Thumbs up: Rogers launches My Account app for BlackBerry

In baseball, they call it a four-bagger.

Our popular My Account app is now being rolled out available for the BlackBerry smartphone – giving you secure access to your Wireless accounts to view balance and make payments as well as check airtime, messaging and data usage.

According to our research of the world’s largest wireless carriers, Rogers customers are now the only ones in the world that have access to this type of account-management app through four separate platforms: mobile browser, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

To date, hundreds of thousands of Rogers customers have already downloaded the iPhone and Android versions.

Account management on your schedule
We created the My Account family of apps after you told us you wanted the ability to manage your accounts on your schedule, anywhere on the Rogers network.

As with the My Account apps on other devices, it is free to download and use, the data is current up to 4 hours and it resets automatically on your bill date.  And, similar to our iPhone and Android versions, the app is not accessible for our corporate or pre-paid customers. (Hang tight corporate customers, a version of the app for you will be available later this year).

Over the next few days, the new app will be rolled out to BlackBerry models 8220, 8520, 8900, 9000 and 9700. Customers with other BlackBerry smartphones may continue to open up a web-page on their mobile browser to access the data when they click the My Account icon.

How to get it

  • If you already have a My Account icon on your device, select it and follow the prompts to install the app.
  • If you do not have a My Account icon, you can power cycle your device by removing the battery, then putting it back in and powering it up. The icon should now appear on your smartphone.
  • Or, you can follow these steps:
    • Go to Options
    • Select Advanced Options
    • Select Host Routing Table
    • Click Menu button
    • Select Register Now
    • Wait for the device to register (typically less than 60 seconds).
    • Once the My Account icon appears (it might be in your Downloads folder), click on it, and follow the prompts to install.

iPhone, Android and mobile browser

  • iPhone customers can download the app from the iTunes App Store or over the air via the App Store on the device. From your device, go to for Rogers or for Fido.
  • Android users can head to the Android Market and search “Rogers My Account” and follow the steps to install.
  • To access the My Account data via the web, visit through your device’s mobile browser.

What do you think about the My Account app? Will you use it?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard

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51 comments on “Thumbs up: Rogers launches My Account app for BlackBerry

  1. Graham

    I use the My Account app on my Android phone. It’s pretty good, but it would be even better if I could use it when I’m on WiFi.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Graham,
      Thanks for your comment!
      I understand your concern, however, all My Account applications currently require a Rogers data network connection for authentication reasons.

  2. Andrew

    While I don’t care much about accessing this over Wifi, it would be excellent if Rogers had a ‘my account’ mobile site, so if we don’t have Rogers mobile devices we can still check on the status and information of our other services (Cable, internet, etc.)

  3. danny

    Wow its awesome nice work…

  4. Blahzay

    I see the link to install the app when I click the “My Account” icon on my blackberry, but I just get an error saying “The asset is unavailable”

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Blahzay,

      I’ve reached out to you directly via email to learn some more about the issues you’re experiencing and work to resolve with the My Account team


  5. Mark

    Really would want the Corporate version of this so i can manage and track all my iPhones (4 of them) on my account. And the ability to add or remove features from the voice or data plans…

  6. Lewis

    I’ve had this on my Bold for about a month (or more).

    The voice tab gives a total for all the phones on my family plan, but not individual use.

    Whereas the messages and data tabs provide individual use only.

    Scrolling around the app up & down or left & right through the tabs is a bit tricky at times.

    Quite often, I receive a “service unavailable from 2 am to 6 am” (or some other early morning time), even though I am attempting to access during the day.

    There is no option to manage MY5 from the app, though this is available through the mobile site.

    There is also no on-device management of CallManager (which is restricted to specific browsers on specific desktop OS).

    This app is a good idea, but less reliable and less robust than using the WAP browser and the mobile site.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Lewis,
      Thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the app!
      The great thing about this blog is that it’s a real-time account of customer thoughts and opinions. Our My Account team is checking in here regularly and we’ll take your feedback into account for future versions.
      Thanks again!

  7. Are there any significant updates to the beta that was released in March?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Simon.

      Functionality is similar to the beta version. However, as with most beta releases we used that period to iron out any issues.

      Another key difference is the number of BlackBerry devices able to use the app. In beta, it wasn’t available to the number of handsets it is now.


  8. Inocencio Yang


    So on my desktop (XP SP3 with firefox 3.6.3) I go to the link in this blog labelled ‘My Account App’ , and then click on ‘blackberry’, and then I scroll through thew whole list of apps available … but no MyAccount app is in the list. I’m not logged in (and don’t want to) – I’m just browsing anon.

    (Richard, did you test the link to see if it was going to do what you said it would?)

    But maybe my expectations are off.

    Maybe in spite of you saying “is NOW available for the BlackBerry smartphone” (but then later “Over the next few days, the new app WILL BE rolled out”) I thought I should go to the link provided. Maybe. Or not, we’re not sure.

    Maybe it’d be helpful if you blogged once the app was available for the majority, if not all, devices so that right when re read we can then go and download it?

    There’s one other thing I don’t understand. Since everyone can access their account info using the phone’s web browser what is the point of the app? The thing I’d really like to know is what are all the EXACT differences between the web access and the app access.

    Nice to see rogers putting stuff out but it seems the ‘deployment’ is a little bumpy.

    I’ll say too though, that Rogers “pushing” apps & icons to my device any time I battery pull is really, REALLY unwelcome.

    I did try getting the app from the blackberry app store too ya know – I searched for Rogers and get a msg from rim saying ” Unknown Error – An unknown error has occured”. Not Rogers fault, but still

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Inocencio

      Thanks for your comment and interest in the app.

      We know our readers want to know about new apps and services as soon as they become available so that’s why we decided to publish the post at the beginning of the roll out. However, I see your point on the possible misunderstanding and have updated the post accordingly.

      thanks for the feedback!

  9. It’s nice, but really not useful to me. I need to check my wife’s and kids usage more than my own. Therefore, I still have to use a 3rd party app (that I had to pay extra for) to get something that really should be included! All 4 lines are under the same account.

  10. I wish there was an app similar to this for my Vodafone in India too. :(

  11. Nathan

    The only “app” that I have is the online one – the same one I’ve had for the last few months. Am I missing something? I’ve done the steps listed in the “How to get it” section but still don’t have it.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Nathan,

      Just checking to see you’re using one of the following BlackBerry models: 8220, 8520, 8900, 9000 and 9700.

      I’ll email you directly to learn more as well.


  12. savysmith

    I installed this app and have deleted the 3rd party app I had before. It is nice and I will continue to use it but it is lacking a few features the 3rd party app had:

    – email alerts when customizable data-usage thresholds were crossed.
    – ability to identify how much data other apps are using individually.
    – ability to track data usage from tethering. I tested it by tethering for about 20 mb and then checking this app about 6 hours later and the 20 mb were not counted. I also spoke with a Rogers rep about this one.
    – I understand the need to authenticate on the rogers data network, so it would be nice if this app could force the blackberry to use the Rogers network even if wifi is available. There are other apps (Bolt browser, 680News) that allow a user-defined option to use wifi or not.

    So, the reason I’m not still using the 3rd party app is that it reported my data usage for the month at 230 mb when My Account reported it at only 120. So obviously the 3rd party app was inaccurate and accuracy is probably the most important aspect of a data usage tracking tool.

  13. Miguel

    Yes! Its much faster than the web based one.

  14. Marc

    How does this apply to corporate users? I have about 35 BB users on a BES in our company, most of which would like to be able to keep track of their minutes and data use. Can they use this app?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Marc,

      This app isn’t available for corporate users right now but we plan to have a version for you later this year.


  15. Shan


    What is the current version of this app?
    I have installed and using the the beta version from mid April up to now. Love it !!

    Every time I try to do the “Check for Updates” from the menu, it seems to be not doing anything. No messages about any updates or no updates (may be because it is a beta version??).

    If the final version is already rolled out… how do I get the latest version. Do I have to delete my beta version and do what you have suggested above?

    Oh… one more thing… there is no ‘About’ option on the menu… it will be nice to have so that we know from the app itself what version we are using.

    Thank you.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Shan,

      The version of the app you have installed is the latest one. No need to check for updates.

      And thanks for the suggestion on the “About” option. I’ll pass your idea on to my colleagues on the apps team.


  16. Martin

    Very useful app! Although, it would be great if it had the ability to view and change my5. Maybe in a future version?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Martin,

      Glad you like it!

      We plan to offer that functionality later this year via the app. However, you can manage your My5 via the mobile-browser version of My Account and through My Rogers at


  17. bbuser extraordinaire

    I purchased an unlocked 8520 (I travel overseas a lot) to use with my Rogers plan…because I didn’t buy the device in store, does that mean that this app will not get pushed to my phone?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi bbuser,

      As long as you have a Rogers SIM card inside, you should receive it. We are doing a staged roll out, so please continue to try to power cycle your device.


  18. Maxpayne79

    hey Richard, great post btw. :)

    I have kind of a strange question. im using a BB bold 9000 (waiting for the fantastic looking 9800 slider), and i want this app on my phone cause i’m a heavy data user. Unfortunately i am on fido. Now from my understanding, as long as i get a rogers sim with a bb data account attached to it, it should theoretically download onto my unlocked bold once i place the sim into the phone and power up. My question more specifically is; will the app work with a fido account? or am i just wasting a tremendous amount of my time looking for this app all over the net and harassing my local rogers sales people for their BB sim cards, lol. Im looking 4ward to ur answer.

    thanx Richard.


    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Maxpayne79

      At this time, the app is not available for Fido accounts.


  19. I have a BlackBerry Storm 2 from Verizon that is unlocked and I can’t seem to get the My Account app? I use the phone with my Rogers SIM card so will it come still?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Sean,

      As long as you have a Rogers SIM card inside, you should receive and be able to use it.

    2. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Sean,
      My apologies for the error. Unfortunately, this app won’t work on the BlackBerry Storm 2. It is only available for BlackBerry models 8220, 8520, 8900, 9000 and 9700.

  20. Trevor Wenham

    will it be avaliable for O/S 4.5 for 8310. I would like to have app instead of login to

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Trevor,
      At this time, it’s only available for BlackBerry models 8220, 8520, 8900, 9000 and 9700,
      Unfortunately, we can’t comment right now on apps that may be in the works by our product-development teams.

  21. Ryan

    hello is there any way i can get this app for my blackberry pearl with FIDO ?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Ryan,

      The app is not available for Fido accounts at this time.


  22. dave

    Hey I have the 8900 and I can’t seem to get it on my phone I’ve tried pulling the battery & the other way that is listed

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Dave,

      Have you tried calling our Technical Support centre yet? If not, you can reach them at 1-888-ROGERS1. They should be able to help.


  23. GHT

    I have a problem with Rogers pushing these apps to my phone without my permission. I understand there is a demand out there but it is wrong to push it to all customers particularly those that have opted out of all marketing permissions. A demo app is marketing so……..

  24. Ron

    I tried everything but can’t get the icon to appear on my BB. After browsing for it in the BB WAP Browser I finally found the link for downloading version When I try to download it I get “download failed” error 907 Invalid Cod. Um, What?

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hey Ron,

      Our Technical Support centre should be able to help. You can reach them at 1-888-ROGERS1.


  25. Corey

    Is there a problem with the “My Account” app for android? I have been getting a message, “My Account is Currently Not Available”, when I use it. It worked at first but now this error has appeared for the past 3 days. Even tried a new install.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Corey,

      Thanks for letting us know you’re having issues. I’ll reach out to you directly to learn more.
      In the meanwhile, have you tried to contact our Customer Care centre? You can reach them at 1-888-ROGERS1.

  26. Chris

    I too do not appreciate apps being pushed to my phone. Push out notifications and let me decide if I want to install them. It is frustrating that I try to access my downloads and I have to wade through new games. I don’t play games on my handset so I then have to go through and delete those apps.

    More importantly, when will OS5 be rolled out to 8900’s? It’s been in official release for over four months now, and was in beta about as long.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Chris,

      We can’t discuss details on any operating system updates we may have in the works until they are ready to be released.


  27. Shelly M

    I really like the my account app have been using it for the past couple of months. We have 5 on a family plan. And I would like to be able to see what my kids use instead of just myself. Also like others have mentioned changing my 5 feature would be great! Also I noticed frequently the app tells me it cannot display data until I pull my battery. This started happening updated version :(

  28. Matt

    Ok, so I installed this App on my BB9000 and it takes me into my account, shows my billing information and my plan information but does not show anything on my usage.


    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll reach out to you directly via email to learn more.