Video: Milos Raonic shares his tech habits in preparation for Rogers Cup

Rogers Data Guy, Amit Bodalia recently sat down with Canadian tennis icon Milos Raonic. Fresh from Wimbledon and gearing up to impress at Rogers Cup, Raonic is now ranked sixth in the world. The 23 year-old talks tech: his favourite apps, Twitter love from fans, his device of choice and where you’ll find him browsing online. Check out the video here and find out below how you can experience the Rogers Cup tournament.


As a Rogers customer, here are some ways you can enjoy the tournament action:

  • Rogers Ticket Offer: Rogers customers have an opportunity to save up to 50% on Rogers Cup 2014 tickets.
  • Rogers Anyplace TV: Download the app to live stream Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard on the Toronto and Montreal courts. It’s available on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. For more information check out
  • Redeem points for opening night tickets: Rogers First Rewards users can purchase tickets using their points for a pair of 300 level tickets for opening night on Monday August 4, 2014.

If you’re in the stands…

  • Rogers Cup Mobile: If you are actually in the village, pull up Rogers Cup Mobile and stream games from both cities, while also discovering the behind-the-scenes scoop from your favourite players. Rogers customers can receive special offers and coupons for on-site products and services.
  • Rogers First Rewards challenge: Test out your tennis skills on the promotions court in Toronto from August 2 until August 7, for a chance to win a pair of lower bowl tickets to the finals in Toronto. Plus, two participants of the Rogers First Rewards Challenge will be brought down on finals Sunday to compete for 500,000 First Rewards points!
  • Rogers Connected Zone: Located in the heart of the village, check out the latest devices and innovative accessories, plus score some great deals.

Sportsnet is also getting in on the action, with exclusive Canadian coverage of the  first three rounds and quarter-finals on Sportsnet TV and Sportsnet NOW,as well as post-match interviews, social media updates, and more on on the go can listen in to Sportsnet 590 The FAN (Toronto) and Sportsnet 960 The FAN (Calgary) for highlights and updates. Also check out the current issue of Sportsnet, available on newsstands, Next Issue and Apple Newsstand, thatbreaks down Raonic and Bouchard’s service speeds, and includes an interview with Milos Raonic.

Be sure to follow @RogersBuzz, @RogersCupTO and #TennisIsCanada for the latest updates. How will you be watching the Rogers Cup tournament?

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Weekend Reading: Time for Facebook, Gear 2 Neo features and Pinterest update

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday! In this week’s Weekend Reading, we’re spending time with Facebook, talking about the Gear 2 Neo and sharing some pinteresting news.

33 minutes a day with Facebook

I am a huge Facebook user, especially on my smartphone and it seems I am not alone. As reported by Mobile Syrup, Facebook now has 341 million mobile-only monthly users globally. Shared by Huffington Post, a survey of American smartphone owners found that Facebook members checked the site an average of 14 times per day and spent nearly 33 minutes on it each day. The survey further revealed that Facebook was the third most popular activity online, followed behind by email and surfing the web.

How many minutes or even hours do you spend on Facebook each day?

A wonderful wearable

The capabilities of wearables continue to amaze me. This week, for example, we shared threeawesome features of the Gear 2 Neo. Check it out to learn how your Gear 2 Neo can easily become a remote on your wrist, a device tracker and even a heart monitor.

Can you share any more tips on how best to use the Gear 2 Neo?

News of Pinterest

Time to listen up all Pinterest users. As shared by Pinterest this week, now when you visit one of your favourite categories you’ll see a whole new selection of specialized interests. For example, I love decorating and interior design so I always check out the Home Décor category.  I can now select more interests like pallets, master bedrooms, shabby chic décor and more. You can now also get Pins from other people who share that same interest delivered right to your home feed.

What is your favourite Pinterest category?

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Three wonders of the Gear 2 Neo wearable


We previously provided a review of the Gear 2 Neo and as we’re still excited about the wearable, we wanted to share even more about its features. In the post below, Connected explores three cool capabilities of the Gear 2 Neo.

A remote on your wrist

The WatchON app on the Gear 2 Neo lets you control your TV, right from your wrist. Aside from being a useful add-on in the living room, its prank potential outside the home is near endless. Check out the steps:
1. On the Gear 2 Neo homescreen, swipe across to find the WatchON app and tap to launch.
2. Ensure the infrared LED sensor at the top of the watch has a line of sight with the component you want to control.
3. Tap the component in the top left to switch between controlling TVs, DVD players, set-top boxes, etc.
4. The onscreen buttons will change based on what component type you’re controlling.

Will help to find your phone

Has your device fallen between the sofa cushions? Is it tucked in your knapsack in the closet? If only you knew, because you need it immediately. Thankfully, the Gear 2 Neo makes it easy to find an errant smartphone. Here’s how:
1. On the Gear 2 Neo home screen, swipe across to Find My Device and tap to launch.
2. Tap Start. Your smartphone will start chiming loudly.
3. When you find your device (hooray!), just tap Stop on the Gear 2 Neo or swipe on your phone to silence the chime.

Get the pulse

The Gear 2 Neo has an integrated heart-rate sensor on its back. This, along with the variety of health and fitness apps packed in, can help you see what condition your condition is in:
1. On the home screen, swipe to find Heart Rate and tap to launch.
2. Tap Start. The green onscreen heart blinks to let you know it’s measuring.
3. Stay still and at rest while your heart rate is being read.
4. Within a few seconds, you’ll receive your heart-rate reading.

How have you been using your Gear 2 Neo?

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Weekend Reading: Nerdy reviews, sporty rewards and Chrome updates

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHappy Friday, readers. In this week’s Weekend Reading we’re exploring reviews from our friend the IT Nerd, sharing how Rogers First Rewards can put you right in the game and learning about iOS and Android Chrome updates.

IT Nerd continues to geek out with Rogers

As we noted a few weeks ago, IT Nerd, one of my favourite bloggers, is now a Rogers customer. While he has previously reviewed countless Rogers mobile devices, we’re delighted that he is beginning to explore his experiences with Rogers Internet, Next Box 3.0 and Rogers Internet. Within his posts the IT Nerd provides his positive feedback, along with key tips on how to improve our product features.

We look forward to even more posts from IT Nerd, and encourage all customers to share your experiences, reviews and tips with us and fellow Rogers customers. That’s what our community forums and Idea Box are for!

Do you have Rogers experiences or product tips you’d care to share?

Use your Rogers First Rewards points to get in the game

Good news, sports fans – if you’re a Rogers First Rewards member, we’ve got two new rewards in our catalogue that will have you cheering. Right now, you can use your Rogers First Rewards points to redeem for Rogers Cup tickets and Toronto FC VIP experience tickets.

For Rogers Cup, we’re offering members two tickets to watch the action on opening night in Toronto (August 4). Toronto FC devotees have two games to choose for their VIP experience (July 26 against Sporting Kansas City and August 23 against Chicago Fire), including seats for you and a friend in the Rogers Red Zone, watching the warm up at field level, meeting a Toronto FC personality and other great perks.

Visit for more details. Will you be attending the Rogers Cup?

Bugs be gone with new Chrome

Good news Chrome users; this week Google released its latest versions of Chrome for Android and iOS. As reported by Mobile Syrup, Chrome 36 for Android Now is available from Google Play, and includes performance improvements, bug fixes, the return of Google doodles and non-mobile pages look better across all screen sizes and resolutions.

Fear not iOS users, the new and improved Chrome for iOS, available through the App Store received small, but significant updates as well. In addition to bug fixes, the new Chrome for iOS allows mobile sites that have added Cast support to work with your Cast-enabled device, which helps to support a number of video sites like YouTube.

Do you have a preferred mobile web browser?

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How to jazz up your home Wifi network name

networknameHave you ever visited a friend’s house or used your phone at a party to connect to Wifi and saw a witty or down right hilarious network name? Or perhaps you’ve recently had your Rogers internet service installed and the default network name (SSID) of ‘SMC8014W-G’ just doesn’t match your personality. If so, you’re probably asking yourself, “How do I change my network name?”

A few weeks ago we answered this in a Rogers Community blog post, and our Community Forum members found it very useful. Here are the steps to change your network name:

You will need to find out what the Default Gateway IP of your Rogers Gateway Modem is. Hint – it’s probably However, if you want to be sure, you’ll be able to do this quickly from the command prompt with IPCONFIG:

  • From your Windows desktop hit Start and click Run. Now type cmd and then click OK. This will launch the Command Prompt window.
  • In this window type IPCONFIG and hit Enter. Your IP configuration will now appear. From here you can confirm the Default Gateway IP.

Copy the confirmed Default Gateway IP and paste it right into your browser’s address bar. (Do not put ‘www’ in front of it):

  • You’ll now see a Log In screen. The Username will be cusadmin and the password will be password.
  • Click Login to get to your Rogers Gateway Modem configuration menu.
  • Next, click the Wireless tab and then the Channel and SSID tab.

Now the fun part!
Type your desired network name into the SSID box. Then click Apply to save the settings. Once complete you’ll need to reconnect all your wireless devices again as if it was a ‘new’ network.

And that’s it! Be creative, be imaginative and then visit us and other members at the Community Forums here to let us know what you changed your network name to.

Tell us, changing your network name important to you?

Do you have questions about your Rogers products and services? Check out Rogers Community Forums, a place for in-depth support from over 260,000 peers and nine resident experts.

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Suretap wallet lets you pay on the fly

CaptureIt’s summertime! Hello to backyard BBQs, beach days, parties with friends and families and spontaneous trips. Summer is a time to be carefree, to be on-the-go and carry nothing but a towel, sunscreen and a smartphone.

In early April, we announced the launch of our mobile payments app, the suretap wallet. It’s an easy, convenient way to make payments with your smartphone. While I’ve used suretap here and there, I’m taking the opportunity to use it more throughout the summer since it’s easy and convenient. Here are some of the ways I’ll be using my suretap wallet:

  • Cooling off: Whether I’m making a quick iced tea run in the middle of a workday, or on an evening ice cream walk, thanks to the suretap wallet all I need to take with me is my smartphone and I can make those simple payments with the tap of my device.
  • Beach day prep: Sunscreen, towel, snacks, music and a good read are all beach essentials. I rely on Indigo for this summer’s latest books, and with the suretap wallet, I can add an Indigo gift card to my wallet from the Card Store, and top the card up with funds to make contactless payments.
  • Party planning:  Hosting a backyard BBQ? If you need to stock up on food and drinks, the suretap wallet can be used at all LCBOs and the majority of chain grocery stores.
  • Sending thanks: You may find your social schedule gets a little busier in the summer. Dinner parties, backyard soirees and weekends visiting friends at the cottage leave little time for planning thank you gifts. The suretap wallet lets me send digital gift cards to friends and family from places like Earl’s, Milestone’s and even local spas.
  • Gas’ing up: Heading up to the cottage for a weekend away always starts with a stop at the gas station. The suretap wallet is accepted at most major gas stations across Canada, like Shell and Petro Canada, so you can make those quick payments at the pump.

Also, as an added bonus, receive a $20 credit when you download the suretap wallet and add the Rogers Prepaid MasterCard by July 31.

How will you use your suretap wallet this summer?

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Weekend Reading: Vine + Tumblr, roaming wisely and mobile networking

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailIt’s Friday, which means time for your Weekend Reading. This week we’re sharing Tumblr news, getting tips for travel, and exploring a new way to network. Enjoy!

6 seconds on Tumblr 

This just in –  you can now embed Vine videos into your Tumblr blog. As reported by Mashable the integration was announced on Thursday and is exciting news for the Tumblr community.

While I’ve never tried to upload a Vine to Tumblr, I’ve heard through blogger friends that the previous experience was not easy. With this new integration, however, you no longer embed a tweet, turn a GIF into a Vine or upload from another service. Instead you can simply add the URL or embed code into the video post box on your Tumblr homepage.

Where/how do you share your Vine videos?

Tech Essentials

I’m planning on doing some travelling this summer – New York, New York here I come. As I want to stay connected on mini trips to the U.S., I like to bring along my smartphone. With tips and tricks from Tech Essentials as explored this week,  I can roam wisely and stay within my data allotment.

Have you visited our Tech Essentials website? Check it out to read more on how to the get most out of your tech.

iOS users can stay ‘LinkedIn’

 LinkedIn continues to grow in popularity with professionals signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate of more than two new members per second. In fact, there are over 39 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic. To ensure its users are always connected on the go, LinkedIn stepped up its mobile game with a new app called LinkedIn Connected.

While the app is only available now to iOS, as reported by Tech Crunch, LinkedIn has said an Android version is on its way.  The new app gives you relevant updates about your contacts, notifying you about job changes, birthdays, work anniversaries and more.  Events like new jobs or mentions in the news will show up as cards that people can swipe through. Then, when you reach the end of a series of cards, the app will recommend to you further people to connect with.

I think this is a great way to stay in-the-know and connect with present, past and future co-workers. Tell us, do you use social media to network?


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Tech Essentials helps you get the most out of your summer vacation

Summer is in full gear and a vacation is upon us! Even though I tell myself I’m going to unplug when I’m away, I know I’ll still be on my phone for the things that are really important to me like sharing photos, and chatting through Facebook or navigating my way through New England on a little trip to the U.S.

To ensure I’m using my phone smartly when I travel to the States, I always take 5 minutes before crossing the border to visit our Tech Essentials site for great info on how to roam wisely. The site not only gives me info on the basics like different roaming packages, it also walks me through steps to disable apps I don’t need running all the time. There’s even a short how-to video that I watched as I waited for a flight to Chicago last summer. The video showed me how to make small smartphone setting changes that helped me stay well within my data allotment, even though my phone was my tour guide for the weekend.


What I’m loving about the Tech Essentials site this year is that it’s even simpler to find the info I need. With a fresh new look and updated content throughout, it’s easier to use than ever. For example, the data calculator lets me estimate my usage by day, week or month, helping me decide how much data I need for my road trips. The site also clearly explains streaming vs. downloading for all my entertainment on the go.

In addition to roaming insights, the site has further info to help me get the most out of my technology and communications services. For example, it provides best practices for staying safe online, tips to avoid overage fees, tech insights for parents, and more. I’ve got it bookmarked so I can visit periodically throughout the year.

But for now, it’s all about vacation. Tell us, are you roaming in the U.S. this summer?

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Weekend Reading: Canadian insights, a selfie record, LG G3 and more

Happy Saturday! Today we’re sharing Canadian stats, celebrating records and introducing the LG G3. Cheers to this week’s Weekend Reading.

True North Strong and Connected

I am very proud to be Canadian – I wear my red and white with pride. In honour of my patriotic pride, I thought I’d share some Canadian tech and social stats:

  • A recent Stats Can report revealed 83 per cent of Canadian households have at least one cell phone
  •  Google found that of those Canadians who have a smartphone, 66% access the Internet every day on their smartphone and 79% never leave home without it
  • According to a report by We Are Social, an hour and fifty-one minutes is the average time that Canadian mobile internet users spend using mobile internet each day
  • We Are Social report also revealed that there are over 19 million Canadian Facebook users. That’s over half of the Canadian population!
  • Top three Canadian twitter handles include: Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and Georges St. Pierre

Join in! Share with us any Canadian stats you have found. They’re really interesting, eh?

They Selfied to Success

Talking about Canadians, on Canada Day fellow canucks recorded a new Guinness World Record for the most number of selfies taken in one hour. As reported by Mobile Syrup, Skittles worked with Degrassi star Melinda Shankar who posed in Toronto with fans at a rate of 5 selfies per minute.

Are selfies an hourly, daily, weekly occurrence in your life? When is proper selfie time?

LG stirring up some excitement!

LG announced on Thursday that the LG G3 is coming to Canada – and will be available with Rogers early August. The device rocks a high quality anti-scratch body with HD display for ultra-sharp images. Along with a feature lets you adjust your keyboard size and layout, the LG G3 has a one of a kind smartphone camera, a removable battery for super-long use, and more.

Stay tuned for more details. Some would say this phone puts the LG in Looking Good.

Scoring a new Twitter record

 I have been actively following the World Cup, and I’m not alone – the whole World is watching with me. As shared by the CBC, the Associated Press reported during a Brazil vs. Chile game, Twitter hit a new high. After a Chilean player missed the post in a penalty shootout, the World Cup broke an all-time record for online buzz during a live event, with almost 389,000 tweets generated in a minute.  I guess it brings new meaning to the term ‘chirpin’.

Do you tweet during sporting events?

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Catching up with Rogers Ombudsman

Kim_Walker_011Rogers Office of the Ombudsman recently released its Annual Report. We sat down with Rogers Ombudsman, Kim Walker, to get her thoughts on what her job is all about and how she and her team helps customers.

Tell me a bit about yourself, what’s your background and how did you end up as Rogers Ombudsman?

After 18 years with Rogers (mostly in Customer Care) I learned a thing or two about what customers and employees face from day to day. I was always attracted to roles where I could use my connection to customers to improve our business. Beyond my career in the call centre, I worked in IT on billing systems and in Customer Experience working on policies that directly impact customers. It became very clear to me that I belonged in a role like an Ombudsman where I can use my deep knowledge of the business to recommend changes that would improve the customers’ experience with Rogers. Being Rogers Ombudsman is by far my favourite role yet!

What’s your process for handling customer complaints when they get to your office?

Very simply, I respond to all correspondence personally and help people find their way through the four-step process for complaints. If they are not satisfied as they go through the process, our office opens a case in the fourth step.

We then interview the customer to get their perspective on the dispute. From there, we investigate internally which typically involves listening to calls, interviewing experts and reviewing the relevant account histories. The end result is a written report to the customer with a recommendation designed to resolve their complaint. We have seen great success with this process since 93 per cent of all customers last year accepted our recommendation.

Are there any particular findings in this year’s report that stand out? Why?

The most obvious fact about this year’s report is the increase in overall complaints to our Office. We see this as a reflection of the efforts we’ve made to ensure customers’ voices are heard– more and more of our customers know the Ombudsman Office is available to help with any unresolved issue. I am very confident in the improvements that have been made and the ongoing efforts to listen to our customers and I think we will see this number come down by this time next year.

What are some of the most common customer issues you encounter?

Sometimes our plans and promotions aren’t as simple or clear as they should be. The most common customer complaints are about billing or service changes. We know this is an area we need to improve on.

What’s the role of your office in helping Rogers to identify and fix the most common complaints?

Not only do I get to hear customer feedback directly, but I also get to participate in boardroom discussions about the issues I hear and help establish action plans to make sure we make the changes needed to address the problem areas. This is probably the most satisfying part of my job since I get to tell customers that in many cases, they are directly influencing changes within Rogers.

Do you have any advice for customers who have a problem and feel they’re not being heard?

So glad you asked! Yes, I would tell them the industry is changing rapidly. What once seemed like an impossible feat is no more. Don’t give up and assume that you don’t have a voice because there are people waiting to hear you. I’ve included some practical steps to help you navigate Rogers 4-step complaint escalation process in my Annual Report.

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