My Rogers: Get more done, more easily, anytime


We know that you want to be able to make changes to your account without picking up the phone. So after months of customer feedback and extensive beta testing, you’ll notice a new, cleaner design to My Rogers.  There’s simplified navigation and increased functionality, such as one-click access to usage information right on the first screen.

It’s also easier to make a payment, add a service, modify your TV channels, search our technical-support database, upgrade hardware and tweak your MY5 list – all in one place, with just a few clicks.

The changes are part of our focus on improving the Rogers customer experience – and to make it easier, faster and simpler for you to do business with us.

There’s a great video demo available here, but essentially the new My Rogers has five key sections:
•    Overview: All your information upfront with your products and services at a glance.
•    Bills and Payments: Check your balance and due date, get a detailed summary, view billing history or make a payment at any time.
•    Plans and Packages: Modify your Wireless, Home Phone, Internet and Cable TV packages.
•    Hardware: Upgrade your phone, Rocket Stick, digital box, Internet modem and get technical support answers. Here’s where you can personalize your mobile device with games, music, ringtones and more.
•    My Rogers profile: Update your account information and marketing permissions.

We encourage you to give the new My Rogers a try. And let us know what you think – either by clicking on the “Give Us Your Feedback” link at the top right of the My Rogers page, or by adding a comment below.

Update (March18, 2 pm): You can now view the video demo of the new My Rogers by clicking the play button below.

Richard Bloom is a regular contributor to RedBoard.

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97 comments on “My Rogers: Get more done, more easily, anytime

  1. Johannes Lindenbaum

    Amazing, thanks! It looks and works wonderful.

  2. I would love to join once you convince Rogers developers to make it a secure site. It has rejected my password because it has special characters. More or less Rogers is telling me to dumb down my secure password to a less secure one. I should be able to use any character I want in my password for my own safety. This is shooty security and bad programming considering it protects my account. I makes me ask what other corners the security of this product cut. Also to ask a security question that asks what my mothers madden name is bad. No one should ever ask what your mothers madden name is as your security question namely it’s used for verification with credit cards and banking information and credit approvals, to give this out is inviting identity theft.

    Please change the password allowed and I would feel better knowing my account is secured behind a proper strong password.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Caspan,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I appreciate your concern and let me assure you that we take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously. Our security protocols follow industry practices and are audited regularly. We also have an in-house team that is focused solely on — and passionate about — this issue. This is a high priority for us and in the coming months we will be adding adding even more enhancements to our sign-in and passwords functionality.

      Thanks again for your feedback.

  3. Chad

    Wow. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been pretty critical of Rogers, but this is pretty nice. I like to see this forward thinking…perhaps you could now focus on updating the PVR UI to bring it into the modern ages?

    One suggestion – it seems to me that my “My 5″ contacts would be a nice thing to see on the overview page, as a reminder of who I have set up. I can access it by clicking a link, but it is something I think most people would like to be able to see at a glance.

    Keep up the great work.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Thanks for the comment Chad.
      We’re assembling all the feedback and sharing it with our colleagues here on My Rogers team. I’ll be sure to pass it along.

  4. Jonah

    Great idea. It doesn’t seem to take in account the My5 thought. It counts the time I have used in My5 as regular daytime minutes.

  5. Tom T

    I definitely like the look of the new layout with everything on the same page. However, the billing and payments section does not show either my latest payment or my payment history like the old My Rogers. I assume the new MyRogers still has some bugs to be worked out.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Tom,
      Thanks for your comment!
      If you click on the Bills & Payments tab at the top of the dashboard, under the green “pay now” button it should display your last payment and the date of the payment. Under that, there is a box detailing your payment history.

  6. Robin

    The site does look great. The feature I would like to see added is the ability to also REMOVE cable channels. The site allows you to add channels, but not remove them.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Robin,
      Thanks for the feedback! Members of the My Rogers team are checking this thread and also receiving updates from us on comments and recommendations, so I’ll pass this along.

      1. simon

        Hello Richard, I would like to add some more to a wish list for wireless section of the site, notably to Voice & Data Usage :

        1. In Airtime Summary – Ability to see Long Distance Usage. At least Canadian for now.

        2. In Airtime Summary – Evening /Weekend Minutes section is the same at Weeknight/Weekend Minutes section, thus confusing.

        3. Ability to see Usage immediately after the change/upgrade to my account, without the need to wait for a month or new billing cycle. This one is negates all you nice work people and very annoying.

  7. Tom T

    I am sorry Richard, but the new MyRogers just does not cut it. I discovered today that when I went to view Wireless Usage Details I got the following message: “This portlet is no longer available. Please remove.” The old MyRogers worked perfectly and although the new site certainly looks better, it leaves a lot to be desired. I think that Rogers rushed this through without getting the kinks out and with no option to visit the old MyRogers anymore we have definitely lost something here!

  8. UnHappy

    Not exactly thrilled with the new “MyRogers” page;
    it takes forever to load compared to the previous version of the page

    now when I log in I see all the little swirling circles Loading. . . . Loading . . . . for quite a long time

    I’m not concerned with the look of a page but rather functionality

    the payment history is completely out of whack:
    on the old page it was displayed in chronological order
    now it’s lumped all the previous payments made in a particular month together
    I don’t need to see my payment for Mar. 1996 – 2010 together
    I need to see the payment history in proper reverse chronological order
    most recent first.

    plus the address change box doesn’t appear to have all the correct fields necessary to submit a correct postal or rural address
    PO Box #####
    Station-M or “Named” RPO
    . . .

    only logical addresses:
    house / apartment / suite & street numbers / names are accepted

    I hope that this can be corrected.

  9. TroubleInParadise

    I have an issue with the Sign In page @
    there’s an accessibility issue
    with the “SIGN IN” button (I’m not yelling; it’s all caps on the button)
    there is no way to access that button without an Actual “Mouse Click”

    here’s the typical method I use when logging into sites which require a Log in or Sign in:
    a> enter username
    b> “TAB”
    c> enter password
    d> “ENTER”
    if “ENTER” key doesn’t log in
    d> “TAB” to log in or sign in button
    and press “ENTER” or “SPACEBAR”

    however, no matter how many times I press the “TAB” Key
    the “SIGN IN” Button is never given focus?
    what if I don’t have a mouse or using a mouse is difficult?
    or using a mouse on the web is just getting to be too much of a security problem,
    with all the Hover = Click scripts on a lot of pages
    I push the pointer to the side of the page and only navigate via the keyboard or scroll wheel
    and only click when absolutely necessary.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Thanks for your feedback.
      I have passed your comments on to the My Rogers team. We are always looking for ways in which to improve our products and services, so thanks for taking the time to post a comment!

  10. Bobk

    The interface is too slow to be practical… every time I go there I get the spinning wheels all over the page. I wanted to add a bunch of channels to my tv programming but couldn’t figure out what the impact was. Navigation needs to be more practical

    I like having this sounding board, I am mostly frustrated with cell phone charges and it would be nice if Rogers would listen to the consumer as to what we want. Why don’t you start a cell phone beefs forum Richard. Rogers will find out what it takes to win then.

  11. I like it overall, but it seems like there is too much unnecessary, or just unoptimized AJAX.

    Here’s a feature request: please give us a progress bar/indicator for Home Phone long distance minutes, similar to Internet Usage.

  12. the page has failed

    the page has failed
    all i ever get now is
    We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.

  13. BobK

    I have been unable to access my bills at all for over a week now. That is not right. Rogers is good at taking my money, but how can they do so if they don’t show me a bill? This new system is not working well.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Bob and “the page has failed”,

      Have you tried contacting our Customer Care centre? Hopefully they’ll be able to help. Here’s a link that describes the various ways you can get in touch with them:

      I’ll also reach out to you directly via email to learn more about the situation.


      1. BobK

        Thanks Richard. The site is still having issues, however today they were at least able to email me a bill.

      2. Alex

        Me too has the same problem since Apr 1. This is the error message: “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.”

        The issue is not related to browser, as I tried to use IE 8.0, Firefox 3.6.3 and Chrome. All get the same result.

        Even worse there is no other online way to find the internet usage. Shouldn’t Rogers done enough testing before rolling out a new interface?

      3. Rogers_Richard

        Hi Alex,

        I have reached out to you via email to see if there is something I can assist with.


  14. Jordan

    Addon section needs serious revision. Tons of features are not there such as Visual voicemail/double data addon/$20 iphone value packs. I have to call in to add these things and would love for them to be available to add through MyRogers. The old site even had visual voicemail listed….

  15. Roy

    Dear Rogers_Richard,

    For many years, I have had Rogers service at my house, including Home Phone since it came out and I am generally very happy with my Rogers services. However, when you need help through customer service, the story changes dramatically…. I have been trying for weeks to use the MyRogers site – it looks great, brings up my information, etc… but the functionality ends there. I cannot make changes to my account, order new services, change my phones, or do anything else on the site. I have called the customer service line and they tell me that they will “open a ticket with IT” and recorded the ticket number in my account – when I call back, there is no “record of the ticket”… very frustrating. The solution offered is to have the changes made by speaking with a customer service agent. That is not a solution to this problem. I want to use the MyRogers Service as advertised.

    1. Tom T

      You are so correct Roy. The New MyRogers has been a huge mistake. I never had problems with the Old MyRogers (except of course when the site was down) like I am having now. Even when the site is supposedly up and running, it does not work properly. I have been having problems since the BETA format came out last fall. At least then I could access the old site. Now I cannot even do that. A few weeks ago, a ticket was issued because I cannot even view my bill when I click on the appropriate link. Two weeks go by and the issue is still not fixed. I contact customer service and they tell me the issue was resolved and the ticket was closed. I still cannot view my bill. I have contacted customer service (a new ticket was issued), the Office of the President, and RogersRichard. Still not working. Today, the whole site seems to be experiencing technical problems.

      From reading comments on this blog and other Internet forums, I realize I am not the only one having problems. When Rogers instituted the Quick Start fiasco, they finally came to their senses and allowed a compromise solution that let people change the order of the guide. Why not bring back the Old MyRogers and admit that the New MyRogers has serious issues for many people?

      1. Frankly, I’m shocked that the new My Rogers was deemed good enough to take out of beta and institute as the main (and only) system to access this information. It was rushed out the door, and it is clearly not ready for prime-time. Rogers, since your system is error-prone, could you at least make useful error pages?

      2. Rogers_Richard

        Hi Tom,

        I spoke with my colleagues on the My Rogers team today and they informed me that they have recently resolved some issues that may have been affecting portions of the site.

        Please feel free to email us directly should you continue to experience problems. You can find our contact info by clicking the “Talk to us” button above.


    2. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Roy,

      Thanks for you comment and for letting us know about your experience.

      I’m going to reach out to you via email to learn more about the situation and work to get it resolved with the My Rogers team.


  16. Tim


    Like others in here. I’ve haven’t been able to get any consistancy using the new home page on the rogers website. Particularely the “Internet Usage” guage. I’m always wondering if I have past my limits for the month so I don’t use the internet whenever I want to because I may pass my limits incurring extra charges $$. I’m generally a very patient person, but this has become more of an annoyance and escalating! First we’re limited to monthly bandwidth usage, now we can’t even track it consistantly without error messages appearing much too often. This can’t be acceptable and needs to be solved very soon!

    1. Tim, I agree.

      Every time I log in to my account, I feel like I’m flipping a coin. Many days, the site can’t even pull up my services (phone, internet, etc.) at all, and basically tells me I don’t have those services, or that I still need to add my account. When it does pull up my account, I still need to flip a coin and hope that the system will let me see my Internet Usage.

      This is simply NOT acceptable. The fact that they felt this was good enough to take out of Beta just boggles my mind. If a brand new system like this already feels like it’s held together with staples and tape, I’d hate to see what it will be like in two years.

      1. Tom T

        I have just about given up on having this site work properly. I have dealt with customer service with no improvements. I dealt with the office of the president and they gave up – told me to contact customer service. I have dealt with people through Rogers Redboard and though they say they are trying to help, nothing changes. I have asked why they cannot go back to the old site but no one wants to answer that question. For me too the site is hit and miss on what works and what does not or whether the information will even display properly. I also have two accounts – one in Pickering and one in Scarborough. I can be logged in to the Scarborough account and all of sudden the information switches to the Pickering account even though I did not log into that account. It is an absolute travesty that they seem to find this acceptable at Rogers!

  17. Andy M.

    I’ve been trying for days to change my address and update my phone number (recently relocated to a new city), all with no luck. I went to a Rogers store to get the address change done there, and they told me they didn’t have proper access.

    This is extremely frustrating. All of my calls are long distance right now and I have NO local phone number to use as an alternative. And, as many others have already noted, the My Rogers section is too broken to be usable.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Andy,

      Sorry you’re experiencing difficulties. Have you tried calling our Customer Care centre? You can reach them at 1-888-ROGERS1. Or, here’s a link that describes the other ways you can get in touch with our customer support team:


  18. Tym

    I too have been having constant problems with the “experiencing problems” issue on the website since the very beginning. Seems like 9/10 when I try to view my account it just doesn’t work, and it’s usually on the day I have to pay my bill. I’ve contacted support, and they said that they are working on a fix and that fix never came.

  19. John_H

    Hi there. As with absolutely everyone on this thread I too am experiencing difficulties with browsing MyRogers. I am getting the “We are experiencing problems accessing your account” notice and have been getting them every time I try to login through MyRogers. I have NEVER had it work for me and I think it is a huge joke that this is supposed to “Get more done, more easily, anytime”. Who allowed this to be launched? Because many seem to be having the same problems.

    Richard, also going through the thread your responses are all pretty much identical. It’s not so much the issue of reaching customer service, it’s the issue of the new Online Customer Service application not even working. If I really needed to reach customer service I would know I have to call, but this is for feedback for the MYROGERS online customer service. This has always been an issue and I’d love to see it resolved as otherwise I am happy with the products.

    It does not work in both IE and Firefox.


  20. Paul M

    My complaint is similar to that of everyone else. MyRogers simply does not work.
    I have 3Wireless, Cable, Homephone and Internet. I have tried checking the details of my bill for the past 3 months and this is what I get (after the arrows stop spinning in circles for 30 seconds):
    Account Information – Unavailable
    Bill Information – Unavailable
    “We are currently experiencing problems accessing your account and therefore cannot complete your request at this time, We apologize for this inconvenience. Please try again later.”

    I for one am tired of apologies. Just fix it!

    1. Paul M

      UPDATE: They fixed MY ROGERS for me!

      Well, I called support (again) and this time I spoke to someone who knew what to do and he did it in 2 minutes. It turns out that all he had to do was go in to my profile and give me a new user name and a temporary password (rogers1) to access MY ROGERS and now everything works great. I have changed the temporary password to my own and everything still works nicely, one week later.


  21. Dean

    I never had MyRogers work for me. All I get is “We are experiencing problems accessing your account” error messages. I’ve tried Firefox, IE and Safari across multiple computers at different times, but no luck. MyRogers is useless, non-functional and is frankly quite a joke considering Rogers is such a large Canadian company.

    1. Tom T

      It’s not just that Rogers is a large Canadian company, but a large Canadian Hi-Tech company. It’s also not just the occasional problem, but problems that have been going on since the new format was in Beta close to 8 months ago. To top it off, they have a full page Internet spread advertising “MY ROGERS IS NOW BETTER THAN EVER”. How can they say that with a straight face and expect people to believe them? I too am tired of apologies, of being told they are working on it and everyday the same old thing!

  22. Anabela

    I have been having the same problem for quite a while…I have been trying to determine when and what is being done with respect to internet usage in our family, but I can’t see the internet usage on My Rogers…would someone get this fixed already…it seems ridiculous that we pay so much for such crappy service to begin with and then when we are given something like My Rogers, and it doesn’t work…are you kidding me! Talk about frustration.

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Anabela,

      Just wondering if you’ve tried to contact our Customer Care centre on this issue? They can be reached at 1-888-ROGERS1.

      I’ll also reach out to you via email to see if I can help.


  23. Tom T

    For the past week or so I had been quite happy with the site. All of my problems were corrected. Then just as things are looking up the whole site seems to be acting up. Over the last two days I have had problems just logging in. Using either Firefox or Internet Explorer, the following page comes up:

    Apparently the server cannot be found. I also found someone else with the same problem:

    Again, there is no mention on the site that problems are being experienced so why all of a sudden can I not log in?

  24. Steve

    Okay…am having issues too. Fast connectionm, but terrible response time from your website. In fact, if I go to Hardware, the Wireless box just gives me a red message saying that it couldn’t access my profile.

    Who designed this? I work in the software industry and I have never seen such a terrible website (well, not since the early days of MySpace).

  25. Paul M

    Here we go again. When I tried to login today I get…

    This webpage is not available.

    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  26. Adam

    For me, the “My Rogers” page will load but will not show any of my usage details (on either chrome or IE). The rest of the account information loads correctly. I can see the usage bar starting to load, but it is quickly hidden. Major annoyance Rogers. People are charged for a certain amount of bandwidth usage each month, and we’d like to be able to see how much we have left or if we are going to be charged extra.

    This is the umpteenth time I’ve had issues with Rogers’ customer service or website. It will not be long before I take my business elsewhere.

  27. Ria

    I’ve been trying to login to check my data usage for 3 days now. I better not be over and get charged! Those notifications are so not reliable.

  28. Paul

    I’ve been struggling with the same issues for over 6 weeks now. I have had contact on three occasions with support people and have had a ticket on this issue for almost a month. It’s worse now than when I first noted the problem of getting up-to-date information on usage and information on my TV options. Now I can’t even log into MyRogers.

  29. Ricardo

    Just about every time I try to access I get a ……. can’t be found error from my browser. This has been going on for at least a week. Rogers is charging is for data overages but does not have a working portal with which we can check our usage. This isn’t acceptable. I hope you plan to credit our accounts with any overage charges until you actually have a reliably working usage meter.

    Speaking of the usage meter, it’s not realtime which is another issue.


    1. Tom T

      I am coming to the conclusion that Rogers just wants to inflict pain on us with this New MyRogers site! Can you give me one other company with a Website this bad to access your account?

    2. rafikizawadi

      If you are having problems checking your usage–try changing your browser. I got the same message with Firefox but was able to access my account via Internet Explorer

      1. Tom T

        I don’t think the browser matters. Over the past week, the site has been down more often than up. Once in a while it works and I have had it work with Internet Explorer and not Firefox, but I have also had it work with Firefox and not Internet Explorer.

      2. The browser is most definitely not the issue here. My Rogers is the issue. It’s a broken system, even the rep I spoke with last week agreed with me when I said that it had been taken out of beta way too early.

        The banner they’ve started to show talking about the “overwhelming popularity of the new My Rogers” is a bad joke. Rogers, the longer you refuse to admit you screwed up, the angrier the vocal minority will get.

        Don’t even get me started on the online voicemail issues (slow as a snail). It took me over 30 minutes and five transfers just to speak with someone who knew Rogers even had online voicemail!

  30. Carol

    This is the first time I’ve tried the new My Rogers site and I’m getting the same result that many others have. The webpage at server cannot be found.

    What’s going on?

  31. Maximilian

    I absolutely agree with Ricardo, I am wanting to pay my bill, but I don’t even know the amount due. On top of that I am not aware of my data usage or text messages sent, which could be detrimental to my next phone bill, especially since I am a student. I’ve been experiencing this for multiple days now, which is not acceptable.
    Therefore, please fix this problem immediately and credit people for overage charges.


  32. Lynn

    I am having the same problem and need to look at my bill as it is much more than it generally is….any idea on when this problem will be fixed so I can view and pay my bill??
    This is the message that comes up on Safari:” because Safari can’t find the server “

  33. Rick

    First of all, this IS going to be long and hey, I noticed Rogers_Richard(?) HUH? Not answering any of the above eh? Cynical AM I ya think? Well let me assure you, many of us are quite intelligent websites should work BUT DON’T. For months this problem has been going on, literally THOUSANDS of complaints to E-care and some of Rogers’ E-Care Specialists or The Common Employee would really like to admit this re-vamped website SUCKS. No surprise that they steer clear of labeling their employers as morons. Now why would i say this today? Uh, maybe it’s because they’ve attempted to promote this new site on many occasions, they send emails alerting us to what, a site that continues to suck? The UNAVAILABLE message so many of us have encountered, the various and fully RANDOM times to attempt access-we’re talking 7am weekday, 1pm weekday afternoon, few hours after supper hour or maybe 9PM and the list of times could go on. Different days of the month and common sense should provide that yes, end of the month, beginning of month, even their human customer service and people calling in will jam up that part BUT for online access, DO YOU HAVE THE DAMN SITE WORKING or don’t you? E-Care acknowledges “yeah, it’s not working…” Okay, NEXT! So, not knowing Rogers shuts down for maintenance from 2am to 6am 365 days/yr. well okay then. My complaint to them @ 3am? “Okay, SO, youse guys IZ doin’ maintenance each night? Well then, I can assume that when I attempt to login at 6:05am the damn site will be running smoothly or do you have trained chimpanzees attempting to fix problems but failing miserably?” Now if this was an isolated incident or only a few were experiencing such problems, would I be reasonable to complain? No, actually not but since there will be hundreds to thousands experiencing what I am, this would explain why Rogers_Richard won’t really want to offer excuses anymore here I guess. What could you/he really say but “yeah, this sucks and we know it sucks but we have no idea when we’ll fix it so you can all stop complaining.” To add, not to mention that when I completed Feedback with Rogers and/or a survey, there was mention about “hey, do you think a Forum for discussion would be cool?” Of course it would be but that too would be bombarded/over-loaded or a better example, ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! Hey, I’m not totally negative here, there really have been improvements albeit minor ones. Those voice prompts or access now history, you must listen and press a number to access something rather than telling a computer generated voice you want BILLING! Here’s a tip Rogers_Richard or possibly the Rogers Guru? Tell the clowns offering up the lame excuses “Uh, You run as a Beta version and work out the bugs and when fully ready to jump to the new or re-vamped site, THEN you do so ya dig! Who the hell wants to get failure notifications and continually unable to access THEIR Rogers Online Account which is aka My Rogers. If it was at only a certain time I’d see the value in them attempting to alleviate Customers’ complaints or concerns but considering I’ve now proved to them I can try at ANY random times during “A” month and the site stalls, this problem SHOULD be fixed and soon, or revert to a previous one until you figure out why you’re jamming so many people. And yeah, happy I found this forum today and the way I did it was by this Google search term: ROGERS NEW WEBSITE SUCKS and here I am now. I do pity those who are employed at Rogers and having to answer those phones and take the flak which actually isn’t their problems to begin with but they are the voice of Rogers after all. One assumes that the bigshots really don’t give 2 hoots about the disgruntled customers and for such a long long VERY LONG duration but let me tell you this, very few other companies that have online access/capabilities for their customers, would have this going on for so long. Heads would roll and yeah, maybe 10 years ago this was the norm but today, everyone wants to eliminate actual humans in the workplace and have you just do it all yourself so they can save money. Last part, some of the simpler functions I wish to access, what else but cellphone usage. Just curious, our bills are great, we’re upstanding clients but actually getting fed up with Rogers. Not ONLY because the site isn’t working as they wish to promote it to be BUT all their neglect and excuses. We switched to Rogers because we believed them to be much netter than this, we were wrong. I’ll add here about what I had heard prior to joining Rogers for our cell phone plans. I had heard “they include weird charges on your bills so you gotta keep an eye on them.” True and false but here’s a good one. I’m in Manitoba and do know that to send a text, one must provide area code and all numbers to equal 10 or it fails. So, one day a glitch in my brain and I attempt to send 3 texts to my son. I forget to include area code of 204 so of course his number is 509 XXXX and the system attempts to send to what else but area code 509 (U.S. based number then). Fails 3 times but attempts to re-send over and over to the tune of 8 times. Month later I get an additional $2 charge (minor cost of course), Customer Support advises it was 8 text msgs to a U.S. number. She tells me she can provide the number I sent to but just before this I explain that I’m actually ave problems with my Moto2/V9 and I was attempting to text my son to see if it was working on that day. Told her the number and guess what, on the screen in front of her, the number I had attempted to send to but of course missed 3 digits as it DOES have to be 10 in total or no go. Wow, not a very bright Rogers employee considering she couldn’t put the 2 obvious things together. Of course they graciously removed the 2 bucks but of course it’s now embedded in our CC’s History for the rest of eternity, as a credit of a whopping 2 bucks. Rogers_Richard, what can Rogers do for me and thousands upon thousands of others who have been locked out of their “ONLINE EXPERIENCE with the new and supposedly improved Rogers website? LOL. Hopefully you have the guts to answer instead of the company dictated rhetoric or excuses but trust us all, we may have to suck it up but some of us will switch back to our local providers rather than put up with this b.s. Competition IS fierce these days and yeah, each and any company will experience problems from time to time, all depends on who has the fewest. Oh yeah, common sense for web surfing and visiting a site such as Rogers. Hops, skips and jumps occur when attempting to wander around the site, why the hell can’t they fix one of the most important parts or ie: actual account or billing but of course if I wish to buy the new iPhone, hey, NEVER a problem going there, just what I mention above. You want to make the bucks do ya? Not much chance of that happening when you’re pissing me off by locking me out of my account when I wish to check certain aspects of it. We ALL await your response Rogers_Richard or are you hiding out until this crapstorm blows over?

  34. Rick

    and to add a second message-yes I’m aware that comments ARE moderated. Are you aware that the above URL includes (suggests) the following: My Rogers Get More Done More Easily Anytime….. but honestly this is so untrue it’s laughable. Irony at it’s finest….

  35. Russell

    I also cannot get on to
    It’s been like this for 5 days now! Completely ridiculous!

    1. Russell

      Exellent, I just received my 100% usage notification on the top of the screen after not receiving my 90% notification and not having access to the MyRogers page for days now. Now I get to pay even more for this wonderful service I’m being provided. Bravo!

  36. Tom T

    The comments on this board are rapidly accumulating. Could someone at Rogers please reply and let us know what is going on with the MyRogers site. The lack of communication is also a big part of the problem. The CSRs are lucky if they even know what you are talking about and email replies do nothing more than state the obvious – that the site is having problems. We already know that!

  37. Steve

    I was actually able to get onto My Rogers this morning (about 7am) and was able to check my balance, etc. Can do so now. But I agree that they did not put this into place correctly. They did not configure their network and provide enough capacity for this. Terrible job.

  38. Vince

    Same here.

    New customer.

    Received email about my bill being available

    Just registered.

    After entering my login credentials, get something similar…ERROR_NOT_RESOLVED for the link given in the other comments.

    When I try to ping or do a tracert to I get a message that unable to resolve name.

    I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come :(

  39. Me Again


    is not true
    I have never been able to pay a bill at 3:00AM
    either on the phone via *611
    or on the web.

    the web site will take you all the way to the submit payment screen
    and then fail, because there’s no overnight caching like other sites have
    ie. on the TigerDirect site
    I can place an order at anytime and the minute the place is open there’s someone going through the overnight cache and processing any orders that may have been submitted overnight or on a weekend or holiday

    Rogers doesn’t have an overnight cache, so it’s impossible to pay a bill or do anything with your account(s) except during business hours.

  40. Rogers_Richard

    Thanks everyone for letting us know about your experiences with My Rogers.
    We are aware of the issues and are currently working on expanding our systems’ capacity. We’ll be sure to update you via RedBoard and our @Rogershelps twitter account once the matter is resolved.
    Thanks for your patience.

  41. Vince

    Hi all. Just wanted to let everyone that is having problems accessing MyRogers through the “” address that you can log in through the MyRogers login on the homepage. I guess that some of the emails or links on the site refer to the incorrect location. In any case, I was able to successfully login and view my information through the login on the Rogers homepage. Later.

  42. Rick

    Rick here again. As to my long long VERY LONG post previous, I do believe in fairness IF something I have complained about has improved, so I always do return to a blog or forum to advise same.

    Not surprisingly, “capacity” today has now seemed to be increased and I am FINALLY able to login and view something as simple as minutes used. This includes multiple phone number accounts under the primary number. I did notice that it takes about 10 seconds for the site to get what I have requested but that too is acceptable as even for minutes usage, that can change as we speak or ie: while I’m on the cell yakking, obviously I’m using minutes.

    Guess it seems that IF enough customers complain (and apparently there have been A LOT), things slowly improve. Not saying it is working perfectly and for the 3 attempts I’ve made in the past 2 days the system has allowed me speedy access and I could then get on with my day for other things but I’m going to keep visiting the site to make sure it IS working as it should. Thanks to Rogers_Richard for now, I imagine this DID turn out to be a pretty big headache for all concerned as capacity was often exceeded, probably beyond what Rogers had anticipated. This should be a heads-up for the future though and I’d ask (and then ask you to remember the comment today) “when you attempt to save money by asking your customer base to do more online so you can eliminate actual “humans working at your company” and they do exactly what you want them to, what do you think will happen if the system doesn’t work like it should?

    Oh well, it’s working now for what I need it for, let’s hope this is now a sign of things to come but PLEASE, the next time you decide to re-vamp the website and make such huge/drastic changes, please remember that some of us have better things to do than sit on a website waiting for it to allow us the access you were hoping we’d use/attempt as this really didn’t work so well for the past month or two and I doubt if there are many disputing this today.

    Learning from these mistakes now will hopefully prevent something like this from happening in the future and many of us could have seen this coming to begin with. Rogers, very big and successful company, lots to offer and yes, a huge website but I can assure you this, some of us do have other options when it comes to providers for many of the services you offer and it doesn’t always relate to cost/price of said services. Customer Service and the providers living up to our expectations IS what many of us look for and if that is sub-par then we really do re-think our choice of provider and definitely switch to a competitor if we need to.

    For now, good job, no matter “why” the site is working better, it just IS and that’s good for me today. Thanks

    1. Rogers_Richard

      Hi Rick.

      Good to hear it’s working for you again. :)


  43. Rick

    @ Me Again

    according to what I was told and what I have seen and know, from 2am to 6am EST the system is offline for most anything and this is 365 days of the year. To me, that IS acceptable as long as for the other 20 hours I wish to login and do something, I can. I do think there are some surprises on Rogers’ site though, it’s not all locked down and I’m willing to bet they have that “cache” you speak of, you just have to find it or maybe call them up and ask. I do know that their CSR’s do state “we can’t access your bill etc. from 2-6 am but I do think I could ordr something from them for example and it would be handle later when they get around to me once they’re fully back online.

    Just a little tip for you though and I’m just saying, if you have to pay a bill at 3am and for a serious reason, then you need to re-think that method of payment and/or manage your affairs a little better. I once saw a customer ahead of me at a local Shopper’s Drug Mart, screaming at the top of her lungs at the clerk because her home phone service had been cut off earlier in the previous evening and since she was at work until 11pm but now standing at the store at 4 am, she figured somehow that SDM had a way of getting MTS to turn her phone back on.In Manitoba there IS Tech Support for internet but for the phone company, they work business hours which makes sense to me. Not everyone is a Walmart and stays open 24 hours and yes, a website should be somewhat different but for bill payment, not important for me.

    Anyone who has internet access and a bank account or credit card, also has the option of setting up online banking AND can also pay by telephone banking. I love the online banking now, can visit today and setup a future payment for any of the services I use, can edit or delete the payment right up to the day in question if I need to. The odd time CIBC has been down for maintenance and I’ve always just phoned them to ask that they do it for me via telephone banking. Yes I know, Rogers CSR’s at 3am can’t access your bill if there’s a problem but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think you should also have additional options if it’s critical that you pay an outstanding balance at 3 am or you could possibly get your services cutoff. Alternatively, that too works in the customer’s favor, I doubt if they nail a cell phone or cable tv at 3 am if say, the customer is delinquent with their account but often enough the complaints come after the service has been terminated. Guess it all depends on your own schedule and if you can’t often conduct business during reg. business hours, then you need to seek out alternative solutions for payment etc.

  44. donna wilson

    change my pass ward for my rogers .com

    1. RogersMike

      Our support reps on Twitter @RogersHelps or would be happy to help with that – please reach out to them there. Thanks!

  45. Karen Moller

    I have changed my service to telus from Rogers for my I pad on June 18/2015

    I received a bill in the mail stating that I owe $36.75 and that it will be charged to my credit card.
    I have tried phoning but cannot get through. Could some one please call me or email me
    Thank you

    1. rogershayleyf

      Hi Karen – I have removed your account information from this post so that it is not made public. One of our reps will reach out to you via email.

  46. frank

    I can get to the new rogers website but i cant get any account information. I looks like it tries to load but just keeps loading. message near account info says”Failed to load account list” any suggestions

    1. RogersMike

      I’d recommend reaching out to our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or – they’d be able to investigate the issue with you.

  47. yvonne Quinn

    I have been a rogers cistomer form the start. There are non stop issues with my box and loss of TV service. I have a complaint on file for over 48 hours and still no call back form Rogers customer service . There was a response last week however the tech is here now. I am not able tocontact anyone to talk to. I am paying top dollar for the box that does not work. Now I am being told that they are replacing the box with a refurbished box that is not working. Rogers you are thiefs of the worst order. I have requested a new box today , not available … so why am I paying almost 200.00 for monthly services that do not work.?
    Again I lost my TV 3 times almost very weekend the bos reboots usually between 930 and not extended to 11.00 pm. Last night Aug 10 lost again at 10.20 .. The tech is right now trying the third box ( refurbished I am sure ) so why am I paying top dollar for a box that doesnt work and hasnt worked properly . This is the third netbox.. Rogers do you think you have a problem ????
    Thi time my file is going to the CTRC .. I bought a new TV because you could not find the problem that was 10 years ago and since then with changes to services by Rogers there is nothing but substandard services.
    Rogers senior customer service – there is an email waiting for your response the 2nd within a week and a loss of service of greater then 5 hours not to mention my time on phones and this website as well as listening to the tech not able to defind the issues he is encountering ..
    30 mins later – the box is now active but for how long is the question .

    1. Rogers_Chris

      Hi Yvonne, I’m sorry to read all of this. In the future please contact us directly on Twitter @RogersHelps or at with any issues related to your account.

  48. Ian hills

    I want my spitify. And I forget my icloud pass word

    1. RogersMike

      Have you signed up for Spotify via your account on

  49. mary christine desouza

    dear rogers, i have been trying for an hour to get on live chat for help with registering, having trouble with the password not being accepted..had spoken live to the very helpful Kim, who suggested live chat, but…nothing’s appearing on screen . can you send me an email please, why i am not registered?? thank you. mary d.

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Mary, thanks for your comment today! Do you use Twitter or Facebook? If so, we have a team of specialists on social media who are able to assist with any issues related to MyRogers. They can be found on Twitter @RogersHelps or at I’m confident that they will be able to help you out. If you have any questions, let me know.

  50. P. Cormier

    I’m seeing half of the stuff on my screen in French…. and when I topped up my pay as you go account… there were 2 different amounts 1 about .50 cents less then the other…. you might want to get that checked out….

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      For assistance with your Pay-As-You-Go services you can reach our Pre-Paid team here: 1-800-575-9090

  51. Pasaualina Young

    Hello: I have activated my new Rogers Platinum Master Card, using the same pin number I originally had on the first Rogers MasterCard. When trying to log on to My RogersBank it won’t let me sign in, stating the account is locked due to numerous invalid attempts. Please help, as I just want to access my account to check my balance and pay in future. With thanks, Pasqualina

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Pasaualina, sorry to hear that you are having troubles with your online account. Please reach out to our Rogers Bank support team at 1-855-775-2265 and they should be able to assist with getting the account unlocked.

  52. Eric Cohen

    The website is terrible! My Rogers does not work! Why can’t you just make a simple access portal to our bills? Your usage tracking doesn’t work! When will you start getting things right!

    1. RogersPaul

      Hi Eric, we appreciate feedback from our customers about their MyRogers experience. What browser are you currently using? What isn’t working about the self-serve site?

      1. Eric Cohen

        IOS, Safari. Pretty much the go to device for most of your customers I imagine. None of your apps work well (look at the review boards) and the website doesn’t work, can’t connect to MyRogers

      2. RogersMike

        As far as we’re aware, the site and app are both working fine. It’s likely an issue with your account, possibly something in the back end that would need to be reviewed. Could you please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to investigate – apologies for the troubles!

      3. Eric Cohen

        That’s the problem, if you read the reviews of all the Rogers Apps you will see that they are terrible. You should listen to your customers and stop giving them the ‘pass the buck’ routine. Just fix your issues. Or how about having your techs chase me down and solve my problems, I don’t have time for Twitter or voice Mail hell!

      4. RogersPaul

        We try not to pass concerns on unless absolutely necessary. The support team is equipped with the tools to troubleshoot and report problems with apps like MyRogers and Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition. They can also follow up on your case if it does need to be escalated. We’re here to answer questions about Rogers, it’s brands and provide direction on how to resolve issues that come up :)

  53. TroubleInParadise

    now the latest iteration
    doesn’t even load in my main browser Firefox
    must open it in the latest Pale Moon x64 (Note: I will Never, Ever, Use IE any version on the web)
    and the page displays a banner at the top that the browser is out of date
    um no, it’s the latest version so it’s not out of date

    and the jumping beans take way too long to go away from the page
    and I get my third account vanishing for weeks or months at a time
    and when I try to re-add the third account,
    the page pops a dialog that says the account is already there
    um then why is it invisible
    today is the first time I’ve seen the third account in 6 weeks

    and the jumping beans appear for every page load

    1. RogersMike

      Doesn’t sound like you’re having a good time with the site at all! :( Could you please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or They’ll be able to take a look at your account to see if there are any issues, as well as troubleshoot/escalate if necessary.

  54. Anne Liem

    Bruce from Bob’s TV dropped off my adaptor black box. Have you received it? Please, confirm.

    Thank you very much.

    Anne Liem

    1. RogersAndrewNP

      Hello Anne, if you were to reach out to our support team @RogersHelps on Twitter or they could capture your account info to verify whether or not it has been received.

  55. John Davidson

    My Rogers account name is 62836 and I would like to change it. How do I do that?

    1. RogersMike

      Morning, John! Please contact our support team on Twitter @RogersHelps or … they’ll be able to assist.