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The Future is Here: Next is Now

“Technology is reshaping the world around us,” our president and CEO Nadir Mohamed told our shareholders at today’s annual general meeting. “How we live and how we work is changing rapidly.”

To show how excited we are about this change at Rogers, we launched a video at our shareholders meeting called “Next is Now.” The video features some of the coolest stats and facts we could find about the changing world of communications technology, set to music by Canadian band Young Galaxy.

In his speech, Nadir Mohamed said Rogers’ goal in a connected world is to become the destination for Canadians amid this rapid change.

“We will define our future around connected experiences. Increasingly customers are buying based on brand, not product. They’re buying into companies that will offer seamless delivery of customer-driven experiences in a connected world.”

Let us know what you think of the video.

UPDATE (May 16, 2012, 6:35 p.m):  Next is Now has a sequel: Next is Now … More than Ever. In this video, we look at statistics that speak to how much Canadians value the Internet. More than chocolate? Coffee? Water? Watch the video to find out. It also includes stats around smart appliances, the development of the dual-screen experience with TVs and tablets, smartphone usage, digital wallets, and the impact the Internet is having on health, government, education, and shopping.

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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Rogers Wireless Box Office: Text, click, rock!

Rogers Wireless Box Office barcodeWith summer around the corner, I’m looking forward to stacking my schedule with a solid lineup of music festivals and outdoor concerts.

But getting tickets to Kings of Leon, The Vans Warped Tour or Rihanna can be tough – not to mention costly once service charges are added in.

As a Rogers customer, you’re in luck. No more waiting on hold on the phone or hitting refresh on your browser over and over again to snag tickets. Our exclusive Wireless Box Office service can get you into hundreds of the hottest shows.

In addition to giving you access to tickets, when you use the service, Rogers pays your service charges and the tickets are sent directly to your mobile phone – so no more tearing your house apart looking for those little pieces of paper.

Wireless Box Office 101
The Wireless Box Office allows Rogers customers to buy tickets to Live Nation shows across Canada without service charges. Once purchased, the ticket is sent to your device’s message inbox, just like a text message. Say you buy four tickets to the upcoming Green Day show. You’ll receive one “mobile ticket” that can be scanned a total of four times at the event before expiring.

So, if someone bails on the concert for that last-minute trip to the cottage – no problem! You can easily forward that ticket to a friend’s phone, even if they’re not with Rogers.

All tickets are purchased via your credit card, same as if you bought them through a traditional ticket seller.

How to Get It
You can get to the Wireless Box Office via your mobile device or computer.

From your Rogers Wireless phone:

  • Go to on your wireless phone’s mobile internet browser
  • Click Wireless Box Office
  • OR: text “TICKETS” to 555. You’ll immediately receive a URL that will take you directly to the box office home page with listings specific to where you are currently located.

From your computer:

  • Click on
  • When you click “buy tickets” for a show, you’ll need to enter and verify your Rogers Wireless phone number before you can complete the purchase.

Learn more
Check out the full FAQ here or watch a demo on how to purchase tickets here.

You can also become a fan of Rogers urMusic on Facebook and follow urMusic on Twitter at @urmusic_updates for the latest updates and great giveaways.

As for me, I’ll be checking out the Shout Out Louds at the Mod Club on May 8. What about you? Any must-see concerts on your agenda this summer?

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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More room, less stress: Rogers’ 500GB PVR has largest hard-drive in Canada

Rogers Cisco Explorer 8642HD PVRI love my TV. But in my busy family, TV has to take a backseat to life – behind family dinners, putting our toddler to bed on time and planning for the next day.

We rely on our personal video recorder but lately we’ve been stressed about making room. As you may be able to relate, most of our favourite shows are broadcast in high definition and that content takes up more room on our PVR.

One time, my recording of Lost prevented my wife’s favourite, American Idol, from taping. Spoiler alert: It didn’t end well…both for me and her show.

Sound familiar? Well, we’re in luck as Rogers is now selling new HD PVRs with larger hard-drives, including a 500-gigabyte model — the most memory of any such device in Canada.

How big is 500GB? Enough to record and store up to 62 hours of high-def entertainment or 280 hours of standard-definition content (more than 25 full-length HD NHL games or hundreds of Dora the Explorer episodes).

In addition to the super-sized hard-drive, it is Internet Protocol capable, provides resolution up to 1080p, has improved resolution of user-interface screens and new time-based features such as hashmarks to jump forward or backward by 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Click here to read more about Rogers’ new Cisco Explorer 8642HD PVR.

In recent posts, you told us about what you want from your TV-viewing experience. We’re confident that these new PVRs and the upcoming technology and Interactive Programming Guide enhancements later this year will address those requests.

And hopefully, make securing space on you PVR a little less stressful.

Update (April 19, 4:58 pm): The new PVRs also include grey-out functionality. All programming on channels not subscribed to will appear in grey, making it easier for you to browse for programs you’d like to watch and know what channels are not part of your subscription.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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Rogers TV: Powered by volunteers

Rogers TV logoIt’s National Volunteer Week and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who power our 34 community TV channels throughout Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

Roughly 2,000 talented and dedicated volunteers work alongside Rogers staff at community channels to bring thousands of hours of high-quality local programming, including sports, entertainment, news and special events on Rogers TV.

Of course, those volunteers aren’t just contributing to their community. They also gain production and presentation skills that they can lead to a career in broadcasting or provide valuable experience for other jobs.

According to a recent report from Statistics Canada, almost 12.5-million Canadians aged 15 and older (approximately 46 per cent of the population) volunteer for organizations — up 6 per cent from the previous report. What’s more, those volunteers donated 2.1-billion hours of their time – the equivalent of close to 1.1-million full-time jobs. Amazing.

Get involved!
If you or someone you know would like to volunteer at Rogers TV, visit the Volunteer section of, drop by our studios or call our Volunteer Hotline at 1-877-LOCAL TV.

Click on the videos below, made by volunteers, to learn about what volunteers do and the benefits of getting hands-on experience.

On behalf of all of us here at Rogers and our viewers of community programming: Thanks. Your commitment and contribution are what bring Rogers TV’s unique brand of local programming to life each and every week.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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RedBoard video: The Xperia X10 experience

Today, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 officially joins Rogers’ growing family of Android-powered smartphones.

As part of our RedBoard video series, Rogers’ Michael Nguyen walks me through some of the cool features of this device including Timescape, Mediascape and the 8.1-megapixel camera. We also talk about OS upgrades and how to get one of these in your hands today.

Will you be getting the Xperia X10? Submit a comment below. And, if you have suggestions for future RedBoard videos, send me a tweet at @RogersMiranda.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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iPad comes to Canada: Rogers to offer plans from end of May

iPad RogersRogers today announced that it will offer iPad price plans for all models from the end of May in Canada.

The iPad lets users browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, listen to music, play games, read ebooks and much more, all using iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface.

For more information about iPad please visit

We will share more details soon.

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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X-cited yet? The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is almost here!

TXperia X10here’s been a lot of buzz and excitement about the upcoming launch of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, the latest Android-powered device to be available from Rogers and we wanted to share some key details with you.


The device will be $149.99 on a three year voice and data plan.


Until April 14, you can pre-order the device through Every pre-order with a 3-year voice and data contract, will also get a free Bluetooth headset and be entered for a chance to win two tickets to the FIFA World Cup this summer!

The X10 will be available at Rogers retail stores and through starting April 15, joining the HTC Dream, HTC Magic, LG Eve and Samsung Galaxy Spica in the Rogers portfolio – the largest selection of Android phones in Canada

Sneak Peek Event

Want more? Last night, Sony Ericsson held a special invite-only, exclusive sneak peek event at Toronto’s Revival bar in anticipation of the launch. If you weren’t lucky enough to win tickets through Mobile Syrup or our Twitter contest, you can check out some pictures from the event here.

Look for a hands-on video with the X10 in the coming days on RedBoard.

Miranda MacDonald is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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RedBoard’s FAAQ: Frequently Asked Android Questions

android RogersAndroid, one of the newest – and hottest – mobile operating systems out there today is also one of the most-talked about topics here on RedBoard. One report predicts more than 50 Android-powered devices will launch this year — up from 10 in 2009.

We’re big fans of Android at Rogers. We were the first in Canada to carry an Android-powered device and have this country’s largest selection of Android devices such as the HTC Dream, HTC Magic, LG Eve, Samsung Galaxy Spica and Google’s Nexus One with even more Android devices on the way, including the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.

We’re working hard to have real conversations about Android whenever possible – both online and in person – and thought it would be useful to answer some questions submitted by you, here on RedBoard.

1.    Why should I care about Android?
Android is the operating system (OS) created by Google with which you can run programs on your smartphone. It is “open source” software, meaning that while Google has created it, other software developers – no matter their size – can modify the system or create add-on software programs that run on the OS called “apps.” The open-source aspect of the OS is driving many gadget-hungry consumers to Android-powered devices, causing handset makers such as Sony, HTC and LG to take notice and use the OS to power their products.

2.    Why does it matter which version of Android I have?
The newer the version, the newer the features and functionality you can have. Just like how some software programs are written for Windows XP or Windows 7, newer Android-based apps – such as voice search or live wallpapers — are written for the newest Android OS, version 2.1. As the first to bring Android to Canada, we were also the first to learn just how much OS upgrades mean to our customers. This was a new challenge that we hadn’t dealt with before. As such, Rogers is working with handset manufactures to ensure an OS upgrade path on all all future devices.

3.    Why does “rooting” an Android device void its warranty?
Rooting is when you wipe your handset clean of its existing operating system and install a new version. The problem with rooting is that handset manufacturers install and customize the OS to work specifically with their device so clearing it may make some features and functionality not work correctly.  Furthermore, all handsets sold by Rogers are verified to work on our network before giving them to customers. In turn, it’s impossible for us to troubleshoot or provide technical assistance on a device that is no longer in line with that verification. That, in a nutshell, is why rooting voids the warranty of Rogers-purchased devices.

4.    What sorts of things can I do with an Android phone — and what’s different from other smartphones?
Android phones aren’t for everybody. Some customers swear by their iPhone, BlackBerry or other smartphone. But here are some of the differences that will help you determine if Android is right for you:

  • The ease of personalization of Android phones – from colours to fonts to widgets.
  • The seamless integration with Google’s wide array of products such as Gmail, contacts, calendar, Picasa and maps. If you use your Gmail account on your computer to store important information, you’ll have the exact same access on the go.
  • Then, there are the apps. The open source community has embraced Android and as such, there are thousands of applications for download through the Android Market.

5.    Are there places online that I can get tips for using Android to its fullest?
Not surprisingly, Google has a very thorough website dedicated to Android at There are also forums and blogs dedicated to Android, which you can find via an online search.

6.    Does Rogers have any custom applications for my Android phone?
We recently launched the My Account app, which provides secure, 24/7 access to your Wireless accounts to view your balance, make payments as well as check airtime, messaging and data usage. It also lets you pay your bill right from your phone. Rogers SportsNet also has an app for getting the latest scores and sports news. While we can’t discuss plans right now for competitive reasons, we will be rolling out even more custom apps for Rogers customers in the near future.

7.    How does Rogers define its commitment to the android community?
We understand that for Android users, the smartphone is more than just a device, it’s an extension of who they are. We’re listening to members of the Android community, and engaging with them (online and in person) to truly understand their wants and needs. That’s not limited to just users of the devices. We’re also working with software developers to ensure Rogers Android users have the best possible customer experience.

What kind of phone do you have? Would you consider an Android phone as your next device?

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard

Portions of this page are reproduced from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

Update (September 8, 3:30 p.m.): If you have an HTC Magic+ or Samsung Spica, an upgrade to OS 2.1 is now available. HTC Magic+ update is available over the air while the Samsung Spica update is available here:

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RedBoard @ one month: How are we doing?

Rogers redboardIt’s almost RedBoard’s one-month birthday. Before we blow out the candles, we want to check in with you first.

When we launched this blog, we knew it would be a work in progress. We were hoping for some real dialogue and feedback from you. We haven’t been disappointed. With hundreds of comments pouring in, you are letting your voice be heard.

Today, you may notice some new functionality on the site allowing you to quickly share your opinions with the RedBoard community and with the broader Internet community throughout the twittersphere. They are:

  • A 5-star ratings system to let us know what you think of a post without having to submit a comment or email.
  • The retweet button giving you the ability to share the post via twitter in just a few quick clicks.

You’ve been generous in providing feedback about our policies, products and services. Now we’d like to know what you think of RedBoard. What do you like and what could we be doing better? What topics do you want to see discussed in the weeks and months ahead? Leave a comment below or through the Talk to Us button above.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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ROTFL: Rogers on the floor laughing


We’ve been punk’d by our friends in the blogosphere.

While we don’t usually comment on rumours or speculation, we wanted to take the opportunity to point out that it is April 1 and that there is no Billy Thorton on the Social Media team.

Yours in comedy,
The RedBoard team

Keith McArthur is Senior Director of Social Media at Rogers.

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