Social View: Your entire network in one timeline

Social view smartphonesWith more than two-thirds of the world’s Internet population using sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, we know social media is becoming more and more important in your day-to-day lives.

We also know – after all, we’re social media fans ourselves – that trying to stay on top of all your friends, colleagues and family members’ interactions with the sites can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’re excited about a new category of smartphones available exclusively from Rogers that let you quickly and easily stay on top of your network’s goings on, on the go: Social View.

What is Social View?
Social View collects each one of your friends’ social network updates like pictures, text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates and puts them all in one place. It means you can use your phone’s contact list to call or text as always, but also send a Facebook or Twitter message, or comment on a friend’s status.

It’s chronological. It’s real time. No multiple logins and multiple apps. No hassles. Everything together with one-touch access.  Check out social view in action here:

What are the Social View smartphones?
Rogers has an exclusive line-up of Social View smartphones including the recently launched Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the LG Eve, HTC Magic+ and the soon to be released Motorola Quench and Acer Liquid e.

Social plans for social phones
As part of the launch, Rogers is offering a plan that allows you to enjoy unlimited access to the most popular social networking sites. For full details, go to

So go ahead and be social – because now, it’s easier than ever.

What do you think of the Social View smartphones? How important is it for you to stay in touch with your social network on the go?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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45 comments on “Social View: Your entire network in one timeline

  1. theninjasquad

    I’m trying to understand this. For anything that is social media related, you won’t count that towards the data plan? For example, if I go to Facebook website in the browser, that traffic will be considered part of the unlimited social networking?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Yes. Only data used within Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Bebo, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Last FM or your device’s built-in social networking applications is 0-rated (ie: does not come out of your data bucket).

      Data used by navigating away from any of these sites (ie: by clicking a link on a friend’s Facebook profile or on a Twitter post) will be deducted from your monthly data bucket.

      Hope this helps.

      1. theninjasquad

        Thanks, that definitely clarifies things. Is there a list available which shows all the current websites and services which are covered under the unlimited social bucket?

      2. RogersMiranda

        We’ve focused on the most common social networking sites which include:

        – Facebook
        – Twitter
        – MySpace
        – LinkedIn
        – Bebo
        – Flickr
        – Photobucket
        – Picasa
        – Last FM

        Also, many of the devices have built-in social networking applications, so if you use native apps as well as original sites like, you’ll be covered.

      3. RogersMiranda

        Hi Michael,

        My apologies but Picasa and Last FM are not actually included in the Unlimited Social Networking plan. Sorry for any confusion.

  2. @RogersMiranda: Just to be clear, if I have a “social” plan, does that then mean that, in order to make sure I am not charged for accessing those social areas, Rogers would be tracking when I use those social areas in a manner that’s different from the information they would have if I use FB or twitter now with_out_ a “social” plan?

    Also, does this only work when accessing the mobile web site versions, or also when using actual apps, like an Android twitter app (like Seesmic) or the Android Facebook app?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Michael,

      I think I answered this question above in the response to @theninjasquad.

      Only data used within Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Bebo, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Last FM, or your device’s built-in social networking applications is 0-rated (ie: does not come out of your data bucket).

      Data used by navigating away from any of these sites (ie: by clicking a link on a friend’s Facebook profile or on a Twitter post) will be deducted from your monthly data bucket.

      Also, third party applications downloaded to the device are not included. For example, apps downloaded from Android Market are not included.

      Hope this helps answer your question.

      1. Miranda, thanks, but that only answers one of my questions. ;-)

        To clarify further (and you should probably _really_ spell this out on the site for people who don’t know better) that if they download an app from the android market place it will _not_ be covered by the social plan.

        This is very important because the ones that come pre-installed, like on the Magic+ or X10, run as _widgets_ which are different from _apps_. Having these widgets running all the time _dramatically_ affects battery power, and so most people don’t use them.

        I think if you don’t make this clear you will end up with another Android headache when users complain about being charged when they download and use a different app.

        As for my other question, (which wasn’t answered) what I want to know about is my _privacy_ while using these social apps with a “social plan”.

        I assume the Rogers would not keep a record of the actual data (my tweets and FB posts) but i also assume that in order to make sure I am not charged for it, Rogers would keep a record of the actual accessing of those social apps (when it was done, and likely even where), opposed to someone who doesn’t have a social plan who would be charged for data usage regardless of the app or web site used.

        So, in other words, what data will be collected regarding the usage of these social apps and sites to ensure that a customer with a social plan is _not_ charged?

        I think I will write a nice post about this on my blog tonight. And by nice, I mean “juicy” of course. ;-)

      2. RogersMiranda

        Hi Michael,

        Thanks for your question. I’m sure others are wondering as well. Here’s the deal.

        The only data that is kept by Rogers is the URL that was visited (domain-level only) and the number of bytes sent and received.

        The interaction with that URL (for example, the content of a Twitter post), is not visible to or kept by Rogers, nor is any other information regarding location.

        This information is only used for rating (or in the case of Social Networking, zero-rating).

        Hope this helps clarify things. Look forward to your blog post.

      3. But Rogers _will_ have a record of my use of those social sites/widgets.

        How is it different from someone who doesn’t have a social plan who just uses data in general. I’m assuming in that case Rogers does NOT keep a record of which sites/widgets use data, because it doesn’t need to know (since the user is charegd for the data regardless).

        That might be a privacy concern!

      4. RogersMiranda

        Hi Michael,

        I can assure you that Rogers uses this data for rating purposes only. This the same process we use to make our Rogers portal free where customers can go and use Mobile Self-Serve functions or download content free of data charges.

      5. MrMiGu

        Why are you concerned with the privacy of data that you are putting onto publicly available networks?

      6. MrMiGu — Rogers (and other carriers) are in a unique position in their ability to consolidate EVERYTHING you do online, across sites.

        Companies like Google and Facebook are striving in that direction.. but they also provide us ways to understand and even re-use the information collected (eg Google or Facebook apps, Google data liberation project). However, Facebook in particular is aiming their collection towards their advertisers, whereas of course we pay Rogers for their services.

        It would be nice to see Rogers fairly provide us access to our own information and let us know exactly what’s being done with it.

  3. Chris

    This sounds great but I really see it failing with the “native” apps.. People don’t know what that means. If I download an app from the app store is it not native? Being a technical person I know that but others may not. I don’t really know if you track which app is hitting the domain or just that domain x was hit for y bytes. If thats the case then I don’t see why non native apps wouldn’t be included since you aren’t tracking what is accessing the domain just that it is a domain/byte amount and rate from that.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Thanks Chris. I see what you mean. That’s some good feedback that I’ll share with the team here.

      1. @RogersMiranda: It is very important to understand the difference between _apps_ and _widgets_ on Android!

        You say that “native apps” will be 0-rated, but in the majority of cases, they are not apps, but widgets.

        An app is a little program you run/launch by pressing the icon for it. It doesn’t run until/unless you _choose_ to make it run. when you are finished using it, you close it until you want to run it again. While it is tru that some apps launch themselves or keep running even after you close them, you can still choose to stop them from running with a task-manager app.

        A _widget_ by comparison, does things like an app does, but you do not “start” it by pressig an icon. Instead, a widget is placed on one of your home screens (like the “desktop” of your computer) and is _always_ there, and _always_ on! It takes up screen space that you might otherwise want for icons, or other widgets. Widgets also are always running, and tend to kill the battery faster.

        Many people choose to remove those widgets from their home screens and use _apps_ instead.

        This means that in order to be 0-rated with a social plan, if they don’t want to use the widget, they will have to use their _browser_ instead.

        if they decide they want to download an app to use instead, they will not get the benefit of being 0-rated. That… is lame!

      2. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for the clarification Michael. I am passing this info on to our team.

      3. Matt

        My guess would be that, in spite of their different functionalities on the device itself, apps and widgets would access data in much the same way (ie the Facebook app and the Facebook widget would still be accessing data on which means its data use would be rated the same way.

  4. Victor

    I have an HTC Magic and I was wondering when the Android 2.1 update would be available and if this deal only applies to new plans or if it is also applies to existing accounts.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Victor,

      The HTC Magic update will be available mid-year.

      The Unlimited Social Networking plan is for both new and existing accounts.

  5. Rogers will never be able to encompass my services in an app and I don’t want them to try.

    I want low cost, reliable Internet access and the ability to run the apps of my choice. I don’t want Rogers associating my identity and access times with the URLs I access. How is Rogers making the information collected available to us? Facebook and especially Google let us understand and use this information for our own purposes.

  6. @mjschmidt, good feedback for Rogers – this service is definitely confusing!

    I would have to correct you in that widgets 99% of the time are part of applications! The widget is just a portal that displays information pulled from the main application running in the background, and while it is correct to say that many widgets only have one function, most of them when accessed actually open the full application. There is no affect on battery life whether a widget is running or not, unless you choose for your application of choice for any social networking not to run in the b/g and provide notifications

    For example in HTC sense UI the Twitter Widget is part of the HTC Peep Application. When you click on a tweet in the widget’s time-line it opens HTC Peep, which allows you to retweet, reply, post new tweets etc. The Facebook widget operates the same way. Motoblur is a collection of widgets that operate with the Motoblur UI and application that integrates everything etc.

    Where the confusion for me comes into play is how Rogers hopes to manage and control the access of theses apps. If, as they claim, only factory installed applications, such as HTC Peep and SE Timescape, and Motorola Motoblur (which all have ‘widgets’,or full UI’s that run on top of the Google launcher that when access open their full app) will be supported by the unlimited data, how is Rogers doing this. Are they recording the IMEI of your handset, so they can indentify what phone you have, and what applications it has on it, so if they see traffic from other apps they will charge? Or is it just have looking for some kind of identifier from one the listed ‘native’ apps and 0-rating it? If that is the case then wouldn’t that mean if for example you installed one of these ‘native’ apps on any Android phone they would also be 0-rated?

    Also Miranda’s comment that what is recorded is domain level access means to me that other applications that send social data out directly to the social networks domain should actually be able to be 0-rated too. Whether this is the case for a lot of popular third part twitter clients I am not sure of, be I am sure the official Twitter client for Android would work. (Which out of the phones shown, only the Acer with 2.1 would work)

    The whole system is messed up, and to be honest there should just be a blanked allowing of access to these social sites on all the phones, either through the browser, or any application – since for example the 2 higher end phones, the X10 and Liquid actually have LESS access to this feature because their ‘native’ apps actually support less services!

    Lastly another catch is the 500mb of Data. Very often both twitter and Facebook are link dumps – which lead outside of the application or service website to other sites to read articles, or view videos etc. Clearly if you were using social view applications enough to warrant unlimited access, you would also be accessing other websites in conjunction, and the 500MB of data is way too little – are they planning on people going over so they can ding them

    Overall while social view is a good idea for a plan in its current state it is poorly executed, confusing which will lead to customers not using it correctly and paying for that from their wallets

    … I will have to elaborate in more detail in my article I am writing for on this service

  7. greg rassam

    Any idea if Rogers wants to bring over some heavyweight HTC phones over? The US gets the Incredible and soon, the HTC EVO 4G, both are..incredible phones, however they are not GSM based.

    HTC has the HTC Desire which is an android based 1GHz phone, rogers get that!!!

  8. Joshua

    Hi, I’m just wondering does the plan come with any bonus features (ie. caller id)? Also could the plan be changed in the middle of a bill cycle?

    1. Joshua

      Sorry, I mean are Who Called™ and Call Manager™ free?

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi Joshua,

        Yes, Who Called and Call Manager are included in most of our current rate plans.

    2. RogersMiranda

      Our policy is to future-date changes to plans for the next bill. That way there are no partial-month charges on the bill and it is less confusing.

  9. Kevin Daly

    I have recently purchased a Sony X10 from Rogers, does this mean that I can stream music from LAST.FM via a client and not be charged for it, other than my account charge.

    The official client is not available on the marketplace, but there is a 3rd party application that does work.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kevin,

      My apologies but Last FM is actually not included in the Unlimited Social Networking plans. I’ve corrected my comment above. Sorry for any confusion.

  10. kevin daly

    How would you use on an Experia X10? There is no app on the unit for that.

  11. Kevin Daly

    Actually, is there an application that has “one button” access to all of those things? (For the X10).

    Is it a Rogers Specific application?

    I have an X10, and it doesn’t do flickr, & photobucket. So if you can’t install an app, how do you use these services.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Kevin,

      There is no “one button” access on the X10 to all the sites included in Rogers Unlimited Social Networking plan.

      It is not a Rogers specific application.

      If there are no specific apps for Flickr or Photobucket, you can navigate to these sites using the device’s browser. As long as you stay within these sites (ie: or, you’ll be covered.

      Data used by navigating away from any of these sites (ie: by clicking a link which takes you to another site) will be deducted from your monthly data bucket.

  12. Really? If I’d ordered it with the iPad order, it was 20¢

  13. Mike

    Hi there
    I added the 40 dollar data package to my iphone which includes unlimited access to face book and twitter etc. All the reps I have spoken to , all of them , state it won’t matter how I access twitter or facebook or the only social networks included in this place (Be it via the web browser, or apps downloaded from the app store) It will be unlimited, is this the case?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      Unlimited Social Networking will give free access to the specified sites on an iPhone, but the only apps that Rogers guarantees to be unlimited are the embedded applications on our Social View phones.

      Full details are available at