspective into this discussion, I thought I’d mention that Movistar Telefonica (mobile carrier in Spain) has announced hat their iPad customers who are already on a data plan of 25 euros or higher for their smartphone, can get a MicroSIM for their iPad, AND use their existing data bucket, for the low price of… wait for it… FREE.

    Clearly, Canada’s wireless data climate is a far cry from other parts of the world. But we will never have what other countries have until people start voting with their wallets. Show Rogers your disappointment by simply not buying their 3G service for your shiny new toy.

  96. Pierre

    i was willing to pay 20$ for shared data from my phone plan, now that rogers is being greedy and wont allow that ( as if my monthly 113$ is not enough for a phone bill) i will boycott the ipad completely and not even get a wifi version …. thx rogers !

    1. Matt

      I almost agree (want the ipad too much to boycott entirely), but now that Roger’s has removed the add-on plan I won’t be giving them my business. Ill just go to Bell or Telus.

      1. Adam Halinaty

        You don’t realize that Bell and Telus charge $80 for 5GB on their data only plans, unless they change as a result of Rogers being a leader and lowering prices.

      2. David M

        Adam, where do you get such information. The fact is that Rogers is once again taking as much as they can.

        I hope that when Bell and Telus announces their data plans for the Ipad that is blows rogers out to lunch. I believe that at the end of the day we are all going to go for the better deal. The $20 was a great idea. 5G cap – for more then the US unlimited counter part is just disgusting.

        Its all about competition and Rogers has more to lose then Telus&Bell have to gain.

      3. Matt

        So did Rogers until they announced these plans… of course you’ll bring up the $30/6GB which was for a very limited time.

    2. Paul Marcovici

      Do not boycott iPad, boycott Rogers! … or jailbreak and use your iPhone as an access point.

      Rogers will also love to charge for each computer and iPod touch in your house separately! Maybe that is coming next month as an improvement for their customers, the same way they introduced throttling and capping!

  97. Brendan

    Wow, this $20 shared plan nonsense is typical of Rogers.

    I was very happy this morning when I pre-ordered my iPad 3G thinking I can throw an extra $20 onto my 6GB plan and call it done. Actually I was very impressed that Rogers may have turned a corner in data plans since there still isn’t an option for unlimited, this was at least a step in the right direction. The recent backtracking feels more like Rogers; charging a mint for crumbs.

    Ugh, perhaps their competitors will take note of this and offer something more competitive. I’ll happily toss my $0.20 MicroSIM in the pre-order if someone else comes up with a better offer.

    $15/250MB – $30/unlimited?? ….anyone??? UNLIMITED???


  98. Scott Macpherson

    Well Rogers, at least you are consistent. I actually believed that you might get this one right. How foolish of me. Charging an extra $35.00 per month for 5 gb when I get 6 gb for $30.00 per month and can tether that to my laptop for free is utter lunacy. IT IS THE SAME DATA I AM PAYING FOR, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF ITS A LAPTOP OR AN IPAD???Who makes these decisions there????

  99. Yop

    Man…This is dissapointing…My rogers contract expires this July…I was hoping at getting
    and iphone and ipad..and bundle them…but there’s not much of an incentive at $35…I can swallow the iphone..buut work the other price down a bit…hmmm..lets see if Bell does anything.

    1. dave

      No company anywhere offers a data bundled deal other than Spain.
      Bell and Telus aren’t going to either.
      I don’t think Rogers could have offered anything that would have made everyone happy.

  100. Jamie

    Rogers must be too busy reeling from the bad publicity to take the time to actually respond to their previously future now lost customers. They obviously haven’t learned from the mistakes they made with the original 3G launch. Most people learn from their mistakes…most.

  101. dean

    my guess is the “error” is really just the backlash Rogers is getting on the $20 price for the add-on. honestly i think the “add-on” would be an excellent addition for $5-$10 or a one time fee, and why not bring it to all the devices, I would actually buy a Rocket Stick next time I get ANOTHER call about it from a tel-sales rep.

  102. Rogers,

    You set up this blog, your twitter account(s), feedback forms, telephone lines and more in an apparent effort to listen to what your customers are saying. But when the time comes to open your ears and make a real effort to listen, you don’t. I’d rather not have the option to give feedback than be ignored when I do.

    Picking and choosing favourable comments to respond to is not an acceptable way to maintain your social media presence. Fostering discussion and improving your service based on customer feedback is. Heck, even acknowledging your customer’s disappointment would be a good first step.

    1. Ian

      Completely agree. If they can regurgitate corporate policy, they’re all over splashing ‘social media’ with it. But when it comes to answering a question that’s not in their script, they clam right up. Evan a “We hear you and we’ve taken it to corporate for comment” would go a long way.

    2. Spencer

      Having a venue to vent is nice but I think it would be much better if Rogers gave its customers less to have to vent about.

      Instead of reversing your decision later and doing an about-face, why not try to make the customer-friendly decision in the first place?

      Rogers makes a pretty decent profit right now, imagine how much better it would be if so many people didn’t loathe the company.

  103. cc

    It’s terrible marketing at best and misleading advertising at worst to post a plan offering (albeit through Apple), and then pull it back!

    As an existing Rogers corporate and personal customer, I was quite happy making my purchase earlier today on the premise of a $20 add on plan.

    Now I will certainly wait until I see the offerings from other carriers and options.

    Who’s running Customer Service there???

    Do we all need to start sending emails to Rob Bruce directly?

  104. David Cumming

    I think you will find that any pricing decisions Rogers makes have nothing to do with technology limitations or user requirements. They charge what they think the market will bear; and since they have somewhat of a monopoly on certain segments, they use this to their advantage. We all pay different amounts for the data we use based on when we bought our product and the term of our contract. The only reason the iPad plan is not 1 GB for $35 (typical cost on a current iphone/rocket stick plan) and instead is a slightly more reasonable $35 for 5 GB is because of the leverage Apple has to make them do it. They (rogers) are not doing us ANY favours.

  105. Richard G.

    I just canceled my iPad/3G preorder. While the $20 add-on plan is a rip in itself, I was willing to pay it to avoid any workaround hassles. Rogers has, as usual, mangled this whole thing up.

    What is wrong with Rogers simply doing the right thing for their customers – maybe first by listening to their needs?

    I would hope that Bell and Telus show some leadership here and provide the offering but I expect they will do the same as Rogers as one big anti-competitive group of companies.

    I share my cable internet with many devices in my house. If I use more or less than my 95GB monthly allotment, I still pay the same bill. Why can’t the same apply for wireless devices?

  106. Chris

    I guess we can conclude that your so-called customer survey on opinions of shared data plans concluded that customers weren’t interested in such an offer.

    If that is the conclusion, why is it that there are so many negative comments on your decision to remove an option that obviously had been discussed with Apple?

    This is quite a bad piece of publicity. Wow… I will be waiting for Bell and Telus to step into the ipad ring now. No chance of any more money going to Rogers now.

  107. Dagmar

    I feared this and so when down in the states I bought a Wifi ipad. When I heard of the additional fees to be imposed by Rogers I downloaded Spirit and jailbroke my phone for the first time ever. After installing MyWi on my 3GS the ipad performed beautifully tethered.

    So Rogers, what is it gonna be. Can I legitimately use my 6G data plan with all my mobile devices, or do I need to set up an open wifi node on my mobile so everyone can leach from it too. I used to use 1.5 G of data, but now I’m effectively donating the rest of my allotment to bystanders for free.

    An I probably won’t be the only one.

  108. Tjmac

    I’m not fond of the pricing on the plans – so don’t get me wrong here, but those with the 6gb plan (i’m jealous) Tethering is an option with a WiFi only model – yes? If you already have that much data and don’t use it all, I THINK that you can already share as Rogers lets you tether over bluetooth.
    @RogersMary, can you confirm this?

    1. Limech

      Tethering an iPad using an iPhone over bluetooth is restricted by Apple.

      I know it is possible to tether an iPad using a jailbroken iPhone using wifi but not sure if you can tether a jailbroken iPad to a non-jailbroken iPhone over bluetooth.

      I figure some crafty Canadian will be starting work on that right away now. :)

      1. DaveMTL

        Doesn’t the Palm Pre allow WIFI to use the 3G on the Pre? Therefore bypassing the whole 3G issue with the iPad? BTW, 3G also includes the satellite based assisted GPS and the compass.

  109. Matt

    Well, no data sharing means I am canceling my order for the 3G version. I’m not giving Rogers more money when I have a 6gig plan already… thanks for nothing Rogers.

  110. RM

    Sharing plan… lets see…

    I’m paying $35 for my iPhone plan… I now have to add $20 to share my plan with my iPad…

    So… basically I’m paying now $55 for the same 5Gb?? so before, $35, now $55… same plan.. same bandwidth… only thing I get extra is a microSIM (which I have to pay 20 cents for)

    I’m sorry… I thought this was a data sharing plan… its more like a wallet sharing plan… and its only my wallet getting shared…

    This is just another way to increase my 5Gb plan 57%… forget it…

  111. al

    horrible, horrible, horrible, waiting for the competition to step up…!!

    ROGERS prefers high paying customers; and charging higher rates.

    ROGERS does not want to help increase mobile internet penetration rates;
    why would we be paying one of the highest internet rates when compared to other OECD countries..?!?

  112. James

    Get with the program Rogers. Here is what Spain gets.

    Movistar, Telefonica’s consumer arm in Spain, has announced a pretty stonking deal: if you already have a smartphone data plan costing €25 a month, you can get a Micro SIM and 3G data on your iPad for free. Espana totally just won the “best place to own an iPad” contest.

    1. Wow, that’s absolutely amazing!

    2. Adam Halinaty

      Except that their unlimited 3G data is capped at 3GB. Read the fine print.

  113. Brendan

    $20 plan just disappeared (3:45pm EST).

    Very sad to see. Rogers never fails to pull the wind out of an exciting launch.

  114. Duane Delaurier

    Well that settles it I have been a Rogers customer for 15 years. Not no more. Time to switch to Bell or Telus. I maintained loyal for this. Good bye

  115. Adam

    Well I had ordered the 3G based on shared data. I cancelled that order and now have a Wifi only model coming.

    Sorry Rogers, try again. And listen to your customers this time.

  116. Terry

    I ordered my 3G iPad last night, content with paying an additional $20/mth to Rogers for the ability to share my existing Rogers iPhone data plan. Suddenly Rogers backtracks and removes the shared data plan option. As with many other posters here, I’m fed up with this company’s greed. Rogers had a golden opportunity to increase customer loyalty, and perhaps even woo new customers…but they opted for a money grab instead. As consumers, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at how they run their business. Anyhow, I have since cancelled my online order with Apple (1-800-676-2775). The Apple rep wanted to know why…I explained the situation, and he whole-heartedly agreed with me. I’m now planning to get the Wi-Fi version of the iPad, and once my Rogers contract runs out on my iPhone (and my wife’s), I will switch to another provider. I’m voting with my wallet….and if you’re fed up with Rogers’ exploitation tactics, so should you.

  117. CdnPhoto

    I was planning on signing up for the $20 option, now I guess I’ll have to rely on tethering my iPhone.

    It’s the same data, why charge extra? I can accept a $20 administration fee to duplicate the chip over, but forcing me to pay for another dataplan?!?!

    Nope, not happening.

  118. H Jones

    There is no way I will pay twice for the same mostly unused data. There is no way I will buy a separate ipad plan. This is just a transparently bad idea from Rogers and it looks like gouging. I’m going to look into jailbreaking my iPhone and sharing data via jailbroken wifi. And depending how annoyed I am with that solution, I’ll look at dropping fido too.

  119. Dave

    I can tether to a laptop but not an IPAD…. this really is bull.. Rogers you better start listening to your customers

    1. Limech

      That’s a restriction by Apple, not Rogers. Granted, the restriction probably came from AT&T in the states asking Apple to do so.

      1. I have a hard time believing that, Limech.

        I’d bet big bucks it’s a Rogers choice. Why wouldn’t Apple want all of their current iPhone customers at Rogers incentivized to buy an iPad? That would only help them sell more of the expensive 3G models.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        Actually, “restriction” isn’t the accurate word here. It’s not that Apple has deliberately disabled the ability for the iPad to tether through the iPhone as that they haven’t created the feature in the first place. The iPhone OS simply doesn’t (currently) support the ability to establish a tethering connection from the device over Bluetooth — the code simply isn’t there in the OS. You can’t tether from the iPhone or iPod touch either for the same reason.

        Keep in mind that it took two years before the ability to tether from a laptop through the iPhone became available. I’s possible that we may see this in the iPhone OS 4.0 update that comes out for the iPad in the fall (although I wouldn’t hold my breath), or in some future OS update for the iPad, but it’s simply not there now.

  120. Jim

    I don’t believe you guys. I pre-ordered my iPad this morning based on the Shared Data Plan that was clearly outlined on the Apple site. If it was an error – al least have the self respect to honour it.

    I posted a note earlier today tentatively thanking Rogers for being open minded. Looks like it never made the cut.

    Another sad day for anyone stuck using telecommunication service in Canada. I’m not a Harper fan, but they sure get my vote for opening up competitiion in the Telecom industry.

  121. Steve

    Guess what Rogers – You either offer a shared plan like you promoted or I jailbreak my iPhone and turn it into a wireless hub and share the 6GB data plan I have with my ipad and pay you nothing. Your choice!

  122. Scott

    Mary, Mary quite contrary
    Look at these posts its getting scary
    All we want is what is truly fair
    Does anyone at Rogers even care?

    1. I "love" Rogers

      you are the best Scott!

  123. Ari

    My suggestion would be to complain to Rogers customer service and file a complaint with the CRTC. If enough people complain to the CRTC concerning the pricing of data plans and sim-lock, the government might end up forcing the carriers to offer devices as unlocked and offer legitimate unlocks of existing phones for a small fee like they do in Europe.

  124. Kathie

    This is messed up. Bot the 64gb wifi+3g early this morning.
    Very disappointed with the current data plans.

  125. Patrick

    I’m OK with them retracting the $20 sharing plan because there is no way that I would pay that. Either a $5 / month or a one-time $30 fee makes sense to deal with administrative costs associated with providing support for two devices but, Rogers, come on, the data services you are providing is the same.

    This is the exact same situation as for the tethering debate (fiasco?). You wanted to charge more for a different use of the same data bucket and now you’re doing it again, having learned nothing about your customers.

    I can only hope you retracted the $20 plan because someone with influence and integrity at your company has spoken up. Come back to use with something reasonable and you’ll get our money. Remember, tethering the iPad to my iPhone just isn’t that hard to do, and this works off the same data bucket, for the one-time cost of a $10 piece of software.

  126. Muskoka.Man

    I too ordered a 3G model when I heard about the $20 “mistake”. I might be testing Apple’s return policy.

    Why would they offer a deal to current customers, loyalty? Rogers does not care about loyal customers, just the almighty buck. Besides, they have locked most of their customers up into 3 year contracts. And don’t be fooled into thinking Bell will give you a better deal, there are not enough players in the game for them not to fix prices. I cannot wait until the new carriers are up and running with the ipad, so more of my $ can go to the egyptian owners of the newest member of this fraternity.

    I give credit to RogersMary who was there to answer the simple questions and to tell us the loyalty plan was “a mistake”. My mistake might have been staying loyal to Rogers for too many years. This might be good for my stock price.

  127. Max

    I bought two 3G iPads this morning once I saw the 20$ ‘bolt on’ plan. People seem confused by what was written: it was NOT 20$ per month, it was just 20$ ONCE to have a shared data bucket with an existing plan.

    250MB Per Month: $15
    5GB Per Month: $35
    Bolt on to existing data plan: $20

    Unfortunately that last choice was removed sometime earlier today. If I had known I couldn’t use my iPhone 6GB bucket with iPad I would not have pre-ordered the 3G version. There absolutely no way I will pay twice for data that i don’t even fully use each month as it is.

  128. Movistar announces its data plans for the IPAD Wifi-3G in Spain

    Movistar users who already have an iPhone or other smartphone from Movistar flat rate data with 25 or 39 euros, and buy an IPAD, may apply for free a second SIM-card in this case the new card format MicroSim – to use and connect to the Internet with your IPAD. Therefore, these customers may well use its flat rate data to connect from your iPhone, your smartphone or your IPAD.

    1. Ed

      Rogers, announce this tomorrow you’ll gain good will from your customers!

  129. Don

    If 99.8% of people use less than 5GB, then why isn’t there an unlimited option?

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      Because if it was truly unlimited, Rogers’ network would be congested with people who decide that a 7.2mbps HSDPA connection is better than also paying for a wired home cable/DSL Internet connection.

      That cap is more than generous for mobile use, but makes it completely impractical to actually replace a standard Internet connection, which is a good thing.

  130. Trissa

    I suppose it’s my fault to assume that Rogers would take the same step as they did in the United States. When I saw, not only will it be costing more, but for it to be capped at 5GB, I was extremely disappointed. iPad is a big internet device that will be used very often. At least within the first few months of owning an iPad, most people will go over 5GB due to the excitement of it. I was told that 5GB is thousands of emails, but are you forgetting about the videos and Apps that require internet connection?
    After that disappointment alone, even though the $20 data share felt like a scam, I was willing to accept that, figuring that it was only a one time fee. I have an iPhone that I would try to share with, although my data for my iPhone, capped at 5GB is already disappointing to me, since I need to use the internet to use an app to access messenger programs (like MSN).
    This is completely disappointing, and it is making me reconsider Rogers altogether, especially after they just did the cut back to the home internet GB. I have half of what I had before, and that is extremely disappointing as well.
    I have watched again and again all the dirty deeds you have done to your loyal costumers just to receive new customers… now you are not just opening the exit door, but you are shoving us out. I think you can see what I am talking about by reading the many comments about this. I have also noticed you have avoided replying to any negative post. Pulling a deaf ear to your costumers will only result in us running as soon as you push us through the exit door.

  131. Ken Grunberg

    Hey Rogers, remember when you attempted to coax people into paying for extra internet “terminals” and tried to convince us that we were committing a crime when we used our routers to share our household internet connection ? Yeah, get with the times … shared cellular data will and should be the future. If I’ve paid for 6gb of data, who are you to say what device I chose to use it on ? If you’re such a pioneer in mobile technology, then why don’t you set an example instead of waiting until you’re forced into it by a competitor ? I feel terrible for even having 3 iPhones under a FAMILY plan with a combined 13gb of data, that I CANNOT share between all of my devices. Seriously Rogers, start treating cellular/mobile data the same as dedicated household internet connections. Atleast try to see the future, instead of waiting for it.

  132. Don

    If 99.8% of people only use LESS than 5GB, then there’s clearly no fear of the network being over-taxed. Why isn’t there an unlimited option?

  133. Johnny Appleseed

    Not feeling the feigned ‘shared plan’ outrage of some on here. $15 for 250MB seems MORE than reasonable (and MORE than necessary.) Has me thinking about going 3G over just plain ol’ wi-fi…

    1. Mike H

      what is wrong with you? this isn’t the iphone – browsing the internet once a day for 5-10 minutes will do 250 mb in less than a week. with EASE

    2. Dustin

      Johnny Appleseed – You need to do a little research. Just ask an American using the iPad with 3G how much data the device burns through. A LOT of people go through the 250MB in a day or two. The iPad is a date hog. Unless you plan to use the 3G very little, then you’ll want more than 250MB.

  134. Allan

    Just talked to Rogers Customer Serviceand they say this is Apple error and theywill NOT be offering a shared plan ?

  135. Matt

    The only way Roger’s is going to get the message is to stop using Roger’s data until the prices fall, because the CRTC nor the competition has lowered them. Apparently all these companies understand is the massive profits they bring in from gouging customers who have no other wireless option.

    The way I see it is I’ll be trimming my sim and using an adaptor to use data that I have rightfully paid for. My only hope is that Roger’s lowers its prices before the US carriers get their INT’L Data prices so low that I can purchase it through ATT or VZW.

    You built this “board” to listen Rogers… start listening…. there is a point where you cannot push customers beyond, and from the looks of it, you are pretty much there.

  136. Georges

    I am a Roger’s Iphone Customer
    I bought a US 3G Ipad in New York a week ago
    The Att sim works fine for the USA
    But I will need a Rogers micro sim to use it here where I live
    I assume that such will be orderable from Rogers
    No one knew anything about this when I spoke to Rogers customer service this afternoon

    1. Matt

      Just cut your sim down to size. Do a search online. There are already a number of reputable places to purchase an adaptor for micro-sims that can be used to convert your sim back to the traditional sim for use in your regular phone.

    2. Adam Halinaty

      Yes, you’ll be able to get one soon.

      According to Apple, you’ll be able to pick up a Rogers microSIM from any Rogers retail store.

      1. Ed

        how much from Rogers retail store? Free? It is $0.20 if you get it from Apple.

      2. Adam H

        I’m not sure, but it’s likely going to be around $5-$10 which is what their current SIM card prices are at.

        I ordered one from Apple with my iPad. By far the best deal.

    3. In the States, AT&T allows you to purchase a “replacement” microSIM for $15. Hopefully Rogers will do the same with their microSIMs in Canada after the launch.

  137. B.Gold

    This lack of data sharing between devices is DISGUSTING. You’ve lost a sale.

  138. Dave

    I’m still waiting for an official answer concerning data costs. Why is it $60 for 5GB on a smartphone and $35 for the iPad? I think someone from Rogers needs to set up and provide their customers with an answer on this. Since both use the same kind of network data this means that Rogers has openly admitted that the price of 5GB is $35 not $60 as their charging some of their smartphone customers. This is called price discrimination and I believe (from memory) is illegal in Canada and certain in the U.S.

    Below is the definition:

    Price discrimination, or price differentiation [1], exists when sales of identical goods or services are transacted at different prices from the same provider. In general, the practice of charging different customers different prices is called price discrimination.[1] In a theoretical market with perfect information, perfect substitutes, and no transaction costs or prohibition on secondary exchange (or re-selling) to prevent arbitrage, price discrimination can only be a feature of monopolistic and oligopolistic markets[2], where market power can be exercised.

  139. mike

    The ipad pricing is GARBAGE!!

    We are getting GOUGED!!

    I already have an iphone w/6g data plan and was planning to get 3g iphone – not any more.

    Rogers Mary, are you guys listening??

  140. Todd

    I have been with Rogers since I have had a cell phone. I have all my family using iphones. I do not mind paying for the data for my new ipad I ordered today. But what I do not like is that they offered something and than took it away. This makes no sense to me. They said it was a screw up. Really come on now. Big company like Apple or Rogers. You have got to be joking. Rogers need to do what is right. Make the offer back for shared data plan at $20.00 I figured that was monthly anyways so I am fine with that. I just do not like they took it away. Makes the companies look really stupid. If I where an excecutive of these companies I would be doing some back tracking really quick.

  141. Zak

    A data plan should be based on the household, not the individual device. Maybe cap it at 5 3G devices per household.

  142. Chris Lee

    “Excited yet? We are. And we’d like you to activate your iPad with Rogers.

    Will you be buying an iPad? Why or why not?”

    Yeah, not getting the debate and comments you were hoping for hey? I hope upper manglement is watching this.

  143. DH

    This is absurd! Why the hell would you (Roers!) advertise particular plan at the point of (pre) sale?! At first I thought to myself ‘hmmm, this is odd, Rogers is actually bein progressive’…but that has not been shattered. When will you start listening to your customers?!

  144. John

    The sudden disappearance of the now you see it, now you don’t “add to existing data plan for $20″ offering is definitely an immense failure on the part of Rogers. Even if the $20 charge was too high, the offering should have been kept. The iPad is an UNLOCKED device. Rogers could have locked me in for $20, but it’s going to take more than that now to keep me as a customer. I may just get micro-sims from all the carriers and switch back and forth to whomever offers the best pricing. Consumers have a lot more power than we’re ever given credit for.

  145. TR

    I purchased a 3G iPad this morning under the assumption THERE WAS a $20 shared plan as I already have the $30/6GB data plan. If I would have seen ONLY the $15 and $35 plans I would have stuck to the WI-FI model. So now what?

  146. Allan

    Ive had an Iphone for 2 years, spend about $200 per month with Rogers .Ordered $1000.00 Ipad plus accessories with 3G this AM from Apple based on fact Rogers was offering a sharing plan as stated on Apple site.This is horrible that Rogers has backtracked.Big Red does it again.This afternoon, I have cancelled my 3 G Ipad and will wait for Bell plans. Once my Iphoen contract is up with Rogers , good bye. Already switched all other cell phones ( 4 in family), internet, Cable,HiDef,home phine to Cogeco.Please Cogeco, offer wireless .So much for customer experience.How many other folks preordered based on this offer.

  147. Andre

    What we need are cheap shared plans, say $5 or less per additional device.

  148. Ian Minton

    I wonder if Apple posted that $20 share plan “in error” to allow Rogers to tell their own customers that they were going to screw them and to show what they really thought about Rogers’ offerings.

    To be blunt, the plans are an insult to customers and I'[m glad it won’t be available on Fido at launch as it will only be less enticing. If I do get the second generation one (apart from the data plan fiasco, the device is sub par to say the least), I’ll be going with WIFI only. Rogers won’t take my money twice for the same thing.

  149. Wow Rogers… completely sucked me in with that $20 “mistake” on the Apple site this morning. Excellent work at listening to your client base. I will be happy with the iPad, but I just won’t be using it on your network. I’d rather pay $35 per month to someone else than have it end up in your pockets. Time to switch the whole kit-and-kaboodle over to one of your competitors. What a waste – I’m sure I won’t be the only one. You’d better act fast and get this sucker into gear and support – not gouge.
    Hugs… Tim

  150. John B.

    I was thinking about buying one. But since I can’t use data I’m already paying for to browse on it, forget it. Sale lost Rogers.

  151. Scott

    This board is useless. The Roger’s rep responds to the easy questions, and completely ignores the issue that most people are asking about.

    I can actually see charging for a seperate data account for the i pad, I don’t like it, but it’s the better alternative to sharing a plan, and having to pay an an additional monthly fee for data you have already purchased. If there is going to be sharing (which it doesn’t look like anyways), a small service charge is acceptable. A $20.00 monthly fee is a joke and unethical.

  152. Moo Latte

    You’re all falling right into Rogers’ trap. It was planned all along to post this and then claim it was a mistake.

    The crowd then gets outraged and says “come on!!!” that sounded good. Rogers’ then re-announces the plan, or a slightly more expensive variation of it, for a “limited-time-offer” only available as a contractual add-on.

    People panic and jump on the plan. Rogers’ looks like a savior. That’s why they haven’t explained why they’re not offering it.

    In addition, they also get feedback from their users so they can tweak the plan before they officially release it.

    If Rogers’ didn’t do this, you all probably wouldn’t have accepted the $20 / per month. Roger’s is just culling its sheep.

  153. Reni Barlow

    Unlike some, I assumed that the $20 option to add the iPad to an existing data plan was a monthly charge. Like many, it was the availability of this option that triggered my pre-order for a 3G model.

    While I appreciate that the Rogers information on the Apple iPad site may have been posted in error, it would be good business for Rogers to honour this option for those who purchased 3G iPads up until the time that the error was removed from the site. A better solution would be to actually offer the $20 option…

    For those who purchased a 3G iPad based on the $20 add-on offer while it was active, failing to honour the apparent offer might be interpreted by a court as false advertising.

    1. Tim Folkins

      Excellent point, Reni!! I am in the exact same state of mind. Rogers really should address this.

  154. Ian


    I don’t understand how you can ignore the fact that there are many people already paying for far more data than we actually use each month. I pay for 6GB each month and use, on average, 200-300MB.

    You allow me to use data from that 6GB bucket via tethering so why not through an iPad? I appreciate that tethering is still going through my iPhone, so I have no problem paying a small fee to use a second device on that same data bucket. I was willing to pay $20/month for the bolt-on plan even though $20 seemed a bit steep (I would have expected $5-10/month to be more reasonable).

    The two options you’re giving people are fine for customers without an existing data plan, but for the bulk of us, these are not even close to being an acceptable option. You’re gouging your customers.

    Oh well, I save $20/month. I’ll make do with wi-fi.

  155. Ed

    IMHO, Rogers, bring back the $20 ONE TIME FEE to attach an iPad SIM to the iPhone plan.

    Rogers benefits in the following ways:
    1. $20 covers your overhead and labour (10 min with call centre)
    2. You make your existing iPhone data subscribers “sticky” when they are also attached to the iPad. They are less likely to move on to another carrier.
    3. You are moving in the right direction towards excellent value and in return you are perceived as the market leader among the big 3 and shuts out potential new entrants.
    4. You can potentially grow your subscriber base.

    It would be stupid to piss off your existing customer once again… Remember you no longer have monopoly in the iPhone space and this move is critical. Choose wisely or watch your subscriber base drop significantly over the next year or two. Your call :)

  156. Brad

    When the new iPhones are released, can I buy the iPad $35-for-5GB plan as my data option on an iPhone? How about data only, no voice?

    1. Adam Halinaty

      Probably not, but since the new iPhone will have microSIM, if you have an iPad, just pop that sim into the iPhone.

  157. Jamie

    Rogers, you can CLAIM that this is an Apple mistake, but there is NO WAY they would have posted, on Rogers letterhead, pricing stating a $20 fee to attach data plans UNLESS you had previously sent them OFFICIAL pricing with this included. Just because you as a company forgot, neglected, didn’t bother etc, to pull the data before they posted it online doesn’t mean you can blame it on another company and then ignore the public backlash. Blame it all you want on Apple, but we all know where the mistake originated. Man up, take the heat and give the customers what they want / deserve.

  158. Brian

    Why are people excited to share data for $20. This should be a free option to share between hardware. I don’t buy Internet for each computer in my house!! Let us share it on multiple hardware, and we’ll use up our data faster and pay overages. Win win!

  159. mccdan

    Same here: I’ve bought the 3G version this morning when I saw that I would be allowed to share my outragous overpriced IPhone data plan. But now, I’m realy considering to downgrade to the wifi only model. I think the GPS in the 3G model is my only incencitive right now…

  160. al

    wow, still no response from any ROGERS social media reps…??

    leave your clients hanging why don’t you…!!

    or rather how to ignore your clients; see ROGERS..!!

    1. Spencer C

      Don’t shoot the messenger.

      Social media is great but it is only a medium, the message still has to be approved by executives.

      Finding new ways to interact with customers is great but Rogers needs to change its culture at the business decision level as well to bring in policies and pricing that is more consumer-friendly.

  161. Jeff Richards

    I currently pay over $100 per month to Rogers for my iPhone plan. I’ve had the same # with Rogers since the late 90s.

    Having said that, I pre-ordered my iPad with the $20 one-time data sharing fee being posted on Apple’s website. Rogers had no information up to counter it, so I ordered the 3G iPad. In my opinion, Rogers and Apple need to honour this. If not, I’ll just port my # over to another carrier and Rogers will lose well over $1400 per year from me.

    It’s simple. If Rogers wished to be the source of iPad data info, they needed to have it posted before the pre-orders went live. They knew the iPad was coming; they even had an extension courtesy of Apple. They did not have any information available to us, so they left Apple as the only source for us pre-order folks.

    Those customers who ordered the 3G iPad based on the $20 posted sharing option must have it honoured. If Rogers wishes to honour it for orders placed after the info was removed, that is up to them. People who order in the future can be told it isn’t applicable, but those of us who did pre-order while it was still on the site MUST have it honoured or else Rogers will lose enormous good will and significant numbers of customers. The tide of opinion here is overwhelming and this is one board that most users are unaware of. The financial losses to Rogers will be vastly in excess of what is said here.

    The fact that Rogers is utterly ignoring this issue, not even saying “we’re sorry you’re upset, we’re looking into it” is inexcusable customer service.

    (By the way, Rogers, I signed up for your “notify me about iPad data plans” page. Still no notification.)

  162. Svetoslav

    I have a solution for everybody complaining – cancel your iPhone data plans and, get the WiFi iPad and for the difference in price get the MiFi from Bell or Rogers and share your data to all your devices and hopefully Novatel will resolve the issue with the overheating batteries before May 28th – and if you want to go even lower you can always get your iPad from the States and save on some taxes and the exchange rate difference.
    And please stop complaining

  163. KLO

    C’mon Rogers! I am already paying the premium rate for your iPhone plan (times 2 since both me and my wife are on iPhone) and you are not going to allow me to “bolt on” my iPad to my existing plan? This is ridiculous!

    I have been a loyal and good customer for almost 15 yrs. For once, this whole ordeal will make me start looking for alternatives.

  164. perrys

    I am very disappointed with Rogers withdrawing the Data plan sharing ($20) today afternoon for Ipad & Iphone.

    Does anybody know can you teether Iphone with Ipad to use its data plan. Does Rogers control that too ?

    Let us share our iphone data plan with ipad!. Otherwise Its such a waste of 30 dollars/month.

  165. Dustin

    I’m not siding with Rogers on this – but American AT&T users don’t have the option to combine data plans and they are screaming and complaining. Just a thought.

  166. JoeB

    Rogers continually make their customers look like blind sheep. I was hoping to see a little forward thinking and perhaps even leading the pack in terms of data pricing/packaging. Once again, they are not even able to keep up with our neighbors to the south and offer UNLIMITED data for a monthly cost…with no contract. Even Mr.Jobs was proud of this fact. And whatbdoes Rogers do? Fail miserably again in standing up for the customers that have made them so wealthy. $15 & $35 packages with no other options? Definitely “how Rogers of them”. I trust that there will be a work-around/hack to solve this problem, and when there is, I will post it on every public forum, including this one, so Rogers can see that when they do not give honest and reasonable packages to their customers, their customers will make their own. I already have and jail broke my iPhone and use MiWi as my own little hotspot to share MY paid for data in any way I choose.
    Get lost Rogers! We will take your food, but cook it then way we like!

  167. tom

    Canada is a 3rd world country in communication! First the UBB and now this. Is the cost of data transmission really gone up in price in the 21st century?

    If Rogers continues to be this stubborn, you can expect another customer pack his number and go elsewhere. That’s ME! My household spends $ 150 / month on cable TV and cell phone. You can kiss those revenue goodbye.

    1. Adam Halinaty

      I spend $300/month on wireless ALONE. $600/month total on Rogers Services.

      What you don’t realize is that when you’ve been with other carriers in the past and stick with on consistently, it actually isn’t that bad. I receive great service from Rogers and always have.

  168. Rick Lang

    Let me try this post once again since it doesn’t appear here; I’ll edit it a bit:

    Glad to see Rogers generally following the same practices for new customers as AT&T in terms of plans and how they are contract free.
    Currently a Fido customer on the 6 GB $30/month plan offered when the iPhone 3G debuted in Canada. Awaiting news of support for the iPad from Fido.

    Congratulations to Rogers on a fine fiscal performance recently; no one wants to see their carrier in any financial difficulty and Rogers appears to be doing very well.

    I’ve never approached anywhere near my 6 GB maximum and thought the rumours of a plan to add to your existing iPhone plan were a brilliant and courageous move by Rogers which would outshine AT&T’s approach. Alas it’s “not at this time.” I’ll sit this one out because I feel my monthly charges are quite high enough as is and almost always would use the device at home via WiFi anyway.

    It seems Rogers is happy to hide how most everyone uses their phones, particularly those who bought the 6 GB plan – the truth is they are grossly under utilized and adding this additional device would not even change that reality in a significant way.

    Think about it, Rogers and build some customer loyalty by taking a unique approach that may be minimal cost to you and a welcome benefit to your existing 3G customers.

  169. You can see how many of us want to share out data plans across the iPhone and iPad.. time to listen up and let us do it!

  170. Denis Boisvert

    Was very near to buy the 3G. I also have my 6 gygs plan .. so out of question I pay twice, even if there was a shared plan ! Not so sure to buy the Wifi model. If so, I will use my mini-router wirelesss, using batteru or plug outlet… hihih. So I will be able to share my 6 gugs plan anyplace, any time, or a prepaid USB stick from Vrgin. Thanks, Rogers, you gave me the occasion to use my mind, and find others ways to use an Ipad, without jailbreak my Iphone.

  171. Steve

    What’s with Fido not offering 3G plans for the iPad? Fido was right on board with the iPhone along with Rogers when it was launched in Canada. Why not the same situation with the iPad?

    1. Adam Halinaty

      Well it’s different. It’s not like you’re opening up a new wireless account. It’s not like coverage is any different.

      Fido customers can get a Rogers microSIM and use it. It doesn’t make a difference – there is no benefit to having a Fido option as the Rogers one is PREPAID, no need to open an account. At the end of 30 days, you can choose to either purchase another data bucket or not. There is no committment and no auto-renewal.

      It didn’t make sense to have a Fido option – there is no benefit to being a Fido customer as it would be the same thing as choosing the Rogers option.

  172. Lee

    When I pre-ordered my iPad early this morning there was a $20 iPad data option for existing Rogers customers. I was very pleased as I’m an existing iPhone customer (we actually have both a 3G and a 3GS in our household and one has a 6GB/month plan through Fido) and had an expectation that iPhone customers should get some sort of “bundle” discount or ability to share our existing data plans with the iPad. I’m very disappointed to see that Rogers is saying the $20 plan was a mistake. Obviously Rogers must have been strongly considering a $20 plan for existing customers for this mistake to make it onto the Apple Store website – Apple wouldn’t just put that out there out of the blue.

    It’s clear to me that the real mistake is that Rogers is taking their customers’ loyalty for granted. If Rogers (and Fido) aren’t forward-thinking enough to offer a resonable iPad data plan for their existing customers I think they will see many of their customers jump to the competition as soon as another carrier provides iPad data plans. Rogers/Fido should also keep in mind that in just over a year many of us will be at the end of our iPhone 3G contracts…

    However, on a more positive note, I believe that most Rogers/Fido customers appreciate very much (I certainly do) the iPhone tethering included in many of the data plans – this is the sort of data plan flexibility that helps foster a positive client relationship.

  173. dave

    WoW!! what a rip off if i’m already paying for my Data why shouldn’t I be able to use it on any device I OWN?? its like having internet at home but Not to be able to use with any other computer and get another internet cable for each computer. does that make any sense??. this is just outrages, Honestly $5 for sharing the data you are already paying for is more than enough. its shame rogers have let so many people down. I was panning on getting a 3g ipad but there is no way i would get unless its shared with my existing data plan and I won’t be paying more than $5 a month for a data that i’m already paying for. if that didn’t happened i’m sticking with my laptop. wake up people enough is enough. and no thanks

  174. Gerald

    What I want to know is if this $35 for 5GB/month plan is available as a data-only option only (similar to RocketStick plans) or will it be available to be attached with a voice plan? I’m currently on a $30 for 1GB/month plan and would love to pay $5 more for it.

    When will does this plan launch?

  175. GPV

    I already pay $30 for 6GB. It’s already bad enough that roll-over minutes still do not exist in a country that seems to be in the telecom stone age thanks to the CRTC that protects a handful of telecom giants in the name of what’s best for Canadian consumers. But I want to share my unused data capacity with my iPad. I’m paying for it, so if I’m not using it on one device, I should be able to use it on another. I pay for my annual water bill and can use it to shower, take a bath, cook, do my dishes and laundry and (provided there is no water shortage) water my plants and wash the car. Data is data… I pay for it and I should use it how I please. Rogers should not control this because they can they are greedy and have not once provided me with any real customer service or attempt to keep me on as a customer unless my contract is about to expire. Wake up Rogers. The CRTC may not exist forever. Then you’ll have to compete with the entire word. It’s a global world after all.

  176. Philippe Schnobb

    I was very happy this morning to read about the 20$ plan and I ordered a Ipad before going to work! What a surprise and a deception to read that it was “an error”!

    I feel very frustrated and I’ll be looking at ways to cancel my order.

  177. andri

    95+% of customers don’t use more than 5GB per month . . . I wonder why that would be . . . I will assume it is because of the ridiculous mark ups on the initial rates for data consumption as well as the sky high overage charges

  178. David Kwong

    For those have the 6GB data plan on iPhone like myself, I suggest we all wait until iPhone 4G is here before buying the iPad. (Assume you like the iPad)

    Rogers will definitively change its mind when they realized they make us angry sooooo much !!!

    Folks, Work together!!!!

  179. Darren


    There’s no way I’m going to pay for your 3G data plans for an iPad. I already pay through the nose for my high speed extreme internet data and my iPhone 3GS 6GB plan…

    250MB is a joke for low end. You can suck that much data in less than a day on an iPad.

    Taking off the sharing option was a big mistake as you can see by all the people canceling their iPad 3G orders.

    You should offer 1GB plan as entry level for $20, a 5GB plan for $35 (ok you got that), and a data sharing plan with existing iPhone customers for a one-time fee, even a one time fee of $30 would be ok.

    You need to revise your plans because I’m never signing up for what you are currently offering. I’ll go to another carrier.

  180. phoomp

    $35 for 5GB without a contract. Can I use that deal on an iPhone rather than the iPad? I have no need for a voice plan but I’d prefer to carry a data-only-iPhone around with me rather than a bulky iPad.

    1. +1

      Agree wholeheartedly.

  181. Brian

    I think that all of this complaining and asking , “why, why, rogers” is absolutely hilarious!! The simple answer (and you all know it) is , “why- because you will all pay it !!) For all the threats to leave and not get the ipad, how many do you think will follow through. This is especially true for apple products. When people love their apple’s, they will pay whatever they have to in order to use it. Rogers, Bell, and Telus don’t lower their plans and never will. If all continue to gouge, their is still little choice for customers. The only way this will ever change for the apple products is if Apple makes their products capable of working on the AWS system. Then, Wind mobile would be able to actually bring in some competition.

  182. lori t

    i cannot agree more with everyone about the ‘error’ on shared plans….SERIOUSLY – DATA IS DATA…I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY TO SHARE DATA I ALREADY PAY FOR !!!!

    i am a die hard apple user -laptop, 24″ iMac and iphone….NO IPAD FOR ME !!!!!
    rogers and apple should be ashamed of themselves. DATA IS DATA
    stop the games !@ stop gauging people !!!!!!
    i will tether
    NO IPAD FOR ME…NOT EVEN WIFI…apple just lost my 700$ !!!!
    AND FRANKLY, ROGERS JUST MAY LOSE ME AS A CUSTOMER WHEN MY CONTRACT COMES DUE JUST A FEW MONTHS FROM NOW…not to mention my husbands contract too…remember Rogers…women make alot of those financial decisions in the home !!!!

  183. Marcel Marquis

    How about offering some day and week rates at 250MB or whatever is reasonable, like Orange and SFR are doing in the UK and France respectively?
    Not offering free access to my iPhone data package from iPad is price gouging and I will limit my use of the iPad outside WiFi areas to the minimum.

  184. Brendan

    Bell/Telus/Wind, are you watching this? Opportunity for a few thousand new subscribers if you can offer a better deal. $30/unlimited? Shared devices? Can someone prove that we actually competition between the CDN carriers? ….please?

  185. RB

    I have a 6GB data plan on my Rogers iPhone. I pre-ordered a 3G iPad but I think the 3G part will stay idle for a while, waiting for a reasonable deal from Rogers. I really hope reality hits them and a limited time offer becomes available for existing customers. Just see the example from our friends in Spain: “Movistar, Telefonica’s consumer arm in Spain, has announced a pretty stonking deal: if you already have a smartphone data plan costing €25 a month, you can get a Micro SIM and 3G data on your iPad for free. Espana totally just won the “best place to own an iPad” contest.” (source: Engadget).

    Rogers, are you listening?

  186. Brad

    “But even for our rocket stick/embedded laptop customers, 95.6 per cent use less than 5GB per month.”

    Seeing as you mention the Rocket Stick and Laptop customers, can those customers now expect to be able to put their devices on the 5GB-for-$35 plan? Or will this $35 plan exist only for iPad customers?

    The sooner Rogers becomes agnostic about devices and treats data like the commodity it is, the better for all of us. Bits are bits, and the wireless network is infrastructure, no different than hydro lines or water pipes. Charge for quantity consumed, and simplify your plan structures.

  187. Randy

    This “Redboard” is supposedly to get feedback from Rogers’ customers.

    There have been over 220 comments on this iPad data debacle posting, the overwhelming majority negative (even leading to a CBC article on the outrage of Rogers’ customers yet again). After 151 ratings, the announcement has earned a glowing 1.3 stars out of five!

    If this blog is truly to guage feedback from customers, and not simply a marketing ploy, then I hope Rogers is taking note and preparing a valid response. It seems the @Rogers people on here, have gone MIA!

  188. Rogers is taking a lot of heat for revealing the details of a $20 charge to share data from an existing plan, then backtracking and removing the option. I think customer anger over the removal of the shared plan is obscuring the true story here: that Rogers is actually offering a fair and usable data plan for a 3G networked device (iPad). The 5GB-for-$35 is light-years ahead of any other plan on the market in Canada, in fact it’s about one third of the current asking price for a 5GB data plan.

    I get the strong impression that Apple leveraged the popularity of the iPad, and forced Rogers to offer a decent data plan in order to be recognized as the data provider for the May 28th launch. The link from the Apple pre-order page must be driving huge numbers of people to the Rogers site to view the plan details. AT&T is thought to have bought itself a longer exclusivity period as provider of the iPhone and iPad in the US by offering an unlimited data plan for $30. Taking a page from that book, I think Rogers negotiated with Apple the right to be the only Canadian wireless provider mentioned on the Apple site by agreeing to a fair and reasonable data package. Interestingly, though, the plan is pay-as-you-go, so there is nothing stopping an iPad user from switching to Bell or Telus when those companies unveil their offerings. I guess Rogers is counting on a certain amount of “stickiness” in their subscribers.

    My biggest concern is that Rogers and the other providers will restrict these plans to iPad devices only. I don’t fully understand how SIM cards (or mini-SIMs) work. Would it be possible to take the mini-SIM from an iPad and plug it into a new iPhone? Would you get 5GB of data, and no voice minutes? That kind of monthly data, at that price, contract-free, would be a huge win for consumers…

    …and a huge loss for the wireless provider. I think the margin on mobile data is pretty thin. The telcos make their big bucks off the voice minutes, long distance, and texting fees they charge. Overage fees for data use are also a big bonus to the wireless providers. Rogers has stated that their iPad plan is structured to avoid overage fees entirely: if a subscriber reaches the 5GB cap before the end of the 30-day billing period, a new billing period starts immediately, and the user is charged another $35 for the next 30 days.

    This to me is the clearest indication that Rogers is starting to “get it”. I don’t know if 5GB-for-$35 is the right amount of data-per-dollar, but I think it’s a reasonable start. More importantly, it represents a big step forward in that the wireless provider is thinking of itself as a utility providing a commodity. We can hope that the 3G competition that already exists in Canada will exert pressure to bring down the data-per-dollar cost. It will be very interesting to see what Bell and Telus offer for the iPad. Indeed, it will be interesting to see if this “data enlightenment” shown by Rogers is reflected in the iPhone plans that should launch in June with the new iPhone.

    1. Jamie

      Lightyears ahead of other data plans in Canada is still light years BEHIND the rest of the world. We’re getting gouged no matter how you look at it. Yes, we may be missing the big picture, but the big picture is still garbage.

      The real issue here is that Rogers is forcing users to pay for data TWICE. I barely use 1 GB of the 6 for my iPhone, so what should I pay for a total of 11 GB per month when i MIGHT use 2? I’m already paying for 6 so why cant I use that bucket for all my Rogers devices?

      This is the same company that sells the Novatel Mifi hotspot that allows up to 5 devices simultaneously to share data…
      Care to explain how on one hand you allow users to share data, and on the other hand you force us to pay for data twice?
      I’d love to hear a rational explanation of how you can justify what you are doing…

    2. poopy

      Thanks for the post Brad, as it is thoughtful – and not particularly outraged!

      My comment is that though I agree that the proposed no-contract plans might seem reasonable for customers who do not already have a data plan (hence Apple’s interest is served by selling more iPads), or for customers who have a plan that’s not quite large enough for the iPad’s expected appetite, the situation is quite different for those existing Rogers customers already clocking a GB or more.

      I appreciate that profitability may be a concern for data carriage, and that the ‘reduction’ of the carrier to a ‘data-pipe’ seems like a industry tilting toward commoditization, but if Rogers doesn’t take the long view and fails to reinstate the published offer of a one-time $20 bolt-on fee then they will be driving customers to jailbreak their iPhones – and the data will get consumed regardless with zero remuneration to the carrier. Factor this by the secondary effect of increased itchiness to jump to an alternate “fair” carrier, and then you’ve got some ugly happening. (There’s even an evolving and credible interest in customer legal action in repsonse to very well documented false advertising – yay!)

      I believe that all of the carriers now need to do two things: suck up the remaining feature phone users into the smartphone market while that market still has growth, and stabilize existing customers with attractive service offerings.

      Gouging premium customers could be a bad idea. In addition to higher churn, it’ll send some $100+ folks back to a super-simple mobile voice plan at the cheapest possilbe rate with a PAYGO carrier supplemented by a PAYGO iPad plan. Call it the ‘new simplicity’. And an overall net loss to Rogers.

      It will be interesting.

  189. Brendan

    Again we’re registering complaints and no one from Rogers is commenting on anything. What is a company blog worth if it’s just the clients that are blogging? Is the problem that Rogers execs don’t get into work until noon?

    As a responsible company you may have made a mistake but are you seriously taking the stance that if we were silly enough be excited by your shared plan and sign up on that basis that now we’re out of luck? The responsible thing would be to own the mistake. I doubt seriously that it was an Apple error. I expect someone at Rogers forgot to send a memo, but obviously a shared plan was on the table.

    Have you noticed the excitement it had generated? Obviously people wanted it.

    Your pricing is crazy regardless. $60 for 5GB on an iPhone, $35 for 5 GB on an iPad, my plan is $30 for 6GB (promo) on the iPhone. It’s all the same usage from your networks point of view. Please explain.

    I hope the federal regulators are watching this. Rogers arbitrary data plan pricing is holding an otherwise tech-savvy country in the stone age for mobile data.

  190. Glenn Miller

    I want to be able to share my data bucket. I have a 6Gb iPhone plan and want to share my total data with an iPad. I also want the data bucket to be transferable to any new phone plan I sign up for– even if I choose an Android or Windows phone.
    It is absolutely useless to offer free WiFi Hotspot Access in BC. I checked it out. There are 293 Hotspots in BC. 9 belong to Rogers and all of the rest are Bell!

  191. Rob

    While trying to justify that a 5 GB plan is “unlimited enough” you say: 99.5% of customers with 6 GB plans don’t use even use 5 GB per month.

    You didn’t notice the implication: 99.5% of customers with 6 GB plans WILL WANT TO SHARE DATA PLANS with their iPad.

  192. al

    as far as wifi hotspots go, in montreal most WIFI are Second Cup shops, most of which already offer free WIFI…!!

    Q:go figure, where is the value in ROGERS wifi?
    A:same place their social netwokring reps are, MIA…!

  193. Michael

    What a bunch of marketing spin!!! Of course 95.6% of your rocket stick/imbedded customers use less than 5 GB per month. That’s the limit that Rogers imposes on you, unless you want to pay outragous fees. At $65 for 5 GB, that’s 1.27 cents per MB. If you go over that, your price per MB goes up to 5 cents per MB!!! With most things, prices go down as you buy more. With Rogers, the price goes up almost 4X.

    Come on Rogers, what’s up with that?

    1. RogersKeith

      Rogers also offers a 15GB plan for heavy data users.

  194. Jamie Patrick

    We pay for data on two iPhones already (and for Internet), and until there is a plan that addresses existing customers (who never use anywhere near their monthly data amount) we won’t be paying for more data for another device – even an iPad. (Especially given the extremely poor customer service we’ve received in the past year.) Waiting for news on plans from Bell/Telus or will go with the wifi only iPad.

  195. Wow. Just… wow. When a group of us (Android users) met recently with RogersMary and others from Rogers head office, they asked us about the iPad, if we planned to get one, etc, and we specifically told them they needed to offer a _SHARED_ plan.

    We thought they’d listened. Apparently not!

    FAIL, Rogers!

  196. Ideaex

    According to an article in the Guardian in the UK “Apple is understood to have made it plain that it wanted iPad mobile phone pricing plans to stand alone.” which is what is stopping UK telcos from offering to add iPad to an existing iPhone plan.

    I’ve not seen this reported anywhere else and if true it seems strange the “add on” plan would have appeared on Apple’s site.

    I’ve not heard of any country in the world offering this so I think the chances of Rogers doing so are slim to none. As is clear from the comments here though it’s obviously something a lot of people want.

    1. RB

      Ideax: Haven’t heard of any country offering this? How about Spain? “Movistar, Telefonica’s consumer arm in Spain, has announced a pretty stonking deal: if you already have a smartphone data plan costing €25 a month, you can get a Micro SIM and 3G data on your iPad for free. Espana totally just won the “best place to own an iPad” contest.” (source: Engadget).

  197. Wow, Rogers social media team has really gone quiet…
    It looks like this board was a shot in the foot….

    Rogers, you suck, big time !

    1. RogersKeith

      We’re still listening and engaging in the conversation where it makes sense Thomas.

      1. Ideaex

        So what you’re saying is it doesn’t make any sense to you to engage in the conversation!

      2. Adam Halinaty

        Obviously they aren’t going to bother engaging with mindelss idiots, like all of the complainers in this comment section.

        What people don’t understand is that writing a comment in all caps and screaming and blasting Rogers is not a way to get what you want. Being civil is a much more effective approach and they are more likely to want to hear what you have to say.

        I personally don’t have a problem with the Rogers iPad plans – in fact, they are revolutionary compared to what we currently have in Canada.

        People say “AT&T HAS UNLIMITED FOR $30 WTF ROGERS”, but what you folks don’t realize is that AT&T’s “Unlimited” plan is capped at 6GB of usage. Yes, it’s still higher than our 5GB and it’s cheaper, but in Canada you can always expect to pay a slight premium over our USA counterparts – you do on the iPad, after all.

        When you have an issue with something, screaming and complaining won’t get you anywhere. Being civil and starting a civil discussion will. No company, not just Rogers, but no company will engage with an individual who starts demanding things right off the bat.

      3. i think you have that backwards. nobody is demanding things right of the bat. rogers offered a $20 add on plan via apple’s site right off the bat and then backtracked.

        you are being disingenuous by comparing the soft capped att&t plan with rogers guaranteed overage charges after you reach the limit on your data plan.

        i suppose you would be happier if it was all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows on the forum, but people generally don’t post their approval… it has to be expected by a corporate entity offering a forum to be exposed to criticism.

        calling rogers customers that have legitimate complaints about the services offered ‘mindelss idiots’ adds nothing constructive to a civil discussion that you claim to desire and just makes you look like a corporate shill.

        people are mad and they say so. deal with it.

      4. Jesse David Hollington

        Rogers did not “offer a $20 add on plan.” People are assuming that because Apple had it listed on their web site that Rogers had something to do with it. While that’s certainly possible, it’s unreasonable to assume that this is the case.

        Apple is currently preparing for a worldwide launch of the iPad in a dozen different countries, and I’m sure they’re juggling carrier pricing information all over the place. It’s not unreasonable to assume that they could have made this mistake entirely on their own, particularly when you consider that Rogers is not the only carrier that they posted incorrect information on.

        I think it’s disingenuous to hold Rogers to a promise that they never actually made.

        As for the comparison of AT&T’s “unlimited” plans vs Rogers’ 6GB plans, the fact is that I’d really like to meet the person who regularly pays overage charges on the 6GB plan and find out exactly what they’re doing with their device. 6GB is a lot of data, particularly on the iPhone and iPad, which have been specifically designed to limit 3G data usage (downscaled video, limited iTunes and App Store downloads, etc).

        For 99.9% of the users, 6GB==unlimited. It’s all semantics beyond that.

      5. Jamie

        No postings from Rogers in 24 hours is hardly engaging…

      6. Johannes Lindenbaum

        You haven’t answered anyone’s rational questions.

        Why can’t we share data buckets? Why does 5GB “iPad data” cost $35/m when a 6GB data bundle is/was $30. Is it because of its contractless state?

        Why is it infeasible for Rogers to allow sharing data buckets for an additional $5/m per device? $30/m for 6GB data + $5/m to share my bucket with a 3G iPad. I’d consider that a fair trade.

        Rogers is failing to listen to customers, imho.

        I understand you’re in a very delicate position here, as this could potentially turn (if it hasn’t already) into a PR nightmare for Rogers Wireless (and other brands).

        All we want is answers, Keith, a better trained phone staff, and shared data buckets ;).

        The mob isn’t helping this situation and I understand that, but you’re not answering people’s rational questions, neither have you followed up this blog post with another post explaining the mishap, or who caused the error. Please detail the planning steps… are there plans in action to consider bucket sharing?

      7. Jesse David Hollington

        People seem to keep missing the fact that a 6GB data bundle for $30 was a limited-time promotion that Rogers has offered twice for the sake of new iPhone releases. You can’t get that plan outside of the promotion timeframe (6GB is normally $70), and in fact when my plan was accidentally cancelled last fall, I had to fight with Rogers to get it put back onto my account (the CSR kept trying to offer me the 1GB plan for $30 instead).

        Further, that 6GB promotional plan required a three-year contract. Even when the promotion was on, contract-free data was at the normal $70 for 6GB rate.

        Sharing data buckets would be a fantastic feature that I would love to see, but I think that there’s an unrealistic entitlement mentality running through this thread. Holding Rogers to what Apple posts on their web site is unreasonable, and otherwise there has never been any promise of any concept of a shared data plan.

        As I mentioned elsewhere, like it or not, Rogers is offering the 6GB data plans on a per device basis on the assumption that the huge majority will never get close to 6GB of data per month. Letting people share the plans would skew these numbers dramatically and increase the load on Rogers’ network, thereby driving up their costs, thereby driving up the pricing for such data plans.

        The concept is not a new one either. Insurance companies, voice calling plans, and all-you-can-eat buffets work on the same principle — offer a LOT for a low price, based on the assumption that most people will never fully take advantage of the maximums.

        Again, I’m not saying Rogers shouldn’t offer shared data buckets, but I can understand why they’re not. In the very least, the economics of doing such a thing would require some additional consideration. That said, the $20 monthly fee would seem like a fair enough expense to cover the extra usage from a secondary device, but I’m also not the one looking at Rogers’ balance sheets.

      8. Tom

        Keith, I can appreciate that responding to a lot of this vitriolic criticism may be tough, but some insight into what happened with the $20 plan listed on Apple’s website could really help.

        Was this an option that was discussed and rejected? If so, what was the reasoning behind that? I understand it was an error on Apple’s part to post it, but maybe someone could say why Rogers won’t be offering such a plan?

        If you think it will be too costly, or that it will be difficult for the network to handle, then I’d encourage you to say so. While many may still disagree, a level of transparency will really help win back a lot of trust from customers, myself included.

      9. JenninCGY

        How can you even say that RogersKeith? If you truly were engaging ‘where it makes sense’ you would have addressed all the times this question was asked: “Are you listening Rogers?” Even a small comment like, “We are following up with upper management regarding your concerns” might at least make a few people happy! I am not an Apple fan at all, and the plans even disgust me!

      10. poopy

        Nice to hear from you again RogersKeith! This forum is very interesting, both for it’s content and as a social media effort.

        But can you amplify a bit on your statement the you are “engaging in the conversation where it makes sense “? I respectfully suggest that it makes sense to explain why Apple / Rogers retracted the shared data plan offer.

      11. Jesse David Hollington

        Rogers did respond: The shared data plan offer was a mistake on Apple’s part. I don’t see the need for them to explain that any further. Even if you don’t believe that’s the truth, the fact is that they’ve responded to the question in the only way they’re going to.

        Ergo, the official word from Rogers is that Apple shouldn’t have put that onto their web site, and it was Apple who erred in doing so. With Apple preparing for a worldwide launch of the iPad, and having made at least two similar mistakes in other countries, this is not at all surprising.

      12. Stan

        Why are you the only one who believes this was Apples part? Based on Rogers past history, it makes total sense that they sent the information off to Apple, changed their minds, and didnt bother to retract the previously sent information.

        No matter who made the mistake, people made purchases based on the available information. Why did Rogers not have anything posted on their own sites until HOURS after the pad was available for pre-order? If Rogers cant be bothered to provide the information and the only place to turn is Apple, why should we not believe the information is correct? Rogers had MONTHS to prepare for the launch and did a lousy job. The data plans should have been announced PRIOR to the launch. This would have mitigated almost all of the major complaints. Notice how everyone on this board wants shared plans? Do you think we’d be yelling so hard had Rogers not passed that on to Apple? (I’m still holding Rogers responsible for this based on past experience.)

        Stop looking at this from a Rogers perspective and try looking at it from perspective of the hundreds of angry customers.

      13. Jesse David Hollington

        I merely said that it is possible that this mistake is completely on Apple’s part, and we shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions here. Further, Apple did make similar mistakes in two other countries. While that could have also been miscommunications with the carriers or the desire on the part of the carriers to “claw back” on their promises, the fact that it happened more than once leads me to believe the issue has more to do with Apple than Rogers.

        Keep in mind that Apple is building all of this information into a back-end database somewhere for ALL of the carriers — it’s not like they built that web page manually and specifically entered the extra pricing details for Rogers. More likely they missed a checkbox or drop-down field somewhere indicating which plans are available to which carriers in what countries.

        Further, I merely stated that Rogers has responded. They said it was a mistake. Suggesting that they haven’t responded isn’t accurate, whether you believe the response or not, and whether you believe the response is sufficient. It sounds like, “It was a mistake” is the only response we’re going to get, so people need to stop asking why Rogers hasn’t responded — they have. I don’t like the response either, but there it is.

        That all having been said, the lack of communication from Rogers, and the eleventh-hour announcement of data plans for the iPad in general is a completely different matter, and is inexcusable — a brief blurb weeks ago that Rogers would have data plans “coming soon” and then a lack of any meaningful further details until the very last possible moment is frustrating at best, but also not surprising. Last year’s iPhone 3GS fiasco is another good example of that sort of behaviour — an announcement the night before about changed upgrade eligibility that was not effectively communicated to 95% of their retail stores.

        While I believe that Keith and the social media team are doing a great job with the information they have, they are only the messengers here — Rogers corporately needs to do a much better and more timely job of communicating this type of information.

      14. Terry

        You’re listening, engaging where the conversation makes sense?!? No, of course it doesn’t make sense to you that for some strange reason, your customers aren’t blindly accepting Rogers edict of no shared data plan. There’s been no intelligent feedback from you or your staff whatsoever with regards to the hundreds of upset posters on this system, all wondering why Rogers won’t offer a shared data plan. I would imagine it’s a difficult task to put a positive PR spin on this fiasco. Frankly, I don’t think I’d want to be in your shoes…exactly how do you present a logical argument on why Rogers disallows shared data plans? I look forward to your reply.

      15. Tommy


        On more than 300 posts, you did not reply to any one about the 20$ bolt-on option that was available when we did our purchase, except to say that this is an error. So please don’t say that you’re engaging in conversations where it makes sense, because you are NOT engaging in the conversation, and people are just complaining since yesterday, without any feedback from Rogers.

        I agree that some posts could be more polite, but the message is still the same, and this is about value (what we get for what we pay, and the overall message is that Rogers again want to make a lot of short term money and they don’t care about what their customers wants).

        You should at least inform people that you forward the comments and insatisfaction to your upper management, and that you will work to propose more acceptable iPad plans. But no. You don’t show any interest for what people are saying, and you keep the position that there is two plan to stick with (15$/35$). Existing curtomers like me, who already pay Rogers a lot of money for wireless data, don’t want to pay more than double this amount only use what they already pay for, but with another device. Ok for a small amount, even if I don’t think this is fair, but not 30$ / iPhone and 35$ / iPad. It doesn’t make any sense and I’m prettry sure that if you remove your “Rogers” hat, you will agree with that. I understand your position, and you have to maintain the official message, but I encourage you to give feedback to people and show that you care a litlle bit about what they say. Thanks.

      16. al

        how do u engage in a conversation by staying silent from yesterday AM till today PM?

        engaging is a 2 way street; how can you attempt to engage when you and your team have conveniently been avoiding replying to any questions on this board?

      17. Jamie

        Still waiting for a “we’re sorry we screwed up so bad” but I don’t expect to see that anytime soon. Rogers, as always, has passed the buck. Blame it on Apple all you want, we all know where the fault lies.

      18. netrokid

        With all due respect (and admiration for allowing people to vent here) wouldn’t it make sense to engage in the conversation by giving an explanation as to why the shared data package was offered and then taken away? Many of us did purchase the iPad thinking we’d be able to share our plan (as advertised on the Apple site).. and again, although it was a little pricey- it was a step in the right direction for Rogers in terms of not charging twice for the same service.

      19. Mike

        Keith- glad your still engaged here

        Can you help me understand why I would want to start another data plan when I don’t even come close to using my existing 6gb data plan that I pay for every month on my iphone?

        Yes I want the latest data device from Apple, but I already have a data plan. Keith, you may have noticed a trend in the comments on this thread. People are starting to share ideas about ways to get the toys they want while giving Rogers less money every month. Should be a red flag for someone on your side. Remember the original iphone data plan backlash?

        I’ve already dropped VIP cable because I don’t want to pay for literally hundreds of channels I have no interest in but have to take so I can have the few channels I actually watched. I’ve dropped high speed internet from Rogers because your (Rogers) solution to my slow congested connection is for me to pay for a higher speed internet package.

        I was really excited about the ipad but the reality of data plans and contracts have made me realize its just avenue to give out more disposable income every month.

        Besides, its not like Apple isn’t going to release a 2nd generation ipad this time next year.

  198. Here’s what people are saying on Twitter about Rogers and the iPad launch.

  199. Jamie

    RogersKeith – On behalf of all the other posters on this board, we demand that you, as head of social media, take your job seriously and respond to the hundreds of postings that you as a company or an individual have decided to ignore. We will not go away. If you aren’t going to give us what we deserve (not want…deserve), at least provide answers as to WHY you allow sharing of data in some scenarios (tethering, MiFi etc) and not in others. You owe us at least that much.

  200. Kyle Connolly

    In spain, customers can share their existing data plan with an iPad for FREE DOLLARS:

    Are you listening, Rogers? Can I please use the data I’m already paying a TON for?

    1. RB

      Spain rocks!!! Rogers could rock too!

      Look. I’m already paying $30/mo for 6GB, from which I only use 1GB. Why would I pay another $35/mo for the 5GB I already paid for? Not only I would be paying for the same thing all over again but I would be paying even more the second time! It simply doesn’t make sense!

  201. nazaar

    Since the iPad is not locked I’m hoping that Bell, Telus or even Wind will offer something better.

    This no sharing of data plan is unacceptable.

    Someone wrote here that the Rogers service works and I’ll agree to that, but they really do suffer from bad customer service… this just restates that fact. I have not been happy with Rogers because of their very very poor customer service.

  202. chris

    Hello RogersKeith. So I think it would make sense to provide the people who are obviously passionate enough to post their dissatisfaction with your “we were thinking about providing a sharing option for existing data plan customers but we changed our mind at the very last minute and forgot to even tell Apple” screw-up with some better answers than “sorry, your only data options are the $15 250 mb or $35 5gb plans. nothing else will be provided”.

    These plans do absolutely nothing to encourage loyalty amongst your existing data subscribers. It seems highly likely that both Bell and Telus will provide similar contract-free ipad data plan options very shortly. Probably identical, based on how these things tend to go in the past.

    So, my questions would be:

    1. Why does Roger officially support sharing my iphone data plan with a laptop / netbook computer but not an ipad? What possible reason would you have for this limitation.
    2. Why should we, the consumers favor your stand-alone ipad data plans over any other plans that will be offered by the other wireless carriers? We have no incentive if we are an existing data plan subscriber to give you more money. None at all.
    3. Is it really possible that your customers that you “polled” for their opinion on shared-data plans between devices told you “no, we’re good. we really don’t have any interest in sharing data plans between devices? We want separate charges for each device”. That seems so unlikely as to be absurd.

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      Rogers allows sharing data through a single device, and if that device supports tethering (like the iPhone) or Wi-Fi connections (like the Mi-Fi), then of course multiple devices can share that data stream.

      However, it remains that it’s only a single data stream. Rogers has assigned one account number for billing purposes and provisioned one SIM card. Further, that device can only be used in one physical location by a single person (or who they choose to share it with), and all users share the same bandwidth through that device.

      This is not the same thing as allowing multiple, distinct 3G devices to each establish their own independent connections to the Rogers network.

      As for plans on other carriers? It remains to be seen what Bell and Telus will offer, but the fact that Rogers has made these plans contract-free suggests that for whatever reason they’re not too concerned about people jumping ship when/if better plans come out from elsewhere. My personal take: Not holding my breath that Bell or Telus’ offerings will be any better — it’s not like their iPhone plans were particularly revolutionary in comparison to Rogers’ plans, so why should the iPad be any different?

      1. Chris

        @Jesse David Hollington My only thought on this is that Rogers offers sharing data buckets on a family plan so multiple 3G devices connected and using multiple streams but from one bucket. That is what I think people want, ability to share the 1 bucket with any device they have than can access the 3G network.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        Agreed, however the 6GB/$30 promotional plan was never available on a shared family plan. In my case, this means that my wife and I can either get 6GB of data each for $60, or share 6GB of data for $70. Doesn’t make much sense in light of the promotional plan that was available at the time.

        Further, even if Rogers had decided to go with a shared data plan, I’d be money that they 6GB/$30 plan wouldn’t qualify, as it was a promotional plan that is not currently available. Ergo, you’re in a similar boat: Pay an additional $35/5GB for the iPad for a total cost of $65 for both devices, or go to a 6GB/$70 “shared” plan for both devices (plus a $20 fee on top of that).

  203. I am already paying $90 for 3 6GB Data Plans and $55.00 for my (60GB Joke ) home internet high speed that has no shared limit.

    That is a combined internet cost of $145.00 + taxes = $163.85 for data, not including my voice COST.

    How much more can Rogers squeeze from us.

    Charge a 1 time premium fee for the Micro Sim Card, I don’t care, charge us $50.00, thats a profit of $49.99 x lets say 100,000 users. Thats $5 million dollars in sales because of an ipad,

    Remember, if you screw your existing customers, they will screw you back

  204. M

    Fix the pricing option for existing data plan customers or you will find yourself losing a lot of business to BELL and TELUS.

    Trust me on this one.

  205. al


    ironic that the ROGERS ceo recently talked about improving customer service and at the same time their rogers redboard site reps have been avoiding answering queries…~~!!…0571/story.html

  206. Rogers, can you please explain what this means ?

    “includes free unlimited access to all Rogers WiFi Hot Spots”

    On your website (, it says “All Rogers Internet customers can now access one hour of FREE Wi-Fi per day”
    Wow, are you serious !? ONE WHOLE HOUR for FREE?! – that is an incredible value ….

    You guys have NO idea what you are doing…

  207. Ben

    This has been picked up by CBC News now. Always a good sign. Maybe the media can get a comment from Rogers.

  208. Stan Deeks

    Horrible move not having Fido on this as well. If you wanna do something great try and be more like Spain, and just included the cost with a iphone plan.

  209. Dan Hackel

    Bell & Telus are listening

  210. So I’m still waiting for an explanation to loyal Fido customers like myself who spend over $200 per month and then given the shaft by not even offering an add-on? Fido carries the iPhone, Fido was always known as the innovator, and now Rogers wants to cut us off and sell us cheap recycled water bottle phones instead?

    Seems my first comment was not approved, let’s see if this one makes it through. I’d like this discussed, and I’d like to be treated fairly and not told I have to move to Rogers, cuz that ain’t happening! Why force us to jailbreak and tether??

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Justin. You can sign up for a pay-in-advance plan at Rogers without moving your wireless service for your phone away from Fido.

      1. Thanks Keith…or even better, I can simply chop down my Fido sim on my second line which already has the $30/6GB plan. (This is what I’ll likely do if I order the iPeed)

        But my main question is, WHY alienate Fido users by not simply making the plans available and supporting it publicly to encourage sales? It just boggles my mind. Is it because some stuffy exec wants the iPad seen next to the big ugly red Rogers logo exclusively for bragging rights and marketing? I mean, come on, that’s corporate stupidity at its best.

        If Virgin Mobile can carry the latest iPhones and 3G Blackberry Bolds, why in the world can’t Fido raise it up a notch? Enough with the tin can phones and the lame excuses. Our bills aren’t cheap. Mobilicity and WIND are looking mighty good.

      2. RogersKeith

        Rogers and Fido are distinct brands and have traditionally had different product lineups.

      3. al

        Although there are different product lineups; both brands have similar data plans; 500MB, data only, and the famous 6/30 plans; both brands have the famed iPhone as well.

        What solution do u suggest for someone who wants to use an iPad & their FIDO plan?

        Ditch Fido? Pay TWICE for data? Cancel and move to ROGERS? Jailbreak?

        Thanks for your time!

  211. KD

    ..In the 15 Plus years I have been with Rogers, they have ALWAYS screwed the long term customer and have always accommodated the new customer.

    You all know how this will play out, we will all complain till the 27 of may and then as a grand gesture they will allow the $20 share option and all will rejoice.

    I am so looking forward to the new iphone launch and what absurd restrictions regarding hardware upgrading and the like will be imposed once again towards early adopters etc.etc..

    Thanks for being a Rogers customer…..

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey KD . Thanks for the comment. Last year Rogers received great feedback from our iPhone early adopters because we allowed them to upgrade to the 3GS at the same rate as new customers – even though they were less than a year into their contracts.

  212. Brian

    The Ipad 3g is where the ipad shines the most. Because it is a on the go device meant to eb take on the go. If rogers does not come up with a shared plan I will not be buying an ipad. That means Apple gets one less ipad sold. Most of the people here use 1 gig or so out fo their 6gb plan and rogers knows it. That is why they wont give a share data plan because they you wouldn’t need to get a separate data plan. What rogers have forgotten however are the x number of people who don’t have an iphone or who have and iphone but have the 512mb plan. Concentrate on keeping your current customers rather than provoking them to switch,

  213. Rob

    I was unfortunate to pre-order my iPad after Apple’s website published the $20 add-on fee and before Rogers declared it a “typo”. What a screw -up. I was excited that Rogers had this option and told several friends who were on the fence about the iPad who were then inspired to buy. One of them sent me the news that Rogers backed out of this offer.

    Tell me: If the other data plans for the iPad are “contract free”, i.e. no set term, wouldn’t Roger prefer to lock customers in by letting them use more data on their existing plan? Otherwise, customers will simply shop for the best rate and show no loyalty whatsoever…

    Meanwhile longtime Rogers customers are begging to be locked into their current data plan and guaranteeing higher consumption of data. Rogers? Logic please?

  214. tom

    How about Paygo data plan? $35 for 5GB, good for 90 days? We replenish as needed?

  215. RogersKeith

    Hey all. Thanks for all the feedback. Rest assured that we’re reading it all and passing it on to the iPad team here at Rogers. We don’t have answers to all your questions yet, but we’ll work to answer your questions when we can.

    1. Tommy

      Keith, I strongly suggest you to also pass this information to the iPad team at Rogers. It’s a message from your president, Nadir Mohamed, so I hope they will pay attention.

      From your post on this blog on April 29th :
      In his speech, Nadir Mohamed said Rogers’ goal in a connected world is to become the destination for Canadians amid this rapid change.

      “We will define our future around connected experiences. Increasingly customers are buying based on brand, not product. They’re buying into companies that will offer seamless delivery of customer-driven experiences in a connected world.”
      “Rogers’ goal in a connected world is to become the destination for Canadians.”. When I see more than 300 people angry at Rogers, not sure that your iPad plans and your decision to remove the 20$ bolt-on is in sync with Rogers’ goal.

      “They’re buying into companies that will offer seamless delivery of customer-driven experiences in a connected world.”. Customer-driven experience in a connected world… this is not what I see here. It looks like Rogers doesn’t care a lot about customer-driven experience. This is more a money-driven experience.

      So if your iPad team doesn’t care a lot about the comments of their customers, I hope they will make some adjustments to be in sync with the enterprise’ goal, as defined by your president.

      1. al

        Excellent points Tommy..!!

      2. RogersKeith

        Thanks for the feedback Tommy.

  216. Brian Garner

    It really is too bad. I wouldn’t mind an iPad after selling my Sony eReader, but the prices they are charging for 3G which I would use when I travel for work is nuts. Why can’t Rogers allow plan sharing or a pay as you go model that is daily or something like that for us travellers?

    I will hold off buying a device until the pricing becomes clearer. Will stick with my netbook.

  217. I agree, pay as you go like your voice plan where you buy 100 minutes for a set amount of $$ and you have 1 yr to consume it.

    That would be great for the iPad


    Pay as you go iPad Data

    250mb $15.00 expires 1 month
    500mb $45.00 expires 3 months
    1 GB $70.00 expires 6 months
    10 GB $100.00 expires 1 year

    Keep in mind that this will only apply to iPad Pa As You Go Plans.

    Rogers are you listening????

    if not, then I am sure Wind and Mobilicity is.

    1. Ed

      Your math is nuts :) look at my example below.

  218. Brian

    Sticking with my netbook and my iphone 3g and my usb cable. Atleast then I can use my own data :P

  219. Ed

    I am proposing the following amended plan (especially since iPad has no contract):
    – Current iPhone user who purchases data gets to designate 1 iPad SIM to be included in the existing data plan for FREE (afterall we have a contract on our voice/data plan on a phone).


    Pay as you go:
    – $2 for 200MB, expire in 24 hours.
    – $15 for 2GB of data, expire in 1 month
    – $35 for 5GB of data, expire in 3 months

    What do you guys think? My proposal more reasonable for everyone and Rogers?

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks for the suggestion Ed. I think if you look at our data prices they’re already pretty competitive with carriers around the world that unveiled data plans this week.

    2. Adam Halinaty

      I don’t think the 5GB should last 3 months. It should all be by the day or by the month.

      Compared to what some UK carriers have done, I’d think something like this would be reasonable for Canada considering our market:

      $2 – 250MB for 24 hours
      $15 – 1GB for 1 month
      $35 – 5GB for 1 month

  220. Dave

    RogersKeith: I wouldn’t want to be you for a second right now but I’m still waiting for an answer on data pricing. I want to know why iPad users can get 5GB of data contract free for $35 a month were as smartphone users are paying $60 for the same 5GB. Meanwhile your Mobile Internet users are paying a massive $65 for the same 5GB. How can you charge three different prices for the same wireless data service? I have a hard time believing that Rogers isn’t breaking some sort of law considering your sell the exact same service at different prices based on the device being used.

    Could you please get an answer from your upper management. Also, please let them know that if 98% of users don’t use there full 5GB then unlimited plans shouldn’t be an issue.

    1. Why wouldn’t you want to be Keith, what does he have to do the Head office picking these plans, he is just a blogger moderator, he collects data and then he submits them, what Rogers decides to do is up to them.

  221. markmcq

    As a share-holder of Rogers and also a Fido customer i’d have to side with the customers on this one.
    Sharing a data-plan will sell more devices, this isn’t about paying for data but culture change in what you acknowledge as a new market with the tablet device. Make this a ‘no-brainer’ and advertise and take advantage in the potential of the simplicity of adoption..

  222. b

    hi RogersKeith – Lots has been said already about everyone’s disappointment with the lack of (or sudden removal of!) a data sharing option for the iPad. I truly hope you are reading all the comments and passing them on to people responsible for iPad.

    what I would like to add is a reminder that here on this very website a month or so ago, there was an interview with Rogers President & CEO Nadir Mohamed.

    He talked about Rogers’ commitment to Customer Experience and said that Rogers will be “… the place where customers say: that’s the company we want to do business with…”

    well, based on all the negative feedback following your iPad data plan announcement, I would say that Mr. Mohamed is failing miserably to achieve that goal. Can we as long time LOYAL customers believe what he says?

    I would think that if Rogers truly believes in their stated Customer Commitment, management would make an effort to listen to their customer needs, and offer INNOVATIVE and SUPERIOR services. Your iPad data plans are neither – they simply seem to be lesser versions of what’s available to our neighbours to the south.

    Please reconsider and offer data sharing for a reasonable fee – now, that would be innovative and market-leading.

  223. b

    p.s. I have a couple other suggestions for improvements to your iPad data pricing:

    1) how about additionally offering low cost Daily, and Weekly data?

    – like those being offered in the UK by Orange? in addition to monthly, they offer 1day/200MB (2GBP), and 1week/1GB (7.5GBP) data plans. I think only having a monthly data option would discourage data usage for a lot of people, whereas a cheap daily or weekly option might encourage more occasional/spontaneous use. Maybe the PAYGO data idea others have mentioned achieves same thing.

    2) your existing data roaming add-ons are ridiculously expensive (e.g. one time fee $30/10MB, $50/25MB, and don’t reflect data usage needs of modern devices like iPhone and iPad – travel to US for business using iPad will be prohibitively expensive.

    please consider offering more reasonable data roaming pricing for travelers using iPad and iPhone

  224. al

    Once again; very little in terms of news, replies and reaction from RogersKeith and his team; we have 2 maybe 3 general type responses today saying basically the same thing; wait, wait, wait..

    Considering the arrival of the iPad was no surprise why is ROGERS giving the impression of being ill prepared and unprofessional?

    Why the delay in offering competitive and innovative pricing plans and services?

    how can you defend a policy of alienating your current customers and wanting to charge more for the same product? DATA is DATA…!

    Do not force us to shop elsewhere; if u r Canadas’ most reliable network prove it!!

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey Al. Sorry if we’re not getting answers as quickly as you and others might like. And I do apologize for the confusion caused by what was posted on the Apple website.

      But I did want to point out that the iPad plans we announced yesterday stack up pretty favourably compared with what was announced around the world. And they’re certainly better than most other existing data plans in Canada.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      1. al


        We all understand and empathize that some of your responses need to be cleared by ; but in all honesty EXECUTION IS KEY and ROGERS did have ample time to address these issues (the iPad was announced in January 2010..!);

        Numerous points that need to be addressed;

        1)why limit how we use our data (phone, stick, netbook, etc.);

        2)why not allow us to share paid for data amongst our many devices; historically that has been one of the “competitive edge” of GSM over CDMA;

        3)the no information is better then some information is not befitting of a Communications Cie (ostrich with its head in the sand);

        4)if 60% of ROGERS asset mix is from wireless more attention needs to be given to these clients; and quite frankly this has not been the case;

        5)As you know its cheaper to keep an existing client instead of hunting for a new one, why not create brand awareness and increase loyalty by giving us the FREEDOM to use paid for data as we please? Why place restrictions?

        6)the fact that the 20$ option price plan reached APPLE H/O; were marketed on APPLE website shows something went wrong somewhere; if this is leveraged properly it could be a PR dream instead of a PR nightmare.

        As MM says, the medium is the message; and many of us here are hoping that ROGERS is listening..

        PS: Bravo on a first step with 35$/5GB plans BUT more is needed to remain competitive and innovative..!! Apparently 5GB is the new 6GB (6GB/30$)…:)

      2. Bryson

        In fairness Keith, you are right on that one point – the iPad plans as announced yesterday are decent, i.e., the price per MB/GB is better than pretty much anything being offered elsewhere in Canada, and are similar to what AT&T is offering down south. I won’t get into the issue of unlimited vs. “as good as unlimited for 99.8% of our customers”, that’s not something I really want to address.

        But those add-ons, however groundbreaking they may be, have zero appeal for existing customers who already have a data plan with a lot of excess room in the bucket. Like a lot of other iPhone customers, I’m on the 6GB/$30 plan, and like others, I might use 25% of that in a month, at the absolute most. In the past 2 years, I’ve probably paid for 80GB of wireless data that I haven’t used. All we’re asking is that Rogers, as the service provider, recognize that we are not trying to abuse the system by using many devices on one data bucket. Adding the iPad to an existing iPhone (or Blackberry, or Rocket Stick) data plan is no different than tethering. Bits are bits. So be fair about it. Let us make use of those bits we’ve already paid for and haven’t used.

        To reference a recent statement by your CEO Mr. Mohamed, these 250MB/5GB add-ons do nothing for customer retention, only acquisition. In that sense, these plans are totally out of sync with what Mr. Mohamed himself says is a company-wide effort to focus on existing customers and to add value for them. Nobody is arguing that 5GB for $35 isn’t a good value – it is. But we’ve already bought 5GB that we aren’t using. We don’t want to buy another 5GB.

        As an aside, if you can pass on any feedback directly to Mr. Mohamed, make it this: Historically, Rogers (not just Wireless, but High-Speed as well) have made a habit of wasting great opportunities to build goodwill with existing customers, and attract new ones at the same time. I’m thinking of the iPhone 3G launch in 2008, the DOCSIS 3 high-speed rollout (e.g., screaming about 50mbps downloads and how fast they are, while setting absurdly, I mean laughably low usage caps along with that speed), etc. And this iPad launch is no different. In short, Rogers seems to have systemic problem wherein you are incapable of making a product announcement that isn’t profoundly disappointing, when it should, on paper, be fantastic. I mean that. Products like the iPad and the iPhone don’t come along every day, you guys know that. So how is it that you manage to blow it when you do get these opportunities? Mr. Mohamed should put his money where his mouth is and show his existing customers that he cares about retention. You have to walk the walk, too. Customers are a lot more technologically savvy than in the past, and we know the difference between BS and the truth.

        I think most of us here sympathize with you and the rest of the social media team for bearing the brunt of this backlash. You guys generally do a great job, and I genuinely feel that as a Rogers customer, we are much better off having these conduits to the company than if we didn’t have them at all. And you guys aren’t making these bad decisions, you’re just wearing them, for better or worse. But I think it’s clear that an awful lot of this negative attention could’ve been avoided by simply “engaging” us a little earlier on. The comment tally above speaks for itself, as does the reaction on Twitter. You can’t just leave a vacuum like that.

        Anyway. Keep up the good work. But please do us all justice and make it clear to the powers that be that we aren’t just complaining for the sake of complaining. If Rogers continues to demonstrate contempt for their existing customers, we will go elsewhere. There are a lot more alternatives for us than there were even a year ago, and the iPad is an unlocked device.

      3. poopy

        Thanks for your post RogersKeith,

        Your participation here in the Social Media rant-fest helps to minimize the impression that Rogers doesn’t care what we participants have to say.

        And I agree that since they haven’t yet been offered in Canada one might say that Rogers’ no-contract plans (which don’t quite live up to what ATT is offering, and which are more expensive when compared to the Australian carriers’ various offerings) are “innovative pricing plans and services”.

        But these no-contract plans do nothing for existing Rogers smartphone customers with giant, unused data buckets who will be obliged to pay twice for data services. The major innovation in Rogers’ iPad plan approach seems to a marketing pretense that this reaming we’re getting is some kind of deal. Perhaps magical?

        I checked with Apple to confirm the last date I can cancel my iPad 3G order. The CSR that I spoke with was quite sympathetic when I explained why I might wish to return the device, and offered to include a pre-paid return mailing label in my shipment in case Rogers still hasn’t offered a shared data plan by shipping date.

        Poor Apple. I imagine they’re on the phone with Bellus.

      4. Terry

        RogersKeith… You’re dodging all the important & tough questions being raised here, and while we all wait patiently for a measured & thoughtful response, I’d suggest you not insult our intelligence anymore with drivel about how Rogers iPad plans “stack up pretty favourably” against other plans. When you get a moment, read Miro Cernetig’s article on how Rogers pricing contributes to our nation’s competitive disadvantage for unfettered Internet access

        As the article states, Rogers of course can’t be blamed entirely for the broad issue of restricted/expensive Internet service for Canadians…but Rogers had the opportunity to show that they are good corporate citizens. No one is denying Rogers the ability to make money, but you don’t have to continually fleece the public to do so. Believe it or not, there is a greater good here…and while a shared data plan may somewhat limit Rogers’ profits in the near term, I firmly believe that you reap what you sow….in this case a loyal customer base, a continued stream of revenue for Rogers…not to mention a well-connected and competiive country that has unfettered, affordable Intenet access….and wouldn’t it be a nice feather in Rogers’ cap if their name was associated with that?? It might actually be profitable.

      5. Brendan

        RogerKeith: Your participation in this discussion is appreciated. I do hope the decision makers in the wireless data group are taking this feedback to heart.

        One comment on the competitiveness of the iPad rate plans. In th UK they have a 10GB plan, Japan, Germany and the US all have unlimited plans for about the same relative local cost as your 5GB plan, and Spain has shown everyone the light and offered anyone with 25 euros or greater in monthly flat rate data to add the device to the pool for no additional fee!! Just pick up a SIM and go.

        Please ensure the general sentiment of dis-satisfaction with the current norm in what is considered “value” is communicated to the appropriate Rogers groups.

        At some point we’ll have to recognize that mobile internet is becoming as common as home internet and price accordingly. I don’t pay per computer at home, and with my current plan, I don’t have a cap.

        Again, thank you for participating in this forum. I hope Rogers will reconsider their definition of competitive.

      6. phoomp

        You are right, they do stack up favorably (though, there are some better plans out there that allow one to share their smartphone data plans without extra charge).

        But, I’m wondering if I can us that 5GB for $35 no-contract-no-voice plan on my smartphone, *without* an iPad? And, if not, why not?

      7. RB

        Keith: It does NOT stack up favourably with was announced in Spain for example (a shared data plan). They’re offering exactly what we want. Rogers is not. Simple.

      8. Aslam

        @RogersKeith: Your comment saying that the Rogers plans “stack up pretty favourably compared with what was announced around the world” doesn’t answer the question that people are asking.

        While I haven’t read every comment on this post, of the 200 or so that I have read no one has complained saying that the Rogers plans don’t stack up well. Even if some folks are complaining about that, they are certainly in the minority.

        As someone who is familiar with PR methodology I can recognize that you’re pivoting and that’s very disrespectful to your customers. I suspect you will only generate more anger and fiercer hostility by trying to use the simple PR decoy tactic of answering a question that no one asked.

        You have a serious mutiny brewing among your most loyal customers. While I cannot say for certain, I suspect the customers commenting on this board are likely among your highest ASP customers and therefore represent a lot of profit for your company. If you don’t start dealing head on with this mutiny you have on your hands, your company is likely to end up in serious problems. This issue will just grow more and more.

        Respectfully, please stop playing PR games with us and deal with the issue most of us are raising – the lack of free data plan sharing for customers who already have an iPhone data plan. I think nothing short of that will get you guys over this issue.

      9. As has been discussed often, consumers are moving even more towards brand loyalty and if Rogers wants to be their brand of choice, Rogers needs to engender that loyalty, by offering products that consumers want, and by being loyal to them in return.

        It seems _painfully_ obvious that your customers WANT to be able to share their existing data, and that they are willing to pay some _small_ fee to do this. Thus Rogers is STARING into the face of a huge opportunity, one of PR and long-term business profitability. The posters here have demonstrated that they are not only unwilling to buy more data when they already buy data from you, but that they are willing to actually _cancel_ their iPad orders as a result of your lack of a data sharing plan. Others, instead of canceling, are changing their orders to the WiFi version, meaning lost potential revenue for Rogers. Others still will buy the 3G version, but will wait to see what Bell & Telus offer, and may very well punish Rogers by using one of your competitors, even when they might cost more, just out of anger.

        Rogers has not only missed an opportunity here, but really tipped their hat to the competitors, who have not only seen your price plans ahead of time, but have also seen the STRONG reaction of consumers to those plans, and the lack of sharing data. You have given the advantage to your competitors, and I really hope they take that ball and run with it, just to teach Rogers a lesson. Bell and Telus have a HUGE opportunity now to steal away from Rogers not only that iPad business, but customer loyalty as well.

        Consider that the money you would have made from a modestly priced data-sharing plan would have, over the long-term, likely been better for you than trying to force consumers to buy another separate data plan. The sheer number of people here complaining about it tends to demonstrate that. It is lost revenue for you, especially if they go to Bell or Telus.

        A few weeks ago some of us met for dinner with your coworkers (Mary, Raza, and Reade) to discuss Android, Blackberry, the new (coming) iPhone, and even the iPad. We said many times that consumers MUST be able to share their data. The company that offers this is the one that will win the loyalty of consumers who desperately desire this.

        It won’t be long before the Android and WebOS tablets start coming out, and it will be the same thing again. The tech world is changing, people don’t see data the way you do. They want to share their data between their devices. Visionaries understand, and profit, while myopic dinosaurs sink to the bottom and become an oilslick.

        Oh, and by the way, consumers who buy the iPad will already be able to use their existing data in the iPad by moving their SIM card over. Yes, they will have to cut it to make it fit, but their are already lots of web sites that demonstrate how to do this, not to mention users can buy an adapter allowing them to then use their cut SIM in their regular phone again. Yes, it will be a hassle to switch back and forth, but it means that consumers can share their data anyway, and Rogers will get NOTHING for it, as opposed to the profit they might have made if they’d just offered data sharing in the first place.

        Keith, one of the most important things I learned in my PoliSci courses was that “Perception is Reality”.

        In the end, Keith, your social media experiment fails if the perception is that Rogers is NOT listening, Rogers is NOT engaging, Rogers is NOT understanding the requirements of consumers. We want answers, we want service, and we don’t believe we are getting them. The comments on this board are the proof.

        Perception is reality, and the reality is that, right now, Rogers has failed. Again.

  225. Pierre

    you may think it stacks well with what is going on around the world,but you are not considering the cost of life in your math……..

    if you take that into consideration + the fact that we already have tethering plans and we can SHARE the data with a computer. Why would we not be able to share with the ipad is the true question?

    do you really think that people will spend 100$ a month for the iphone / bb / android phone + a other 35$ for the ipad? + gov recovery fee?

    if your not ganna allow sharing then make a 20$ plan with 1gb of data…. its more then enough 15$ for 250mb is just insulting to anyone paying 30$ for 1gb or even 6 gb……

  226. djepsilon

    I think in all fairness, these new rates are not terrible. They are pretty much on par with AT&T’s prices if you look at it and you don’t hear our neighbours down south complaining up a storm. No, 5GB is not unlimited, but have you ever tried to use up 5GB on an iphone? It is really really hard to do so it might as well be unlimited.

    I think the only reason this has turned into a bigger issue is because of the $20 sharing of data “mistake”. The reality is, the Americans have to double pay for their data too. I’m not saying that’s the way it should be, but that is the way it is. Can anyone find any other countries that off data sharing besides Spain? Should we really be complaining this much?

    However I do think that Rogers has given us so many reasons to complain so many times before this that now it just seems like second nature for us to be angry. But that’s not our fault, it’s Rogers. They need to start doing things to gain back customer trust because they have clearly lost it.

    What bothers me though is the lack of acknowledgment from Rogers. Instead of responding to customers queries about the matter, they seem to have gone completely silent.

    You guys listening??

    1. RogersKeith

      We’re listening @djepsilon.

  227. _Adam

    A few thoughts on this.

    There are micro-SIM to SIM adapters available for cheap online. It’s like a microSD to SD adapter. You put your micro SIM inside of the adapter, and it allows it to work in a device that takes a regular sim. So, technically, if you can activate a microSIM for voice and data you could switch them between the two devices as you like. How the microSIMs will work with the existing accounts hasn’t been revealed yet. Would someone be able to call and activate this kind of SIM on any line, or will the micro-SIM’s be exclusively for the iPad plans? If you could add them to any plan the only thing that would stop you from browsing would be Rogers blocking iPhone data plan access based on the IMEI your SIM is activated in. I hope they do not do this.

    I agree with the comments above. I pay for data on my line and it is my right to use that data however I want to.

    In response to Unlimited data plans. This isn’t going to happen. Rogers doesn’t even offer high speed internet plans with Unlimited data usage anymore. The maximum plan is for 175GB. If people were offered unlimited data on iPad’s they would simply tether them and use them as their primary connections. It will not happen.

  228. pmcd


    You have indicated that the $20 addon appeared on your letterhead on the Apple site in error. If it’s Apple’s fault that is one thing. I somehow doubt it. In any case I have also cancelled my Apple order and will provide them with the reason. It’s still early so cancelling was easy. I do hope you reconsider this shared plan. The iPhone uPas make for a great forward looking combination. An innovative data arrangement would be an exciting option. I do not agree with some who say that data is data. Different devices uses data differently. Hopefully something will emerge from this strange chaos.

    Thank you for providing a feedback forum.


    note: sent from my Rogers’ iPhone :)

  229. chris

    HI RogersKeith. Thanks for the update. However, you still haven’t addressed the obvious concerns that are being expressed here. That is, clearly Rogers was, until recently, considering the option of providing some kind of sharing plan for existing data plan subscribers. Apple did not just create their posting out of thin air. Their incorrect website posting was obviously based on discussions that had been carried out between Rogers and Apple.

    Now that the public is aware that Rogers was clearly “close to” some kind of option to accommodate existing data plan customers, it has caused a lot of concern. It feels like “well, we thought about our existing customers and then realized we did not want to provide them anything other than what we are going to offer the general public including potential new non-contracted customers”. That doesn’t feel good, as an existing customer. Why should it?

    Not to mention, you clearly HAVE NOT addressed or explained how Rogers justifies allowing and encouraging tethering with laptops and netbooks but doesn’t intend to allow any kind of data plan sharing with the ipad device. Nothing.

    You might think these are favorable plans, based on iphone data usage. 5 gigs is clearly not “unlimited”. This doesn’t compare with the AT&T plan, does it? What happens if users want to download videos from itunes for rental to their ipads via a 3G connection? This seems like a perfectly reasonable thing for users to do. It also seems like a good way to consume 5 gigabytes of data in a very short period of time. Has it not occurred that maybe the ipad is more data hungry than the iphone or an android smartphone and might consume data in different pattern than these devices? Of course not. It doesn’t matter, since once a user has consumed their quota, you just re-start the month and bill them again. Nice…

    Hopefully the comments that your current and potential customers are posting here are not falling on deaf ears. You are already getting some fairly negative publicity in major newspapers and internet new sources. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it? This must all be part of the plan… we’ll tease our customers and then figure out what to offer them based on how they react when we tell them it was all just a mistake.

    If your only options for ipad users are to purchase new month-to-month contract free data plans, then well, guess what? Nothing stops those users from doing the same from Bell or Telus, does it? All Canadian Ipad users will own their devices unlocked and outright. They can sign up with any HSPA provider in Canada. There is zero incentive for existing customers to give you one more cent… In fact, I would suspect existing data plan customers might purposely seek out alternative sources for ipad data connectivity.

  230. Ed

    @ RogersKeith

    By all fairness, $35 for 5GB of data PAYG is a very good deal.

    However the issue comes down to, a subscriber like myself, who has been with Rogers for over a decade, already paying high monthly service fee on 3 iPhones (with data plan), and now asked to pay AGAIN for an iPad? It does not sit well with me.

    It is not so much about the $$$ but rather a matter of principle. I am not willing to pay for more data when I can hardly use much of my allotted iPhone data package.

    Feels like a huge waste of $$$ paying for something I don’t use to its full extent.

    I also do not see the argument of not offer existing iPhone user the ability to link the data plan to the iPad. Spain did it. Rogers can’t? Why not step it up and be the leader in the Canadian wireless space?

    If the sharing is allowed, people are more inclined to continue their contract with Rogers on the iPhone – data plan with contract equals to sticky money (iPhone), pay as you go is not (iPad).

    Let’s face it, with iPad, smartphone data is becoming less relevant.

    To sum it up…
    – Offer iPhone Data to be shared with iPad for free or for a nominal setup fee : I will continue to renew my contract with Rogers
    – else, I will get a no frill phone and purchase iPad data plan from whomever offers the cheapest PAYG plan.

    My 2 cents, and thank you for reading.

  231. John

    Rogers yo need to bring back the $20 plan for data sharing or I am moving all my crap to bell!

  232. Sven

    RogersKeith said: But I did want to point out that the iPad plans we announced yesterday stack up pretty favourably compared with what was announced around the world.

    Can you back that up with some stats and figures please?

    1. RogersKeith

      The Financial Post had a table earlier this week in their print version but I don’t think there’s an online link.

  233. Neal

    Ok so Rogers has released “new subscriber plans and pricing”. In other words, if you are a new data subscriber to Rogers, you currently have the options of $15CAD for 250MB and $35CAD for 5GB.

    Despite the discrepancy between other data plans at Rogers ($60 for 5GB and $65 for 5GB), the iPad new subscriber plans are still a good deal. Have a look at the folks across the other 9 countries (non-contract monthly fees unless otherwise noted):

    AU (AUD): $100AUD for 12GB to as low as $20AUD for 1GB (Optus and Telstra)
    FR (€): €10 for 200MB and €39 for 2GB (Orange)
    DE (€): €34.95 for unlimited and €29.95 for 5GB (or €4.95 per day unlimited T-Mobile, O2, and Vodafone)
    IT (€): €30.00 for 500MB cap per day (or €2.00 per day for 500MB Vodafone and 3))
    JP (¥): ¥4410 for 1GB (or ¥1500 discount for 12 month contract as unlimited SoftBank*)
    ES (€): €35.00 for unlimited and €17.40 for 250MB (Orange and Vodafone)
    ES (€): €39.00 for 5GB, €25.00 for 1GB, and €15.00 for 200MB (Telefónica**)
    CH (CHF): CHF 49.00 for unlimited (or CHF 10.00 per day for unlimited Orange)
    UK (£): £25.00 for unlimited and £15.00 for 3GB and £10 for 1GB (daily and weekly plans too (O2, Orange, and Vodafone)

    Finally our partners to the south:
    US (USD): $29.99USD for unlimited and $14.99USD for 250MB (AT&T)

    Considering that Rogers has provided us with new data subscriber plans and pricing, I am looking forward to EXISTING DATA SUBSCRIBER PLANS AND PRICING. So far (from all the countries listed above), only one carriers in one of the countries (Telefónica/Movistar) offers a plan for existing data subscribers with a plan over €25.00 (or around $33CAD).

    It is impressing how the president of Telefónica is putting his existing customers first! Read the press release from Telefónica for his choice words:

    Keith/Mary: Can you please flip a request to the folks responsible for the iPad pricing and request a plan for existing data subscribers on our behalf? Can we also expect a public address to existing customers from Alan Horn (CEO), Jan Innes (VP of Comms), or even Melinda Rogers (SVP Strategy and Development) for customer retention?

    *SoftBank only offers Sim-Locked iPads.
    **Telefónica is mentioned separately as to not confuse plan costs for existing customers.

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks Neal. We’re passing customer feedback on to the right people at Rogers. (FYI – CEO is Nadir Mohamed not Alan Horn).

  234. The CEO

    @ Rogers

    Just adding my voice to the many who are wholly disappointed in not being able to add this device to an existing iphone data plan for a reasonable fee. I totally understand the money as a carrier is in providing the service and as such it’s unreasonable to allow a piggyback for no extra charge. That would totally eliminate a revenue stream.

    I think anyone reasonable person would be amenable to a reasonable charge for the piggyback option especially for those who have the larger iphone data plans. As one who is already paying $30 /mo for 6gb data and uses the tethering option I would just be moving part of the data load from one device to another and for that flexibility I am prepared to pay $10 to $12.00 / mo. Since I can’t by contract lower my iphone data plan so I could move that money to an iPad data plan (and I’m restricted from tethering an ipad to my Iphone) I have no choice but to pass on an ipad totally. :(

    I think it’s better business to take $40-$45.00 per month from a customer for the same amount of data usage and have them delighted with their carriers forward thinking approach than it is to continue to take the $30 and have them deact when another option comes available.

    That’s just me. :)

    Something to consider.

  235. CodeMonk

    I just do not understand how Rogers can get away with its pricing structure.
    A fine example would be the pricing of the RocketHub product. For a one- time $150 hardware purchase and $50/month you get a wireless device that retails for $500 (unlocked) 3Gb of monthly data and UNLIMITED local calling, Voicemail, Caller ID and Call Waiting.

    Now try to put this the RocketHub SIM into a regular Rogers 3G cell phone and you get WAIT – NOTHING! The service is locked to the device. Why is the special low price? Because Rogers tries to compete with the Bell landline service in the rural area and that is the competitive price point to kick Bell. However Rogers does not willing to offer the SAME cell service to its own customers at this rate.

    The heart of the issue is that Rogers has to acknowledge that cellular voice service and cellular data service are two different markets even though both are offered based on the same network infrastructure. They can and will segregate the voice market into segments such as Rogers Fido SpeakOut etc and cater to different segments. What they also need to realize that the mobile data market is basically a commodity market where they can sell their excess network bandwidth capacity that is not used by voice.

    Of course it might be very hard to swallow that the old fashioned long term lock-in strategies are no longer working but it is in the best interest of Rogers to start to adopt early. Failure to adapt to these new ground rules is a huge risk for Rogers. New or existing competitors with the upcoming all IP 4G LTE service will just take over the market from them otherwise

    One more thought on comparing Rogers’s prices to other countries. It is not fair or realistic to compare Rogers prices to other countries especially to small European countries like Austria because the difference in population density. The cost of building and maintaining a cell network is significantly lower in these countries. ( I do have a European data only T-Mobile SIM card that offers 3Gb prepaid data for less than 20 CAD that expires in 365 days. Considering the size of the Rogers network and costs I would settle for the same service from Rogers for lets say $30)

    Just my 2 cents

  236. Sebastian

    Wow Rogers, you’ve done it again! What an amazing deal, $35 for 5GB should be more than anyone could ask for. I can’t wait to get my new iPad and begin surfing the web from the great Canadian outdoors.
    Kudos to Rogers!

  237. D k Cornelius

    I changed my mind and ordered a 3G iPad yesterday morning once I read of the $20. offer to have the Pad sip from the 6 Gig bucket of mobile data that I am already purchasing from Fido each month for my iPhone & MacBook.

    But I decided to hedge my bet, because Rogers AGAIN did not seem to be ready at launch time. They did not have even a simple rate plan web page of their own when I ordered, let alone any details or FAQs. The link from Apple’s site went to a form page where they offered to take my contact info and get back to me when they figured out what they were doing.
    The information on the Apple page was the only information available.

    So I also ordered a WiFi iPad.

    I will cancel or sell the 3G iPad unless Rogers allows me to use it to access the data plan I am already purchasing each month.
    If Rogers listens to it’s customers, who are ALREADY purchasing more mobile data than they can use, then I will cancel or sell the WiFi iPad.

    I’m guessing the surveys on iPad data plans were clear in which decision would be more popular with Rogers’ customers, but perhaps they will actually listen now.

    I don’t know if Apple is purposely making Rogers look bad, or if Rogers is inept in their attempts to see what they can get away with, but, as it was two years ago, Rogers are again coming across as both inept as well as greedy.

  238. Aslam

    No ability to share the data I am already paying for? Is this how you reward customers for their loyal patronage? You are just asking to lose loyal customers like myself to Telus, Bell or Virgin.

    In my case I have been loyal to this company for 16-years – since it was called Cantel. Over those years I have spent in excess of $20,000 with the company. Over the last 6 years my average annual spend with Rogers has been more than $1500 per year – that’s more than $9000 in just the last 6 years. I’m the sort of customer that you pray for but I’m about ready to give up on you guys because of greedy policies like these.

    Maybe you folks have had company paid mobile accounts for too long and have therefore forgotten what it is like to be a regular paying customer. To illustrate how this looks to your paying customers, let me put this whole situation into another context:

    Imagine that you have both a car and a motorcycle and that they both need fuel. Now imagine that you go to a gas station, purchase 6L of fuel and fill that into your gas can. Now can the gas station dictate that you are not allowed to share that fuel between your car and your motorcycle? Of course not because what you do with your fuel is your choice.

    In the same way, how we share the data bucket that we purchase from you is not for you to dictate.

    My suggestion for what is reasonable is to charge a fee for the extra SIM card needed for the iPad (less than $1) and possibly a one time charge (no more than $15) to add the device IMEI to our account. Anything beyond that is shameful greed and is just pushing your customers towards Telus, Bell and Virgin.

    To Rogers I say, shape up and start treating loyal customers better. Sure you don’t get to make a whole pile of new revenue on the iPad, but you get to keep loyal customers like me for all of our other services which means long term revenue. Plus those of your current customers who are hitting their data limits once they add the iPad will upgrade their data package and that will provide new revenue for you.

    To Telus, Bell and Virgin I say, if you come out with a reasonable data sharing plan as I have outlined above, you will win me as a new customer. Not just for my iPad but also for the $1500 per year that I spend on other wireless services. And customers like me are pure gold.

    Rogers are you listening?

  239. JP

    I have been a loyal Rogers customer and I would certain expect them to better than what the current offer are. What happened to the $20 unlimited plan that Apple was talking about? I will certainly consider switching companies if Telus or Bell does better with the iPad deal.

  240. Chris

    Ordered the Ipad 64gb with 3g. I have now canceled it.

    When I saw the $20 shared plan…I thought….that is steep for sharing the same data but….ok I get it …..they want to make some $$$. I could get my head around $20…. Now I have to pay almost double that?


    Not sure how many people have posted here on their disappointment….but rest assured their are a lot more people that won’t post….

    I cannot believe that this was a “mistake” and if it was a mistake….it should be a mistake that should be honored. This plan was a deciding factor for many on whether to purchase and IPAD AT ALL!!!

    This is a major release. Screw ups of this magnitude should not happen.

    Sorry to say…you could have had $20 more a month from me….now you will receive $0

  241. Chris



    If I didn’t have a data plan with you already I would agree with you that the plans are fair. To go and pay this again for the data that I am already paying for……..just not acceptable.

  242. Rob

    I really hope Rogers just isn’t playing with us, hoping for a crap storm like what happened when they announced the original 3G data plans.

    In fact, I’ll bet that’s what’s going to happen. On the eve of the iPad’s release, they’ll change their pricing scheme and say “they’ve listened to their customers”.

  243. Jim

    I actually think Rogers has some reasonable plans here. They are competitively priced with carries that have way more subscribers then we even have people in Canada.

    Also the notion that they should be allowing you to use your current phones data carried over to the iPad seems like a bit of a stretch. If you insure a second car do you expect your insurance company to say, its ok you don’t have to pay extra for insurance on the second car since you already pay us once for the first car you have. Not likely.

    I’m sure in the future they might have a combined plan for current customers. As it stands I think its very competitively priced for the launch of a new product, as it grows and Rogers see’s how their customers are using it I’m sure we’ll see more plans that people can choose from.


  244. Nico

    These plans are better than any other currently offered Data plans on compatible Canadian carriers, but do you think Telus/Bell aren’t going to offer similar plans?
    And please answer why these non Contract iPad Data plans are almost 1/2 the price of the 5GB Smartphone or Rocketstick plans? That really doesn’t seem right.
    Bring back some sort of sharing plan, before Telus or Bell offers one first. Be the industry leader you claim to be!

  245. Simon

    My guess is that Rogers is waiting for a move from Bell and/or Telus before they make any changes to the plans they announced initially.

    Personally, I would really like to get the option to share a data plan on multiple SIM cards, (smart phone/iPad, or, why not, multiple iPads). In that case, there should be a montly fee for the data, but only a one time fee to bind a SIM card to an account.

    If we aren’t getting that option, I would a least hope for a data plan as good as the one I got for my smart phone (30$ for 60Gb). Considering the market, I understand that’s a really sweet deal. But now that I have it, it’s hard for me to consider anything more expensive, without having the impression of getting ripped off…

  246. Russ

    Thinking of an Ipad or maybe a netbook.

    Ipads start at $550. Pretty do-able, I already barely take my laptop out on the road, using my 8GB iphone much of the time.

    However, the ipad plays big videos and my ipod is full, should probably get the 64GB version. And the iPad will have to replace my laptop for road use essentially to make it worthwhile so I need a proper keyboard, so another $80, and you can’t use that unless you get the case/stand or grow a third arm, so another $80.

    So I could just get the wifi 64GB with those options for around $900, and use my iPhone to give Internet access, right? Just tether it?

    Nope, Steve Jobs says no tethering.
    Wifi hotspot? Nope, leave that to android. Unless I jailbreak it. Pass on that.

    So I need a 3G model. And another data plan. At least I can port all my iphone apps to it.

    Now I’m up to $1050 all-in, plus taxes. And $35 a month, forever. And my iphone is just a sad little verson of the ipad, with all the same apps on it. May as well turf it for something that multitasks and has a qwerty keyboard…

    OR, buy a netbook for $400, which runs actual microsoft office (not iwork) and can view FLASH websites (ipad/iphone can’t!), that you can actually use in your lap to write actual documents, that tethers to my iphone wirelessly with no new monthly fee.

    So if I get an iPad, I’ll get a wifi version, (saves $$$) ditch the iphone and get an android smartphone to be a wifi hotspot so no new data plan.

    Or keep my trusty iphone, spend half the money, no new plan, and carry around a tiny little fully functional netbook PC with a real keyboard when I need to do actual work. About the same size, 1366×768 screen, a real keyboard, and I can plug in an SD card, USB stick, external CD, or a mouse any time I want.

    Tried the netbook for a week while my laptop was off for service — experience is stellar as my primary workstation (remote controlling other lab systems when horsepower was needed). Would the iPad work as well? I think not. No peripherals, no storage connectivity…

    Now, if Rogers discounted 3G ipads similar to how they discount iphones (around $500 off) with a plan comittment, that might just tip the scales.

    As it is… another data plan, a larger device otherwise identical to what I already have… why bother? First year costs… $1050 + $420 = $1470, vs…. $400 and keep my iphone? for more functionality?

    No iPad for me, thanks.

  247. Brian

    Really? Go Look at Orange UK
    2 euro 500 mb
    10 euro 1 gb
    15 euro 3 gb
    Enough said. And sure these are the best rates ever in Canada. Everyone knows rogers can provide the same service but they rather rip of their customers. And fine even that I’ll give u credit for giving 5 gb for 35$ is not bad… for canada.. should be unlimited but that might change. I think what people are complaining the most about is their ability not to share their plans with their iphone when they can share their iphone plans with their laptop.
    And we all know you guys can deliver it, so just end all this our plans are good business and focus on what the customer really wants which so far you nor your team have addressed. We are talking about sharing, so kindly stop talking about the other plans!! Unless you want all those iphone users to turn around and start downloading files on their phones and suck up the bandwidth that they weren’t using. If using an iphone people did not use 5gb, what are the chances they will on the ipad. And don’t give us some technical garbage about network traffic cause we all know your systems can handle it. If they were equipped to handle 6gb from the iphone they can handle 6gb from the ipad. You all fail to note one important thing. The other plans are no contract based. Now think about everyones iphone data plan that is contract based. If you keep them happy they will go nowhere, not only will you get the business from the ipad but all these customers will want to stay with rogers and probably upgrade to the next iphone whenever it comes out so that they can maintain that link with the ipad. So in a way you would get a contract data plan attatched to the ipad

    1. Adam Halinaty

      Keep in mind that 2 Euro for 500MB Plan with Orange (and other UK carriers) expires after 24 hours, regardless of what you have used up.

  248. Paul


    Lets assume – Rogers would not send misleading (or too early) information to Apple (and I would incline towards thinking that 20 dollars add-on just leaked too early)… And from the start Rogers customers would have only 15 and 35 dollars options…

    There are still explanations to make how come for basically the data consumption device, on the same platform – Rogers decided to charge more money for the less data offer.

    And yes, 35CAD/5GB sounds good.. but wait.. Bell and Telus did release their offers yet… Moreover… is this 35CAD/5GB plan available only for customers who got an iPad or for all existing Rogers Customers as well??

    So, yes, RogersKeith, even plans sounds good (as you say), there are A LOT OF EXPLANATIONS to make to your own loyal customers, who are actually ready to be NOT SO LOYAL anymore, because of the way Rogers doing business these days (and before)…

    And, since I am already writing this here… Another “weird business logic” from Rogers, which you should consider!

    Recently Rogers offered new service, called Rogers TV on Demand Online!
    Great! It is really good idea, specially for new iPad users! STOP! impossible.. and you know why??
    Because NEW service has been developed using technology, which is not supported by the device, which sold over 1 million units during just over 1 month and I think Rogers is looking to sell even more in Canada!!!!

    So, talk to you development and business teams… If Rogers wants to be so advanced – you, guys, should think all aspects! Now, you will have to pay another lot of money to re-develop “just to be released” service to be compatible with HTML5, so all your iPAD user would be able to WATCH TV ON DEMAND ONLINE – exactly as you want to sell it!

    just my 2 cents…

    1. RogersKeith

      Thanks for feedback Paul. The $35/5GB plan is specific to iPad.

    2. Jesse David Hollington

      “There are still explanations to make how come for basically the data consumption device, on the same platform – Rogers decided to charge more money for the less data offer.”
      Again, since so many people were fortunate enough to sign on for the 6GB/$30 plan when it was being offered on promotion, they seem to forget that this plan is not only unavailable today (6GB will run you $70 — $30 will only get you 1GB per month), but that the 6GB promo plan was also not contract-free.

  249. Paul

    My apologies for missing some words… :) Unfortunately I am unable to edit the post :(

  250. Ktk

    FWIW, I don’t see anything unusual with the plans offered by Rogers for the iPad. In fact, the $35/5GB plan is quite generous. My current (non-contract) data plans are around $30/500MB; one via Fido for my unlocked Android 2.1 smartphone and another for my Novatel 2372. Once my recalled Novatel has returned, and proves to be reliable, I will cancel the smartphone data plan and use the hotspot device for all my WiFi needs. This means that I will be able to connect my laptop, netbook, iPod Touch and smartphone to the internet using one 500MB account. Not to mention, potentially, a tablet of some kind. My data usage with my netbook, smartphone & Touch, has been roughly under 200MB/month. I do not stream, or download any audio or video content while connected to the 3G network. I currently see data plans as expensive luxuries that need to be used sparingly.

  251. Luigi

    I’m so disapointed by those plans and the fact that I can’t share my existing 6gb plan that I pre ordered a wifi only version. U ain’t getting more of my money…

  252. Image605

    Hey… I want a shared plan for iPhone-iPad.

  253. Spencer C

    I keep hearing about how most users don’t go over 5Gb of data.

    This may be true…on a smartphone…but we are talking about a tablet here whose major tasks include surfing the web and streaming media.

    The iPad screen is 4 times the size of an iPhone, data consumption will be significantly higher.

    It is probably fair to suggest that these plans are on par with what has been offered in the U.S., however I don’t think AT&T — well known as one of the most loathed carriers in the U.S.– is a good role-model.

    I think Canadians were hoping that for once Rogers might be a leader rather than a follower.

    I think maybe Canadians are getting tired of the way the wireless oligopoly treats them and is anxious for someone to treat them with respect.

    I think wireless carriers in this country need to recognize that the old ways of compartmentalizing services and putting up artificial barriers needs to end as most of us are aware that data is data and trying to suggest otherwise is simply gouging.

    So ya, maybe the plans are on par with the mediocre AT&T plans but does Rogers really want to aim so low?

    1. Ian

      @Spencer C – The size of the iPad screen is completely irrelevant regarding the amount of data being used. If you pull in a website on your iPhone or your iPad, it’s EXACTLY the same amount of data. The only time it would make a difference is if the website happened to serve a mobile website for the iPhone and the full-strength website for the iPad.

      1. Chris

        @Ian I think what @Spencer C means is that when the screen is larger people are more likely to surf more. I sure surf more on my PC than I do my iPhone because it is much easier and less time consuming not having to zoom in and out all of the time. With a bigger iPad screen users will probably be more likely to browse more if it is easier.

        But your right a webpage should be the same data size in both cases.

      2. Spencer

        Streaming video absolutely increases bandwidth at larger screen sizes.

        Why do you think video runs so well at tiny sizes but stutters when you go fullscreen? It’s using more bandwidth.

        And as was mentioned by Chris, a larger screen and larger device lend themselves more to browsing full websites rather than mobile versions, iPhone-optimized versions or apps.

      3. Jesse David Hollington

        I don’t disagree that people are likely to use more data on the iPad than on the iPhone, but I still think that 5GB is more than generous.

        I tether with my iPhone quite regularly, and while I’m not watching streaming video beyond the occasional YouTube link that somebody sends me, the reality is that I have yet to go over 1GB of tethering data this year (ie, since January).

        Also keep in mind that the iPad by design limits data consumption over a 3G connection. YouTube videos are (horribly) scaled down, media player apps are required by Apple’s SDK to use a lower-bandwidth stream when operating over 3G connections, and the iTunes Store and App Stores on the device do not allow you to download anything larger than 20MB.

        These are not carrier-specific limitations — they’ve been built into the operating system itself by Apple (quite probably at AT&T’s insistence, but that’s another discussion…. )

        The 250MB plan of course seems much sillier by comparison, but as several people have already pointed out, I suspect it’s designed to be a “quick-access” plan for those people who only need 3G data occasionally. The concept is similar to the way that Wi-FI hotspots charge more for an hour of access as compared to a day.

  254. Dave

    Although the iPad plans are comparable to other carriers worldwide to a degree I wouldn’t hail them as great.

    I think a lot of people who have posted on these forums are missing the complete picture, this is not about the iPad. What needs to be stressed is that Rogers is a mobile Internet provider. The main issue is the various pricing across devices, 5GB of data costs $35 for the iPad, $60 for a smartphone and $65 for the mobile Internet stick. Customers should be upset that their being charged extra depending on the device they choose to use. Some of the mobile Internet price also includes a contract, a good example would be the three year 6GB data plan which we all know was the only option at the time. Mobile data should be a standard price across the board and sold as a bucket to each customer to use with whatever device they see fit. For Rogers to truly be a leader they need to think a little beyond their bottom line and put there customers first instead of when the Canadian press puts pressure on them.

    This is an issue of stripping away users rights by overcharge select customers for the same service based on device, selling locked hardware and dictating the carrier which can be used and putting restrictions on services already bought to improve their bottom line (no data bucket sharing, no roll over minutes, etc).

    I’m still waiting for an answer from someone at Rogers although I’m not holding my breath. I already know that they don’t have an answer other then to nickel and dime their customer base. That’s the problem in Canada, we have no choice. If you want reliable wireless service at the moment your stuck with Rogers, Bell or Telus and they all run on the philosophy of putting the customer last. Innovation for these three companies is pointing fingers at each other arguing over who’s more reliable or has the newest phones, what a sad state for technology in Canada.

  255. al

    Rather then keeping us loyal ROGERS customers; this will definitely influence my decision when I renew my other services; be it TV (SHAW); internet (BELL), mobile (WIND), and now the choice is clear.

    ROGERS DOES NOT VALUE CURRENT CUSTOMERS; better off to go to the competition..!!

  256. CBF

    I agree totally with the sentiment that while a modest “set up” could be justified, there is no justification whatsoever to not allowing customers to share their existing data plans for iPad usage. And while you’re at it, stop gouging your customers for data roaming charges. More examples of why I want to grab a club when I read marketing about wanting to “enhance the customer experience”. HA!

  257. tom

    may i add – I had to call in countless time to the retention dept – just to get a 50MB blackberry data plan for $15.

    Yes, 50MB! (now u are offering to iPad ppl 7 times the data for the same price.) Some justification about this would be nice.

  258. Hunter

    This is a slap in the face of existing customers. It seams that Rogers has neglected to consider their existing customers once again.

    The problem here is that Rogers is double dipping – charging existing customers for data that they already have by not allowing customers to use their data across different devices.

    I consider this an insult.

  259. JenLu

    Tried this on the other thread but no response, so I’ll try again:
    I have two questions:
    What is the process – will I be able to buy the plan via the ipad itself as in the US
    What happens when I go to the US or the UK, how can I access the 3G component – same plan to cover or will I have to buy something else.

    Thank you in advance

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey JenLu – Yes you can activate on device itself. Let me find out for you if there are roaming options.

      1. b


        current data roaming packages for Rogers phones is ridiculously expensive, e.g. for US travel a 1month data roaming add-on:


        this kind of data pricing might have made sense 10 or 15 years ago, but clearly they are inadequate for devices like the iPad (or even iPhone)!

        PLEASE provide more reasonable data roaming pricing for iPad users – a lot of us will be traveling with our iPads!. our alternative is to give AT&T our money when traveling in US

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        The funny thing is that AT&T’s plans going the other way aren’t much better:

        $25/20MB ($1.25/MB)
        $60/50MB ($1.20/MB)
        $120/100MB ($1.20/MB)
        $200/200MB ($1/MB)

        By comparison, the low-level plans on Rogers are more expensive ($2/$3 per MB, while the high-end plan is actually cheaper at $0.80/MB). In the case of Rogers, at least, I don’t think these are iPad-specific plans, either, but just the general travel/roaming data buckets that Rogers sells for any device (I’ve bought the $60/75MB plan for my iPhone a couple of times already).

      3. RogersKeith

        Following up on your question @JenLu, there will not be roaming options available on iPad plans at launch.

      4. DaveMTL

        Should anyone really care since one can simply get the AT&T microsim and use when in the states. I have some buddies with iPads which plan exactly that.

  260. Patrick

    How about a face-saving compromise?

    Simply allow device sharing on the 5GB / $35 plan. That way, folks with the 6GB / $30 plan will switch over. You get $5 more revenue per month and are on the hook for 1GB less of data. Users get the data bucket sharing we want.


    1. RB

      I would go for that! Great suggestion!

  261. HUH? I order the iPad 3G SPECIFICALLY because I can use it for $20 (I use several GB a month and I now have the 6GB/month plan on my iPhone.

    And now AFTER I order this the rate is cancelled? You cannot be serious. Will you honour it for people who ordered the iPad in good fath?

  262. If I may… Keith, you are Rogers’ “senior director of social media”. How many junior directors are there, I wonder? And do they all engage in doublespeak? You are “thrilled to be carrying the iPad”? It’s just a data device, and it should not matter one bit, pun intended, what the device is. You are ONLY carrying bits.

    The only reason you are thrilled, I suspect, is that instead of carrying bits, you can detect the device and thence charge twice for the same service.

    And that makes me just hate companies that do this. No amount of “social media” will help, I fear. Like thieves creating a blog and Tweeting and facebooking, and hoping this will make us happy to be stolen from.

    Guess what – we know we are being taken from a ride. When I travel, and pay a 100 million percent margin on what it really costs, I don’t just know this – I feel it.

    This $20 bait and switch just makes me feel it even more.

  263. Christopher O'Hare

    Why is there no free data sharing? If I’m paying for 5-6GB of data I should be able to use it as I please. Charge me a one time fee for the extra micro-sim and that should be sufficient. It is ridiculous to expect customers to have multiple data plans when they don’t come close to saturating any of them. Milk it for what it’s worth because one day Google is going to swoop in here and end you.

  264. Dave

    When I logged in early Monday morning to order my iPad and saw the $20 dollar sharing plan, I thought, “fantastic”. When I read later that day that it had been removed, the thought never crossed my mind to cancel my iPad, but it did make me question if I would purchase a plan from Rogers.

    As someone who uses but a small percentage of his 6GB plan each month, what incentive do I now have for buying an iPad data plan from Rogers. If the price is similar (which it almost always is in Canada), then why should I not buy from the competition?

    Please give me a reason to send more business your way!

  265. amar

    I’ve been a loyal Rogers customer since 1992, when I got my cell phone from Cantell. Over the years I’ve added Internet, home phone, cable tv and channels and two additional mobile numbers to the mix. I currently spend $600-$700 for Rogers services. I watch their nickel and diming and put upnwith it for far too long. This BS with the iPad data plan is the last straw. I will be moving ALL my business and the small mortgage that I pay away from Rogers. It will be inconvenient but I refuse to give Rogers a single dollar more.

    Good luck to you Rogers.. At this rate you’ll need it!

  266. pmcd

    The “error” was a nightmare and very embarrassing to those who purchased. That $20 addon ( I assumed it was a one time admin fee) made sense for those wanting to combine an IPhone and iPad in the way they access the net. On the other hand I just don’t understand people citing Spain, Britain, etc… Their phone systems have always been different. For example in Britain you paid by usage for landlines. So of course people jumped to wireless in a different way compared to Canada where there was no local usage fee, where distance are vast and where the population is scattered. Countries in Europe are tiny. That is an issue.

    I do blame Rogers for backing out on the addon. Hopefully they will come out with a formal explanation and not just some error on a blog statement. On the other hand the data plans they did bring out were not unreasonable. There is very little competition in Canad at this time and until that changes people will keep having fewer options.

    A WiFi iPad is limiting but it’s better than nothing. Downdown Toronto will have a $5/month data plan fro the ex Toronto Hydro ( Cogeco Data now I believe) so that helps a bit.

    Perhaps Apple should never have sold the iPad in Canada. There are just too many obstacles at this point. In the US iPad users will have access to NetFlix which is pretty neat. We have nothing of the sort. It’s really a streaming device but there’s little to stream in Canada.

    Finally, the amount of noise on this forum is incredible. It’s not possible to filter out the useful information. It just seems like a mob ranting and raving against Rogers. Incredible that Rogers has let this exist.


  267. James

    So it’s now been over two full days of waiting for a proper response from Rogers.

    @RogersKeith I fully understand you aren’t the man with the answers, and you have been doing a fairly good job of monitoring this thread, but when can we expect a response? I mean the company has had over two days to do some damage control, but the best I have seen is your 5 or 6 scattered responses telling the masses that “people are paying attention”

    I mean no offense to you personally but that really isn’t good enough. I have been a Rogers customer for 10+ years now and I would hope that they would care enough to at the very least come out and apologize for the mistake and let us know why it happened in the first place. And maybe even tell us why you won’t allow the kind of plans we are hoping for.

  268. Dustin

    I don’t understand this frustration about no Fido plans. It’s not like Rogers is offering current customers some deals. The plans are the same no matter who you are. Plus, you don’t have to sign any contract and can activate via the iPad. So who cares if Fido doesn’t offer plans. Am I missing something? Just use Rogers, or wait for Bell or Telus. No big deal.

  269. Duncan

    Want one. Will never get one unless data sharing plans are in place.

    Excited for my contract to end to see what else is out there from other carriers!

  270. ShevCharko

    @RogersKeith For those of us fortunate enough to already have a 3G iPad, when will we be able to head to a local Rogers store and pick up a micro-sim card and activate one of the iPad plans? Also, do you know what we can expect to pay for a micro-sim directly from Rogers (not through Apple when ordering the device)?

    Also, I’d just like to take a moment to throw my vote in for a shared data plan. With two iPhones and two 6GB buckets on each in our household you can imagine we end each month with a size-able amount of leftover data.

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey @ShevCharko. SIM cards are being shipped/sold with devices, but I’m assuming you got your in U.S. if you don’t have a SIM yet? No details yet on when/where to acquire Rogers SIMs, but the device delivery date in Canada is May 28. We’ll share more when we can.

  271. Jake

    @David yes. It said you have the freedom to cancel or activate a contract on your iPad at anytime.

  272. Kiwi

    Please let us share our data plans..

    I’m waiting to see what bell and telus will offer.. but I think think sharing of dataplan for a small fee (ie $5/mth) would be great!

  273. hotkarl85

    what a joke.

    is there anybody w/ half a brain that works at rogers? like is there honestly ANY foresight here? what did you think the public’s reaction would be to this? did you not learn anything from the iphone launch??

    use some common sense… make plans fair… dont take every opportunity possible to gouge the customer…


  274. How is it ethical to charge someone for a 3G internet plan per device? If I subscribe to Rogers 3G internet service (on my smartphone, USB dongle or iPad), I should be able to use that account on as many devices as I like as long as I stay within the confines of my agreement (250MB, 6 GB/per month etc.)

    There is exactly zero cost to enabling multiple devices with the same account, it is trivial to clone a SIM to do this.

    The equivalent would be not allowing me to use a switch/router in my home on your network to share the internet connection I have purchased with all of the network devices.

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      Not entirely: The equivalent would be suggesting that I should pay one price for my broadband Internet connection both at home and at the cottage. Two devices == two connections and two data plans.

      I don’t see an ethical issue here, since I’ve never seen any indication that suggests you can use your data plan on more than one device.

      The issue really is that Rogers has sold a bunch of 5GB/6GB data plans on the assumption that the majority of users won’t actually use that data — this is why the plans can be priced the way they are, and to be fair, for 99.9% of users, 6GB is “unlimited.” People just don’t like hearing that there’s a “cap” even though the vast majority will never get anywhere near that cap.

      Conversely, if Rogers was selling “unlimited” plans, would you really expect that you can connect as many devices as you want to the “unlimited” plan? That’s like suggesting that I can bring my whole family to an “all-you-can-eat-buffet” for one price.

      However, the cap exists to prevent people from deciding to ditch their home Internet service and rely on Rogers’ service exclusively. With a 7.2mbps network, there’s definitely a temptation to do that — with the performance I get, I’d happily disconnect my home Internet and go 3G-only if there was no usage cap. Note that AT&T can get away with offering “unlimited” service because they’re only doing 1.8mbps on most of their towers. Most people would happily jump onto Wi-Fi or use their home Internet connection rather than relying on those speeds to do any serious downloading or streaming of content.

      The cost of data usage is not negligible. As bandwidth usage increases, Rogers and other providers has to build out their infrastructure to account for that increased usage, which includes upgrading equipment in existing towers and even putting in more towers. If Rogers was pricing their data on the basis that every user really would use 6GB of data per month, there is no way that you’d be paying $30 a month for it — even the “normal” price of $70 per month would be generous under those circumstances.

      That said, when you consider that another 5GB bucket is $35/month, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that a $20 (per month) charge could easily cover the costs of shared usage. However, it’s ridiculous to suggest that provisioning a secondary device which will potentially double the existing data usage should be done at zero additional cost.

      1. I don’t think anyone would argue that if I pay for a wired service at my house be it, electricity or internet access this charge would be per property. There is no parallel between running hard wired cable to a house and receiving a wireless service that has no such terrestrial limitations.

        The reason you don’t see an ethical issue is you probably (and I am assuming) perhaps don’t have the luxury of experiencing how the bulk of Europe operates with respect to issues like this. Locking a data plan to a device is not the norm., in fact it is actually illegal in some countries. The CRTC is just clueless with respect to issues such as these and because of the Oligopoly position the Canadian wireless carriers are in we literally have no choice.

        No, in fact the real issue here is Rogers SIM locks to a device. I have no problem paying more if I use more, but I am paying for a 3G connection to the Rogers network. It is no different than paying for my residential hard wired broadband connection. I should be able to use it any way I like in any device I like as long as it doesn’t damage the network it is connected to.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        Per property or per device, the concept is not that dissimilar. The fact is that with a single device, a single person uses (or chooses to share) the data in a single place. Multiple devices mean the potential for multiple users of the device, meaning that data can now be consumed by both devices simultaneously, using up double the potential bandwidth.

        Further, the comparison to tethering or sharing via a Mi-Fi is equally inappropriate for the same reason. Sure, you can setup a Mi-Fi and get up to five people online, but you’re still sharing the same bandwidth from the Mi-Fi. The total maximum throughput remains 7.2mbps, which is now shared between all five of those devices. A second device means you now have two devices that are both capable of using 7.2mbps of bandwidth. In essence, Rogers is now providing you with 14.4mbps of total bandwidth between the two devices.

        It’s never been as much about the amount of data being moved as it’s about the available bandwidth to move that data. Why do you think cable/DSL providers charge higher rates for faster speeds? In the case of mobile data, Rogers doesn’t charge based on bandwidth (AFAIK, the 21mbps HSPA+ network will be available at the same price as the current 7.2mbps network), but they do keep the data caps relatively low (compared to landline ISPs) in order to discourage excessive use.

        I’m not saying Rogers shouldn’t offer a shared plan of some kind — I’d like to see this as much as anybody else, but I don’t support the idea that people are “paying for a bucket of data” that they should be able to use at no extra charge on any device they want as there are many other considerations here. It costs money to provide bandwidth to move all that data, and every 3G device connected to the network creates an additional load on the network.

        My experiences with the European market are few, but my understanding is that in most cases, data plans are still assigned to a specific device via the SIM card (ie, to a specific card). Sure, you can plug that card into any device you want — everything is unlocked for the most part — but most providers that I’ve seen do not offer any concept of plans that are shared between multiple SIM card accounts. Movistar’s new plans in Spain are actually quite revolutionary, even for the European marketplace.

        Likewise, leaving aside the issue of carrier locking, you can freely move your SIM card to any device and use your data on that particular device, so you data plan is not locked to a device, but rather locked to your SIM card in much the same way. The only major difference is that our options are far more limited in North America due to the carrier locks that are put on most of the hardware out there.

        In fact, at the end of the day the only thing that prevents you from swapping your SIM card between your iPhone and iPad is the fact that it’s a different type of card — a decision that was made by Apple, and not Rogers (although it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Apple was influenced by AT&T in that decision, as they seem to be in many others).

      3. The incremental cost to add a new subscriber to a wireless network is insignificant. Trust me, Rogers would much rather have everyone on wireless 3G/HSPA or any other 4G network than run copper all over our geographically disperse country.

        Regarding multiple device access – I (and I think everyone else here) would be fine with one device attached to the network at 1 time, of course this is not likely to happen either.

        Rogers is not a progressive carrier (and believe me Telefonica/Movistar is far from one either, which makes that cloned SIM program really compelling, I have many Telefonica accounts) they will nickle and dime for services that are free on most networks worldwide (ie they IP lock UMA, they are the only carrier in the world to do this). It is actually smart business, I would be tempted to do the same thing, they can get away with it and it makes them a FORTUNE.

        I think you will find your iPhone SIM or your RocketStick SIM will not work in the iPad regardless of size (you can actually just shave them down to fit – they are just a different form factor like micro and mini-SD)

        The toss a bone the customers way the odd time to quell the masses, which will probably happen here.

      4. al

        How can you sell a service on the assumption no one will use it; when you are forecasting income for a month, u forcast based on the minimum charge, not the roaming, excess minutes used, etc. ie a budget!

        By the same token, when u budget and offer 6GB, I wouldnt use the excuse that we offerred it knowing full well no one will use it; that ridiculous argument will not give you the motivation to improve your network and plan for future high data intensive services; no, wait, isnt that what happened in USA?

        The next excuse could then be; people are using their 6GB plans; we dont have the capacity, increase prices fast. No business can and should operate on a day to day basis, there should be a game plan, a 5 or 10 year game plan.

        If we signed for 3 years contracts; then why not plan your capital investments accordingly?

        Your argument that we offerred 6GB on the assumption that no one will use it is wrong; but lets say for a minute its true; then why not offer an unlimited data plan, considering according to your logic not everyone will use unlimited??

        You cannot have it both ways;

        JDHollington””The issue really is that Rogers has sold a bunch of 5GB/6GB data plans on the assumption that the majority of users won’t actually use that data — this is why the plans can be priced the way they are,..””

        Thanks for being engaging!

  275. Brendan

    Whether Rogers should be accountable for the mistake is secondary at this point. It has simply re-ignited the sense of dis-satisfaction with Rogers and data rates in general.

    The actions that Rogers may or may not take are to satisfy a client base that has lived with mediocre data offerings for years. Remember the disappointment when AT&T announced unlimited for $30 and we got… well… we didn’t get much. The “ok” plan we managed to get was a promotional plan that doesn’t exist for new users.

    The execs at Rogers are big boys and should be able to defend themselves. A more active voice from Rogers would be greatly appreciated given that we’re 3 days into the announcement with 450 comments so far, several columns in the National Post and Globe and Mail about the “Rogers under Fire” stories.

    I would like a straight answer to the harder comments on this board from someone at Rogers that can make the call. If we’re wasting our time this board then let us know. If something is actually happening behind those Rogers doors then some word of that would be greatly appreciated.

  276. al

    And to think FIDO/ROGERS wanted to charge us for tethering; makes sense now doesn’t it?
    Wonder how the tethering debate timeline compares to the iPad introduction date?

    ROGERS can trump the competition and create goodwill if their business strategy was geared for the long term and not limited to short term profits..the world is changing, ROGERS needs to as well!

    PS: lets also hope the other TELCO’s are taking notes and decide to be more customer oriented with their data strategy!

  277. Stacks up “pretty favourably with carriers around the world”? How is that, exactly? Other carriers offer unlimited data for 30 days for 30 bucks. You offer about about 4 days worth of data for five dollars more. Your “customer experience” with the iPhone means nothing here.

    Why? Because your iPhone customers only use piddling amounts of data because they are stuck with a ruinous and gouging plan thanks to you. And the iPhone history is not applicable anyway, since this is an entirely different product for an entirely different use. iPad users on 3G in the U.S. are burning through about 200MB per HOUR. So your 5GB is a miserable pittance and – as is par for the course with your company – an insult to Canadian customers

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      “4 days worth of data?” I’d love to know what you’re doing with your iPad over a 3G connection that consumes 5GB of data in four days.

      Further, if you were using that much data in 4 days on AT&T’s network, they would pull the plug on you entirely under their terms of use agreement. I know people that this has happened to (granted, folks who are misusing their connections by hacking on tethering).

      Also, AT&T’s “unlimited” plans generally run at 1.8mbps if you’re lucky. Rogers gives you 7.2mbps. Although it sounds ironic in this case, since a slower connection uses less data, and users are less likely to rely on a slower connection for high-volume uses, AT&T can afford to be magnanimous with their data plans.

      1. What are people doing to burn 5GB in four days? Video and gaming, of course.

        Netflix users are pounding out 250-300MB per hour. The on-line gaming crew isnt far behind. You can assume that anyone using any streaming media app or going in for live gaming on this side of the border is going to be in the same boat.

    2. RogersKeith

      Hey Mark – take a look at the list that @Neal published above and you’ll see that our plans deliver great value. In addition, we’ve tried to structure the plans in a customer friendly way, with no term commitment, no overage fees and the ability for customers to only pay for the months they need data.

  278. Mike

    If your not happy with Rogers data plans send an email to Apple. Tell them your not buying their device because of Rogers plans.
    I’m only interested in the i-pad if I can add it for FREE to the data plan I already pay for!!!

    1. DaveMTL

      Why would you not buy the iPad? Its unlocked! You can use it everywhere iPhone is accepted (look up the specs, they’re the same) The microSim is the only difference. As soon as Bell or Telus or Videotron or Wind or any other telco decides to offer service you can switch. Every 30 days you can switch. That is what’s great about the iPad… reason alone to buy one… to send a message to all telcos that we’re tired of being chained to one telco for 3 YEARS!!! Does anyone realize how rare 3 year contracts are elsewhere?
      As for what Rogers is offering, it’s actually not bad relative to these 3G sticks.

  279. Gary

    Three days now and still no response other than “we are looking in to it”.

    @RogersKeith with all due respect that is not good enough. I get the feeling that you are hoping this will all “go away” if you just ignore it.

    Someone at Rogers knows what happened. When can we your customers expect a statement on how this mistake happened, and what Rogers are going to do about it?

  280. CodeMonk

    Hello @RogersKeith , It is reported that Android 2.2 (Froyo) to allow USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot creation.

    Here is the link:

    So in light of this development I’ll most likely NOT upgrade my Iphone 3G to the next version (Iphone HD). This single feature tips the economical scale so much that it is worth to buy an unlocked contract free Android 2.2 phone at full cost instead of paying Rogers $35 a month . I will use this new phone for the remainder part of my 3 year contract (14 months) with Rogers and at the end of that I’ll reevaluate my options.It is a lose-lose scenario for Rogers since there will be zero additional revenue from my phone purchase , Ipad purchase Ipad data but surely I’ll utilise more of my 6Gb monthly traffic and as a customer who was with Rogers for 12+ start shopping arround for the best possible deal instead of just renewing with Rogers.

    here is my math:
    Cost difference between Ipad Wifi and #g = 130
    14 months of Rogers Ipad data @ 35$ = 490
    ($35 * 14 + 130 = $620)

    Cost of unlocked Android (Google Nexuss one) phone: 529 USD ca. 560CAD

    As I wrote in my previous post the whole mobile data pricing is a huge RISK for Rogers.
    Rogers currently sells subsidized HTC Android devices for far less than the subsidized Iphone 3GS. These devices (eventually) will upgrade to Android 2.2 and any new Android devices will come with version 2.2 sooner or later as progress marches on. What strategy do you have to deal with this ? Will Rogers disable this feature ? If not then why would anybody purchase an IPhone (probably one of the most profitable devices) from Rogers when you can save over $400 a year just by choosing a cheaper android phone ?

    When the Iphone was debuted 3 years ago it had a huge lead in look& feel and the Apple mistique that allowed charging a premium for the phone and the associated services. This is gone by now and the competitors are closing in fast on Apple. Rogers needs to take a very serious look at this and reevaluate its value proposition or risk loosing those Iphone users that signed up about 2 years ago.

    just my 2 cents

  281. Tulse

    “I think think sharing of dataplan for a small fee (ie $5/mth) would be great!”

    And for those who already have $30 6GB plans, the total cost would be roughly equivalent to the $35 for 5GB plan announced, with the advantage to Rogers that the shared plan would be guaranteed revenue, unlike the announced monthly plans.

  282. Brian

    This is just sad. Maybe Mr Keith should tell us if we are wasting our time so we can look for other carriers. Passing it on to the appropriate people is a useless comment… Meh so much for customer satisfaction

  283. CodeMonk

    Hello @RogersKeith

    Re:”But I did want to point out that the iPad plans we announced yesterday stack up pretty favourably compared with what was announced around the world”

    Well take a look of the latest offerings from Sprint’s first 4G smartphone, the EVO 4G which is considered a direct competitor for the upcoming new IPhone HD:

    Customers get for 40 USD per month truly unlimited 4G data that they can share with up to 8 WiFi devices.

    link :

    (the pricing is actually quite interresting: 10 USD for unlimited data on the device and 30 USD for the sharing feature.)

    If Sprint can do it then Rogers can do it too….

  284. Michael

    This confirms the fact that I now have no choice but to JAIL BREAK my iPhone to make it a WiFi hotspot so I can use my existing data plan for my iPad. Rogers leaves me no choice! I would have paid an extra $20 / month to share my iPhone data plan of 6GB but since they removed this package they lose out on additional revenue from me in the long run. Total greed from Rogers and shame on you too Rogers for screwing your customers yet again. You will lose my business over this stupid decision I guarantee it.

  285. Craig

    Just cancelled my iPad order since Rogers has declined to offer the “sharing” plan that Apple originally advertised. Too bad what looks to be a good device is being tied up by Rogers inflexibility on their plans; guess Rogers wants you to “buy” the large data plan but will then work to make sure that you can’t actually use what you bought…

  286. Shane Fugere

    on ur survey I clearly stated that Ur data plans suck… And that I’d be open to shared data….

  287. Cottager

    Look, it’s obvious to me Rogers made a mistake and didn’t add the ‘per month’ clause to the $20 charge and pulled it as soon as they realized the error. It will come back in some form after they have crunched the numbers before first deliveries of the iPads, and when Bell drops it’s plan into the mix. Competition is a good thing and frankly Rogers has always reacted well to market pressure. Remember last year they let us upgrade our 1 year old iphones to 3GS units? Have you seen the smart data and voice roaming options now available for use in the USA? Do you know that there is NO tethering available at ATT at all? They deserve some credit for also having the guts to let us air our feeling on their website, like it or not, they are at least listening.

    My wish list is:
    – another decent upgrade plan for the new iphone (and don’t even think about pulling my 6 gig data plan).
    -a fair data sharing plan for my ipad that is on order…..I mean come on,
    -how about another cell tower near my cottage….like Bell has?

  288. RogersKeith

    Hey all – I wanted to weigh in on one of the questions that has surfaced in this discussion. Some of you are asking why we’re offering iPad plans with better value than for other wireless devices. The answer is that we’re experimenting with lower data pricing for iPad because the economic model is different from the traditional carrier arrangement in North America, where the carrier sells the device at a subsidized price and provides technical support for the device. We’re excited about the tablet category and wanted to introduce some great pricing at launch.

    1. Patrick

      I see the fundamental problem is that Rogers and its customers have two completely different ways of approaching pricing.

      Rogers has adopted the approach that many (most?) companies adopt of pricing according to the perceived value to the customer.

      Meanwhile, I think many of us (customers) are looking at pricing from a cost point of view. There are many examples to cite:

      (1) Caller ID
      The caller ID information is built in to the telephony protocol. You actually have to have software in place to specifically BLOCK it if you don’t want to go to the customer’s device. So, in essence, it costs money for Rogers to not provide caller ID but they charge a significant (and increasing) amount of money to let the information go through.

      (2) Tethering
      Programs like PDANet on the iPhone have shown that there is no specific carrier service that’s needed to tether. If you have a data plan, PDANet will let you tether, whether the carrier has “provisioned” it or not. Of course, Rogers wanted to charge for this non-service, and backed down only after significant negative customer feedback.

      (3) Data Bucket Sharing
      There is obviously extra value to the customer in allowing a single data plan to service more than one device and we see, once again, that Rogers wants to monetize this value. Meanwhile, customers used to having multiple computers at home all running off the same internet service provider, don’t see much additional cost to the provider — “data is data” — and so we get the current protest. RogersKeith, you allude to the difference in support costs as driving the iPad economic experiment. I think most people recognize that you’ll get support calls for iPad data plans and deserve compensatory costs plus reasonable profit in return. I’ve said a couple times that I think a $5 / month fee is reasonable ($20 / month is, however, just brutal).

      Anyhow, despite the occasional olive branch offer after serious customer protests, it seems that Rogers and its customers are going to continue to butt heads over these respective views for a while to come.

      1. Jesse David Hollington

        You’ll get no argument from me on point #1, and in fact the exact same issue exists across the board with every provider. In fact, landline providers go even further by charging for things like “touch tone service” which is inherent in a digital network (you can’t not have it).

        With regards to point #2 on tethering, however, I recall no “significant negative customer feedback” that caused Rogers to back down on tethering charges. Rogers announced this as a trial from day one as they understandably wanted to measure the impact that it would have on their network before making any promises. They then extended the original deadline before confirming that they would simply continue offering it for free.

        As for point 3, I’ve already discussed this in other comments, but it’s clearly a misperception on the part of customers. Data is not data in this sense, since we’re talking about bandwidth. Sure, you can have as many computers connected at home as you want, but they all share the same fixed bandwidth of your home Internet connection (which your cable/DSL provider clearly charges for at different tiers depending on what speeds you want). For mobile data, Rogers doesn’t charge based on speed, but puts limited data caps in place to prevent excessive usage.

        Tethering or sharing data on a Mi-Fi is still only using a single connection to the 3G network. All devices using that connection are sharing the same 7.2mbps bandwidth, and the overall load on the network is not increased by doing this. Adding a second device, on the other hand, does create an additional load on the network simply by being on and connected, and of course that second device gets its own 7.2mbps pipe. On top of this, those two devices can be used separately, in different geographic locations, by different people.

        That said, a shared data plan is not unreasonable, and $20 a month for such a plan wouldn’t be unreasonable either considering what I’ve explained above. Remember that Rogers charges a basic network access fee of $10 just to have a device provisioned and connected with no plan (ie, to keep a SIM card account active).

      2. al


        I beg to differ; initial data plans clearly indicated tethering as an option, as a benefit of data plans;

        once the iPhone gained in popularity ROGERS decided to change and make it a promo, so as to then cover themselves if and when they decide to charge for it.

        If you are defending a particular point of view, please get your facts straight, do not misinform the public at large pls.

        BTW, are you a rogers fanboy or a rogers employee or both, lol!

        Thks for your time..:)

      3. Jesse David Hollington

        Neither…. I suppose the real issue is that I’ve been a Rogers wireless customer for a long time, and therefore to me anything that involves gigabytes of data for less than $50 per month seems like a huge bargain. As I’ve already mentioned elsewhere, it was only two years ago that I was paying $100/month for 200MB of data, and that had been a recent upgrade from much more expensive options.

        As I said in my earlier post above, I’m simply basing this on my own recollection, and I don’t remember the tethering question being that much of an issue at the time, but then again it was probably being drowned out by the complaints from south of the border where tethering wasn’t available at all.

        With AT&T paralyzed in fear (still) about what tethering would do to their network, I’m not in the least bit surprised that Rogers wanted to take a more cautious approach to the situation. I think most people weren’t making that much noise about it, since trial or not, the option was still free and nobody was certain where it was going. I can guarantee that a lot of folks (myself included) would have been very upset had Rogers decided to start charging for it — that would have made no sense, and I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

      4. Patrick

        Rogers clearly heard dissenting voices on the tethering issue. In fact, on this very Redboard ( they said…

        “You can be passionate about our products, services and policies. And you’ve let us know loud and clear that you’re passionate about tethering.”

        That post was their about-face on wanting to start charging for tethering.

        As to the question of whether data really is just data (meaning, does it actually cost Rogers more to provide a plan for multiple devices rather than a single one), I have to admit I don’t know for sure. However, I am in the IT industry and I know (despite the common view expressed on this board) that it is quite expensive to modify IT systems to do things like this when they weren’t originally designed to do it. So, I’m sympathetic to what RogersKeith is saying about the costs of upgrading systems to support data sharing.

        What I’m not sympathetic to is the $20 / month fee they are proposing. Upgrading a system is a one-time cost and does not typically depend all that much on how many customers the upgrade supports. They should be able to amortize this upgrade over a longer term and over a relatively large number of users (100K iPad sales in Canada just over the next couple months is not unreasonable considering Apple’s sales success in the US — maybe a third of these will be 3G?). Not to mention that they’ll attract new customers that wouldn’t otherwise have come their way without this new system feature.

        As to your point about bandwidth, I would agree with you but at no time has Rogers ever raised that as the issue, AFAIK. I like what other carriers around the world are doing. They figure out what a “fair daily use” is and, if you stay within those bounds your data comes in at full speed. Go beyond that (I think one carrier is using 500 MB / day, for example) and your data gets throttled down. Very, very reasonable, IMO.

      5. Jesse David Hollington

        I don’t doubt that there were dissenting opinions — it’s the statement on “significant negative customer feedback” that I was taking issue with. The tethering issue was never nearly as big as the issue of data plan prices in the first place (two years ago at iPhone launch) that caused Rogers to offer the “promotional” $30/6GB plan. I think the majority of users cared far less about tethering because they were less affected by it.

        As for the data network, I’m also in IT and have enough experience with networking technologies in general to understand that there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to bandwidth. I can’t intelligently comment on the actual costs of adding a new device to a cellular data network, but it’s certainly not zero — a second device creates a new load on the network and therefore creates new potential costs that can be incurred. It’s the exact same logic as having a second cable/DSL connection at your cottage — you can claim that you only use one connection at a time, but I’m not aware of any carriers who would provide a second active connection at a new physical location without charging you something for it, and pretty much all of them simply charge full price with no “sharing” options available.

        As for the bandwidth issue, the reason that Rogers doesn’t talk about it in specific terms is actually very simple: They can’t even try to guarantee it in the same way a wired provider can. The number of devices on the network have a dramatic impact on the actual bandwidth available, so they price all devices and all bandwidth options with exactly the same data plans, regardless of how much they’re capable of consuming — my iPhone 3G was a 3.6mbps device, my iPhone 3GS is capable of 7.2mbps, but the 6GB/$30 data plan still applies equally to both devices.

        However, just because they don’t talk about bandwidth doesn’t mean it’s not costing them money. Overselling bandwidth without increasing infrastructure will quickly and easily create a network like AT&T suffers from in the U.S.

      6. T-Bone

        I agree by and large with your comments however your last one about bandwidth throttling has been fairly polarizing in other countries. I for one would never want to see do this. Throttling in essence limits performance as you know, but what people are finding in other countries is that they pay for a higher end service, they get x amount of data and they only get a portion of their monthly data at the advertised speed, and a significant portion is throttled. This is not a plus in any way for customers *such as business* who would tend towards bursts of data useaage, or cyclical monthly use and therefore have by in large reduced performance for much of the use. This is reglardless of whether they purchased a data plan that ofers X performace.

        Now I understand that part of the US problem is that by allowing unlimited data the daily baseload is very high given the number of users. So while its unlimited it’s also compromised, shoddy and often throttled performance.

        Most of a month I don’t need my Turbo stick, but when I do the useage is high and I absolutely expect full performance.

        In fairness to Rogers/Bell/Telus they do need to find a balance between nunber of users, rates charged, baseload and hardware upgrades.

        I will gladly pay more than the states to maintain solid performance. However my struggle and the struggle of many others is there has not been much value in any of the data plans.

        With Bell and my turbo stick for instance (my only bell product) I pay $35 dollars for 500mb of data then immediately bump up to $55 dollars to take me to 3gb then $65 to get me to 5gb. Lord help me if I go over because the flex plan is no longer flexible.

        The point is that on data hungry devices that would use a turbo stick/rocket stick or ipads where they serve no other function other than to provide data making the 500mb a step up point considering that these devices do not parse websites in any way is rediculous. It forces you into a less economical plan after little use and a couple youtube videos. Most people will never use 5gb data in a month, most people will use more than 500gb of data in a month on devices that are data hungry. So really some intermediate pricing would make more sense. 1-2gb would be an excellent start.

        Anyhow I am harping……


      7. Aslam

        Interesting points, Patrick. And well presented.

        I never thought of it in that way but you’re right, they do seem to price their services not based on the cost to deliver but on what they perceive as the value to the customer. Unfortunately, as you point out the customer doesn’t view it that way and so there is a fundamental disconnect between Rogers and its customers. As well, such pricing methodologies only work in a market with little to no competition (e.g. specialized consultants) and where the customers are not able to easily understand the technology behind providing the product/service. That is not the case here.

        I still believe that there should be no fee from Rogers for data sharing. The compensation for support calls should already be covered by the profit margins built into the data plan service fee.

        My gas station doesn’t charge me a different price based on whether I pay at the pump or whether I go in and pay at the cashier. Their cashier salary overhead cost is covered by the profit they are making on each sale. In the same way, Rogers should take the overhead costs of supporting my device from the profit margin of the data plan service fee.

        This is a fundamental issue of allowing customers like us to use the data quota we purchase anywhere we want. And there should be no extra charge for this.

    2. Jeff Richards

      Hi Keith,

      Regarding your May 13, 3:51pm post: This is a great response, and does make sense. Some may disagree, and want a lower price, but I personally feel every company has to have the right to set their own objectives and price points and let the market tell them how they’re doing (not just a single message board.)

      I’d actively encourage Rogers to answer the other questions posted here in a similar fashion, particularly disclosing why the $20 deal was posted. I think a simple explanation would do a great deal to remove a lot of the rancour here; there will always people who want more, but the general outrage that’s been here and on Twitter will likely dissipate. Just a “Apple mistakenly posted a piece of code from our test site” or whatever the chain of events were.

      As I’m sure Rogers is realizing, silence, even partial, is never an answer in social media.

      Thanks for sticking with the process, and I’d really encourage Rogers to post more dialogue like your above quote.

    3. John


      I think I speak for the vast majority regarding your entry about “why we’re offering iPad plans with better value than for other wireless devices”……Keith …..WE DON’T CARE. Please have someone with real authority at Rogers tell us why we can’t have a shared data plan. That’s all we’re asking….period.

    4. phoomp

      I can only imagine a cell-co testing one thing with lower data pricing on the iPad. As you said in your post: will iPad customers use more or less data.

      I suspect that we’ll see one of two things happen:
      – if we see people averaging 3-4GB of use, Rogers will raise the per GB price. With no contracts in place, this will be extremely easy

      – if people only use 1-2GB, as they do with their iPhones, Rogers will happily continue to take $35/month from us for 5GB that hardly nobody uses.

    5. Randy

      The explanation of cheaper data due to the Apple selling and supporting the device in question would ring true if Rogers (and other carriers) offered similar reduced pricing for people who brought their own smartphones to a carrier.

      If I purchase a Nexus One directly from Google, Rogers (and other carriers) will not give me support for it, they have not subsidized it, yet I will still pay the regular over-inflated prices for voice and data that are the norm in Canada.

      How is the iPad any different?

  289. tyler

    Rogers has the right to charge whatever and however they want to that they think makes sense for their business. I, as the consumer, has the right to exercise my right to disagree, drop all my existing Rogers service and look for options. Options, here I come.

  290. Ali

    I cancelled my ipad order after reading about the $20 sharing error, I already pay for internet at home and 6gb data on iphone. Don’t want to pay anything more to rogers, just waiting for my contract to get over so i can switch providers. Enough of Rogers!!!

    1. Tony Grant

      I cancelled my iPad order for the same reason – the $20 plan error

  291. Matt


    Your reply is ridiculous… Rogers needs to realize that people are using data to do essentially the same things online, it just differs what device they choose to do that task with. Basically what your comment tells us is that Rogers is to become a glorified ISP over 3G with regards to tablets. What about laptops? Or Netbooks? Surely these are in the same boat as the iPad… You could use this same rationale for data cards, and likely pick up a significant number of customers in the process.

    Secondly, I don’t know where you are getting the idea these are “value” plans. For the vast majority of costumers they will be a second data package. Not only that, the iPad data package is REDUNDANT since the customer will replace a significant amount of his phone data usage with iPad data usage. Thus, consumers end up paying for two separate data packages, which when combined would likely be far too much. You really had a chance to be a hero here Rogers. You had the chance to allow customers to pay a fee to “share” their data package with the iPad, and everyone would be leaving with a smile on their face.

    What I think consumers really want is a glimpse at just how much profit Rogers (and the other telecommunication giants in Canada} truly make off its customers. Its very hard to read articles stating that 70% of the big-3’s profit comes from wireless data, and articles comparing the Canadian wireless pricing to developing nations when in reality Canada is a wealthy western nation, who was a pioneer in getting broadband internet to a significant portion of its citizens (although we have dropped off the radar in the internet world as of late). What I would really like to see is a breakdown of the costs of providing data to customers and what percentage of the data charges are profit? I also assume that it will be a cold day in a place I never want to be before I get to see that.. I suspect if those were public, Canadians would literally revolt.

    What these companies need to realize is that there is no difference between the person who streams audio and video over their phone using 4GB a month, or the person who tethers their phone to a laptop or ipad and uses 4GB per month. Data does not change each time you change your device, and as such your pricing structure should not either.

    I really hope that some of these comments get through to Rogers, because Canadians deserve more from companies that are tasked with providing a now almost essential tool. It has become clear that the Canadian government will not step in, and so we have to rely on corporations like Rogers to “rise to the occasion.”

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      Actually, the assumption that users buying iPads are already data users on other devices is fallacious. Many of the people who have bought iPad 3G models in the U.S. already are doing so as their first data-capable device, not in addition to an iPhone or other smartphone. I suspect the same will be true in Canada as well. Of course, neither AT&T nor Rogers’ data offerings are helping this situation, but it’s still incorrect to assume that anybody buying an iPad is going to be doing so as a second data package.

      Secondly, since the iPad is more attuned to a “family” device for many people, there are no guarantees that the same person will be using both devices, regardless of the name on the account. I could easily be out and about with my iPhone while my wife takes the iPad with her. Two different users, using data at the same time. This is a very different scenario from somebody tethering through the iPhone.

      As for the profit that Rogers and other wireless companies are making, it’s worth noting that the CRTC has for years required that telecommunications providers reinvest a portion of their profits back into their infrastructure and their communities. This applies to everything from landlines to local broadcasters to wireless services. This is also why Rogers has a network that is vastly superior in quality and performance to the AT&T network down in the U.S. Having spent more time than I would like using AT&T’s network, I’m actually not at all unhappy to pay Rogers’ so-called “exorbitant” data rates. Compared to using my iPhone on AT&T, I get four times the bandwidth, noticeably better battery life and virtually no dropped or failed calls.

      1. Interesting way to phrase this: “Many of the people who have bought iPad 3G models in the U.S. already are doing so as their first data-capable device, not in addition to an iPhone or other smartphone.”

        Yes, it might be “many” but it is not most. Apple’s numbers for the first month of sales show that the majority of purchasers already have a data-capable mobile device AND an existing data plan.

        However, I do wholeheartedly agree with your statement that AT&T’s network is wretched. In fact, as a business traveller on both sides of the border I can tell you that the only network that is as spotty on coverage and loses as many data connections is Rogers. Both companies have miserable service and horrid reliability. So you might be right in saying that no one will use 5GB per month on Rogers – they wont be able to get enough of a connection to use that much.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        Actually, we don’t fully have those numbers yet, since the only iPads that have been on sale in the U.S. for a month are the Wi-Fi only models. I’m sure that a lot of iPhone users are picking up Wi-Fi iPad models — it’s a natural progression. The question is how many of these want to pay for a second data plan on a second device, or even share this data plan for any costs (other than zero)? Further, how many people who already have an iPhone need a 3G capable iPad?

        The truth is that as much as many of us would like to have an iPad with 3G data, I think those of us who are iPhone users (myself included) can admit that it’s not nearly as crucial for us as if would be if it were our only iPhone OS device (ie, we’re carrying a non-data cell phone).

        As for your comments about Rogers’ network, I guess this may just demonstrate that experiences differ even on Rogers’ network across the country, as my experiences with Rogers’ service in southern Ontario (mostly Toronto), have not been anything like that. I cannot remember the last time I dropped a call or data connection when I had reasonable coverage (ie, excluding obvious things like walking into an elevator), and the slowest data I get is around 2.8mbps, and that’s during rush hour times when everybody is on their phone — later at night I easily hit 6mbps or better. There have been a few isolated points during which the whole 3G network was down, but those seem to be the exception rather than the rule (I can think of perhaps three incidents in the past two years).

        Of course, as with anything, your mileage may vary, and there are probably any number of areas across the country in which Rogers’ network is far less reliable, and I’m sure the reverse can be said for AT&T’s network in the U.S. — there are probably some spots where the service is excellent. However, poor service seems to be much more common with AT&T — I’ve been to a half-dozen major U.S. cities in the past year, and haven’t been happy with the cellular data service in any of them.

      3. No, we do have those numbers. Weekly totals of devices attaching to the iTunes apps store for the first time are provided to developers, with the data broken down by model and the aggregate customer profile data included.

        You are right about “your mileage may vary” however – I am also in southern Ontario, and i have data refusals (leading to the dreaded “yank out the SIM and jam it back in” fix) and dropped calls multiple times every day. However, i am out in rural and undeveloped areas like Hamilton and Mississauga and Toronto, so you probably can’t expect good service there.

        My favourite comment in all of this is your mention that as a long-time Rogers customer, you think that anything under 50 bucks a month for gigabytes of data is a good deal. Isnt that basically saying that since you have been screwed (and screwed hard) all along, being screwed a little bit less is awesome? i mean, that is a pretty poor baseline to be giving thumbs-up against …

      4. Jesse David Hollington

        I’ve seen the same numbers, but I have not found any indication of how those numbers are tied into existing customer data on who already has iPhones or data plans with those iPhones. Apple is only providing aggregate statistics, not individual customer information that would reflect this.

        I also haven’t had any of the problems you’ve described with the Rogers network, however, which I find surprising since I’m on the go throughout Toronto with it on a regular basis. The only issue I’ve occasionally had is the “No Service” issue when I come out of the subway, requiring a reboot of the iPhone itself, but this is clearly an iPhone hardware problem with re-establishing a connection rather than an issue with the Rogers network — it occurs on every other network, and occurs only with iPhone models running specific firmware versions.

        As for the data rates, I’m offering a possible point of comparison, but the bottom line is that I do not personally feel that Rogers’ data rates are in any way exorbitant. Would I like them to be cheaper? Of course. I’d also like my mortgage, my car expenses, and the cost of food to be cheaper, but it is what it is.

        At that point, it becomes a matter of opinion. On the one hand, you have a vocal group on this board complaining about the high costs of cellular services such as data. On the other hand, however, since wireless data services are not a necessity of life for the majority of people in Canada, the fact that Rogers can charge these prices means that enough people are willing to pay them. Personally, I suspect that the silent majority of Rogers customers (who are either not commenting here or have never bothered to check this board), have far less of a problem with Rogers’ data rates than the vocal minority here. Simple economics 101 would seem to bear that out, otherwise Rogers wouldn’t be selling so many 3G devices and data plans.

  292. chris

    Hi RogersKeith,

    Thanks for letting us know that somebody is reading this board. But you are rather obviously avoiding another question that is on people’s minds:

    – What is Rogers offering existing clients as an incentive to choose Rogers for their ipad service plan?

    If either Bell or Telus offer anything similar to your ipad offerings, I can assure you I will NOT be choosing Rogers for my ipad service. In fact, i’ll be making that choice with intent. If Bell or Telus offers $35 / month for 5Gb data, no contract on an ipad data plan, there is no question, I would not choose your offering. No question at all. Why should I? And since it’s no contract, there is really no harm in trying other service options is there. What’s the worst case for the customer? They are committed to a one month service.

    Rogers seems to be awfully confident that nobody else is going to offer similarly (or better) valued ipad plans.

    Rogers has made the problem worse by making it publicly known that they were clearly discussing adding value to existing clients with Apple. (re: the now infamous “share plan” error on the Apple Canada web-site). I suspect I’m not alone in feeling like not only have you now considered your existing customers, but you have decided purposely not to offer them any incentive to choose your service. We’ll speak with our wallets when May 28th rolls around, I can assure you.

  293. RogersKeith

    We’re getting lots of questions about why the Apple website listed a data-sharing option for Rogers plans earlier this week. Here are some answers.

    Internationally, data sharing plans are not widely available for the iPad. However, we have been examining this option for our customers and were preparing to be among the first carriers in the world to introduce data sharing.

    Unfortunately, that notion ended up on Apple’s website before we were ready to talk about it. We weren’t ready to announce it for a bunch of reasons. First, it’s something that takes time to build into our systems. Second, we’ve been looking at options of how to structure it. For example, should it only be available to customers with larger data buckets who could best take advantage of sharing? Finally, we need to ensure that we protect the network quality you have come to expect from Rogers.

    We’ve always been big believers in sharing plans at Rogers. We offer sharing plans for family members, for co-workers and even allow customers on data plans of 1GB and above to share data with another device through tethering at no extra charge. We’ve heard loud and clear that many of you are interested in the data sharing options Rogers has been considering. Sharing data between plans requires an investment in our systems and draws on our network in different ways. If Rogers were to introduce a sharing plan for some customers – one that allowed them to use data purchased for a smartphone on their iPad – there would be an additional monthly fee of approximately $20.

    We regret that this discussion of sharing plans has taken away from what some of you have noticed: That Rogers iPad data plans stack up quite favourably with those announced by carriers around the world. We’ve tried to structure the plans in a customer friendly way, with no term commitment, no overage fees and the ability for customers to only pay for the months they need data.

    On behalf of Rogers, I want to apologize for the confusion that was caused when the proposed shared data plans were published on another website.

    1. rk

      I am amazed that “a notion” was placed on an international website. Someone must have given Apple that information. Does not exactly instill confidence.
      The plans offered may stack up well with other companies but how about doing something innovative and pushing the industry.
      If Rogers is offering these price points for the ipad that is unlocked and unsubsidized, how about I bring my unlocked HTC phone over to Rogers for the same 35/5gig plan?

    2. Jesse David Hollington

      Thank you for clarifying this, Keith.

      I would not find a $20/month sharing fee to be at all unreasonable in this case, as it makes sense to me that Rogers does in fact incur bandwidth costs for each device that is directly connected to its 3G network. Of course, this would assume that such a plan would provide the normal bandwidth of the 3G network with no limitations beyond the existing data cap that is being shared.

      I think the other concern would be how this would compare to the existing iPad plans. The iPad pricing structure is relatively unique in terms of what Rogers is offering in that users can “top-up” with a new plan at any time, rather than being stuck on a monthly commitment with overage charges. How would a $20 shared plan work in this case? Would there be a contract commitment involved? What would happen when users go over their plan on the iPad versus their iPhone (or other smartphone). I’d have to assume that the $20 add-on would work in the same manner as Rogers’ other existing data plans, which might make it confusing for some.

      Anyway, not expecting that you have any of these answers now (otherwise you’d already be offering the plan, right? :) ), but just throwing them out there as food for thought.

      1. netrokid

        Thank you for finally addressing this issue. I suspect your legal and PR departments will need to get accustomed to moving a little faster if this board is to be a valuable asset to Rogers when hot topics like these pop up in the future.

        Anyhow- kudos to you for dealing with the stress all of our comments must have caused and thanks for pushing your depts to finally approve a statement. Hopefully Rogers will offer a shared plan to users who already have a data plan in the near future. Hopefully it will also be more reasonable than $20/month. (Or keep it at $20 but add some more shared GB so that we at least feel like we’re getting some added value)

        As for the favourable rates for iPad 3G rates as compared to other companies around the world, I hope you understand that we are so used to paying more than our American neighbours that this probably wouldn’t have been noticed anyways. (Especially because AT&T markets an unlimited package (despite what the small print may say- it’s all about perception))

        The rates aren’t relatively bad as a stand-alone offering, but still pricey for access to the Internet if you are already paying for a home connection and a smartphone connection.

        I think part of the reason we feel “angry” or “cheated” is threefold:

        1. Most of us paying for the 5 or 6 GB iPhone plans know we are not getting our money’s worth because we are only using 1-2 GB/month. We therefore (regardless of what the fine print might say) feel entitled to the use of that remaining bandwidth.

        2. We feel like we’ll be paying twice for the same service (3G access to the internet- 3 times if you consider access to the internet at home). Imagine if you were charged the full cost of your primary cable plan per television in your house, even though you never watch TV in your living room and bedroom at the same time.

        3. The posting the contemplated shared data offer and then taking it away.

        Canada used to have a reputation for having a bleeding edge telecom industry in terms of the pricing models and quality of our telecommunications. Now, although we still have the quality, we follow the leader and bleed our customers for everything they’ve got in terms of pricing models. Mobile communications used to be a luxury, now they are pretty much a necessity. (I bet people use telecomm services more on a daily basis in a city like Toronto, than they drive on government regulated and maintained roads).

        Anyhow- keep up the challenging work, and here’s to a day where features like coast-to -coast calling, Caller ID, unlimited SMS messaging, and shared 3G access become standard and at reasonable rates. Then we’ll be proud of our Canadian telcos once more… :)

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        I think the thing that most people fail to realize about AT&T and their “unlimited” plans is how utterly horrible their network is. While Canada is definitely not leading the North American market in terms of pricing, but we’re definitely ahead in terms of network quality.

        I’ve spent time travelling and doing business in the U.S. and using my iPhone on AT&T’s network, and I have a half-dozen colleagues who are all heavy iPhone users in the U.S. and saddled with AT&T. Data rates in the majority of the country are maxed out at 1.8mbps, with 3.6mbps only now being rolled out in certain trial markets like Chicago. By comparison, Rogers provides 7.2mbps 3G service in most of Canada. Coverage is extremely spotty in a lot of places, particularly outside urban areas, and dropped and failed calls are a daily phenomenon in a lot of areas. Further, due to the poorer network performance and different frequencies, my iPhone battery life is about 2/3rds what I get on the Rogers network in Canada.

        Having experienced this first-hand more often than I’d like to, I’ll take Rogers 6GB limits any day over AT&T’s “unlimited” plan. Let’s face it: The number one complaint people have with Rogers is what we’re paying for services, but you almost never hear anybody complaining about the quality of those services. On the other hand, the number one complaints in the U.S. are about how horrible the service is. We may be paying more than our neighbours to the south, but I at least console myself with the knowledge that we’re getting a far better experience for it.

      3. Aslam

        Bravo RogersKeith,

        Thank you for this clarification. This is well stated and well reasoned.

        And a hearty Bravo to Rogers’ product managers for the intention to be a market leader and come out with Data Sharing. I’m glad to see you folks were thinking on those lines. I know that as customers we were all hoping you would. Alas, mere intentions aren’t good enough. You guys have to actually do it.

        As well, I still feel that $20/month is excessive. Particularly for customers like myself that are already on a $30 / month data package. It represents a 66% surcharge and provides no additional quota, just the ability to use the quota I am already paying for. That’s too much for too little.

        This whole issue is now more than just a product issue, it is also a PR issue for Rogers. Perception is reality and Roger’s perception among its most loyal customers has taken a beating over this issue. As I see it, you folks have a few options each with a PR consequence:

        Option 1. Stay the course with no data sharing (or continue to delay bringing this out)

        PR Result: Rogers will continue to generate anger. You will attract the attention of the CRTC and the media and they will roast you guys alive. As well you will likely eventually lose a lot of good customers to Telus, Bell and Virgin. Sure the customer exodus will not happen right away but this will be the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of customers, myself included.

        Option 2. Recognize your customer dissent and formally introduce the $20 data sharing plan.

        PR Result: Many customers will find this very expensive (particularly any customer that is currently paying less than $30 per month for data). Rogers will lose some face with this option and will likely still be a target. Not for the lack of a data share plan, but for a significantly costly one. The media will still roast you guys on charging a 66% premium and providing what they perceive as nothing much. It won’t matter how many times you tell them that you are providing a lot for that $20 and that your costs for bandwidth must be recovered. The perception will persist and perception is everything.

        Option 3. Take the role of a market leader and provide data sharing for $0

        PR Result: You will turn this whole negative PR cycle into a significantly positive PR cycle. Perception of Rogers as a greedy company will start to shift. No one can say you’re being greedy when you’re giving something for free. Sure, your accountants will have to sharpen their pencils and extract the additional network bandwidth costs from the existing data plan service fees but the PR gain will more than make up for it. Customers will praise Roger’s leadership, and you will get press coverage saying how Rogers (a Canadian company) is leading the world. Remember that there is nothing that Canadian media loves more than touting how we are doing things first. Just look at how often they still talk about how Lester B. Pearson (a Canadian) invented UN Peacekeeping… and that happened back in 1956.

        These are your options, as I see them. You folks just have to choose which of those PR outcomes you want.

        P.S. I think if you had posted this message 3 days ago, you would have avoided a lot of the anger and frustration that has been built up over this issue now. However, better late than never.

      4. poopy


        If you are correct about the ‘reasonable’ cost of simply connecting a device to Roger’s data network, then there are some potentially scary implications about the mark-up on the actual cost of data carriage.

        Take for example the $30 for 6 GB data plan:

        $30 total – $20 connection fee = $10 for data carriage / 6 GB of data = $1.67 per GB.

        If this is true then Rogers – and all the Canadian telcos – would have a difficult time trying to explain why their data carriage rates seem to be in the order of twenty-five to one-hundred times greater than actual costs.

        I’ll freely admit my lack of expertise on this topic, but I just cannot believe that carrying data is only 33% of the total plan cost. Therefore, Rogers is gouging on the connection charge when priced at $20 per month.

        Which is IMO a bad idea for the company, as the next battle will be for customer retention in the era of a maturing market defined by increased competition.

      5. Jesse David Hollington

        Actually, to be fair in some ways it’s scarier.

        To make things simpler, however, the 6GB/$30 plan is a bad example, as this plan needed to be added to a base voice plan, so the assumption there is that the voice plan would be where the “connection” fee would be. Further, the 6GB/$30 plan required a three-year contract commitment and carried its own separate early termination fee (so even if you only cancelled your data plan and kept your voice plan you would be hit with a $100 penalty).

        However, that’s largely irrelevant, as Rogers is obviously offering a $35/5GB plan with no other base costs involved, so your analogy is close enough to the $30/6GB plan to still ring true.

        The real issue, however, is that the 5GB/6GB caps are completely meaningless in this case. Like an all-you-can-eat buffet, Rogers doesn’t really expect the majority of its users to hit those caps and in fact I’d suspect that the average usage is significantly lower when you consider the number of iPhone users on Rogers’ network who do little more than check their e-mail and look up directions to their favorite restaurant. My wife, for example, hasn’t exceeded 1GB of data in the almost two years that she’s had her iPhone. So, for every one person who may actually use 5GB of data a month, there are probably 1,000 who use less than 100MB per month.

        So what Rogers is effectively doing is basing their data costs on projected actual use on average rather than simply expecting everyone is going to use the 6GB they’re giving out. This is the simple reason why they’re so reluctant to allow people to share those data plans between other devices — those average data usage numbers would increase at the risk of insufficient revenue to justify that increase.

        The other problem, however, is that the concept of data caps and data usage obscures the real concern, which is bandwidth. A single 3G device can currently use a maximum of 7.2mbps of bandwidth on the Rogers network at any given time — that’s it’s maximum effective load, no matter how much data is being used. A second device, even on the same data plan, gets its own 7.2mbps allocation of bandwidth, effectively doubling the potential load on the network. While most iPhone and iPad users aren’t going to be using data on both devices at the same time, there’s nothing in place that would prevent this from happening, and in the same way that a few users will hit their 6GB iPhone data cap each month, there will be those users who suck down a combined 6GB of data on both devices simultaneously at twice the bandwidth. Rogers obviously needs to figure out what the metrics of this are in the same way as working out the average usage on their existing data plans. I’m fairly confident that this is the same reason that tethering was offered on a “trial” basis for so long — so that Rogers could determine what the impact of it would be on their network.

      6. Sean

        am I the only person here who can see that Jesse David Harrington is clearly in the employ of rogers? This whole redboard experiment is so contrived. you must think we (customers) are stupid or something…

      7. Jesse David Hollington

        Uh, no.

        I’m using my real name here, and you can easily find more about me on the Internet. I have absolutely no relationship with Rogers beyond that of a customer like the rest of you. I do not now or ever have owned shares in Rogers, much less done any work for or with them. I don’t even have any friends, family or personal acquaintances that work for Rogers. The closest connection I have to anybody at Rogers is bumping into Keith once at a social media event last summer.

        I think that many people here are so angry and feel such a ridiculous sense of entitlement that they’re unwilling to accept that there may be satisfied Rogers customers out there who really don’t see a problem with any of this beyond perhaps some relatively minor communication and PR gaffes.

        I do believe that there should be a shared data plan, but I don’t think that $20 is out of line with what Rogers currently charges for other basic network services (again, $10 just to keep a line active with no plan on it). I wouldn’t complain if Rogers wanted to lower their data rates, but I also don’t think Rogers owes me anything. I’m not happy with the current data rates, and am therefore happy to keep my Wi-Fi iPad and use it with my Mi-Fi instead (which can of course provide data for my other devices as well).

        So, it sounds like the shared plan is coming, and will probably be at the proposed $20, subject to perhaps a few other benefits and/or restrictions. The existing $35/5GB plan is also not unreasonable — it’s the lowest data rate Rogers has ever offered outside of promotions and contract commitments. Unfortunately, people are so busy seeing the glass as half-empty and expressing their hatred and vitriol for Rogers that they’re failing to see the positive side to this.

        Personally, I’m happy that Rogers announced any iPad-specific plans. They could just as easily have ignored it completely and charged the same data rates as any other device out there.

      8. RogersKeith

        Hey Jesse – you’re right that details are still being worked out of exactly what the sharing plans would look like – which is why we were hoping not to have them announced this week.

    3. Um… By allowing tethering you are already sharing data, at $0 a month!

      And now suddenly it “needs work” and discussions and investment and more and it will cost $20 a month? I simple do not believe you. If I can use my MacBook through my iPhone there is NO reason I should not be able to use my iPad instead.

      Keith, I am ONE person and I assure you I will be using EITHER my iPhone OR my iPad OR my MacBook – never more than one at the same time.

      And anyway. Someone screwed up. Apple published a rate that does not yet exist. And those of us who ordered iPads are out of luck. You will not honour this?

      It will be interesting to see what Rogers and Bell eventually offer. Paying Rogers twice, when I am already paying a small fortune every month, is not on my list.

      Rogers, all you do is transfer some bits for me. That should be VERY VERY cheap, and paying 10 million percent margins is making me and many of your other customers FURIOUS. No amount of weasel words will change that.

    4. al

      Finally a reasonable answer to a reasonable question; thanks for being professional about it.

      Like many others here ROGERS will need to differentiate their pricing structure to keep me on ROGERS for my needs, be it WIRELESS, INTERNET, TV, or MEDIA.

      The skewed data pricing leaves a bad taste; that ROGERS wants to cash in on a somewhat ill informed clientele; your client base is willing to go to the competition.

      Your churn rates show that; and BELLs new activations rate show that as well!!

      We are still trying to keep the faith, please rise up to what we expect from you.

      Thanks for your time..:)

      GO HABS GO..!!

      1. RogersKeith

        You’re very welcome Al. Go habs go indeed!

    5. Matt

      Since the iPad is not yet available internationally your point is moot since carriers could still revise their data plans, and a 5 GB cap is hardly competitive since many carriers have at least some variation of an “unlimited” option. I won’t harp on that point though, because I feel like it is a victory to see the $35/5GB plan on a Canadian carriers website.

      But you are saying that technically a sharing option is difficult? Why? Rogers could very easily create a WiFi tethering app that would link your phone to the ipad via Wifi. Problem solved. I’m surprised the majority of the people here aren’t jailbreaking/rooting their phones in order to use wifi tether already.

      You really should we be looking at it that way…. Does Rogers force their customers to jailbreak/root to wifi tether or do they offer reasonable plans?

      1. Jeff Richards

        Your solution presumes that Apple would permit that in the App Store, which they almost certainly wouldn’t.

    6. Dave

      Thanks for the clarification. Eagerly awaiting the day that I can begin surfing on my iPad 3G!

    7. D k Cornelius

      Thanks for confirming that the $20. access charge that Rogers is floating to allow us to use our data – in a plan that we are already paying for – is in fact a proposed MONTHLY charge.

      We are ALREADY paying for the mobile data plan, simply let us use it please.

      I ordered one both a 3G and WiFi type on Monday because Rogers clearly wasn’t ready at launch. Apparently the 3G version is the iPad I will cancel or sell.

    8. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for clarifying the situation!

      One thing to consider, if I am already paying $40 for my 2Gb iPhone Data Plan, why would I pay another $20 for the privilege of using the same data elsewhere? There needs to be some other bonus there too, such as bumping up an iPhone plan’s data to 5Gb when they opt for the sharing plan, otherwise such a high monthly fee just seems ludicrous (though I guess when compared to other insanely priced add-ons such as Caller ID it makes sense…)

      Anyway, glad to hear Rogers is planning on doing something better than other iPad data providers.

    9. Gary

      Hi Keith – Thank you very much for clarifying this situation. You are in a difficult position and we all appreciate that.

      With the $20 sharing option that is being discussed, I agree with many that $20 seems excessive for this. I would suggest that you could get around this perception by adding to the plans data bucket.

      For example, data sharing with an existing plan over xGB costs $20 per month and also add’s 2GB of data to that shared plan.

      If like you say, 98.8% of people don’t use all of their data anyway this won’t impact Rogers. Customer perception though is that you are getting something new for the $20 and not paying for the same data twice.

      Just a thought/suggestion.

    10. Karen

      I never saw this article on the apple site about data sharing. This was a news article written by Rogers that was eventually posted on the net that talked about the $20 data sharing. Excessive price for the value, but not available. So please, if Rogers changed their mind, say so.

  294. sylvain

    I already pay for a dataplan on my actual cellphone. Even 20$ to share that plan is a form of abuse.

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      “I already pay for an Internet plan at home. Even $20 to share that plan at my cottage is a form of abuse.”

      When will people understand that just because there are no physical wires between your phone and the Rogers network doesn’t mean that it’s not a separate connection to the network.

      You can try to use the justification that wired Internet connections cost more because of the physical wiring, but that’s ultimately what the installation fees are for (whether upfront or built-in to the monthly price plan, those fees are there). Once the wires are run and the cable/DSL modem is sitting in your house, the only recurring costs are the bandwidth for your connection to the network.

      The same applies for wireless connections. Two devices == double the bandwidth.

  295. Of course all this talk of needed investment is utter nonsense. I pay for 6 GB a month (while by the way in other countries I get “unlimited”). WHY does it make a difference what device or devices I use to get to that 6GB?

    The answer: it does not. It is Rogers double-dipping again and extricating more money from me. Like a $30 cell phone plan that inevitably always costs $10, whatever you do.

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      It makes a lot of difference. By contrast, I pay for 60GB of data a month on my home Internet connection. Why should I not be able to use that same data at the cottage for no additional cost beyond installation of the wires?

      A second device means a second Internet connection with its own 7.2mbps of bandwidth which creates an additional potential load on the Rogers network.

      1. Matt

        Not if Rogers were to allow tethering for the shared plans, or block the other device from using data while the other was in use. There are many work-arounds that Rogers could use to make sharing a reality.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        I’m not sure what you mean about “tethering for the shared plans” but it doesn’t seem that blocking both devices from being used simultaneously would be all that practical without making some more significant changes to how their network presently operates.

        The point is that I’m not arguing against the presence of shared plans, merely against the ideas that many people here have that sharing a data bucket should be completely free. We can debate whether $20 is reasonable or not (I personally think it’s okay — not great, but acceptable), but it’s ridiculous IMHO to suggest that Rogers should just hook up another device at no extra monthly cost at all.

  296. Rogers already has a data plan that offers tethering if over 500mb and they offer family shared data with no tethering regardless of data size.

    What they need to offer now is a Shared Data Bucket Plan option that is available only to their 3G products that they sell, the IMEI must be a Rogers Registered Approved Device. Up to 4 devices on a Sample plan like: $75 for UNLIMITED DATA

  297. James

    “Allow customers on data plans of 1GB and above to share data with another device through tethering at no extra charge”

    So my only question, and I think it’s fair and what many others are wondering is why is the above option FREE? And the option you are talking about here:

    “If Rogers were to introduce a sharing plan for some customers – one that allowed them to use data purchased for a smartphone on their iPad – there would be an additional monthly fee of approximately $20.”

    An extra cost? Whats the difference between sharing my 6GB iPhone data for free with my laptop, but if I want to share it with my iPad (which I can’t even do right now anyways) it will cost me roughly 20.00 a month?

    I just don’t get that logic.

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      When you’re tethering you’re using your data through a single device — it’s still a single point of connection to the Rogers network. Most users are not surfing on their iPhone and tethering at the same time.

      The iPad represents a separate connection to the Rogers network, with its own allocation of bandwidth. While most users are unlikely to be using their iPhone and iPad at the same time, it would certainly possible to do so, and most people live with more than one potential user, particularly for the iPad which is already becoming a “family” device in many households.

      Obviously if Apple had included the ability for the iPad to tether through the iPhone we wouldn’t be having this discussion, as tethering is already included. It’s not about charging extra for iPad use, it’s about charging for having another device connected to the Rogers network.

      People who wouldn’t dream of suggesting that Rogers Cable Internet or Bell DSL should provide them with a second wired Internet connection at no charge seem to have a difficult time drawing the analogy to wireless devices simply because there are no wires involved. However, a second device on a cellular data network has the same effect as running a second cable modem or DSL modem on a wired Internet connection.

    2. RogersKeith

      Hey James. One of the main differences from a technical perspective is that tethering is all on the same SIM card while sharing between a phone and an iPad involves different SIMs. Rogers decided that we wanted to offer tethering at no extra charge on most plans. Other carriers may make different decisions but we wanted to provide this for our customers.

      1. James

        I should make it clear that I’m fully aware of the technical perspective of such a feat. I totally understand that two seperate devices will be accessing the network instead of just one.

        My biggest complaint is simply the price.

        While I have no issue with paying an extra monthly fee for allowing me to use my iPhone data with an iPad I just can’t swallow a 20.00 dollar price tag.

        Leading up to the release of your plans, my friends (most of whom want an iPad and all own iPhones with the 6GB/30.00 plan) and I all came to the conclusion that we could only see our selfs forking out an additional 5.00-7.00 a month for such a service.

        When you consider most (if not all) of your customers are paying for a home internet connection and a mobile internet connection, adding an additional 20.00 a month is just far to hard to justify.

        And while I have no doubt you will see a lot of people pick up iPads with one of your two data plans. I can promise you, a lot will just settle with the Wi-Fi only model and possibly jailbreak their phone in order to serve the iPad with data.

        All we’re asking for is an affordable option that won’t cost us an additional 240.00+ a year on a Rogers Bill. Or at the very least a legitimate reason why you can’t offer such a service for the price I’m (and many others) are asking for.

      2. Matt

        Keith…. when multiple devices are sharing a data connection, why not block the other devices while one is in use? Therefore problem solved.

  298. John

    Hi RogersKeith,

    For the $35/5GB Plan, will there be any other charges added beyond taxes ? Will there be regulatory fees or activation fees each time we sign up for a month ?

    1. RogersKeith

      Hey John. No additional charges on the $35/5GB plan.

  299. As others have already said, thank you RogersKeith for clearing this up.

    As Jesse David Hollington mentioned earlier, I would not have a problem paying $20 as I do expect Rogers will incur extra infrastructure costs when setting up data sharing.

    So if that comes in the future, great. For now I do want an iPad and I do want it to have 3G capabilities, so I know what I have to pay.

    Thank you so much for clearing this issue up. Although I hope it’s not become a dead issue, we’d still like sharing.

  300. poopy


    thanks for your well written and reasoned comments. No disrespect intended to Keith MacArthur but it seems like you are doing most of the heavy lifting in this thread.

    I’m a bit saddened though, since I cannot help but agree that Rogers will need to establish the metrics around iPad data use (per your point on the trial period for tethering) prior to rolling out the shared plan. And I doubt that Rogers really has an option to at this time to float a trial “free” shared plan since if the consumption and bandwidth metrics result on the assessment of charges then they will face an unsavory poop-storm when ending any free trial sharing plan.

    So I bet that Rogers will start with either no Shared plan, relying on data from the PayGo to get a sense of intensity Before they launch a plan six months from now – or an unpalatably expensive Shared plan (eg $20 per month).

    I’m too impatient / cheap for either so I may reluctantly look toward jailbreak and MiFi. If lots of folks do this then the outliers in heavy data consumption will start to shift toward average, pushing up operating costs.

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      I’ve already got a Mi-Fi, so in my case I’m staying with my Wi-Fi iPad and using my Mi-Fi. Of course, this means I’m paying more than I would on an iPad data plan, but I can also connect more than one device through my Mi-Fi, so it’s a more practical use case for me. If I weren’t on the promotional 6GB/$30 plan and on a contract with it, I might even consider dropping the data plan from my iPhone and just going entirely with the Mi-Fi, but that’s not practical right now.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, however, I don’t believe that $20 is unreasonably expensive when you look at Rogers’ fees elsewhere — remember that they charge $10/month just to have a device provisioned on the network with no plans, and therefore no actual usage. A $20 shared data plan is not great, but it’s something I could accept as long as the shared device had the same level and speed of network access and there were no other unreasonable restrictions placed on its use.

      Again, however, I spent so many years paying hundreds of dollars for mere megabytes of data that all of Rogers’ current plans seem like huge bargains to me. :)

  301. Matt

    So can existing iPhone customers on one of the less competitive plans ($30 for 1GB) now switch to an iPad plan and get 5GB for $35?

    1. RogersMary

      Hi Matt. The iPad plans are fro iPad use only. They do not replace or share your existing plan.

      1. phoomp

        Ah, but why? Why aren’t all gigabytes equal? Does it cost less to send data to and from an iPad than a smartphone?

        Such dramatically inconsistent data pricing between devices makes Rogers look dishonest

      2. poopy

        “Such dramatically inconsistent data pricing between devices makes Rogers look dishonest”


  302. Jeff Richards

    I’d like to thank RogersKeith for answering regarding the data sharing issue.

    Personally, in terms of customer feedback, $20 per month seems a little steep; however, the overwhelming message of this post is that I’m glad Rogers finally was able to address the concerns. Official corporate communications always take time, but maybe next time Rogers can at least allow Keith to say “we’re working on a response; it may take a couple of days” or something similar. Still, this is a new board, and issues are inevitable.

  303. Cottager

    Many here are talking about ‘their $30 6 Gig plan’. I find it amusing because this was a ‘promo’ package that is no longer offered to new Rogers customers. (the original data package was unlimited, but wiped if you upgraded to the iphone 3GS). New subscribers are only offered a 500k package for $30.

    I think Rogers would be smart to offer up the 6 Gig package again along with a great solution to the shared data issue. This way they can address us existing customers’ concerns, look like heros to those without the 6Gig option AND be a viable option for new sign ups.

    Again RogersKeith, some of us really appreciate your communication, even if you are handcuffed by the suits. Offering up this blog and showing you are reading it is a big plus for this customer.

    1. Brian

      “(the original data package was unlimited, but wiped if you upgraded to the iphone 3GS). New subscribers are only offered a 500k package for $30.”

      @Cottager: If you’re saying that people who upgraded to the iPhone 3GS lost their 6GB data plan, I can tell you that at least in one case (mine) this didn’t happen…I still have it.

    2. Jesse David Hollington

      My experience was also similar — as I understand it, the $60/30GB data plan is on your account and not tied to a specific device. In fact, I know a couple of people who went from iPhones to Blackberries and still kept the promotional data plan.

      Likewise, I did the same when I got my iPhone 3GS last year, although to be fair I did the hardware upgrade when the promotional plan was once again available anyway, so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

      Of course, if you set up a new iPhone plan entirely when upgrading and that plan wasn’t available, that would be a different story entirely.

  304. I was wondering, can we order the $35 / 5 GB data plan and use it on our MiFi device. Like that I can cancel my 2 6gb data plans and 2 500mb data plans, I save money, Rogers looses money and I become happy.

    If not then I will just go to Wind Mobile and get their unlimited Mobile browsing, yes you heard that correct, unlimited for $55 month

  305. chris

    Hi RogersKeith. Thanks for finally providing a clear answer to the question of data sharing.

    It seems reasonable to charge an extra monthly fee for sharing data with a device that has a second sim card and thus is capable of a second network connection. Clearly, data sharing would work well for those with the 6Gb / $30 plan, and less well for those with 1Gb plans.

    Hopefully Rogers is able to work out the technical details of the data sharing option in the coming weeks. I wish it wasn’t $20; $10 seems more reasonable. For $20 would hope for some better overage rates (like $10 / Gb or something…).

  306. al

    @Jesse David Hollington;

    You said; “So what Rogers is effectively doing is basing their data costs on projected actual use on average rather than simply expecting everyone is going to use the 6GB they’re giving out. This is the simple reason why they’re so reluctant to allow people to share those data plans between other devices — those average data usage numbers would increase at the risk of insufficient revenue to justify that increase.”

    IF this policy is in place; why not base your pricing structure accordingly; ie modify your price plans and options as per the average use per client?

    Your recent attention to this board begs the question; since u r a Freelance IT Consultant are you employed by Rogers in anyway; this disclosure would be important when we gauge your impartiality here.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Jesse David Hollington

      “IF this policy is in place; why not base your pricing structure accordingly; ie modify your price plans and options as per the average use per client?”

      I think that consumers have shown in most cases they prefer flat-rate plans that are predictable as opposed to plans that fluctuate based on variable factors. Banks succeed at charging flat monthly fees for bundled transactions, telephone companies charge flat monthly fees for long distance, and Rogers/Bell/Telus charge flat monthly fees for larger buckets of data.

      Further, even where “unlimited” plans are offered, the rates are based on actual expected average usage and naturally not on the assumption that everybody is actually going to use unlimited data.

      As I’ve noted elsewhere, I personally believe that a 6GB plan is Rogers’ own version of an “unlimited” plan, and that the caps are primarily in place to prevent abuse by those who may decide that paying for a single 3G tethered or Mi-Fi data connection is a better option than also paying for home Internet service. 6GB is reasonable for mobile usage, even on an iPad, but it’s obviously completely inappropriate to replace a wired iInternet connection.

      By way of disclosure, I noted this in another post earlier, but I have absolutely no affiliation with Rogers beyond that of a paying customer like anybody else here. I do not, nor have I ever worked for Rogers as an employee, consultant, or in any other capacity, do not own any shares in Rogers, either directly or as part of another portfolio or fund, and do not even know anybody personally who works for Rogers.

      I’ve been a customer of Rogers for about 10 years now, and to be honest have had issues in the past with their service offerings, customer service and communications, but this particular issue is not one of those — or in the very least is so minor by comparison to some of the others as to not be worth worrying about. These days, I merely keep my wireless services with Rogers, having moved my cable and Internet over to Bell IPTV due to much better pricing and features. When it comes to wireless, however, Rogers continues to provide service and rates that are at least equivalent to the other carriers, so I see no reason to switch.

      As for why I’m spending so much time on this thread… I’m starting to wonder about that myself. I think I’ve been sucked into a black hole of productivity here tilting at windmills. It’s not that I”m out to defend Rogers, per se, but I guess the sense of entitlement that I’m seeing in here just grates on my nerves, particularly considering that from where I sit things really have gotten better from the black days of paying hundreds of dollars for a few megabytes of data.

      1. al


        Thanks for clearing it up;…:)


      2. darrell

        Jesse, with all due respect, you really need to stop monopolizing the board and speaking on behalf of Rogers. If you have no affiliation with Rogers, then your repeated comments backing them up are irrelevant. I think we all understand that you are fine with their plans, your opinions have been declared and noted but most Rogers customers, like myself, want to hear a response from Rogers itself, rather than your (apparently non-insider) views.

        You can’t be surprised that people think you are a Rogers shill with all your defending of them, and if you don’t have a pony in this race so-to-speak (since you don’t have any issues with their plan), then why do you need to keep defending them? I would much rather hear from Rogers how they can possibly justify their greedy data plan practices, especially when their other smartphone data plans are much cheaper.

        I have a feeling there is going to be another public outcry like that one that got offer to (temporarily) offer a half-decent iPhone 3G 6GB data plan…

      3. darrell

        *temporarily got Rogers to offer…

      4. Jesse David Hollington

        At this point I’m mostly just responding to comments (like this one) that are specifically directed at me. I originally jumped in because of what I considered to be a sheer amount of misguided assumptions on the part of many of the contributors here, and the general entitlement mentality that I see people spouting (everything should be virtually free) was starting to get on my nerves. I’m afraid that it seems I’ve fallen into this trap :)

        Don’t get me wrong — there’s a difference between “acceptable” and “great” and Rogers’ data plans are far from great. They definitely could be better, but I also don’t see a business that is trying to make a profit and working to actually improve their infrastructure as being “greedy.” AT&T has much better rates in the U.S. and you’ll see just as many comments there about how “greedy” they are, except that those comments are based on the fact that they seem to be doing little (if anything) to improve customer experience in any form.

        I also don’t quite understand what you’re saying about “especially when their other smartphone data plans are much cheaper.” Which plans are those, exactly? The point here is that the iPad plan (which is what is under discussion) actually is cheaper than anything else they’ve previously offered, with the exception of the 6GB/$30 “promotional” plan, which can’t be compared due to it’s limited availability, requirement for a base voice plan, and contract term requirement.

        Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that Rogers isn’t offering similarly-priced and contract-free plans on all of their smartphones. The 6GB/$30 plan should have never been a “promotion-only” thing, and should be available as a contract-free option (as all of their other data plans currently are). There also shouldn’t be an early cancellation fee that applies specifically to data plans except in the case of data-only devices. In fact, when Rogers accidentally removed my 6GB plan last fall it took quite a bit of effort and escalation to get them to put it back on, since it was “no longer in their computer.”

        As I’ve said elsewhere in this discussion, I have in the past had a number of complaints with Rogers, and there are still are aspects of their pricing and policies that I think are absurd, but the iPad data plans are not among those issues for me. I think the nut of the issue that most people are feeling here with the iPad is that it’s the second data device that they’re purchasing, and therefore it’s the first time they’ve been exposed to the idea of paying for a second data plan. This is also likely the same issue that Rogers hasn’t quite yet wrapped their brains around either.

  307. Brian

    The max I would pay would be is 10$ a month more, 20$ a month is to expensive for 6gb of data i don’t even use else i dont need the ipad. I doubt I will eb suing my ipad at home so if I dont get the 3g plan I need, it doesn’t belong with me. No 64gb 3g ipad for me, sorry Apple. The decision to get an ipad solely relies on the sharing plan rogers can offer me. Being not only a corporate customer but a customer for 10 years i think I deserve better. And yes I understand it takes money to accommodate this switch but i think 10$ is the max you should charge. And even that should be reduced as time goes by and the cost of upgrading is recovered. I really hope you guys come through..

  308. JoeB

    Looks like my critical and explicit posts (not language – true details) but anyways, that’s fine.
    This whole business of not sharing data is ridiculous when you have a data plan for one phone and not the other.

    About 2 months ago I had called into Rogers for some reason or another. The customer service rep informed me that my data plan (the promotional $30/6Gig) could be shared with another phone that I have on my account that can access email. My wife uses this second phone, and at the time, it was money not worth spending as she didn’t rely on that particular feature for her phone. Now that she will, I called Rogers this morning and asked what the cost would be to share my data with this second phone (we already share minutes). I was told that I could not share this data plan with any other phone, but if I wanted, I could spend an extra $10 (not bad) and share not only minutes, but data also. The gigantic catch, my data would go from a hefty 6 gig to 1 gig!

    Now, I have been a Rogers customer for over 15 years (phones, home internet, cable TV, etc, etc), and when I call in to a Rogers rep more than once, I will usually get more than one answer (and usually very different answers), so I called back again and asked the same question. Same answer, cancel my existing plan and loose the 6 gig, and share 1 gig.

    I mean really @RogersKeith, why would such plans even exist or be offered to customers that call in and ask such questions. And both reps thought that I would take the offer….how dumb are the average customers that call in thinking that they are getting a better deal? And then on top of that, I was asked if I have a laptop, and if I would be interested in a Rocket Stick? Hello, you know I have an iPhone on the promotional 6gig plan, and you offer tethering for free….wouldn’t the better question be, “do you have a laptop? Are you taking advantage of our free tethering feature for loyal iPhone customers?”

    It’s these types of responses and questions that customers frustrated and angry. Offer additional services, don’t just try and sell us what YOU think we need. There are CSR programs that can aid in delivering this information to your telephone reps, and be able to offer products and services that compliment the current packages and service we have, not just offer us what’s listed on a piece of paper to every customer that calls in.

    I have relatives that work at Rogers in just such positions, and I hear stories from them all the time about customers calling in and they offer then ridiculous products and services that they know they don’t need, or don’t need to pay for….and they TAKE them because a “dedicated Rogers customer service representative” offered it to them. And Rogers gets into the habit thinking that all customers are like that (I’m no saying the average Rogers customer is dumb or stupid – just not kept informed on a daily basis with the technology trends that are out there, local or worldwide), and will take what ever is dished out to them.

    To All Rogers Employees (from the customer service rep on up to the highest management):

    Your customers are intelligent, well informed and know the value of a dollar. Don’t think that we cannot decipher the difference between a well valued plan (of which you have some) to a plan that literally steals the money right out of our pockets (of which you have many). We are not stupid, we are not ignorant of what is offered by other telco providers locally and around the world, and we want to be treated as such.

    Thank you for your time, and the opportunity to post all of our opinions on this forum website. I hope these voices do not fall on deaf ears.

  309. Keven

    Ok so , I love my Iphone alot but I If own an Ipad I don’t need my Iphone anymore because cool app will be available on my Ipad so trade your Iphone for an Android and your email,contacts and calendar will still works , install a tethering wifi app and connect your wi-fi ipad trough it

  310. sam

    Unfortunately, Rogers refusal to allow sharing of the iPhone data plan forces me and others to jailbreak the iPhone and use MyWi to get the iPhone as a mobile hotspot. If Rogers allowed us to somehow use our existing plan for multiple devices, we would not have to go that route.

    The mysterious and now disappeared $20/month fee was also too much to add to what we are already paying.

  311. Tom

    There is a very simple solution that will cost just $5.00. Jailbreak the iPhone, purchase and install MiWi which will turn the iPhone into a WiFi hotspot. Enjoy your $30.00 6GB iPhone data plan with the iPad.


    1. poopy


      “Jailbreak the iPhone, purchase and install MiWi”


      Though in my case I will get the iPad 3g for it’s GPS chip.

      To Keith McArthur,

      I would much prefer to actually pay Rogers a one-time fee, or nominal ($5 or less) monthly charge, to use my 6GB data plan.

    2. DaveMTL

      Remember that you loose the a-GPS and compass as well when loosing the 3G.

      I would suggest the following as a solution for ROGERS.

      Rogers, you could make me happy by simply throtteling down my speed when I pass 5G by half, then by half after 6G then by half again after 7G. Simply charge me more for a higher gate. 40$ for 7G, 50$ for 9G, etc… but all plans above lets say 20$ (for 2G) would be unlimited. That way should I need that extra bit for Google maps or sending an important email, I would be satisfied… slow but satisfied. This way you keep out the bandwidth hogs (by making them pay extra to get a higher gate before their speed slows down) while letting us all feel we have unlimited (since you claim we use less than 5 Gigs) at full speed. In all honesty, i plan to use your hotspots for netflix type stuff and 3g for GPS stuff, reading the paper, etc. That is when full speed and about 2G a month would be plenty. I would see that as unlimited and would be happy to pay 20$ for that. You would also be offering a hard to beat service.

  312. Matt

    Slightly o/t I know but my personal frustration with Rogers pricing relates to the aggressive way that Rogers customer service agents are instructed to get customers off the original promotional 6GB iPhone plan.

    I understand that it was promotional and not generally availble and so on – but I originally connected a 3G and was put on the 6GB plan. I then upgraded to 3GS and was allowed to keep the plan (quite rightly – I still had the same contractual data plan). Some time later, I broke my 3GS and called Rogers and asked about my options. I purchased a 3G Blackberry because it was cheaper than the iPhone and was forced off my 6GB plan. I was told there was ‘no way to carry this plan forward on a different device’.

    Now it turns out that others have changed devices and kept the plan. So, over $1000 in handsets later, still within my original contract term – I am stuck with 1GB for $35, living in constant fear of overages. To be honest, I am pretty happy for Rogers to charge whatever they can get away with for data but in my case, I feel that they have used any excuse to weasel out of honouring my plan. Debating this with the front line agents is pointless. Relating this to the iPad, I would love to get one but to be honest, after feeling let down by Rogers, when I’ve been a perfectly good customer, I’m inclined to wait until another carrier picks up the iPad. I think this explifies how Rogers sometimes push customers just a little too far – at the end of the day, it loses business.

  313. mark mclennan

    This is just another example of Rogers being absolutely brazen about profiteering off the fact that they have a monopoly on the cutting edge technology flowing out of Cupertino to Canadian customers. I am a Rogers shareholder and like the fact that the company is interested in profits for the owners of the company but this level animosity directed at customers is disconcerting, that a company is so unabashed about screwing it’s customers it makes me think that most people will leave this company if they could.

  314. Pierre

    well if rogers comes up with a plan soon, i might still consider buying a 3g ipad. If not ill pick up a new computer and tether for free and call it a day.

    Thanks for the replies tho. at least we now know that rogers is considering offering something

    1. RogersKeith

      You’re welcome Pierre. We’ll share more details when we can.

  315. Tony

    Realizing that nothing is free in this world and Rogers is in the business to make money.

    I have a suggestion for Rogers and wanted to see Rogers and customer reaction to the idea.

    Why not just add sharing to your proposed $15/250MB and $35/5GB. That way Rogers gets additional connection charge and the customer gets additional data. Therefore my $30/6GB would go to 6.25GB and be shared with the iPad for an additional $15/month. Should I go over the 6.25GB i would buy additional 250MB for $15 as is proposed. The same would apply to the proposed $35/5GB iPad plan. Its a compromise that my work and simplifies Rogers’ marketing.

    1. RogersKeith

      Interesting idea Tony. Thanks for suggestion.

    2. Gary

      Hi Tony – I really like that suggestion and posted a variant earlier… really what Rogers have to do is allow people to actually purchase something new rather than asking us to pay for something that we feel we have already purchased…

      Hi Keith – Thank you very much for clarifying this situation. You are in a difficult position and we all appreciate that.

      With the $20 sharing option that is being discussed, I agree with many that $20 seems excessive for this. I would suggest that you could get around this perception by adding to the plans data bucket.

      For example, data sharing with an existing plan over xGB costs $20 per month and also add’s 2GB of data to that shared plan.

      If like you say, 98.8% of people don’t use all of their data anyway this won’t impact Rogers. Customer perception though is that you are getting something new for the $20 and not paying for the same data twice.

      Just a thought/suggestion.

    3. poopy

      Hi Tony,

      according to your suggestion, us iPad3G-lovin’ Rogers 6GB plan customers would be then be clocking $45 for 6.25 GB of data ($30 + $15) or an even scarier $65 for 11 GB a ($30 + $35). These options present a poor value prospect. You might claim that 6.25 GB is good deal for $45 (or 11 GB for $65), but in fact most iPad users will never get even close to their already alloted 6 GB, so that point is moot.

      Like many other posters on this forum these un-attractive options are driving me to investigate Jailbreaking my iPhone and then using MyFi software to set up my iPhone as a local (secure) WiFi hotspot. The process actually looks very simple, and inexpensive (a one-time $10 fee) – and since I pretty much always carry my iPhone I think it could work well. My existing 6GB plan will more than cover the data requirement.

      Transparency, consistency and good value will be the corporate attributes that keep me hooked on Rogers. If as a customer I do not feel proud to be in a business relationship with Rogers then I am likely to look for ways to exploit the company, a tit-for-tat psychology, maybe, but pretty much inevitable.

      1. Tony

        Hi Poopy,

        According to the leaked (error) sharing plan by Rogers it would have cost us $20/month which I too find too much for just sharing. I think a $15/250MB shared plan (with no contract) is a better proposition for the customer, yet allow Rogers cover the added cost of having an additional connection to their network plus a little more profit. So its a compromise. Would I like it free, of coarse, but thats not being realistic.

        You could jailbreak your iPhone but that brings other problems like not being able to upgrade the OS as easily, security issues and etc. Mifi method will allow for sharing but remember you are still using the existing (SIM) connection to Rogers network. No new SIM, therefore no additional connection cost to Rogers by using an existing connection.

        I think what we really need to do is get Apple to allow tethering on iPad. We would not be having this discussion if Apple had allowed tethering on the iPad.

        I don’t know how much data i’m going to be using on the iPad, so a no contract $15/month fee (better then $20/month) with a little bonus is ok for the time being while hoping that Apple allows tethering on the iPad.

        We all like to blame Rogers for the cost but reality we should be complaining to Apple for not allowing tethering on iPad. I’m not a big fan of Rogers some of the logic in their pricing is puzzling and not very consumer friendly.

        Let’s see what the competition does. So far Bell and Telus have disappointed as competitors.

      2. Jesse David Hollington

        “I think what we really need to do is get Apple to allow tethering on iPad. We would not be having this discussion if Apple had allowed tethering on the iPad.”

        While “allow” isn’t quite the correct word, since it’s more a question of Apple simply having not built this feature, I wholeheartedly agree that this is the preferred solution by far.

        Rogers is a wireless provider, and is going to think like a wireless provider. More devices connected to their network == more bandwidth == higher costs. Ergo, they feel that they need to charge money to recoup those costs.

        On the other hand, tethering through an iPhone (or other device) is already free (and should always remain so), since it’s only a single connection to the wireless network.

        Hopefully Apple is working on adding this in a future firmware update. Maybe with luck it will even make it into OS 4 for the iPad this fall, although I wouldn’t hold my breath. It took two years before tethering through the iPhone from a laptop became an option, so I don’t imagine it’s much of a priority for Apple.

        That said, it wouldn’t hurt to go over to and submit it as a feature request. In fact, I’d suggest that everybody here do so. I know for a fact that Apple reads every feature request that comes in, and although I have no idea if they actually determine priority based on these requests, it certainly can’t hurt.

        In the meantime, I’d suggest you avoid the 250MB plan unless you almost always plan to use your iPad over Wi-FI. You’ll go through 250MB pretty quickly unless you’re doing nothing more than checking e-mail and loading up the occasional low-bandwidth web page.

      3. Jesse David Hollington

        Somehow the above link got mangled. It should be:

      4. poopy

        Hi Tony,

        I think that Rogers should make some additional coin for an additional connection to the network. But let’s see a charge that’s more appealing – that is, less than $5 / month, akin to voicemail, etc.

        I don’t really agree with the higher-cost due to multiple device connection concern.

        For instance, if I’m using my iPhone on 3G, it’s rather unlikely that I will also be using my iPhone on 3G. “Only two hands” type thing.

        And if the iPad is shared between multiple users, it’s likely going to be at home where WiFi is preferred, since 3G is slower, and has built-in constraints, such as low resolution for media streaming.

        Now for argument sake I can envision a multiple connections scenario, say, car travel. One car passenger is using an iPad for streaming media and is another using an iPhone with a tethered laptop. But if you’ve ever seen the fight over who gets to plug their device into the lone AC adapter, or watch your 3G signal regularly fritz-out during a Canadian road trip, then you’ll know how wonderful this particular scenario won’t be.

        I strongly suspect that simultaneous multiple device connections to Roger’s 1GB + accounts will be the exception to the rule. So real-time network load is not going to progress seriously out of proportion to the total number of accounts.

        In other words anything more than a nominal charge is gouging. Which leads customers to clandestine tethering, or Jailbreak + MyFi. And unfortunately for Rogers, this approach will result in zero additional remuneration for whatever the increased data consumption will be.

        I know that Jail breaking presents some problems, but the process has gotten so easy that it is now essentially a non-technical, consumer-level offering. And in practice, it’s as easy to use as laptop tethering. Upgrading the iPhone OS is an issue, but the tools are out before the OS updates are these days, so that’s not so much a concern anymore.

        The real issue is playing by the Rules. And the Rules are a lot easier to break if one feels abused by the service provider.

        “Let’s see what the competition does. So far Bell and Telus have disappointed as competitors.”

        I don’t have the data, but I think that lion’s share of iPhone customers remain on Rogers, so the non-exclusivity thing hasn’t really opened the market up much. Yet. Don’t forget that there is a iPhone refresh coming up, and Rogers’ competitors could scoop up a bunch of P-O’d upgraders if they offer “family plans” supporting multiple devices for a reasonable cost – and modest desertion subsidy for those of use paying ETFs.

  316. agence

    Sorry if it’s been covered before, but since there seems to be no possibility of sharing an existing plan and no reward for being an existing customer, I will make sure to get a plan with Bell or Telus. This way I will have redundancy and not rely on a single provider for both my iPhone and iPad.

    1. al

      Despite the statements made by your CEO just recently about maintaining and creating loyal clients;


      I have to agree with @agence comments that the present policy will only alienate clients and do nothing to create loyalty. QUite the contrary, we will move the first chance we get; move wireless, home phone, internet, etc. Why not embrace technology and create value for your clients instead of pushing them away..??

      quote from @agence; (Sorry if it’s been covered before, but since there seems to be no possibility of sharing an existing plan and no reward for being an existing customer, I will make sure to get a plan with Bell or Telus. This way I will have redundancy and not rely on a single provider for both my iPhone and iPad.)

    2. RogersKeith

      Hey Agence. Look above in this post – sharing is something we’re looking into.