Rogers Apple iPad Update

iPad RogersYou may have seen today’s news that the iPad is coming to Canada on May 28.

With pre-orders set to start Monday, we know there’s anticipation for more details. There’s nothing to share just yet, but we’ve set up a page ( where you can stay in the loop.

Later today, the page will allow you to sign up and get the latest information delivered straight to your inbox.

And as always, we’ll keep you posted right here on RedBoard. Stay tuned!

Update (May 7, 5:16 PM): The page allowing you to sign up for more information via email is now live.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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85 comments on “Rogers Apple iPad Update

  1. Chris

    Please offer it so I can just use my data bucket from my iPhone.. There is no good reason you should charge for data on both devices if I could just share my 6GB between them. The higher price of the 3G iPad should already cover the sim card cost since I’m pretty sure it comes with one.. As for activation fees, well that would suck…

    1. Linda

      Agree completely…I am paying now for data (6 GB) that I don’t use up and now you want me to pay extra for more data . Let me share data that I’m paying falready!!

    2. Chris

      250 MB for $15.00
      5 GB for $35.00
      add your iPad to your existing data plan for $20.00

      $20/month.. are you kidding me?!?!?! I pay $30/6GB.. I should be able to share that data for free.. Or is that $20 a one time fee?

  2. Although there’s still 21 days to go before the Apple iPad is goes on sale in the UK, that hasn’t stopped Orange from whetting people’s appetites for the 3G model with its announcing its iPad-specific data plans. If casual 3G data is what you’re after, £2 a day will get you the iPad Daily plan which is good for 200MB until midnight on the day of purchase. Other than than that, £7.50 nets the iPad Weekly plan which offers 1GB of data, whilst the iPad Monthly plans go for £15 and £25 and offer 3GB and 10GB of data alongside browsing at Orange and BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots (although a 750MB fair use cap applies) . If all of this is too much fuss, there’s always the option of paying 5p per megabyte. Both Orange and Apple will be providing Micro SIMs free of charge with orders being accepted starting May 10th.

  3. Kevin

    So now that pricing for the Canadian Plans have been announced from Apple pre-orders for all the iPads are going on sale next Monday. Now who do you expect to pre-order a 3G iPad without knowing what the data plans?

    What are you waiting for Rogers? This kind of hold out on stuff like this doesn’t generate hype, its more like frustration why your constantly don’t think of customers first. Orange in the UK just announced their pricing plans. Where are YOURS? Bring it on already if you expect to sell any of them.

  4. Tom

    I wish you folks would be a bit more transparent too. What does “there’s nothing to share just yet” mean? Are you in talks? Can you give us any time line, like “we should have something for you on Monday”? I appreciate your Twitter team, but in general I would just love to see a bit more openness from you in general.

  5. Dan

    Yeah, I too would like to see what plans Rogers has to offer BEFORE making a decision on either the 3G or WiFi model. Lately though, I have been experiencing awful 3G speeds around Calgary.

  6. Matt

    I hope these iPad plans will be no contract plans. Since you aren’t selling the hardware, there is no money to recoup if someone chooses to end their contract so you aren’t losing anything.

    I’m expecting something ridiculous like 1GB for $30, but I dont think that’s going to be enough data for most people. I’d be happy with 3GB for $30. Come on Rogers, lets hear what you have to offer!

  7. Tulse

    Rogers has known that the iPad is coming to Canada quite a while, and the launch here was even delayed a month, but there is *still* no concrete information on data plans? I’m a long-time Rogers customer, but the only reason I’m not jumping to Bell or Telus for my future iPad data is that they seem even *less* inclined to say anything about iPad plans.

    Honestly, what it is with Canadian telecoms? Is it really so hard to create reasonable plans for people who actually want to give you their money?

  8. tundra

    Apple confirmed the international iPad launch dates this morning. Orange in the UK manages to publish its data rates in time for people to make informed pre-order decisions on Monday. But not here in Canada. Somehow Rogers can’t seem to figure out what they plan to charge even though it’s been no surprise that the iPad is coming here soon. It’s amazing how complacent companies become when they lack competition.

  9. Michael

    Sounds to me like Rogers is using this as a way of harvesting more e-mail addresses. I don’t need ipad news mailed to me; tweet it and post it on the Rogers website.

    Why the delay in publishing the plans?

    A) they are unorganized and haven’t finalized them
    B) the plans are pretty bad and they will only release them at the last possible minute in the hopes that the ipad hype and hysteria will get people to sign a contract in desperation.

  10. Dustin

    I hope we get a true unlimited plan. My iPad tethered to my jailbroken iPhone is a data hog. It’s easy to go through 500mb of data a day. I have to really watch the data I’m using on the iPad. American users are finding the same thing as well.

  11. Howard

    As a long term rogers customer for the past decade, I have seen Rogers’ customer service went from great to worse then back to “better”. I still remember that Rogers charges existing user 50-100 dollars higher than new users for upgrading certain phones. Given that both new and existing customers are bounded to the 3yr contracts. I was not impress with Rogers regarding its policy for the past few years. Things did get better when rogers allows iphone 3G user to upg to 3GS with subsidized price…and The free tethering for iPhone, both were defn right moves for Rogers (which brings back some confidence to looking after its loyal customers). I am really disappointed to hear that Roger has not yet release its data plan given the fact that Orange in the UK has announced it this morning (as other bloggers mentioned). I know that many people have expressed their comments on the previous post here regarding iPad. I am just going to say that the smart way was to allow your long term customers to bundle iphone and ipad’s data plan together. If rogers wants to charge a monthly admin fee for the sharing. So be it, as long as it is reasonable (maybe less than 10 dollars per month? so people can share existing data plan bw iphone and ipad). Would defn NOT go with rogers if rogers is going to throw in additional contracts regarding iPad plan. I do appreciate that Rogers is trying to get in touch with the social media by creating this site. However, without actual substance (useful information), this blog site is useless and it will eventually end up as another failed project that Rogers puts out. anyhow…peach out :) **only 3 days away from the pre-ordering** not that i am counting down days at all.

  12. OMG. Still nothing?? You’ve had HOW MANY DAYS to decide what you’re going to do??? After having us waiting for so long, you better come up with something good, or this time I’m with Bell, just for the heck of it. :)

  13. Upchuck

    36 hours before the iPad launches and Rogers doesn’t know what they are doing yet? How do you run a business like that? They pissed off thousands of customers with the iPhone launch are are set to do it again. But, hey, I’m still with them cause there is no one else who is any better…

    I’ve got three data plans in my family for a total of 8Gb/month – of which we use about 1Gb. What’s the chance they are going to let me use the left over for my iPad? Zero. What’s the chance I’m gong to sign up for a 4th Rogers data plan? Zero.

  14. Hunter

    All I`m asking for is the ability to share my data bucket between my current smartphone plan (iphone) and a new ipad. As it is Rogers is already charging us a fortune.

    Canadian telecom. providers should take more of a leadership role in the global telecom. market.

    1. They’ll do. It’ll cost you 20 bucks.

  15. Doo

    It’s truly amazing there is no information to share yet. That’s asking for people to explore other carriers since the iPad is unlocked and people will have the option to go with the carrier with the best plan.

    Like everybody else here, I’m surprised Rogers hasn’t announced any pricing/plans as the pre-order starts on Monday and people need this information to decide which model to get.

    I’m NOT getting a 3G model. 3G speeds are bad and prices in Canada even worse. I already pay for data plan on my iPhone and don’t see the benefit of paying more to have it on the iPad as well.

    Rogers only had since January (probably even before) to work on a pricing plan for the iPad. However 5 months later and they have nothing to show customers at the eve of pre-ordering. Amazing!

  16. Svetoslav

    To me it seems a wait and watch tactic – neither Bell nor Telus have announced they’ll be carying iPad data plans so it might be that ROgers are just waiting out to see what the compettition will bring to the table to be able to compete. Strange that the 3 main carriers haven’t sat down and agreed on this one by now :)

  17. Carol Berry

    I have my iPhone with Rogers and would love to use my 6 gb plan with my iPad, but if I can’t I’ll be comparing Bell, Telus, Fido etc. data plans, there is competition here!

  18. sam

    Please offer that 6gb special again for the Ipad too

  19. agence

    Movistar in Spain will allow existing iPhone subscribers to get a second SIM for free for their ipad and share their existing data plan among devices. Not including a link because I don’t want the post to be rejected. The same with Rogers would be great!

    Los usuarios de Movistar que ya dispongan de un iPhone u otro smartphone de Movistar con tarifa plana de datos 25 o 39 euros, y compren un iPad, podrán solicitar de forma gratuita una segunda tarjeta SIM -en este caso el nuevo formato de tarjeta microSIM- para usarla y conectarse a Internet con su iPad. Por tanto, estos clientes podrán así utilizar su tarifa plana de datos para conectarse desde su iPhone, su smartphone o su iPad.

  20. gunnysir

    Wow we actually get to sign up to hear what Rogers has to say about iPad pricing, oh golly og gee I am so impressed <<read sarcasm if you didn't get it. It just goes to prove that the telecoms in Canada don't know what customer service is let alone give a rats **s what we think. That's why I'm not with Rogers.

  21. Poopy

    The delay in announcement seems rediculous but I’m guessing that Rogers is waiting to find out what Bell will be offering. And likely Bell is waiting for Rogers. The delay is frustrating for us eager first-in-line types but hopefully the competition will result in cheaper plans. Whomever offers a bucket of data that can be amongst my 3G devices will get my next contract.

  22. Poopy

    PS – you can hedge your bets on 10 May by reserving both the 3G and the Wi-Fi only models for in-store pick up, and then getting the preferred model after Rogers has made it’s plans public – that is, presuming that Rogers will actually make information about it’s iPad plans available prior to 28 May.

    1. Poopy

      Ooops. No in-store reservation options.

  23. Joanne

    Is there a good reason why you require me to give you my name, city, and phone number just so you can send me email about iPad pricing plans? Really, my email address should be sufficient. I’ll be waiting to hear the news elsewhere.

    (Sorry for the negativity, but blatant unnecessary collection of personal data is a pet peeve of mine).

    That said, I might consider springing for a 3G iPad if the plans are comparable to the AT&T or aforementioned Orange plans.

  24. Ed

    I give Rogers Monday (May 10th, 2010) deadline at 1PM to come up with a reasonable iPad data plan. After that I will be in the process of dumping Rogers altogether in favor of new startups like Windmobile.

    I am getting sick and tired of lack of communication and constantly nickle and dime their customers.

    Prove me wrong and surprise me if you want to retain a loyal customer.

  25. Dustin

    Looks like Apple already posted Rogers iPad data plans on its website. Not too bad, but $20 a month to add the iPad to current data plan is a little high.

  26. Chris

    Disappointed at the $20 a month fee to share data. Would have been happy to pay $10 but now this makes my $30 data plan a $50 data plan and makes it more likely to shop around for a better plan from another carrier.

  27. Oz

    Well it’s 5:40 am in Ontario , the apple store lets you A) Pre-order an IPad and B) lets you see the rogers data plan rates …. oddly no e-mail from rogers on their rates … and the Rogers webpages haven’t been updated. Cheers to rogers for having a “share my data plan” rate ! Tad more expensive then I’d expect, but at least you gave us the option !

  28. Paul M

    Looks like Rogers didn’t want to get up this morning to update their website for the iPad along with Apple. You can find the Rogers data plans on the Apple website:

    $15 for 250MB, $35 for 5 GB, and $20 to link your phone to your existing data plan

    Still waiting for my e-mail from Rogers to keep me informed. Shame on Rogers for charging $20 to link to my existing iphone data plan. Can’t wait to see if Bell or anyone else does better because I’ll switch in a heartbeat if they do. After seeing this I fully support further lowering the canadian ownership rules in the telecom industry to invite further competition.


  29. WIll

    $20/month to use data I’ve already paid for? No thanks.

  30. Joe Conte

    Thank you :(, Rogers, once again for your failure to meet Customer needs! You recently (proudly?) posted a video from your CEO stating how wonderful your company was in keeping up with modern information and data demands. Really??? So this morning, though I can order an iPad, I will need to wait to see whether your company will charge me reasonable prices or goudge me? I’m supposed to “trust” you, pay extra for the 3G model and then….nothing?

    What is the delay! Just tell us how much you will charge so we can make informed decisions! Is that so hard?

    1. Joe Conte

      Wait. I’m wrong. On the apple pre-order website, Rogers data plans are posted as $15 for 250MB, $35 for 5GB or $20 to add to an existing plan. Now this is the info I was waiting for! Thanks.

  31. Rob

    $20 extra/month to use my 6GBdata plan is crazy. I’m not even close to using 6GB…makes no sense to pay that much more to share my own plan! Sharing should be included if you already have 6GB plan.

  32. ok it is May 10 8:15 am and still no email / website updates, Apple waited in no to notify everyone by email that preorders are now available on the Apple website.

    Rogers wake up !!!!!!!!

  33. Also because of the hefty price tag of the iPad, it would be nice if Rogers offered 4 instalment payments (easier to make 4 payments of $200) T-Mobile offered this service on their phone upgrade program for the past couple of months and they noticed that they sold more product that way.

    Just another suggestion that you can bring to the table, you can even say it was your idea, LOL

    Loyal customer since the Cantel Days

    1. Oz

      Rogers (as far as I am aware) won’t be selling the actually IPad just providing the 3G hookup. The IPad will be available from places like Bestbuy etc. For them to provide you with your suggesed payment method I’m sure they’d tack on a contract, which is NOT required currently for there IPad 3G plans.

  34. dean

    hmmmm, so we can use the plan we are already paying for, and it’ll only cost us an extra $20 a month? what gives rogers, sounds like a cash grab to me!

  35. John

    Why is the data plan info on the Apple site and not on Rogers? After you go to the Apple store and pre-order a 3G iPad, you have the option to choose your accessories. When you click on “View and compare 3G data plans” in the upper right corner, it lists the Rogers data plans: $15 for 250MB per month, $35 for 5GB per month & $20 to Add iPad to your existing Rogers data plan. Oh yeah, and a Rogers micro-SIM card will cost you 20 cents!

    1. The 20 cents charge isn’t a Rogers thing. I’m not sure why they charge anything for them, but they appear to ship separate from the iPad itself. All other countries, other than the U.S., have micro-SIMs for various carriers at a cost of $0.20 as well – it isn’t just Rogers.

  36. Chris

    Twenty dollars for the “privilege” of chewing into the 6GB I already pay $30 for? Get a clue Rogers. *UNLESS* the $20 is a one time fee, then that could be seen as activation, but while Apple has some details on your plans, you have NONE.

  37. Jim

    Just bought an iPad with a Rogers micro Sim. Currently have an iPhone with a 6GB plan. Trusting that the $20 extension plan wll work out. If not, I’ll be looking elsewhere for a MiFi unit that lets me pay for a 3G service (which is expected), without being gouged just fo having more that one device.

    A tentative thank-you to Rogers for being open-minded. Hoping the service pans out.

  38. Chris

    It’s pre-order day and no news from Rogers. It seems we need to learn about the pricing from Apple’s web store. I was hoping for a reasonably priced data sharing plan but $20 / month when I’m already paying $30 / month is a rip off. I guess we need to wait and see what Bell and Telus offer. Thankfully the iPad is not carrier locked.

  39. Francis Ouellet

    Prices are good so far but 20$ to add you iPad to your existing data plan? Come on…

  40. Appleman

    The iPad data pricing looks as expected (based on AT&T in the US), but the added option to add to your current data plan is intriguing. Assuming that the price is $20/mnth (it is not explicitly stated that this is not a one-time fee) it seems quite steep, especially for those with smaller data plans with Rogers already. I have been thrilled with Rogers’ current practices with regards to customer service, free tethering, decent upgrade options, but if this $20 was a one-time price that would be the icing on the cake, because otherwise, $20/mnth is really steep, and I’m sure that many Rogers iPhone owners will opt for the iPad with WiFi instead.

  41. Matt

    I’ve seen rumors in HoFo of Roger’s upcoming data prices and if they are true I will be blown away. Data prices in Canada should be lowered, to reflect the mainstream use of these devices. Americans complain when their $29 unlimited data plan is throttled down after 5GB, all while I smile and remind them that if they cross into Canada, they entire a mobile data third world. Great job Rogers! Now all we need are these great prices transferred to normal phone data plans!

  42. That’s funny. Details about the Rogers plan are up on before they’re up on Rogers??

  43. Nawsh

    FYI, Apple announced your data plans for you:

    According to Apple’s Canadian website:

    – 250MB/month runs you $15/month

    – 5GB/month runs you $35/month

    – And the BIG news, for $20 (not clear if this is a one-time charge or monthly charge) you can add the iPad to your existing data plan.

    1. Chris

      If Rogers would update their page already, then this would be cleared up. They’re really dropping the ball on this one.

    2. Vern

      It would make sense to make it a $20 one time charge (per iPad) if you are already paying for data on your iPhone. Otherwise people will just buy a netbook and tether. Really -> Why not just let the iPad tether like the netbooks. Most people in the know will just use MyWii or something like that to share their iPhone’s data connection

  44. Philip Rice

    Well, now that you’ve been outed by Apple, please take the time to clear up some confusion. $20 per month to add the iPad to an existing data plan or a one time $20 fee to add the iPad to an existing plan.

    Let’s hope there’s competition from the other carriers!

  45. The Apple Store is showing Rogers data plans as follows: 250MB/month: $15. – 5GB/month: $35. – Add iPad to your existing data plan: $20.

    A bit surprised to get the info there first. Confirmed, Rogers?

  46. Chris

    iPad pricing has been announced. In short, what a ripoff!

    “Rogers customers will be able to use the iPad on their existing data plans for $20 per month.”

    Really? Rogers thinks it is acceptable to charge $20 a month just to “add” another device to a customer’s existing data plan?

    Also, don’t forget that in addition to the monthly fee, Rogers is going to make you purchase a micro sim card and charge their normal setup fees.

  47. DOuglas Moss

    I am in agreement. $50 a month for a data plan that covers both my phone and the ipad is too much. I had said going in that if it was going to cost me more than another $10 a month to share the plan then I would resort to wifi only. The apple website isn’t clear that the $20 to share the plan is a monthly fee, however the financial post lists it as a monthly fee. I guess we will eventually find out through rogers what the deal is. It is a little disconcerting that Rogers themselves were not the ones to reveal their own data plans first :(

  48. Ed

    I am only planning to pay a maximum of $5 to share my existing data plan. Looks like I will be looking elsewhere. $20/month just to SHARE is cashcow, it’s outrageous!

  49. Jason

    Agreed, Rogers better get your act together. 20$ for giving a customer who is choosing to stay with your network will only harm your image. Better shape up

  50. Brian

    Rogers why must you do this? The regular data plans are fine but to charge 20$ to link up for data that someone is already paying for is robbery. I really wish apple considers other carries because at least they think of their customers. I would pay no more that 5$ to link my plan. What am i paying 20$ a month for? I can understand a one time charge but a recurrent charge for what? No if u were to double the data plan for that money. That would be a deal. After all i thought the reason for having multiple devices on the rogers network should mean savings not outrageous prices.

  51. Jason

    $20 for data I’m already paying for?????


    Two things wrong with this:

    1) I rarely use even 1/6th of this, but like having it for when I do need it.
    2) I can tether with my laptop if I want and not pay anymore than my $30 and actually use it.

    You’re basically charging us to use data that we have already paid for that we can also use on our laptops!

    This SHOULD be free for existing customers, or at the MOST, $10. This is disgusting, but hardly surprising considering the poor reputation Rogers has.

    I already pay $115+ a month for my iPhone, with the iPad I would have to pay $50 just for data. That’s almost as much as I pay for my home internet for my entire house! This is highway robbery.

  52. Dean

    Looks like the $20 “bolt on” has been removed because it is an “error.” is it an error in price or info about if it is recurring or not? Way I see it, I can tether to my computer for free, let me tether to my ipad for free as well. I’m ok with an admin fee, but not a monthly fee(at least not that high, I could understand $5)

  53. Mike

    Guess I can’t pre-order yet.

    Rogers has now removed the $20 option to link to my 6GB iPhone plan. $20 was way too much anyway, but typical Rogers will probably flip flop on this a bit until it’s released.

    My iPad will either have an inexpensive (if not free) way to link to my iPhone data plan, or I will jailbreak my iPhone and get a wifi only iPad using the iPhone as a wifi hotspot.

    Too bad there is no synergy between these devices when I can tether my iPhone to my work PC flawlessly at no additional charge. How ironic… tethering works with a PC but not an iPad.

    1. Chris

      Do note that the WiFi only version doesn’t have a GPS radio either, if that’s something you want. When I get one, it’ll be the 3G/GPS version, but until Rogers does something reasonable regarding data, I’ll tether it to my iPhone via MiWi.

      1. Jim

        Right on Chris!

        I’ll be doing exactly the same thing.

  54. Bruce McLennan

    I am extremely disappointed to learn that Rogers has dropped the $20 plan for the IPad for existing Rogers customers. After seeing the information on the Apple Web site I spend 1/2 an hour this morning with an Rogers rep trying to find out how it would work, since the plan was listed on the Apple WEB site but the the details were absent. He could not tell me. I checked with Apple and they were not sure. Based on assurances from the Rogers representative that there would be a compatible plan for existing customers – I went on faith and bought the 3G iPad. Now I hear they have back tracked. What a Mickey Mouse organization Rogers is – who but Rogers would make such an error an reverse the decision. SNAFU. Rogers – I think it is time to smarten up.

    Well I guess I will just go with Telus/Bell along with my phone this fall!!!!

  55. Ed

    IMHO, Rogers, bring back the $20 ONE TIME FEE to attach an iPad SIM to your iPhone plan.

    Rogers benefits in the following ways:
    1. $20 covers your overhead and labour (10 min with call centre)
    2. You make your existing iPhone data subscribers “sticky” when they are also attached to the iPad. They are less likely to move on to another carrier.
    3. You are moving in the right direction towards excellent value and in return you are perceived as the market leader among the big 3 and shuts out potential new entrants.
    4. You can potentially grow your subscriber base.

    It would be stupid to piss off your existing customer once again… Remember you no longer have monopoly in the iPhone space and this move is critical. Choose wisely or watch your subscriber base drop significantly over the next year or two. Your call :)

    1. Vern

      I agree with Ed. Best – most succinct comment yet :)

      Rogers, you should use the one-time $20 as a way of keeping people and getting new iPhone subscribers to come and buy a Rogers iPhone. If you don’t play nice more new subscribers will just buy Bell or Telus iPhones and use MyWii.

      Bell already offers their TV stations to Bell iPhone subscribers on the phone (and it looks good)!

      What are you offering?

      1. Ryan

        Maybe I missed something. But what I understood was that the $20 plan to link to your data plan is *per month*, not a *one time fee*

        Of course, in either case, that plan to link to the existing data plan doesn’t exist anymore.

        Or am I wrong?

      2. Chris

        While it was never actually stated or clarified, the point is moot because the posting of this options was declared a mistake and has since been removed. So no, you aren’t wrong, but you’re not right either. ;)

  56. Mike

    Close but no cigar Rogers. I pay $30 a month for 6GB on my iPhone and like most people, I never come close to using it. $20 more to add my iPad to the plan?! No thanks, you get nothing. Wifi iPad for me. You guys are just greedy.

  57. Dave

    Worst data plan EVER!!! just a slap in the face to customers.

  58. al

    These type of restrictions will encourage users to either go to the competition or simply find others solutions; ie jailbreak; WIFI, MIFI, etc.

    So much for competition in the mobile space; correction, in the Canadian Mobile Space..!!

  59. toemaytoe

    So why leave fido out of the picture? I am amazed at the feedback in this forum. No positive feedback at all. Apart from the few “it’s better than nothing” comments, there is a real hate on for rogers. What kind of business plan considers that a success? We keep hoping but I don’t see anything on the horizon to encourage us. Pretty sad state of affairs.

  60. JenLi

    I have two questions:
    What is the process – will I be able to buy the plan via the ipad itself as in the US
    What happens when I go to the US or the UK, how can I access the 3G component – same plan to cover or will I have to buy something else.

    Thank you in advance

    1. al

      well said, do we get roaming privileges and what at what cost?

      thanks for clearing up this confusion for us. :)


    When customers order the largest tier in your data plan line up, it is NOT a reflection that they agree with the avalability. On the positive, it is an exclaimation of confidence, by your customers, that Rogers leads the forefront of new and upcoming technology. Rogers is first. To the latter, as Rogers is a bussiness, it is also built on customer satisfaction and customer retention. $30 dollars for 6GB is a good bussiness model to start with. $35 dollars for 5GB is a good way to shake the customer loyalty and satisfaction to promote customers to re-think thier loyalty and patronage. A satisfying decision by Rogers would be to allow customers to join thier iPad to the data they are already consuming, and offer, once again, the $30 dollar 6GB data plan add on to existing plan, and maybe even off a higher tier. More money for less service, ends up looking and feeling like what you could think about the customers you call revenue

  62. geemack

    I’m not at all concerned. Why? Because I’ve jailbroken my iPhone, downloaded the 9 dollar MiWi program from Cydia.

    My iPad has been pre-ordered and I did not purchase the 3g option. It is far too simple to flick a button on the iPhone MyWi. This will allow an instant wireless hotspot to connect the iPad to my existing 3g 6Gig service.

    Technology works to your advantage if you take the time to learn about these options.

    1. al

      ow very true, tethering is another example of this; tech savvy individuals were taking advantage of this before the popularity of the iphone hit..!!

  63. Dave

    Those look like great plans for new customers who don’t have any other data plans..

    What about loyal customers like me who already a data plan?

    It seems you are only worried about attracting new customers, please give something back to those that have been customers for a while.

    Since I only use about 5% of my current data plan with my iphone it would not make sense to get another data plan and use only 5% of that.. The economics just don’t add up for customers that already have data plans.


  64. Derek

    Just worried about new customers eh Rogers, while you continually screw over people that have been with you for years that have data plans! Canada needs to open up the market to competition. Just look at all the comments here, Rogers is a mess!!!