We Listened: Rogers Unveils Smartphone Tethering Policy

You can be passionate about our products, services and policies. And you’ve let us know loud and clear that you’re passionate about tethering.

We’ve listened and have some news to share.

Effective immediately, tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers and Fido customers who subscribe to data plans of 1 GB and above (excluding those listed below). This effectively makes our current promotion (which was set to expire on May 3) our ongoing policy.

Since we announced the tethering promotion last summer, many of you have told us that tethering is an important service. We’ve heard that you want the freedom to choose how you use your data buckets – directly on your device or tethered to a computer.

We want to help you get the most out of innovative new technologies like tethering. And we’ll continue to examine our customer needs and evolve to stay ahead of the curve.

For those who don’t know what tethering is, here’s some more background.

What is Tethering?
Tethering allows you to connect a computer to the Internet by using a smartphone like a BlackBerry or iPhone. Computers typically use a lot more data when connected to the Internet than smartphones do, so make sure you’re set up with a data plan of 1 GB or above.

Why Tether?
If you’re reading this blog, I probably don’t need to tell you. It’s all about anywhere, anytime communications. There’s no need to find and pay for a Wi-Fi connection – you can browse from the comfort of your laptop, rather than the small screen of your device by tethering.

Excluded Plans
Tethering cannot be used with data plans of less than 1 GB. Also, it cannot be used with the new 1 GB+ One Rate Roaming plans (except Rocket stick plans), Family Shared Data & Voice Plans and Smartphone & Rocket stick shared data plans.

What other Mobile Internet options are available from Rogers?
In addition to tethering, Rogers also offers the popular Rocket stick and Laptops with Rocket built-in, which can be used with a wider range of data plans.

Where can I find more information on tethering?
Rogers tethering policy and FAQ can be found at www.rogers.com/tethering. Fido.ca will be updated with the new information in the next few days.

So tell us – do you tether with your mobile device? Why do you find tethering useful?

Rob Manne is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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223 comments on “We Listened: Rogers Unveils Smartphone Tethering Policy

  1. David

    This is very very good news indeed. Thanks!

  2. Shawn Altorio

    Great news guys.

    Sounds like you listened to we customers and that we don’t think we should be paying extra to use the data we already pay for. Good on you.

  3. Sean

    if you were “listening” there would be an unlimited mobile data plan

    1. Art

      What Sean said. ^

    2. Chris

      I can’t use up my 6GB at all with extensive tethering. There are only a small amount of people that use more than 6GB…

      Don’t forget Rogers also sell internet services. If unlimited mobile tethering is being offered, the single computer household would probably cancel their internet service and cause a much un-needed network congestion.

  4. kl

    So Rogers/Fido will be charging extra for tethering if you’re on the 500MB data plan?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi, just to clarify: there is no extra charge for tethering on 1GB+ data plans. Unfortunatley, those with 500MB data plans are not able to tether.

      1. kl

        “We’ve heard that you want the freedom to choose how you use your data buckets – directly on your device or tethered to a computer.”

      2. Chris

        Well played, well played… I have to agree with you. Even is I have a 5MB plan or a pay as you go plan I should be able to use the data I pay for however I want as long as it’s not for illegal activities. I also think it’s not up to the data provider to police those activities.. But I guess thats what the whole net neutrality argument is all about.

      3. Savio Rodrigues

        Hi RogersMiranda, can you provide justification for limiting how customers with 500MB data plans (or 5MB plans for that matter) are able to use the data that they have paid for?

        Rogers is making my decision to move my second blackberry to Bell look more appealing…

        10yr+ Rogers Wireless customer

      4. RogersMiranda

        Hi Savio. Thanks for the comment and thanks for your 10+ years of service!

        See my response to Brock below.

      5. Norm

        I have to a agree. I have a family plan and thinking I should switch to Bell.
        I have been a long time Rogers customer.
        And why is my last post not here?
        Rogers is really starting to get on my nerves.

      6. rgarcia

        As a 15+ yrs customer who uses you Cable, Internet, Home phone and Wireless services – having my 1GB shared plan excluded from tethering just gave us the incentive to move to the competition not only our wireless but all our family services currently with Rogers. Specially when I specifically called your customer service to inquiry about tethering and potential charges and was advised that my plan covered tethering and that I would be charged overage if I went over the plan limit – which we never do.

        As for your answer… “the reason is that shared data & voice plans can be shared by 2 to 5 people, the 1 GB minimum is not guaranteed” I agree 100% with Julie… “I do not see how a notion of per user minimum is relevant here. Whether it is one or two (or more) people sharing the data usage, we pay for 1 GB. And get charged for whatever usage is over that limit.”

        I know you promised to pass it on to the team. With this, we expect the following:

        A) A valid, well documented response outlining the rationale as to why family plans do not qualify; or
        B) Announcing that Family plans with 1GB+ shared data do in fact can tether without additional cost.

        We look forward to your prompt response,

  5. Daksport

    Glad to see because otherwise I would have been calling to cancel.

  6. Arvin

    Sounds good!

  7. Stéphane

    Any way to use tethering between my iPhone and my son iPod Touch when no WiFi is available for him?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Stephane,

      I’m not sure as the iPod Touch is not a product that we support. I’d suggest checking Apple’s website for info.

    2. Thomas

      Hi Stephane,

      If you tether your iPhone to your laptop with the USB cord and then on your laptop you need to create an AD-HOC WIFI network and then enable Internet Connection Sharing between the wired iPhone network and the AD-HOC WIFI network and then that would create a WIFI hotspot for your son to connect to with his iPod touch.

      This tells you what you need to do, you can have a local computer tech set this scenario up for you, based on the information I supplied said any good computer tech should be able to set up the rest for you. It would be too lengthy for me to type out an entire how to guide.

      If you are confident with computers just google how to make an ADHOC network, otherwise, like I said, just bring it to a tech.

      (Rogers Sales Consultant – Barrie, ON)

  8. Thanks for the update Rob. As a fairly regular user of tethering when I’m away from the office I really appreciate that Rogers has made this decision going forward. Thanks to everyone at Rogers.

  9. @digitaterry

    Hmmm. So because both my wife and I have iPhones and have a family plan, we are not allowed to Tether, no matter how large our data plan is. How is that fair? If we both have 1GB of data each, why should we not be able to use the tethering option?

    1. RogersMiranda

      the reason is that shared data & voice plans can be shared by 2 to 5 people, the 1 GB minimum is not guaranteed.

      Thanks for the feedback though. I will pass it on to our team.

      1. Jules

        I do not see how a notion of per user minimum is relevant here. Whether it is one or two (or more) people sharing the data usage, we pay for 1 GB. And get charged for whatever usage is over that limit.

  10. Chris

    This is good news. I could never understand why tethering wasn’t allowed by default in the first place. I still don’t understand why you would exclude some plans. Sure exclude anything under 1GB since people will probably go and try it and then end up owing millions (or I think the record in Canada is $37,000) in data overage charges.

    I’ve always been a firm believer in buying a connection to the internet and being able to use it as I see fit as long as I’m not breaking any laws. If I have a 6GB plan I should be able to use those 6GB us as fast as I want however I want.

  11. Does this mean Rogers is going to release an official Android app for tethering?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Anthony. Unfortunatley, we can’t comment on apps that may or may not be developed in the future.

  12. Arvin


    Use PDANet

    1. @Arvin

      I’m aware of PDANet, but a $30 pricetag is a bit much, when it should be free. I actually use CyanogenMod with a Wifi tether app (for root), but I’m asking for others who may not realize there is no official tethering solution for Android (maybe in 2.1 there is though?)

      1. @Anthony: There is a free version of PDAnet however you can not use it for HTTPS (secure) sites.

        Go here for more: http://www.androlib.com/android.application.com-pdanet-zEij.aspx

      2. PDANet is not a good solution. I hope you agree that free (and where possible, standards based) solutions are much preferable to proprietary, single vendor, costly solutions that will have limitations and lesser support on some platforms subject to the whims of one company.

      3. @David: Do you know another FREE tethering app for Android? One that works with 1.5? Please share.

        PDAnet might not be perfect, but it’s available, and it has a free version.

        If no one is making the app you want, maybe it’s time to learn Java and then spend your time making that app. It will be an investment on your part for sure. Will you give it away for free after with no strings attached?

        Just asking.

      4. @mjschmidt , part of my point is that we need a way to upgrade past 1.5. We should be petitioning for our less than one year old devices to be able to run the newer OS with the same control we’d have over a computer.

        There is free, as in free beer, and Free, as in unencumbered by constraints [such as those imposed by a single vendor), and a good solution will be both.

        I would not need to learn Java or reinvent this functionality is it is already available at the Android’s Linux level.

        PDANet is a workaround some people can use today, but we shouldn’t accept a collection of payware hacks to provide standard functionality that is supported without hacks on other devices. We’re already getting punished enough for our choice in buying the Rogers Dream.

        The point of my post in response to yours is that people should not be accepting PDANet as a long or even medium term solution when better solutions exist.

        I’d also like to mention there is a completely free tether-like solution — it uses the Android dev kit to provide a computer browser proxy, so only works with http, not https or other protocols) — called Proxoid.

      5. @David: I agree with you completely about the OS updates (perhaps you’ve never seen my blog? http://www.iwantmyonepointsix.com), however in this instance I was just pointing out that the particular user above needs a solution _now_ and that PDANet is a perfectly good, free, solution for those who need it _now_ and who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy.

      6. stuch

        And by the way, on CyanogenMod, tethering works with only a 500MB Plan, using either “PDANet” and “Wireless Tether for Root”. I imagine PDANet Lite (free) would work on an unmodded Android as well regardless of the data plan you have.
        I agree, it is a workaround, it is ridiculous, and it should not be up to us users to have to circumvent the system. This is not the same as “Officially” supported, and Rogers should still act responsibly and “officially” allow this for all smart phones. But, where there is a will there is a way

  13. This is a great initiative, but Canada has a long way to go in bringing down mobile data costs. The country can really benefit from the added productivity of smartphones and mobile data rates are holding back the whole country.

  14. This is great news. However, users of the less than 1 year old Rogers Dream are stuck with a outdated operating system that cannot tether. Meanwhile, people around the world with the same phone have upgrade options and can tether.

  15. Thanks Rob. Glad I stuck with my 6GB data plan. ;)

    1. RogersRob

      Cheers Justin. We’re glad you did too!

  16. Brock

    Why are plans less than 1GB excluded?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Brock.

      Valid question.

      The original tethering promotion never included plans below 1GB and we really didn’t hear many concerns from our customers about this. I think that’s because our customers understand that to benefit from tethering, it is necessary to have a sufficiently large data bucket.

      However, I’d suggest customers call Rogers Customer Care if they have specific questions about plans. Reps are trained to help identify which products and plans are best suited to meet their needs.

      1. Brock

        If I’m paying for 500mb of data, shouldn’t I be able to use it however I see fit?

      2. J

        I don’t tether very often, and have a 500MB plan. I have yet to use over 400MB when tethering. Rogers should have the option for people with 500MB to tether. Maybe call in and add a SOC so that you can tether?

      3. Savio Rodrigues

        I have a 500mb plan and have used tethering in the past. It is not necessary to have a sufficiently large data bucket when tethering. There is no technical reason for that statement.

        If Rogers is worried that users will go over their 500mb limit, then make it clear that the overages will be billed at the standard rate. Frankly, there is no reason this shouldn’t be clear to a customer. I’ve used tethering for weeks at a time to work while away from the office, and never gone over 100MB of data. But I fully knew that if I did go over 500mb I’d be paying $0.03/MB (which is quite reasonable).

        10yr+ Rogers Wireless customer

      4. Bruce

        A great question, but a muddled response.

        I don’t use tethering with my 500MB current plan, because I can’t and wasn’t aware that Rogers was even considering this. Offering this service only for certain plans is bizarre. Why should you care how I use my data? It can’t be congestion; If I go over, I just pay the overage fees.

        Confusing policies like this are are one of the reasons Rogers can be such a hassle to deal with (wait, what? I can’t do that?). Simple rate plans are always better than complicated ones.

      5. It’s all about business marketing. If they get people to sign up for the 1Gig plans under the premise they can now tether, then Rogers is ensuring more money in their pockets!

      6. Vlad

        marketing plus being b.s. people….

        “it is necessary to have a sufficiently large data bucket.”

        like why do you b.s…if i pay for 500MB it’s my OWN business how to spend it….Do you understand Rogers?

      7. I am also firmly behind allowing customers to use whichever plan they have to tether and firmly against Rogers/Fido deciding to make tethering available only to 1GB+ plans.

        This is not new. I have voiced my opinion about this several times at NorthGeek.com: http://northgeek.com/2009/09/how-to-tether-fido-iphone/

        There is no technical nor billing nor any other good justification for the current cutoff.


        Thanks for listening RogersMiranda!


        Seriously, If I can use that much (or little?) data on my phone, why would you care if I use it while tethered to my PC?

        What is the _real_ reason Rogers doesn’t allow tethering below 1GB?

      9. @RogersMiranda:

        I’ll throw my name to the heap asking for tethering to be allowed to 500MB plans. I’m paying for 500MB of data and I have a hack on my iPhone which allows me to tether and I never come close to using up 500MB, actually because of my access to WiFi, I don’t even use up 100MB.


  17. sanj

    Awesome! Thanks for listening and now I don’t have to switch carriers when my bold contract is up in August.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  18. Lewis

    As usual, exclusions and limitations.

    Have you really “listened”?

    1. john

      Frankly, I don’t think you should use a 400 series highways if you have a small car. Those damn fireflys, echos, and smart cars only get in the way…

      Thanks Rogers! I’ll keep my 6GB plan and maybe start getting my moneys worth….

  19. David

    I just don’t get the logic for excluding the plans below 1gb. There are times when I want to tether but I will still not exceed the data usage I already pay for. It is like telling me I cannot use a 400 series highway because I drive a small car.

  20. So what happens when you go over the 1GB package. If we have everyone in the office on 1GB BES packs and we tell them for emergency’s they can tether to get internet access. This will open a can of worms because now everyone will start to go over their 1GB plan where as before we have 55 people who have never gone over their plan. What is the pricing like once you go over?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Caspan,

      There has been no change to the pricing. The overage rate remains at $0.03/MB.

      1. Wow, this is actually very reasonable! :)

        Question: Can I ever switch my plan to just pay for data at $0.03/MB? Because right now I need data but I almost never use even 100MB in a month, so it seems like a waste to pay for 500MB.

  21. RogersMiranda

    Thanks for all the great comments everyone.

    I appreciate all the feedback on 500MB plans. Just wanted to let you know that I will be compiling it and passing it on to the team.

    1. @digitaterry

      Please also consider the family plans. My wife and I currently *each* have 500MB of data that is NOT shared. If we upgraded to 1GB, we would *each* have 1GB of data that is not shared so the explanation that tethering cannot be used, because of the shared nature of the plan, does not make sense. If we were allowed to “share” our data, I would have considered that since we don’t use much but I was told that data sharing is not an option on the family plan.

      Having two iPhones with Internet capability and then having to buy a Rogers stick to give a laptop access, occasionally, does not make any financial sense.

    2. Norm

      Not just 500MB Plans!
      I have a Family plan and do not appreciate the discrimination!

    3. Joshua B.

      I have a *perfect* phone plan on my iPhone, get’s me exactly what I need for minutes, data, and features. It includes 500mb of data, and I rarely need tethering, but I DO need tethering from time to time.

      Changing my plan to include 1GB of data takes me further away from my needs, and costs more.

      Please add my formal request for allowing 500mb tethering (even though I know this cap probably makes your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in upped data plans.)

      Thanks RogersMiranda

  22. Jay

    Thank you! I am very happy to be reading this, though to be frank, very surprised! ;)

  23. Oration

    So how does this apply to people on the Rogers or Fido “Flex Data” plans? It’s not really 1GB+, but it’s also not under 1GB, it’s flexible.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi, thanks for your question. At this time, tethering is not included with Flex Rate plans.

      1. ashley

        actually data flex rate plans included tethering for a while since you start at 500 mb and it bumps you up to 1gb and so on

  24. ali

    its good news but in reality its not because as Rogers says “We listened”. Its more like ” WE SAW, that suckers are paying for huge data plans, hardly anyone is tethering, lets keep milking them”. Thats the truth.

  25. I am so glad to hear this great news, I for 1 attend and work a lot of tradeshows and their internet fees are extremely pricey, Knowing that Rogers Wireless is sticking with their Tethering Plan (Free) is money in my pocket. I already have the 6GB Blackberry Data Plan and the 6GB iPhone Data Plan


  26. Rob

    Rogers just doesn’t get it. Once I pay for it it’s my data to use however I choose. I am on a share plan with 1GB. I should be able to use MY data however I want. Had I known I couldn’t use my data, I would not have signed up.

  27. Using PDANet tethering with Bluetooth works great on the Nexus One as well. Tested it over the weekend.

    What I would like to see if the ability to use a Rogers Internet Stick in conjunction with the data plan and be able to share the data plan between the two.

    1. James S

      Sharing a dataplan between my phone and a rocket stick would be a great feature. It’s a real drain on my phone to Bluetooth tether some times…

  28. Relying on PDANet is a terrible idea, another form of lock in with a price tag, a single proprietary vendor and platform restrictions. We are emerging from those dark ages thanks to standards. Don’t lose sight of the real goal and accept compromises that will bite in the long run.

    1. As I mentioned in my reply to your other post re PDAnet… there is a free version of PDAnet. It may not be perfect, but it’s free.

      Unless you want to share with us a FREE alternative to PDAnet that does everything you want it to do, your post is not very helpful.

      Are you an app developer? Are you going to develop a FREE tethering app that is not proprietary?

  29. One more thing, as stated above, if I am already paying for the 6GB data plan an tethering is aloud, them why can’t I buy a Rogers Internet Stick and use my sim card. Please explain with a valid answer.

  30. Bruce

    Why isn’t data and tethering available as a pay-as-you go option?

    We currently have friends visiting from overseas for a few weeks. They wanted a SIM to have a phone while they were here. We were able to get a $20 SIM+voice pre-paid, but no data plans were available. When I travel overseas, several times a year, this is a common thing done by other telecom providers overseas as well.

    Why is Rogers ignoring this market? For little up-front costs, likely just kiosks in most of the airports, Rogers could have a very nice business offering pay-as-you-go flexible data plans to travelers. Tethering support—which my friends DID want and would have been willing to pay for—would be part of that. It was frankly embarrassing to have to explain to them that no, they couldn’t get the services in Canada that they expect when they travel elsewhere.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Bruce,

      Thanks for your comment. Currently we do not have any pay-as-you-go options for tethering, however it is something we might consider in the future.

      I’ll pass this feedback onto the team.

    2. RMDEQ

      I have an unlocked device. I have a Rogers prepaid plan with 1GB of data. If I could activate my Personal Hotspot, I’d be buying data from Rogers faster.

      What is the rationale for disabling Personal Hotspot on prepaid plans?

  31. Mike

    Rogers… congrats on making a smart decision on tethering. You’ve been hacking away at the value proposition for a long time (reduced calling areas, increased 911 fee, charging for incoming texts, I could go on but you get the point). Hopefully this is the beginning of reversing that trend. As a long term Rogers customer I’ve found it difficult to justify being with you, but seeing this is a step in the right direction and may help me decide to renew.

    Question? I don’t share data with my wifes phone, but share minutes…do I get in on this or not? If not sadly I’d have to say the devaluation of Rogers plans would continue making for an easy decision to find the exit door.

    Final thoughts…Customers aren’t so price sensitive if they see the VALUE of what they’re paying for.

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your question. Yes, if you have your own bucket of data and it is over 1GB, tethering is included in your plan.

  32. Greg

    This is awesome. Thanks Rogers for finally listening to your customers! The improvement over the last couple of years is tremendous.

  33. Michael

    Glad to see Rogers has listened to it’s customers. Because if you didn’t, think of the message you would be giving us (my own “made-up” Rogers response)…

    “Thank you for buying your data plan (6GB/$30 per month). You can use all of your data up to your plan’s limit every month with no extra charges. It doesn’t cost us, the carrier, anything extra to transmit this data to you whether you’re using your phone or tethering. However, we want to charge you for tethering anyways. You see, although we ‘sold’ you 6GB, what we’re really hoping is that you don’t use all of it every month. That way we can save money and be more profitable. We realize that if you tether, you’re likely to use more data than if you simply use internet on your phone. In fact, the odds of you using all of that 6GB on your phone in 1 month is pretty slim. So although we ‘sold’ you a 6 GB plan, we’re really hoping we only have to ‘give’ you a 1 GB plan or thereabouts. By charging you extra to tether, we hope to discourage you from using the service you’ve already purchased to its fullest extent. Really, when you think about it, we get to charge you all over again for something you already own — and it doesn’t cost us a dime to provide tethering to you, because, literally, you already own it! Thanks again for your mandatory ‘donation’ to our company.”

    Wise move to allow tethering Rogers. Because tethering customers would leave in mass droves if you didn’t, including myself.

  34. Joey

    I have subscribe to the new 1GB+One Rate Roaming plan two weeks ago. I am not really happy of this news. If I understand well, I will not be able to do tethering on my iPhone with this plan ? It is outragious.

    Excluded Plans
    Tethering cannot be used with data plans of less than 1 GB. Also, it cannot be used with the new 1 GB+ One Rate Roaming plans (except Rocket stick plans), Family Shared Data & Voice Plans and Smartphone & Rocket stick shared data plans.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Joey, that’s correct. But we’d like to follow up on your comment. One of my colleagues will get in touch with you directly.

      1. Michael

        I am also interesting in switching to the 1 GB One Rate plan but it seems silly that it doesn’t support tethering… given that the data could be used on the device?

        Or, even just allow tethering only in Canada, so that I can at least benefit from the US roaming phone-only.

      2. RogersMiranda

        Thanks for the suggestion Michael.

  35. Karin

    So…. now all I need to find out is if I can tether my iPad with my iPhone and I’m all set. Steve said no, but hey, maybe he was thinking because of AT&T…

  36. BAR

    Just wanted to pipe in to offer my thanks to Rogers on this one. It would have been easy and cost effective to end the promo service, but instead, they’ve extended it indefinitely. AT&T still blocks this feature. I use it often and appreciate it.

    Data plans are evolving people – yes, it would be fantastic to have ONLY one ‘wireless’ data plan for home, mobile, on-the-go, but the industry isn’t there yet. Anywhere.

  37. RogersRob & RogersMiranda — thanks for listening. This is a remarkable step and site to speak with your users in an open forum.

    We all obviously strongly believe that you should allow iPhone tethering for any data plan. If you didn’t believe people cared about this, you should now with this outpouring of comments. If not, we expect a better reason than because you’re worried people will go over their allotment, because, of course, Rogers will charge the user for that.


  38. root

    Noah, I think the problem is that so many have called to complain about the overage fees. They want to reduce the amount of these complaints so ensuring you have a decent data plan should help. Its the same reason for the Daypass that was brought in recently as well. 5c/KB was very expensive and lots of people were calling looking for a refund even though they incurred the usage fair and square.

    1. Since when is 500MB not a decent data plan? I remember when I had a 2MB plan and no one else had internet on their phone (or they paid 3c a KB). Ok that was just 3 years ago.

      Let people use their data. Let them use it however they want. Let people be responsible for their actions. If they complain and that abuses your customer support resources, give them simple tools to manage their usage.

      You’re not selling cigarettes. When people do that too much, they’ll probably get sick. When people go over their data allotment, they pay Rogers more money.

    2. @digitaterry

      Anyone with a data plan should receive a text message from Rogers when their usage gets to 90% of their allotment, just like you are notified if your Internet usage gets to 75% with cable internet. That would ensure that people don’t go over without knowing.

      1. In the mean time, there is 3G Watchdog for Android here: http://www.androlib.com/android.application.net-rgruet-android-g3watchdog-zzA.aspx

        I have it on my wife’s Dream. It is set to warn her when she gets to 75% of her monthly data (although you can set this to any %).

  39. …now if I could just get a straight answer about PPTP connections with iPhone over tethering I’d be a happy camper. Rogers points at Apple, Apple points back at Rogers… Not fun. :(

  40. Keith

    Thank the government for competition. If it wasn’t for Wind and the other upstarts offering tethering, Rogers wouldn’t have budged at all. Nice touch though to frame it as “listening to our customers.” Yeah right. ‘Cause Rogers has a long history of listening to their customers.

    Now how about ending other idiotic practices like purposely excluding non-Rogers IMEIs from unlimited mobile browsing. It’s amazing that my European sourced Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (a model that Rogers carries) isn’t allowed unlimited mobile browsing using EDGE. So if I don’t agree to a Rogers handicapped handset that comes with a contract for 3 years, Rogers set up the conditions where they can charge me exceptionally more for data for next 3 years. “Heads I win. Tails you lose.” That’s Rogers listening to its customers right there.

  41. Pedro

    Great, wonderful, kudos, etc on establishing an official policy.

    Having said that, I have a 500MB plan and typically use less than 100MB/month and have probably only breach 100MB once or twice. I do rarely use tethering for emergency IT purposes so it essentially doesn’t really impact my usage. In my books the minimum 1GB plan is purely a cash grab to force tetherers to upgrade to the 1GB plan.

    As a 15yr client with Rogers this is the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m sick of the nickel and diming. You’re about to lose several long time customers…

  42. Wilson

    Does this mean that there is a change in the terms of service?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Wilson.

      No, this is not a change in terms of service. Tethering has always been included for plans that are 1GB and above. This has not changed.

  43. As a loyal Fido customer for over 10 years, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to keep my 3 lines with Fido instead of moving them to WIND in a couple months here in Vancouver. The reason I am staying is largely because of this announcement, because I rely on tethering as my sole internet connection due to my mobile lifestyle. I have been doing it for many years, since the days of outrageous $100/200MB plans.

    The Fido Customer Relations department did an astounding job to keep me on board today. They switched me to the new $80 unlimited plan including 6GB data with Blackberry support and more importantly TETHERING support. Thanks to this offer and today’s tethering news, and a promise of price protection for my plan as long as I keep renewing, I am staying with Fido.

    Finally, please do not take away or modify the products and prices we sign agreements for, and you WILL have many loyal customers stick around such as myself. This is a huge issue that can infuriate many people. If we sign contracts, we want protections and promises too, not just some discounts on phones. (Another example of BAD policy: 500MB plans could always tether, just like 200MB plans or any other older plans, but now it’s being suddenly yanked away from users? Not cool, guys!)

    So, Rob and crew, thanks for your recent efforts, I can see change happening and it’s on the right track. Keep it up and don’t dissapoint us in the future.


  44. JulienDumais

    I was considering leaving my 30$/6gb plan for the new 1gb OneRate Plan … Now that I know that Rogers doesn’t want to offer tethering with theses kind of plan, I’m OUT.

    1. Norm

      Why would you pay $30 for 1 gig when you are currently paying $30 for 6?

      1. @digitaterry

        I believe the OneRate plan covers roaming data as well so it can be a good deal if you travel a lot, and you don’t use more than 1GB.

    2. Give me your 6gb for 30$ + tethering..

      1. RogersMiranda

        Hi, the 6GB/$30 plan was a limited time offer.

        You can check out our data calculator at http://www.rogers.com/datacalculator which can help you choose the best plan for you based on your data usage. Hope that helps.

  45. Patrick

    Once again, Rogers, you *almost* do the right thing, but fumble it with a multitude of needless restrictions then hide behind nebulous technical reasons why it has to be this way.

    Congrats for making the right decision on tethering (for many folks), and a total shake of the head in utter frustration over yet another set of arbitrary rules.

    Next time your CEO asks why your corporate support costs are so outrageous, just point him/her to all the arbitrary rules you guys stick to every product, service and feature in the Rogers universe.

  46. @digitaterry

    I think the problem is that the majority of the reasonably priced plans all include 500MB of data. I was looking over the plans today to see if upgrading to the 1GB data made sense for me. If I switched, I’d be paying almost $70 more than I do today because of how the plans are structured.

    So basically I have a choice if I want mobile Internet – pay that extra $70 per month to get tethering or go with the Rocket stick for about $45 per month.

    Like Pedro, my wife and I rarely use even 100MB in a month because we use a lot of wi-fi. We have the occasional need to get service on a laptop and tethering makes more sense than having a mobile stick that we have to share.

    Finally, since most of the plans only include 500MB of data, I think Rogers is not allowing it also because of the fact that would basically let all of their customers begin tethering and they don’t want all those extra users placing a theoretical burden on the network, without making extra money from people. There’s no such thing as “free” unless you are already paying a lot of money.

    Why not let people pay $10 a month for tethering with 500MB plans?

  47. Earl McCluskie

    The main reason I switched from Bell to Rogers was the iPhone, and its ability to tether. Bell at the time had the Storm, which had been deliberately designed to not have this feature. Tethering was the deciding factor, along with other Rogers features such as higher home Internet bandwidth, and better features and packages that suited my needs, and better wireless coverage in my region. I was very clear with my sales rep that tethering was a important feature, and that I did not want to pay more for it.

    Until the iPhone (or iPad) is equipped with a useful external keyboard, it will be necessary to haul my notebook around with me, and tethering is the key to my mobility.

    Thanks for listening, Rogers!

  48. Joe Huber

    My daughter is in Vancouver with a Rogers iPhone and I’min the US with an ATT iPhone. She enjoys tethering on Rogers while ATT still frustrates us with promises of tethering but still doesn’t allow it at any price point.

    I think Rogers new tethering plan is wonderful and wish I had asses to it here in the US. Fair pricing is set based on the VALUE delivered to the customer. Tethering is obviously of value to may people on this list and so it’s quite appropriate that Rogers includes tethering with the higher priced data plans.

    From my perspective, be glad you have it as a relatively low cost upgrade at all!

  49. Rob, this is great news. I use tethering on occasion and love having the alternative without having to get another device which I would rarely use. Kudos to Rogers on this decision.

    – Stuart

  50. I am still confused why Rogers is not answering the question, we ask why tethering is only included in the 1GB data and up, and the only answer we get is that because the smaller tiers were never included.
    What kind of answer is that.

    It is like saying if you buy $10 worth of gas, then you can only use it for your lawn mower, but if you spend $100 worth of gas then you can use it for any vehicle.

    It is just like the commercial where the kid can play with the 4×4 toy truck for 5 secondsm then is given a paper truck to play with and the kid says “thats dumb”

    1. Norm

      “It is like saying if you buy $10 worth of gas, then you can only use it for your lawn mower, but if you spend $100 worth of gas then you can use it for any vehicle.”

      Great analogy.

  51. why is it that you keep the comments you want ,but the comments that the customers want to read you delete?

    1. RogersMiranda


      We approve all comments unless they do not comply with our comment policy.

      You can check out the comment policy here: http://redboard.rogers.com/comments-policy/

  52. Tony Wong

    Suggesting that customers only start to benefit from tethering after getting a 1GB plan comes off as disingenuous. I recently moved into a new unit, and for the few days that I didn’t have internet, tethering was essential to me. Also, for those weekend getaway trips out of the city, having a simple internet solution for my laptop is very convenient. I’m a customer with a 500MB plan and I don’t want Rogers to stop me from tethering.

  53. Greg Phillips

    I am an otherwise happy owner of a 500mb plan. I use tethering on occasion. I think that this is a great move by Rogers, but I am exceedingly disappointed to see that 500mb plans are not included in the free tethering policy. I can clearly see that I am not the only one – there is a clear demand for it. And unfortunately, plenty of people on the internet are plenty sharp, and as you’ve no doubt noticed, the blogosphere isn’t lighting up with joy about the extension of a program that was free to this point anyways – but instead, there is outrage and disappointment over the exclusions and restrictions.

    C’mon, Rogers – we all know that there is a compelling business case to be made for restricting the tethering to larger data plans. Do us a favour and don’t treat us like morons – tell us the truth.

  54. SomeDude

    I think the 1GB or greater is just to keep the customer service costs down. Another provider has a popular 4MB plan with $12/MB for overages, can you imagine the number of calls they receive when people discover tethering for the first time and use like 100MB (very reasonable with tethering) and the resulting $1152 bill.

    1. Norm

      “I think the 1GB or greater is just to keep the customer service costs down. ”

      That is a load of you know what.

      I have a 1GB family plan. What is you’re excuse there? My wife and I use less than 100MB each every month. Overage is $.03 per MB where did you come up with “$12/MB for overages”?

      You must work for Rogers PR. People like you are why we have this discrimination in the first place. I’m an adult and can make my own decisions thanks.

    2. Norm

      And by the way do some research before you speak please. Those large bills are from tethering while roaming. In case you don’t know what ROAMING is, It means using your phone on networks outside of your country.

  55. E Lopez

    Good Evening Everyone,

    I have 500MB of data in a Data Value Pack. I have been tethering since Dec 09. Never gone over 500MB. Never got any extra charges on my invoice.

    If tethering is not allowed on 500MB I am wondering how I am able to tether till today!

  56. Steven

    Never heard of tethering before, interesting. Can’t see any need for this personally but worth keeping in mind if I do, handy that I have a 6Gb plan!

  57. I for one find it awesome that Rogers gave us permanent free tethering, AND is engaging with a frank discussion with the customers. Best news I received all day yesterday. Funny thing, the person who relayed that information to me doesn’t even live in Canada… globalization and all that, huh.

    I WILL however second the motion that an unlimited data plan option would be interesting for heavy duty users. Some of the streaming apps can consume a lot of data in a single day’s worth of usage. And I mean a LOT.

    For instance, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the Air Video app (a application that allows you to stream videos stored on your home computer over to your iPhone, virtually removing the need to sync video media to your phone), but this functionality makes up for a LOT of data transfer. You could easily go over 1gb in a single day watching no more than 2 movies.

    @Savio Rodrigues

    Are you Brazilian/Portuguese?

  58. How do I find more info or get hold of “40$/M for 6Gb N.A. OR $30/6GB data plan..”…

  59. Bdoo

    I have 500mb plan and want to use tethering! Why not let me? I only have an edge bberry, but tethering can be a good option (i.e. waiting in airport, need to access a web page)

    The 1GB plan doesn’t make any sense. I do find it quite comical how this is the company line. “We’ve listened and have some news to share. Effective immediately, tethering will continue to be included at no additional charge for Rogers”

    I’m sorry, if I pay for data, who are you to restrict how or when I use it? If anything, the best business idea would be to let everyone tether, regardless of plan size and charge when they go over. It’s no different than having 200 weekday minutes. If I go over, I pay. You don’t restrict who I call with those 200 minutes.

    Am I out to lunch? For some reason, my common sense doesn’t sound so “common” to Rogers …

    1. Peter

      Bdoo, isn’t it interesting that all the easy questions receive replies but this question repeatedly doesn’t receive a reply? Even if just to clarify their position or explain the underlying reason or whatever.

      There appear to be many people who do not use their full 500MB and it suffices for them. One of the theories on this are that Customer Service gets too many people complaining about data overage charges. Let’s do the math. Johnny has a 500MB that he pay $30 for but this month he did a little too much surfing and lands up using a full 1GB. The total cost for Johnny is now $30 + $15 overage (@ $0.03/MB). Now Johnny could have had the 1GB plan for $40 so this month Johnny spent a whopping $5 more. Somehow I don’t think that Johnny is going to call Rogers to complain about $5. Heck, the argument can be made when comparing a 1GB to 2GB plan, or a 2GB to 3GB plan, or a 1GB to 4GB plan, and so on. The argument about being inundated with complaints of overage charges for sub-1GB plans just doesn’t hold water.

      That said, your comments on this question have the most compelling argument so far. If Rogers has no problems with charging additional minutes irrespective of the plan then why does the same pose a problem for data?

      1. RogersRob

        Thanks everyone for your comments. Please keep them coming. We’re reading every one of them.

        As we mentioned in our post, we had heard from many of you how you wanted to use your data. What we hadn’t heard – until now, of course – is that many of you with plans less than 1 GB and on shared/family plans want to be able to tether.

        But that’s why this blog is here. Before RedBoard, it wasn’t as easy to get this feedback from you.

        And you’ve raised many interesting points. We are sharing them with the same team that we shared your earlier feedback about tethering.

        I can’t promise that we’ll be able to make any changes overnight, but I can say that we’ll look seriously at this feedback. And if we have an update we can share, you’ll be among the first to know.

    2. aj

      who are they to restrict it? they would be your service provider that provides you with the data and set the rules surrounding it. its wild how noone is ever happy with what rogers does. rogers conceded and allowed free tethering, and now thats not good enough.. wow.

  60. Gerry

    Rogers is ONLY allowing this because Telus/Bell allow iPhone tethering.

    To exclude 500MB data plans is unfair and disgusting. Just another ploy for Rogers to squeeze another DOLLAR out of us, kind of like their GRRF, which has NOTHING to do with the government. I’m taking my business to Telus/Bell. Good bye Rogers.

    BTW, this blog is nothing more than a for Rogers to ONLY answer easy questions. Social Media Team FAIL.

    1. Joe Huber

      Rogers is offering you a range of services at a range of prices. Tethering obviously has value to many of the folks commenting here, and so it’s only appropriate that Rogers charge for something that’s valuable to their customers.

      Of course if you find more value, or a better value/cost at another provider then that’s where you should go. But don’t blame Rogers for charging for something valuable like tethering.

      Rather, be glad that you can have it for a small upgrade fee. And when someone with a 500MB plan upgrades to the tethering plan, they even include an extra 500MB of data at no extra charge! :-)

  61. Norm


    let me guess. You have 1gb or more or don’t have a smart phone right?

  62. Michael

    I’m sick of all the e-mail comments to this thread that I keep getting. What’s wrong with you people? Get a 1 GB plan or live with not having tethering. I don’t see why Rogers should offer it to low-end users. I’d rather have multi-device bandwidth use (tethering) reserved for higher paying customers.

    Rogers is doing something very common in all industries – you sell different products and the higher end products have more advanced options.

    For example, I own a Nissan SUV – my particular SUV can’t have a GPS system integrated like the higher end one can.

    I know data is a bit different, but this is just about up-selling features to entice users to spend more. It’s not a unique concept to Rogers, and it’s not really that unfair.

    1. I’m always surprised when people feel the need to step in and apologize on behalf of corporations. It’s not like they’re not making good profits, and they effectively have agreements with the government and a social contract to provide services fairly and competitively in a way that addresses all levels of the population. I know some people like feeling they have something on other people, but this unnecessary response is just puzzling.

    2. Peter

      Joe Huber and Michael,

      Have you actually read some of the comments? Currently tethering is free and available for users of the 500MB plan and it has been that way for years. Rogers plans to take that away. Now Michael, putting that into your weak SUV example, that’s like getting a lower end car with an integrated GPS and said manufacturer coming back to remove it from your vehicle.

      Tethering does not cost Rogers any additional expenditure so why should they force people to pay more for something they’ve had all along? Why should someone who only needs a little bit of data not be able to tether? Why should I get a 1GB plan when I only use 20-25% of my plan and that includes occasional tethering? That’s like saying that I should get a 1000 minute voice plan when I barely use 200 mins. Would you pay more than you have to?

      Either you guys are ok with being nickel and dimed, your plan is paid by your business/employer or you work for Rogers. But seriously, if you’re sick of people commenting about the 500MB plans then maybe you should unsubscribe from this thread. Our comments are directed at Rogers and according to RogersRob they’re listening. I for one am somewhat optimistic that Rogers will do the right thing for their customers.

      1. Savio Rodrigues

        Joe Huber & Michael,

        Charging for valuable features is perfectly acceptable…as Michael suggests with his SUV & integrated GPS example. The difference is that we have already paid for 500MB of data, how we use it should be up to the consumer. Would you be okay if, say you had 200 weekday minutes, but you could only call 416 telephone numbers with those minutes, unless you bought the “GTA wide feature”?


      2. Joe Huber

        My comments come from being an ATT subscriber in the US. I have their 5GB plan (somestimes called unlimited) However we do not get tethering at any price.

        I would be very happy to pay more for tethering, because it is a valuable service to me.

        Pricing should be based on VALUE delivered to the customer. it doesn’t need to have anything to do with the cost of delivering the service.

        If tethering is useful and valuable to you, why should you not be wiling to pay for it?

      3. Peter

        Joe, I understand where you’re coming from and sympathize with your inability to obtain a service you need. However, why should I suddenly have to pay for something that has been a de facto part of my service for years? If that weren’t the case then sure, tethering becomes a value added service.

        Perhaps the best compromise, technology notwithstanding, would be to grandfather existing customers?

    3. Joe Huber and Michael,
      I’m surprised to see anonymous comments for the side of the corporation here. Are these real people or created accounts on behalf of someone else?

      We, the consumer, believe that Rogers is listening to all the compelling reasons for allowing tethering on any plan. 500MB is a lot of data for most people — tethering would allow them to use it how they like.

      Thanks for listening Rogers. We’re counting the days until tethering is available for 500MB plans.

  63. Norm

    Joe i pay for a family plan. I’m only aloud to have 1gb max. I pay for 1gb and we only use 200mb. So why should I not be aloud to use the rest via tethering when I go out for a weekend?

    Answer that please.

    1. Joe Huber

      By your own admission, tethering would deliver more value to your current plan. Rogers has the right to charge you for that extra value.

      You should choose the provider that delivers the best value / price. In Canada you have three iPhone carriers to choose from, vs the US which has just ATT who doesn’t provide tethering on the iPhone at any price.

      I think Rogers could have done a better job of marketing and bundling these services. The way they presented things, it feels pretty arbitrary that 1 GB plans get tethering and 500MB plans don’t. If they had created new plans with a mix of features such that the Silver plan includes 500MB and the Gold plan includes 1GB and tethering I think there would have been less consternation.

      Marketing…it’s all in the presentation. :-)

      1. @digitaterry

        I would be willing to pay a little more for the value of the tethering. But, based upon my calculations and my current plan, I would need to fork over a minimum of $70 to get the feature. If I could pay an extra $10 or $15 per month just for my phone to have the feature, I’d do that. But I have a family plan with 500GB for my wife and I (we each have 500MB) and there does not seem to be a plan that would give me the feature without the huge increase.

      2. Joshua B.

        Compromise… $5 Add-On. Maaaaybe $10. Enables Tethering for any data plan below 1GB.

        This would be a compromise, but progress. Win/Win-ish: Rogers gets more cash. All customers can easily enable tethering.

      3. Joe, marketing is the very thing social engagement is supposed to get away from, along with complicated new schemes that exasperate everyone. The nature of competition and development of economies of scale is supposed to mean the carriers offer more services for better prices on a progressive basis, not that they level each other’s offerings and somehow arrange each so each carrier only offers one special feature.

      4. Peter

        Joe, buddy, I’ll repeat what I said.

        “Why should I suddenly have to pay for something that has been a de facto part of my service for years? If that weren’t the case then sure, tethering becomes a value added service.”

        So yes, there is value to the capability. However, we have had tethering as part of our plans for years at no additional cost, albeit implicit as it seems. Where I take issue is the new requirement to pay for a larger plan in order to retain something we’ve had all along.

        It’s been fun bantering with you the last while but I’ll stand down now since Rogers got the message and they’re looking into it.

      5. Alex

        Just to point this out, when I started my three-year contract with rogers, tethering was included. So now I’m actually losing the ability to tether, which is something I was paying for.

  64. Jen

    hey there
    ive never used tethering im actually just learning about it now and ive had my iphone for about a year now?!?!? also i have been a customer of rogers for years i must say thou im not happy with the over all service i get from rogers mostly the fact that i cant get 2 minutes from my cirty limits (thunder bay) with out all service being lost whats up with that i have 2 iphones on my plan with data and pay a crazy $220 a month and i CANT leave my city limits!!!! we will be switching to a local company in which we already have a back up phone that costs another $25 a month for emergencies and camping and so on so in 2 years good bye rogers forever!!!

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jen,

      Did you see our post from March 25? We now have an agreement with TBayTel that will allow Rogers customers gain access to TBayTel’s HSPA network. Check out the details here: http://bit.ly/cohuyS

  65. Vince

    Has anyone tried tethering with the 500mb plan recently? I still appears to work.

    Does that mean I am getting charged for using tethering on this plan since it is only supposed to only be available for 1GB+ plans?

    1. Vince

      By the way, the plan I have is the 500mb that comes with the Value Add On Pack.

    2. Peter

      Vince, the original posting said “This effectively makes our current promotion (which was set to expire on May 3) our ongoing policy.”

      I would expect it to work until end of day May 3rd if the policy isn’t altered to include 500MB plans by then.

  66. Aimon Haro Tórrez

    RogersMiranda said:
    The original tethering promotion never included plans below 1GB and we really didn’t hear many concerns from our customers about this. I think that’s because our customers understand that to benefit from tethering, it is necessary to have a sufficiently large data bucket.

    I respond:
    #1 – a 500MB user can very much benefit from tethering. If you *really* believe otherwise then let me assure you that you are very, very mistaken.

    #2: RogersMiranda, the reason nobody complained is because:
    A) <1GB tethering always just worked, no extra charges, no extra line items on our bills – so how were we to know that Rogers was supposedly not letting us do what we had been always doing, and were still doing, without impediment? ESP?
    B) when I ordered data the rep never mentioned any "tethering promotion" nor any restriction or surcharge on tethered data (and I gather from my web reading that *NO* cx's *ever* were told about anything to do with tethering, [permitted or restricted] when they ordered a plan data)
    C) No pre-June 2009 cx ever received any official notice in their bill (per ToS) about new tethering fees, restrictions, or so-called promotions – I checked the last 22 months of my own to confirm this BTW.
    D) there is still, to this day, no info on the Rogers 'plans' webapges that says any type of <1GB plan users "*cannot* tether" (note my specific use of <1GB users [e.g. 500MB plan] and the word "cannot" – and I'm not willing to merely 'infer' that since 1GB+ is ok, that <1GB is not. <1GB is, ostensibly, still undefined (these redboard blog posts are not a binding part of mt Contract with Rogers, IMO, BTW) and thus IMO I AM UNRESTRICTED in what I do what that data. Similarly, none of the 1GB+ plans pages on the Rogers website mention "tether", not even in the context of "tethering permitted". Funny, eh?

    … and NO TETHERING RESTRICTIONS on <1GB plan users are mentioned elsewhere:
    – not here: http://www.rogers.com/tethering
    – not: on the "Tethering FAQ" link on that page
    – not: in the "Wireless Service Users Guide" found here:
    – not on the "Data Guide" page, found here: http://www.rogers.com/web/content/w…&setProvince=ON
    and not even in the "Legal Disclaimer" that's always at the bottom of Rogers' pages.

    So maybe, just maybe RogersMiranda, those 4 reasons are the *REAL* reason that Rogers is just now hearing its cx scream.

    Rogers has been hiding things from us cx, it looks like, eh?

    BTW, if Rogers wants to try to have me pay any fee for tethering or not permit me, contrary to the absence of any restriction or mention of any fee in my contract with Rogers then I'd be delighted to take that to CCTS or Small Claims Court (I'm in Ontario so not restricted by the arbitration-only clause of the ToS – see s. 7 (s) of Ontario's Consumer Protection Act, 2006.)

    Seriously, Rogers has about a month left to quell this firestorm.

    PS: RogersMiranda, you've mentioned this "current tethering promotion" so if I sign up tomorrow that promotion would form a part of the binding contracted services I receive from Rogers, right? In light of that could you please provide US ALL with a link to where we can see the details of this legally-binding "current promotion"?

    PPS: Don't knock yourself out, it doesn't exist (ergo, neither does this so-called "current promotion", from a legally-enforceable CONTRACT standpoint.)

    Thx for being an ear, let's hope Rogers smartens up about this : )

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Aimon,

      You raise some interesting points about how we could more clearly communicate our policy on tethering.

      The two tethering pages you listed on rogers.com do mention the 1 GB minimum, but you’re correct that several others don’t.

      I’m going to share your feedback with the team here and let you know of any follow-up.

      1. Chris

        This raises a good point about how Rogers should change how they communicate all their offerings. The rogers website is a maze of convoluted information much of which is outdated or incomplete. I’ve found in the past the only I can get the offerings figured out is by calling a customer service rep and hoping they know what I’m talking about. i end up finding out most of my rogers mobile policy information from the iPhoneInCanada blog since they take the time to read the press releases and translate them to english from legalize….

      2. Aimon Haro Tórrez

        RogersRob, thx for the feedback. You make it sound all so ‘nice’ … but maybe we can dispense with the disingenuousness and spin?

        RogersRob said:
        You raise some interesting points about how we could more clearly communicate our policy on tethering.

        I say:
        We both know that RCI knows very, very well how to communicate “material changes” to cx about their Contract – it’s via the “Bulletin Board” section of a cx’s monthly bill. To wit: that’s how RCI notified cx’s about the LCA changes (e.g oodles of cities in Canada, all over the 2009 bills) and the 50% hike in the duplicitously-named “911 Fee” line-item on our bills (Feb/Mar 2010 bill).

        Maybe the issue is that RCI doesn’t think that imposing a new, heretofore unmentioned fee or restriction on cx’s is a “material change” to our Contracted service? Huzzah?!

        In any case: yes, please, put in a suggestion that cx’s ought be notified BY WAY OF INCLUSION ON OUR MONTHLY BILL of *any and all* “material changes” to the functionality of our Contracted services, and if RCI wants to call these things “policy changes” then yes too, please notify us wee cx’s (in the same way) *each and every time* a change is made to “policies”. Some of us really care about these things and deserve to be *actively notified* when Rogers fiddles with any of it!

        RogersRob said:
        The two tethering pages you listed on rogers.com do mention the 1 GB minimum, but you’re correct that several others don’t.

        I say:
        Actually, the word “minimum” does not appear on any of the pages I listed so it’s probably not language we should introduce since we’re talking about what’s in the cx’s legally-binding Contract, right? (Nor is seen “only”, or any other, similarly exclusionary words). And IMO, absent any language in the Contract to the contrary, cx are free and unrestricted in what they may do with their # MB allotment – after all they paid for it once already, right?! And let’s face it, it’s probably no accident that *there’s NO explicit mention of any restriction* upon 50/150/500 MB plans in the info on the CONTRACTUALLY-BINDING webpages since RCI knows well that it has no right in law to unilaterally introduce a new restriction, or fee, on a previously-unrestricted, Contracted service.

        RogersRob, if there are any high-level exec’s at RCI whose domain includes the wireless division, and they are Buddhist, perhaps remind them of one of their faith’s tenets:
        : deny the battle

        Might be a good time to review that one : )

        As always thx for being an ear!

  67. Jen

    has this taken affect yet??
    and how will it work will i just use tbaytels service when im out of rogers zones? and will it cost me even more on my already very high bill?

    1. RogersMiranda

      Hi Jen,

      The agreement with TBayTel will take effect starting later this year.

      On your last two questions – we’re still working out the details but we’ll let customers know as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

      1. Jen

        well lets hope it makes everyone happy cuz if not im still going else where when my contract is up but thanx for the info….i guess…….since there is no time line or real answers as of yet :-(

  68. Norm

    @Aimon Haro Tórrez

    well said.
    I had a 1gb plan and when I switch to family no one bothered to mention that this was going to hapen. I will also put up a fuss. And join u in the court room.

  69. Dan

    After not having a data plan (ever) I broke down today and signed up for the 500mb plan. First let me say that the customer service rep was a delight to deal with. She was courteous and worked with me for over 20 minutes to figure out how best to drop other (somewhat unnecessary) services so that I could add the data plan and not pay any more on my monthly bill.

    However…I specifically mentioned how great it would be to be able to tether my blackberry to my laptop when I was away from a wifi hotspot. She mentioned NOTHING to me about any fees, etc that would be required (either now or in the near future) to be able to do so.

    Although tethering is not something I can see myself doing often, it IS something I will require now and then. Let me make myself clear, though…

    1. I will NOT upgrade to a 1gb plan for the luxury of something that costs you NOTHING.
    2. I will NOT pay extra for the “priviledge” of tethering

    I pay for that 500mb of data. Let me use it the way I see fit. If i go over I will gladly and willingly pay overage charges. I’m an adult and can take responsibility for my own actions.

    Do the right thing here, Rogers.

  70. Colin

    Anyone know why I am not allowed to tether on the 1GB one rate plan? Seems to be a dumb decision. From what I read Bell has exactly the same plans now that do let you tether, maybe time to switch. Tethering is handy when you are traveling, its a piss off when its intentionally blocked by Rogers.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Colin,

      To our knowledge, no Canadian competitors have options like our One Rate plans. They are a big step forward in terms of making U.S. data more affordable. Because it doesn’t just involve out network, One Rate plans don’t include tethering smartphones at this time.

      If you’d like to use wireless data and a PC in the U.S., I’d recommend a One Rate flex plan with a Rocket stick.

      1. Colin


        Thanks for the response, although I don’t think I quite understand it. I do think you guys are leading the way in data roaming pricing so don’t get me wrong its a move in the right direction. But when I pay for 1 GB then I don’t see the difference if its tethered or not, both from your perspective and your roaming partners. Is ATT forcing your hand on this issue? It seems that you want to make sure any business traveler to the US has both a smartphone data plan and a rocket stick data plan. I’m sure you have heard it 1000 times before – data should be data! Its just not fashionable anymore to have these complicated price models. And from what I read on HoFo, Bell is matching your plan but including tethering. It is possible this info is not accurate however.

      2. Alex

        Bell is in fact matching.

  71. Michael

    I’m not convinced by any of your arguments. I think Rogers has the right to charge extra and that they should continue setting a bar below which tethering is not allowed. I’d prefer my data speeds be more reliable and faster with fewer people allowed to tether.

    “Using data however I want” – just because you pay for minutes on your phone, it doesn’t mean you should be able to use them for long distance at no additional charge. It doesn’t mean that you should be able to use them when roaming. All kinds of units of things that you buy have restrictions, and so do these. Pay more or put up without the feature. At least we have tethering as a reasonable option here! I pay as much in the USA for a Verizon modem as I do for my total iPhone costs with tethering, so this is one example of a service offering that’s already as competitive as it needs to be.

  72. Phil Esheaztake

    I have used tether on a non-iPhone for over a year with Rogers. This tells me they are going to start charging people for something that their phones they bought provide out of the box. Awesome.

  73. Jeff

    Rogers doesn’t allow tethering on 500mb plans, but other companies do. If they had been clear about this up front, I never would have signed up with them. It’s just another example of poor customer service. The BS on this board about Rogers listening to customers is crap. Tethering should be a part of every data plan, period. A data plan is just like high speed at home. Limiting tethering is like telling people they can’t have more than one device hooked up to their home internet. Oh, wait, rogers did that back in the day when they charged you for more than one cable TV in your home (if they knew). It’s an archaic policy and shows how little rogers actually cares about acting on customer concerns. The problem is lack of competition.

  74. Joshua

    I will be very sad if I cannot use tethering on my 500mb plan. I only use around 10mb max on the phone, and when I tether, I only use around 50 mb max…. Telus and Bell allow tethering with 500mb, I don’t understand why we can’t.

  75. Alex

    I’d just like to say that I have a iPhone 3G on a 500MB plan and that even if Rogers refuses to allow me to tether, and attempt to force me to pay for an unnecessary 500MB extra a month, there are a great deal of ways that I can go about using tethering services through third party hacks. It seems irresponsible of Rogers as a corporation to force people to either pay more, or risk corrupting their system with a third party program. If Rogers were to simply stop making any of these sorts of discriminations it would make the costumer experience much easier, and since that is “a major concern” it seems like it would be a good idea to get started.

  76. Rob

    When I switched to a OneRate 1G US-roaming package in late March, not only did Rogers not tell me that tethering was disallowed with this package, I was assured it was, as it was 1GB.

    On top of this, when I was surprised to find tethering disabled after making the transition to the account, I spent half an hour on the phone with customer support and with a couple of levels of tech support, none of whom could figure out why my phone suddenly refused to tether. Apparently, this policy was news to a number of Rogers employees as well.

    Finally, they found the error (Oh…. apparently you’re not allowed to tether with that type of data account…. so sorry) and while the CSR was apologetic that I had been misled, there was nothing she could do about the situation, and no remedy for me as a user.

    Immensely frustrated that I’m paying more for 1GB of data than a Canada-only subscriber would pay, but getting less value for that. Rogers charges a premium for the US roaming package, but then hamstrings how users willing to pay that premium may use their service.

    And to top it all off, it not only fails to educate me as a customer on the issue, but actually provides incorrect information that leads me to believe, before purchasing, that the issue does not exist. And afterwards, it’s too late to do anything about it.

    If you’re going to say “Well, you’re getting unique value out of the US roaming, and because you’re going to use it off the Rogers network, no tethering for you,” that’s one argument — a flawed one, but one that can be argued. (You’d be fine with me tethering in the US as long as I paying exorbitant per KB fees, right?)

    But at least educate your own people so they aren’t misleading and frustrating customers who are trying to make an informed decision. Guess I’ve learned that just because a Rogers rep tells me something is so, it doesn’t mean it is so.

    By the way… not looking to cheap out here — I recognize the value of OneRate, and would be willing have tethering disabled when I’m on a non-Rogers network, or to pay an additional premium to tether while in the US. But it would be nice to be able to tether while a OneRate subscriber… as I was led to believe was possible.

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Rob,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the correct details when you signed up for the plans. We’re going to get in touch with you to see how we might be able to help.

  77. Thomas

    Well, it’s May 3rd and I’ve just tested my tether and it works…for now. I’m on the 500 mb plan. Let’s hope that Rogers has made the right decision and it stays working. If not, off to Bell I go.

  78. Gannon

    I have had my iphone for about 4 months now. I got the 6 gig data plan and was lucky enough to be able to tether from the get go.

    First observations. 3g is pretty fast on my laptop. The ability to stream media from anywhere is pretty damn convenient. As a recording musician and aspiring filmmaker, the potential value of this to my lifestyle and productivity is HUGE.

    At $30 above my voiceplan for 6 gigs, I find this a very good deal. Unfortunately, I find that with the ability to tether, I want to use my data as heavily, or heavier than my home internet service. After all, I have connectivity 24/7 from wherever I am.

    I want a larger data bucket. Unfortunately, I see that the plans offered on rogers.com are pretty high priced considering the low data allowances. If rogers offered data plans for us aspiring power users, I can see an opportunity to snatch market share away from other internet providers.

    I have given some thought to what I would consider paying for a larger data cap. I used the first two months of my data plan for all of my internet use. I watched tv shows, I downloaded some movies, I played online poker, I downloaded games through Valve. I transfered 24bit 192khz audio files to clients, I edited a film that the raw footage was transfered to me via p2p.
    All in all, I used about 130 gigs in 2 months.
    So, given that this was about as heavy data stream as I have used on my home internet, I would like to have, at some point, a price plan that offers a high data cap similar to home price plans.

    Obviously, considering the major added convenience of having 3g connectivity, I would expect to pay more, even at the lower max speeds that 3g allows. How much more is the question?
    What would feel worthwhile to me is something like a $100 plan for 40gigs or a $150 plan for 80 gigs. At a price point like that, I would cancel my current internet plan in a heartbeat.
    While cheaper bandwidth is still all well and good, the convenience factor, especially with your new roaming deals, would be outstanding.

    I understand that the cost to deploy 3g capacity is higher than traditional cable line switches and routers. But profitability is also about volume. Getting people to adopt this technology as a viable alternative to cabled internet is largely about hitting the right price point. Rogers Data plans, as a stand alone product are way overpriced at this time. If Rogers can offer a $30 6 gig plan, on and off just to irritate their customers ;) then offering an $85, 5 gig plan is a nut kicker. Entice us to try a new way of communicating, entice us to cut the cord.
    The quality of Rogers service is top notch, the quality of plans and packages are abysmal and not consumer friendly. Flex plan is a great idea, but the data allowances are pitifully small in this on demand media age.

    Be proactive, be visionary. There is a brave new world calling.

    1. William

      Tethering worked for me on my 6gb plan for a few months, then they took it away and won’t give it back.

      1. RogersRob

        Hi William,

        Customers on the 6 GB plan should be able to tether. Have you contacted technical support for help?

      2. William

        I have and have been repeatedly told that I have to “upgrade” to the 1gb plan to get tethering.

      3. RogersRob

        Apologies if there has been some confusion. Someone from our team will contact you to see if we can figure this out.

      4. eagledavid

        I have a 6gb plan. Rogers tech service was unable to solve my connection problem and have referred my to Apple tech service!

      5. RogersRob

        Was Apple tech support able to resolve it for you?

      6. eagledavid

        Not yet — a tethering specialist in California is researching the issue and I hope to hear from her today. Will post any developments.

      7. eagledavid

        Eventually, an Apple specialist (in Texas!) solved the problem. Simple — tethering does not work when Airport is on, at least in my set-up. All I had to do was turn Airport off. The iPhone now works fine as a modem, but it’s slow — not much more than 1 mb/s on download.

      8. RogersRob

        Glad it’s sorted out. Hadn’t heard that…I’ll pass along to anyone else who has a similar issue.

        What kind of reception are you getting in the same area when you’re not tethered?

  79. Bryce

    I have had a iPhone 3G for almost a year and a half now, and have the 500mb flex plan.

    Tethering for me wouldnt be a full time thing, however there are times where I need/like to have tethering, sometimes I need to access a site with flash, or a bigger screen. I have come across a few cases where I wasn’t in wifi zone with my computer and need to email a document, or view a certain webpage, tethering on the iPhone would have been very helpful!

    It would be nice to be able to easily access tethering for these such actions — and I think for most people who have a 500mb plan and want to tether are not going to use it for downloading full HD movies from torrents, they just want to have the option just in case they need it.

    Hopefully Rogers can roll this out to its 500mb and flex plan iPhone customers soon.

  80. Mark F.

    Another vote for tethering on 500MB plans!!!

    I bet 90% of iPhone owners don’t even know what tethering is but for the 10% of us technical folks we’d like to have the option if we need it.
    Also re 500MB being “too small” for tethering I’d like to say if someone knows what tethering is, I’m pretty sure they’ll know what a data overage charges are…

    Just saying’

    1. DigitalTerry

      From reading all of the posts from Rogers and from others, I think it is clear to me now why tethering is not allowed on the 500MB plan.

      Rogers, and probably Bell and Telus as well, are assuming that most 500MB users will use a small fraction of the 500MB so they make a huge profit from that. If they allowed tethering to other devices, that would probably result in more people using a lot more data, that their pricing does not accommodate.

      I think we are unlikely to see tethering allowed unless they come up with a “tethering” charge for people who have 500MB plans.

      I am sure that pricing for home internet, where you get 60GB is also priced on the assumption that the majority of users never get close to 60GB. If the majority gets close to the limits, either the prices are raised or the limits are dropped to account for the lost profits.

  81. Ron

    If I paid for 500mb then I should be able to use it anyway I want. DATA IS DATA. I really hope Rogers changes this policy soon or I will be changing providers. I am so tired of being overcharged for cell phone services…so tired…

    1. Ron

      They “listened”? To who? I don’t remember saying I wanted to keep getting it for free only if I upgrade my plan to 1gb or more. DATA IS DATA IS DATA…

  82. eagledavid

    My tethered 3G iPhone v. 3.1.3 will not function as a modem to get my iMac on the internet. Bluetooth PAN is connected and active (although “eagledavid’s iPhone” is greyed out in the Network preferences panel), Internet Tethering is open on the iPhone, and the 3G signal shows 5 bars.
    When I try to connect via a USB connection the same thing happens

    Can anyone suggest what is wrong?

  83. Norm

    I have a 1gb family plan and it worked last week.

  84. William

    Can you confirm that 6gb users don’t qualify for the tethering feature?

  85. I am a fairly heavy phone user, and used 120MB last month, out of my 500MB plan. 120MB is a whole lot of data on a mobile device with mobile optimized applications.

    So, again, why can’t I use some of that remainder for tethering?

    This is AN UNREASONABLE POLICY: requiring >1GB data plan to tether. And the slowness to deal with all these complaints (201 here — 201! and everywhere else) is atrocious. Please give us a good reason and/or tell us when you’re going to allow tethering on 500MB plan. Thanks.

    I have voiced my opinion about this several times at NorthGeek.com: http://northgeek.com/2009/09/how-to-tether-fido-iphone/

  86. mike

    As of the before last firmware update, iPhone has native support for tethering with USB or Bluetooth. I guess that’s how Rogers can see your tethering. What about people using MyWi or PDAnet for wifi tethering? Can Rogers see you’re tethering with these apps on a jailbroken iPhone ?

  87. Joe Huber

    As a point of reference, AT&T in the US finally announced that they will start supporting iPhone tethering sometime this summer. You will need their $25/mo 2GB data plan plus pay a $20 fee for tethering itself. So basically that’s a minimum of $45 for a data plan with tethering.

    It seems to me that Rogers is offering a very cost effective tethering option in comparison.

  88. Marcus

    Hello, i need to ask u a question..
    i curenlty have rogers on my computer but it wont let me connect it to my Ipod Touch .. how can i connect it .. i need a username and a password how do i find out those potions please respond :)

    1. RogersRob

      Hi Marcus,

      Rogers doesn’t carry or support the iPod Touch, but if you have a wireless network at home you should be able to access it via the Touch’s WiFi.

  89. Trevor

    My apologies. I must have been reading a past post. So, Rogers has the 1GB data plan but it’s slow??

  90. Michael

    Don’t make it sound like you are ddoing us a favor Rogers for not charging us for tethering for double dipping into data that we already pay for, and for simply using our phone as a receiver and sender of data, you should have been happy with the fact that if we use our phones for tethering that we would actually be using up more data, and you would be making a lot of money on that. But no you have to be greedy well I am ticked and you making what you call a concession and not to charge us doesn’t make it any less wrong
    By the way those people that bought 500 mb plan should also be included in this decision. Do what is right

    1. RogersMike

      This post is from 2010, Michael (it’s very outdated). At present time, all of our plans include tethering.

      1. RMDEQ

        Does “all” mean “all”?

        I have an unlocked device. I have a Rogers prepaid plan with 1GB of data. If I could activate my Personal Hotspot, I’d be buying data from Rogers faster.

        What is the rationale for disabling Personal Hotspot on prepaid plans?

      2. RogersAndrewNP

        Currently our pre-paid plans do not support tethering, however I will share your feedback.

  91. cweaver

    I have 500mg on a share plan , and only use less then 200 mg. For 6 months I am away and will easier to keep connected on a ipad. Why would you want me to pay you more of my fixed income..

  92. Freddy Lam

    Hi Rob,

    I use an iPhone 6 and I tethered with my MacBook Air or family cell phones, but I was wondering if I can call Rogers to disable it? If I disable it, will I still have continuity through sharing the common wifi? Can it be disabled for my MacBook Air but not my family cell phones? Thanks!


    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hey Freddy, if you need assistance with configuring your tethering I would suggest reaching out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or http://www.facebook.com/rogers

  93. Hosting

    Thanks for listening Rogers. We re counting the days until tethering is available for 500MB plans.